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Poll: Majority Of Voters Favor Repeal Of Healthcare Bill

August 2, 2010 by  

Poll: Majority Of Voters Favor Repeal Of Healthcare BillAlthough months have gone by since healthcare reform legislation was signed into law by President Obama the debate still rages on as to whether the bill should have been passed in the first place.

In fact, this week’s Rasmussen Reports poll found that 58 percent of voters believe the law should be repealed, marking a two-point increase from the last time the survey was conducted. In contrast, only 37 percent of voters oppose such a reversal.

Furthermore, a total of 44 percent of those surveyed feel that repealing the law would be good for the economy, while only 28 percent believe it would be detrimental.

However, while a growing number of people support the idea of reversing the law, a declining percentage of Americans believe a repeal is likely.

"The talk about repealing healthcare just won’t go anyplace," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. "It’s been good, and our country is better for having passed this legislation."

The poll also found that a vast majority of voters think that less government regulation and more competition are key to turning around the economy and promoting job creation.

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  • s c

    America DOES NOT want Obama’s fascist healthcare scam. Reid can take his sensitive nose and his Gestapo attitude and retire in any fascist country dumb enough to accept him.
    Uncle Scam has no business being in the healthcare “business.” All governments that pursue power for the sake of power always tell people that no one can do things the way government does. This is true. But, it never fails that a huge, corrupt government wears brass knuckles under its velvet gloves.
    Stick to defense and matters outlined in the Constitution, Uncle Scam. I wouldn’t trust you to take out the trash, let alone protect America’s borders or “reform” healthcare.

    • JeffH

      As the infamous “Macho Man” Randy Savage would have said…ooohhhhh yyyeeeaahhh!

    • Al Sieber

      Very well put, SC.

    • Deborah

      ting ting ting …here, here…WHOLE HEARTEDLY! YES!

    • http://personlibertydigest Dee

      Government is not the solution, it is the problem.
      Our freedoms is quickly disappearing. obummer is pure evil.

    • Rod

      What we need to do is: VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Take Congress back and the Senate AND THEN- – - IMPEACH THE PRETENDER THAT IS LIVING IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

    • David

      Yeah, count me in on repeal. If kids get sick, it’s their own fault. They should have their coverage dropped. If 42,000 American citizens die each year because they have no health coverage, that’s a small price to pay to keep our population under control. If 275,000 American families go bankrupt each year in our country because they can’t pay cash our of their pockets for medical care, it’s their fault. They should have worked harder in school and made something of themselves. If millions of Americans pay their insurance premiums for 40 years and then get dropped when they truly get sick, so be it. That’s what socialists and the weak deserve. I’m with you republican/conservatives!!! You go SC!


      • http://naver samurai

        This legislation is a violation of the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and is not wanted by a great majority of the people. Who are you to say such ignorant drivle like that? Remember our founding principles of self reliance, personal responsibility, and the vison to ensure that government remains our servants and not our masters (limited government)? Each person or household is responsible for their own healthcare and the healthcare of their children, not the already too big government. Sounds like you have a problem with working hard and being responsible. Remember, even Jesus warned against us being lazy. So, get off your backside and get a job, you moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • David

          Prove it! Case citation?

          • http://naver samurai

            Raed your Bible, the Constitution, and any books about our founding fathers. I have many of them at home, care for me to post them so you can look them up?

      • Rusticus

        David, it’s nice and quite surprising to see an oasis of reality. It is so easy to forget that there are places in this country where reason still rules.

        • David

          Thanks for understanding and appreciating the purpose of my sarcasm. SC did not. What a surprise.

          • Judge

            David, SC said all that needed to be said. When you finish the suggested reading, if you feel the necessity to come back here and prove your inability to undrestand, I’m sure someone will try to help you. God Bless & Semper Fi! Judge

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    This administration is not concerned about the will of the people. It is painfully obvious. I have not had a raise in 3 years. I do not belong to a union. I would rather not belong to a union than get a raise. However, where I work I can either ‘take’ the insurance offered me or leave it. My family needs health insurance, so I will take it. I don’t have a choice but to pay the increase and the change of companies. If I were to get a raise, I am sure it won’t cover the increase in my insurance. How is this better?

    • Deborah

      I hate to say this, they are getting ready to make you hurt so bad your not going to be able to work. They want MEXICAN/LATINO wage earners.
      Read the 2011 tax budget. Raw data if you can find it. Anti American laws, one right after another.
      Store up supplies. Make peace with your maker dude!

    • David

      Robin, do you know what the greatest UNION in the history of the world is? The United States of America. “We the people…” ARE A UNION. There is nothing wrong with that. Join the UNION and fight for the health and prosperity of your family.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        there is no comparison between the US and todays union. I suppose you think it is ok with you that SEIU thugs beat the hell out of a man for disagreeing with Nobama care? I suppose you think its ok for them to demand open voting so they can threaten the dissenters into joining the unions. If that is what you think, you can kiss the dark side !!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Stop drinking the kool aid, it’s frying your brain. What little there is of it!

