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Poll: Paul Surges In Iowa

December 20, 2011 by  

Poll: Paul Surges In Iowa

A Republican primary poll released on Sunday by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that Newt Gingrich’s campaign is falling apart in Iowa as Ron Paul surges ahead.

Paul leads with 23 percent favor among Iowan voters followed by Mitt Romney at 20 percent; Gingrich at 14 percent; Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry all at 10 percent; Jon Huntsman at 4 percent and Gary Johnson at 2 percent.

Paul continues to pick up support from voters who are not commonly major factions in the GOP. Among voters younger than 45 years old, 33 percent favor Paul. And 22 percent of people who say they have been Democratic or independent voters in the past favor Paul.

The question of why Gingrich has slipped recently in comparison to Paul may be answered by the PPP query: “Do you think Newt Gingrich has strong principles?” Only 36 percent say that he does. When asked the same question about Paul, 73 percent of those polled said they believe he is principled.

It appears that Romney, for the moment, is Paul’s strongest contender in the Iowa race. Much of the former Massachusetts Governor’s support comes from older voters and those who identify as traditional Republicans. Romney is winning the electability primary, as 25 percent of voters think he would have the best chance to defeat Barack Obama compared to 17 percent  for Gingrich and 16 percent for Paul.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Bobby

    The MSM (which liberty digest is not – good thing) is BLACKING OUT Ron Paul’s surge.

    Ron Paul stands for the Constitution, Freedom, Sound Money, Peace and Prosperity – and he is attacked for those beliefs! What does that say about his attackers???

    Attackers: Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Levin, and the rest of FAUX NEWS and MSM presstitutes. Stop believing their lies, wake up and help save America.

    • Truthseeker

      I agree that Ron Paul makes more sense than do any of the other candidates. Ron Paul has the best solutions for the problems that ail America. If you want to be free from the government agencies and the tax and control legislations they force upon us, then vote for Ron Paul.

      • Loyalsoxfan

        Dear Mr. Truth, I just sent Ron Paul an envelope full of cash…cause I do not want the ****** government following the expenditures on my bank card….LOL…Ron is a great guy, and looks the BEST, however, I (fear) the PTB (powers that be) will NEVER allow him to be Top Dog, simply because he is NOT corrupt..and “they” cannot figure how to “control” him….** Remember what (they) did to Kennedy, when he tried to (end) the Vietnam War, AND put this country on a silver-backed currency system ?? (speaking of which, wonder how the weather in Kennebunkport, Maine is tonight ??)……..( we want our 6+ Trillion back, mr 41st pres) …anyways, Clif High of Half Past Human’s (computer-sucking program) predicts the following for us in the next election…..”we will elect a (good guy) type person, who, unfortunately, will turn out to be (as bad) as the ones in the past ” ( This does NOT sound like Ron Paul, cause he is beyond reproach, sqeaky clean ) Just keep your head high, folks, and stay safe, no matter what…..we are on a direct timeline for the LORD to come back, anytime, any second…..My pastor has stopped watching …..he is NOW at the point where he is LISTENING….we are close to the 2nd coming….fill your lamp with oil, and everyone stay safe, and try to have a decent Christmas…..and blessings to all….

        • RockyRoad

          Dr. Ron Paul 2012!

          For me, he is the only option. If he does not get the republican endorsement I hope he runs independent.

          After John McCain screwed America over with the NDAA bill I no longer trust republicans either. Just my two cents.

        • Truthseeker

          @ Loyalsoxfan, Thank you for the encouragement. I too am waiting on the return of the Lord. I also believe we have a good chance to gain back our freedom. I base this optimistic view on the fact that there are more of us than there are of them ( the NWO elite fools and pawns ) and that is what they fear the most. When enough of us wise up to their intentions we can take back what was once ours. The believers win either way.

    • fedup

      What does that say about the people in this country?! Ron Pauls honesty and common sense make him “unelectable”? People have had to vote for criminals so long that they think you HAVE to be a sleazebag to become a president or a congressman or senator. It just goes to show how the government can twist peoples minds. You do one thing one way long enough that when get a chance to really make a GOOD change, you can’t see it. RON PAUL 2012 OR BUST!!!

      • Flame

        Well put, Fedup. Much of this is the result of deliberate dumbing down in our schools for the past 40-50 years. (Search for and read a free online book called “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.” Much of it is technical, but skip to the end where it talks about keeping entertainment at 6th-grade level, don’t teach real math, real history or real economics, etc. as a way to control people.)

        People are scared of Dr. Paul (as my Rep. mother was “scared” in 1964 of Goldwater) because they do not know the Constitution, so they don’t realize where Dr. Paul is coming from. My parents’ generation was so devastated by the Depression they felt they had to look to government as the savior–it wasn’t. I tried to tell her so, but she couldn’t believe “they” would ever let bad things happen. I lost her in 1976, and if she came back tomorrow, she’d never believe the state things are today.

        I have a personal tradition that I adopted from a beautiful lady who passed on last year: Every July 4, I read the Declaration of Independence. I expanded this to read the Constitution every September when we celebrate Constitution Day. (The latter’s a lot for just one sitting.) As well as I know these two docs, I learn something new every reading. More people should try it before they decide for whom they’ll vote.

    • Bev

      No one should take any media as the gospel. All media is business that needs news that is interesting to the people. These talking heads (as I like to call them) espouse their own opinions and it doesn’t matter what channel or network they are on. I think you should educate yourself on the spin by doing your own research.

      • Flame

        You are correct, Bev, that the media cannot be trusted. It’s more though than the adage “if it bleeds, it leads.” See my response above to Fedup–read the book. The LameStream Media (as I like to call them) are no longer independent journalists and researchers; they are paid lackeys for the giant corporations that own the publications or broadcast stations. If the talking heads tell the truth, they lose their jobs.

  • eddie47d

    Win lose or draw Ron Paul will come out a winner.

    • APN

      …and your point is???

  • http://personalLiberty uptodate

    And watch our foreign policy go down the drain. I thought Iowans had more brains than that.

    • Lost in Paradise

      What the hell are you missing or do you not understand??? We have no foreign policy. We are the TOP COP, and our job is to ram democracy and all our values down the throats of others that totally cannot understand our way of life.

      A good for instance is in the middle east. It takes brutal rulers, such as Sadam, to keep things somewhat orderly. Now that he and other dictaters are gone it is and will be CAOS CENTRAL.. That is until they manage to install Shariah in most of those countries involved.

      Are you really dumb enough to think Paul would allow any aggresion against the United States?? Do you think he is so dumb that he does not realize what is going on in the world? Do you think we are able to win a war when we are broke??? We have not really won anything since WWII. He does however believe in a very strong Military for us and being prepared. He will try to calm the situation down with some of these countries, and if not, he will not let them mess with us.

      Do us all a favor and vote Ron Paul. The most important thing to all of us at the moment is the economy, and Paul has some very good ideas that will help immediatly.More and more countries are learning to hate us, because of Washington’s policies. I know, because I am currently living out of the country, and ashamed to admit I’m and American. I want Paul to have a chance at it, as I think he can make it happen.

      DO you want more of the same garbage? That is what we will get with the others, except maybe Bachmann. Do you want another 4 years of Obama? Then help spread the word about Ron Paul, and go to his site and learn more about what he is about and will do. If you do not understand something contact him and you will get an answer. Not the kind of political garbage I have been recieving from the Dems, and some Repubs.

      • meredith doerge

        he won’t beat Obama though…then we end up with 4 more destroying years with him…disaster!!!!!!

        • http://goofgle rose

          How do you figure he can;t beat Obama. You have to think for yourself and quit believing the propaganda you keep hearing that he can;t beat him. Vote for him and see. Vote for Ron Paul. Newt will just hand the presidency to Obama like McCain did. McCain didn’t even try during the debates against Obama and I could see it, it was quite disheartening. If given a chance to debate Obama, Ron Paul will tear him up. And that is what the media is afraid of.

          • Curtis Bostic

            very well said “lost in paradise”.Its great to hear more people with common sense like yours!The people that don’t understand Ron Paul’s message shouldn’t vote at all!

        • PATRIOT 101

          The people that are telling you that Ron Paul “can’t beat Obama” are mainstream REPUBLICANS! They are in favor of a REPUBLICAN dictator instead of a Democrat dictator. Take some initiative and learn the issues, the candidates’ positions on those issues and then look at their records to see if they are lying!
          The economy or the dollar are going to collapse short term, one or the other, as PRINTING MONEY is the only way to keep the (stock)market going. The more money printed the more severe the dollar collapse will be when it occurs. It is inevitable and will happen, it is just when that is the question.
          Learn the evils of the MONEY PRINTERS (FED) and learn the proper solutions to all the problems facing America today. Then it will be clear that RON PAUL is the candidate to take on Obama, as the others just change the brand (Republican/Democrat) of dictator we will have.
          Freedom is really what this primary election is about. If we get to Nov. 2012 and have a mainstream Republican insider as a candidate, WE ALL LOSE NO MATTER WHICH ONE WINS!

          • JC in CA

            I will add to Patriot with a suggestion to read his book ‘End the Fed’ from a few years ago. Dr. Paul has been POUNDING the warning drum for decades that the fed is a despotic tool of our corrupt government. He makes several inrefutable cases against central banks and our fed at the end of his book.

            Dr. Paul has the strongest convictions of any of the candidates and he will do what he says. He is raising money, he is getting his positions and solutions out there at the same time while making his case against the other nominees.

            Learn for yourselves.

            Regulated and Vigilant
            JC in CA

          • ChristyK

            Ron Paul can bring together the largest coalition of voters of anyone, including Obama. If we can get Ron Paul elected as the Republican candidate, he is a shoo-in. Do you really think any republicans will vote for Obama instead of Ron Paul? Haven’t you heard all of the “Anybody but Obama” crowd? He also has the support of the anti-war crowd, the liberty crowd, the OWS. Many young people (who voted for Obama in 2008) like Ron Paul. Based on what I’ve heard and seen, it could be a blow out.

            To see some left-leaning people that also support Ron Paul do an internet search for Ron Paul on the Daily Show or on The View. You’ll be amazed at the support & cheers from the hosts and the audience. The truly amazing thing is that the Republicans (who claim to be for small government & the constitution) are the ones really bashing Ron Paul.

