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  • Miley

    It seems twenty eight percent of those polled are dumber than dirt! OK, affirmative action is fine, but not really? C’mon, what are these people thinking? Oh, that’s right, they are American voters, so they don’t think.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Do you vote?

  • Alan

    Affirmative action my arse! Nobody should be accepted based solely on race. Figures it would be the democrats who were most strongly in favor of such nonsense.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    You should be admitted based on your admission testing scores! Not on race! You either pass or fail. And that depends on how much you have studied and actually learned before going to college . If you don’t make the grade, you should not be admitted! Should not of been a slacker. You should not be admitted based solely on race. Race has nothing to do with what your brain retains!

    • Alan

      I agree 100% Debbie. Many years ago I tried to join police and fire departments in several different cities only to be told I didn’t qualify simply because I wasn’t black or Hispanic. It had nothing to do with my ability to perform the necessary tasks but was rather based entirely upon their meeting the quota as established by affirmative action.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        30 years ago, I had went to apply for a job that the company my father worked for was hiring. Over 300 applicants showed up for one position lined up all the way around the building. A few days later my father was told that the job is open only to blacks because the Company needed to fill a government mandated quota based on race and had nothing to do with credentials or ability to perform any specific job. Companies either spend $30 – $40K to have a certain quota filed or face penalty fines and law suits that are hundreds of thousands of dollars if they are not in compliance. The boons they had hired didn’t work and refused to do any work and one even arrogantly and proudly boasted that he doesn’t have to do any work, he is there not to work but to file a mandate. Another boon that was hired solely to fill a Government requirement would take 2-3 hour breaks, sleep in his car for hours and show up at the time clock at quitting time to clock out and go home. The company didn’t need extra bodies to accomplish their staffing needs, But they had to spend the money to fullfill a government mandate or be penalized. It is not just the Obama administration that has been penalizing business. American Government has been penalizing business’s for years, and affirmative action is a big part of that.

        Yet people still wonder why American business is leaving this Country, affirmative action is not solely the reason but is a big contributor to the extermination of business in America. Other contributors are Unions and OSHA, EPA and other Government mandates and penalties that are driving business out of America. Foreign Countries gladly welcome these business’s and the tax revenue and employment they will produce for their Country.

        • Alan

          I hear you NObama! It’s a freakin’ mess this country’s gotten itself into.

    • deanbob

      The test score does not measure determination to succeed. I’ve never been the smartest; but few ever work harder. And there are ‘extra curricular activities’ that demonstrate a certain well-rounded individual.

      • Rainey Grimes

        You’re way off.

        • Debbie Hogan Tate

          On what exactly?

          • Whackajig

            Deanbob says that test scores do not matter and that is what affirmative action is all about. On that he is way off,

          • Debbie Hogan Tate

            I agree. I thought you meant me.

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        I agree but you have to test out at a certain percentage in order to be accepted. I am not saying that determination does not play a part! I went college 30 years after I got out of HS! I wasn’t a great student in HS but retained enough to pass the test to get in.

  • Ol’ Grey Ghost

    As I said it before…

    If something is wrong one way, it is wrong the other way, too…

    • Whackajig

      I shall await the time when the tigers put people in cages.

      • Ol’ Grey Ghost

        Sharks already do that in an indirect kind of way…

  • Brent

    I quit college for exactly that reason. I was told since i was a white male, i wouldnt have a chance at my chosen profession without at least 6 yrs of college. But had i been a black woman, a highschool diploma would have been good enough. I just decided i didnt want to be part of a discriminatory system like that, and quit.

    • billybob

      My boys were told face to face that they would never become firemen because they were white and the fire departments were only hiring minorities. True story. Now twenty years later most of those minorities are in high positions of management. I often wonder if they were promoted by their abilities or their race. In the end they must look into the mirror everyday. Most will fool themselves into believing that they got it by hard work. Who know maybe they did!

