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Poll Results Show Americans Not On Board With Key Democrat Policies

August 6, 2010 by  

Poll results show Americans not on board with key Democrat policies Even as Democrats have vowed not to renew President Bush’s tax cuts on the wealthy and have pushed for the development of alternative energy sources, a survey has found that Americans oppose higher taxes and support domestic oil exploration.

The poll, released by the American Energy Alliance (AEA) and conducted by Jan R van Lohuizen from Voter/Consumer Outreach, discovered that 77 percent of respondents oppose the efforts to tax American companies twice on foreign-earned income. Moreover, it found that some 75 percent of Americans believe companies should be allowed to continue offshore oil exploration, and that domestic production should be enhanced.

“These results may not be what the leaders on Capitol Hill want to hear, but it is no surprise that even with the tragic events unfolding in the Gulf [of Mexico], Americans recognize the realities of our nation’s economy, the abundance of energy still available here in the United States, and the overall exemplary safety record of our nation’s drillers,” said AEA president Thomas Pyle.

Meanwhile, another survey commissioned by AEA found that the government’s six-month ban on drilling in the Gulf may cost as many as 12,000 jobs and $2.8 billion in lost economic activity. The organization also believes that it will lead to higher energy prices and endanger national security by making the U.S. reliant on oil from unstable parts of the world.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19918267-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Why should any rational adult be ‘on board’ with insanity? Herr Obummer went to the White House with a mindset that does NOT allow for dissent or constructive alternatives.
    He’s been programmed, and that programming makes no allowances for the will of the people. Herr Obummer can ‘dialogue’ with any international sociopathic America-hater, but he won’t let himself get his hands dirty by carrying out his oath of office or protecting the American people.It simply isn’t part of the Obummer equation. It doesn’t “compute” – and it never will as long as he’s in the White House.

    • eddie47d

      You really dumbed down on that answer SC,about as useless as a box of rock.

      • Beepster

        Well, evidentally, he dumbed down for those rock in ya head to understant, AND, they didn’t!!

    • Jan Smith

      Amen……you are right on the money

    • JC

      You’re right SC. The Kenyan identifies more with the furtherance of Islam in America as well as the destruction of American values as being part of that same goal.

      Here’s a site that tracks the activities of the Religion of Peace that Obama is so fond of:

      It’s definately time for Americans to take back our country.

  • Kinetic1

    Are you commenting on another article? Is there any rational explanation for your comments?
    As to this article, the poll was conducted for the AEA and we’re supposed to be surprised by the outcome? What were the questions? Was this on the up and up, or was this a push poll. The lead in talks about Obama’s commitment not to continue the Bush tax cuts (except those for the bottom 90% or so of tax payers, but that always seems to be forgotten) and would have us believe this is what the American people oppose. Read on and it’s opposition to ” the efforts to tax American companies twice on foreign-earned income.” I’ll bet it was worded just like that too. No need to explain the tax system, just phrase it however you need to get the results you want.

    Between the way this article was slanted and the source of the poll, it’s clear that the “MSM” is not alone in having an agenda.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      There have been other polls taken by other people that have said about the same thing! Just because you progressive goof balls don’t want to admit it doesn’t make it false!!!

  • Jane

    Wow! Now there’s a shocker! America is a center-right nation and the “Anointed One” as Sean Hannity likes to call him, is so over the top leftist that he makes a Communist look like a reactionary.

    • Norm

      Your problem is that you take Sean Hannity seriously.
      Tune in Keith or Rachel once in a while just to get both extremes.

      • marvin

        Norm now that is eye opening,it ok to blame bush as long as you don,t blame obama i feel so much better now,ever poll i see run in the high fiftys to mid sixtys ,that do not like were this country and obama is headed,but that is just there opinion the american people

      • Momo

        Do you take Keith and Rachel seriously?

        • Norm

          I listen to both extremes and take neither very seriously. The key point is to keep an open mind and gather as much data as possible. Make your decisions based on all the info you can garner.
          It’s a good rule for politics, religion, science, and all of life.

          • Jana

            Bob W,
            Yes, I did read Norm’s post very well. The sad part about it all is you and he really believe the radical leftist jargon that they are feeding you. You truly must believe it as you have such great passion for it and I don’t think you are making it up. I also believe that you want whats best for this country the same as I do, we just have two very different approaches.

            I just don’t think Obama with his staff of Socialists and they claim themselves to be Socialists and Communists are what is best for our country. It sure hasn’t worked for other countries.

            You work for USA Today? Did you find out which law makers it was that was benefitting from this money? It would be good to know as I am well aware that a lot of congress seems to milk the taxpayers for whatever they can get and they need to go. We all feel used just like you do when Congress cheats and takes advantage and it is not just one party that is doing it.

          • Jana

            Sorry this was posted in the wrong spot, I reposted this below in the correct spot.

          • Simon

            Norm, that’s all very well and good but the whole point of taking in both sides of the argument is to work out which one is closer to the truth and which one is looking to screw you. There’s a danger that you treat both sides of the argument equally – there are in fact very very arguments where both sides are equal.

        • Jana

          The way Norm talks he takes Rachel and Keith very seriously. I also watch them and all they do is bash the Right.

          • TIME

            Your post points out was so bloody obvious to all of us who have any gray matter that has folds, what we all know about the resident {quasi liberals,} best known as just plain old “bent wankers”.

            Have a Super Week end.

          • Norm

            That’s my point. And all Sean, and Rush do is bash the left. Then there’s Glenn who bashes sanity.

          • Norm

            You’re not half as clever as you think you are. You seem like a person with a huge identity problem and a really nasty streak.

          • TIME


            Your passive agressive nature is at best child like thus it displays your outrigh ignorance over and over again. Nice try, Thanks for playing, feel free to play again.

          • Bob Wire

            Read Norm Post! and try HARDER to understand it! It’s not that hard!

            NORM said ~ if you are going to listen to one extreme ! why not try to listen to the other extreme!

            only then might you gain some balance! ~ That you can’t read and understand what NORM is offering you and attack him ~ makes you in a class all to yourselves! and great GOP material.

            A person would have better luck communication with a post.

            I’m not buying the poll figures ~ sorry. The bias is too large to overlook.

            But Hey! if you do That’s great ! You thrive on misinformation and misunderstandings.

            Here’s some more figures to chew on.

            >>Here at USA TODAY, we undertook a comprehensive analysis of the money spent by lobbyists to honor members of Congress and found 2,759 payments, totaling $35.8 million, made in 2008. The money went to honor 534 current and former lawmakers, almost 250 other federal officials and more than 100 groups, many of which count lawmakers among their members.

            Most of the money — about $28 million — went to non-profit groups, some with direct ties to members of Congress. The lobbyists’ donations covered various activities — from a golf tournament that raised money for a lawmaker’s non-profit to payments to underwrite official portraits and gifts to the alma mater of a powerful House committee chairman.<<

            Curious about who got what? The report also includes an interactive list of how much lobbyists and their employers spent in 2008 to honor lawmakers.<<

            Your "special interest" and govermnet working for you! and you didn't have to lift a finger.

          • TIME

            Bob, though its obviously very hard for simple minds to grasp.

            Again ~ I don’t watch Telie, why would I bother when I speak on a one on one with the very people weekly that you watch on the telie.
            Can I make that any more simple for ya to understand?

            Thus I don’t need an opinion of a middle man to spin me full blown rhetoric pooping out propaganda on the telie.