            Ron Paul must win the Republican primary, then he’s got smooth sailing.

      • http://yahoo don

        most of the “chosen” candidates like obubummer does is tell you what you want to hear. its been going on forever in this country. ron paul seems a little more serious. if president he’d have to get past congress that have all of our bought off reps.

        • John Woodbury

          As much as hate to admit it we Ron Paul. This nation will collapse if something is not done. Ending all money to other governments and the UN would put some money back into the system. Getting rid of the quasi-central bank (The Federal Reserve) will also help. These are the things Dr.Paul has been talking about for 30+ years.

      • http://goofgle rose


      • kathleen

        Sharia law not sharia law its not our business what the middle east decides. I know egypt wants secular government, not sharia law. We have been hyped by the media that they are a danger, a bunch of crazy people. I have been to the middle east, they are not at all like they portray. Are there nut cases sure, and we have our crazies too. So relax, the enemies are not across the ocean 10,000 miles away, they are right down the road, in Washington D. C.

      • bobby

        Well said Lost in Paradise, If its not Ron Paul 2012, We might as well keep Obama.It would be very little change with either of the others

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      upyourass is a socialist/communist Ron Paul will bring back the Constitution, what do you think Obamanation has done to our Foreign Policy you idiot. Ron Paul won’t kiss oue enemies ass like Obamanation has done nor will he put socialist/communists in office. His only downer is his belief that Muslims are OK that they just want us out of their Countries but what about what they said about ruling the world and making everyone muslim or die. Send them all back to their Coun try theirnCult Religion and Sharia Law does not belong here. Let’s not be like England and France

    • kathleen

      our foriegn policy is the reason we are being attacked. If you cant see that i feel sorry for you.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Our “foreign policy” is basically unchanged under Obama from Bush! Except Obama is more af an asskisser than Bush was. Our foreign policy is still pro-war and won’t change under any of the mainstream Republicans running. It is also pro-big government! Just big Republican government instead of big Democrat Government.
      Ron Paul will cut $1 trillion first year and balance the budget in 3 years. No other candidate comes close in a debt reduction plan. The debt is crushing us all, as the govt. sucks up all the money to pay interest on the debt and fund every “feel good” program on earth! It has to stop! Ron Paul ’12!

      • FreeMan

        Here! Here! If ew do not regain our self sufficiency and independence, we will not matter. Our America as I have known and believed in for 70 plus years will be gone. Ron Paul, or we are history.

    • APN

      Lost in paradise said: “I know, because I am currently living out of the country, and ashamed to admit I’m and American.”

      Given your “feelings” about OUR GREAT country, I would suggest that you stay “Out of country” and request a change of citizenship. Remember, you are “Lost in Paradise”, so why change?

      Works for me!

      • Vigilant

        Excellent post, APN.

        For 26 out of the 38 years I served my country, I was living outside of the USA. I never said or felt that I was ashamed to be an American, and I always felt a wonderful sense of homecoming every time I returned to my own country. My ancestors came here in 1754, fought in the Revolution and every war since. I will NEVER be ashamed of the dream and promise of America.

        LostinParadise should read Edward Everett Hale’s “Man without a Country.” Saying you are ashamed is the same as turning your back on your country. One does not leave another he/she truly loves just because the loved one has problems. You work with that loved one and, with God’s grace, you overcome the problems.

        • APN

          Well said Vigilant and I love this country equally as much. My family has a long history of service to this GREAT nation. Even when I consider ALL the issues that we have in this country, we are still a beacon of hope for the world.

          MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and remind us that our FREEDOMS flow from HIM and not from men.

    • Patriot Diva

      Uptodate, please go to http://www.ronpaul2012 and read what Dr. Paul himself has to say. Don’t rely on the media, not even conservative media to tell you the truth. You may still disagree with Dr. Paul, but at least it will come from him, and not someone out to distort his message for their own selfish reasons. I too thought that some of his statements were a little wacky, but then I decided to go to his website, and found that when he explained his positions himself, I understood them better.

      • Flame

        Right on, Diva! This is exactly what every person should do before marking a ballot!

    • Lori

      Ron Paul would insure we don’t enter WWIII. The other candidates have been connected to the Globalist who favor war so their can profit from weaponry and oil.

      • APN


        Just how specifically will he do that given his take on foreign policy? When Iran gets a NUKE and then uses it on us then what will he do?

        Certainly you don’t think that if we elect RP as President that Iran and all the other Islamic fools on this planet, that HATE we infidels and want us DEAD, will just magically leave us be, do you? If you do think that, then maybe you should try to get a better grasp on the nature of our enemies intent.

        Just curious how RP will prevent us from being attacked and drawn into war. Especially given the fact that he opposes having any kind of military presence around the world not to mention the Patriot act.

        Given his anti-war and anti-patriot act doctrine, how long will it be before the remainder of the world falls into the hands of these Islamic radicals and when will we fall? How will he go about identifying those Islamic sleeper cells we ALREADY have in this country? My idea of effective National Security is proactive not reactive like RP’s. I don’t need to see a 1,000,000 Americans killed in a Nuclear attack to understand just how REAL this threat is.

        Bottom line, we will be REQUIRED to deal with Iran sooner or later, it is inevitable and the future will prove that fact. When you have a complete insane FOOL in charge of Nuclear arms, then that is a BIG problem. We can face it now or face the consequences later.

        You better re-think this one.

        • ChristyK

          Are you really defending the unconstitutional Patriot Act? Truth in advertising laws require it to be called the “nullify the 4th amendment Act”. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probablye cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

          The unPatriot Act authorizes “National Security Letters” which are self written search warrants. Anyone served a NSL cannot tell anyone, including spouse, priest, or a court of law, that they were served or they can be sent to jail. These NSLs have been used to go after peoples bank & CC transaction, track them via their cellphones, etc. You have no idea the government is going after you and no way to defend yourself.

          In an attempt to make ourselves safe from some terrorist in a cave halfway around the world, we have made ourselves unsafe from our own government. “Those who would trade liberty for a little security, deserve neither liberty nor security” –Benjamin Franklin.

          • APN

            Yep, I am very well versed on what ole Ben said. Ben, however, had no idea what the 21st century would present to our FREEDOMS, nor would he have any CONCEPT of a Thermo-nuclear warhead in the hands of an AMERICAN hating, GOD hating ISLAMIC INSANE FOOL. Heck, he wouldn’t have any concept of WWII much less the modern day world!

            How dare Ron Paul suggest that WE AMERICANS brought this on ourselves. INSANITY!!!!!

            Give me one example of an American citizen that has undergone the adverse affects, as your describe them, in the PATRIOT ACT. We are in fact, AT WAR, and WAR, my friend, requires extreme measures. I would love to dress all you constitutional “patriots” up in uniform with an 80lb ruck sack and boot your butts off the back of a C130 gunship in the middle of a firefight and see how well you would be WILLING to FIGHT for YOUR “Freedoms”.

            In fact, I would love to see how well all of you handle Sharia Law! How easy it is to spout off these claims when the vast majority of you have NO IDEA at the price our brave MEN have paid to “secure” YOUR FREEDOMS. Pathetic!

            Get your head out of your pampered “American Made” progressive daycare mentality and start understanding the REALITY of the WORLD.

            This is not 1776 when you had to face a MAN, eye to eye, before you shot and Killed him!!!

            You get these bunch of Islamic Sharia Law Curs out of our Nation then we can talk about undoing the “Un-American Patriot Act”.

            Get REAL!!!!

        • newspooner

          The larger governments are, the more chance there is for war. The best way to prevent war is to have smaller government. Ron Paul is truly anti-war because he promotes smaller government. The Establishment politicians must be pro-war because they promote larger government. But remember, one can be anti-war while still being strong on defense. Again, Ron Paul is the best example of this.

        • Mike

          Ron Paul believes in a strong DEFENSE, not a strong OFFENSE! He does not want us involved in the affairs of other countries that do not affect this great nation, but, if needed, he will go to congress for a declaration of war and then defend the US as much as is needed, having a clear goal to define victory. This does not mean we would go into a foreign country and become occupiers as the current foreign policy does, much to our detriment!
          Don’t believe what the media or even the Republican Party tell you about Dr. Paul, he is a real threat to them and their cronies! If he wasn’t a threat, they would not care what he says. I used to believe Rush and the other so called conservative talk radio bunch, but my eyes have been opened, they are just puppets for those in control!
          Mike S.

        • RogerW

          Yeah, you’re right…we should invade and bomb every country that looks at us cross-eyed. Great policy!
          After we “deal” with Iran, we’ll need to go after N. Korea and China and maybe Russia while we’re at it.
          It’s real Patriotism to watch our young men and women come home in body bags, isn’t it. Not to mention we have no money to fund any more military actions. When our economy completely collapses is when we will really be vulnerable.
          Quit taking the stupid pills being handed out by some of our pro-military “leaders”!

  • Lost in Paradise

    I sure hope you are correct Eddie47d. Paul really should appeal to a broader base of voters, because of his stance on the economy,our being a police station for the world,Big government,and taxes. He will, however, be tough on those that threaten our way of life, and the constitution.

  • Greg

    I like Ron Paul. He has the wisdom to fix the country and keep us a supper power. The others that are running are way to young. He will stop the spending and over taxing too… My vote goes to Ron Paul.

    • MRMO

      GO PAUL 2012

  • Dave

    there is one PERSON running that can save whats left of the constitution . go RON PAUL

  • fiscalsoundbiteme

    POLL THIS!!! I cannot believe ANYONE with at least ONE BRAIN CELL in activation, would listen to these Bullcrappy Polls! Gimme a break! Just remember to vote for ANYONE that is not in the Dummycrat machine or the Rhino’s Rump! SICK AND TIRED OF THIS BULLY STICK CRAP

    • Lost in Paradise

      I think we all are, and that is why we all need to spread the word about Ron Paul. We need him as president badly. I realize he is not going to be able to do all he wants, but if the citizens back him up, that will help tremendously. If we can turn this crap around, we then need to stay awake, and interested in government. If we can elect more repubs to the senate and congress, it will make it easier for Paul, especially if we keep their feet to the fire.

