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Poll: Public Confidence In Washington Plummets To A Near 50-year Low

April 21, 2010 by  

Poll: Public confidence in Washington plummets to a near 50-year low Nearly eight in 10 Americans do not trust the Federal government and have little confidence that it is capable of solving the nation’s woes, according to a recently released survey from the Pew Research Center.

Specifically, the poll found that just 22 percent of respondents said that they can trust the federal government almost always or most of the time, marking one of the lowest public confidence rates in the last 50 years. Moreover, nearly 50 percent of those surveyed said that the government negatively affects their daily lives and is a "threat to their personal freedom," reports.

The poll, which surveyed 2,505 adults, also found that an overwhelming majority of Americans hold an unfavorable view of Congress. Over the last 12 months, the congressional approval rating has fallen from 50 percent to a quarter-century-worst 26 percent.

Andrew Kohut, director of the research center, said that the waning public confidence in Washington is due to a "perfect storm of conditions associated with distrust of government—a dismal economy, an unhappy public, bitter partisan-based backlash and epic discontent with Congress and elected officials."

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  • Warrior

    Anyone surprised by this?

    • Robert

      1 plus 1 = 2 our way of thing. 1 plus 1 = 4,000,000,000,000,000, Govt. math

  • Save America Susie

    I think the fact that Congress is controlled by the Liberals, and they don’t believe it bi-partisan anything, says it all. Why did they rush the HC Bill through so fast? Because they knew their time in power is limited. They also rushed it through as a Bill rather than try to make it an amendment to the Constitution. They knew it would never be ratified by the states with a 3/4 approval. People don’t trust Congress because they DON”T LISTEN. They don’t recognize the Tea Party movement as valid, because they have blinders on. They don’t want to see. They are now in the mode where they are only doing what they want. NOT representing the “will of the people”.

    • Laura Schlegel

      It’s hard for those of US that have worked long and hard on health care reform to understand why anyone thinks it was rushed through. We have decades of global studies to improve upon and implement in this great capable country. Health care was out of control, increasing numbers of people were declaring bankruptcy due to med. bills, going with out coverage, meds, and dying as costs were skyrocketing while insurance/pharma industries were making obscene profits and not even paying their fair share of taxes. Morally and economically, we couldn’t do nothing or start all over. We settled for insurance reform because too many of our representatives are bought by the corporatocracy…they spend millions in lobbying efforts and we couldn’t even get Single Payer Option on the table. We are still working hard for a non-for-profit Improved Medicare for ALL…
      no one should profiteer from sick people and a healthy society is truly exponentially profitable for All of US:)

      • Sharon

        Hey Laura,
        Check out J.D.’s post. I couldn’t say it better myself. I will add that medical treatment is not a right guaranteed by the Constitution, (if you remember what that is), so stay out of it. The Federal government will not be able to make this program succeed any better than anything else you touch. Washington D.C keeps trying to turn the USA into the old USSR. The American people will come to their senses and you will never succeed.

        J.D. says:
        April 21, 2010 at 8:49 am
        Lets recap shall we? Anything the government touches turns to crap. Social Security- Couple hundred billion in debt, Medicair-Medicaid- couple hundred billion in debt. Lets see what else, oh yeah, congress own bank is so far it the toilet it can’t be seen any more. And I still hear people chanting free healthcare. IT ISN’T FREE, GET OVER IT. IT IS ONLY FREE IF YOU ALREADY LIVE ON UNEMPLOYMENT(another wonderful reason not to get a job)WELFARE, OR ARE ALREADY BILKING SOCIAL SECURITY WHICH IS ALREADY SHOT IN THE BUTT! Who foots the bill for all this mess-the average working joe tax payer, thats who. And even that isn’t enough!It’s like loaning a person you know has already screwed you out of every loan you’ve given him yet another loan. Wake up people, quit loaning the money or find a person you know it going to be responsible with you tax dollar. Quit vote party lines and start looking into each candidate at the polls. Its time the government stopped trying to run our lives and we take responsibility for ourselves. If you piss up your own life, you deal with it. I have enough to do without trying to raise every adult who doesn’t have, or in most cases want a job because it is easier and better pay on unemployment. Before I sign off I want to share a true story that happened down at our O’reilleys Auto Parts store last week. A kid walked in and asked Lester, the manager for an application, Lester gave him one and then the kid,22 or 23, asked him to sign his work search paperwork. Lester told him if he turned in the app but didn’t qualify for the job, he’d sign it. The kid told him he didn’t really want the job, that he just needed to show that he was looking for work so he could get his unemployment check. Lester insisted if he filled out the app he would sign it, the kid threw the app in Lesters face, told him to F-off and walked out. We have created a generation of people who don’t want to earn anything, but think they’re entitled. And we wonder why our country is in the toilet?

      • J.D.

