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Poll Questions Popularity Of Tea Party Message

October 19, 2010 by  

Poll questions popularity of Tea Party messageMany Tea Party-backed candidates are poised to help the GOP take over Congress this November, but a new poll suggests that their views may not be shared by most Americans. 

These congressional hopefuls are running on a platform of small government, limited spending, fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. However, a survey released by nonpartisan voting rights group Project Vote has found that half of all voters who are African-American, low-income or young believe that government should provide for the needs of citizens.

Majorities of these voters also support higher taxes on investment income, higher social security contributions from those who make more than $107,000, pulling troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan as a way to reduce the deficit, and greater spending on infrastructure projects.

Moreover, these groups make up a larger share of the electorate than Tea Party sympathizers who tend to be white, older and wealthier.

According to Project Vote's executive director Michael Slater, "black voters, low-income voters, and youth voters together represent roughly a third of the electorate, and they will play an increasingly important role in American politics in the years to come."

He admitted, however, that Tea Party activists are better funded and organized, and have thus been able to better convey their message in the last two years. 

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  • s c

    Who decided that Project Vote is nonpartisan? Was the poll biased at all? I’d really like to know why America needs to put any stock in the idea that ‘African-American, low-income or young believe that government should provide for the needs of citizens.’
    BFD to the idea that half of “all” voters can have that much influence in an election. No one in his or her right mind would tolerate a situation where working people are expected to cater to the whims of human parasites.
    At some point, millions of Americans will rise up and do much more than merely imply that they are NOT obligated to endure the insanity of those who demand to be wards of Uncle Scam. Let them be wards, but the cost of that insanity will NOT be paid by the rest of us.

    • Jana

      The Democratic party has made them parasites by giving and giving and giving until they don’t know how to do anything else but take. Even some that are not the parasites still have that mentality. It is hard to pull yourself up out of the enslavement that the Dems have put them in. They just think they are free, but in their minds they are still slaves. I know there will be harsh words and harsh thoughts thrown in my direction, but its still true.
      These people are being controlled and the sad part about it is they don’t know it.
      Why is it that the Vietnamese to name just one group of people, have come over here and worked hard and have gotten ahead. Yet, our black voters and low income voters have yet to get ahead. Its not because they aren’t just as smart as the other races, but its because they have been taught to be lazy, and they will get paid for being lazy. So they want more of what the rich have.
      This is really sad that they have actually bought into this garbage.

      • GreenMountainMan


        The one big difference you are not acknowledging between the 2 groups is that the Vietnamese came here under Refugee status. This allowed them to arrive and be provided with all of the necessities of life plus a lot more besides. They never had to fight against the ingrained prejudices of our society such as the Blacks did and still do. Yes, our Black people had affirmative action and it’s associated programs but those never included ALL Black people- just those who qualified. The Vietnamese were provided with food, shelter, clothing, cars, health care, small business grants and loans etc… as refugees. Nor did they have to overcome several generations worth of abuse and 2nd hand status/treatment that has had a terrible psychological effect as well as an economic effect on them. It has been an uphill climb for Blacks all the way whereas the Vietnamese were given a hell of a boost on arrival here. Your comparison doesn’t stand up.

        • marvin

          i live in a mostly black neighborhood 90% have no jobs but have young children that their moms or grand mother are raising have lots of beer money and cars that the tires and rims cost more then the car,with a boom box that will shake your windows boom da boom da boom,in the last 6 mt i have had to call the law 4 times for fights in the street ,the black people have a party 2 to 3 times a week,walk up and down the street with beer in hand dranking ,play the radio so load you can hear it 2 blocks away and it an,t music it is a base sound of boom da boom da boom,

          • Jana

            That’s not even a good reason. We see the Vietnamese, the Koreans etc. doing something that is foreign to a lot of people, its called “WORK”. No matter what the race or color of the skin, we do have the lazy and the takers among us.

          • http://naver samurai

            My wife is Korean and the only times I’ve ever seen her just sitting and doing nothing was when she was sick or if she was at least 8 months pregnant, which happened four times. I do understand what you are saying, fellow patriot. There are those kind of people, the lazy ones, in this country. I guess they don’t believe in our founding principles of self reliance and personal responsibility. I know that being a fellow patriot, I know you work Marvin. One day they’ll get a letter in the mail saying: “your welfare has been cut due to lack of funds”, then what will they do? Just say, don’t come crying to me I told you this would happen. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot. After we win this fight, maybe things like you described will start to disappear from this country. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Jana

            Its good to see you back Samurai, hope you get well really quickly.
            I also enjoy reading what Sook has to say.

          • http://naver samurai

            Thank you, fellow patriot. We’ll keep up the good fight. We are winning and they know it, so they have stepped up the attacks on us in many ways. Let’s get them! I also like reading your posts, Jana. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Dogma-Free

          Bravo, Green Mountain Man!