  • Sam

    Really? “uptodate” They are spending billions to countries that hate us. Then spend more on the ones that tolerate us. Posing for the camera eyes of the world telling lies and being lied to. All for the illution of getting a good deal.
    By cutting off the aid to those countries we can save trillions and then they can feel better about hating us. what are we really going to lose, and look at the money WE save to fix our own country.
    Really do Chinese prostitutes have to learn how to drink responsably on our dime.

    • Lost in Paradise

      I agree with some exceptions. WE do have friends out there, and most do not get aid from us. If our friends need a helping hand then we should do what we can, but not like this bull of giving money to our known enemies, and forcing others against their will. WE really do need friends in case a war would break out. I also think we need to be done with the U.N. and maybe NATO also. I think both have morfed into something other than was originally intended. Please vote Ron Paul.

      • Rhondar

        so…we should BORROW money to give to our friends?

        Do you do that? I don’t. If I don’t have the money to give them they can borrow their own money.

      • PATRIOT 101

        How many “friends” have you successfully bought? It is the same with countries. Frienship to the higest bidder? Let’s let our friends pick us! Let’s set an example of independence and freedom, not meddling and bribery! Then we will have true friends and allies.

  • Steve

    Ron Paul is as far to the right as Obama is to the left. He is spending millions on negative adds. Dems love him because he is the best chance of getting their guy another term. He absolutely does not have the pulse of the majority of the conservative party. He will go away after the first two primaries, believe me. If we want to get Obama out, we need to focus all our energy on the guy that gets the nomination and back him 100%. It will not be Ron Paul! Good guy and hard worker but he can’t run this country.

    • Lost in Paradise

      With foolish people like you out there voting, maybe not. He is quite capable of running this country, and if people would vote for him in the primaries, then he would win. IF the voting is not tampered with, and the people vote for someone with proven integrity, then he will be able to beat Obama.

    • Truthseeker

      @Steve, All the candidates are spending millions on advertisements. People love Ron Paul because he tells the truth. He is winning democrat and independant votes because of his principles and what he stands for. After reading and studying Ron Pauls positions and voting records, I now believe Ron Paul to be the most Constitutional Conservative candidate we have to choose from. I believe in the declaration of independance and the truths of the Original Constitution and the freedoms it enshrines for Americans. It seems Ron Paul votes in favor of the Constituion and Bill of Rights on ALL of his decisions. I dissagree with your predictions that he will go away after the first two primaries. I hope more people will focus their energy on helping Ron Paul get the nomination and back him 100%. Hopefully, it will be Ron Paul. He appears to be a great guy and a hard worker. He can easily lead this nation back to liberty and freedom again.

      • Vigilant

        Truthseeker writes, “He can easily lead this nation back to liberty and freedom again.”

        I beg to differ. No single president, no matter how dedicated to the Constitutional principles (as is Dr. Paul) can EASILY lead this country anywhere without the cooperation of the other two branches of government.

        Obama’s and Holder’s total disregard for the Constitution could have been stopped dead if the Congress and SCOTUS had stepped up to their responsibilities. If the Tea Party wave that began in 2010 would gain steam in 2012 and succeeding elections, we might begin to see some changes for the better, but that’s unlikely to happen.

        I caution everyone to stop placing their Messianic hopes in one person. Unless and until officials at ALL levels of government (and in both parties) are held to Constitutional principles, you will see no change worth a damn. A Paul presidency without concurrent change in the Congressional mix would result in nonstop vetoes and gridlock previously unseen in this country.

        • Truthseeker

          @ Vigilent, You are correct and I humbly accept being corrected. It won’t be ” easy ” at all. It will take much more effort to correct the problems we are in now. I believe Ron Paul will turn us back in the right direction almost immediately after taking office. How long will it take to bring us back to Liberty, Justice, and Freedom? Depends on the individual decisions of millions of Americans.

        • APN

          Vigilant, VERY well put!! Point in case, our current Messiah, KING AMABO. How’s that working out for us?

          Most of the posts I read here are constitutionally driven with a total lack of understanding as to how the three separate branches of government really work.

          RP, as President, can do nothing other than wear out his VETO stamp that would eventually throw the nation/world into chaos. If he is true to his words, and I think he is, then invoking the EO for change would be against his own beliefs, therefore, all he has is VETO power. He sure as heck will never get HIS agenda through congress.

          Latest news, RP has surged in the POLLS!!!!! Well, given the status of those contenders that have held the #1 position in the polls, I can assure you that his numbers will change drastically as well. Just give him time to cook.

          Especially given the fact that the POLITICAL WAR MACHINE has basically ignored this individual thus far. That is about to change and we will soon get to hear about all HIS baggage.; i.e.; Earmarks, Pork Barrel spending, etc, etc, etc.

          The etc etc etc will be all the things that have ZERO substance or nothing to do with any REAL facts but it will STICK when the PWM puts enough money and power behind it. RP will be a victim of his own negative campaign tactics, TRUST ME, that is just how things work in life. i.e.; What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow.

          I lost all my respect for him when he went negative and it will prove to be the fatal mistake in his ambitions to become President. You can include MB in that category as well. People just do not want people of the same party to sling mud at each other. It’s damaging and it will result in a loss to BO in November.

          I think the last debate pretty much summed up is inability to understand the WORLD in general, our enemies and all the other pertinent issues involved in modern day foreign policy. Naive would be the understatement of the century.

          I have considered this individual for a long while and the last debate is proof positive in my mind that he is not electable. He rambles on like a mad man never making a real point of anything. This negative factor has nothing to do with his honesty, principles or anything else but has everything to do with his inability to effectively communicate the issues at hand.

          Bottom line, he will never draw the country together through a majority consensus therefore he cannot WIN or GOVERN if he did. For all those who “Think” that a constitutional government, as outlined by our forefathers can be re-instituted by ONE man. Good luck with that one!

          In fact, unless the TP movement continues to grow, not a chance in xell it will ever happen, just wishful thinking. I frankly do not see any ONE man changing the course of this “Progressive Socialist Nightmare” through the office of the Presidency, congress or the current Supreme Court. It will require WE THE PEOPLE starting at the grass roots level in our LOCAL governments, not Washington. Once enough local governments are changed, then and only then will you see positive change at the state and federal levels of government.

          Our entire form of government has been flipped upside down by the “Progressives” and power has been consolidated in Washington, then the States and then MANDATES come down to our local communities. That is about 180 degrees out of phase with our founding principles and has to be changed.

          Bottom line, BO would slaughter RP in the general election and then have 4 more years to finish us off, completely. BYE BYE AMERICA! Welcome comrades to the Union of Socialist States of America. USSA.

          Just my opinion of things, as reality dictates.

    • Rhondar

      Ron Paul is the only one with enough sense and patriotism to run this country effectively. It sure isn’t going to be run any differently with Newt Romney the TARP supporters

    • Glen Xx

      @ Steve, do a little research.

      Ron Paul polls very well against Obama.

      Even Krauthamer, 8 months ago said in the Newspaper, the

      Person that will win the white house will be the most opposite

      of BHO. That is RON PAUL

      Ron Paul bring in lots of independents and Dems.The RINOs do not

      • APN

        Well sure he does! Who do you think the left wants to run against in November? It certainly isn’t Newt or Romney!

    • Boops

      There is NO ONE else that could possibly beat Obama.
      There also needs to be a health/physical condition rule for politicians.
      Newt looks dead already, what a fat, hideous slob of a Hog!
      How can he have any respect for anything when he has none for himself.
      He is one of those that have caused our countries health problems right now.
      Eat like a ignorant fool and cause most of the pollution in the world and cause the health crisis we face now.
      Please wake up and use your brain not your emotions to think.
      If you don’t vote for RP it will be BO again. And I am NOT a republican, so that shows that Dems and Independents will also vote for RP and they will not vote for any other Republican.

      • APN

        ….and I think your brain just had a “Boop”.

        You said what??? “He is one of those that have caused our countries health problems right now.”

        Are your referring to OUR country or many countries??? I’m confused.

        You ever thought about having your brain checked out? How the heck can Newt create our Country’s health problems??? Are you a “Progressive”???

        “Looks dead and a fat hog” What??? If that is the case, then what does RP look like to you? DEAD AND DRIED UP???

        And to think, you can vote!

        Beam me up!

      • Marilyn

        Boop, you are so far off base. It is not a person’s age or how they dress that makes a person. It is in the heart of that individual who reflects their morals/ethics. Obummer or any of the other candidates do not care about the American people. Get it through your head. RP will have to fight congress, but he most definitely will. It is our job to replace all the marxists in congress.

    • Tim


      • APN

        That is a big IF, Tim. Ain’t going to happen! Now that RP has moved up in the polls, it will be his time in the hot seat. The political war machine has given this guy a pass until now but that is going to change, quickly. Then and only then will you see the real numbers.

        RP made a big mistake going negative and it will come back on him in the very near future, HARD. Wait and see.

    • PATRIOT 101

      Democrats love Ron Paul because they see him as the alternative to a Pro-war president. Obama has been more pro war than Bush! Independents love Ron Paul because he has the best plan to get the debt under control. Establishment Democrats and Republicans don’t like Ron Paul because they know if RON PAUL is selected as the Republican Nominee, he will win the general election and the reign of Big Spending, Big Government is over!
      If you would look at the respected polls of Paul VS: Obama you would see that Ron Paul actually polls as well as and even better than a lot of the Republicans. Your analysis that Ron Paul is the most easily defeated candidate is just plain mistaken.

      • APN

        RP will be slaughtered by AMABO in November.

        No doubt in my educated mind.

    • Lori

      Ron Paul is the only candidate who is not owned by the Globalist!

      • APN

        …not yet!

    • TML

      “Ron Paul is as far to the right as Obama is to the left. … … Dems love him because he is the best chance of getting their guy another term.”

      Left and Right doesn’t matter anymore. Democrats and Republicans alike support him because he is balanced, principled, and does not contradict himself.

      “He absolutely does not have the pulse of the majority of the conservative party.”

      That depends on if you are talking about Religious Conservative or Constitutional Conservative.

      “If we want to get Obama out, we need to focus all our energy on the guy that gets the nomination and back him 100%. It will not be Ron Paul!”

