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Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Dwindling Among Hispanics

June 10, 2010 by  

Poll: Obama's approval rating dwindling among Hispanics Results of a newly released survey suggest that the administration’s lack of progress concerning immigration reform may have changed the perception that many Hispanic-Americans have of President Obama.

According to Monday’s Gallup poll, the president’s approval rating among Hispanics has fallen by more than 20 percent since January. In contrast, his popularity among African Americans and Caucasians has remained static over the last six months.

"The decline in Obama’s approval rating with Hispanics is seen mainly among those interviewed in Spanish: an 11-point drop in the past month and a total of 21 points since January," said the researchers. "However, his approval among Hispanics interviewed in English is down just 5 points since January."

Previous Gallup polls have indicated that the vast majority of respondents who are not proficient in English were born outside of the United States, leading the researchers to suggest that immigration reform may be a contributing factor in the president’s declining approval rating. Approximately one-third of the phone surveys were conducted in Spanish.

Many Hispanic groups have become disenchanted with Obama after he failed to live up to his campaign pledge to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill soon after taking office.

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  • An American

    The sooner that Barock Hussein Obama is out of the White House, the better for the USA.

    • American Mexican

      I agree this joke of a leader ( Obama ) must go ASAP along with his administration.
      America is the best country in the world because of capitalism it allows anyone with a idea to follow it and be rewarded for hard work.

      • JCfromDC

        American Mexican says:
        June 10, 2010 at 6:01 pm
        “I agree this joke of a leader ( Obama ) must go ASAP along with his administration.
        America is the best country in the world because of capitalism it allows anyone with a idea to follow it and be rewarded for hard work”

        From JCfromDC:
        To YOU sir, I say, spoken like a TRUE American, and welcome. I think you’ve got with the program. I am all for anyone who wants to come “join the party” and be one of US! But of “hispanics” (read ANY illegal) who are becoming disgruntled with Obama, I do believe they are mostly the ones who do NOT want to “join the party” so to speak, but bring the woes of their former countries with them and to have US foot the bill. That is neither right NOR fair.

      • Shasta

        Thank You American Mexican!!! He is out for Himself and there is nobody living here going to benefit except for the FREELOADERS!!

        • Jimmie

          I live here on the border in Texas. Am retired now but when teaching, I explained what the American flag stood for, back then and now today. I had about 99% hispanic students. I’d say, if you want to wave the Mexican flag go back to Mexico, what has Mexico ever done for you? Here in the U.S. you get breakfast and lunch, schooling, all free. You need to stand and say the pledge every morning out of respect. I’m retired but have many friends of latin descent and those friends feel the same way I feel. They don’t want their tax dollars supporting illegals either.

          • Gloria Jimenez Ross

            Thank you – I was born and raised on the AMERICAN side of the border and and I also went to school with 95% Mexican “descent” students, not Mexican “Nationals.” We “Pledged” allegiance to the flag every morning. We did not get “free” breakfasts and/or lunches – we ate breakfast before we went to school and went home for lunch – we had responsible, hardworking parents who knew every minute of the day and night where we were and with whom. Respect for the flag and authority was sacred. Because I was born and raised in Anerica I have never considered that my allegiance belonged anywhere else but Amnerica.

    • US Patriot

      I agree with you all starting with you An American. I get very frustrated when people choose their race over being a patriotic American, especially when it comes to ILLEGAL immigration. I personally do not care where someone comes from but if you come here it better be legal and they need to learn the language enough to be clearly understood when spoken. They are being rude and are not waiting in line, plus it is not fair to those who are going through legal channels. It is also like a slap in the face to those who have came before them who have endured more hardships by crossing the Atlantic Ocean and ending up on Ellis Island which was not a good experience for them either.
      I am not biased. I would not want those from my race or national background to come here illegally and I am not loyal to that country or its people. My people are those who RESPECT this country, LOVE it like I do, are PROUD to be an AMERICAN, and who love and respect the constitution the way it was originally written. The only flag that I want to see flown here is the American flag. But if for some reason others are flown, there should be an equal representation of all nations with the American flag flown higher than the rest.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    They are concerned about the hand outs. Once our porous boarders are opened to all from Mexico, we will see a mass exodus out of Mexico into the United States unlike any other. Perhaps are great leader will want to talk with the Mexican president and just add Mexico to the United States. I am sure a position of importance can be found for the disposed Mexican president.

    • http://naver samurai

      His polls may be dwindling now, but if he gets this amnesty thing passed they’ll skyrocket. Why? All those new voters for the libs! Let’s see what happens in the following months dealing with these illegal dealings with Sestak and others comes out. We may be looking for a new president.

      • Clearbrook, Colorado

        The most popular view is that Liberals will be the only ones who could benefit from immigration reform. However, although the Liberals DO benefit from plans for outright Amnesty Universally, the Conservatives COULD benefit from reform that both ALLOWS more people to work here Legally AND cracks down on those who are not willing to work to make their status legal! I have Mexican American Inlaws. Most of their values are actually very similar to mine. I’d actually say that on a broader scale, they are even more conservative than the rest of my family in many respects. Republicans should take a good look at the numbers in the US about the recent Laws in AZ being considered accross the nation. If done with the Carrot and the Stick, (giving working immigrants work visas as easily as the Democrats want to give Outright Ammensty and punishing those who want to be here Illegally by making it impossible for them to EVER be here legally should that be the route they want to go) The Republicans could take the wind out of the Democrats sails on this issue. If someone says that there is too much bigotry for them to do so, they may be right, but they are cutting off their noses to spite their face!

