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Poll: Catholics divided on Obama

May 5, 2009 by  

Catholics divided on ObamaNew research has shown that most Catholics who have heard about the issue support President Obama’s visit to Notre Dame, but significant divisions exist between the most-observant Catholics and those who are less observant.

The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life poll has also found the two groups are divided on their assessment of Obama’s job performance after 100 days in office.

Specifically, white non-Hispanic Catholics who attend services at least once a week express much higher levels of disapproval of Obama’s participation in the Notre Dame commencement ceremony, with 45 percent of the people in that group saying the university was wrong to invite him.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of less-observant Catholics take the opposite view.

The poll noted a similar pattern in the assessment of Obama’s job performance as president. Currently, as much as 45 percent of observant Catholics disapprove of the job Obama is doing, and the negative ratings among this group have risen from 20 percent in February.

Conservative groups across the country have criticized the University of Notre Dame’s decision to give Obama an honorary degree at their May 17 commencement given his support for legalized abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

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  • http://aol linda teston

    I am not Catholic, but this up set me, I am a Christian .like 80% of this nation.

    TO the University of Notre Dame’s
    Are you going to neuter your self by cover your Christian religious imagery like Georgetown did are you a religious university, or are you going to cow down to another’s beliefs and turn your back on your teachings. Remember Jesus will not know you before his father.

    If you do not stand up for the people who believe, who will.
    We believe, don’t sale us out. Know one is that important, he will not back out but you can, and should. you cannot serve two masters look at what George town University did.

    I was shocked when president Obama and staff requested that
    Georgetown University hid a religious inscription representing the name of Jesus during President Obama’s address there Tuesday, asked the school to cover up all religious symbols and signs while the president was on stage.
    The monogram IHS, whose letters spell out the name of Jesus, and which normally perches above the stage in Gaston Hall where the president spoke, was covered over with what appeared to be black wood during the address.

    A private Catholic institution founded by Jesuits in 1789. The auditorium where the president spoke Tuesday is adorned with religious imagery, but only the symbols directly on the stage -- those likely to be picked up by a television camera -- were obscured. Bill Donahue, president of the Catholic League, accused the university of "cowardice" for acceding to the White House, and criticized Obama and

    team for asking a religious school to “neuter itself” before the president made his address. No bishop who might speak at the White House would ever request that a crucifix be displayed behind him, he said.
    I have never heard of anyone speaking at any school anywhere, or church that requested that the religious emblems be covered period much less with a black wood box.
    As our president requested.
    To me they turned their back on their own faith and bowed before another God, ashamed of Jesus, and religion and that’s a disgrace before God, it like they are saying we can ask God for forgiveness tomorrow. Jesus said if you are ashamed of me then i will not know you in front of my father.
    you should never, hide the cross and letter for no man, woman, or child, I’m ashamed of them, and I’m appealed that our president would stoop so low.
    he said it during his campaign and, made fun of trying to teach children, to throw rocks
    from the bible, he mocked the Bible, to throwing rocks, Obama is trying to change this country who was founded on Christianity if we had not been no other religion would have been allowed to worship here free, this is one of your changes, our own religious schools and churches will stand up to him i will.
    i saw him standing with two flags today one on his left American flag one on his right was Muslim I’m not sure it was black and white and crescent moon and one star today ;;
    but not with a Christian flag
    if he can not stand in front of our Christian symbols and signs then that makes me wonder why is he afraid of them. i pray for all of you who would turned you back on God. to appease the president.
    i feel you and he owes this nation an explanation of why?
    the vote is split because the illegal immigrants are trying to serve two masters their leader Obama
    whom they need to keep them from being prosecuted for breach of international law.
    and our law during time of war is punishable by death.
    we cannot pick one international law to break, all laws are to be kept and in forced if not why have laws, or police, or rules, we would be like countries with dictators, who pay them a small amount and keep the rest. sounds like that’s where we are headed
    they are making their own laws, protecting prettifiers, letting children 13 up have abortions with out prenatal consent. that means that a girl could be molested for yrs, get pregnant,
    by father, step father, brother, anyone they can take her to have an abortion, tell know one and they are protected by OBAMAS and the demo. compress law. or a boy could be abused sexually and be protected, they can sue the victum.or an illegal immigrant or legal one can abuse you and sue you, who in the h have you elected into office.sad country that protects criminals.


    • Richard

      Is he the anti-christ ?

      • http://LibertyAlertfromBobLivingston Mark H.

        Who here believes Obama is the Anti-Christ?