      So does that mean if Ron Paul DOES win the nomination… you will back him 100% or would you vote for Obama?

      I’m not interested in voting for someone “that can beat Obama”, I’m interested in voting for the best nominee for President of the United States.

      • APN

        To be very frank with you, given the last debate, If RP is our nominee, I would vote for Obama without a doubt and I am a life long registered republican. I would at least possibly have a GOP controlled congress to balance Obama.

        At least I know Amabo will defend our Nation, when called to do so. He has even proven that he is capable of being PROACTIVE not REACTIVE like RP, which would only result in MILLIONS of we Americans killed.

        Bottom line, I know what to expect out of Obama but RP????? Your guess is as good as mine! Chaos!

        • TML

          “At least I know Amabo will defend our Nation, when called to do so.”

          So would Ron Paul… only he would go to Congress to get a Declaration of War, endorsed by the American people, instead of acting like a dictator and thrusting the country into war against the will of the people.

          “He has even proven that he is capable of being PROACTIVE not REACTIVE like RP, which would only result in MILLIONS of we Americans killed.”

          That is called PREEMPTIVE not “proactive”, and it is immoral … attacking someone based on your fear that they will attack you. America should not go in search of monsters to destroy. You sound like a Fascist, not a Republican.

          “Bottom line, I know what to expect out of Obama but RP????? Your guess is as good as mine!”

          Having the most solid voting record of any politician we’ve ever seen, we know exactly what to expect from Ron Paul. He would actually follow and defend the Constitution of this country, rather than shredding it like Obama.

          I fear for my country most when I hear fools like you.

          • RogerW

            TML….Right on!! I have no fear of being perceived as a “weak” country under Ron Paul’s leadership.
            I can’t believe we have so many nut cases in this country that think we should be at war constantly. We’ll end up with the rest of the world hating us and our economy in ruins. Not to mention many of our best and brightest young people dead for no good reason.

        • APN

          TML said: That is called PREEMPTIVE not “proactive”, and it is immoral … attacking someone based on your fear that they will attack you. America should not go in search of monsters to destroy. You sound like a Fascist, not a Republican.

          A PREEMPTIVE strike is a result of a PROACTIVE DEFENSE PROTOCOL so obviously you have no idea of what you speak. We aren’t living in 1776 anymore so the game is no longer muskets and black powder cannons at point blank range. RP is obviously living in 1776 but we aren’t!!!

          Did the President of Iran say he would destroy American and Israel or not?? Has he let the WORLD know that he is in fact building a Nuclear Warhead and WILL USE IT!!!! This is the the head of state that has threatened both us and Israel numerous times on the floor on the UN!
          Maybe you should attempt to understand the issues before you spew YOUR FASCIST hatred around. In fact, I think the fascist here is the aforesaid tyrant in Iran. Take him lightly at your own peril!

          Preach to some other DUMMY that would vote for RP, not me. The man is naive when it comes to our defenses and is dangerous.

    • Curtis Bostic

      Steve no offense but just stay out of political issues!Ron Paul is the most capable of the lot and has the same message for over 30 years that is even more crucial today.He is all common sense so maybe he don’t relate to people that have lost theirs!

      • APN

        Yep, and I hear that common sense will get you a cup of coffee and a donut in Washington.

  • danN

    The president is not an island…neither is Ron Paul. My hope is for Dr. Paul to win the nomination…but unless we fix congress and the senate, i am afraid we will have nothing more than partisan politics…the more things change, the more things stay the same.

    • Rhondar

      So what’s to stop us from voting the incumbents out next election…..that will FIX CONGRESS

      • danN


      • Tim


        • APN

          ….and just who will these security guards be and where do you find such people?

          • Flame

            @Tim and @ATM: In 2005, I agreed to be a poll worker at my county’s election (and did it for 4 more elections). I had been a poll watcher in 1964 when the ballots were the size of an unfolded newspaper and voters X’d with a rubber stamp. When polls closed, the precinct board opened the ballot box, counted the votes for each candidate, and conveyed the report to the County Registrar. NO hanky panky.

            In 2005, when I took my first training class, I made a comment about hand-counting, and the instructor looked at me with a sneer and made a caustic comment about collusion and stealing the vote with manual count.

            I served as precinct “inspector” (just head of the team–I didn’t inspect anything) for 5 elections. LA County needs to hire about 19,000 workers to man the polls, and getting help is hard. The likelihood that any poll worker could engineer collusion during one day and a manual count under those circumstances is a big fat zero!

            By contrast, get hold of a video (on DVD from called “Hacking Democracy.” It demonstrates how ONE hacker or party insider can get into the counting centers, hack the electronic counting machines, and flip a vote in seconds! The video shows it being done. I personally believe it was done on Diebold machines in So. Dakota in 2006 when they had a proposition on their ballot that would make judges more accountable. (Look up

            Counties have now spent millions on these untrustworthy machines so we can have election results before the 11 p.m. news, and they aren’t going to toss them out. But we could have a dual count–first a manual count in the precincts, followed by a computer count. Each count would keep the other one honest! Election day is long and exhausting, and a manual count would add an hour or two, but I’d be willing to go back and work the polls again and do that extra time if it could help insure HONEST results!

      • APN

        ….and where do you get all these RP clones to replace them with?

  • Patrick Corrigan

    How about Mr. Perry’s idea of a part time Congress. Cost less and they have only half the time to screw up our country. And we must get the union money and lobby money out of the game.

    • Prudy Mason

      History reads Congress met very little in the beginning and because of that, it became a requirement to meet twice a year. This limited government stayed out of the pockets of the citizenry and respected individual freedoms and liberties. They actually were public servants. The local governments, the counties, and States retained their reserved rights and liberties to protect the people from an intrusive federal government. In all reality, the federal government and all those agencies should have the least amount of power within this Republic. We were not founded as a Democracy for a reason!!! BIG difference.

      • APN

        Yep! Pretty simple stuff! That’s why this must be changed beginning with the family, community and local governments. Then and only then will we be on the right tract. RP is not the answer, we are!

    • Rhondar

      Perry is drawing early retirement yet still hasn’t paid his student loans….that’s right…..what a good little financial planner he is. He’s a SKUNK !!!

      More Reasons to Dislike Rick Perry,0,4293479.story

    • Flame

      That’s about the only intelligent idea Perry has floated. Perry should have stayed in the Demo party–to paraphrase a candidate in a debate with Dan Quayle, “I knew Ronald Reagan, and you Rick Perry, are no Ronald Reagan.”

      Another good idea comes from Rick Santorum—term limits for Supreme Court judges.

  • Steve

    People that believe in Paul will vote initially for Paul. When he fades away and he will, because those same people are a minority of the party, then I pray they are smart enough to back the winning candidate so Obama can be defeated. I have nothing against Paul, I just dont agree at all with his policies other than balance the budget and cut spending. The Dems want the undecided to believe he represents the Republican Party because it is in the Democrats best interest to do so, not the Republican best interest.

    • Rhondar

      Paul’s supporters will not vote for another RINO globalist

      Get prepared to lose if you don’t nominate Ron Paul. It will be a replay of 2008.

    • Pepper

      Steve, please run along now and be a good little “party member”. After all it doesn’t matter that the corruption is in “BOTH” parties, but it’s okay if those doing corrupt things are in your “party”. Ron Paul transcends party lines with much integrity and common sense. Vote Paul or continue with business as usual.

      • Curtis Bostic

        Pepper maybe Steve will go away!I think he’s just looking for attention by being contrary

      • APN


    • APN

      Steve, Well put and factual. Trust me when I say this, RP’s negative campaign tactics will be the fatal mistake in his ambitions to become President. i.e.; What goes around comes around and you reap what you sow. That is just how life works.

      Bottom line, He will soon get a taste of his own medicine and the Nation will get to hear all about HIS baggage. ; i.e. Ear marks, pork, etc etc etc.

      Most of the etc etc etc will be the same POLITICAL JUNK that has been thrown at Newt, Romney and Perry. When the political war machine finishes laying out the JUNK on RP, then let’s see how well he is doing in the poles then. Any bets???

      Again, he should have never gone negative against his fellow candidates and it will come back to haunt him BIG TIME. What he has done recently is DAMAGING to our efforts to unseat AMABO and everybody knows it. Some are even suggesting now that he will run as a third party candidate thus insuring BO a win in 2012.

      WAY TO GO BOY!!!! Appreciate it! Let’s see how much more POLITICAL JUNK you can spew at us fellow republicans!

  • bob wire

    This is just too funny to watch and listen to.

    You have been told for years Fox News offers serious spin in delivering their “take” on News and current events. The wizard has always been there behind the curtain a pulling on ropes, jerking levers and working up a sweat.

    And it’s only now that you see. It was only after years of it that the call was answered and gave rise to personalities like Keith Obermann that so many of us dislike so.

    Politico had a good write about the Iowa “carcass” serious concerns with RON PAUL rise in popularity this morning.

    It seems difficult for the political power structure in place to grasp that they are out of touch and out place and that it is “they” that is no longer relevant. It’s seems to be a hard pill to swallow for them.

    I’ve never understood this Iowa importance other then starting “Gate Position” and the weaker ponies need every advantage possible to make a good showing. But there is no purse reward for “place and show” other then footnotes in history. That must be enough to entice the weaker contenders? At this point, the investment is huge and tunnel vision has set in.

    • Rhondar

      Don’t the winners of the Iowa caucus USUALLY go on to be the nominee?

      There have been a few exceptions but that’s the general rule. Of course the MSM has been skewing that the last decade or so but I think it will be Paul if he wins in Iowa. It effects how the other states vote.

      • Vigilant

        “Don’t the winners of the Iowa caucus USUALLY go on to be the nominee?”

        Answer: the results are spotty. Primary states often buck the caucus results. Huckabee won the Iowa caucus last go around.

      • APN


        I can assure you that how Iowa votes will have ZERO affect on we citizens in SC. I can also assure you that RP will not win this state.

  • Alex Frazier

    Something I found rather amusing. Last week after the final debate, an article came out the following morning. Ron Paul was surging in Iowa. In response, the article, for all intents and purposes, dismissed the surge by calling Iowa stupid. They didn’t use those words, of course. But the gist of what they were saying was, “Ron Paul, believe it or not, is surging well ahead of his opponents in Iowa. So Iowa is stupid and shouldn’t be voting anymore. Time to make New Hampshire the first voter.” Again … not the exact words used, but that was the gist.