            So don’t give me the do do goodie BS ~ or to quote Joe Biden,
            “don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining.” ;-o

            Again thanks for playing, and please feel free to play again.:-)

          • Jana

            Bob W.
            Sorry, this post got put in the wrong place so I am reposting hopefully this time in the right place.

            Bob W,
            Yes, I did read Norm’s post very well. The sad part about it all is you and he really believe the radical leftist jargon that they are feeding you. You truly must believe it as you have such great passion for it and I don’t think you are making it up. I also believe that you want whats best for this country the same as I do, we just have two very different approaches.

            I just don’t think Obama with his staff of Socialists and they claim themselves to be Socialists and Communists are what is best for our country. It sure hasn’t worked for other countries.

            You work for USA Today? Did you find out which law makers it was that was benefitting from this money? It would be good to know as I am well aware that a lot of congress seems to milk the taxpayers for whatever they can get and they need to go. We all feel used just like you do when Congress cheats and takes advantage and it is not just one party that is doing it.

          • Norm

            You learned a new term “passive aggressive” and you’ve used several times. It’s sort of an oxymoron, like you. Oh no, you’re just a moron.

          • Vicki

            I have watched Rachael and Keith. I tend toward those who make me think and question rather than those who give me “sound bytes” to memorize. I also noticed that R and K tend to bash people (ad hominem attacks) whereas R and S tend to bash ideas and policies.

          • Bob Wire

            Jana & Time , if you had understood Norm post, I doubt if you would have responded to him the way you did. ~

            As far as telling me what I “believing” ~ I think you missed the boat there as well. And then ~ you are offering up what you don’t believe~

            Like this; “I just don’t think Obama with his staff of Socialists and they claim themselves to be Socialists and Communists are what is best for our country.” ~

            Please direct us on to where these “claims” have ever been made. For I know of no such claims and think perhaps you have ~~~ embellished. ~ I’d be most willing to argue the merits of such a statement with you.

            You are free to not agree with the directions charted by the current administration as I too might share some of your apprehension. But our words needs to reflect the realities at hand.

            And I really wasn’t addressing you Time ~ I was attempt to stop a “run away train” ~ as some posters attack Norm for suggestion, if they wish to consume extreme viewpoints, take in some Maddow and Steve O. for the sake of a balanced diet, ~ confusing Norm suggestion as validation he might believe any of them. That’s not what he said and that’s not what he was offering.

            If we are addressing children okay ~ Myself and Norm have to assume we are addressing mature, reasonably educated and informed audience until you prove otherwise.

            Why fight all this “small stuff?” ~ Because, if left unchecked and unopposed, many take the liberty to believe it be so. ~

            While it is true, Silence cannot be misquoted, it can be and often is misinterpreted. People that get away with telling falsehoods (whoppers) start believing them as they “MusT be true! So they repeat them again and again until they become perceived as true or someone shuts them down and puts them out of the lie business.

            I pick and choose my battles here ~ I’ll stick with the important ones, ~ the false reasoning and out right lies ~ the ones that are winnable and worthy the effort.

            ~ While the childish name calling, labeling and bearing false witness is overwhelming here, I attempt to consider the source and overlook it as much as possible while looking for constructive content. No one in the current Administration has made such claims.

            If you are willing to sit ringside expect to get a little blood and sweat on you, I don’t mind mixing it up with any of you for the right reasons.

            Till next time.

          • Bob Wire

            very accurate observation and assessment Vicky!

            I’d expect nothing less from you~ you got a quick mind and good perception. I look forward to going head to head with you sometime on a issue worthy both our focus. Just a heads up and friendly reminder.

            I wish K & R would quite previewing the “offenders of the day” it’s getting far too trite. ~ But I have solved the problem on “my end” anyway ~ I dropped the cable service and going into a self -induced “black out”

            I don’t need it! The Science & History channels were getting far to repetitious but I will miss “America’s Dirtiest Jobs” and “The Deadest Catch”

          • Jana

            Bob Wire,
            You asked about those who Obama has surrounded himself with, lets see how about Van Jones. He was one of Obama’s Czars but left when the people found out he was a communist but he still has Obama’s ear.

            How about Carol Browner who is Obama’s Director of the White House Office of Energy on Climate Change Policy. Browner is an avowed socialist. She served as one of 14 leaders of Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society.

            William Ayers spent 10 years as a fugitive in the 1970′s when he was part of the domestic terrorist organization known as the Weather Underground. They were responsible for bombing the U.S. State Dept. in Washington D.C. and many other bad things. In an interview on Sept. 11, 2001, (about a book he had written) he stated that he didn’t think the Weather Underground had done enough. Ayers hosted one of Obama’s first campaign parties to raise money for his (Obama’s) first run for office.

            Anita Dunn who praises Marxist/Communist Chinese Premiere Mao Zedong as one of her favorite philosophers and one of the two people she turns to most. It’s difficult to understand how Mao had time to philosophize as he was busy killing somewhere between 50 million and 70 million (yes million) of his country’s citizens during his 27 year reign of terror.

            Valerie Jarrett is another doozey. Plus, go to Obama’s own books. He talks about how he has always loved this philosophy and has surrounded himself with such people, even as a teenager.

            Obama was raised mainly by his grandparents who were also Socialists.

            As I said before, Communism and Socialism have not worked before, and they won’t work here in this country either.

            Go back to Bob Livinston’s piece on Oct. 26 titled IF YOU AR KNOWN BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP, WHAT DO OBAMA’S ASSOCIATES SAY ABOUT HIM?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Bob? Bob??
            cue the crickets chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp!!!!


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    good afternoon gentle men of the press we are glad to annoyunce the success of the 44th intercontinental united appropraition saturn ‘ PLANET recovery in the democratization of the announmous black democrazy in the diversification of bilateral bussinuss integration of software development……………wwe w” ill like to enstate that absoute economic disintegration was a loss of gravitation integrity we indulge the presence of our dear president in commiting his seal of authority to share the afflunce of endless voltage in power ………..wher e art thou…” asked mark morrison….. the future of democracy is not dependent on commercialization and conceesssionary of equqal equtorial justice…fiuor interest in development……….. hi ladies and gental men of the press the U.N , the EU COMMISSION are trying reall hard to cuburd warz and crime instead of promoting disunity…………

    • J.Michael


    • Jenn

      Are you writing in English?

    • Kinetic1

      And I questioned sc’s remarks?

  • Norm

    If GW Bush cared about polls he’d have resigned 6 months into his second term.
    As Cheney said when confronted with minute support for the war effort: “SO?”

  • J.Michael

    WOW! What a spin. The rich don’t need any more tax breaks,they get plenty already. Reagan’s trickle down theory was a joke,every rich person was LMAOing on that one. People aren’t for the moritorium, they are tired of how big business keeps destroying the environment and walking away(Love Canal anyone). All the while the “small people” are left with medical problems and their children are dying. That’s Reagan’s “Trickle Down”, pollution and death. Now, with our polluted ground water, Bush(his daughter)is out buying water-rights in other countries. You thought bottled water was expensive and a rip-off, just wait.

    • Beepster

      Unfortunately, it’s “Big Business” that hires the workers. When they don’t know how they are going to be taxed next, they hold off on expanding and hiring. If you had their money, just how would you go forth? I darn sure know I wouldn’t contribute to being taxed more. There is nothing wrong with having succeeded in life and making a fortune for yourself. You’re just pi$$ed you don’t have the knowledge/driving force to do the same thing!!!

      • Bob Wire

        It’s small business and independents that employ too Sir! And government coupled with big business attempts to crush small business at every curve in the road.