          It’s nice to hear some sensible, informed opinions on here, rather than just the diatribes based on fear and prejudice, that normally get spewed out on this site.

          Kudos to you, good sir.

    • Carole Howell

      Have you ever heard of Corporate welfare, look around, our government spends much more on Corporate welfare than the welfare of people.

      • s c

        CH, it’s time once again to expand your knowledge. If you’re so concerned with ‘corporate welfare’ [I have serious doubts about that], then WAKE UP, grow a spine and have the GUTS to demand that the WORST corporation in America [THE FED] be eliminated NOW.
        DO NOT spew that crap about corporate welfare or ‘corporate anything else’ when you REFUSE to understand what the Fed is and what it does to America.
        Have you been living in a fricking CAVE for most of your life? READ. THINK. Make new friends. Get both feet in the REAL world. It’s time for you to STOP being a mental and intellectual virgin, CH.

        • eddie47d

          We certainly know you are not a virgin and probably quite the opposite.

          • http://naver samurai

            What does this have to do with government spending or the TEA PARTY? I guess my wife was right, you really do act childish and immature. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • James

      S c, I agree the government is supposed to create and maintain a level playing field, then get out of the way. And…our goal should not be to replace democrats with republicans, it should be to replace incumbents with people who don’t know how to do anything. We don’t need a dozen new laws every month.

      • s c

        James, basically I agree, BUT what you should have said is “replace career criminals with people who DO
        know how to get things done.” And, you’re right on another matter.
        We DON’T need new laws. We need FUNCTIONAL, responsible people who will enforce laws we already have and PROTECT America (unlike Holder, The Anointed One and the rest of those worthless sunny beaches, scumbags and back-stabbing slimers).

    • EddieW

      Another “terrible” thing about the tea party, they want the Constitution restored!! Isn’t that terrible?? Most in Congress would agree!!! Most in the Pentagon would agree!! They think it should be destroyed so we can have a Fascist Police Dictatorship form of government! How many “rights” will we have then?? One World Government is coming….but…Let’s hold ot off as long as possible!!!

    • spike


    • timmym

      Great AND TRUE comment s c!

  • dan az

    This is what you get when you continue to prolong the free ride of others rather than free trade which at one time supported their sorry azzes.I still think that when spok wrote his BS it all went down hill from there.We have a nation of (you all owe me a living)rather than the hard working people of the past that created things not just want things given to them.Freedom is not Free you must work for it just like your ancestors did before you.Today (work) is a four letter word.I feel the only way to bread this chain is to make all that are on welfare to work for what they get even if it means picking up garbage on the side of the road.welfare breeds welfare its as simple as that.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      dan az…
      I agree. Welfare does breed welfare. Welfare was started as a ‘hand up’, not a hand out! I was on welfare for a short time. Not proud of that, but I needed it and I did use it for what it was set up for. I am only in the lower middle class, but haven’t had state assistance in over 25 years. If the government really was going to create jobs with the stimulus money, why didn’t they set up departments to oversee the welfare system in each state? I also believe that a urine test should be conducted randomly on those who collect tax payer funded checks. You test positive, you are off the welfare rolls permanently!

      • dan az

        thats so true and if they would create rather then consume we all would be better off.

      • Jana

        You are so right. Welfare was created as a hand up, and that is exactly what you and numerous others have done. Yet, there are still those that have used it as an excuse NOT to work. I was working at my parents store. They did not hire outside help. If they needed help even after I was married I went down and helped out. You would be surprised how many people would come in and want us to sign a paper saying there was no job in this store. They would come in and I would say we don’t hire, and they would say I know thats why I came in here, so just sign the paper. They didn’t bother to ask if there was even an opening for employment, they would just come in and say would you sign this paper. We were told we were on a list of places to go that didn’t hire. We stopped signing those papers and it stopped a lot of that kind of traffic coming in the store.

      • http://naver samurai

        We need to abollish the self destructive welfare state, sanctifying everyone on it as a victim. We should remind them that this country was built and preserved by those who refused to be victims. Hand ups and not hand outs. If your boss gives you a pay raise or bonus for hard work, hand up. If the fed gives you a check every month and you don’t work, hand out. I know there are some people out there, in this great country, who may really need welfare. There may be a person with a physical or mental problem that keeps them from working and they need that money for food, etc. If they really need it, so be it. I wrote to my man Mitch Daniels about having them submit yearly physicals from a licensed physician, proving that they need this monthly check to survive. I’ll tell you what he says, if he responds. Then it’ll be like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. The people who need this money will continue to get it, but the others will be forced to work. Please tell me what you think. I really value any comments from a fellow patriot. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Jana

          I think that is a very good point. We also need to put limits on the amount of time a person will receive welfare unless they can prove disability. If a person needs a hand up such as in schooling, great, but if they turn this into a lifestyle bzzzzzz wrong answer. There is a little pain that hits when your stomach gets hungry, and thats when any one lazy or not will either look for work, or steal. Hey whats new, we have a whole group of kids who are stealing and going to gangs already.
          They used to say take care of these mothers so they don’t have to go to work so they can raise their children. The problem is they don’t take care of their children. They don’t raise them right, and the rest of the mothers have to go to work to pay these taxes so these welfare mothers can stay at home and have more children.