  • jay

    What poll was this? The Gallup or Gullible pole? Who were the people that were polled, all minority groups? Get real, affirmative action is widely frowned upon, in a real poll by a 2 to 1 margin. All should be judged, in this case on the content of their grades, not the color of their skin.

    It is time to stop enabling the “so called victims in this land”. Starting with the current pity party by the potus in the TM trial.

  • chrisnj

    When you call it something like “affirmative action”, it sounds good doesn’t it? Two positive words together with no clearly defined meaning.

    Yet we all know what it really is, and if more people hadn’t been mal-educated by a state-centric education system, they would call it by its real name – racial and gender-based discrimination – or if you prefer, “reverse” discrimination (apparently as a counter to the “forward” kind”.)

    Attempting to “cure” racial bigotry and gender-based disadvantage by promulgating an institutionalized form of required actual discrimination on the basis of race and gender hardly lifts people up. It only casts doubts on whether you are truly qualified or were the beneficiary of unearned privilege and advantage.

    Mr Obama is the face of an affirmative action president, who has been fast-tracked on the basis of his claim to a certain racially-based skin pigmentation. And except for a natural gift for reading well off a teleprompter, is arguably the most unqualified and incompetent man in any room, and wholly unqualified by intellect, values, or character to be an American president worthy of the title.

  • Eagle525

    Most Americans GOT IT WRONG! AF was well intentioned but went BAD by creating a special class of people, now three generation deep, that are used to being “entitled” and see themselves as perpetually “victimized”. AF has played its part in spawning reverse racism as illustrated by the fall out after the Zimmerman verdict. That was not a case of self defense, it was as Sharpton would have us believe, a “war on brown teenagers”. Making one group of people “special” has turned the likes of Sharpton and Jackson into race mongers, and they have made “race” an industry unto their own. America will never overcome race issues until all people are treated equitably within the law and that friends was MLK’s dream of a color blind society. Why did all this go so wrong?

    • Whackajig

      It went wrong when Americans realized that even with inordinate help, blacks were still inferior. Google it and you will see that scientific studies confirm the disparity between whites and blacks. Sorry, I am aware that the truth will be very hurtfull to both blacks and to “N” lovers.

    • billybob

      Yup the Fed’s went and made both the Black and Hispanics a special class by law. Did you know that a white mother of a black child was barred from seeing her son’s IQ test. The black childs medical and metal history were sealed from her. Wait a minute! Wasn’t Obama’s medical and school records sealed???? Well now that explains it1 All this time I thought it was because he was using another name like Barry Sotoro and calling himself an Indonesian citizen. I wonder what Obama thinks about that other Barrack Obama born in Kenya around the same time as he was born. Just a coincidence! Well little did I know!

  • savage24

    I get the feeling the polls are rigged. Nothing in this country should be based on skin color. Merit and character should be the first and only consideration. Haven’t we seen enough of what “Affirmative Action” has produced, especially in education. College graduates that read at the third grade level, because the standards have to be lowered so that quota’s can be met. This solves nothing. Of course, with the government we have today that is killing the productivity of our country, a college degree is now need to flip burgers at McDonalds. Hows that for cheapening what a degree once stood for. This is a classic example of government intervention.

    • Whackajig

      There are some things which absolutely must be based on skin color. For instance when a movie casting director wants a black man for a particular role, such as a savage from the wilds of africa, he surely cannot select a blonde haired, blue eyed person can he? If some one is being sought to play the part of Lincoln, can a black be selected? If you wish to show the typical ghetto parasite, you cannot show a fair skinned person.

      • billybob

        Do some reading on the film makers in the 20’s and 30’s. The almost always used whites to play Blacks and Indians in their films.

  • Stuart Shepherd

    It’s more than college campuses. (Private) employers will be sued by feminists lawyers if there are not enough females in a job position to their liking, evidence of “discrimination.” So, employers set up quota systems, which are completely discriminatory in most cases.