  • TIME

    Folks, again it has never been about Health Care, nor the Health of anything that you would be involved with.
    Its all about “POWER & CONTROL” over your life.

    This has always been so obvious it hurts, again what has a “health Care bill” have to do with student loans?
    As you have all seen Bart the Fart Stupidpack’s little dingel berry show has been shown that was also an outright LIE.

    As I heard the other day the fellow from SC Joe Willson who called Barry a Lier was right about the Illegals getting Health Care, as in the bill they do, so much for the medias abilitys to tell the truth.

    And thats just the tip of the ice burg, how about that {sliding scale of health care,} hows that fit on ya?

    Again its all about POWER & CONTROL, plain and simple.

    Oh and keep in mind that the congress got well over “25 million” Fax’s, letters eamils and that many calls to VOTE NO on this Health Care bill, compare that number with less than 90,000 that wanted it, hows that work again?

    • Pep

      You are “right on”, Time. Interesting how long this attempt has been progressing. I use the black population as an example. They thought they left slavery behind, only to become slaves again to their leaders, and U.S. Government. Shortly it will be the Latinos who opt to live under all the U.S. Government is offering them, if only they will obey the rules of “engagement”. Many others of the population are quickly falling for the same “I’ll take care of you forever”, nonsense.
      Where do you think slavery comes from??? Power gained!

    • JeffH

      TIME, as usual another good post…keep ‘em coming…

      • Judge

        It’s all about how many people can I get on entitlements, and how can I give all the illegal immigrants amnesty and citizenship, and how can I get poor worthless people covered under health-care, so they will be indebted to me enough to vote for me in 2012. Without that Pelosi is out, Reid is out, Obama is out, and a bunch of other Senators and Congressmen who are supporting the Socialist takeover of our country. Look at the end and you will understand the means….They are trying to take over this country, VOTE and make preparations to block this unless a Socialist state is what you want the USA to become. They are making preparations to take over, and we must make preparations to stop them……Judge

  • Colo43

    The Betterment would come if Congress were given the same health care.
    Then and only then would we see a change.

  • Barbara Humphrey

    Many of us do not support the healthcare reform law that was enacted because we believe it did not go far enough. We advocated for a single payer system, and were angry that single payer was not even allowed at the table. We want insurance companies out of health care. We want to make healthcare decisions with our physicians, not an insurance company who tells us what is allowable. However, at this point, we are accepting what was passed and hope we can build on that.

    • s c

      BH, your “reasoning” is the same emotion-based garbage that saddled America with abortion. While you’re in an arse-smooching mood with MDs (politicians in white coats), you might explain how being one of Queen Pelosi’s followers will make anything better. You are some kind of spooky. No more Kruel Ade for you. You’re already “there.”

    • alpha-lemming

      And Government won’t tell us what’s allowable?!?!? I’m not sure which Government you’re talking about but it sure as h*ll ain’t the one currently on display. It’s not fair (neither is life), but at least with private insurance, you have the opportunity to pay through the nose for “Cadillac” coverage. Governments “one size fits all” mind set will be more akin to “Jugo” coverage!! To think otherwise is lying to yourself and everyone you’re convince.

      • alpha-lemming

        Sorry…….. TRYING to convince.

      • Deborah

        ummm, What? Did I understand you to say, you are okay with this administration? Can you please point out 1, just 1 good thing about him?
        Oh, rules…it can not be about his looks, his wife or his children. It has to do more with his faithful push to change us to Islam, Marxist and dictator opinions I’m more interested.
        You are a terrorist, according to Obama, just because you are an American.
        If you are of color (black) and an American, he says you are a mongoloid.
        Go ahead help me with the understanding of your answers because you just totally freaked my entire system up.
        I see evil, you see ?
        Wait until all these new laws pass. You’ll feel it then. Personally, you probably deserve this more than others.

        • alpha-lemming

          ????? Not sure what was ambiguous with my answer… but… this administration IS the GREATEST THREAT to this country in its’ 200+ year history!! Hope that clarifies. I WILL FIGHT THEM (politically now….. later..??) WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY BEING, so long as I’m able!! Republicans (Progressive McCain, Snow etal.) are almost as bad but I think (hope) they’re correctable. And I don’t think the majority of the party are Communists. If I didn’t say so, I think I implied “the Government is sure as @#$$^$%$ going to deny coverage to tons of people for tons of reasons… including, but not limited to.. Will the patient live long enough for me to get a return on my investment”?? THAT’S EVIL!!