        I have thought about this in great length over the past several weeks. I remember having a lengthy discussion with a co-worker about 15 years ago. I remember he seemed well versed in the Bible. During one of our debates, I recall him mentioning that in the not too distant future, he believed that there would be a significant change within this country. He stated that this turn of events would occur when the United States elected its’ first Black President.

        I cannot recall, though, that he felt that this man was to be the “Anti-Christ”, but if my memory is correct, this President would be responsible for the beginning of what may become the beginning of another civil war in this country, and quite possibly a Holy War. Of course, I felt he was giving me a fictitious story, and that I could not believe that anything like that would ever happen in this country.

        I wish I could locate this man who I felt was just being entertaining………

        • rodin

          You’ve thought about it? Do I smell wood burning? Or are you just certifiably insane? Why don’t you just forget the fact that he’s black, as you’re obviously a cracker racist, and concentrate instead on the fact that he’s well educated, thoughtful and has a resonance with a majority of the population.

          • RG Harris

            The problem mentioned is yours with your stated racist attitude. The educated blacks I know are against what Obama has done to our nation in just 2 short years. He isn’t the anti-christ. He is the example of the anti-christ as forerunners who will come before him; charismatic, appealing and deceiving. Those with their heads in the sand are continuing to be deceived, as you prove. Pull your head out and see reality.

        • Mark H.

          I didn’t intend to make anyone feel that I believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ, Because I do not. I have been reading many blogs across the internet, and after reading them, it made me recall the conversation I had written about. I am about as non-racist as can be. I work with a large diverse group of people, and I apologize to anyone and everyone who mis-understood me. Do I agree with all of Obamas’ politics? No. Probably the issue that I disagree with him most is his views on Pro-Choice. Do I think that all of this Government spending will work? Who knows? I have always believed that a smaller and more limited Government is best. I have had to deal with several Gov’t agencies over the last several decades. There is an excess of Bureaucracy that needs limitations. I also believe that people need to be held accountable for their actions. for Instance, President Obama has made statements about how unfair Banks and Credit Card Companies are in their fees. I used to be like most people. My wife and I spent more than we should have on credit. Over the past few years, we began to be fiscally observant and changed our spending habits. Aside that, we, like everyone else that has received a credit card advertisement have the same ability to read the contract on the credit card information before signing up for it. If people make a poor choice, It should be up to them to correct their mis-judgement. This should not be an area for Gov’t intervention.

        • Jerry

          Rodin, You sound like the racist

      • MARY


    • Robin Berry

      Thank you Linda for your thoughts. I do hope that you will continue to spread your opinion on as many blogs as you can. I would confirm the fact about the covering of our nation’s Christian symbols with a name of the staff person and/or the persons who did the covering . Again thank you.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      I have the problem with the Catholics, who say they are against abortion, but more of them than not voted for this party that not only supports abortion, but uses our tax payer money to perform them overseas now. There is a church that God deals with in the book of Revelation, where he charges them with “what I hold against you is you have lost your first love”. This is indeed the Catholic church of today. They have lost their first love, Jesus Christ, in favor of their current love, Roman Catholic Doctrine. I am a Christian, a protestant, who grew up in a very heavily Catholic area, where all my friends were Catholic, born and raised. Not many of them have seen the inside of a church since their catholic school boy days, but they will swear up and down that they are die hard catholics.
      I have watched this church over the years, have Notre Dame smokers inside them, where they have a ticket price and let you come INTO THE CHURCH, and drink all the beer you want, and turn the class rooms into black jack tables, and roulette wheels, and texas hold em poker tables. I mean, they prostitute the church to raise money. Why not just throw some hookers into one of the other rooms and sell them too? Dont tell me that is different, because a sin is a sin is a sin. They park beer trucks out on the parking lot during their school day festivals, and that is their biggest money maker. I used to go down to the catholic schools bowling alley when I was a 15 and 16 year old boy, and they would let all of us buy beer, and the brothers and the father and the nuns were all down there getting drunk and playing poker. Im sorry, but now that Ive gotten older, and accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour, I truly find these things to be most hypocritical, that these things are accepted as the norm in the catholic church. I would have to believe, from my relationship with Christ, and from what my Bible tells me in many places about not becoming drunk, that God truly frowns upon this kind of behavior. Its like the money changers in the temple. My point is, you say one thing and do another. You say you are against abortion, then in mass you vote for the party that believes and promotes abortion. Shame on you.