        • marvin

          Clearbrook, Colorado, we have given out around 100,000 h1 visa cards per mt and 50,000 lotter visa cards per mt ever mt of ever year for the last 5 years or so, a little less befor that,that don,t count the ones here illegally or over stay their visa or the ones that just walk in ever day by the thousands, what would you think is a fair number we have 10% unemploment thats about 25 million american that can not find a job

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

          The ‘Democrats’ are in a quandry. They have to pass the ‘Immigration Reform Bill’ (amnesty plus citizenship), the U.N. ‘Small Arms Treaty’ (all Americans must register their guns and give up to the government all semi-automatic weapons and any other that the foreign coalition deems un-safe for international law enforcement), coalesce in committee the ‘Cap and Trade Bill’ already passed in both houses by ‘Democrats’ only (gasoline prices to be raised to $6.00 a gallon, electric bills to be more than doubled, heating oil to be tripled, factories to buy energy credits from third world countries to be able to keeep producing and will cost more to manufacture for those who can afford to stay open, those who cannot afford it will close and increase our un-employment numbers thereby deepening the depression, government to borrow more money to distribute to third world countries to make up for our over-use of energy in the past compared to those countries), and get Elena Kagan confirmed to the Supreme Court (the first truly socialist jurist to be appointed and anti- military establishment and anti-Christian and pro-gay to ever be appointed also). All this was planned to be done before the November elections, but the oil spill (GOD sent) has cause all this to be put on the back burners (thats why until now Obama was working on these goals instead of the oil spill, but the dissent, through his own party too, has caused him now to concentrate on the oil spill only) and the delay may mean he cannot get it done till after the November elections. Either way this is what they are taking on and wait till the two months between the elctions and when the new members are seated to see the biggest push and fiasco by the dead-duck members of both houses of Congress (mainly ‘Democrats’) to reach Obama’s goals. It will then get pretty ugly!

          • WarriorH

            Randy, you’ve summed it up pretty well.

          • http://naver samurai

            Earlier today I read how the libs in congress, lead by Pelosi, haad stopped the republicans from from adding the YouCut legislation to the bill that would reform the banks. The YouCut part would mean that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would fall under this legislation too. The dems voted against including it in the bill. Why? It’s obvious that these 2 companies are at the heart of our financial melt down, Obama bin Laden’s hand is in the cookie jar too. I guess if you are a sheep, baaaaa, you can get anything you want with this terrorist in office.

          • Duende

            Randy. I was totally unaware of the UN Small Arms Treaty ( a quick goole revealed the acronym ATT – Arms Trade Treaty . On more step towards the one world government. We’ve got fluorine in all the city drinking water which I understand makes people passive. I wonder if that’s why so many living in these areas are so passive and swallow the main stream doctrine and yet our brothers and sisters living in the country are so up in arms. I live in Guatemala. They had 3 gang members rob a pregnant female vendor in the market place. Knowing the police won’t do anything since the gangs will kill their families, the Mayan men got together, with masks on (the gangs will go after them too) stormed the police station, took the prisoners outside and burnt one alive and took the female accomplice and paraded her through town. There’s no fluorine in our drinking water. Just amoebas :-)

      • Hunterbob

        I hope and pray that his stay in the White house will be a short one.

        • Gloria Jimenez Ross

          Shorter if we can see him taken out of there in handcuffs and tried for impersonation, fraud and treason

          • http://naver samurai

            Good idea. Where can I get some?

  • Al Sieber

    This president has promised more entitlements to minority’s then Lyndon Johnson’s great society. people thought Obama was gonna pay their rent and everything else. the hispanic’s thought they were getting instant amnesty, something’s up.


    Why is it these politicians worry more about how illegals feel then how AMERICANS feel? The majority of them need to go. They are ruining America

    • kate8

      It seems that politicians pander to anyone and everyone EXCEPT tax-paying American citizens.

      We have virtually no representation.

    • Gloria Jimenez Ross

      Because they know how the ANERICANS feel about their corrupt rule and the illegals are their future vote to enable them to maintain their corrupt rule.


    This “ship of fools” administration.They are like the crew of the Titanic telling you that “everything is under control”. If President Obama wants to “kick some Ass” He should start in his own backyard with a lot of fat to trim (Holder, Napolitanio, Emanuel,Ect.) Have to fire someone in your administration to earn some street cred with the peeps.LOL

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    Obama’s answer to problems is always more regulation. He has no interest in solving problems. If he did he would have worked out a plan with Jan Brewer on immigration and Bobby Jangle on taking defensive measures for the oil spill. His chooses to be be critical instead of showing leadership.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I heard that BP now stands for Black Pelican!!!!!

      • WarriorH

        Bank of Petroleum – They’re entitled to a bailout!

      • JC

        Careful Joe,
        Some Liberal will call you a racist. ;)

        • http://?? Joe H.

          and I will tell them to look at the news reels and tell me what color the pelicans are when they are dipped into the crude oil!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            JC not mad at you guy!!!

    • 45caliber

      You can’t let a good crisis go to waste!

  • s c

    So, Herr Obummer, the Prince of Polls, has a problem. That’s GREAT! I’d like to think Hispanics are starting to see through Herr Obummer’s many masks (and MANY false promises).
    Whatever it is, it’s a wonderful start. Finally, the great prostitute media can’t help Herr Obummer. It would be fantastic to know in adbance what Herr Obummer’s masters are ‘thinking up’ for him now.
    It must be rough, waiting for one’s daily marching orders. Then again, when you live by the polls, a defective teleprompter and you’re told what to do by others, that’s YOUR problem.
    Enjoy the redistribution of misery and grief, Herr Obummer! It’s been a long time coming, and even Haavid and Chicago can’t stop it.

    • John

      I didn’t vote for the scum. It didn’t take much research at all to figure out what this traitor was all about. Even with his college records being sealed and the birther issue at the time. What a bunch of idiots who couldn’t see through all this especially the ones who still can’t.

      • Shasta

        and you know John, there are still so many that say “he is doing a fine job” OMG, I could puke, truly paralized from the neck up. All one has to do is look around, still millions of foreclosures, the housing market is ruined and will be for years to come. Small business is closing, and the Welfare line is growing, where is this improvment? I dont consider myself the sharpest knife in the drawer but i knew he was trouble from the get go, all one had to do was look at his friends, CHICAGO THUGS, and he needs IMPEACHED, like Yesterday!

      • JC

        His College records? You mean the ones that show him being Barry Soetoro, a foreign exchange student?
        The guy is a striaght up fraud on every level.

  • M.L.

    Our beautiful country is out of control. I wake up daily with a fear in my stomach, wondering what shoe will drop next. We had a melting pot of the best the world could offer in intelligence, fortitude, and the will to became the most powerful, generous country the world could look-up to. But now our world seems to be run by the Hispanic population. Especially the new generation that are now illiterate, lazy and want everything for free. They expect the Americans that have given their blood, sweat and tears to accomplish this goal to step back and hand over the country to them. Are you really ready for that????