          • http://naver sook young

            I agree will what you say. These are good points and I would like to see some change happen, but I don’t think this will happen due to the people in Washington. I can’t wait to vote next month. Vote November 2! Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

  • Soldier

    I am very surprised that ONLY half of those essentially getting hand outs believe in big brother to take care of their needs. This is actually encouraging to me as I would think more like 80% of those groups would believe in big brother. Hell, if I, myself received free welfare, that would probably be highly influential in how I look at government and big brother… Even just slightly slow, I would look at big brother as the benevelot big brother who is going to look after me rather than the big brother that always wants to fight me.

    We just need to stick to our message of limited government and keep fighting. To be relevent, we have to go after the republi-tards just as harshly, if not more harshly, then we in the tea party did against the democrats. If we railed against the RINO republi-tards and railed against their imposition of a police state, then these groups would support us that much more and find that they have more in common with us than we thought. We both more or less, just want to raise a family, have fun, and die after a long, fruitful life. Its the elitist bastards in power, no matter what political stripe, that want oh so much more…



    • Soldier

      Yup, you sound like hitler.

      Can you please get that dorito chip out from underneath the cap locks key so everything you post isn’t in all caps. That would be awesome, thanks.


    • GreenMountainMan


      The United States and various states already engaged in that type of behavior from the 1930s up into the 1970s under names that took the offensiveness out of it, just like Hitlerites referred to ‘the Final Solution’ instead of saying ‘murder millions of Jews and others we don’t like’. It was finally totally rejected as being barbaric and abusive- something Hitlerites were particularly noted for.

    • spike

      You know, being mentally ill,or mentally or physically handicapped or retarded, or whatever the term, is not a crime. However, it has become a source of income instead of finding a job they can do. The government is not responsible for taking care of these people, yet they do. There should be laws in place that would make it compulsory that if the government assists these people in ANY way, they should also have to be employed by the government…picking up trash, cleaning government buildings…something.

  • adm

    After reading this, it appears to me, the ‘tea party’ revolution is a cover for we really want ‘white America back’. It’s clear the reader’s views show that anyone that dissents must be on welfare, always waiting for a hand-out and contribute nothing to this country. Hell, if I were white, rich and man, I wouldn’t want the status quo to change either; I’d be in charge and make all the rules. To hell with the rest – they just need to be good servants, lawn jockeys, laureate & sanitation specialists, nannies, field hands, etc, and like.
    I put these questions to you: If the Private sector was so great, why did we need a ‘bail out’; it was due to de-regulation and an amazing amount of excesses, like salaries, office spaces, and ‘bonuses’. If the Private sector was so great, why did the Government have to legislate a ‘minimum wage’; it’s because the way a country grows is thru a standard of living and a middle class. You say you want a ‘deficit reduction’ a balanced budget and smaller government, yet we have candidates that want to make permanent tax cuts that will balloon the deficit by ~$4.3 Trillion for people who already, currently enjoy some of the biggest tax breaks in our history and no way to pay for them. We talk about smaller government but yet say we want the government to force a 13 y/o rape victim to bear the child of her rapist. We want to balance the budget, but don’t want to cut social security, Medicare, and veteran’s care. Not really sure what we’re rallying against accept ourselves, and to “Take America Back” to pre-1964.

    • Soldier

      adm, let me ask you an honest question. What good have the Democrat liberals really done for the African American community? Please don’t just say “well they hand me money for nothing on my part in return”

    • http://naver sook young

      Are you on drugs or something? Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai
      Vote November 2!

      • Soldier

        adm or myself? No, I am not on drugs.

        • dan az

          sook meant it for admin.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry soldier, I should have said who I was responding to. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai
            Vote November 2!

        • http://naver sook young

          Sorry soldier, I should have stated who I was answering. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai
          Vote November 2!

    • Cribster

      America was founded on the idea that a man can keep the fruits of his labor thereby enabling him to reach his full potential and have enough of his earnings to take care of the family. We had the freedom to strive for anything imaginable without government interference, if you fail you pick yourself up by your bootstraps, get back to work and try something else. Because of the unlimited potential of millions of free people we became the greatest nation on Earth.

      Now, thirty percent of my wages come straight off the top of my pay check which is mostly wasted, mismanaged and stolen by bureaucrats. About another twenty percent of my “take home” money is taken through multitudes of taxes. All told half my money is taken against my will, the private sector is being raped by the government.

      I am more than willing to pay my share of taxes, if everybody that was able to work contributed, fifteen percent would be plenty. But with ever increasing, onerous government regulations on businesses destroying the job market there is not enough job creation for all able bodied people. Add to that the burgeoning welfare state and it’s a recipe for disaster.