        In fact small business employees more people then big business does.

        All we are asking for is some respect here ! While you choice to ignore the facts and want to smooze up to big business at everyone that not big business expenses.

        If you’re not big enough to show up on the radar you don’t count! Yet that is the bulk of the commerce.

        So what’s wrong with this picture?

        Prescription drugs have quadrupled in price in the last 8 years! WHY? because they can and there nothing that can be done about it. They have “locked” it in and there is no way around.

        • Jana

          It seems Obama’s admin. is against even small businesses. They are afraid to hire too. They don’t know what is going to happen with Insurance and taxes. These are scary times large or small.

          • Bob Wire

            It’s true, there is a confidence issue ~ So are we saying the administration needs to do whatever make everyone “feel” happy with and only then will Obama come in good favor and not be the butt of every Simple Simon joke?

            We need it all! big business, small business , private enterprise!

            Today , we are our worst enemy while we point blame to others and spread fear, creating our one demise in the process.

            I employ ~ when I can ~ it has been one of the softest years on record of my 40 years. But I’ve been in a downsize , regroup and tail spin since 81.

            I’m down to me and a few roaches that wasn’t smart enough to leave yet!

            I’m too old to get excited anymore ! I’ll leave that up to you. It wore me out 20 years ago. You can’t stay excited for 10 years and not be permanently affected.

          • Bob Wire

            >>It seems Obama’s admin. is against even small businesses. They are afraid to hire too.<<

            Well Jana , it's not a "for" or "against" situation.

            nor is it about "Obama" ~ It has little to do with either of these things you mention.

            It's about ~ Paying for what's been committed. The commitment was made by a prior administration and then left town before the postman can with the bill.

            This is not a Sermon on The Mount situation ~ and Obama can't feed to the masses with 40 loafs and 40 fishes. ~ Beside! It's already been done.

            Many ! years of excessive spending and trade disparity gone unchecked has left us on the roadside and out of gas.

            You can cry about it ! be mad about it, throw a fit ~ but this does little to get out of the tight spot.

            The top earners have enjoyed incentives and tax breakers ~ In fact that was the way 43 ensured his 2nd term. ~ he's gone now! `

            Whatever they did with the "extra money" I don't know. ~ I know of some people that actually had enough to buy new TV's as the new generation of broadcasting came into effect and they seen the need for one.

            I didn't get anything back myself ~ so we are not talking about a lot of money unless you are extremely wealthy.

            Now I know you probably have a lot of family and friends that have 8 houses, 8 garages and 15 cars. Take family ski trips Christmas and shopping trips to Europe twice a year.

            Talk to them, ~ ask them what they think.

          • Jana

            Bob W
            No, I don’t have any family like that. My parents had their own business that included just the two of them and at times me. I have my own business also that just includes me and my dh has worked for the big Companies. In our family if we want something such as a new TV we save up for it FIRST then purchase it. I have been saving for a new larger TV but it looks like that will be forsaken again, for a new refrigerator. Needs must come before wants.
            In our household we don’t spend what we don’t have. This is what I want out of our Government also.
            Bush was also a Progressive and spent way too much money. I want the Gov’t. to be accountable to the people, not the people accountable to the Gov’t. Name calling didn’t start with Conservatives, but it can come out of frustration.

            By the way, we have seen you lower yourself to name calling and assumptions also, so acting like children can go both ways here.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      J.(uiced) Michael,
      If that is so, then how do you explain the results in Missouri and Virginia??? I know we conservatives “hacked” the vote, right??

  • RicSeag

    The poll says nothing — so narrow a response and obvious outcome. It says nothing about the Obama Agenda: kind of like asking, “do you support contnuing the production of milk after a salmonella outbreak”. The results are fairly predictable, but don’t address the problem that caused the outbreak, and doesn’t ask how people feel about the irresponsible dairy supply chain.

    • eddie47d

      Thank You

  • J.M.R.

    from day 1 he has shown the ameican people are dirt under this scum bagged dick-taters feet. so impeach impeach

    • eddie47d

      Your so pathetic!

    • Craig

      I’m with ya. Oidiot is a low class, low intelligence, incompetent, Marxist jackass.

      • Bob Wire

        I’m left to consider exactly how much experience and knowledge you’ve had with any or all these things? Maybe if you could tell us how you really feel?

  • eddie47d

    The 6 mo. ban on oil drilling in the Gulf is a protective measure for the oil companies and a good business policy. No business should want to risk being caught short sighted if their product isn’t working properly(such as with BP). Every company needs to retool or rebuild or re-think their product if it doesn’t sell or if it contains a deficient or unsafe part. In this case;oil companies are working to get their act together and then we can all move on.So you all need to stop with your bogeyman talk and hatred for Obama. The poll was conducted by AEA. So you will get the answers they want so there is nothing independent about that. Domestic production is actually up so why is this site “trying” to imply it isn’t? In Weld County Colorado there are over 15,000 well heads and that number is growing.It’s also growing in other counties and even natural gas production is way up. Higher gasoline prices at the pump have traditionally gone up on Memorial Day.That hadn’t changed in many years yet it did after the BP oil spill.(prices have been steady most of the summer and are now going up)So why did oil companies hold back increases until now? (the BP oil spill and the loss of credibility).

    • Beepster

      You’re right, it’s a protective measure. This measure makes it fair game for other countries to move into the Gulf and drill. It’s a protective measure to see that the drilling rigs’ workers are now out of work. It’s a protective measure to insure that Soros, having been granted $10billion, can that a foreign country’s oil industry into the Gulf. For once, think of some consequences!!

      • eddie47d

        Why don’t you think of the consequences of your full speed ahead Titanic attitude if oil companies screw up again.Would you want all oil companies banned from the Gulf if precautions aren’t taken. They now have an opening to do better and I hope they don’t blow it.

        • enough?

          are you paid to spread such illogical untruth?

          What is at stake with this present administration is the loss
          of our personal freedoms. Once they are gone it is very difficult to re-gain them.
          The reason you have the ‘right’ to text what you do, is because
          our freedoms are set by the Constitution of the United States.
          As fas as I know,there has never been a prosperous Socialist nation.
          You have 2 classes of people in Socialsm: rich elite and the poor .rest of the people.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Ever consider the difference if say Cuba drills in the Gulf??? The difference is if it happens here, it gets mostly cleaned up. If it happens in Cuba, it will at best get partially cleaned up! Then it will float to all those pearly white beaches here that DIDN’T get hit by this spill!!!

          • eddie47d

            What freedoms are being taken away by making oil companies more responsible?

          • Bob Wire

            >>>You have 2 classes of people in Socialsm: rich elite and the poor .rest of the people.<<<

            That's where we've been headed for the last 30 years! And it didn't start with the present administration.

            I don't have or control enough money to be middle class, so I'm sure not voting a wealthy mans vote.

          • Vicki

            BobW writes about socialism:
            “That’s where we’ve been headed for the last 30 years! And it didn’t start with the present administration. ”

            We are VERY aware of that. Actually it probably started in the early days of the 20th century.

            What is fun about the current administration is that they are moving so fast that America is being jolted awake. Can the frog jump out of the pot? Don’t know yet but we shall see.

        • eddie47d

          Joe H. Are you having fun with eddie duh! That’s fine but from now on you will be Joe Hemorrhoid. Two can play your silly games.

          • Jana

            Which just shows you are a follower, not a leader eddie.

          • eddie47d

            Jana; Let’s see if Joe H. follows your lead or encouragement.