    • Betsy Lewis

      I seriously question any poll that shows Americans against the Health Care reform recently passed unless they feel it didn’t go far enough. We should have a single payer and take the control away from the insurance companies that run our country. All these polls are based on what the public is being told by sources like Faux news and the Republicans and not what the law actually does are of no value.

      • Double A

        Betsy should take her head out of the sand and obtain a copy of the 2K + pages of the health denial bill and read it. She will be amazed with all of the non-health law that has been written into this document of doom.

        Listening to FNC also may help Betsy get a better grip on what really goes on at the funny farm in DC.

      • elmer

        Just what system does the insurance companies control.They oonly pay the cla€ims that your policy covers, and i would rather have that than for the gov. to tell me what tests i can have and how many days i can stay in the hospital after surgery.If you let the single payer system so much, move to G.B and find out what a sorry system they have.Obamacare is for the birds, and needs repealed, and replaced with a sensible system, where you can keep your doctor, and get the care you are willing to pay for.As far as Fox news is conserned, they are the only network that tells you the truth about the daily news, and keep you informed what is happening in the nation and the world.The main stream media no longer exists, so where do you go for news.FOX NEWS

      • s c

        Earth to Betsy . . . what makes you think Fox News has to be a part of Big Brother’s media whorehouse? Any adult who relies on the lamestream news for information is guilty of having surrendered to corrupt government. America’s media has been in bed with progressive politicians since before you were born.
        Fox News stands out because it doesn’t adhere to the government’s choke-and-puke philosophy. So what’s your excuse for being so predictable? To guess, you’re so predictable that you’d vote for a Hitler as long as your political icons want the SOB elected.

        • Duende

          Oh My God! You think FOX news isn’t a part of that illusion? I’m aware that Betsy may not be aware of CNN’s role in it but I was hoping people on this group had their heads out of their ass a little more than that (and some do thanks God)

          • s c

            Ye gods, D! Is your complaint with Fox News or its owner (Rupert)?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I didn’t see anything about the million dollar ad that Nobamacare took out with Andy Griffith to promote it!!! I DID see it on Fox, however!!!! How many of those underinsured you guys speak of could have coverage for one million dollars??? And who’s to say it stops there!!

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Betsy Lewis… So you have read the bill and approve?

      • Deborah

        well, the results in Texas are posted…let me post the link so you can see…Ballot Prop #2: Controlling Government Growth
        YES REP 1,291,322 91.92%
        NO REP 113,455 8.07%
        Race Total 1,404,777
        Ballot Prop #3: Cutting Federal Income Taxes
        YES REP 1,316,283 93.09%
        NO REP 97,652 6.90%
        Race Total 1,413,935
        Ballot Prop #4: Public Acknowledgement of God
        YES REP 1,376,450 95.15%
        NO REP 70,088 4.84%
        Race Total 1,446,538
        Ballot Prop #5: Sonograms
        YES REP 971,137 68.69%
        NO REP 442,518 31.30%
        Race Total 1,413,655

        bottom of this link:

        Where’s your supporting data? oh, this is election results. I expect something better than the president said.

      • Deborah

        oh, forced insurance really wasn’t a big thought on their part. They didn’t have to pay for it…the immigrants are well cared for under the 2011 tax budget. Little fat kids will learn to eat more healthier items. Oh f’in goodie!
        You hurtin for money and services now, You’ll love Holdren! He believes in rationing the health care you get. I can see how you’d just go gaga over the next tax hike, wiat…we’ve had another since and they may try to shove another through before November. So, girl, you happy now, you won’t be for long. You surly in for a big splash of O’bama pee in the face! As for the rest of us, we don’t want that close to him or his ideals.

      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry Betsy, but this legislation is a violation of the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and makes the government too big to be the way our founding fathers would want it. It’ll also be sfort lived, as of November it’ll be on its way out. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I try to say this so you won’t be confused. I am against the healthcare bill and I think it goes TOO FAR!!! There, is that clear enough for you??? There are many more like me out there because we think the government should NOT be able to pass a law making a citizen purchase any product!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Here, here! Keep up the good fight fellow patriot!

      • Norm Linds

        It sounds like you might like to be a clone, by that I mean let the government run your life. That is not what freedom is. What we all need to do is to be RESPONSIBLE for our selves! What makes our insurance companies sound like they are greedy is the damn lawyers out scamming us citizens to benefit themselves and who are the scums in DC other than lawyers. THE SCUMS HAVE NO RIGHT GETTING INTO OUR LIFES LIKE THEY ARE DOING. Lets wise up before it is to late. If we don’t now it may be to late. Who knows if we will be allowed to vote in 1012!!

    • Christine

      Can you explain how a single payer system would work? Who would be the “single payer”? Where would it get money from to pay doctors, etc? How does one sign up to benefit from this single payer? what was wrong with the old system that a little competition couldn’t fix? And what about tort reform? do you think obamacare would have “passed” if Congress (like the rest of us) had to be covered under it? Can we afford ObamaCare? I know there are a lot of questions here…Also, if I take good care of myself and another person eats poison and feeds junk food to their children, should I be responsible for them? Should I have to pay for them?