    • jimminety bop

      M.L. look over your shoulder. Yes the illegal’s of all denminations are a problem and I do not want them draining the taxpayers pocket but they will eventually become Americans and stand with other Americans.
      Islam is another story. They are out-breeding all other religions in America and other nations. They are not so mush a religion as they are a political movement and while the ones that are here swearing to be true Americans you can bet that they have a smile on their face for you but hate in their heart for you.
      When, not if, but when they become a majority they will elect their own, be in a majority in congres, piss on your Constitution, install Sharia law and you will bow to it or lose your head! Wake the hell up!

      • 45caliber

        I read not long ago about some Muslims coming into the US for some purpose. An American was helpful in directing them and making sure they found what they were looking for. One of them told the American, “You are very nice. But when we kill you, we can’t let that affect what we must do.”

      • http://?? Joe H.

        jimminety bop,
        not all will become and stand with Americans~!! There are terrorists and drug dealers coming across the border as well. Some of the hispanics that came here years ago still don’t have a good command of the English language and are looking for a handout.
        did you see the video of the hispanic teacher that was preaching the take over of the south west states by any means possible???

  • TIME

    Folks, It will make no differance if BarryO is tossed out. The progressives will just put someone else in.

    What the problem is with BarryO is he as well as all his Czars are all Marxist progressives.
    Thats the main issue and problem, thus if you remove the head of one snake another will pop out.

    If we don’t remove the Marxist progressives and make the Politicians fear the US Population more than they fear the Marxist, we will loose what we have and if lost its not coming back people.

    Its time to reduce the size of government and reduce all the “Professional Welfare” people to ZERO, as well all entitlements and persons who feel they need said entitlements need to be tossed out of this country and or eliminated by what ever means need to employed.

    Thats just a few things to ponder.

    • 45caliber

      Supposed Oblama resigned today. The next in line is Biden. Do you want him as President? The third in line is Nancy Pelousy. If Biden goes, she gets the job. The fourth is Secretary of State, Hillary.

      What real choice do we have right now?

      • Sandra

        I would prefer Biden to any of the others in line. He would be spending most of his days extracting his size 10ee from his mouth, and wouldn’t have as much time to damage the country.

      • Hunterbob

        I say, let’s take one painful step at a time until we succeeed.

      • JC

        It’s a war of attrition, let the games begin.

      • http://naver samurai

        March into Washington, throw them out, and place Sarah behind the big desk in the oval office.

    • M.M.

      You sound so ignorant and closed minded. All I’ve read is negativity. What exactly are you saying? What is a “welfare professional”?

      • 45caliber

        A welfare professional is someone who has been on welfare since they had their first child – usually at an age of about 15. They have never held a single job and are usually the third or fourth generation of living on welfare. Their only and sole income has been from welfare and they know every law and regulation by memory to insure that no one accidently deprives them of the slightest “free” item they can get.

      • Shasta

        M.M. Ignorance is not knowing where YOUR TAX DOLLAR IS GOING, I would say that is a professional Welfare~~maybe add recipient, are you one of those?

      • Mickey

        45caliber is right. I needed food stamps (only) for a few short months between jobs and I was told to look harder for a job because people on “true” welfare were on their 3rd generation and really needed food more (1980′s). Yes, they do know every stinking rule for every entitlement by heart. My nephews neighbor has grandma, daughter, and grandchild all receiving welfare (no bills, everything paid for).

  • John

    Benevolent Totalitarianism

    Remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians?

    You look like me. You talk like me. You go to the same schools and churches with me. You grew up in the same culture. Why would you use force of arms against me and even kill me and my children, maybe burn us alive? Because your mind is seduced by government propaganda and you are on the Federal payroll and pension plan.

    The truth is the government and its military complex can create serious and divisive issues that can separate families and even set family members against each other. And of course government always has the issues of race, class and economic warfare at its disposal.

    Currently 50 percent of the American population supports the other 50 percent with their income taxes. The producers support the non-producers.

    Your Congressmen and Senators are supported by the super rich, but they legislate in favor of the non-producers at the expense of the producing middle class. They never use terms that express what they are doing. They address the people with altruistic and collectivist statements. They use “for the greater good” which translates “share your production with the non-producers and the non-producing parasite system.”

    The term “the greater good” is not for the individualist and his pursuit of happiness.

    Big government has an endless bag of tricks to keep the pot of population boiling over with issues that divide the people against themselves.

    The American people still believe, or can easily be persuaded that if the “Feds” get after you, then you must have done something wrong. They don’t stop to think that the men manning the guns are government employees. They are paid gunmen even if they are ordered to shoot their brothers.

    And then there is that subtle economic class war syndrome that implies that the accumulation of wealth makes one dirty.

    Aha! But governments are subject to public opinion when it rises toward unanimous. Foreign wars now fit this category. The public mind no longer believes government’s reasons for going to war. The people are building an immunity to war propaganda.

    Fiat governments have endless means to achieve what they want. And they want war. They want foreign wars and they want domestic wars.

    The means to war is paper money. Propaganda and fiat (paper money) is the cause and makes it all possible. Does anyone think that war in any age could be carried out with a gold monetary system? Governments would find it impossible to get enough gold to carry on the high cost of war.

    World War II and subsequent wars were possible because all combatants used fiat money which each country could create for nothing.

    Benevolent Totalitarianism
    Benevolent totalitarianism is a term created to describe the modern system of government that is fascism in all but name. It is all hidden under that loving word “democracy.” This is a political lock with an iron grip on the minds of the population.

    Any political, economic or military alchemy or chicanery is hidden behind the word “democracy.” This is a major, major key to understanding reality today.

    Let me explain: Nazism was an unvarnished police state based on massive propaganda that funneled the German mind to focus on the State for protection and safety. Millions were persuaded to die. The men were drafted with the support of the population until their destruction could be ignored no longer.

    The German fiat army was defeated by the American and British fiat army only with greater numbers of fiat soldiers and fiat war material.

    So what is the difference between ugly and obvious Nazi fascism and modern fascism under the pretense of democracy? Modern fascism is hidden and twisted under an aura of benevolence.

