Poll: Most Americans Want Access To Guns, Support For Stricter Control Decreases


Most Americans want access to guns, support for stricter control decreases, poll finds A new survey has found that most Americans believe in access to guns, and while pluralities prefer stricter gun control laws, the number of people holding this view has declined in recent years.

The poll was conducted last month by Harris Interactive and found that 45 percent of respondents favor stricter gun control. At the same time, the researchers noted that the percentage has fallen since 2008 when 49 percent felt that way.

Moreover, slightly more than 30 percent of Americans say they have a gun at home today, for an estimated 42 million households. Furthermore, a staggering 80 percent believe people should have access to rifles or shotguns as well as handguns (74 percent).

Finally, nearly half of those polled believe that unconcealed weapons should be allowed, with 45 percent having the same opinion with regard to concealed weapons.

The results come as the Illinois State Rifle Association prepares for its 8th Annual Open House on June 26.

The event will feature demonstrations of range facilities, displays of vintage military equipment as well as vintage and modern sporting firearms, and the opportunity for the public to test-fire the latest weapons. There will also be a press briefing regarding the McDonald v. Chicago case that is now being argued before the Supreme Court. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19854576-ADNFCR

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