    • Claire

      eddie47d—According to the news, government, BP, the oil is gone. What do you think about this? I will never forgive this administration for not stepping up to the plate the moment this disaster happened. BP should have been prepared. This administration was not on the ball either. It was almost like they lived in a dream world and couldn’t decide what the hell to do about it. They all dragged their feet, and then finally when they decided that MAYBE they should do something, it was a little too late, don’t you think? Now they are saying the oil is “gone.” I sure as hell don’t believe this. Another lie and I do not believe anything that comes out of their lying mouths. I feel bad for the people that live in these Gulf states, I feel bad for the destruction of the wetlands and loss of marine life. I am really angry about this and I will make sure no one ever forgets this botched-up job. I am fed up with the conniving, the lies, and the false rhetoric.

      • Bob Wire

        It’s not “gone” Claire just because we can’t see it.

        And Obama is not an oil man ~ Everybody hands were tied in this situation. I think BP could have been more prepared for such an event but as I understand it ~ There was no Batman signal sent out, ~ there was “NO” Red Adair of oil spills ~ there was no person alive willing to step forward and take the responsibility for maybe making matters worse.

        But if it makes you feel better to blame the president ~ have at it. That’s one of his jobs.

        If it made me feel better about it, I would too!

        • Claire

          Bob Wire– I am well aware the POTUS is not an oilman. It certainly didn’t take long to figure that out, besides his handling of other issues. He turned help away during the first 3 days of the spill. And look how long it took for BP, and our government to get on the ball. Blame, you better believe I blame them, all of them. I have no use for people that pussyfoot around wasting valuable time. BP did not have the equipment–shame on them. They had no business drilling, no one does if they DO NOT have the proper equipment in case of a disaster such as this. Obama didn’t know what to do–shame on him, why did he refuse the help in the very beginning? The Jones Act could have been taken care of, why didn’t Obama do this? This is one disaster I will never forgive. If these people had been using their dang heads and common sense, maybe this would not have happened. All they can think about is politics and profits. Their reaction to this disaster and the constant bumbling around tells me that Obama is incapable of handling issue.
          Now we are being told the oil is “gone.” They are lying, it is still there. I have read this in the newspapers and on TV. If you have all the answers, tell me, why are they saying it is gone?

          • Bob Wire

            With all respect, three days is not very long to assess such a matter as this. ~ It was BP’s Operation, one of the largest oil concerns in the world. Too much interference or the wrong mix of help and support could easily made matters worse. Other then getting this well capped as quick as possible it wasn’t completely clear what and how much help was needed in the early days of the disaster.

            This was complicated by BP’s stonewalling the facts they had, the amount of oil that was escaping and their limited “on site” resources to deal with such difficulty factors. They had dead employee, an expensive piece of equipment lost forever and most all were in a state of shock and disbelief.

            BP was in big trouble and was attempting to control the damage with what they had on hand. ~ A hand full of empty fingers, a spin master, some duct tape, a few Sham WOWs and a roll of paper towels and stuck out in the middle of the gulf.

            Depending on the seas and the vessel ~ a vessel that can make way at 9 knots can easily spend 6 to 9 hours get getting to the site one way. For these smaller utility support vessels ( 120 to 150 footers) 14 to 17 knots is considered extremely fast vessels and usually just crew boats carrying men, provisions and supplies. ~ The point? a lot of time is spent going and coming, making three days a small amount of time. Sea Operations are very slow compared to land operations.

        • Claire

          Bob Wire–It doesn’t make me “feel better.” It makes me angry. I will not make excuses for this president or BP regarding their ineptness. I could care less about them, my concern is for the people, the water, the fishermen, the environment, and the marine life.

          • Jana

            BP had given campaign $$$ to Obama. So Obama’s admin. kinda overlooked BP’s failures, but it came back to bight Obama.

          • Bob Wire

            yes, we are all upset with it. ~ We’ve been lied to by the industry and I’m sure much will come forward in the trial.

            ~ And BP gave much, much more money to the GOP them they did to the DNC, so I don’t see that you’ve got much of an argument there.

            Special interest hedges their bets ~ as any good gambler does,

          • Claire

            Bob Wire–”Special interests hedges their bets—as any good gambler does”
            This tells me these “good gamblers” lost the game. Literally. Government/industries should not play games when dealing with peoples’ lives, the environment and marine/wildlife.

          • Bob Wire

            Yes Maam, they lost that hand ~ but it’s very important that they stay in the game. This company need our attention and support at this point in time more then ever.

            They need to stand tall and settle up their losses and come back wiser.

            We don’t need to beat them up and make them cry and wish they’d never seen a drop of oil. ~

            We must have the oil and so we must have them and others like them. ~

            This is mishaps should not be viewed are a major game changer.

            The game is the same ~ extraction! but with prudence and respect for uncharted frontiers.

            Best I can tell, this happened because minimum acceptable and known standard were not applied.

            The question we need to be asking is exactly “who” and “why” ~ We need a “Pronoun” and then we will follow the trail back to upper management.

            My guess at this point ~ Speed, Greed or Egos Glory ~ but who’s?

    • WarriorH

      The question should be asked, why a 6 month moratorium on drilling? If the rigs need to be inspected, than inspect and if it is in compliance than release each one individually after inspection and begin to drill.

      So instead what we see are employees being laid off and rigs being transported elsewhere(possibly Brazil?). Something with this situation is not adding up.

      • Bob Wire

        are you sure about that?

    • Vicki

      Eddie47 writes:
      “The 6 mo. ban on oil drilling in the Gulf is a protective measure for the oil companies and a good business policy.”

      If it is such a good policy why does business need government to put a gun to their heads to MAKE them do the policy?

  • http://personallibertydigest JFS

    there is one statement that mr, oboma did not lie about? changingAMERICA. and he isdoing a hellaof a job. and i do mean hell.all else check it out for;ecomics;employmentsocialism; free speech we are getting to much information from radio and tv; and the internet watch the FCC.he does not respect the HOLY BIBLE.of which our country and constituion was built out of.his biggest mistake is his disrespectingISRAEL GOD:S HOLY LAND GOD has supplied us coal oil in our own borders

    • Bob Wire

      I think he has more respect for the bible then you do the 9th Commandment

      • Jana

        Again then Bob, go back to what he has stated that we have all seen and read.
        “We are no longer a Christian nation.” “If it comes to Muslims and Christians, I will take the Muslims side.” The call to the Islamic prayer is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard. As well as he quotes the Qur’an. I have also heard him quote the Bible but not with the great love that he quotes the Qur’an.

  • chuck b

    i’m not surprised anymore where some of this left wing garbage comes from, to suggest anyone should listen to keith oberman or rachel maddow, wow, that is revealing. the progressives are placing those two idiots on a parallel with rush or hannity. wouldn’t nbc be happy!! that’s why nbc carries such high ratings on both programs, they must have at least two people who listen. it’s no wonder you pro communist progressives come up with such unexplainable logic.

    • Beepster

      Now, Chuck, you should be ashamed for speaking so harshly, AND truthfully about the ones that Soetoro calls “stars” of broadcasting. lol

    • Bob Wire

      Yea they are getting a little too sappy! and I’m the Archie Bunker type ~ I know there’s fairy’s and that they need love too ~ but there’s just certain things I’d rather remain blissfully ignorant about and don’t want to hear about it. The next thing you know, they will want their own parking space up front. Allow them civil unions and be done with the matter. Let’s move on!