        Just thought I might respond. The current med bill that just went through did nothing in reality to stop Big Pharma, Big Doctor bills, or even big insurance, it just gave our government one more stick to beat us with. I heard on the radio that Big Gov is saying salt is bad so it wants to regulate what you eat with salt in it. I’m sure you don’t mind some politician holding your hand and saying,”Now, you don’t eat this because I deem it evil”, but I feel I can make my own choices without some “specialist” telling me how to do it. A lot of the people where I live have jobs because they want medical or some other insurance. If you give it to them, there will be quite a few nationwide that quit working, just because, why should they work if their food, housing, and now medical is paid? Kinda cuts into taxable income when people quit working, doesn’t it? I’m not saying the system wasn’t screwed before this med bill went through, I’m just saying,that this med bill complicated an already messed up system, didn’t help the working class whose taxes it needs to keep going, and took away that much more of yours and my independence. To sum it up, try pushing a 20 foot length of rope, and that is what this bill just created for the american tax payer. If you think the Government gives a crap whether you are comfortable and healthy, you had better use your “free medical” to get checked for “cranial rectumitis” and get that fixed before you suffocate from Big Government B.S.

        • s c

          Screw Washington, JD. If the psychotic boys and girls in Washington had any integrity [they don't], they’d squeeze the retards at the FDA and force them to make food producers to STOP putting salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners into everything.
          On a good day, the FDA is a PIMP for the AMA and Big Pharma. You couldn’t get these useless idiots out of the same bed with a Supreme Court decision or the threat of another revolution (hmmm, there’s a thought).
          People might as well get used to growing some of their own food. Local farmers who don’t rely on government-blessed chemicals would be happy to sell you quality food.
          It’s our obligation to do what Uncle Scam refuses to do (no matter what the issue is). Uncle Worthless won’t do his job because we don’t have what it takes to force the old fart to do it.

          • J.D.

            thats what I tried to say in that last blog

          • Mike In MI

            s c – Gotta luvit. “Uncle Scam” is beautiful. Reading that I blew crusty snotters all over the keyboard. Now, theeeeeey ssssstickkkk, dddarrn ya.

        • http://none willieISAACS

          well said, salute

      • Mike In MI

        Laura – “Blinders,” just like Save America Susie perfectly said it.

        Laura, you and all the people who push Bomb’R’Care are blind to everything except what you think (only because it’s what they’ve told you you should think) is “the best health care system in the world”. You don’t want to investigate what else might effectually take the place of what we are, to a great extent, limitted to by laws and hidden regulations. Thanks to your lazy attitude to life, learning and appropriate adaptation you have consigned all of us to a govenment disease promotion system that will force us to take its solutions to any health problem that comes upon us. I guarantee you, so much is known about human physiology that it is possible now to make people sick and pain filled – and keep them in that state indefinitely.

        Drug companies that are publicly traded have a responsibility to their share holders to constantly increase their profits and dividends. Their goal is drugs in everybodys’ veins. Government is the perfect vehicle to make that goal a reality. Very soon, they will, if it isn’t already part of Bomb’R’Care, the drug companies will push for laws that will require us to follow the doctors orders. Don’t doubt that there are legions of Dr. Mengele’s out there awaiting their macabre’ opportunity at you. They will hold you down if they have to, fine you or quarantine you (in prison) if you say, “NO!”.

        The best alternative to government required care would have been natural health care and prevention. The drug company owned FDA and AMA doctor sanctioning agencies are doing everything in their considerable power to wipe out our access to information, products and services from integrative and natural providers. There is no reason to expect they will ever cease.

        This choice of care could easily obviate all of the “evils” you listed above. Bear in mind those things befell those people because they CHOSE to live life lazy and stupid. If Bomb’r’Care goes into force nothing will stop all of us from joining in their fate – or worse.

        WE owe you a debt of attitude.

        • kate8

          Mike, I’m so glad to see that there are people like you who have a grsp of the real issues with healthcare (disease maintenance). This is what I have been saying along, and most just don’t get it. We have been so conditioned to think we have to give control of our bodies to the “experts”, when the truth is (as in everything else) we need to take responsibility for educating ourselves about health.

          To this day many people ridicule “health nuts”. A tactic to scorn those who became accountable for their own health. Who do you think started that? The only time one would actually need a doctor would be in an emergency situation. Every disease can be addressed by natural means.

          No consideration whatever was given to those who chose not to use allopathic medicine. There is a reason for this, and it is just as you said.

          • Mike In MI

            k88 – I’m with you and all the common sense “health nuts” on this site. It’s the health nuts that keep the bolts tight in life. Love ya’, one and all. Tell everyone you know.
            There’s gonna’ be a lotta diein’ ahead. If you want to live you gotta’ take charge of yourself and family and teach anyone who will listen. We’re gonna’ need every sound minded individual to live and come out on the other side. I’m not kidding in the least. This system is like a brontosaurus – Huge, impregnable looking and FRAGILE. Once the scales tip and it starts down, it’s going out.
            Yer the best, Babe. Make it happen.