      • s c

        Someone please explain to Christine what is so wrong with Comrade Obummer’s ‘single payer’ plan. I’ve had all the progressive pablum I can stand for a while.

        • Duende

          If Obama was offering true single payer as practiced in other evolved countries that would have been a great stride forward. But the insurance companies through the right wing media (yes.. the beloved FOX news being the primary detractor) have trampled anything that might have been good for the American people and the democrats through Obama are representing those interests any way so as usual, we The People get shafted from both sides of the court.

          • Gorba

            Yes Duende, those evolved “Bankrupt” countries. England is now considering breaking up the single payer system. Go and look at their teeth for heavens sake.

            You’re clueless.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have a friend that lives in France and she hates her coverage! Her taxes are sky high and she can’t work ANY overtime to get any extra money either!!!

    • Ron

      Barbara, you are going to be sorely disappointed if you think this bill is something that can be built on. It’s only going to get worse. And just because as you say many do support the bill, many more than that don’t. The will of the majority was ignored. It’s all about control and nothing about improving health care.

  • Dave and Judy

    I favor the repeal of the Joker in the White House. Great orator, but what else has he done? Went to look at the oil spill at least four times and never went to see the floods down South.

    Be a DRIP in November = Don’t Reelect Incumbent Politicans

    If the incumbents won’t fix America, the voters will fix them!

    • Sue

      Great orator? Are you talking about “Um uh uh, I think, uh that we must move forward….. uh” Obama? Wow!

      • Christine

        “Great Orator” I don’t think so! He can’t get a word out without his trusty telepromptors!! Because he really doesn’t stand for anything except his own aggrandizement and power. I just can’t understand how this country fell for his crap in 2008!

        • Momo

          Simple, people were tired of Bush—remember! White liberals felt compelled to vote for this guy because he was black (at least 50%). Republicans were on the defensive, how could one defend Bush’s policies and get elected?

          • s c

            Momo, if it was that simple, then the RNC should have been gutted, castrated and cast to the four winds. If you will recall, Reagan didn’t get elected because he was trying to defend Nixon’s policies. Ergo, for anyone (especially a so-called conservative) to defend GB’s policies would have been incredibly stupid.
            What got Herr Obummer elected was a combination of lemming progressives and fence-sitting retards who thought their definitions of hope and change HAD to mirror Herr Obummer’s definitions. Now, those who were stupid enough to vote for a NWO, progressive back-stabber are learning that it pays to be very discerning when it comes to blind faith. Is this not so?

          • Deborah

            Momo, you need to think about what you say! It’s like masterbation, every body does it and everybody denies it.
            I can tell you right now, those people punched those holes with great pride. Obama skated through. Now, do I think the Republicans should of shouted their fool heads off? Hell ya I do!
            The news here didn’t say a word and we trusted them to give us the low down and dirty on these candidates. They didn’t! They scammed us.
            Now, go read Dreams From My Father and other writings Obama did.
            Then go google Holdren and the many other marxist he has put in place for what they are calling the “Shadow Government” that goes around every law and law maker we have in place.
            You go… there are many stories breaking through now.
            I’ve done my homework and I can tell you I’ve spent MONTHS screaming at my computer screen as I uncover more lies and the true intentions for our American way of life.
            You’ll be awake saying, “But, I helped you” see if that works. I’ll be behind the tree watching.

  • Liz

    Obama Healthcare! Nobody knows this healthcare has about 2,000 pages.Linden Larouse says Obama health care is copy of Hitler T-4 Nazi health care Sep/1939.Hitler killed people and changed the death certificates -normal cause.America needs less government and low taxes to prosper again.Awake up America!!!

    • Christine

      Everybod knows the HC bill has over 2,000 pages!! The problem is it passed anyway. Of course this was because they decided not to follow the rules and go with “reconciliation” meaning all they needed to pass this atrocity was 51% of the senate and not 2/3. One reason we were all so happy that Scott Brown got elected was because he was going to oppose the bill. so they played the dirty trick of the nuclear option and jammed this thing down our throats and passed the bill. Of course we had to “pass the bill so we can see what’s in it”! What rubbish! Nancy Pelosi should be laughed out of town, but instead she stays put. What’s happening to our country????

      • Robin, Arcadia, IN

        Christine… Good post… Nancy Pelosi needs to go! I think it is ludicrous that anyone in Washington would vote on something they haven’t read. It’s really sad to think that those who were elected to speak for us are so lame and greedy….

