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Comment Policy: We encourage an open discussion with a wide range of viewpoints, even extreme ones, but we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments toward the author(s) or comment participants. Make your case passionately, but civilly. Please don't stoop to name calling. We use filters for spam protection. If your comment does not appear, it is likely because it violates the above policy or contains links or language typical of spam. We reserve the right to remove comments at our discretion.

29 thoughts on “Poll Finds Majority Want NSA Leaker Snowden Charged With A Crime

  1. Just goes to show you how stupid the public really is.Instead of charging Snowden they should charge the entire government of the US with fraud for selling their loyalties to the highest bidder instead of representing the people that elected them .The United States has the best government that foreign money can buy!

  2. I believe this poll is Bull Poop not real as everyone that I have talked to says he did America a favor to tell us how rotten our politicians are

  3. I agree, let run him to be president of the USA and get rid of the scum we now have in office. Presently we have a Super Snake Oil Salesman and a Court Jester (FOOL)in the office Supported by the Most Corrupt Congress that would sell their own into slavery to get their palms grease with the 30 pieces of Blood Stained Silver, call it BETRAYAL.

  4. So, just what “secrets” did this guy divulge again? Did he have intel on “fast n furious”; Benghazi; IRS or just the run of the mill NSA “spying”? What? He told who we have a “spy” program? Oh my!

  5. A’scientific ‘ poll…of a thousand…bwahhahahaaa. Who are these morons ?
    Who do they think they’re fooling …better yet , who is their pool of polees.
    the secretarial pool ,the interns and the mail-boys in the building ?

    1. Maybe “family” members of the “czars”. LMAO! Ok, who agrees that bidness’s get an oblamacare waiver for another year and individuals don’t get a lifetime exemption? Uhh?

  6. No wonder the public, who are enamored with mainstream megaliars propaganda on every issue, and most of all the non issues they are so good at, only get to hear their stupid bias. The thing that really bothers me is why so many of them, john Q public, actually believe everything them liars spew.

    Wake up protestant america! No time for network TV!

  7. The majority did not know who he was….how is that for useful idiots…and worse, they vote. I don’t have a negative or positive toward Snowden, but I am glad that he opened our eyes to what our government is doing which they have no constitutional right to do and the FISA court that is secret….who the heck are these people and why are they being allowed to continue?

    1. The Fed is in constant violation of the Constitution only because the States fail to enforce the Tenth Amendment. This is just another example of fear mongering politics. We need to constrict the Fed and bring the power back to the people at a State level. That was the intent of the Tenth Amendment. Stop the spread of tyranny through the abuse of power. We the people cannot sustain a police state in this world. We could be so incredibly self sustaining if it were not for selling us out, by the Fed, to the Central Bank Cartel.

      The military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned the nation about and the Federal Reserve Bank (private cartel) Woodrow Wilson warned us about have brainwashed us the public and enslaved us through a propaganda machine. Stop giving your
      freedoms away. There is hope, there is a solution. It all starts with public awareness. Spread the word and lets start to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

      1. Don’t look now, but many of us have been trying to spread the word & many more have Died trying to get the Sheeple, to wake up, But we all have Failed, But we’ll never GIVE Up the Fight for American Freedom.
        We Lack the Funds to really take off for a Push to Remove that Communist president those Foolish people Voted For.

        Remember Your History!
        from the beginning, our country NEVER Lost a single War, And after WW2, We thought we never could loose, But Then came Korea & The United Nations Interference, It’s Debatable weather or not we Won that war, However, from then on, Starting with Viet Nam, WE LOST! Due to to many Conflicting government & U.N. Orders. The same has been the results of every War since!

    2. What he Did, Is the very same thing that others have done all over this Country of ours, except, He’s Getting away with it,,,,,,so Far.
      people in general, have known that our Government has been in the SPY Business, Almost from the Beginning, but it hasn’t been necessary to Blow the Whistle on the HOMELAND SPY NETWORK, until recently, And I for one, Am glad he did.