    After all, the modern propagandists have learned volumes since Nazi fascism. The modern police state does everything possible to make modern fascism palatable. It is being refined every minute of every day.

    The lid is still on but millions are beginning to slip through the cracks. They no longer trust the propaganda, the politicians and the ruling elite.

    As the American people are impoverished, they may consider that they have less to lose by confrontation to the system.

    The “benevolent” police state is no longer characterized by the loud knock on the door in the middle of the night but by an unassuming letter in the mail from the government tax collector which has all the power and intimidation of the Gestapo. That letter is backed by the police power of the State and harassment of assuming tax authority that has a very detailed profile on every filing taxpayer who has made himself available to “voluntary compliance.”

    American taxing authority is, “Your papers, please. Where are your papers?”

    When “benevolent government” seeks a citizen out it has a complete dossier and profile which can be manipulated in a thousand ways against a “suspected enemy of the State.” The jackboot and the Swastika have been replaced with a suave and very sophisticated information system backed by State police power. The noose is formidable but not visible to the mundane public.

    • JeffH

      John…copied from a different thread…why???

      • John

        I’m the Hispanic John that posts on this site. In other words I’m the American John, perhaps I should change my name on this site.
        I’m Hispanic but American all the way through. My allegiance is to this country not Mexico nor what this president stands for!!!

    • 45caliber

      “Remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians?”

      Do I ever! The day of the fire, I was listening to the radio on the way to work. They went to their reporter at the site and asked him what was going on. “I don’t know what is going on,” he said. “In the last half hour there have been seven fire trucks and five ambulances that went by here and are now at the federal officers’ site.”

      So when I got to work, I turned on my radio there. Two hours later the place was burning. The reporters had an FBI spokesman address them. One asked why the fire trucks weren’t sent up to put out the fire. The FBI spokesman said, “We didn’t know there was going to be a fire so we don’t have any trucks available.”

      So I watched. The next morning there was just a big pile of ashes. The reporters were allowed to come up to a point two hundred yards from the ashes. On top the pile was a M-60 machine gun with a polished wood stock. The spokesman stated that they had “found” the machine gun in the ashes. Riiiiiight!!

      The governor sent in the Rangers to check. The Feds informed the Rangers that they were in charge and the Rangers (about six of them) wouldn’t be allowed in to the site. The Ranger in charge informed the feds that they had one of three choices: 1) they could allow the Rangers in, 2) the feds could go to jail, or 3) the feds could die. The feds let them in. The Rangers made a list of all weapons found. NONE were illegal. They did find a barrel for a machine gun but no gun. This invalidated all Federal reports of being shot out by machine guns.

      A friend works at a nearby hospital were some of the bodies were taken. ALL bodies showed that they had been shot squarely between the eyes. It is almost impossible for a person to shoot themselves between the eyes. That is done by executioners. The way Koresh’s group had learned to commit suicide was the shoot themselves under the chin, an easy way. None were killed that way.

      There were a number of other questions that I had. For instance, the news cameras showed a scene where the tank smashed into the building and then backed away. A streak of fire was dying from its flame-thrower barrel. The Feds insisted that this was actually a piece of steel caught on the barrel that was reflecting sunlight.

      At the time there was a video out that you could get of the uncut news video. I gave my copy to the library to let others see but it’s long gone. You may be able to find a copy and see for yourself. Another shot was also of interest to me. As the tank first went toward the house, it passed the air pipe leading to the buried bus where the kids were supposed to have gone. There was smoke coming out the pipe.

      I wrote to my Congressman and asked answers to these things. A couple of weeks later he sent me a letter. “I asked the FBI and they explained all of these,” he said. “So I’m satisfied that everything is okay.” But he never gave me the answers even after I asked again.

      • Al Sieber

        Would that be: “Waco, Rules of Engagement”? that made me pi$$ed and sad. that’s when I realized we were in big trouble. I was working out in the desert, and I ran it to this guy who gave me that DVD and many others, that was a strange experience, but eye opening. did I ever tell you about the UFO that…..

        • Hunterbob

          I talked with others about the Waco murders, and we all felt the same. The purpose was to save the children; that was their reason to kill all of them.

          • Al Sieber

            The Govt., is who the children should be afraid of, that’s who killed them.

  • M.L.

    Yes jimminety bop and time, I bow to both of you. But you must understand the illegals are the immediate danger, it’s an any day thing. Americans have been raped and murdered to the tune of 2 thousand per year so far, without the drug cartell. You bet Iam looking over my shoulder. In case you haven’t noticed other than the Mexican immigrants, legalization of other immigrants are minimal at best. As far as looking over my shoulder, you bet I do. We are getting from all sides, I absolutely agree with you we must keep track of everything and make ourselves be heard.

  • tunji

    i personaly like this president but gradually i noticing he is very very weak he kept fail falling behind all the issues after issues what is the problem he dont have to do the big things for people but dont let the folks that supporting you becomes a president feels isolate for politcall reasons my all faimilies are pretty disspointed in him they lost their faith in variouse issues with him im sorry folks we are elected weak president

    • domonic

      to all of you dummies who think a repuke could get the hispanic vote over Obama your dreaming

      • marvin

        domonic who gives a rats [offensive word removed] what a liberal dumb [offensive word removed] like you think, their is only one type american one that vote for a person not for there skin color obama has made one mistake after another and anyone that votes for anyone with the promise of a handout[amnesty] is not american and never will be they will be like you a dumb [offensive word removed] handout liberal

      • John

        Don’t speak for all Hispanics you MORON. Sure he could get the illegal uneducated voters like you. But not the legal educated Hispanic vote.

        • Al Sieber

          You got that right John.

      • http://naver samurai

        Get off of the liberal crack! It’s frying your brain!

      • JC

        domonic I’m sure he’ll get the vote of anyone in a liberal supported union, welfare recipients, government workers, illegal aliens and anyone else with the IQ of a house plant.