        • Judge

          That’s why “WE MUST REPLACE EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT OPPOSE OBAMA”S CRAZY POLITICS” or we are gona loose control of this country. We must suppport conservative constitutionalist from whatever party to get this country back under control. WE must bring back industry and become selfsufficient again, we must control immigration, we must balance the budget, finish the wars or withdraw, stop foreign students from attending college in the USA and train our own citizens, stop tourist visas for people from countrys who do not support US policy, require immigrants to become part of the American Social system and American way of life and accept American customs or LEAVE THE COUNTRY, make ENGLISH the National language and stop making announcements and printing Government literature in any other language- speak English or leave! If you want to be an American, be one! If you need to change this society so it fits you, you don’t need to be here. Every immigrant needs to remember they are free to leave at any time. We like the USA, we are the USA, we do not want to change to accomidate your needs, your welcome if you WANT TO JOIN US, and free to leave if not…..Judge

  • http://aol judy macneal


    When Obama put DONALD BERWICK in charge of health care he knew he will ration seninor’s and will ration any child that is disabled
    because they cost to much but congress no matter old they are will get plenty of health care. And the senior’s health care will go to the illegals so he can get their votes. HOW IS THAT FOR FREEDOM?

    • s c

      Judy, thanks for bringing up that half-assed Berwick (an MD, as I recall). Berwick’s presence is proof that Herr Obummer’s ‘trinity’ [hope, change and transparency] are mere words to be defined and re-defined by a Hitlerian personality. Please note that America’s prostitute media didn’t have much to say about Berwick – or Herr Obummer when he appointed him.
      With someone like Berwick running healthcare, we don’t need to look for Nazis, wannabe Hitlers or concentration camps that double as rest homes. Berwick is that and so much more.

      • Brad


        I’m for the repeal of HCR bill at any cost, but as I remember wasn’t Her Berwick a reses appointment to run this new so called program that will help every one, my ass it’ll help every one. This guy wants to run HCR just like the British healthcare run system, that guy needs a new brain because his prioroties are all screwed up!

        • s c

          Brad, yes, Berwick is a ‘recess appointment.’ Probably, when progressives start coughing up their feedback on this topic, they’ll line up to protect Herr Obummer and Berwick at the same time.
          Leave it to Herr Obummer to appoint someone who never heard that the British healthcare system is a monumental failure. Remember that whizzing up a tree is an art form with NWO progressives. The fact that you always get “wet” doesn’t register with them.
          Unfortunately, Herr Obummer’s addled, NWO progressive brain won’t reject a system that’s a recognized failure. He wants us to believe that just because it failed in England doesn’t mean it will fail here. After all, we have The Anointed One in the White House, and he’ll “take care of us.”

          • Christine

            Do you also know about John Holdren and his plans to cull the population? Check out Alex Jones and his video on food. It’s on You Tube. It’s called Food; The Ultimate Secret Exposed. It’s a MUST SEE! You will learn a lot! If these jokers get their way, our health freedoms are in jeopardy!

    • Christine

      it’s not freedom, it’s sickening! we are losing our country so obama can remain in power.

    • GregS

      As I said in a previous post, Berwick is the king of rationing. He is Mr. Death Panel, himself. I thought Obummer said there wouldn’t be any death panels. Oh yeah, that’s right…HE LIED!!!

  • Jim H.

    The majority of We the People didn’t want this plan in the first place and it didn’t phase them, they rammed it through anyway. I doubt they care that a majority want it repealed. I just pray that after Nov. we will get a congress that listens better( are hearing aids covered under the congressional health care plan?).

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

    Unfortunately, the reason it won’t get repealed is because republicans keep apologizing for telling the truth and would rather attack each other than stand up to the ‘bama ass kissin’democrats. PLEASE prove me wrong!

    • Ken

      And Moaboma could not have got elected if it were not for “W” and McCain. The republican party has set us up to fail via the socialist, communist, muslim, non-natural born citizen squatter in the White House.

  • Kevin of San Diego

    I wonder why as a small business owner in the private sector I am forced to pay for government employ, and officals pensions, healthcare, and entitlements? How did government justify all thes entitlements when they are hired to serve the public not themselves! This only continues to feed the glorified welfare system.
    Manditory healthcare being shoved down my throat so that some more fat unhealthy socialists can have healthcare is a criminal offense which I will not comply with!

    • Craig

      Then do not go along with that unconstitutional monstrosity. Stand up and fight. I canceled my health insurance. I talked with my tax attorney and fixed it so I pay exactly the tax that I owe so the IRS cannot take the fine out my return. And it will take more than a few IRS agents with shotguns to force me to comply or put me in jail. Time to fight for what is right people.

  • Kevin of San Diego

    I wonder why as a small business owner in the private sector I am forced to pay for government employ, and officals pensions, healthcare, and entitlements? How did government justify all these entitlements when they are hired to serve the public not themselves! This only continues to feed the glorified welfare system.
    Manditory healthcare being shoved down my throat so that some more fat unhealthy socialists can have healthcare is a criminal offense which I will not comply with!