      • Jaye

        I find it hard to believe that any Catholic nun, priest or brother would be doing what you accused them of. It sounds like hate speech to me. As far as the ‘cafeteria Catholics’ who pick & chose what they want to believe in I would say, “You can’t be Roman Catholic and believe in abortion, period.” You say you are a Christian but you sound very unChrist like to me. I will pray that God opens your mind & heart Mark.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          No, actually, I know Jesus Christ came to this earth, was born of the virgin Mary, was crucified, died, and was raised from the dead in 3 days. I know that His Holy Spirits lives inside of me, and I know what I grew up with and experienced, and it is all true, and those friends of mine that went there told me stuff I didnt list here, because I didnt see it, so it would be gossip if I said these things, not having seen them myself, even though dozens of them all told me the same things that went on. It is not hate speech, no not at all. It turns my stomach how our society allows hate speech to exist against Christians, Catholics, and Jewish people. Everyone one else is off limits, but we are all fair game, and I dont understand it, why we are not afforded the same protections as other so called religions. Do you also not believe any of the news about the molestations that all these catholic preists did, even those who admitted it? Jaye, this stuff exists and happens. As far as you saying you cant be Roman Catholic and believe in abortion, then I guess Im not understanding why the majority of the so called catholics voted for Obama. That was my exact point, no hatred intended dear, please, not at all. I work with a guy right now, that does a ton of volunteer work at St. Marys Catholic Church, and he says he doesnt believe in abortion, but yet he voted for Obama. When I ask him how this can be, I cant get a direct answer from him, other than he hates the republicans, and when I ask him why on that, I cant get a direct answer other than he says they “aint no good”, but he cant give me any examples. So my whole point in this is if it is the Catholic belief that abortion is wrong, then why did the majority of Catholics vote for the abortion party. Im sorry but I dont understand, and it sounds hypocritical to hear that “we dont believe in this but we vote for it”. I dont understand. But no, Im not hating on you or anyone, in fact I pray for my catholic friends who dont know Jesus from Bon Jovi, and I pray for the Catholic church that they would once again find their true love, Jesus Christ. Thats what its all about here, not my doctrine, not your doctrine, not the Roman Catholic doctrine, but the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Anyone that lays claim to Him, should lay claim to the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which is the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

          • Barbara


            I agree with a portion of what you say. How could any christian vote for Obama, but how could any christian vote for Clinton either. I also fear for the United States as a leading power which by our fall could lead to a horrible war here on our soil. Jesus said, “Let all the little children come to me.” Now we are a nation trying to get government to pay for abortions. It is said a nation that kills the unborn is a nation that should perish!!! I did not vote for Obama and am Catholic.

          • American Conservative

            Well spoken, brother. May the Lord have mercy and bring people to genuine repentance who have claimed Jesus as Lord but have not done what He says.

          • American Conservative

            Well spoken, brother. May the Lord have mercy and bring people to genuine repentance who have claimed Jesus as Lord but have not done what He says.

    • http://comcast plp bored

      Linda, your thoughts are very insightful. As a christian I’m apalled he had the muslim flag hanging beside our flag, covering those symbols is just another sign he is not a christian, I still cannot believe people voted for him after they knew he sat there listening to a preacher spew hate for whites and america. I to think he just might be the anti christ. If you read the three angels message in revelation a lot of things are coming to fruition. I daily pray that this must be part of Gods plan or he would not be in office, but our nation is truly in crisis . If you don’t have your faith in this day and time you really have nothing .

    • pat


    • rodin

      Could the flag have been the Turkish flag when he visited? Linda you give credence to the world’s low opinion of American’s as ignorant hillbillies. Give your head a shake and climb down from your Christo-fascist soapbox.

      • Dean2009

        Rodin, clearly education, thoughtfulness, even resonance are no insurance against insanity. You know Hitler had all those qualities. It should not be too hard to distinguish between “resonance” and sophistry. As for your opinion that the rest of the world considers Americans as “hillbillys”? Have you ever traveled to other lands? Have you ever left your own backyard? Really?

        • rodin

          Well, I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve been to Oklahoma…. chuckles…

          Dean, I fail to see the logic in your arguments.

          1st – what has sanity or lack thereof to do with complaining about a rant against a foreign country’s flag where it doesn’t appear to be Christian enough.

          2nd – are you disputing the world’s low opinion of Americans?

          3rd – lack of education and unwavering submission to a mythical god or prophet are also no insurance against insanity. I fail to see what “Hitler” has to do with an argument to promote intelligence.