  • valricoslash

    I wonder if the poll asked the non-english speakers if they were here illegally? Notice that they are running like rats from Arizona. It is amazing what the threat of enforcement will do. Arizona will probably be saving more money in welfare and medicade costs thatn all fo the business they are losing, or being threatened to lose, from the socialist states of California, Massachusetts, etc. Good for them. If California, New Mexico, and Texas would do the same eve more would leave on their own accord. Step two is to dump the anchore baby citizenship doorway. All pregant women should be refused entrance into the US until after the birth of their child. Pregnant illegals that show up at the hospital should be immediately deported. Our elected officials, local, state and federal should not be able to piock and choose which laws they will enforce. Federal funds should be with held from any city, county or state that ignores our immigration laws. MONEY TALKS.

    • 45caliber

      Several years ago the Border Patrol were fencing a section south of San Diego where numerous illegals were crossing, many of them pregnant. They intended to block that area in hope of reducing the number of pregnant women who wait until the last minute to run across so their baby is born here. The feds found out about it and stopped the fence. Then they required that at least three ambulances had to wait at that spot all the time so that any pregnant woman who stumbled across the line would immediately have a ride to the nearest hospital.

      And they wonder why we have so many illegals here.

    • Joe D

      By the way6 folks, if you care to check the California Penal Code section 834b which has been in the books for ever, you’ll find it reads almost the same as AZ new one.

    • jimminety bop

      To all those that are screaing about racial profiling and that that is what wiil take place in Arizona – What method will the Federal government use to identify them?!!

  • Desert

    When the Mexicans figure out that barry soetoro aka boring obama doesn’t give a rats butt about them……..only their voting dumocratic! Maybe then they will see the light!

    • Joe D

      Only the Mex pres gives a rats a”” about Mexicans. Since that is his job, he ought to keep them there.

  • thefedupamerican

    So why are they being polled if they don’t speak English anyway?

  • Marilyn

    November 2nd, Throw Out The Trash! I’ve had it with all the “changes” that want the sheep following the wolf to its den.

    As for the hispanic poll, were these legal or illegal hispanics?

  • 45caliber

    One thing puzzles me. This article says that his approval rating among Hispanics has dropped since he hasn’t done anything on amnesty. Yet I see other polls that state that the Hispanics are AGAINST amnesty by about 80%. Further, NONE of my Hispanic friends are in favor of an amnesty.

    Which is right? Could it possibly be that the Hispanics (except for the illegals) are against this? That the polls in favor of amnesty are being taken ONLY among illegal aliens?

    • JeffH

      …don’t forget La Raza, SEIU, ACORN, ACLU, Code Pink, and hundreds of others support amnesty…that speaks volunes, ya think?

      • 45caliber

        Of course they do. They make good money from them.

    • marvin

      45caliber what i hear the poles were in spanish if that tells you any thing

  • Joe D

    I am of Hispanic (Where ever that is) descendency and all my family and circle of hypenated friends despise that bozo in the oval Office. From day one. A LOT of hypenated citizens didn’t vote for “hope and change”. Please do not paint all of us with the same brush. We are, absolutely, Americans like evreybody else.

    • domonic

      yeah you like the repukes who hate you, your the BOZO.

      • John

        And the Deomocrats really love you??? Sure they do. When you open your eyes, you’ll see who the real Bozo is.

      • Sandra

        Apparently you’re the BOZO. Lumping everyone on the right side into the repub party shows your lack of political intelligence. Get a clue dude. The “repukes” as you call them aren’t where it’s at. What are you, 12?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          couldn’t possibly be over 10!!!

        • Shasta

          you hit the nail on the head Sandra, not only is he the BOZO, he hasnt a clue what he is talking about, you know what he has hiding in Momma’s basement!

      • kate8

        I’m really sick of the leftist nonsense that R’s are racist. That is just more democrat propaganda to discredit the right and insure minority votes.

        The Republican Party was started as a place for the freed slaves to go, since the slaveowners were DEMOCRATS. I don’t want to go into the history of hows D’s hijacked the minority vote again, but they only did it to keep them poor and under their control while insuring democrats political power.

        Standing for American sovereignty and the rule of law is NOT racist nor hateful. It is the way to preserve a nation’s exceptionalism and liberty. As progressives got stronger, the country got weaker. You liberals are too blinded by phoney “compassion” to be able to see this.

        • Hunterbob

          If I am called a racist , so what. I don’t care what anyone calls me. I’m an American and I’ll speak out. If I hurt someones feelings? Oh well, get over it.

      • http://naver samurai

        Like the libs really love America? By how much they have trashed the constitution and forced legislation down our throats, you call that love? Here the Dutch offered to help us clean up this Gulf oil spill and “Osama” told them to stay home, why? If this is love, I really wouldn’t want to see what hate is really like.

        • marvin

          samurai-now obama has the brits mad for his smart mouth about the ceo of bp his name calling has another friendly coutry mad and he has turned down help from 12 to 13 other country offering help in the golf besides the dutch

          • http://?? Joe H.

            to give even the devil his due, Obummer had to call off some of those skimmers as they come under a law that states if a ship goes from one American port to help in a disaster in another American port most of the crew has to be American. I’m surprised that knowing how Odummer likes to screw the American workers, that he hasn’t tried to overturn that or suspend it somehow!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Things keep going this way, the days of “isolationism” will look like a party compared to what may be happening in the near future.

      • JC

        Wow, another hate spewing poisonous name calling liberal…no shortage of those these days.
        Time to fumigate folks, our nation is infested.

    • Arcadia CA once

      Joe, I love you man. I want to love all Americans. Thanks for speaking up.

    • JC

      Joe I have Mex/Am friend’s who can not stand The Kenyan Fraud. They’ve worked hard for what they have and earned the right to be called Americans and they are proud of it. One friend in Houston can trace his family back to the Battle for Texas at the Alamo…how “American” is that?

    • Gloria Jimenez Ross

      Amen – I have have always refused to designate myself as a “Hispanic” which from the root of the word appears to means anyone who speaks “Spanish.” But since I really don’t know what it means; it may mean a disease for all I know, I am not calling myself one. I am a second generation AMERICAN born of Mexican descent parents, therefore, I consider myself 100% AMERICAN and thank God for having been born in this country.

  • bud

    I have many hispanic friends (US citizens) here in San Antonio. I would venture to say that 98% of them are not for any form of amnesty. If you talk to an illegal though we are acused of trying to criminalize the poor Mexican that is just trying to make a living. I have told them, they are not criminals, only because they have not been caught yet.