    • Christine

      You Tube video
      Food; The Ultimate Secret Exposed
      by Alex Jones

  • Preston Jemmott

    Obama has a plan. Look out America. No Obamacare should never have passed. Backroom deals broken promises ,job offers and the like. Yes it should be repealed. But will it be? Not as long as we have a sitting Democratic President. If the Republicans take the House then I think the repeal movement will grow but no chance of repeal till 2012. On the other hand Obama I think wants the republicans to take the house,Then when all of his stupid socialist agendas fail he can blame the Republicans for not helping him and get re elected in 2012. God help this country if that happens. The republicans can refuse to fund any programs that Obama has signed into law sating budget concerns,but likely that our fearless leader will just veto. He needs to be impeached so that all of these things are null and void. Then we can start over with real health care reform and immigration control

    • Craig

      I think we can already see how they plan to stay in power. The repubs take over the House and stop Obummercare. Then the Dems/libs will just say that the repubs hate Americans and want you to die without health care. They just did something like this with the jobs benefits extensions. They claimed, yes it was a lie, that the repubs were against out of work Americans and said no to helping them. We all know the repubs are all for extending the benefits, just not by borrowing more money like the dems/libs wanted to do. Dems live by the old adage, if you tell a lie long enough people will believe it.

  • Preston Jemmott

    Gone will be the days of the really good insurance policies that employers offer.Because of all the new regulations it will be cheaper for an employer to pay the fines than offer coverage to its workers. If you look at the policies offered under Obamacare the out of pocket amounts are outrageous and the coverages are terrible. But that is what Obama is counting on. Everyone pay the fines and support health care for illegals. pre existing conditions oh yes you cannot be denied coverage but I do not think many people will be able to afford the premiums that go along with it.


    One thing constant. You can Buy Opinion.
    70% screamed for years–Reform That Expensive Sucker.
    Health Care Industry spend 150 Million fighting it.
    Barrage of distortions.
    70% said leave that wonderfu sucker alone we love it

    Reminds me of Grenada.
    70% said invasion was wrong
    Reagan goes on Tv and sid “We have removed the Vietnam Syndrome and got communism on the run.”

    Praise Allah! 70% approve of invasion after the blarney blabbering $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BUYS ANYTHING

    Invade a huge powerhouse of 88,000 evil mean awful people loaded with 10,000 BB guns.
    Price 100 american casualties
    Air Force came in shelling and bombing airport to clear it for Marines to take over.

    BIG PROBLEM. Marines were on ground when planes arrived!!!
    Marines were quoted “I started to shoot my own planes”
    Air Force did not know Grenada was on a different time zone.

    No surprise lookie
    Invasion directed by convicted Felon,wife abuser,pathological liar, coward who pleaded Fifth Amendment

    Initials= Ollie

  • Average Joe

    In the words of Robert Heinlein:
    “I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do”.

    I don’t care what laws they pass, I will not comply if it violates my personal convictions and moral terpetude. I can either follow God’s law or I can follow man’s law, but I cannot follow both…so I will follow God’s law..regardless of personal consequences to me.
    The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, anything else it public policy (read Moral Law) and has no place in this nation. I get my moral law from God…not man.
    It is time for us as a nation to stand up to these “moralists” who pass legislation giving us their interpretation of morality. How?
    Obviously, voting won’t work …since they have “rigged” the vote with computerized voting machines that are programmable to come up eith any vote they (those in power) choose to give us. It is not the vote that determines who wins, but rather he who counts the votes.
    So what is our recourse other than the vote?Well, there are acouple of things that come to mind:
    Jury nullification is my personal favorite. Refuse to convict anyone that has not committed a crime ( a crime must have a victim and there must be a loss of some kind). Speeding…not a crime…doing drugs….not a crime…murder…a crime….rape…a crime….most people don’t understand the difference between law and moral law. Moral law has no place in this nation and as such, we need to end it by refusing to convict people for non-crimes.
    The second option….if the first one gets kicked to the curb…involves a unified enactment of our second amendment rights and a march on D.C. to erradicate the vermin that have infested it for decades.

    • Average Joe

      For those that wish to know more about Juror’s rights and responsibilities:

      As you can see, it is in PDF format and can be downloaded. Please take the time to read it and understand our place in fixing this nation. We as individuals are more powerful than even the POTUS when we have the knowlege with which to do it.

    • Craig

      Stop with the truth, it hurts the libs pea brain.

      • Average Joe

        lol, someone has to try…no matter how much it hurts.

        I never learned from a man who agreed with me.
        Robert A. Heinlein

      • Average Joe

        I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe … Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. — From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing. Make them intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy.