      • marvin

        Laura Schlegel just from your own words we worked hard ,you ether work for obama or have been it the sun tolong and are out of your mind when 62% of the we the people don,t want this trillion dollar 17000 more i r s agent more czars in short bigger goverment that let the post office union and the money grabbers in congress that bankrup ss and medicare that i we the worker payed in now with your own words we worked hard on this 2800 page that like pelosie said we got to pass to see what,s in it that is real smart,really don,t install a lot of trust in any thing you or your liberal friends have to say 1st there were 52 then 42 then 32 thousand uninsured what is it do you have a clue the ama was for it but doctors are not aarp was for it but the members are not taking 500 million out of a bankrup medicare that you say is wasty freud is that why doctors won,t take new medicare people my advice to you is get out of goverment befor your brain is a completly liberal mush and talk to real people not obama pelosie reid clones that can not tell the truth and don,t know the truth ,come out here in the real world were 62% of we the people have been saying no obamacare

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Just the fact that AARP was for it lost them a great many members. I was one of them that told them to cancel my membership that I had never been so dissatisfied with any organization I was a member of in my entire life!! I don’t miss them!

      • marvin

        l s you know if we had a few million more like you working in goverment [whats that you say we do] that only want to make life better , so that all can have a chicken in ever pot and a car in ever garage at no cost to the tax payers free free free thank obama allmity it all free at last we will all be drinking free bubble up and eatten that rainbow stue in a land were no one has to work and the sky are not cloudy all day and if you think i disagree with you just stick around tell nov2010/2012 and see what we disagree about and it an,t weather ,it,s the fact that you and obama think we are stuped and need to be told when and how to live are life and i myself find that unamerican

      • American Liberal

        Laura… Very good post… And very well put…..

        • Stephaan

          UnAmerican Liberal;

          Of course Lauras post looks good to a liberal socialist, marxist, libturd like you.
          The trouble for you is, that 80% of the citizens don’t trust THIS government, so your socialist heros like Reid, Pelosi, Bawney Fwank, Obama and the rest of their minions are on their way out. I hope you have plenty of crying towels and Depends ready. You’re going to need them in November. Have a nice day libturd.

          • obiwan

            I’ll double that Stephaan.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I’ll double-double that!!

        • J.D.

          Americanliberal,its amazing how you, without any real effort on your part, turn up at just the right time in these little chats to take 1st prize in “I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT REALITY IS?” Do you really believe the crap you chant, or do you just like being contrary to common sense? To simplify this last question for you,”Are_you_for_real?”.

      • JeffH

        REFORM must be a government term for expansion of government, or government mandates, or bankruptcy and even government run health care. I haven’t been able to find that definition in Merriam-Websters dictionary. I was able to find something very close though:
        mandate; authoritative order: an official command or instruction from an authority

      • Save America Susie

        Laura, I see you have GOOD INTENTIONS and thoughts of helping people through this HC Bill, & you may be a good person, but just look at England and see that it is not what it is cracked up to be. Its so much more than we need or want. It will put doctors out of business, deter medical students from becoming doctors, and some doctors will go underground just to defy the system, I predict. I think it is madness for the Government to tell a doctor how much he can make, and where he can practice. That is what is in this bill. You see, that’s not America, that’s Russia! Or China. That’s not Freedom. That is why Conservatives are against it. Freedom is priority with us.

      • Warrior

        WHAaaaat? For those of US who worked long and hard on health care reform? Single payer, Not for Profit Medicare? Under your global model are all these providers government employees under collective bargaining?
        When you analyzed your global models, did you take a look at all the redundant regulations over the healthcare industry between feds, states and local governments and were you able to identify the costs associated with compliance? Was tort reform really not even worth spending any time on?

        Seeing as I spent nearly 30 years in the industry, I am really interested in learning more about your participation and some of the ideas your group came up with.

  • Victor L Barney

    As well it should! I’m sure that more people than me KNOW the America actually is Israel, not Judah! Also, they KNOW that we were forbidden to place a “foreigner” over us(Deut. 17:15), although the women didn’t “appear” to know that! Now comes Yahweh’s Two-Witnesses and 3 1/2 years of Jacob’s trouble. Watch!

    • Chaos factor

      Victor….. Lmao…. Sounds like a ” Harry Potter”story

      • Robin from Arcadia, IN

        Chaos Factor…
        You are not a Bible reader, are you? It will come to pass. It is not a book of fiction.
        Americans are speaking; government is not listening. They will in November!

        • American Liberal

          Robin… I don’t belive in talking snakes or magic apples anymore than I believe in Harry Potter…. And Victor is just using his bible nonsense as a tool to try and condone his hate and Racism….

          • JC

            Oh look…the “race card” again…and again…and again…

          • Stephaan

            Un American Libturd
            Would you mind showing us WHERE Victor used hate or racism in his post?
            Is any and all religion, hate or racism to you? I expect EXACT quotes from his post, not irrational interpretations from your liberal mind. Can you do that? Probably not because there is NO hate or racism in his post. There’s just you trying to use Saul Alinskis rule #5 falsely accusing him of something that doesn’t exist.

            Typical of socialists libturds like you using Saul Alinskis rules. Accuse him of something he hasn’t done because you can’t debate him or answer the questions. I also notice that you use S.A. rule #1 a lot, but never successfully. LOL, life must really suck for people like you.

      • Mike In MI

        Where Did you see that, Vic? Nothing like that is in the Bible I have read from cover to cover several times over thirty-eight years.

        Satan’s Bible is the only other resource I can think you may have found such gobbledeegook. False witness is sin against God and men.