      If America is to survive, not just for our sake but for the entire planet, government has to be slashed by half or more!

      • dan az

        Good points Cribster It looks as if the only way to reduce taxes is to increase the size of the government as to have every living person on its roles then there wont be any taxes paid.A true liberal thought,which was even hard to write.Flat tax of 10% seems fair the rich pay there millions in taxes and dont have the right offs and the middle class pays there share of hundreds and the poor pay their dollars worth and for the govnuts that dont pay will now pay their fare share as well.

      • J.McConnell

        If everyone in the underground economy paid taxes instead of
        working “off the books” maybe we could all pay less!!

    • marvin

      so white is evil liberal is good,helping hand bad handout good ,are you nuts their an,t a god fearing person of any color that is aginst helping his fellow man it,s the entitelment mentality ,you owe me for the wrong done in the past, wake up i had nothing to do with slavery,you and your liberal demborats are your new slave masters not the white man,you have put limits on your self,when you sell your vote for a handout,so look not just see,ask not just hear,and stop blaming others for your short comings,life an,t a free ride on the back of the blame game,of you owe me,i owe you nothing

    • 45caliber


      You are exactly what I said before. You accuse the conservatives of being racist when we say that you are equal to us and capable of doing the same things we can. You then believe the liberal lies that you are helpless without their help – which means they simply give you someone else’s money.

      So which is it? Are you incapable of being as good as whites? Or are you as good? If you are as good, why are you following the liberals who say you are useless??

    • s c

      Adm, no, no and no. Like most progressives and childish ‘adults,’ you have not a clue. You have allowed yourself to be brainwashed by your ‘friends’ and your political icons.
      And, before anyone else brings it up, NEVER confuse a conservative with a sleazoid, half-assed, RINO ‘Republican.’ The difference is akin to the difference between prime rib and maggot-infested road kill.

    • Kate8

      adm, You’ve bought the typical leftist blather.

      Capitalism has not failed because it is wrong. It has been intentionally corrupted from within so stupid people will believe it doesn’t work. Socialism is proven to NEVER work.

      There are more blacks in America who have made it to the top than in any other country. Had the left not hijacked the minorities with their promise of free stuff in exchange for party loyalty, blacks most likely would have learned to climb up the ladder like everyone else. Like has been said before, the implication from the left is that blacks are incapable of making it on their own, and that is the epitome of racism.

      I might just mention Zimbabwe. The thriving, white-owned coffee plantations were seized by the government, and the whites thrown off their land and/or killed. Blacks took them over with no clue as to how to run them, and they fell to ruin.

      Is that what is to become of America when it is taken over by those who have never had to earn their way up? Because no one values that which they haven’t earned. It’s a fact of life. We have MANY in American already who prove that.

      Success is not accorded by race. It is the result of a mindset. Being told, over and over, that one cannot succeed without being given an advantage, or preference, because of skin color, is just another way of saying you just aren’t capable.

      Has Affirmative Action changed that ‘can’t do’ mindset? I doubt it.
      And that mindset is not limited to people of color.

      The truth is, only a small percentage of all people make it to the top. Picking and choosing who will and who won’t, based solely on skin color, is a recipe for disaster.

      What we need here is a real paradigm shift, which only can come through a ‘renewing of the mind’. This is what the power elites strive so hard to prevent, because once we get this, they will no longer be able to control us.

      • 45caliber

        I agree.

      • dan az

        Thanks that was perfect!

      • http://deleted J.McConnell

        I think the poor in America have it better than the middle class
        in some countries.
        Designer jeans
        section 8 subsidized housing
        food stamps
        and on and on.
        This does not mean only the poor are subsidized.
        Oil depletion allowance tax breaks for big oil companies
        tax credits for companies that outsource U.S. jobs overseas.
        Tax shelters and trust funds so the paris hilton types are set for life.

    • http://Personalliberty ready4arms

      Per usual, as with most libs, you misunderstand and then attempt to take a strong stand on that misunderstanding. You claim Conservs want “the Gov to force a 13 y/o rape victim to have the child of her rapist”. Let me try to educate you. It is not that we DEMAND no abortion, it is that we don’t want the Gov to pay for it. I realize that you probably feel that abortion is not murder, but you’d have to tell me what else would you call taking a human life? You see, those of us tax payers taking this stand are not necessarily saying no abortion, it’s just that we do not want our taxes used to pay a killer for that abortion. Actually, you and your liberal ideas might just be a good arguement for abortion. Just think, we wouldn’t have to put up with you if YOU HAD BEEN ABORTED! I wonder if we could get the Gov to pay for POST-ABORTION……how about if I recommend you?

