Poll: Key Obama Supporters Losing Faith


During President Barack Obama’s first campaign he managed to sail into the White House with overwhelming youth and minority support. The President was able to reestablish hype with members of the same demographic in his second campaign.

But as Obama moves further into his second Presidential term, blacks, Hispanics and young voters are increasingly tiring of the President’s inability to deliver on idealistic campaign promises, according to poll results.

The results of the latest Zogby Analytics poll of 919 likely voters show Obama carrying only 46 percent approval among young Americans, 68 percent among Hispanics and 84 percent among blacks. By contrast, Obama won the 2012 Presidential election with respective 61, 71 and 84 percent support those demographic categories.

Zogby  explains the slipping support as follows:

Here it is the summer of 2013 and the President faces a barrage of bad news. First it is a series of scandals – Benghazi, the IRS, and NSA eavesdropping. Then it is chaos in Syria and Egypt, while the nation he leads stands by powerless. All of this is followed by the antics of a young high school dropout who has used his security clearance to reveal highly classified secrets that are embarrassing the United States before its allies. To cap it all off, the President’s domestic agenda is stalled, notably his efforts to pass the first real immigration reform in a generation.

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Sam Rolley

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  • Diane Ringen

    I hope they will all see the man they have been supporting for who is really is.

  • chrisnj

    The real support level for Obama is much less than any poll reports. What people tell pollster in controversial areas especially involving race rarely matches their true sense of the matter, and the constant media propaganda campaign propping up and covering for the incompetency of this president and his animosity toward the American system of governance and ideals (reflections of those occupying the liberal-socialist dominated media and entertainment industries) is worth at least 20 points.

    It is significant that even many self-identified blacks openly admit they voted for him only because they felt it important have someone not white-Caucasian elected, regardless of whether they agree with him on many or any of the important issues in their lives. As morally vacant as they are collectively as a political movement, Democrats do play celebrity and race politics well, and are not shy to use any potential wedge issue to divide and conquer the electorate.

    And it will continue to work until it doesn’t any more. Privately at least, more and more people aren’t buying any of it. Hopefully more of them will begin to walk the walk.

    But perception matters, and people want to be part of the apparently winning team. That’s what propaganda is all about.

  • Quester55

    Hindsight is always better than foresight & in the case of those that where foolish enough to vote for OBAMA a second time, The World Pity’s the Fools!!
    While these Brainless Sheep where being led to the slaughtering pens, the rest of the world was trying to warn them, But they were way too smart to listen!
    Who’s Sorry Now?

  • Quester55

    Like the Devil, Obama has a Gifted Tongue to sell the Foolish, lies to make them feel better, Not caring that his words can led to their own deaths.
    My Brothers & Sisters, Now is the time to ban together & choose whom will be our only master. Will it be this Devil’s servant, Obama?
    Or will you choose to be the true servant of the “One True & All Powerful GOD, JESUS?”
    the choice is yours, But Choose wisely!

  • Alan

    I cant help but notice that the same 84% are still stupid.

  • Robbie

    Supporters certainly are disappointed with the fact that Obama’s plans have not all been met. But they are not blaming the President – they are blaming the Republicans who have made it a sacred mission to oppose anything the smart black guy has wanted to do. That’s why the popularity rating of the President is at about 48% and the popularity rating of Congress is something like 9%. Last time I checked 48 is bigger than 9!

    • slapjack

      You need an MRI to make sure you still have a few brain cells left.

      • Robbie

        Thanks for the medical advice but do you have anything pertinent to say?

  • Chris

    With the exception of a few good eggs with a “brain”, mostly ALL of Washington sucks. My favorite is how they just give our money away to other countries and to just ANYBODY they let into THIS one, while our own citizens are starving and jobless. Well, if anybody believes in prayer, this is the time to do it………we need to pray for saviors with brains to save this country from the morons.

  • Ibn Insha

    Obama supporters are losing faith in Obama not because he is bad, it is because he is not bad enough. Nothing to be glad about. That means next time his supporters will elect somebody worse than him.