        • Jana

          Mike in MI,
          Actually Victor is not far from wrong. We have a lot of Israelites in this country. We are called Caucasians because we crossed the Caucuses Mountains. A lot of it is History. You would be surprised in knowing how many of us (me included) can find our genealogy goes back to one or two of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Remember God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. Not every Jew is an Israelite.

          • Stephaan

            Jana, I could be wrong, but I think we’re called caucasians because our ancestors “originated” in the Caucus mtn region.

          • JeffH

            Stephaan, very good. A guy named Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, around 1800, named it after the peoples of the Caucasus (from the Caucasus region), whom he considered to be the archetype for the grouping.

          • Stephaan

            Is he the anthropologist that found the centuries old skull that started the whole white relationship theory?

          • Stephaan

            Sorry Jeff, that post at 3:11 IS MINE even though the name is black. I changed my website from to Obamas and it won’t accept it as an http for some reason.

        • Mike In MI

          Jana – Love you, sweetheart, really I do. But, the legs of that horse shoe don’t quite reach.

          I’m aware of that theory about the sojournings of the Tribe of Dan. But, reading Revelation 7: 4 – 8, the Tribe of Dan is not listed in there as set apart people whom God seals when it will happen. So, evidently, their community unbelief dis1qualified them from being counted as worthy.
          If you can find a book by Arthur Koestler named “The Thirteenth Tribe” you will gain a great deal of insight into the origin, geaneology and trials of the peoples from east of the Caucasus Mtns. They WERE Caucasians. The Israelites, however, were a Semitic people out of Shem. The Semites had traits and characteristics unlike the Caucasian races. ‘Nuff said. Study it for yourself and conclude your own conclusions.
          As for the business of geneologies: It may not be the last word on the matter but, I have an archeological reference that indicates that all the ancient geneologies were burned when Titus’ army sacked Jerusalem in 70 A.D., except for the Tribe of Levi…the Levitical priesthood lineage survived. They alone can be traced, accurately. So, it looks like the ones who led Israel astray are going to be held accountable. People with names like Levi, Levine, Levin, Levitt, Lewin, Loewi, Loew, Lewis, etc. and etc, might seriously want to look into the claims of Christianity as the only way out of doing some HARD TIME for a LONG TIME. Anything else must be a contrived list – unless something new has come to light.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Ok, I’m a gonna jump in with both feet this time…
      In my humble opinion, those who use the “Bible” as their reference should at least have more than a cursory understanding of the whats really up. First, when most people here in the U.S. quote the “Bible”, they are referring to the King James “version”. At best, King James was a bisexual and a tyrant and used “correctors” to produce his “version” of the “Bible”. Briefly, I would point one’s attention to Constantine and the council of Nicea. Note Eusebius’ role in determining which books were included in the “Bible” and which books were rendered as non-canonical. I wonder why the Gospel of Thomas, which predated Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by some 50 some odd years was omitted?
      The question of Israel and Judah and Jews has been so twisted, that its almost impossible to sort out what is truth and what is the lie.
      The pernicious illusion is that the Ashkenazi are the entirety of the Diaspora. Perhaps this is why Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe”
      has been castigated more vigorously than “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. (Both books claimed to be fakes and riddled with shoddy scholarship). The assertion that America is Israel is on the fringe to say the least… (I made a promise to Average Joe to be civil LOL !!!!) The spiritual message of the scriptures still can be discerned even after countless faulty translations and ill informed mis-interpretations. The bottom line is: Humble Yourself and pray that God will have mercy on all of us.

  • Dean

    That 22% must be government employees!

    • Warrior

      correcto mundo!

  • Average Joe

    Ok, nearly 50 percent of those surveyed said that the government negatively affects their daily lives and is a “threat to their personal freedom”(for the sake of argument, lets assume 49% vs, 51%).
    Next,the poll found that just 22 percent of respondents said that they can trust the federal government almost always or most of the time…that would mean that 78% do not trust the government,correct?Since Obama was elected by approx. 51% vs. 49% ([popular vote]bear in mind that the electoral college put him in office, not the popular vote).would this not show that some of our liberal friends just might be becomming “closet” conservatives?…my heart be still…sheeple are waking up ….all over the country…maybe there really is hope to salvage this once great nation.

    • TIME

      People are waking up and they also are getting the fact that what BarryO wnats, and what we the people want are not the same wants.

      Let alone BarryO has spoken so many lies at this point in time; then toss in the congress doing what they have thats after nearly 10 million pink slips sent to them, yet they could care less.
      Then toss in the reckless spending, the out of control waste, the outlandish behavior of both the congress and senate.

      To push it really over the top, we the people are sick and tired of the constand 100% pure Hog waste that we are fed by MSN, MSNBC, ABC, CBC, NBC, HN, CNN, just look at their rating numbers that are falling like rocks off a cliff.
      Yet they still cling to the vitirol that fuels the fires of divide, Its not working the way they wanting ot to.

      How many Czars does BarryO have now, I lost count at 35 I know he has added more, and figure with the average pay of $375K per person per year to destroy this country.
      Let alone the fact that they all are known marxist. Its a no brainer
      that in a country where people were born and raised on FREEDOM a Marxist government is not going to work.

      Yet BarryO still insist he will have his way by what ever means he has to use.