    • 45caliber

      If you commit a criminal act by breaking a law, you are a criminal even if you have not been caught and convicted yet.

  • John

    I am Hispanic too. Born and educated here & son of a WWII veteran.
    I am proud to be an American and the American Flag is the only flag that I have ever displayed. I used to be a Democrat but that changed in February of this year. And I also support Arizona’s illegal immigration law.

    This is America and everything that this president stands for is contrary to everything that has made this a great country. My family and I have no respect for him whatsoever.

    As Joe pointed out, please don’t paint us all with the same brush. We are Americans first and foremost.

    • domonic

      hey john, you know that there are uncle toms in the black community, and just because you are a hispanic dont mean that you like hispanics, sellout. the repukes dont like you FOOL !!

      • marvin

        domonic you have a lot of nerve name calling you must like the handout you so rightly receive for being stuped or unamerican if you do not like this country or what people here have to say this is a conseritive site you can leave

        • Sandra

          domonic is too stupid to find his way out. He hasn’t found the little red X at the top right of the monitor yet ;-)

      • John

        Sellout??? No I just don’t like the change that this president is about. Again he is contrary to what made America great.

        • JC

          Welcome home John. :)

      • libertytrain

        domonic – I always think people who use Uncle Tom connotations are just folks incapable of understanding that not everyone thinks the same as they do. Kind of moronic.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I think that Domonic is an illegal!! that would be the only explaination of the way he cuts even his own people down for not supporting the dimmies!!! Imagine that, an illegal plant here on PLN!!!

        • JC

          LT we already know that logic and morality are never on the side of the “progressives”. They know it too. That’s why all they have is name calling, emotional bull and the race card. It got old and inneffective some time ago. That’s why we’re not only going to witness, but actively participate in the decimation of the far left.

      • http://naver samurai

        Dominic, if all you are going to do is rant, rave, play the race card like Johnnie Cochran, and give all this misinformation, then just stay off of the site and let the intelligent ones do the talking. It’s obvious that you are a lib, undereducated, need lessons in English, etc., etc. In fact, it sounds like you are a plant from the left. If you are, be prepared for an intellectual battle. Wait, a lib? So greatly underarmed!

      • Shasta

        go away Dom, you are making an Arse out of yourself, go back to your pipe!

        • http://naver samurai

          You mean bong!

      • NM

        you are really dumb…

    • kate8

      Thanks for the post, John. I have many Hispanic friends who think just like you. We are Americans, regardless of heritage. Period.

      Libs like Domonic think they should own everyone except those of Northern European descent. If you don’t buy into the liberal mindset, they turn on you. The liberal agenda is straight out of hell, and I am so glad that there are so many rational people of all stripes who can see through it.

      God bless America.

    • NM

      We need more AMERICANS like you. No more hyphenated americans.

  • 45caliber

    Most don’t want to stay here. When they were last granted amnesty, all they had to do was go by the nearest office and pick up a work card. Over a million did. But the cards had to be renewed. Less than 30,000 renewed the cards.

    When I lived at Corpus Christi, they ran an article in the paper. According to the article, the illegals are here ONLY to make enough money to retire in their own country. They try to put $100,000 in a border bank on the American side so all the savings are in dollars. They buy TWO sets of ID papers. One set is used for working and the other set for drawing welfare. After six months they change. At the end of the year they file two sets of IRS returns, both showing being on welfare for six months. That gets them all the tax money they paid in back. As well as several other moneys. They live on the welfare better than they did where they came from and save the rest. In 6-8 years they can go back home and retire with a villa, a maid, and a gardener. None of these wants to be an American citizen. The only problems they have is that it might take longer if they have to send some money home for family there and if some of their kids decided to stay in the US due to the opportunities here.

    Nice, huh?

    • AgainstAZImmigrationLaw

      That is about the most ignorant and far fetched piece of work I have read today. Please post your reference for this far fetched information that you write about. The people that are so against immigration reform and acceptance are the ones who are so ignorant and know nothing about what is really being set forth in the laws. Please, do some research before you make such comments. It really makes us Americans look stupid.

      • 45caliber

        Check the archives of the Corpus Christi Caller. In fact, if you also check the issue about two days later you will find that the feds told the paper they shouldn’t publish such things because it angers the voters. So the paper published that too.

        I also checked with several contractors I knew well. I live in Texas so we have quite an illegal population here. They told me it wasn’t uncommon for an employee to come to them wanting their name and SS# changed for payment purposes. They also told me that they immediately fired such individuals but it was useless to turn them in to INS since no one bothered to do anything about it.

      • 45caliber

        Oh, I forgot to mention – you’ll need to check about 25 years ago or so.

      • Sandra

        To: AgainstAZImmigrationLaw,
        Of course anyone such as you, who is against Arizonas SB1070 would see his post as “far fetched”. Sorry but your rantings don’t hold water, BUT here’s something that does. Az. SB1070 is the same as the U.S. federal border law, except for 2 variations that “disallow profiling” which the federal law does not. Try reading the bill for yourself, instead of believing the lame stream media, Obama, Napalatono, Holder, Emanuell, and the rest who have commented on it but HAVEN’T READ IT!

        For everybody else EXCEPT FOR THE IGNORANT ILLEGAL ALIEN POSTER LIKE AgainstAZimmigrationlaw, go to this link and sign Az. Governor Jan Brewers support petition. She will use this petition to show Obama and congress that the MAJORITY of Americans support her and Arizonas SB1070.

      • WarriorH

        AgainstAZ – welcome to the site. Now kindly go away.

      • JC

        You’ve made no references as to just which part of Constitutional law you object to. So your post is a rant and nothing more. And the only one who is made to look stupid by any of that…is you.

    • kate8

      45, who in their right mind would want to trade a free ride and tax-free income to become a slave to the IRS? That is reserved for the chump Americans who work and give up a chunk of income so people can break our laws and live for free.

      They don’t even need to become citizens to get welfare, so why would one expect to see a stampede to become legal. LOL.

      • JC

        Exactly. They are parasites.

  • M.L.