      They gotten to where they over-talk each other too. Three of them all talking at once! I hate that. ~ Fox use to be that way, several years ago. I hated it then.

      I quit watch them all anymore ~ I’d encourage you to try. Find something else to waste your time with.

      • Jana

        If its such a waste of time then what are you doing on this site? Conservative bashing?

  • Allan Halbert

    What part of “America doesn’t like Obama’s policies” do liberals not understand? All of it, of course. I’d call these energy policies stupid, except that the President and his followers are purposely willing to blackmail any number of Americans over energy resources in order to achieve socialism. Soon enough they’ll begin paying the price for having their hands over their ears. Obama became president because of the white Independent vote. Independents now are 2 to 1 against him and counting. This fact obviously refutes the racism charge liberals continue to crap on their fellow citizens. I predict we’ll hear less from most progressives after November. Instead of trying to convince conservatives that night is day and down is up in their wonderful “Matrix”, they’ll return to their favorite sport of public protest.

    • Jana

      Obama loves his vacations. He needs to retire from office so he can go on a permanent vacation.

      • Bob Wire

        >> According to an August 2003 article in the Washington Post, President Bush has spent all or part of 166 days during his presidency at his Crawford, Texas, ranch or en route. Add the time spent at or en route to the presidential retreat of Camp David and at the Bush family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, and Bush has taken 250 days off as of August 2003. That’s 27% of his presidency spent on vacation. Although to be fair, much of this time is classified as a “working vacation.”

        Bush isn’t the first president to get away from his work. George Bush Sr. took all or part of 543 vacation days at Camp David and in Kennebunkport. Ronald Reagan spent 335 days at or en route to his Santa Barbara, California, ranch during his eight years in office. Of recent presidents, Jimmy Carter took the least days off — only 79 days, which he usually spent at his home in Georgia. That’s less than three weeks a year, which is closer to the average American’s paid time off of 13 days per year.

        What about Clinton? As of December 1999, President Bill Clinton had spent only 152 days on holiday during his two terms, according to CBS News. A former staffer noted Clinton was such a workaholic that “it almost killed Clinton to take one-week vacations during August.<<

        Well I guess the democrats have a lot of catching up to do!

        • Jana

          Yes, but they were alsways accessible and spoke out during times of crisis where this President does not. He remains hidden but he sure does like his photo ops.

      • Bob Wire

        >> According to an August 2003 article in the Washington Post, President Bush has spent all or part of 166 days during his presidency at his Crawford, Texas, ranch or en route. Add the time spent at or en route to the presidential retreat of Camp David and at the Bush family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, and Bush has taken 250 days off as of August 2003. That’s 27% of his presidency spent on vacation.

        Ronald Reagan spent 335 days at or en route to his Santa Barbara, California, ranch during his eight years in office.

        Of recent presidents, Jimmy Carter took the least days off — only 79 days, which he usually spent at his home in Georgia. That’s less than three weeks a year, which is closer to the average American’s paid time off of 13 days per year.

        What about Clinton? As of December 1999, President Bill Clinton had spent only 152 days on holiday during his two terms, according to CBS News. A former staffer noted Clinton was such a workaholic that “it almost killed Clinton to take one-week vacations during August.<<

        Well I guess the democrats have a lot of catching up to do!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Barb Wire,
          yeah, but I don’t remember either Bush taking AF1 and jetting to NYC for a date with their wives!!!!
          and let’s discuss the fact that Nobama went to the gulf to inspect a beach and was seen later that same day shooting golf for 5 hrs!!! That was after he spent a measly hour on the beach looking at the destruction. He NEVER even got to the backwaters!!

  • http://gmail i41

    enough, eddie is a special needs adult with a pee brain. He has been eating peyotoe buttoms since he was a kid,it ruined half of his brain and he only had a functional 1/8, due to fetal wine consuption syndrom. Then became a government employee. So he has been a taxpayers leech all his life. also as many generational democratsocialist are miricale babies!

  • Claire

    With all the Gulf coast residents out of work since the oil spill, BP is hiring inmates to clean up the mess. BP is receiving lucrative tax breaks in the process. Pathetic. I refer to my other post from last night, I am sick of the lying lowlife in government. The oil is “not gone” –it is still there. And we are being told lie after lie.

    • Bob Wire

      >>At least 75 of the inmates were trained in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, also known as HAZWOPER, on Dauphin Island between May 13 and 16, while another 73 are being trained this week, Corbett said. Another 59 inmates in Loxley are making boom, he said.

      The facility in Loxley is a Department of Corrections work-release center.

      SG & S owner Jay Graddick, who launched his new business after the leak, said he has been using work-release inmates for two years on construction sites.

      He said he placed an ad in the Press-Register several weeks ago, looking for oil relief help, and offered $8 to $10 per hour, but “didn’t get a single phone call for somebody looking for a job.”

      He said the work-release inmates are reliable.

      “It’s almost impossible for them to steal anything,” Graddick said. “They’re not walking around talking on cell phones. They’re orderly, because repercussions are harsh. I’ve had less problems with these guys than when I’ve hired just normal people.”<<

      • Claire

        Bob Wire–Okay, you said your piece about the inmates. What about the lucrative tax breaks BP is receiving? Why is this government giving BP unnecessary privileges? BP needs to learn a hard lesson from this disaster but instead they are being rewarded?

        • Bob Wire

          Well Claire, ~ that standard government operations. Government makes it’s will be known by offering penalties and incentives. The carrot and the stick. The works must be done. ~ Who can and is willing to do such work for 8 to 10 dollars per hour?

          I can remember a time ~ we kids ~ looked for such opportunities ~ now you can’t hire children. And a working man or woman would have a hard time feeding and sheltering anyone but themselves at 8 to 10 an hour pay.

          Louisiana is an expensive state to live in. ~ food high, everything is high. Your dollar doesn’t go very far ~ not like Texas least wise, 8 dollars is very little.

  • Ray

    This is shocking News Just what the DNC and Obama are trying to do Illegally. I borrowed some materials but put together this Message that I sent to the DNC. I Hope they haven’t abolished free speach Yet!

    I was sent this; by DNC
    Friend –

    On March 7th, 1965, 600 of us lined up to walk from Selma to Montgomery, to march for voting rights.

    When we tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River, we were met by state troopers. They attacked us with tear gas, bullwhips, and nightsticks.

    It became known as Bloody Sunday, and the national outcry over the brutality that day led to the enactment, exactly 45 years ago today, of the Voting Rights Act.

    The progress we’ve made since then is remarkable.

    But the expansion of voting rights for millions did not happen overnight. It was the product of a continued struggle, by many people, over many years.

    And just as change did not come easily then, it does not come easily now.

    Discrimination still exists in America — its effects can be as harmful as they were decades ago. And we can always become a better, more just society.

    Two years ago, this movement — led by Barack Obama — brought millions of people into the political process for the first time.

    I’m told that many of you are working hard now to get as many as possible of those folks — and others from across the country who are with us in these fights — to the polls this year.

    It’s an important effort, and the legacy of the fight for the Voting Rights Act is that it is not only our right to vote, and to help others do so — it is our duty.

    Can I count on you to help out between now and the elections in November?

    When I was a child, I tasted the bitter fruits of racial discrimination — and I did not like it.

    That was what spurred me to act. In those early days, we sacrificed our very selves for our rights as Americans. But we never gave up.

    And now barriers that kept an entire people from full participation in this country have been removed.

    No longer are people who look like me met with violence when we register to vote.

    No longer is the idea that an African American could become president just a dream.

    We live in a better world, a better country.