      Americans don’t do what their fathers did, they do what they want, thus this Marxist mind set of your family will always be taxi drivers just will not float here.
      Nor will VAT – nor steeling all our stuff what ever your stuff may be.

      Over 200 years ago we the people of the United States set out on a new phase of control – and we liked it, and we don’t want a KING, or a Count, or a Queen nor a DickOtator, we want the power to remove a leader if the leader is a buffoon.

    • Chaos Factor

      Presidential vote total

      Obama /Biden

      McCain/ Palin

      • JeffH

        Obama Approval Index History

        1/21/09 – 65% approved 30% disapproved = old news
        4/21/10 – 47% approved 52% disapproved = good news

      • JeffH

        Old News – election results 2008

        Better news- Barack Obama 42% and slipping, Ron Paul 41%
        Wednesday, April 14, 2010

        • Stephaan

          Don’t confuse the liberals with facts Jeff. They don’t live in the real world so they don’t understand them. ;-)

      • Average Joe

        Chaos Factor says:
        April 21, 2010 at 8:53 am,
        Thanks for the correction…that means that 2% more than I previously stated….have switched sides….keep upping those numbers…it puts us on the winning side.

    • Stephaan

      Avg. Joe
      I hope you are right about the liberal lefties who voted for obama finally waking up. The only thing I wonder is where the poll was taken. They could have accidently polled a more conservative cross section of people than usual. In any case seeing those numbers up there gives hope.

      I especially liked this quote…. “Over the last 12 months, the congressional approval rating has fallen from 50 percent to a quarter-century-worst 26 percent”. The libs took majority in 2006, so all those mutts are up for re. and with only 26% approval rating I think a lot of them will be leaving in Nov.

      • Average Joe

        I know for a fact that they are waking up, I have at least 5 former lib friends and two more teetering right now that have awakened and are now on the conservative roles…..funny thing is…they are more vocal than most conservatives about thier distain for the current administration and it’s policies. Yes, there is hope!

        • JeffH

          It’s becomming a common theme. The hardcore Democrats are a lot like the hardcore Republicans…party everybody!

  • Raggs

    When this regime rushes through cap-n-tax the remaining 22% will disappear… leaving only the democrats in congress with support.

    • Mike In MI

      Maybe, Raggs, that % won’t disappear.

      Are you aware of how much of the EMPLOYED work force and suck faces are on government doles or czardoms? It is very close to that number. Don’t expect those slugs suckin’ down your tax payments to acknowledge any but Obama as god and the source of their freedom from poverty, work and responsibility.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    How about the plain and simple FLOOD OF LIES coming from Capital Hill and Wall St. How do you trust lyers??? Hey, you elected him!! Enjoy your change!

    • Save America Susie

      Yes, I agree with you, Annie, change does not always mean something good. Even people who hated Bush would rather have him back again, than this. At least we didn’t have another 9/11 under him. With BO we have had several terrorist attacks. And as the bumper sticker says, “You can keep the change!”

  • J.D.

    Lets recap shall we? Anything the government touches turns to crap. Social Security- Couple hundred billion in debt, Medicair-Medicaid- couple hundred billion in debt. Lets see what else, oh yeah, congress own bank is so far it the toilet it can’t be seen any more. And I still hear people chanting free healthcare. IT ISN’T FREE, GET OVER IT. IT IS ONLY FREE IF YOU ALREADY LIVE ON UNEMPLOYMENT(another wonderful reason not to get a job)WELFARE, OR ARE ALREADY BILKING SOCIAL SECURITY WHICH IS ALREADY SHOT IN THE BUTT! Who foots the bill for all this mess-the average working joe tax payer, thats who. And even that isn’t enough!It’s like loaning a person you know has already screwed you out of every loan you’ve given him yet another loan. Wake up people, quit loaning the money or find a person you know it going to be responsible with you tax dollar. Quit vote party lines and start looking into each candidate at the polls. Its time the government stopped trying to run our lives and we take responsibility for ourselves. If you piss up your own life, you deal with it. I have enough to do without trying to raise every adult who doesn’t have, or in most cases want a job because it is easier and better pay on unemployment. Before I sign off I want to share a true story that happened down at our O’reilleys Auto Parts store last week. A kid walked in and asked Lester, the manager for an application, Lester gave him one and then the kid,22 or 23, asked him to sign his work search paperwork. Lester told him if he turned in the app but didn’t qualify for the job, he’d sign it. The kid told him he didn’t really want the job, that he just needed to show that he was looking for work so he could get his unemployment check. Lester insisted if he filled out the app he would sign it, the kid threw the app in Lesters face, told him to F-off and walked out. We have created a generation of people who don’t want to earn anything, but think they’re entitled. And we wonder why our country is in the toilet?

    • Save America Susie

      The Kid didn’t learn a decent work ethic from his parents. Some things the government isn’t totally responsible for. Part of the problem is our family structure has fallen apart. There are few good role models. If a child has a good role model it makes a big difference in how he sees responsibility. But you are right ion one respect, the government make sit too easy to coast. At the same time, my husband and I are wondering: Will Social Security benefits still be there when we retire in one year? But at least that is something we PAID into most of our lives. It wasn’t a free handout. Now someone [Congress] has robbed our Social Security savings by putting it into the General Fund, and not keeping it separate. The Kid wants something he didn’t earn and we can’t have something we paid for all our adult lives….Ironic isn’t it?