          And really Dean, I don’t mind if you make up words, (that can be lots of fun) but if you’re going to use real words then make sure you know what they mean. Resonance refers to an object’s oscillation at particular frequencies, for example vocal chords or guitar strings. I believe you might have been referring to “reasoning”. Again, I go back to my basic argument for a little more intelligence on this forum.

  • Richard

    When any person with such an anti christian stance is allowed on such hallowed ground, it brings shame to all believers. I feel this administration is an affront to all that is held sacred.

    • Dave

      One thing I would recommend to all people who donate money to Notre Dame (alumni, etc.) is to NOT send their donation this year. Money talks, and they must get the message to this ND president. Beyond that, Christians of all sects (Catholics, Protestants, Non-Denominational), they must all ask themselves “What kind of a Christian am I; if I think abortion is not Wrong? Is not Murder? I would venture to say to that ‘Christian’ that he/she is not a very good one.
      Actually, I think it is very interesting that I / we never hear about the stance on abortions that other major religions hold. By that I mean, what do Muslims think?; what do Jews think? And why do we not hear their voices in this battle?

      As for the President of the United States, my friends, his stance is so radically “out there” that he thinks post birth abortion is OK. Yes, this happened from a real case (I think it was in Ohio) brought into court by the nurse who was told to take the baby; mind you, the baby born alive, a baby we could actually call a U.S. citizen at that moment, and she was told to take it to the laundry room and to leave it there to die. She took the baby but she held it until the baby died in her arms.
      Obama was the only person in government, he was a Senator at the time, who voted that this is okay and falls under the protection of a woman’s right to an abortion.
      [In ancient Greece and ancient Rome they called this exposure. Or maybe we just gave it that nice name "exposure" because we are so squeamish about using the word "murder", as in this abortion battle, and we are able to call it "choice", how much nicer that sounds than the murder of the most innocent being on the planet.]
      Nice guy huh?

      Back to religion and Catholicism for a moment longer. I am Catholic and I often attend a non-denominational church, and I have to say that the message given at the non denominational church is SO much better and more hard hitting than I have heard in a lifetime of going to Catholic mass.
      Catholicism and Republicanism share some of the same problems;
      They are not getting their message out there.
      They are not delivering a forceful, serious message.
      They don’t walk the walk, but only talk the talk, and even that, with only a weak voice.

      For all who think they will live forever, and not have to face the consequences of their actions here on earth; well then, continue as you are. Eat, live and be merry. Have abortions and go visit Hedonism II, vote liberal Democrat.
      For Christians, who think that there is a life everlasting with the Lord, it is not enough simply to say that “I don’t do those things, I am a good person, I cannot help what other people do and how they vote.” That’s just not enough; a Christian must tell others why they are wrong, why we do not deny Christ, and why it is that we live a joyous life, of hope in the love of the Lord.

      This time in our history, I believe will bring some very good people into the political arena. We have already seen the wonderful appearance of Sarah Palin (an extremely courageous and beautiful wife and mother), and we will see others. Let us not be afraid, but let us be firm in our beliefs.

      Remember; One must stand for something or he/she will fall for anything.

    • rodin

      Richard, Dave

      You guys need some valium. Chill…. Start practicing the tolerance your religion is supposed to teach you. Don’t worry and be happy.

  • Robin from Indiana

    I am not Catholic, but the article referred to less observant Catholics, which I interpreted as meaning, Catholic in name only. I am a Christian, and I am against abortion. Practicing Catholics, I am told, are also against abortion. I think those who asked Obama to speak at any Christian school or church must be crazy. He has already said that we are not a Christian nation.

    Abortion is murder. God will not be mocked. Obama has swept into the most prestigious position in the United States for all the wrong reasons. Blacks voted for him because he is more Black than White. White folks voted for him so they wouldn’t appear prejudiced. And… he promised change. He didn’t define what change meant, but he promised it and that was good enough for those who voted for him.

    I am sorry to see so many people that are blinded by what is happening. It is going to be a long road back to common sense and values. The only thing that will save us is prayer….