  8. Charge the man hang that we should bee thinking him.
    mabye he could not release that infor to an american paper might never have seen thet lite of day. We were given a wake up call fokes. it’s hi time too wake up and Pray to God and Stand up for Jesus Christ to help get this country back on track and doing the right things for a change. we have socailest orginations right here at home doing every thing they can to tair us down. if we dont want too end up like eruope dureing world war two germany expicley we realy need to wake up and get prayed up face it if we expect christ to stand up for us we better bee standing up for Him NOW. Excouse my typeing this coumputer is frezzing up

  9. This
    is not new…been happening for years..he just told the Sheeple what was happening…so give the boy an honesty award.

  10. I’ll bet the 1002 people that were surveyed had no idea of who Snowden is and what he did to out the corrupt Obama Administration.

  11. Look at the source of one of the polls – ABC News/Washington Post – that’s all you need to know. The other is just as bad – NBC/Wall Street Journal – AND 33% DIDN’T KNOW WHO HE WAS??? That’s a clearly shopped poll!!! These are Establishment media polls and both organizations are very LIberal at that. This is pure propaganda.

  12. READ ” The Numbers Game ” if it is still being sold.

    EVERY poll that has ever taken place in our country, has been FIXED to Relate what those taking the polls want!

    If a Senator(D) Wants to run a Poll on any topic, that he knows the Republicans would hate, The Poll Taker would be required to poll ONLY DEMOCRATS.

    That way, the Senator could honestly say, ” That out of those polled, We got 100% Agreement from the American Public.

    As for the Numbers Game, it varies with & where the poll is taken.

    I came from a very small town of about 5000 citizens, Thats about 1000 men, 1200 women & the rest where Children below 21 years old. Yet when our mayor took a Poll back in 1959, We all where surprised when his polls showed an Population Increase of 200 extra men? Needless to say He lost the race & had to leave town, Sudden like!

    Don’t Trust the Polls, they are All Rigged & a Waste of Time. Get out (IF you Can) and talk to people, go by what they say to you, & Not what some POLL has to say!

  13. Personally, I dont believe or trust any of these polls. I know that nobody has ever polled me to find out how I feel. Maybe they should do a poll on how many people want to see criminal charges filed against government officials who are breaking the law..

  14. I am 50 years old. I have been politically active and a registered voter since I turned 18 years old. NOT EVEN ONCE in my lifetime have I EVER been polled about ANYTHING. With the overwhelming number of polls that have been taken since I turned 18, odds are pretty high that by now I would have been contacted at least once if these polls truly weren’t biased in the first place. I have lived predominately in the Southeast with the exception of a two-year stint in Wisconsin. I have been a Constitutional Conservative Christian all of my life. I sure would like to know how many DemoCommies living in the Northeast have been polled!!!

    1. The polsters like to poll from 30 and under, and only in certain demographics where the most uninformed can be expected to live. Ignorance loves idiots.

  15. Does anyone really still believe ANYTHING coming from the US Propaganda Ministry anymore??? I ended my cable subscription because I was sick and tired of propaganda media like this [expletive deleted] Comcast owns NBC, and the CFR/CIA controls all of them. Cut the cord and forget it!!!

  16. Well considering the group who was responsible for the poll what other results could you expect. They must have gotten the phone numbers of the most radical liberals the NSA could provide. It is biased media like this that attempts to control public opinion that must be censored!

  17. Hhhmmmm……these polls smell really fishy, like they came straight out of that great sea of corruption known as politics. I, nor my wife, or my children for that matter, have yet to meet a single soul who doesn’t consider him a hero for ratting-out the foul shenanigans of this administration. Perhaps those polled were all government employees who risk fallout from this scandal. That would explain everything.

    1. I took an informal “poll” at work. everyone I spoke to was grateful to Snowden. Oh, by the way, i work on a military base, and every person I spoke to was a defense contractor, a Dept of Defense civilian employee, or active duty military. Read that twice…

      1. I hope you didn’t take what I meant out of context my friend. My thoughts were squarely aimed at those directly involved in those things Snowden revealed, not toward government employees in general. I am well aware that there are many in your sector who are just as fed up with all of this nonsense as the rest of us. Have a wonderful Thursday evening. :)

        1. Nothing taken out of context. i was just pointing out that gov’t employees are sick of the gov’t…

  18. His crime is reporting that the security controls at the NSA suck. I don’t know why these government employees at the NSA haven’t been brought in front of congress to explain why, after spending billions on taxpayer dollars, that such computer security breach exists… Heads should roll, but not Snowden’s, the cover up continues.

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