      • spike

        Dear ready: WELL SAID!!! I do not say a woman can’t chose who she sleeps with, and what kind of birthcontrol she uses. Her choice to have an abortion rests solely between her and her God. HOWEVER, WHY AM I BEING FORCED TO PAY FOR IT? If all the statists who bark about the “separation of church and state” as though it were actually part of the Constitution weren’t liars, then they would get that them taking my money for things my religion doesn’t believe in “abortion being one of them” and spending it on those things is a violation of such. NOBODY IS TAKING ANYBODY’S “RIGHT TO CHOSE” AWAY. I am simply saying that I am refusing to pay for your “right to have ” an abortion. You want an abortion? YOU PAY FOR IT. Not me. Maybe then the abortion business would slow down a little, and the american made birth control business would pick up. If the government wants to give you a tax credit for getting your tubes tied, you watch and see how many people line up for that one!!!

        • Kate8

          ready and spike, you make an excellent point. The libs refuse to fund any faith-based charities (which I am okay with) because it goes against what they believe, but they FORCE us to pay for what they want even though it goes directly against what we believe.

          It’s always THEIR way or their way.

          What amazes me is that they think this is okay.

    • alpha-lemming

      For the private sector to work as intended, pre-’64 ain’t gonna do it. You’ve got to back to at least pre-1910 (maybe even a little further). THAT’S the beginning of the end of “We the People” and the onset of ALL the ills you cited instituted by “I the Government”.

    • spike

      I am pretty sure you are full of it. but I will be patient with you anyway. I was a single (divorced) mother of 3 working 3 jobs. My husband cheated on me at least once that I am aware of. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I snapped and I did a horrible thing and cheated on him. So…I had 3 boys to support. I worked during the day in a bank so I could have health ins. and days off and vacation and sick time. I worked at night either in retail or waitressing, and I took in borders. I REFUSED TO GO ON WELFARE. Because I worked, I was only eligible to get subsidized daycare (thank God) because the cost of daycare would have negated the entire paycheck of one of my jobs. When I was pregnant, I got WIC–milk, cereal, and juice. Sometimes eggs. When you’re kid is 5 that is supposed to end, and it did. BUT I WAS OUT THERE WORKING 3 JOBS…7 DAYS AND 6 NIGHTS A WEEK. At one time in a certain 24 hour period, I got 4 HOURS OF SLEEP…If these people, for whatever the reason, can’t answer a phone, pick up trash, or clean a toilet, then there is something wrong. THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES!!! NONE. IT doesn’t matter what color you are. I had to pay tax on every l5cent raise I got, how come the Indians don’t have to pay taxes on their 7-ll’s? How come they get to switch them to a new family member every 7 years? and how about the Vietnamese and the Russian nail salons? How about the Dunkn donuts?…and how come these people get social security? Every month you can go into walmart and see the people with ACESS cards come in and buy stuff for their homes with ‘cash assistance’ why is our government giving out ‘cash assistance’ and why do people who never paid a tax in their life to our government come over here and live off of us.?

      • Kate8

        spike, Because we are run by a bunch of power hungry socialists who want to bring in as many third world foreigners as possible, put them on public assistance (to collapse the economy) while racking up their voting base to insure they stay in power.

        It’s called selling out, betrayal, treason…ANY means to an end.

    • http://naver samurai

      Way tooooooooooooooooo much kool aid on a daily basis. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • steffan61784

      Adm, we needed a bailout because of individuals such as Barney Frank and Chris Dodd who openly encouraged allowing vast numbers of people to purchase homes who had no business being allowed to purchase a home. In a way, the bailout was as much a product of socialistic policies- “welfare for the housing market.” Ironically, I believe that one of the few things that Bush proposed in his second term- regulating the outrageous financial maneuvers of companies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- may have prevented the 2008 plunge from ever occurring. The Democrat and RINO Republican-led Congress denied the proposal. In turn, America had a knee-jerk reaction and elected a Pan-Leninist into office later that year. What did we get? Bailouts for companies that should have been allowed to fail (the market naturally recycles- eliminating the “have’s” from the “have nots”). What could have been an eight to twelve month recovery transformed into a ten to twenty YEAR “Great” recession. What is even more sickening about all of this? Obama and his minions did virtually NOTHING to regulate the renegade mortgage companies! Bail-outs are a sham. In the end, it is the middle class that will pay. Lenininsts like the “president” and his czars want us to look like the Soviet Union: an upper class (party members), NO middle class (dismiss the kulaks- i.e. MIDDLE CLASS), and a lower class (peasants- i.e. AS MANY PEOPLE ON THE GOVT. DOLE AS POSSIBLE). Private sectors DO need EXTREMELY SIMPLE, LIMITED REGULATION, but they still must be allowed to flourish. Private enterprise will continue to be the life-blood of this nation. We, THE PEOPLE (not govt.), must serve as its guiding light.