    But our work is not complete. We cannot wait for someone else to make change.

    We must all do it. You must do it. I must do it.

    Please sign up to help millions more vote:

    Thank you,

    Representative John Lewis


    Many of the illegal immigrants are using false documents to vote, The same false documents that they use to gain access to American Social Systems and Aid. They have done this even though, their actions may have disqualified them as ever being American Citizens. Can’t wait for this case to come before the Supreme Court.

    Ever wonder what the Penality of Illegals registering and Voting in American Elections Are.

    Question: What are the Penalties for Registering/Voting Before I’m Eligible?
    Information From immigration law, concerning voting rights.

    As a permanent resident, you can only vote in local and state elections that do not require you to be a U.S. citizen. It is very important that you do not vote in national, state or local elections that require a voter to be a U.S. citizen when you are not a U.S. citizen.

    If you register or vote in an election for which you do not meet the citizenship requirements, you can face criminal penalties which may include a fine and or imprisonment, and possibly deportation.

    DO NOT register to vote before finalizing your naturalization. Even if your Oath ceremony is taking place in the very near future, you cannot legally tick the “Yes” box to the question “Are you a U.S. citizen,” until after you officially become a citizen.

    Remember: Registering or voting in an election limited to U.S. citizens when you have not yet become a U.S. citizen, or claiming to be a U.S. citizen when you are not, whether or not your intention was good and you performed the act knowingly or unknowingly, will result in serious legal consequences.

    From Washington Post
    But border enforcement is not something to be manipulated in return for legislative favors. It is, as the administration vociferously argued in court in the Arizona case, the federal executive’s constitutional responsibility. Its job is to faithfully execute the laws. Non-execution is a dereliction of duty.

    I am beginning to think he should be tried for Treason.
    His and your duty IS.
    Not Just making sure noone illegal is voting , but also to SECURE THE BORDER as already in Law.
    Also to Question, Detain and Deport those who don’t meet the requirments
    as already in Law.
    Also to Protect, our Citizens who have been Invaded by Invasion, from Illegal Immigrants as written into our Countries foundations, Constitution and Law.
    Also to Stop The Drug Cartels who are selling their POSIN to our Children as already written in Law.
    Also to Stop immigrants from using Falsified State and federal Documents which is a felony, ontop of the thieft of our Social Systems which they have no Rights, as already in law and also felonies.

    More for this subject:

    Seems to this; mere student of the “jus naturale” True Law of
    nature’s GOD and formenr U.S.Army M.P. attached to C.I.D. that
    pursuant to the solemn oath or affirmation of the P.O.T.U.S. Sworn to
    under the spectre of Million of the Publick’s eyes in: bona fide
    Witness to said voluntatary assent to Terms of the Contract the
    Constitution for the Continental United States of America Republic,
    de jure, that the Party assenting to the onerous terms of obligation
    of the Contract, Barrach Hussein O’bama is by: “mere tacit operation
    of Common Law of the sovereign Nation” the “Commander in Chief of the
    Armed Forces” thus subject to the: “Uniform Code of Military
    Justice”(UCMJ)and may then be in Violation of several Articles therin
    in re: Treason , Neglect of Duty, Subversive acts to subvert and
    DESTROY the Federal Govenment by express Acts of: Omission and
    Comission, devised to FOMENT insurection and violent revolution by
    means of: muliliferous ATTACKS on the Security and Dignity of the
    Nation and coconspiritorial efforts to: effectuate stealthily
    conjurgated “artful” crafting, of legislative acts, to invoke
    involuntary servitude, by a scheme of: Communist Slave Nation as
    evidenced in the specifically express: multifaceted installation of
    the: 10 Planks of the “Communist Manifesto”, by artful crafting, of
    dubious voluminous conflagurations of asserted Legislative Acts!
    (Violative of the Constitution and specifically in explicit
    contradistinction to the: Source of the Powers Absolute: We The PEOPLE
    This Satanic Conspiracy of evil, may offer multiple grounds for
    Arrest and Incarceration, as an Absolute, bona fide “Enemy of the
    State”by “Military Court Martial” as a “Foreign Insurgent Enemy
    What SAY YE NOW? see: (Blacks 6th) for definition of terms within

    I will Fight with every Breath for as long as I have Breath against such unjustice. I will Not vote for anyone who supports such actions as I have been wittnessing coming out of the DNC or Obama. I am beginning to feel ashamed to even be a Democrate. I voted for Obama Once, will not make that mistake again. I Once thought You were the Law of the Land, now all I am seeing is squabbling and Law Breakers. Hang Your Heads in Shame.
    Surely this isn’t the kind of History you really wanted to make.

    With No Love:

    • Bob Wire

      factual data would be nice.

      If 10 illegal voted last election, much less one, it would make one wonder “What ta heck are they doing?” ~ What’s one or 50 or a 100 illegals to gain? ~ How does this serve any purpose? If they choose to commit fraud, I’d think they’d find something more profitable.

      Have you ever voted in a General Election much less volunteered to help get out the vote? ~ Your names must appear on a list at your polling station my friend or you don’t vote. You much register in advance and have a “real” address. You are suggesting a lot of fraud just too vote.

      I just don’t believe peasant Mexicans are that diabolical and think that far ahead.

      I think you are being silly with you hatefulness.

      What part of the USA are you from?

      • Vicki

        They may not be but the DNC sure is. :)

        Now to numbers of possible illegal votes.

        somewhat larger than the numbers you quoted.

      • Jana

        Bob W.,
        Case in point about name calling. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t make them silly, and it sure doesn’t lift you up either.

        You are indeed a very smart man in many ways. I personally am on this site to learn, and I have even from you believe it or not.

  • kate8

    Well, here’s another of the latest horrors working its way through Congress.

    Not only will this eliminate our ability to be any where near self-sufficient ourselves, it will also insure that America never can be agriculturally strong or self-sustaining as a nation.

    Everytime one of these bills gets defeated, they come back with an even worse one. This is happening now in Europe. It’s just more of their determination that we become more weak and helpless.

    • Jana

      Good grief! This would mean even back yard gardens would be illegal or we couldn’t share our bounty with others.
      Yeah, sounds like Obama and fellow soldiers are against all small businesses, even the ones grwoing and selling fresh veggies.

      • Bob Wire

        Hmm? My question would be why? ~ As it appears to be presented ~ it’s totally absurd. ~ and a real no brainier ! One of the reasons for daylight saving time was so people could have jobs and gardens as well. It was very important during WWll for people to grow. During the depression my people lived on the farm and had something to eat and felt sorry for city people and their soup kitchens. Of course they had only egg money but money wasn’t necessary to eat ~ just long,hard work.

        I checked on progress of bill S510

        >>S. 510:

        FDA Food Safety Modernization Act
        111th Congress

        This is a bill in the U.S. Congress originating in the Senate (“S.”). A bill must be passed by both the Senate and House and then be signed by the President before it becomes law.

        Bill numbers restart from 1 every two years. Each two-year cycle is called a session of Congress. This bill was created in the 111th Congress, in 2009-2010.

        The titles of bills are written by the bill’s sponsor and are a part of the legislation itself. GovTrack does not editorialize bill summaries.

        Use #usbill #s510
        our recommended hashtags or
        Track S. 510
        This feed includes all major activity on this bill and its amendments, references in the Congressional Record, and relevant upcoming committee meetings.

        Preview Feed >
        Personalize your Tracked Events page by selecting trackers.