    Joed-john, and bud, I lived in San Antonio for 9 years. I have many Hispanic friends that I still keep in touch with. These are legal and great people. Even then they hated the illegal ones. Believe me friends we are not angry with you. But I do fear because of the crimes as well as the expectations of the illegal Aliens you will suffer the stigms they have forced upon you. Let your voices be heard with the rest of us.

    • Joe D

      I was born, eighty one years ago in Los Angeles. When I look at my birth certificate all I see is place and time of birth, my parents names and whoever made it official signature. Nothing else. Thus; a Californian-American (In case someone wants to hypenate me).

      • kate8

        I’m with you, Joe D. I have never thought of myself of anything but American.

  • Maverick

    I read the barrage of articles and comments on this and other similar web sites daily. And, it always brings one simple thing to mind. I will be 60 years young this October, but I recall one thing from my childhood that could serve a useful purpose today. Now, I would like to make a brief but simple analogy regarding that time and where we are with our country today.
    I recall spending a lot of time with my grandparents at a beautiful piece of farm land in southeast Ohio, as wonderful as our grand country is today. On this farm, there were quite a few cherry trees. They were healthy and the cherries were abundant, much like our country used to be. However, there was a problem reaping a good harvest of cherries (much like employment and the rewards of labor). The problem being, the trees would fall under attack by the black birds, and most of the cherries would disappear. So, my grandfather came up with a solution. Every year at harvest time, it became my job to ‘protect’ the trees. He would hand me a rifle and a roll of twine. My job was to shoot several of the black birds and hang them in each tree as an example to the rest. Needless to say, my grandmother ended up with more cherries than she could use. She would make pies and cobblers and take them to church dinners or to the rest homes and to those she knew who were ‘house-bound’. My question is this ,,,
    Why can we not do the same thing with the government (at the voting polls, of course) and make an example of a few of these ‘black birds’ that are consuming all of the cherries???

    • Al Sieber

      Hey Maverick, I’m close to your age, and I had the same job, I was paid .50 a hour and was sick of cherries after a while.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’ll be 60 in Dec and I have done that for cherries and mulberries. The mulberries for two reasons. One we liked them with cherries in a pie, and two have you ever seen the mess they make of a car after eating mulberries???

    • Shasta

      good story Maverick…….im right behind you!

  • marvin

    this is of topic but 3 days after the bp well in the golf blew up the dutch[ the people that live behind dikes] offered to send ship and skimmers to help but were turned down by obama and bp the dutch all so offered to help build barrier island and were turn down along with 12 or 13 other countrys but i am in charge said odumbo this idiot needs to be impeached if for nothing but being stuped with his magomania i won set down and shut up get in your face eletist additude, there is not one in obumer administration that would not drown if they went out in the rain,hell odumbo is still trying to sell his obamacare the golf can wait

    • 45caliber

      Oblama’s idea of being in charge is to go play another round of golf or take another vacation. He has put in more miles flying around the world and taken more vacation time than any other President.

      • kate8

        Don’t forget the lavish WH parties (while America is burning), $1,000 steaks, trips to Europe to take the missus and kids out to lunch, along with their entourage, jovial photo ops with sports teams (which take priority over issues of national importance), appearances on nighttime talk shows……

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Oh, believe me I haven’t forgotten the photo ops with the sports figures, especially after he tried to convince Lebron James to leave the Cleveland Cavs and go play for the Chicago Bulls!!!

          • Shasta

            big mistake there Joe……..Im a Clevelander and trust me, there are lots of Cavs fans who want to hang Ovomits Arse for interfering in what Bron decides…..Ha, nice move Ovomit, If Bron goes, Ovomit lost Ohio for sure!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            We can only hope, what with Cleveland electing Dennis kooksinich time and time again.

      • libertytrain

        When one is accustomed to not working much, it would be hard to actually do the work one is paid to do

        • kate8

          And once he started getting a taste of the good life…

          He has become that which he has always hated.

  • marvin

    i say if you are a legal citizen skin tone has nothing to do with being american my for father,s were here long befor the white black or brown man,i am american first and last, their an,t no such thing as a hispanic or african american or what ever country you came from,if you are american be american first be proud to be here legally if not go home to were you came from

    • NM


  • mehoward

    When you align yourself with the devil he’s with you until things go
    wrong then he comes at you from all sides. I think Obama has found this out the hard way. Put your trust in Jesus he never changes.

  • mehoward

    I guess the hispanics are taking a page out of Obama’s book. What have you done for me lately? You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.
    It’ll take a long time to get the stinch out of the Whitehouse. meh pensacola,fl

  • Skipster

    The real problen is this. Will all those people, that are disgrunted with President Obama do the reverse at the next Presidential election? If you don’t know a politician by now, you never will. The promise you the moon the stars and the sky just to get your vote. When they get in office, it’s too late. They can do what they want and your vote was wasted on false information. Guess what? The next Presidential election, expect the same. Just try to remember what happend 4 years prior. I have asked over and over for anyone to tell me what President Obama has done, since in office, to make their life better. To date and numerous blog sites later, NO ONE has come forward. If what he has done hasn’t turned you against him, wait until his 39% tax increase kicks in next month. It may open you eyes, but as history has it, a Democrat gets in office, raises taxes on the citizens and leaves office. A Repuclican takes over to try and fix it and all the media does is blame them for raising the taxes and all the sheep follow the media’s word. What a pityfull party of people.

  • NM

    Why do we have Irish American, african American or Hispanic American? Whjy don’t we just have AMERICAN AMERICAN!!! Why seperate ourselves into little groups instead of just being AMERICAN?

  • http://gmail i41

    NW, democrats always love to compartmentalize everyone into groups. It is easier to divide into groups, and feed each of the groups, the line of BS, so they hear what the dems want, the sheeple beleive everything is to their benefit. Blacks,Hispanics, Asians, Lesbians,Queers, steers, socialists, communists, or any other adnormal group is catered to, using the master democrat way blue print. The nore abhorant and non-conformist, the higher in the democrat leader ship role you climb. Look at all the social misfits that are appointed and are part of Omoron’s group, domestic terrorists, lezs, queers, pedophiles, socialists, communists, progressives, USA haters, and muslims just like Omoron himself. Kooks like Kagan fits a lot, of his ideal groups, fruitcake mental pattern.