    • Craig

      Good to hear a rational voice here. I bet most people don’t know (or want to know) that half of all welfare goes to children, who have done nothing wrong except to be born into poverty. WIC, CHIP, school nutrition (free lunch programs) and children’s health programs consume about $400 billion a year of the Federal budget. If you count Medicaid, which covers an entire family, the figure goes even higher. So who among us advocates throwing innocent children to the wolves, to fend for themselves on the streets? If you say no that isn’t right, then you are as much a welfare advocate as anyone else. If you think that living on welfare is some people’s idea of the American Dream, think again. Raising a family of four on less than $25,000 a year is more a nightmare than a dream. FYI, Obama’s proposed budget for 2011 cuts welfare spending across the board.

  • FlaJim

    Project Vote is nonpartisan by no means! They’re closely allied to the Democrat/Leftist party. Their ‘research’ and ‘polling’ is always predetermined. These alleged polling results fly in the face of every qualified pollster that’s posted its findings in the past year.

  • john

    The pursuit of happiness is not a gurantee of this country you come here to pursue your own happiness through working and earning a living.You save what you earn in order to build credit and to buy what you need.You do not have the right or entitlement to these things..the system was made to “enable you” to build a life for yourself.Once you save enough money and have can buy a home..go to college(which is also a privelage.not a right).Of course there are roadblocks along the way..everybody faced discrimination,the Irish,the Italians,the Spanish,the Jews,The Catholics etc..but they endured,continued to contribute and broke down that wall…those who are content to sit on their lazy arses and collect a check paid for by those who work for a living should come to expect sympathy,no right to vote…your being kept down by people who only give a crap about you come election time..they have no concern for your pathetic plight and no interest in helping you advance..because they themselves know you should be doing it on your own..they are pride killers and are quite content to see you stay that are they ignorant bread baskets.Al Sharpton will come around and gather you only when he needs a spotlight on himself.Why can’t an Afro-American be a conservative Republican?Try might find yourselves a little freer and empowered to control your own life instead of letting someone else do it for you.Drop the race garbage because that no longer flies amonsgt white America..get up and dust yourself off of the 1960′s hippy drug commie garbage and join the human race.

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you. The sad thing is that those on Welfare insist that the GOP is racist, hating them because they are black, while the Democrats are their “friends”. Yet the GOP is saying that the blacks are as able to do things as the whites (which isn’t racist) while the Democrats insist that the blacks are helpless to do anything on their own without Democrat help (which IS racist!).

      • Kate8

        john and 45, You are so right about that.

        And the truth is, what the democrats have done with entitlements is to create resentment among those who are ‘entitled’. After all, if they are given enough to survive, why not be given enough to live larger? It’s a policy intended to create class envy.

        People always resent the hand that feeds them. It instills a feeling of powerlessness, which leads to envy and rage. It is the results of these terrible, racist policies that we are contending with today.

        And it is so sad that so many just don’t get it.

        What will be learned, anyway, is the same old lesson (no longer being taught) is this: material wealth, gained by utter spiritual and moral debasement, corruption and decay, can only lead to the death of the soul, and more misery than ever thought possible.

    • http://none Mike

      Have you checked out what happend to thoes that are conservitive ? They are called about every name in the book by their own community. The kids that actually try to learn in our crippling government schools are told they just want to be white and are discrimanated against by their own people. They are bullied anhd pushed into that same welfare crowd that votes 90% democrat. Let start by getting the agendas out of schools and putting back real studies Math Science English, And language courses for thoes that want to learn another language. Social studies should be turned into a history class Where our constitution is taught and revered. Not the lets all do as the romans do courses they are now. Sex Ed. there is a good one lets not teach that anything goes and there are no concequinces for your actionsand if you make a baby its fine just to run off and let that silly woman handel it. Teach them that there are conciquences for their actions and some of these out of wedlock births might stop(but thats not the real agenda for thoes classes its the breaking of the family unit). Once we turn our schools around to places of education not indoctrination we might begin to break these ties . Mike

  • marvin

    can you say handout it is my goverment give right to not work and get paid, that like asking a illegal alien if they should be deported,a country can not and will not servive at taking from me and give to you,just ask most blacks and hispanics why they vote democratic ,is it because the liberal demborat think it is their goverment given right to get welfare and free health care and not have to work

    • 45caliber

      As one woman I overheard was urging her friends, “You must vote Democrat! The Democrats are the only group that gives us more money!”

      • s c

        45caliber, that woman you mentioned is a part of America’s socially-engineered, criminal class. She sounds like someone who was raised to be a scum-sucking loser who votes only for those who promise her that which she will NEVER deserve. If she had a conscience, she’d throw up every time she
        got close to a mirror. I’ll bet saul alinsky is a “god” to her.
        Can you say freedom-hating PARASITE?

        • 45caliber

          I agree. She was working as a janitor where I worked. And drawing welfare at the same time.

        • dan az

          So what happens when the NWO takes over? Do they continue giving out welfare to those that dont want to work? Not hardly you will be the first in line though but it wont be for hand outs.