        See S. 510 on THOMAS for the official source of information on this bill or resolution.
        Committee Assignments

        Committees are like “mini Congresses”. Most bills begin by being considered by one or several congressional committees which may “report” the bill favorably or unfavorably to the Senate or House as a whole allowing it to receive consideration by the full body and move forward, or may fail to consider a bill at all preventing the bill from moving forward. Most bills never receive any committee consideration and are never reported out. House bills start in House committees and enter Senate committees only after being passed by the House and received by the Senate, and similarly for Senate bills.

        Information on committee proceedings is notoriously opaque: committees vary in what information they make public and often do not provide basic public information such as the results of votes electronically or in an understandable format. Furthermore, if your Member of Congress does not sit on any committee relevant to this bill, you generally have no opportunity to voice your opinion on the bill while the bill is receiving its most important consideration.

        The bill has been referred to the following committees:
        Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, Subcommittee on — Bill Text Revised — Bill Reported Out
        House Homeland Security, Subcommittee on

        • Jana

          Bob W.,
          This is very good information. I sure hope this one dies in committee as well.

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes kate8, the new farm program is being put together a new Farm Bill to be voted on in 2012. One issue is to increase more money to pay to idle farm ground and pay owners to sit on their butts and collect on several programs. Right now over 18 billion dollars are payed out to 226,000 owners. Most was eaners will not make that in their life times. Also these owners can collect money from hunters which is double dipping by the federal rented land. The Conservation Reserve Program which was created in 1980 has been ineffect to manulipulate land prices and make more over paid welfare land owners. The best explanation Ican make is, that you rent an apartment, and the owner now charges people to use your bathroom. The best thing all American can do is tell the senators and Reps. to tear down the Dept. of Ag., which was created by FDR and the first Sec of Ag was an avowed communist. Any meetings that are campaigin stops, ask the canidates why the taxpayers should pay for wildlife and game bird production.Our wheat reserves in case of drought, used to be enough to keep food on back up for a year. Now there isn’t one months worth. When dogs and cats died and got sick from wheat mids shipped from China, severl more million acres were signed up for 10 year contracts to be controlled by the government. Kust what the marxist democrat plan, which was the socialist communisty plan since 1930′s under FDR. If you read history the first Sec. of Ag wanted American agriculture to be like Russias. Omoron thinks farming is like assemble work. America now has to import food, where a decade ago we were the major exporter. Since the wildfires in Russiahas ruined millions of acres and are in a centerlized government owned farming system. Communist style farming never has worked and never will, China took years to learn a acre of privately farmed land produced 20 times more than government owned. USA just is to damn stupid with too many overeducated paper pushers who don’t lnow s-it from shale. Still think the marxist democrat with the marxist muslim at the helm care about the USA or its citizens?Between, printing money, not protecting our borders, and idling productive crop ground and creating more money wasting wilderness parks, and not using our massive deposits of coal and crude, the communist democrats have just about destroyed us. Also ask the rinos the same damn thing about million dollar welfare payment for doing nothing, and the government control and take over of property.

    • kate8

      I always have a vegetable garden in the summer. They want to make this illegal. So now we’ll have to worry about the agriculture police coming to fine and jail us for raising vegetables.

      This has been coming back up in Congress over and over. They are determined to comply with WHO by shutting down all growing of healthy, organic produce, and remove access to all natural supplements and medicines.

      The reason is so food will sicken and weaken us because it lacks nutrients, and is laden with toxic substances. And pharma will be the only medicine available, hugely profiting the big boys while rushing us into our graves.

      This is very serious. With satellite surveillance, they will spot anyone who tries to have a garden. No where to run, nowhere to hide.

  • jopa

    Actually most Americans are on board and do’nt fall for misleading articles as the one above.The above article is trying to make it sound as though there is a ban on drilling in the gulf.There is no ban except for about a half dozen wells that were under scrutiny because of the Deepwater disaster.Once they are cleared to be safe and able to avoid another spill they will be in full production like the other 3500 wells in operation in the gulf.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      if you would quit listening with your mouth instead of your ears, you would know that there was a first moratorium that banned ALL drilling till a judge lifted it then Nobamam came right back with a differently worded one that did the same thing! this was even reported on MSM!!!

    • Bob Wire

      >>Deep-water drilling ban might end early

      By Anna Fifield in Washington and Sheila McNulty in Houston

      Published: August 4 2010 00:19 | Last updated: August 4 2010 00:19

      The Obama administration’s moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico could be lifted earlier than its November 30 expiry date if oil companies show they have improved their spill containment and response plans, the drilling watchdog said on Tuesday.

      The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management – previously the Minerals Management Service – will on Wednesday start holding public forums on the deep-water drilling moratorium, opening in New Orleans and continuing in California, Alaska, Mississippi and Texas over the next six weeks.

      The four oil majors will on Wednesday present a proposed spill containment plan – Mr Bromwich called it “enormously expensive” at $1bn (€755m, £627m) – which would see containment units kept on the sea floor, ready for immediate deployment in case of a spill.

      The plan was a sign of how seriously oil groups were now taking safety, he said.<<

      I think the word is "prudence"

      And this pertains to Deep water drilling ~ ~ The first words you read ~ so things have not "stopped" and disbanded as so of you suggest.

  • http://gmail i41

    Wire, it is called another government wasting group of pee braines wasting our tax money. How many more educated screw offs will be hired. Remember the EPA and all the other “experts” said it would be years before people could even go to beaches and all wildlife and fish would disappear, and the well would possible never be slowed down. That is the crap, educated trained apes spout. Even the commission Omoron put together, and cost the taxpayers, a million a person sitting around and theorizing, and nothing productive or useful was done or even created, But screw around and brag how damned intellegent they are, even the Nobel Prized s–t headed friend, of Onumnutts was a flop. Think of the taxpayers money that could be saved and shrunk the nations debt.

  • LateToTheTable

    Regarding our energy plan and alternative energy, I accept the courageous and epic discussions by Dr. Paul A. LaViolette, Phd-Physics, as seminally centered on the real world, real physics, and reality based. He usher’s in a new era to ancient knowledge nurtured back from near extinction as the rest of the world drives along in blissful disinterest, true heretical fear of the on-going mainstream, scientific purification economically more punishing than the Spanish Inquisition. One soon concludes mainstream science cages humanity in a needless bifurcated world of ignorance, and its herd logic of safety-in-numbers resisting, blocking, condemning and to our shame, blacklisting any straying heart engaged in honest discussion of exopolitics, subquantim kinetics, etheric flux, genic energy, electrogravitic gravity gradients, and microwave phase conjugate solition beams, and Galactic Superwaves. I on the other hand eat it up, verify facts where possible, and go back for seconds.

    The first breakthrough of the secret world of science “accidentally” placed on-line was through an Israel arms developer: “Trophy”, which claims to stop inbound kinetic weapons (

    The video does not state that it will stop dumb-bullets. All the inbound kinetic weapons appear to include some sort of trigger device which would include electronic circuitry. Trophy would seem to set up a strong magnetic spherical protective shield that gives a false target-contact signal to the weapon’s triggering mechanism, which in turn detonates the device prematurely, rendering the incoming weapon’s armor piercing kinetics useless.

    But even still, the statement that the device REDUCES PLATFORM WEIGHT is quite profound and would seem to represent the first time a defense contractor promotes such a anti-gravity marketing disclosure in the general public. It would appear, after reading Dr. LaViolette, that Trophy works off of a high energy microwave generator which a tank is large enough to mount and carry.

