Poll Results: Do They Have Enough Evidence to Impeach Obama?

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Total Respondents: 195399

Based on your understanding of the House Conservative’s allegations, do you think Obama should be impeached?

  • 92% voted: Yes, he should be impeached.
  • 7% voted: No, he should not be impeached.
  • 1% voted: Not Sure.

Given the circumstances surrounding NSA snooping, Benghazi and the IRS scandal do you think the Obama administration is lying to the American public?

  • 93% voted: Yes, they are clearly lying about the events.
  • 5% voted: No, he is telling the truth.
  • 1% voted: Not Sure.

Do you still trust President Barack Obama?

  • 6% voted: I still trust Obama.
  • 1% voted: I trust Obama less than I used to.
  • 16% voted: I no longer trust Obama.
  • 78% voted: I never trusted Obama.
  • 0% voted: Not Sure.

With which political party do you most closely align philosophically?

  • 7% voted: Democratic
  • 33% voted: Republican
  • 6% voted: Libertarian
  • 22% voted: Tea Party
  • 26% voted: Independent
  • 6% voted: Other