          • 45caliber

            I agree. But they insist that will never happen.

  • David R. (Canada)

    Just give it a few more years (5-10yrs). As people get older they get more cynical about government.
    We are about to see the baby-boomers change society again!

  • 45caliber

    Polls find the information that they are paid to find.

    This one is typical. Half the black voters believe the government should pay for everything. They are in favor of higher taxes on wealthy people. But just how many of them are on Welfare?

    Also consider the number of blacks in the US. Basically, they picked a small group of people known to want increased government money and used it to make it appear that “most people” are against what the Tea Party members want.

    If I hand pick a group to question, I can also get any answers you want.

    • dan az

      My point exactly.polls are designed to reflect what they want you to believe.

  • Warrior

    It is now confirmed that “Tea Party” members and followers may be the only sane people left in this country. Coach Oblama gave a rousing speech to the masses to inform them that they are confused and scared. It seems as though “The Other Side” is not playing fair and they are spreading false messages about “The Real Truth”.

    At first I laughed out load at this nonsense and then I gave it some more thought. I imagined Vince Lombardi telling his team before the big game that they are confused and scared. Quite a rousing speech to say the least.

    After that I laughed even louder! I’m going to call him Joker Oblama from now on. What a tool.

  • Santi

    Randy I will pray for you. You are so much out of touch of reality. Everyone that supports abortion will face up to the FATHER. Oh I know you don’t think there is a GOD. Please LORD JESUS help old Randy come into the real world. AMEN

  • http://Personalliberty ready4arms

    You have some right and some wrong. Point one (wrong): Tax breaks for the rich…you see, Business is absolutly necessary. YOU WORK for someone or you are in business for yourself….hopefully employing others. That’s how Capitalism works. (Socialism is: don’t work, get supported by the Gov). Point 2 (wrong): Privatize, phase-out Soc Sec. This is recommended in order stop using Soc Sec funds for unconstitutional programs. Point 3 (wrong): When Soc Sec was instituted life expectancy was 20 shorter than today. Soc Sec would still be solvent if not for being raided for other programs (get your budget straight)!! Point 4 (wrong again): Never said “no abortions”, just don’t have Gov pay for them…..Abortion is murder (see above post). Point 5 (right): Sending jobs overseas I would consider an act of treason. Business has failed miserably and we should admit it. Point 6 (Partially right): There are certain areas where the Gov should be in control like PROTECTING the Country (borders included), inter-state hwys, ambassadorship, upholding laws. However, the Gov is intruding in areas where the private sector should have control. This is where libs and consvs disagree. Libs (Socialism) want the Gov in control of everything. Consvs (Tea Party) wants the Gov to abide by the Constitution as drawn up. Ammendments are needed as we progress, true, but those ammendments shouldn’t be in conflict with the Constitution. Admit it, (at least be that honest), the Lib (Socialist) agenda is to radically change the Constitution. This would nullify America as America! By CHANGING it, you will no longer have “the greatest nation on earth” (even as admitted by O) and cause us to sink into something like a Dictatorship. We don’t want a Dictator over us. How would you like it if I came to your house to take it over. I would demand you, your wife and kids to follow my rules….or else! I’d take your car, boat and whatever else you had and then make you pay for me to use them. You would have to submit to my raping your entire life. That’s Socialism as administered in a dictatorship. Do you really want that? You need to think down the road. What WILL happen!?! Why do you think people want to come to America? For a better life, right? What will you offer if you change that “better life”? For Socialism……the very thing they are running from?? No, we must not divorce America from the Constitution.

  • alpha-lemming

    The end of the “Great Experiment”??? Outcome (you can’t make everyone rich, but sure as h*ll CAN make everyone poor… problem solved.. everyone’s the same) has trumped opportunity.

  • Angel

    What really is the tea party message?
    * tax breaks for the rich – more deficit burdens for those under $250k/yr
    * privatize and eventually phase out social security – after all, it is unconstitutional (according to Rand Paul)
    * raise the retirement age
    * no abortions even in the cases of rape, incest and the health of the mother
    * reward corporations that take jobs overseas/off-shore (how many republicans voted against tax breaks for corps that don’t outsource = zero)
    * continue to cut vital regulatory services (hey, if you get e-coli from the meat, it’s your own tough luck, according to Chuck Norris)

    Don’t be so blind – Follow the money: it is the corporate billionaires that are funding and leading the movement. The movement that SOLELY serves their interests.

    Two quick cases of hypocritical behavoir here:
    * If David Axelrod outed a cloaked CIA agent, won’t you want him in jail? I would. So why is there no concern over Karl Rove’s criminal activity? Oh, it’s because we disagree with the politics. What a shame that we left political partisanship trump national security.

    * Remember the uproar over Al Gore raising money at the buddhist temple. Raising FOREIGN money? Why do we stand for the (anti-)U.S. Chamber of Commerce doing the same thing? Oh, yeah, politics.