    The spherical beam could be referred to as simply a sensing probe. It’s radius is far greater than shown in order to pick up incoming kinetic warheads. The killing beam radius on the other hand is probably of critical importance, with the distance chosen as a trade-off among several priorities with a controlling aspect being that Trophy’s defensive killing radius is an exact harmonic multiple of the high powered microwave probe beam (time-reversed beam). The return probe beam is formed into a phase-conjugate mircrowave beam off the reflected probe. The defensive killing beam is amplified instantly to a high powered beam which strikes an immediate cord of resonance (a solition beam in an altered state often referred to as “coherence”) which has some awesome effects ranging from anti-gravity, to force amplifier … like blowing a tone with your lips on an empty jug causing a surprisingly strong vibration that seems to generate more power than you blow into the jug, but at 10¹ºººth power level stronger.

    BRIEF SIDE NOTE ON TERMINOLOGY: “Coherence” is also a term used often in spirituality discussions of consciousness and in relation to photosynthesis and quantum physics. Dr. Bruce Fleming at the University of California, Berkeley and his team in 2007 first discovered a 660 femtosecond period when a photon of energy enters a plant for metabolism, a wave like motion resonates in a state Fleming’s team calls “coherence” where there is no loss of energy whatsoever and the wave patterns are transferring information to the photon from the plant as to where it should not send its photon of energy as well as where it should send its photon of energy. It searches every possible route (without loss of energy during this “660 femtosecond moment of coherence) to search, determine, and use the most efficient path for the photon of energy to transmit through a process Fleming refers to as quantum-mechanical, pumped onward in a rhythmic resonance (coherence) of the power of the vibrating atom without loss or expenditure of measurable energy. This is a profound discovery with huge implications for science and energy development. Any state of work with no loss of energy is considered a “unitary” state of perfection. Some of Dr. LaViolette’s research on the other hand discusses “over-unity” production, or more energy coming out than energy going in, in other words, a perpetual energy source.

    “Lafforgue’s approach*, which presumably was arrived at through experience gained from experimental observation, is accord with the theoretical approach of subquantum kinetics, which views the electric-field potential as being seated in the ether and able to act on a capacitor independent of the capacitor’s reference frame and thereby cause it to be displaced. Subquantum kinetics, though, goes into much greater detail to explain how the electrostatic potential field is generated and how it exerts its force on a charge without any countering reaction force”

    …. “a 50-kilogram thruster measure 38.5 centimeters high, 8.3 centimeters wide, and 33 centimeters long, using a 4,000-K dielectric and charged to 100 kilovolts, is computed to develop a phenomenally high thrust of 0.68 ton. …Thirty of these thrusters would be capable of lifting a 20-ton vehicle. Forward movement could be obtained simply by vectoring the direction of one of the thrusters.” (Pg 377 ff, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by LaViolette).

    “Subquantum kinetics (SK)reintroduces ancient physics into a new modern day replacement science paradigm of scientific thought. The energy which emits from the sub-quantum ether is referred to as genic energy. Since genic energy can not be directly measured, mainstream science will not entertain its theories. Black-Ops military scientists have no such reservations as they tend to go with what works regardless. The Lafforgue Field Propulsion Thruster works in a complete vacuum…”which views (under subquantum kinetics) the electric-field potential as being seated in the ether and able to act on a capacitor independent of the capacitor’s reference frame and thereby cause it to be displaced.”– LaViolette

    Lafforgue Thruster For Power Generation

    “In his patent, Lafforgue notes that in addition to its use for air transport, his thruster could be used for power generation” rotating a generator. “Output power would exceed input power by a factor of 125.” (Pg 370 ff, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, by LaViolette).

    More Secret science:

    The B-2 is not flying under just these gravity gradient forces and the passengers do indeed feel directional changes and G-Forces (although it is arguable that G-Forces in some flying states are modified from ambient gravity fields). The B-2 wings provide lift, the GE engines provide both normal jet thrust and ion flame thrusting power augmentation (gravity field gradient propulsion). The B-2 “probably” has the capability, once it’s moving at some fast threshold airspeed to conserve power and enter its gravity gradient differential propulsion separate from normal jet thrust which could then be powered back to conserve aviation fuel. The B-2 may have the capability to exit earth atmosphere under its own propulsion, even as it would appear to be designed for earth missions. The key point however is the passengers feel G-forces during powered flight. In order for a craft to protect its passengers at all times from G-forces, the craft would have to be powered at all times fully by gravity gradient forces that encompassed the craft (and thus the passengers) for lift and vectoring.

    There is one rumored flight condition in a reported craft used against Al Qaeda that “might” place the passengers in a zero-G condition depending on the engine type used. A large craft has been reported as not appearing to be a helicopter and hovering then firing at ground targets with beam weapons. This is either misinformation or let’s assume for discussion sake it’s true. If the craft is hovering through a field gradient, the passengers and craft would both be experiencing an uncomfortable zero-G condition during a hovering manuver, which pilots do not enjoy. Pilots prefer to feel a G-force of at least 1-G or more because anything less than 1-G is somewhat distracting when using your weapon systems. It just feels unnatural as a result of several million years of human preconditioning. 99 to 1 odds that even if the craft were designed for an outside loop at high-negative-G maneuvering, the pilot ordered to shoot a target, would roll his craft over from a negative-G attitude to first experience positive G’s as nature intended while chasing his target, before pulling the trigger. Old habits die hard; Zero-G is fine for the aircraft, it’s the pilot who gains a sense of security when he feels normal G-force weight.

    On the other hand, if the craft where able to hover and vector around at slow speeds on microwave solition beams (similar to the description of Trophy above, except the force is focused downward), the craft is supported and vectored on the beams and the passengers should then feel G-forces, or at least 1-G in a hover-weapons firing position.

    Perhaps we will learn more as additional scientists simply elect to breach their oaths of secrecy in this changing world and step forward in the greater interest of humankind, at great personal costs to themselves in a self-sacrificing act of heroic compassion for the welfare of humankind. I recall Dr. Edward Teller finally saying, “Secrets could no longer be kept. The nation has secrets within secrets, within secrets. The world would be better off without them.” Dr. Teller, of course, was referring to secrets between governments. I of course translate the jest of his comment naively as an endorsement for full disclosure, even while my country seems to currently be pressing in just the opposite direction over the governed, where arrogance reigns supreme and we seem to be risking the loss of our Republic. Yet some star light is visible through the fog. Tea anyone?

    Summary of Alternative Power:

    A national power plan has to first become forthcoming, fully disclosed and the great advancements kept under lock and key by military cabals and made financially transparent.

    LaViolette explains in simple layman language multiple alternative energy devices which show great promise and all of which are ignored by science and industry in our civilian markets (arguably through economic intimidation and incentive, i.e. the fabled military-industrial complex syndrome). Scientific arrogance and its ruthless demands to work within the box of acceptable thinking or be ostracized by the peer group together further enforces the mindset which has militarized these technologies.

    Current events such as the BP Gulf Oil Spill, an historic world changing event is creating a healthy debate within the black-ops community where some factions believe full disclosure is essential in the interests of humankind to begin our shift away from such heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Some of those scientists are finding the great personal courage to come forward and go public on these subjects. The idea being to develop better replacement technologies in our industrialized society and not to become cave dwellers in a pre-industrial existence. Think positive because it seems to really matter.

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    Many small aircraft manufacturers, including Cessna, Piper, Diamond, Mooney, Cirrus Design, Hawker Beechcraft and others serve the general aviation market, having a focus on private aviation and flight training.


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