      • Barb

        You guys are right and the KID pretty much represents the attitude of the Left. They want everything but they certainly do not want to work for it. They think unalienable rights and entitlements are synonyms! I agree with you though Susie, it starts at home and this KID probably grew up in a home where there was a lot of government assistance throughout his life. Work to most of the left is a foreign word and then some!

        • s c

          Barb, be glad that snot-nosed kid didn’t get into politics, With his attitude, he’d be a career politician, and the whole country would suffer.
          Call me a pessimist, but he’d probably make a ‘suitable’ replacement for Boxer or Reid.

          • Barb

            Actually I think that snot nosed kid did get into politics! His name is Barrack Hussein Obama!

    • Raggs

      Very well said!!!!!!!

  • Tomas

    The degree to which the people have become slaves of the state exceeds anything faced by our founding fathers yet because we are for the most part comfortable slaves our masters in the government know they have little to fear. If it were not for science, technology and cheap energy we would be worse off than medieval serfs. In spite of how bad things are in Washington local governments are far worse.

    At the local level your government threatens to murder you and your family by throwing you into a hostile environment if you don’t pay your property tax, which must be paid even if you have no income. At least medieval serfs had the option of paying with chickens, some other farm product or manual labor.

    At the federal level government operates as a Ponzi-scheme that would make Bernie Madoff look like an adolescent stealing snicker bars from the Jiffy store. That there are still Americans whom believe we live in a free society never ceases to amaze me.

    Government IS organized crime. Organized crime is just illegal government.

    • Save America Susie

      Government has “BECOME” organized crime. It didn’t start out that way. The FOUNDING FATHERS were trying to get away from the that very thing!

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal


        • Mike In MI

          Hey, vaksal – RE the slimey scourge of lobbyists in D.C. presenting other peoples bribes:

          That slimey scourge is nothing compared to those bulbous scum bags who have both hands extended with baskets in them.

          • http://GOGGLE vaksal


    • Raggs

      Thats true…. Have you noticed that if the government taxes a product the product is deemed legal on the reverse if the government does not gain a tax on a product that product is deemed illegal.

      That is the only separation from legal and illegal….
      Nowadays if the government can tax it they can also own it…and if they cannot tax it they will take it anyway…

      • Save America Susie

        For instance, if you keep taxing cigarettes, no one will buy them, as they will be like GOLD. But then they buy anti-cig ads with the revenues. If everyone stopped tomorrow, what would they tax then? My brother is continually frustrated that he can’t afford the cigarettes, but the government wants them for tax money for other things. Pretty soon he will have to quit, because they will cost too much. But the irony is: it is just as hard to quite smoking as it is to quit cocaine. That is what the latest stats show. Plus BO still has not stopped smoking himself, and probably gets foreign cigarettes which have not been weakened, like the new American ones have. Double standard! OK for him, but not for other American smokers. He can’t relate, because he is not going through the trauma they are. If you can’t feel it or see it, it virtually does not exist. Next, they’ll be taxing disposable diapers. The kid’s not old enough to vote but he’s being taxed before he realizes it!

        • Ted Crawford

          We might expect them to learn after all this time and all the historical data, that taxes and revnue are INVERSLY proportional!
          We might recall Jimmey Carters blunder. He decieded that boats were a luxury, therefore if taxed it would only effect the “rich”. He levied a heavy tax and the industry closed down or left the country! The result, of course, was a total loss of all revenue from that source, not a revenue increase!

    • J.D.

      Amen! You hit the nail right on the head. Thats why term limits should be imposed by we the people toward our senators and congress, the term in government they are serving now and when they get voted out, give them a 20 year prison term as well. I know they are unreformable, but I think all the thieves and murders and rapists should be punished and the best way I can think of doing that is by bunking them with our former congressmen, senators, and governors!!!!!!

      • Dorothy

        What a great thought!! But who is going to shorten “life” terms of
        congress and senate? THEY won’t kick themselves out, but I have
        heard this for years – they deserve life sentences, but with the
        already locked-up criminals!!

      • Mike In MI

        Term limits have been poor corruption reduction instruments.

        Why not 1.) clean house and suck the septic tank; 2.) make them agree to pass and adhere to a law requiring that no longer than six months per year (April until September) sessions are permitted; 3.) a balanced budget, recurrent business and new urgent business must be evaluated and voted on (up or down) in the required time (completion of recurrent and urgent business beyond the allotted time will be unrequited by taxpayers); 4.) incomes, ten (10) personally chosen (government paid) staff and benefits of House and Senate are subject to approval by an ombudsman (chosen by popular vote of the people) who is one member of an independent body comprised of him/herself, the Chairman of the Military Joint Chiefs of Staff, two Accountants (one Congressional Budget Office, one civilian graduate of a state certified degree granting institution who has been appointed by three FRESHMAN House of Representatives members) and three opposed FRESHMAN House of Representatives members. The people’s ombudsman represents one vote and each other member represents himself as one vote in this body.
        Each member of this body shall have only one government paid staff assigned by majority vote of the members of this body. This body shall determine that every facet of each bill it considers shall be confined to the reasons which required its proposal and sponsorship as universal, national legislation. Then each bill shall be presented to the President of the Unitd States for consideration.
        This body shall have power to exercise a line item veto by a simple majority of any portion of a bill they consider which has passed both legislative bodies, before it goes to the President for his signature or veto.