    • Bob Wire

      Now that’s quite an assessment you got there! So this is a DNC exclusive!

      My my, what can I offer to support that? Hmm? I wonder how many WASP are GOP members, ~ let me check it out !


      The White Anxious Slander Party. This is where the Republicans have taken what is left of the GOP. Not the party of Lincoln. Not the party of even Reagan. The party of no-holds-barred fear, xenophobia, religious zealotry and racism has set itself into a new realm of gutter depravity.”<>”What three groups made up the Republican party in the South during Reconstruction?

      Scalawags-white Southerners who joined the party-were mostly former Unionists Carpetbaggers were Northerners who moved South after the war to reform Southern society or to make a fortune. The third group was African Americans eager to vote”<>”
      Top GOP power-broker Frederic Malek counted “ethnics” for Nixon

      As you may have heard, Frederic Malek, a top GOP donor and power-broker and adviser to Sarah Palin, is suddenly in the news for his role in helping purge Jews — otherwise known as “ethnics,” in the euphemism of choice — from the Nixon administration.

      As detailed in a great story today by The Post’s Jeffrey Smith, documents from the Nixon library have shed new detail on Malek’s role. While Malek long ago apologized, he remains a major player in GOP politics today, and Democrats are demanding that Palin and other Republicans distance themselves from him.

      But you have to look at a screen capture of this Nixon-era document to really get the flavor of what we’re dealing with here. Check out this memo which featured a detailed chart of the number of positions occupied by “ethnics” in the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a memo written by an official other than Malek but featuring a line added at the bottom by Malek, who initialed that line “FVM”:

      “It is interesting that of the top 17 positions, 10 are ethnics,” the memo says.

      The DCCC is pushing this hard today, demanding that Palin and other Republicans disavow Malek’s role with today’s GOP. I don’t know how likely that is to happen — the episode is decades old and Malek is an awfully prolific donor. So I doubt Palin will be weighing in on this on Facebook anytime soon, but it’s still an amazing glimpse of a sordid moment in our history.

      UPDATE, 4:36 p.m.: DNC spox Hari Sevugan argues this is not just ancient history and is directly relevant today:

      Mr. Malek has been appointed by a prominent Republican Governor,is a close advisor to the last GOP vice-presdiential nominee and is poised to spend $25 million dollars in support of Republican candidates in the fall of 2010. Mr. Malek is a key player in today’s Republican party and that’s why this is disturbing.

      I’m sorry the world is not all Lilly White like “us” ~ but you folks need to start warming up to the idea ~ someday.

  • kate8

    It’s the pandering progressive politicians who’ve used the oldest trick in the book for getting control of a nation: divide and conquer.

    Every ethnicity (except caucasion), every religion (except Christian), and every sexual orienation (except heterosexuals) have caucuses and lobbies in order to vie for preference and privilege. Immigrants are encouraged to keep their own cultures and languages. Americans are forced to bow to other cultures while we must not display our own.

    No wonder we’re fed up.

    • US Patriot

      I totally agree with you. If that isn’t prejudice then what is and what have they done to our Constitution?

  • Bob Wire

    >>”It’s the pandering progressive politicians who’ve used the oldest trick in the book for getting control of a nation: divide and conquer.”<<

    oh get real Kate8, it's not a democratic trick!

    it's just a trick! used by anyone that wants to accomplish something with the least effort required and it's a very old trick.

    The far right wing has gone so far as to played it on themselves.

    Shot themselves in their "own" foot! as they attempt to separate and divide! You people couldn't raise a majority if you life depended on it.

    If it's as suggested; The Mexican American is becoming dishearten with Obama. Who's offering valid options? You tell me who. Who's in the position of power or could be in position to affect the changes they desire? ~ ???

    Hells Bells, I'm disheartened as well, with progress on many fronts at many levels. But I'm not so simple minded that I'd lay it at one man's door step. Or to think, me trash mouthing someone to death will result in constructing change.

    And on a side note; The office of President has never been a popularity contest.( even thou some try to make it so) Even in my little business, my tiny empire, ~ I've learned to be well "liked" greatly overrated. Peoples "liking" or "disliking" is more or less up to them. I did it their way for 40 years and "their way" more or less offers me little.

    They are no where around when I needed them. Remember me? when I helped you get what you wanted? Oh yea, but that was yesterday! ~ We gave the top producers in this country tax breaks during both the 80's and 90's. And where are they now? Today ! When we need private venture capitalism to step up to the plate and deliver? Where's the jobs? Where the investments? They are GONE! Left the building!, leaving government and tax payer to bail their happy a$$es out.

    So F&*&^_+'em and feed them fish!

    This talk of unhappiness in Obama is much like McCain's position during the run-up to the election and showed me, he didn't have the heart or mind for Presidential Office. ~ McCain held the hopes of the RNC in his hands. If he'd sent Karl Rove packing and been his own man, he could well be our President today. What options would good conservative voters had?


    Mexican American, you free to vote your mind on the matter, maybe a Rand Paul or Shara Palin vote would serve you well. You got your one vote, best of luck to ya.

    I see it as more of a horse race, short odds pays small, bet small, win small, bet large win small.

    Long odds and Hail Mary passes are best left for when you can afford them or your back is against the wall.

    I feel it the former rather then the latter for these disgruntled ones. And if you can afford it ~ why are you complaining so?

    The answer? There no such thing as enough! as we are all seem to be from Needmore Texas.

  • Cindy

    Bob Wires painting with them wide brushes again, lol



    • US Patriot

      Most people don’t know because they do not see the Patriotic Mexican Americans fighting against the illegal immigration issue. Where are they? I am hoping that they will come forward and voice their concerns to the public so that we can all unite together.

  • DEE


  • Shirley R. Morgan

    Every American of Mexican descent, who are against illegal aliens should join The Patriots. You are wanted and needed. Your joining us would prove to Obama that the Patriots are not a racest group. We have never been against any citizen because of their heratige. We are against anyone who sneaks into this country illegaly to take jobs at a cut rate pay, use up social services, never paying hospital bills when they have children. Everything they do cost we the citizens. It is our tax dollars that support them. Obama and the other illegal aliens are ruining America!
    God Save America!!!


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