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Some people group the Catholics and the Christians together, as they both believe in God, in the crucifixtion and the resurrection. But the one thing that totally divides the two, is while the Christian world totally centers all it does and believes around Jesus Christ and Gods word thorough the Holy Bible, the Catholic Church has lost this first love, and they choose to follow and believe the Roman Catholic Doctrine, which was written by man, not by God. Many Catholics are good God fearing people who have come to know Christ, but I know many that do not know Him at all, and feel they can get drunk all week, cheat on their wives, do drugs and gamble it away leaving the family without, then go to confession and its all ok, when not one of these sins has been confessed to Jesus Christ, whom it is written, “There is one mediator between God and man, the God Man himself Jesus Christ. By no other names are sins forgiven”. So there are a lot of people in this organization that havent had a sin cleansed since day one, and they carry them with the to this day. It is a burden, and they repeat these sins continually, thinking it is ok. I know, because I was racked with sin like you wouldnt believe for 40 years, before I gave it all to Jesus, and man, what a load was lifted from me when I confessed to Him and accepted Him into my life. The old creature died, and the new creature arose. I was set free from my sins, and I am a different man. Sorry, but no man, no woman, no priest, bishop, cardinal or Pope can forgive your sins. They are just men. Only Jesus Christ can do that, and if this wasnt so, then His blood was shed on the Cross for nothing. I know why His blood was shed on that cross, to forgive my sins, and only He has the power to do that, no other. It is good to have someone on earth here to talk with and confess our sins to, its called an accountability partner, which can help us turn from these sins, but remember, Only Jesus Christ can forgive our sins, no other.

      • Jean

        Mark you are making this up. Please study the Holy Scripture. Jesus has delegated power to forgive sins to his apostoles and succession. You research this yourself. God bless.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          No, you have this confused. Yes, we are told to forgive each other, such as if I did you some wrong, you as a Christian should forgive me. However, my stain of sin is still there. I must confess to the Father what I have done for forgiveness. Your blood was not shed on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins, Jesus’s was. Thats what it was all about. Lets say you break into my house and steal my TV. Later your caught. I get to know you, and I find it in my heart to forgive you for doing me wrong and stealing my TV, and I get together with you and say, hey, I its ok now, I forgive you. You really think I have the power to wash away your sin by forgiving you? No way brother, I cant do it. I am doing my part as a Christian to not hold a grudge and to release your sin against me, and by forgiving you I put it in Gods hands. You need Him to forgive your sins. Just as the Bible tells us, when someone does us wrong, to forgive them, as it free’s God to pour hot coals over their head. However, if you turn to God and ask His forgiveness, He is faithful to forgive. It is clearly written, “There is one mediator between God and Man, the God Man Himself, Christ Jesus. By no other name are sins forgiven”. So no, my friend, Im not making this up. Its pretty clear in black and white, and really cant be taken any other way. I can forgive you, but I cant wash your sins away, either can the Pope or a bishop, a cardinal, your mom and dad or anyone, except Jesus Christ. Thats it. To presume someone else can wash away your sins, is to say the Cross was for nothing, and I for one dont believe that.

      • Robin from Indiana

        I agree with all that you said. Jesus is the only one who can forgive sins and be the mediator to the Father. I really hope that we see a revival in Christian religion and a back to basics movement take place.