  • Harold Olsen

    When people have asked me if I believe in affirmative action, I respond by saying to them, “Define affirmative action.” Most either can’t or won’t define it. I will then say, if affirmative action means treating everyone equally, regardless or race or gender and basing decisions on ability and qualifications, then I’m in favor of affirmative action. If it means giving minorities and women special treatment and considerations, then I’m against it. Most will then claim the former, though I know they believe in the latter. The former is what affirmative action what meant to be. The latter is what it ended up being. Minorities and women were given special treatment and considerations because of their race or gender, not because of their qualifications or abilities. Blacks and women (Mostly feminists) claim they neither want nor need special treatment or considerations, but that is what they demand. If they don’t get it they accuse you of racism or sexism. I knew a guy once who had a small business. He employed about 100 people. Prior to affirmative action, he hired the best qualified people, not caring about race or gender. Affirmative action decreed that the workplace must reflect the community you live in. In other words, if blacks made up 10% (which was the make up of my community at the time) of the population then companies had to have 10% black employees. This guy resented being told whom he could or could not hire. So, he stuck with the letter of the law. He kept his black employees down to just 10 people. If a black employee quit or was fired, he replaced him with another black person. If a white person quit or was fired, he replaced them with a white person. Everyone knew what he was doing, but he was abiding by the law and no one could do anything about it. A lot of other companies did the same thing. In many ways, affirmative action has hurt minorities and women.

  • Whackajig

    Affirmative action = blacks readily admitting that they cannot compete without an unfair advantage. If we had affirmative action for major sports teams, would they still be comprised of mostly blacks?

  • Al Chemist

    If Blacks would think about it for a while, affirmative action is highly insulting to them. Most will not think about it, throwing out the quote: “This make up in a small part for past injustices.”

  • chocopot

    That poll is probably as accurate as the unemployment and inflation figures we are given. Aside from that, AA as it is practiced is blatantly unconstitutional, imposing quotas and providing for lower standards based on race and gender.

  • laura merrone

    Twice I was asked if I were Hispanic. (I look Hispanic but am really Italian.) I said no both times. Those were for full time jobs that I were denied because I didn’t meet their quota…Now, I am content with a part time job and have given up on anything else. Mmmm….and I graduated near the top of my class from college. Being classified as white is definitely a disadvantage.

    • billybob

      That’s what you get for being honest! In order to get to the top, you need to have no morals or integrity. If the government is giving away something for nothing you need to get up early and get in line. If the government asks you how many kids you have tell them 20. They know your lying, but hey, your one of them so it’s cool! If your diction is flawless, but you want a fellow minority to have work ask for an interpreter. If your here in this country illegally and with out papers, you go on the offense and march in large groups. Most Socialist understand that the white man doesn’t have the stomach to stand up to this kind of confrontation. That is why they elect someone who is suppost to do their finghting for them. The foolish whites are letting the thugs in America take over their country.

      • laura merrone

        “Honesty is the best policy” used to be a common thought among Americans. That kind of thinking made our country great. If we lose our greatness, its because we have lost our goodness. I don’t regret being honest and I forgive all who offended me because I’ve probably offended a few folks too. I am a Christian and will stay at the bottom if it means my integrity and morals stay with me.

  • dan

    Everybody is for equal rights and affirmative action….until they realize it just discriminates against their own group….
    sort of like everyone’s a big government progressive until they get mugged by the IRS , EPA ,etc.

  • confused again

    You can’t have it both ways! Either on merit or on affirmative action. It works well in South Africa where affirmative action has resulted in total chaos, corruption and drop in performance. The SAA and SABC are prime examples of how things can go awry when the plan is to make incompetents the generals. Those fools do not even have the imagination to employ a few on merit which would make their performance better and make them look good instead of like the corrupt fools they are. Of course, if the plan is to fool everybody and create blatant confusion and lie all day long then competent people are a no-no. Then what is required are the likes of Obama and Holder. The right tool for the right job, depending on what the job requires and Obama and Holder are perfect tools for the elites.

  • Michael Shreve

    Discrimination to END discrimination. What a FARCE!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    What’s the goal, now? Institutional racism is unconstitutional and should be stopped so we stop having protests whenever a black people get themselves killed.