    I got a good laugh out of it. If Romney wins a poll, it’s to be expected. If Newt wins a poll, it was bound to happen. But if Paul wins a poll, it’s got to be a mistake, or a concerted effort by Paul supporters, or vote tampering, or just plain stupid voters.

  • Rhondar

    It only proves the MSM brainwashing is not working if Paul wins.

    • APN


      Fact is, it would have more to do with RP spending $10 million on negative attack ads against his “Fellow” republicans, nothing more and nothing less. Given that, it will be RP’s turn next. I do not think you will like the results. He does have baggage and that will be revealed for all to see.

      YOU NEVER, EVER throw mud at your fellow candidates and RP will end up being a victim of his own negativity. That is just how life works. You reap what you sow.

      Yep, you get a boost for a moment when pointing out other folks short comings but it is fleeting and will not last. What is the old saying?
      Why point out the speck in your brother’s eye when you have a PLANK in yours.

      RP and MB should have stuck with the issues so whoever convinced them to go negative, should be FIRED!

      The last thing we need in this stage of our country’s history is to have a mud slinging contest between our very talented candidates.

      The object is to defeat AMABO and then fine tune after that. Nothing else is important at this time given our current “State of the Nation”. Anything else is a pipe dream.

  • Bob Marshall

    I support Ron Paul. I don’t agree with everything he says but he is a patriot who has warned about so many events that has happened in the last twenty years. i do find it interesting who easily Americans will support a war or conflict knowing so few facts.The government know if they question most American citizens patriotism they have them.Too many acquire a few facts and act on that. Research seems to be a lost art.America is where it is today because of ignorance and denial.” If we are to be free and ignorant in a state of civilization,we are expecting what never was and never will be… if we are to guard against ignorance and remain fee, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be informed.” Thomas Jefferson. google CULTURAL MARXISM-THE CORRUPTION This film is 1:38 min. and is on youtube. Everyone needs to watch it while it is still available.You will see what Ron Paul has been saying for twenty years. Then read Way To Persia. I don’t believe this will be stopped unless God intervenes.

    • APN

      Bob, well put! I agree with you and RP cannot fix this country. If and only if we turn back to our CREATOR, then and only then will we see a restoration of our constitutional freedoms endowed by our CREATOR.

  • DavidL

    I’m pulling for Ron Paul. The only candidate in this Republican clown show who is not fact-challenged and not a hypocrite is Ron Paul. Try to find a video of him flip flopping?

    • bob wire

      “Try to find a video of him flip flopping?”

      I don’t believe such footage exist. Ron Paul has been a single constant in my memory.

      It seems that he is “willing” to hold true to his position and take the heat and lose votes rather then prostitute himself.

      • APN

        Yep, especially when it comes to HIM building in PORK in a bill and then voting against that bill, and then reaping the REWARDS for those who elected him through earmarks. WASHINGTON ACCOUNTABILITY!!!! The DEVIL made HIM do it!!! I bet it was all those republican NEO-CONS!!! Or maybe the RINOS!!!! Which of the two is he?

        HOW MANY YEARS HAS HE BEEN THERE NOW? 32, 34, 50, 100+ ???? So much for TERM limits!!!

  • Alex Frazier

    A friend and I were chatting a few weeks ago about something interesting that I find very relevant to Paul’s foreign policy.

    In the second Punic War, Hannibal took the Carthage forces to Italy and harrassed it’s cities and towns from the Alps to the tip of the peninsula with the ultimate goal of taking Rome itself.

    The Roman forces tried to meet him on the plains, and failed. They tried to starve him out, and failed.

    In the end, Carthage was defeated because all of its forces were in Italy. Rome just sailed to Carthage and besieged it. Hannibal was called back to defend it and finally lost to the Roman forces.

    In turn, the Romans occupied Gaul, Germania, Greece, Persia, and a number of other territories. It is worth noting that when the opportunity presented itself for these nations to join sides with the enemy of their enemy, they did. No nation or leader, from Vercingetorix in Gaul in the Gallic Wars, to Joan of Arc in France during the Hundred Years War, has ever willingly stood for the occupation of a foreign army on their own soil.

    People who snicker at Ron Paul’s foreign policy are as bad as liberals who snicker at cutting taxes on the wealthy. They think it’s bad policy because they just don’t understand. They are not educated in history, and the consequences and blowback of the many policies our government has chosen to follow. If all of our forces are scattered around the world, or concentrated in the middle east, our figurative Rome need only come to our shores? If we are occupying another nation, it will result in a united front, mutual hatred for us amongst our enemies, and open rebellion against us wherever we may be.

    On yet another note, it is worth mentioning that the downfall of virtually every major empire in the history of the world began with their bankruptcy, brought on by wars and occupations, excepting only Atilla, whose empire collapsed in a power struggle after his death.

    Folks, I myself have the same knee-jerk reaction to the implications that America is somehow at fault for things like 9/11, though that is not actually what Ron Paul is preaching, rather that our policies have provoked them and given them an excuse to attack us, right or wrong. I also have the same knee-jerk reaction to the idea of Iran becoming a nuclear power, though Paul is not saying they should be, but that they currently aren’t, and it’s hasty to start another war we can’t afford over unproven propaganda of nuclear weapons. One would think that we would have learned our lesson on believing the propaganda after the Iraq debacle where no such weapons were found.

    But his foreign policy, which is the biggest stumbling block for many, is dead on the money. It is wise, informed, and intelligent. Wars cost money we don’t have. Invasions and occupation endanger our citizens due to retaliation from those we invade and occupy. And our forces dispersed throughout the world leave us defenseless at home.

    If you can’t all see that then I don’t know what else to tell you. The wisest man ever recorded was Solomon. He didn’t start wars like his father did. He made all his enemies his allies, via marriage, treaty, and trade. Ron Paul wants to mimic that wisdom.

    It’s time for that 80′s song to take center stage. All I am sayin’ is give peace a chance.

    • bob wire

      Good read Alex.

    • Vigilant

      “On yet another note, it is worth mentioning that the downfall of virtually every major empire in the history of the world began with their bankruptcy, brought on by wars and occupations, excepting only Atilla, whose empire collapsed in a power struggle after his death.”

      And who was Alexander the Great? I’d say he had a pretty sizeable empire, and “whose empire collapsed in a power struggle after his death.”

      • Alex Frazier

        Put a warring Greece under Alexander’s brief military campaign for fifty years instead of thirteen and see how it fares. While the rules of war were slightly different back then and people were still allowed to plunder their conquered foes, there’s only so much plunder to go around when you have a standing army and no ability to print money. So that is not a valid example. In fact, historically there was already dissent in the ranks before Alexander died. His empire was on the verge of difficulties even after a mere thirteen years, and it would have only gotten worse. Especially when the booty ran out.

        • Vigilant

          Number 1: Your “explanation” does not contradict what I said. Adding qualifying statements doesn’t deny the truth of my assertion.

          Number 2: It’s pretty much what I expected from someone who, in the face of the source documents and facts, still believes the Civil War was caused by tariffs and not slavery.

          You’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own “facts.”

          • APN

            Personally I think the Civil War was ALL about the 10th Amendment.

          • Vigilant


            You’re entirely right. It’s a shame that their championing of the 10th Amendment was a cover for preserving what they called their “domestic institutions,” translated, “slavery.”

            The South never threatened secession over anything else but slavery. See the platform of the Democratic Party in 1856:

            “Resolved, That we reiterate with renewed energy of purpose the well considered declarations of former Conventions upon the sectional issue of Domestic slavery, and concerning the reserved rights of the States.

            1. That Congress has no power under the Constitution, to interfere with or control the domestic institutions of the several States, and that such States are the sole and proper judges of everything appertaining to their own affairs, not prohibited by the Constitution; that all efforts of the abolitionists, or others, made to induce Congress to interfere with questions of slavery, or to take incipient steps in relation thereto, are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences; and that all such efforts have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people and endanger the stability and permanency of the Union, and ought not to be countenanced by any friend of our political institutions.”

          • APN

            … no argument from me. You state just the facts and I like it!!!


          • Alex Frazier

            The Civil War started in April, 1861. Lincoln announced his intent to issue a formal emancipation of slaves in the Confederate States in September, 1862, a year and a half after the start of the Civil War. The Emancipation Proclamation itself was issued as an executive order in January, 1863, almost two full years after the start of the Civil War. No such act or intent had been issued or executed prior to the Civil War, and the platform of the Republican Party at the time of the 1860 presidential election was to limit the expansion of slavery to new territories, not to abolish it. The anti-slavery sentiment had existed as far back as 1787 and played a dominant role clear through the 1850s. So the cause of the Abolitionists, while a concern for the South, was hardly a new debate.

            Slavery, in terms of economic productivity for the South, was most certainly part of the issue that preceded the war. But you are mistaken if you choose to ascribe the Civil War wholly to that one issue. Northern tariffs had been a significant issue in the years preceding the war.

            Now, I don’t condescend to you. It would be greatly appreciated if you would stop condescending to me. More often than not you talk to me like I’m some idiot who read one paragraph on wikipedia or something. Offense intended, I’m a little more well read than that. I don’t expect deference. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of information, and I don’t fool myself into believing that I know everything. But some respect and acknowledgement for my actual study and research would be appreciated. Comments like, “It’s pretty much what I expected from someone who … [add insulting statement here]” are just unnecessary. Dont’ be such a c*nt.

          • Vigilant

            The revisionist argument takes this direction: it states the premise that the North did not go to war with the South as a direct result of slavery. It points to Lincoln’s assumed “indifference” to slavery, and therefore concludes that slavery was not the proximate cause of the war. So what did cause the war?

            The revisionists rely on a few half-truths and one outright lie to fabricate their web of deception. First half-truth: that it was those evil, greedy crony capitalists in the North who wanted to squeeze the South to death with exorbitant tariffs and taxes. Second half-truth: that Abolitionist sentiment was growing in the North. Third half-truth: that the North was attempting to deny the “reserved rights” of the states through abrogation of the 10th Amendment.