    • susanburnette


  • Boo T

    Time and JD, you guys said what I feel. I, too, know some unemployment stories that would make you angry. A friend of ours has been on unemployment since Nov 07. We live in the corrupt state of Illinois, and he doesn’t even have to show proof of a job search to get a check every week or whenever it is (luckily I have never had to receive unemployment comp). They just keep extending it and extending it… He’s getting pretty used to not working and is dreading having to find a job, the state of Illinois has bred this attitude and I don’t understand it.

  • s c

    Gee, I can’t think of more than 50 reasons why Congress has such a low rating. What Congress has been doing for decades amounts to aiding and abetting. These unAmerican slimers have a country club life, they use earmarks to fool their constituents into thinking they’ve done something for them, they rarely have to go through the motions of getting things done, they get midnight pay raises, they get CADILLAC-style healthcare, some scumbags use military jets to ‘get around,’ and they act surprised when they are seen as anything less than demigods.
    Congress, you need a serious dose of old-fashioned, American-style comeuppance. Some of you should be flogged. It wouldn’t hurt if some of you would challenge each other to a duel. Some of you should be deported. Some of you should be in prison. And som of you worthless pond-scum suckers should have a short stint in front of a firing squad.

    • Barb

      s c good post, a little on the 1700′s format but I have to agree with you! There are several congressmen and women and Senators that I feel are traitors to our country, so the short stint in front of a firing squad works for me, that would include Obama and most of his czars as well. Most of the rest belong in a 3rd. world prison somewhere, just to make it a better punishment. I think we all know who we are all talking about too.

    • Raggs

      Hang-um all out naked on a fire ant mound… That much is all the respect they deserve.

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Jim H.

    50 years ago in 1960, I was only 2 years old, was the confidence as low then as it is now? I can’t imagine it was ever as low as it is now.

    • Barb

      No Jim H. it wasn’t anywhere near this low. I have a dear friend who is a young vibrant 90 years old and she lived through the Great Depression and says that it wasn’t this bad back then. She says that for the first time in her life she is scared for her beloved country. She is one reason why I am so passionate about all this. She’s also very proud to be a Gray Haired Terrorist! She loves it, and is very active in our TEA Party.So for the last 90 years this is the worst it’s been!

      • Jim H.

        Barb, Three cheers for your friend,and more power to her. Send her our love.

    • Ted Crawford

      No Jim, the politicians of that time were far more trusted than now, for the most part. That may be part of the problem! We trusted them and things became better and better. We became complacent and enjoyed life and forgot to keep our eyes on them! When someone would try to tell us that things were not as they seemed, we ignored them or called them radicals!
      Many tried to warn us of the true nature of The Council on Foreign Relations,and the U.N., of the fact that Medicare was unsustainable. They even tried to warn us that this type of administration was comming! We thought “not in this country”! I guess we should have listened better!

  • Sam, Sr. Veteran, Tanker, 2nd Armd Cav

    Its reassuring to know we are not alone, that there millions of us out there who are angry and frustrated. There are approximately 6-700 individuals in D.C. who are controlling over 200 million of us! Seems a bit lopsided. I think we need to give them “religion”.They need the “fear of God” instilled in them! “We the people” have to March on D.C. Millions, tens of millions of angry citizen have to March, and show our displeasure. They have to be frightened, they have to understand they have pushed us too far, we are Americans, not Obama “zombies”. We want all our Freedoms & Liberty Restored, we will fight to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic”. Don’t try us ! ! !

    • Raggs

      I would have to say that any form of violence is exactly what they want… It will give them a further reason to put thier foot on our heads… If you have been watching Fox news, the democrats are now and have been calling any opposition to this regime racist and a terrorist threat… Don’t play thier game….

      • JeffH

        Raggs, so true. I would prefer that the government use the FEMA camps for natural disaster housing and support rather than a detention camp for man made disasters. The same goes for the Consequence Management Response Force.

      • Ted Crawford

        I agree Raggs, the time is not YET! We can still regain our freedoms peacefully! It is, I believe, time to perhaps change some old ideas. For example the idea that one doesn’t talk of politics in good company! An old friend of mine told me, many years ago, that if we didn’t choose to discuss politics, the time would surely come when we no longer had a choice! That time is almost upon us!

  • chuck b


    you are right! barry would like nothing better than to turn his troops on us, however, we can’t set back and let this gang of marxist destroy our country by being pacifist. our liberties are in danger unlike anytime in our history. our enemy is here, within our government. they have spent decades sitting the table, now they are preparing the feast.
    so what do we do? i think we should have a nation wide strike and bring this government to a halt, clean out the congress and the white house. remove all illegal aliens. stop immigration. bring our troops home from this fruitless war in afghanistan and iraq. barry has no intention in solving either of these two problems. our country needs cleaning from top to bottom.