        Daniel Webster

  • Mike Meyer

    We have all heard of the story that goes. “if you put a frog into a hot pan on the stove it will leap out to safety, but if you place it in a cold pan, then place it on the stove and heat it slowly, it will stand firm and burn to death.”
    Well, this is what we as americans are doing, being slowly heated with Liberal Agenda, the next thing we know, it’s too late to escape the disaster that is very close. Wake up people! It’s almost too hot to get out of what’s coming. Ribbit!

  • Mike

    I strongly believe that it should be repealed, if odummy doesn’t repeal it than we can always boycott the whole idea. If fifty eight percent of the people are against it then it would be hard for odummy to arrest that many people. I don’t care if they repeal it or not, I will not purchase it at all. odummy can kiss my rosy red keester. This country was founded on democracy not communism, so odummy what your trying to do won’t work. How many laws has this POS broken anyway?

  • Charles Newman

    There are two things that make Harry Reid correct about repeal of healthcare going nowhere at least until Jan.20, 2013, the filibuster and the veto. Get ready for the whining about Republicans shutting down the government when it is defunded though. When Nixon vetoed spending bills it was the President shutting down government. When Clinton did it was Congress shutting down government. When Obama does it guess who will get the credit for shutting down government?
    This time though, the people will shout hurray! When the government shuts down their reply will be SIGN THE BILL if you don’t want government shut down Mr. President!

  • American Vet

    As Pelosi said at the time she was urging passage of the HealthCare Bill–”We need to pass it, so that we can know what’s IN IT-!” This Bill was passed without Congress ever reading it-! Does that sound “Dumb, or What-?!” Who ever heard–”Don’t sign anything you haven’t read-!” (And especially–”No Blank Contracts-!”)

    • Craig

      Anthony Weiner just heard that statement from Hannity the other day. Hannity asked Weiner to pledge to not vote for ANY bill he has not read. Wanna guess if Weiner took the pledge?

      He did not. In true political weasel fashion he mealy mouthed his way around taking that pledge.

  • Bud

    Man reading this scares me.. looks like all those conspiracy stories I read back from the 70′s even are coming true.. In this country they had to slowly take us.. feed us their agenda by the small spoonful ..
    Make sure the U.S. Economy fails from all their Govt intervention..stimulus.. programs etc. then give us with a monetary collapse and ulta high inflation.. and voila! bring the govt answer to our woes to end the turmoil. man I see it coming too fast.

  • Mike Austin,TX

    Add my name to the list….

  • karl koebke

    How much more of the Liberal trash has to be forced down the peoples throat until they wake up and vote the entire bunch out off office? None of the ruling parties has provided anything for the working population. At the same time we must eliminate the entire bunch of appointed, not elected, bureaucrats at the local state and federal level. Enforce tort reform to get rid of these worthless army of lawyers destroying the country with class action and frivilous lawsuits.

  • Angelwannabe

    Repeal the damned Healthcare bill!, The Majority of the American people didn’t want it in the first!__I have to laugh when the Libby News media says, that BO has done more in 18 months, than what Bush did in 8 years. ___Yeah_Bush was no saint, but Barrack Obama’s done more, he’s trying to destroy us!

    • Average Joe

      I think they meant more damage in 18 months than Bush did in 8 years….
      While I agree that Bush did a lot of damage to this nation during his 8 years…Barry has done more harm in 18 months than almost any other president in history ( with the exceptions of Lincoln, Wilson and F.D.R).

      • Craig

        Do not forget those last 2 years of Bush the dems had control of congress. And Barry was a so-called Senator and voted along with Bush 80% of the time. Seems Barry was part of the problem.

        • Average Joe

          All 535 of them ARE the problem and we need to get rid of every last one of them…somehow…someway. Democrat or Republican is like Jim and Bob…just names. Jim and Bob have the same views about life, they just go about achieving those goals in a different manner. The final result is the same for both though.

          Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.
          Daniel Webster

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Where you been lately??? Haven’t seen you around!

  • chuck b

    knowing the republicans, if they return to power, i doubt if they have the backbone to defund the health care bill . go back to 1995 and see how gingrich handled shutting down the government, clinton accused newt and gingrich was nowhere to be found and the repubs caved. it won’t be any different this time around, lets face it these republicans have no fortitude when it comes to political battles. tom delay ws the only one of the bunch that could handle the demos and he couldn’t stay out of the cookie jar. if we don’t get some new blood this coming election, better join the democrats.

    • Norm Linds

      In other words join the commies!! NO WAY!!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Sure a majority of voters want the Healthcare Bill repealed, why not wait 6 months and repeal everything the marxist muslim and his socialist democrats have forced on the American citizens. When I read posts of people saying it is the republican and the democrats, my guess these same people voted for Onumnutts and the all socialist democrats, and are having buyer’s remorse, and they just will not admit to it. All democrats are socialists with a marxist core beleif, the more “eleitist education” they receive the dumber and more eleitist, they become even more worthless and corrupt. To break the problem of never leaving, serve a term and sit out 2 terms, then come back for another term, end the life time of beltway stupidity. If elected as a Representative, serve 2 years and sit out 4 and run again. As a Senator, serve 6 year term, sit out 12 years, and then they can serve again. It would cure the influence peddling problems. Might even get some better laws and repeal more worthless rules.