            And the BIG lie? That Abraham Lincoln was a tool of the mercantile interests who used the pretext of war to consolidate the centralization of power in the Federal government.

            Let’s take one at a time:

            On the premise that slavery was not the most important cause for the war, the revisionists are dead wrong. The unfinished Constitutional issue from 1787 was the failure to establish the slaves as “persons.” The crux of the violent (and sometimes bloody) arguments from the 1820s upward was over the extension of slavery into the territories that would some day apply for statehood.

            The South NEVER wavered from its contention that slaves were chattel, and that slaveholders had a perpetual and perfect right to move their “property” along with them to the new territories. If you don’t believe me, take a gander at the constitution of the CSA.

            The Lincoln-Douglas debates frequently addressed the volatile issue, as did the original Northwest Ordnance, Missouri Compromise, the Compromise of 1850. It was the number one source of contention between North and South. By 1861, there were 19 free states and 15 slave states. The South saw the handwriting on the wall and was not about to give up its claims.

            Lincoln was not indifferent to slavery. He considered it an evil institution. It is stipulated that he felt the whites to be superior to the Negro, as did most in the nation at that time, north and south. But that’s a far cry from saying he did not recognize the abominable institution for what it was, a failure of the nation to recognize the promise of the Declaration of Independence regarding the famous Creator-endowed rights expressed by Jefferson.

          • Vigilant

            First half-truth: that it was those evil, greedy crony capitalists in the North who wanted to squeeze the South to death with exorbitant tariffs and taxes.

            “King Cotton” was the greatest business move ever conceived in America. Everyone in the elites (Southern planters and Northern industrialists/bankers) was getting rich off the fruits of slave labor. There was certainly no burning desire on the part of the Northerners to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The Tariff of 1828 was designed to protect Northern business concerns from bankruptcy as a result of lower priced imports. There’s no doubt it hurt the Southern agrarian economy, but it lasted less than five years (and a growth of industry and an increase in GDP was the result).

            In 1833, “The tariff rates were reduced and stayed low to the satisfaction of the South, and the states’ rights doctrine of nullification had been rejected by the nation. By the 1850s the issues of the expansion of slavery into the western territories and the threat of the Slave Power became the central issues in the nation.” (Wikipedia).

            Second half-truth: that Abolitionist sentiment was growing in the North. Even Richard Shenkman, a debunker of American myths, has said “[Abolitionism] had little to do with the secession of the South or the coming of the Civil War. What sparked southern rage was the movement to limit slavery to the places where it already existed. Almost no one in a prominent position seriously considered abolishing it outright.”

            Third half-truth: that the North was attempting to deny the “reserved rights” of the states through abrogation of the 10th Amendment. In a purely Constitutional sense, the South would have been correct if the North were trying to outlaw slavery. But we’ve already established that no such Abolitionist sentiment held sway with any major political faction in the nation.

            I call it a half-truth for the following reason: As patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, so it was with the South. In their appeal to the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions (which, by the way, was not Constitutional law), and in wrapping themselves in the Constitution, they were painting lipstick on a pig.

            The “pig,” of course, was slavery. “King Cotton” could not survive without it. And for all their lauding of the 10th Amendment, they were regularly violating the Constitutional mandate to discontinue the importation of slaves. Thousands were smuggled in after 1808.

            The South had enjoyed, since 1789, the inordinate and immoral voting power of “representing” in Congress millions of slaves that had no power of choosing their representatives. The 3/5 compromise gave them a larger say in the running of the nation’s affairs than they were morally entitled to. Constitutionally legal? Of course. Morally reprehensible? For certain.

          • Vigilant

            And the BIG lie? That Abraham Lincoln was a tool of the mercantile interests who used the pretext of war to consolidate the centralization of power in the Federal government.

            Here’s where it’s amusing to see the revisionists argue against themselves without even realizing it. In their overriding desire to assassinate Lincoln’s character, they proudly point to his endorsement of the original 13th Amendment as evidence of his racism. The Congress had passed the Amendment for ratification (which never came), an amendment that would have legalized slavery in the states in perpetuity.

            Lincoln. In his first inaugural address, said “I understand a proposed amendment to the Constitution . . . has passed Congress, to the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service. I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.”

            Now does that sound to you like Lincoln was itching for war? Another amusing argument from the Lincoln-haters: that his famous letter to William Lloyd Garrison in which he says he would either outlaw slavery or keep it in existence if it would save the Union, is evidence of his pro-slavery sentiments.

            What is missing from the argument is the key to the whole character of Lincoln: that he took it upon himself to PRESERVE THE UNION at almost any cost. No matter what the feeling was about slavery in northern circles, the overriding cause celebre was to preserve the Union, and that’s what the war was all about from a Northern perspective.

            Garrison himself went through a number of changes of opinion about Lincoln. While he excoriated him about the famous letter (1861), he came to realize the compassion and sense of justice in Lincoln after an 1864 interview with him. Says Garrison, “”There is no mistake about it in regard to Mr. Lincoln’s desire to do all that he can see it right and possible to do to uproot slavery, and give fair play to the emancipated …I was much pleased with his spirit, and the familiar and candid way in which he unbosomed himself.”

            And in February, 1865 he writes to the President: ”God save you, and bless you abundantly. As an instrument in his hands, you have done a mighty work for the freedom of millions who have so long pined in bondage in our land – nay, for the freedom of all mankind.”

            Garrison’s enhanced understanding of Lincoln, in light of the 13th Amendment (passed by Congress in January 1865) is something you won’t hear about from the Lincoln-haters and Civil War revisionists.

          • APN

            Vigilant, pretty interesting post, my friend. It appears that some things I though were “facts”,well, just may not be.

            Time to re-do a little FACT checking.

            Greatly appreciated!

          • Vigilant

            APN, I much appreciate your reading of those long posts.

            I’ve learned much about Lincoln over the years, much of it surprising because it doesn’t conform with the “Lincoln Cult” view that he was close to a saint. On the other hand, the Lincoln-haters want us to take it to a new level, and they’ll use any journalistic trick to do it.

            Obviously, Lincoln was neither saint nor demon. He was a human being with many foibles, but while I can take the exposing of “good myths” about him, I cannot in good conscience stand by and see his character assassinated by a few pseudohistorians who want nothing left of his memory but “bad myths.”

            I know that South Carolina has some good reasons for being mad at the North; another myth of history is that Sherman did his worst in Georgia, but history shows, as you know, that S. Carolina took the punishment from Sherman much more than did Georgia. For Sherman it was symbolic: As SC was the first to secede, he wanted to make them an example. Not fair, perhaps, even in war, but his forays in the South helped to bring the war to a close (and helped re-elect Lincoln by a greater margin than his first electoral victory).

          • APN

            Vigilant, Yep, we had a standing army from the North in SC for 12 years after the end of the civil war, I think? That was after the fact that we had been BURNED to the GROUND, raped and pillaged. Most of the wealth that had been acquired through slavery in the South was TRANSFERRED to the North. I wonder if it was re-distributed to the SLAVES that suffered at the hands of their MASTERS? I think not!!!

            Bottom line, it took us about 100+ years for us to rebound from the civil war. We are doing VERY WELL now and fortunately this part of our HISTORY is in the PAST. Folks in SC now are united as a “Peoples” regardless of race or gender. We are very proud of our Governor and she represents the “New South”. Bottom line, we could care LESS about a person’s race or gender! We are looking for LEADERS that LOVE AMERICA and FREEDOM!

          • Alex Frazier

            Good quality information Vigilant.

            For the record, I’m not a revisionist. I read the history and formed my own conclusions. The issue of slavery as viewed from someone in the 21st century is one of morality. The same issue as viewed from the point of view of a plantation owner in 1860 is one of economics.

            Slaves were a tool in the South, as much as a tractor is today. They were legally owned property. Morality issues notwithstanding, a campaign to restrict slavery in territories newly added to the union was no different to the South then as it would be to add new territory today and tell the South that they couldn’t cultivate the land with tractors or other gas powered machinery they already owned.

            That’s the part of the Civil War issue that people don’t get. Many claim that they understand it. But if they really did, the argument would be universal that the Civil War was fought over economics rather than slavery. For the North, there was perhaps some sentiment for the morality issue of slavery. For the South, slaves were property, and the federal government was trying undermine their property rights. The union, according to the Federalist Papers, was to ensure mutual protection and a single system of government in order to simplify government and law. The union was ratified.

            And part of the constitution of that union was that citizens would be secure in their possessions, that they would be secure against unreasonable seizures, and that private property would not be taken without just compensation. The tenth amendment also protected the citizens’ authority. All states’ rights aside, the citizens had rights to authority.

            To reduce the Civil War to something so simple as the morality issue of slavery is naive. The South wasn’t fighting for their right to own other human beings. They were fighting against an encroaching federal government that sought to ultimately deny them of their legally owned and obtained property.

            And to put it into perspective, just divorce yourself from the idea that it is a human being. Imagine instead that the issue was ox labor, and it makes a lot more sense.

            This is not to say that blacks are no better than oxen, but to a plantation owner in the South in 1860, that’s precisely what his slave was. And the Republican party was pushing to restrict the use of ‘oxen’ in the newly developed territories, which the South new would ultimately lead to the extinction of the ‘oxen’ trade. They were trying to tell ‘oxen’ owners that if they brought their ‘oxen’ into states that did not permit ‘oxen’ ownership that the ‘oxen’ would have to be set free.

            Anyone would agree that if someone owned an ox, that ox is their property. Wherever they take the ox, the ox remains their property. If they want to put the ox to work at 5:00 a.m. and plough the field until 9:00 p.m., that’s their right and their business. If the ox gets sick and needs to be put down, the ox has no rights and can be put down at the discretion of the owner. Any offspring coming from that ox belong to the owner of the ox. You don’t house the ox with you and your family, but put it in a barn. If the ox gets loose, the owner has the right to fetch it. If someone tried to keep and hide the ox that got loose, that would be theft. If the ox were constantly acting up, the ox might get whipped.

            This may be brutish to us today to think that human beings were treated in such a manner, but that was the perception of the South. So make no mistake, the issue over slavery was an economic issue of property rights, rightly argued in that time period, and aside from the ‘human being’ aspect of the argument, the South was absolutely right. The federal government had no authority to do as they did. I would personally be pissed at the government if they tried to tell me that I couldn’t own my dog anymore. The argument is no different. Except that we’re dealing with human beings.