    • Raggs

      chuck and jeff…
      I have been trying to tell people what I see… Some may disagree with me and some may agree…

      Fundamentally this nation is in a crisis as we know.
      Monetary issues are just a leaf in the forest..
      The foundation of this country has been tipped on its side and will soon overturn. We have a government seeking more power and more control over its citizens in which will choke out the life.

      I don’t know how else to put it….

      • JeffH

        Raggs, I hear you loud and clear and agree with you. November will be the make or break point for this great country. America as we used to know her will be no more, irretrievable, hell in a hand basket, nada…unless we are able to find and elect some people with morals and a conscience to replace the rude, immoral lot in there now.

  • angel-wanna-be

    Washington Confidence?, What the hell is That?__It took me til about a year and half ago to finally figure out, that NOTHING that comes out of Washington is true!__They can shoot they’re mouth off all they want, You can’t listen to what they say, you watch what they do. The American people have already begun to listen to their own minds and hearts and we’re not as stupid as Washington paints us.__
    I hope the whole lot of them are swallowed up by there own corruption. God Help Us!

    • Save America Susie

      There is such a thing as “KARMA”. No matter what religion people adhere to, they all seem to believe in it. It just goes by another term. “For every action there is a reaction.” Its even in Science. In other words, they’ll get theirs. We don’t necessarily have to do much, but sit back and watch the Congress & President implode as we exercise our right to free speech and vote in the upcoming elections. I hope the Supreme Court helps us at least. I hope they call a spade a spade, and announce how UNCONSTITUTIONAL this HC BILL is. That would be such a joyful dream come true! The problem is: It is MUCH MORE than “Health Care”. That is the main problem. Its “Big brother is watching you”! 1984. I realize many liberals have GOOD INTENTIONS, but they have not been paying attention! (Like my own liberal, sweet sister who has a good heart, but doesn’t want to see.) The Health Care Bill is LIKE the bad guy that offers you candy, & says to just step inside his car, & he’ll take you for a ride to see your mother who is waiting for you. If you believe that, you are a goner. But I realize some of the liberals were pretty happy in the little bubble, thinking they were on board with a great KIND thing, and they just didn’t see it coming. TRULY. I am sorry to say this to them, but it is a “TROJAN HORSE” loaded with CHAINS, NOT good CHANGE! Hope its not too late to send it back out to sea and sink it.

  • http://gmail i41

    Laura and you socialist liberal democrats, I’ve been waiting for one of you communist lame brained retards to tell us one program that the government and the alphabet soup agencies, ever do right or never expand, and correct problems? Everyone of these programs and agencies, remove our rights as a citizen and tear down our country. The whole socialist democrat party has never dreamed up a program that does stay in budget, don’t expand, and always screw the taxpayers. It is the liberal progressive democrat way.The rights democrats think are rights, and come up with, aren’t rights. If these pee brained victomology wimps, could take care of problems themselves and their children if, they would get off their dead asses, get a job, quit restricting all facets of our country’s businesses and give rights to crooks, thugs, terrorists, like Omoron’s close crimminal marxist but buddies. The smucks that voted for the socialist, liberals, democrats continual social programs for complete control over everything including you. Democrats all love the EU style and the eleit do nothings.

  • Raggs

    I have heard about the FEMA / concentration camps..
    In prespective of a biblical view I can see whereas a mandated identification system ( micro chip ) or whatever the next skimp may be will lead to a refusal.

    • Save America Susie

      I agree with you Raggs, I am against mandated I.D. systems as well. That could get so out of control. It is the opposite of freedom.

  • kate8

    Raggs, I’m with you. And it’s bigger than any of us know.

    No one even talks about the things that are being done to us to make us sick, shorten our lives. They want to reduce the world population by 6billion people, and they’re getting impatient. I know I’m going be ridiculed by AL and friends, but they’ll wake up someday, too, when it hits them personally.

    Our leaders WANT high crime, poverty, hunger, disease, war. They are constantly looking for ways to speed this up. They want to keep us stressed and struggling, too weak and too busy trying to survive to fight them. They keep the nonsense coming at an ever increasing rate. All we can do is prepare the best we can, especially spiritually, and then deal with things as they come. We know that things are terribly wrong, and they want to keep us from coming together, from gaining strength in numbers. They’ll use every tactic they can to ridicule, marginalize and even set us up in some false flag event.

    We’re on to them in increasing numbers. We have to keep the faith.

    • JeffH

      I’m with ya all the way!

    • TIME

      Kate, Well said.

  • Raggs

    This is totally stupid for the government to even consider a mandated control via immigration reform, health care or whatever the next ballon will be.. Well lets call it a stupid factor…too many americans are braindead and have no trace of stimulia in thier head. So government intervention is required causing a massive influx of zombie control. The democratic order of things… Some call it welfare….

  • Raggs

    Funny thing……..

    I actually work for a living unlike some complainers here.
    The company I work for makes money from my imput…
    I make a living from my imput….
    The government would not exist without my imput…
    The company I work for deserves my imput…
    The latter is in somuch non-deserving as they function as a tyrannt taking without any imput…

    • Jeep

      Oh, but Raggs the govt does have input. They input your money every day! :)

  • Charley41

    You are so right and so many don’t get it.


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