Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Dwindling Among Hispanics


Poll: Obama's approval rating dwindling among Hispanics Results of a newly released survey suggest that the administration’s lack of progress concerning immigration reform may have changed the perception that many Hispanic-Americans have of President Obama.

According to Monday’s Gallup poll, the president’s approval rating among Hispanics has fallen by more than 20 percent since January. In contrast, his popularity among African Americans and Caucasians has remained static over the last six months.

"The decline in Obama’s approval rating with Hispanics is seen mainly among those interviewed in Spanish: an 11-point drop in the past month and a total of 21 points since January," said the researchers. "However, his approval among Hispanics interviewed in English is down just 5 points since January."

Previous Gallup polls have indicated that the vast majority of respondents who are not proficient in English were born outside of the United States, leading the researchers to suggest that immigration reform may be a contributing factor in the president’s declining approval rating. Approximately one-third of the phone surveys were conducted in Spanish.

Many Hispanic groups have become disenchanted with Obama after he failed to live up to his campaign pledge to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill soon after taking office.

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