            However, slavery wasn’t a new trade. So again, while we see the practice as barbaric, it was normal to them. Slaves have existed from the beginning of written history.

            To be clear, I’m not an advocate for slavery. I think it’s a horrible institution, and I can’t imagine being someone’s property.

            But that’s what the war was about. The North was already crushing the South with tariffs to “protect” Northern industry. Then the North wanted to deprive them of their property, which would not only have cost them a fortune due to the property loss itself, but would have equally cost them a fortune in paid labor versus slave labor. It was a triple whammy. Tariffs, ‘equipment’ loss, and an increased cost of production. Add to that the North’s interference with the South’s trade with foreign nations, and you have a complete strangle hold on the South’s agricultural industry.

            THAT is what brought on the war. NOT the absurd notion that the South thought that negroes should stay slaves.

          • Vigilant

            Excellent post, Alex.

            I apologize for so quickly painting you as someone you are not, and I hope you will accept the apology. My wrong assumption was that you were part of the “DiLorenzo Crowd” of Lincoln-haters, which you obviously are not.

            Your “take” on the slavery question as a matter of economics is entirely correct. We (media, politicians, teachers and the man on the street) so often make the egregious error of overlaying our modern sense of ethics and morality on the actions of people who lived so many years before us.

            Many don’t realize, for example, that the famous Roger Taney SCOTUS decision regarding the Fugitive Slave Law (Dred Scott), while reprehensible from a modern viewpoint of morality, was an impeccably correct decision given the Constitution as it existed in those times. To have ruled differently would have been unconstitutional judicial activism, something we rightly excoriate today.

            It will forever remain a question whether the unfinished business of the 3/5 Compromise and the Constitutional treatment of slaves as property could have been resolved over time without a Civil War. Given the spirited passions of the time, and the South’s dependence upon “King Cotton” for a livelihood, I tend to doubt it.

            Government compensation to slaveholders for emancipating their charges was an option, but would that not, in itself, have violated the 10th Amendment by appropriating funds at a Federal level for apportioned payments to individuals? Moreover, the band aid of compensation would not have been effective in the long term as long as the Constitution remained unamended. Just some speculations on my part.

    • Flame

      Excellent history lesson, Alex Frazier! Made me wonder if either you or your friend attended Hillsdale College. Only yesterday I was listening to Hugh Hewitt interviewing Dr. Arne (sp?), president of Hillsdale, on history very similar to the facts you stated. It was a 3-hour interview, and I could only listen to part of it, but Hugh’s comments indicate that the interview is recorded somewhere because he claims to “do this every year at this time.”

      As Santayana stated, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.”

      • Vigilant

        Hllsdale is indeed a National Treasure. The liberals hate it because they take no Federal money, and therefore they are free to teach American History, etc., without the inevitable strings that Gov’t attaches to its largesse.

        Gov’t long ago created the co-dependancy with the states as a means of bypassing the Constitution. Pandering politicians at all levels fully understood the impact of the Fed’s de facto control of education, which should be purely a state and local matter.

        …and it came back to bite them. School districts are suffering big time because the Feds are running out of bucks, and local school budgets, bloated to the tune of 75-80% with union goodies, are forced into raising taxes to make ends meet.

    • APN

      Well Alex, hopefully that doesn’t mean my daughter has to marry a GOD hating, American hating, Infidel hating Muslim, does it?

      • Alex Frazier

        Not sure I take your meaning.

  • Mark Dabney

    Dr. Paul picks his battles – I have read sycophants rants from those that pay far more attention to what his detractors say about CLAIMING what Dr. Paul supposedly said rather than comparing what RP said to what slanderers attribute to him saying – and completely missing the deceitful agenda of those that twist what he says – WHY?

    The greatest hurdle is to get past the nomination process – Dr. Paul would have to convince the NeoCon base that he could actually beat Obama – he can – he is the absolute best shot at that – Newt is intelligent and articulate – but the masses are beginning to figure out how deceitful charm is – likewise the rest. RP may not be smooth – but he is a man of substance with a track record to prove it.

    If – Lord willing – Ron Paul were to get the nod from the GOP – the media could no longer marginalize him as they have – apart from assassination he would win a landslide. I am no one’s sycophant – and there are things that he says that I know are politically calculated as surely as one watches one’s steps when in a minefield – and I have no qualm with that pragmatic approach. Even so – I would like to elevate the debate to address those things that are hidden in plain sight – addressing these issues will require diplomacy and the moral courage to be seen as a heretic for saying that the sun does not go around the earth – just because ‘the Bible says so’.

    • Vigilant

      I’ts possible that RP could win if he got the nomination, but it would be an uphill battle:

      (1) The American electorate would have to suddenly get smart. I won’t hold my breath waiting for them to learn (but for those ignorant voters who would vote for him just because he’s running on the GOP ticket – I would welcome their votes!).

      (2) Too many Americans are on the take from Big Gubment. Paul’s promise to dismantle just the Dept. of Education alone would bring out the union lackeys to vote in hordes never seen before. The indolent would vote in record numbers in fear of having their entitlements reduced.

      (3) The Military/Industrial complex and conservative war hawks, doing pretty well under traditional Democrats/Republicans, would spend billions to defeat Paul.

      (4) Sadly, he would lose the debates even though his reasoning and dedication to Constitutionalism are sound. A transcript of the Nixon-Kennedy debates showed that Nixon won, but the picture on the boob tube gave different results. Obama the snake oil salesman would send tingles up the legs of the leftist minions, and Paul’s flustered appearance in front of the cameras would take its toll.

      (5) The MSM would be relentless and unforgiving in its condemnation of Paul, unlike any other previous election. If you think they were tough on McCain, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! And their big lies would become even bigger.

      The most lamentable feature of this whole exercise is that “electability” carries a lopsided weight in primary/caucus voters’ minds. Much as I would wish it to be otherwise, I fear that the most qualified person to lead this nation will fail in his bid for the presidency.

      • bob wire

        I’d like to see Ron Paul get a shot at it. ~ I see him in contention for the title.

        I see it as a PLUS in RP favor that the GOP in their wisdom (chuckle) has pushed him off, unwilling to love and embrace a redheaded stepchild.

        The GOP brand is tainted goods in many peoples minds today as they flop all over the place and fail to deliver the goods while toting a dismal track record on all major fronts with a strong perpetuity to say one thing and do another while feathering their nest.

        The final results of the upcoming general election will be largely determined by the independent and student vote. In the end, it is they that will carry the day. Ron Paul like no other is in the best position to capitalize on that block of voters.

        One thing at a time I guess, but this could be the beginning of a popular third party and the de-tusking of a tired old elephant that has succumb to disease and infection while growing mean and nasty in the process.

        I know such thoughts won’t sit will with some and think I’m absurd and crazy. But one thing for certain, the GOP is in the self destruct mode as we see time and again, “their boomerang DOES come back”

      • APN

        Vigilant, Once again, logical assessments are hard to find.

        Well done and factual!

  • JoeC

    I agree with most of you folks. But the thing is, if Ron Paul gets 98 per cent of the vote in the general election, he will still lose the election. We do not have a fair and honest electoral process in this country any more. Our elections consist of untraceable electronic votes cast by machines controlled remotely. Each and every voting machine has a modem in it which is manipulated by someone elsewhere, miles away in a locked room.I’d love to see Ron Paul become President of the United States, but I just don’t see it happening. Sidenote: Sit down and think about this: George, Tom, Ben, Jim, John and his cousin Sam didn’t put up with one tenth of the crap that we are putting up with, and look and see what THEY did. If all of those founding fathers were to come back to life today, the administration would throw them all in jail for being “domestic terrorists”. I expect to probably get a knock on the door after writing this.

  • http://yahoo scout

    I don’t care if he is 76 years old or 96 years old, When I hear someone from Washington talking logically and making sense and wanting to discontinue foreign aide, I’m FOR them. GO RON PAUL.This is one year i’m voting for who I want. Regardless. Last time I did this, I voted for Ross Perot. I wish he had won. Ron Paul, The Man.

    • Flame

      I too have been concerned that Dr. Paul would be 78 at the time of taking office, but what if he paired the wisdom of age with the energy of youth and had someone like Rick Santorum for a running mate?

      • Flame

        I have been attending many Republican events in the last year or so, and one thing that encourages me greatly is the number of really young enthusiastic students and voters who are actively supporting Dr. Paul—age notwithstanding. They like his message!

        • APN

          …and I know countless young and elderly folks that cannot even stand to hear him speak.

          It ain’t going to happen, trust me.

          • bob wire

            Taking into account of your location, I fail to see that your views are very representative of the rest of Americans.

            South Carolina is awash in federal money, without it they’d be just another Arizona. A poor state with a bunch of ill tempered, perpetually disgruntled white folks that thinks the world was created on their birthday and their home the center of the universe.

          • APN

            Yep! That makes sense to me Bob! That is the reason we are the #2 retirement area in the country!!

            Your ignorance of SC is self-evident.

          • bob wire

            Sounds about right! What ta hell does retirement mean to you?

            I know what it means to me.

            Like I said, without Federal money in all it’s many forms, even the rats would be leaving South Carolina.

            And you boast?

          • libertytrain

            bob – I think you’ve been hanging around karolyn too long…

          • APN

            Well Bob, the facts are, our state is a magnet for new businesses, plain and simple. We have a highly trained, educated and productive workforce that is FREE of the UNION thug mentality.

            In fact, we have BMW here(UNION FREE) and since your ignorance of our state is self-evident, maybe you should do a little research about WHO is coming to Charleston. An before you cast anymore of you bigoted stones, maybe you should check and see who we elected as GOVERNOR.

            Shazaam, it’s not a “White Man”. In fact, it is a highly capable VERY INTELLIGENT WOMAN of INDIAN descent! Who would have THUNK it?

            What is retirement you ask? People who have worked VERY hard and saved and invested THEIR hard earned money so as not to place a burden on their fellow citizen. i.e.; Self-reliant, honest, hard working people.