  • http://none Jim Maloy

    Here, here! Goverment has never been the answer., always the big problem.

  • http://none Jim Maloy

    How much will waiting six months will cost each american? All of this type of information is known by the people who wrote the bill. Doesn’t it make you wonder whatelse we are not being told? Pelosi has said before “Let’s pass the healthcare bil and then see what the bill really costs.” How can anyone trust that person? I’m all for a wholsale change in the congress and senate. The house and senate has been taking money from the entitlement known as Social Security for decades to pay for other programs. I’m all for the discontinuation of SS payments. All the Gov’t has to do is send me a check for every penny I have paid in. I will then take care of myself. Taking care of one’s self is a novel idea.

  • Bob Wire

    >>”“Let’s pass the healthcare bil and then see what the bill really costs.” How can anyone trust that person?”<<

    I don't think we can trust anyone that tells such a whopper!

    C&P (copy&paste) "Some of Rasmussen polls have contained two different weights for questions, depending on the party of the statesman in the question.[26][unreliable source?] In one example, the first question asks for a job rating for Tim Pawlenty, a Republican governor, using an approve/disapprove scale. The next question asks for the way that Al Franken, a Democratic senator, is performing his role, but uses a Excellent/Good/Fair/Poor scale. Nick Panagakis of has pointed out that, when using the latter scale, "approval is often reported by combining the top two and bottom two scores", including the "fair" score as a "disapproval" vote.[27]

    I'd say Ransumussen Polls is about an unbias and the DA"s office with sex offended suspect.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcutt

    You know there is something you are all forgetting. If you look closely, health care is all about money. Money the average citizen doesn’t have and the US Government doesn’t have and the Hospitals doesn’t have. Now the Rithschilds have the money and they don’t need all of what they have stashed away for a rainy day etc.. I heard once the Evelyn Rothschild boasted that he alone was worth 600 TRILLION dollars, Euros,,,whatever. Most of what he has is in Gold, maybe 400 Trillion worth, and with Gold soring on the stock markey to.. whatever he could be worth ,, 999 Trillion someday. What would a 20 Trillion gift to the American Health care system do? Why it would solve the problem just fine thank you… Problem is how do we get the Rothschilds to give… us a gift? I know one way but that’s for another discussion at a later date.

  • Vera da Vinci Auburn WA

    I have just this VERY IMPORTANT thing to say: I read (way up in this long presentation of illogical biased politically STUPID ignorant tirades that totally ignore the reality of today’s world: “GET A JOB (implying: get off your lazy duff – HA, right – sure, so as to be able to pay for the health care of your family …”) Oh yeah. One huge stumbling block: WHAT JOB?? WHERE? WHO IS HIRING NOWADAYS?? Thanks to the continuous unwavering obstructionism of Republicans – yes, swallow THAT – there are NO jobs out there, especially no jobs paying well enough to cover those monstrously inflated medical costs (read: costs set up by a pack of thieves – that is, the medical industry working hand in glove with the rightist politicians) that no one in the vast group of ordinary people can possibly pay. So indeed, the phrase: JUST DIE (tio bring costs down) does not appear so outrageous any more – it is, in the eyes of those blind to reality monsters – quite a cceptable.
    Sop think upon that, as you lie dying somewhere, where you heard “No health card? No insurance? Sorry, we can’t help you. G’bye.”
    And that’s all THEY wrote – er, voted on.

  • http://none NC Patriot

    We must remember that all elected officials, federal employees and military personnel must sign an oath upon entering their service to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. (This may not be the exact wording but the substance of the commitment is there.) Even with the most liberal spin/interpretation, I find it difficult to conclude that an Attorney General that refuses to enforce imigration and voting laws, a President that signs legislation clearly at odds with our Constitution/Bill of Rights and appoints judges that trample our Constitution to promote a liberal agenda, and Congressional leaders that write the onerous, illegal laws, have even remotely considered, let alone fulfilled their oath. Apparently the oath of service means nothing anymore; promoting a socialist agenda now supersedes everything. Our founding fathers and true Democrats would not recognize our current state of politics and our federal government. I am encouraged to see more and more American Patriots taking a stand. When the rest of our fellow Americans get their heads out of the sand, we will have hope for a brighter future. As it currently stands, our great nation is burdened with untenable debt, hopelessly divided and very likely seen its better days. I am still bound by the oath I took in 1978 and will honor it until I draw my last breath. I pray daily for our nation.


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