    • 45caliber


      You are right only about one thing; follow the money. Where do you think the Dems get most of their money? It comes from these billionares you are condemning. They get a LOT more than the GOP does.

      Or are you one of those libs who are against all rich UNLESS they support the Dems?

      • eddie47d

        Get real Caliber’ Every poll and newspaper article says the Republicans (Tea Party) is bringing in more money than the Democrats.It’s 9 to 1 and mostly from corporations, so you definitely have the money on your side.

        • 45caliber

          I didn’t say that the GOP wasn’t getting money. I said that is where a lot of the Demo money is coming from. And it is. Take a look at the various banks, etc. that were bailed out. They give more to the Dems than the GOP even though they give to both.

          And there aren’t that many billionares around either. But there are plenty of multi-millionares.

          • http://naver samurai

            Let’s not forget the money from China and Obama bin Laden getting money from those “muslim brothers” in the Middle East. Sort of off the topic, but I think it is relative to where they get their money. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Angel

        Democratic Billionaires? Only 1 that I can think of (Sorry Soros). Dems get something 1/8th of the money the GOP gets. That’s 12.5%.

        • 45caliber


        • s c

          R, your moonbat cave is comfy, but it shelters you from reality. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, NYC’s Bloomberg and George Soros are at or near the top of the progressive’s billionaire club.
          How do you not know that? Whoever told you that there are no progressives who accumulate serious wealth is a lying sack of CRAP. Do a little research (and if you have a conscience), you might re-think your political views. And, try not to choke too much on that ‘redistribution of wealth’ manure that The Obummer dishes out.
          People like Soros (with all that FILTHY money) exert great pressure on your White House “God.” So much for integrity, eh? Who controls whom?

          • Kate8

            And George Soros acquired a great deal of his wealth by manipulating various government economies, debasing their currencies, and causing a great deal of suffering to those living in such countries.

            Look it up.

          • http://naver samurai

            I don’t think these libs are billionaires, but what about the Kennedys, Clintons, Gores, Rockefellers, etc? I know they have their dirty hands in this problem also. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriots! We’re winning and they know it. That’s why their attacks are getting more personal and absurdly ignorant. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • spike

      hey, Randy,
      how is ANY of that the government’s look out.

    • http://naver sook young

      Why are you bringing up abortions? That’s not the topic. I also say that abortions are evil and is nothing but a murder, authorized by people, so the immoral and immature ones don’t have to take the responsibility of being a parent. I guess our founding principles of self reliance and personal responsibility mean nothing to those people. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai
      Vote November 2!

    • j.McConnell
  • http://com i41

    adm, fed government has the indians on the “soveriegn” nation, on commodities birth to death, free health care, free schoolong and colleges till hell freeze over, and no shazam, “there are beads and braids blanket a$$ed gangs”. Same goes for the blacks and their “bros from the hood”, same victomolgy crap, only they carry it to new heights with the “New Black Panthers and Black Religios Theologly bildge”, Now any puke group who can claim they a minority victum, gets the free pass to the trough of welfare and the program freebies. The welfare was and needed by people at diffacult situtations durning tough times of life, Not for generations. Of course when people become wards of the government. Government wonks will do their damnest to keep you as a victum, and will create “programs to help you” but inactuality want control of you to stay in the box and under agency wonk’s total control.

    • 45caliber


  • Ci Ji

    In my whole life, I have only known of 2 people who were on welfare. The disgusting part is that it is in the 44th generation now in each family. The more they get, the more they want. I asked one of them, why do you want your children to have to pay so many taxes just so your lazy granddaughter can continue to leach the system? I only got a look. I have written my Congressman about this issue and all I got was, we have to take care of our poor. Well, I say a 25 year old ought to get off their lazy butt and get a job!!!

  • http://personnellibertydigest Buck Crosby

    I am sure there are people fudging the numbers to bolster their confidence , I am a tea party supporter and so are all my friends , and we are my determined to keep it on track to get our country back from the big government progressives and communists . Everyone who saw the last pro-government rally and saw all the socialist and communist signs have been awakened to their deceptions .

  • Dave from Ohio

    Note that this poll was limited to “African-American, low-income or young”. By selecting a specific group instead of using a random selection of the general population, any competent statistician would discard the findings as rubbish or BS.

    • Jana

      Dave from Ohio,
      You didn’t read it right, the article said: ” However, a survey released by nonpartisan voting rights group Project Vote has found that half of all voters who are African-American, low-income or young believe that government should provide for the needs of citizens.”

      That mean AFRICAN AMERICANS, as well as LOW INCOME and YOUNG.

  • Whit

    The greatest waste of taxpayer money is undoubtedly the Pentagon. This “sacred cow” uses fear as a weapon on their own citizens and is not held financially accountable. Let’s see if the tea baggers wish to walk their talk and attack this socialist program!


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