            You got anymore questions about the great state of SC, I would be more than happy to address them.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Quit saying , “I can’t see it happening”. Just vote your heart. Get behind the man and PUSH. We gotta have him. Or we’re doomed.We all know he is a constitution person. Why hesitate? It’s the right thing to do. Or you can vote business as usual. Take Perry for example,draws 240,000 per year of your tax dollars as retirement pay. You want to give him more? Me Either. Go Ron Paul

  • PATRIOT 101

    I am from Iowa, and greatly resent the media (already) discounting a RON PAUL victory here.
    When Iowa blesses the mainstream candidate they are so full of Wisdom, educated, most informed, tuned in! If the media fails (which they have) in discrediting Ron Paul, then the next step (in desperation) is to discredit the “dummies” that support him! The media is already saying that Iowa doesn’t count now. What a desperate play to (try to) discredit the most attentive informed electorate of all the states!
    If you look deeper at who it is that is trying to marginalize an Iowa victory for Ron Paul, it is the mainstream Republican hacks! Karl Rove, is the leader. Fox’s Chris Wallace, Hannity, and O’Reilly are not far behind in their slamming Iowa as inconsequential to the primary process if we select Ron Paul. What a bunch of paid hacks! Is Rupert Murdock (Owner of Fox News) a Globalist One Worlder?
    I just encourage people to make up their own minds, and read policy positions and voting records to decide who will return our country to fiscal sanity and common sense foreign policy.

    • Flame

      I’ll give you a specific example: In the Nov. 20 debate that was run by Scott Pelley (whom I used to like, but no more), the blatant disgust could be seen on Pelley’s face when he had to deal with Dr. Paul. Very next morning, Bob Schieffer had Dr. Paul on Face the Nation as the first guest. Sdhieffer addressed him as “Mr. Paul” for every single question, barely let Dr. Paul get 2 words out, and followed with “Let’s move on.” When that interview was done, Schieffer had two senators on, one D and one R (tho I forget who they were). He was courteous to both and addressed each of them as “Senator.”

      That 11/20 debate is also where Michelle Bachmann blew it for me. Ron Paul was saying that we are on a slippery slope when we send drones to assassinate American citizens (even if they are traitors) without benefit of due process and trial. Again, taking the careful conservative constitutional position. Bachmann immediately asked Pelley for extra time to respond and then aggressively attacked Dr. Paul about what a wonderful thing it had been when the Navy SEAL team put their lives at risk to go in and get Bin Laden. Duh, Michelle! When was Osama bin Laden ever an American citizen? Never! Dr. Paul was not talking about killing all terrorists, only our failure to give turncoat citizens their due under the Bill of Rights.

      She’s an attorney and never lets a debate or speech go by without reminding us of that, but if her critical thinking facilities are such that something that blatant went right over her head, can I trust her with a finger on the nuclear football?

    • newspooner

      Another “Conservative” who is trying to sabotage the Ron Paul campaign is Gary Bauer. While he hides behind the family-oriented religious approach, he does everything he possiblly can to discredit Ron Paul. Ironically, his answer seems to be Newt Gingrich. Gary Bauer has proven to be another neocon trotskyite.

      • newspooner

        Also, don’t forget that Rupert Murdoch contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

  • Lori

    Ron Paul may win the populace vote but the RNC and the electoral votes will not allow him to win. Like Hillary, she won the populace vote but the electoral people were told to change their votes to Obama. Obama was groomed, along with Geithner since childhood as both of their parents worked for the Ford Foundation in Indonesia. The globalists fear Ron Paul so the mainstream media were instructed to discredit him. He’s aware of them and says we must fight back. Ron Paul 2012

    • Vigilant


      With all due respect, I think you’re confused about the difference between caucuses/primaries and general elections. Popular vs. electoral votes only come into play during an actual general election. Talking of Hillary and electoral votes is incorrect as she never stood a general election.

  • Raymond Clements

    Amongst the wars, earthquakes and sunamies, God has given us Ron Paul. Let us make the most of it. Vote Ron Paul/2012 or stay home in your own little world.

  • Rational

    I totally agree with Paul on Foreign adventurism and the banking/Federal reserve. I am concerned what regulations will be abolished, I have not heard any specifics. Safety for the general population is one. Food safety requiring proper labeling of ingrediants so I don’t eat genetically modified grains and meats. My granddaughter is highly aleric to peanuts and tree nuts, the family carries Eppe pens with them at all times.
    Just what Departments and regulators will end? I don’t need to sound bytes, just facts.
    If that can not be done, then I’ll stick with the devil I know than the one I don’t know.

    • Alex Frazier

      It is not his goal to abolish regulations that prevent mercury from being dumped in the water, ingredients from being displayed on food products, etc. His intent is to eliminate the agencies and leave the law making to congress and the state legislatures where it belongs.

  • Curtis Bostic

    As far as I’m concerned,we Ron Paul fans stand way out above the rest!We have the most intellect and concern and see things that are more real than the others.The facts are staring us in the face and most incumbents and voters can’t see it.

  • Clarence

    The question is not can Ron Paul Win? But will they let him win? The central banker’s financial train with the Federal Reserve Bank as its engine is what is financing the establishment of the New World Order or ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. If you yank out the Federal Reserve Bank most of the central banks throughout rest of the world would fall like dominoes. It has taken almost 300 years of instigating wars, financial turmoil and destroying national sovereignty, and deliberately killing and assassinating millions, to get the central bankers to the threshold of victory. There is no way they will let Ron Paul win but if they take him out lets at least go out with our boots on.

  • Emma

    For those Ron Paul fans, the link in this article lays out very well why Ron Paul might not be the best candidate against Oblama – & I have nothing against Ron Paul. I simply want Obama out of office.

    • newspooner

      Beware of the naysayers who try to lead us astray. Always vote for the best candidate.

  • Independent

    The more I read up on Ron Paul and his positions, and see his positions over the decades(!) the more I like him. His policies, even foreign policy make the most sense to me. I’m kind of surprised how the media and the GOP seem to revile him. I would expect him to be their golden boy.

    In terms of winning the general election against Obama, I think he would win by a large margin – the independents (like me) and democrats favor Paul over the other GOP candidates. Many democrats (many of my friends) are upset with Obama and ready to get rid of him (as seen by his poll numbers).

    After the last Bush, I, like many people I know, don’t hold the GOP in high esteem. If Paul wins the primary, I and many people I know personally will vote for Paul. If another GOP candidate wins… I can’t see any of them I side with, they all sound too much like Bush.

  • Marcus

    I have been reading opinions about how we are going to see the RNC go to war like never before against RP if he wins in Iowa. I proudly served in the military under Reagan and have been a card carrying R ever since. I am more conservative than most R’s and consider myself more a constitutionalist than anything. I believe it’s probably too late to turn the country around but if it is possible it will be under RP. If the RNC attacks him as I am expecting then I will be changing my party affiliation permanently. I’m just one man and I know they don’t care what I do but there may be more than just me. And I hope in the times ahead there are enough of us to “change it back”.

    • Flame

      Marcus, I started to identify as Republican in grade school. Then in the 1970s, I felt the party had left me by doing what Eisenhower warned against. I joined the Libertarians for many years. I came back to the GOP to support Dr. Paul in 2008. I see a lot of what you describe working with the party today, but I’m here to change that, and I have a lot of activist friends who feel just as I do that the GOP needs to stop being Dem-lite and to be brought back to the principles of limited government and personal liberty coupled with personal responsibility.

      You work for in your state, and I pledge to work for that in mine!

      • APN

        Personal responsibility is taught at the earliest stages of a child’s life by a loving Father and Mother driven by GOD given moral principles. No politician, including RP, can have any affect on the aforesaid. It must come from PARENTS married through Holy matrimony blessed by GOD, the CREATOR.

        It is up to WE THE PEOPLE, as a Nation, as to where we go from here. It starts with each of individually and in the HOME, tending our OWN business and our OWN family affairs and giving thanks to GOD for our FREEDOMS.

        You simply CANNOT legislate morality and I think given the MASS VOLUME of laws regarding this issue, is proof of that fact.

        GOD is the answer, not RP or any other human being on this planet.

    • Flame

      Marcus: forgot to add: Thank you for your service.

  • DumbStruck

    It’s about time that Congressman Ron Paul, who is a medical doctor and a knowledgeable member of Congress, gets recognized for having his finger on the pulse of the nation, something I feel is lacking in most current presidential candidates. Go, Ron Paul, go! We need you in the White House, and soon.

  • beacon

    Pick up your flag and go for, RON PAUL 2012.

    Do you have any other choice?

    A Canadian friend.


  • Nightmann

    I think some of us are missing the point on this one. No president can change the way we are going unless they have the backing of the congress and the senate. Only thru those houses, can America accomplish a return to it’s greatness. The real solution to that objective is to replace both houses and senates, with fresh, unhindered true representatives. It all starts at the state levels if not communities.

  • http://pmbalele Pastori Balele

    America electing President Obama changed not only how African Americans see themselves, but also how each individual on this planet see himself or herself. During 2008 campaigns I met and talked to several people – Whites, Blacks, Asians, Moslems, Christians, Catholics, Pagan, Republicans, Democrats and people from other countries. One thing that stroke me-all said: “This is not happening in my lifetime – an African-American could be President!” And indeed it happened. That’s why you saw tears of joy from all over the world. I know we were going to re-elect President Obama – I mean given the roster of GOP candidates now and their horrible backgrounds. People all over the world regardless race and creed now think nothing is impossible. That’s why we saw or are seeing uprising in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, etc. People of the world now think they can achieve anything if they tried hard and played by the rules given in their hearts. Of course we still have resistance from right wing and those who do not want to accept fact we have an African-American as President of US and the world. I am sorry for them and am praying for them every day to accept the fact. President Obama has positively changed each of us and every individual’s look on their lives – and this is ever lasting- Amen.

  • Michael

    Ooopsie. Michele Bachmann denounces Medicaid whilst her husband takes $137,000 from Medicaid. Between this take, the $260,000 in farm subsidies, the government job, the $24,000 government grants to “train” their clinic employees, and the foster children state payments, one wonders exactly what Michele Bachmann means by “small government” and standing on our own two feet.

    • APN

      Yep, great questions!!! All of them, both sides of the fence, RP included, same ole political JUNK!


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