        • Richard Pawley

          Robin, I am hoping the revival you speak of will happen too. I say so in my newest book but it will take severe food shortages and outrageous prices (inflation) before people will realize that the purpose of life is spiritual growth, not who gets the biggest house, or longest boat, or fastest car. We are on the precipice of a 500 year cycle and the world will not be the same when it is finished nor will the not-so-United States. The Greatest Depression in the history of the world is just beginning. Our country has been broke for more than a dozen years. Washington is repeating all the errors of the 1930′s but much more so and the pain and suffering that is coming will be many times greater than that in the last Great Depression. Government will not be able to help anyone, even themselves. They are printing money like it was real and borrowing over $3,000,000.000.00 every day just to pay the interest on what is already owed, and Congress and the president are arguing over how to spend more! If we tick off the Chinese they could crash the value of the dollar to almost nothing in 48 hours but it would hurt them because they have so many they can’t get rid of them quickly without destroying the value of them. (They outlawed paper money in China because it ruined so many even before we started using it the 17th Century but now they too are using it again). Most people cannot conceive of the fact that the whole phony system is going to crash and there will be chaos and shortages like no American has ever seen in this country. I do not have a solution. Smarter men than I have said there is none, but Christians can always pray for direction and guidance. Much of what we have known will be gone in a decade. WE can’t afford medicare for everyone and soon won’t be able to afford medicare for anyone or social security either. The government has spent it all. They spend 1.85 for every dollar they take in so count on much higher taxes and working till one dies like it was a century ago. The government can just print money but after a while every single government that has done this in the history of the world has collapsed and then they usually go to war. Yes, it is a bleak picture for those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Have we forgotten WWII when hundreds of millions were destitute, have we forgotten the collapse of the Soviet Union less than 20 years ago, have we forgotten the collapse of Argentina just 8 years ago. People starved in some cases and the middle class became the lower class, the poor, rather quickly because they were not prepared. What happens when the dollar collapses and causes the whole world to go with us? Only God can provide and it will be very hard for some who know him; for those who don’t it will be sad and dangerous and maybe fatal. Social Security benefits will be reduced in a few years and taxes will be higher and it still won’t be enough to stop the most hidden of taxes: Inflation. I fully expect 225 to 300% inflation and hope I am somehow wrong. When Jesus walked the earth and for more than 1900 years afterwards gold and silver were money and politicians couldn’t just make more, but now the whole world uses paper and every nation is printing money almost furiously and it is all make believe, and one day in the not to distant future no one is going to want paper for money. They are going to want something real. Soon a hundred dollar bill won’t buy…well, my point is that only God is going to be able to help us in the problems that we all are going to be facing. Washington should have been tightening their belt but they think they can solve the problem of to much debt by creating more debt. It is insane! Everyday Americans are smarter than all the lawyers in Washington because they know you can’t drain a swamp by flooding it. Americans have stopped spending money they don’t have but it’s going to take a long time for them to get out of debt. In the 1950′s most of our GDP was manufacturing (90%) but today it is just 10% and we are becoming a banana republic who has to import everything. We have the oil but Congress doesn’t want us to use ours so we have to import it. The president is even loaning billions to the seventh most profitable company on earth, a Brazilian oil company,so they can drill off their shores and have cheaper oil but the democrats won’t allow that for us. “Gasoline or Milk, Ten Dollars a Gallon” is the title of one chapter in my book. No one can tell me why we can’t use our own oil. Who are we saving it for? The new owners of the United States? It is hard to believe that our Congressional representatives with their law degrees don’t see that they are destroying first the dollar and then the country. Some say they don’t care as long as they get re-elected and I hope that isn’t true because everyone is eventually going to suffer or be affected by what they are doing in Washington. Already many in Congress have unlisted phone numbers because they don’t want to hear from constituents. They think they know what is best for the county and those who elected them are stupid. We elected these people (so maybe we are stupid). I suspect that half of those who vote for the trillions more the president wants to spend will not be re-elected next year but most of them who have been in Washington for more than a few years feel they know so much more than we do (both Democrats and Republicans) but we elect them so we will have to pay the price and it is going to be a heavy price indeed. Both Democrats and Republicans totally fear Sarah Palin because she is a regular American, a real person, not a lawyer with grandiose ideas of how they can save the world. The old world is gone (or soon will be and no one can save it but they will keep trying in Washington until the lights go out). The elitists simply cannot understand those who believe in individualism and states rights and someone like Sarah Palin. Most of them are trying to grab all they can before the dollar is destroyed and it is their spending that is causing its destruction. It not the Democrats or the Republicans, some of them are interchangeable, it’s all of them (well, maybe not all, there is a handful of good and decent people on both sides but only a handful and some of the others in Congress want to replace the Republic with a different form of government. From where I stand I can see that they have almost succeeded. They have spent us to death and still they continue. We used to depend on borrowed money from foreigners but foreigners are wising up and not buying our paper (In the past 12 months banks have paid about 2% interest and gold has gone up 15% but there is not enough gold in the whole world to pay the debt of the United States, not even a single ounce for every person in the world.
          Congress has has spend more in the past few years than all the gold that has ever been mined in the history of the world but don’t worry. Everything is under control. Just ask Washington or the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks. They will tell you that all is well and something about green shoots. It is to late to do anything but get ready. In another year or two all will know this. Some will say “it can’t happen here” but I say it is no longer avoidable. God is letting us do “our thing” just as he let the ancient Israelites do theirs. They suffered and so are we. I have a strong hunch that only those who know Him well enough to call upon Him for guidance and direction are going to make it through the next decade in any but the worst condition. We will be the “wretched refuge” but what shore can we flee to? I can understand others not believing any of this but Christians, Catholic or Protestant, can pray and seek what they should do about this. Does not the Bible say that “God is no respecter of persons?” I know what’s coming (it’s why I wrote a book on it), and I believe I know why it’s coming, and I feel that it is very soon but no one can say exactly what day the next stock market crash will happen (soon) or when the 200 to 300% inflation will come, but that too, could be soon. Please pray, and prepare however you see fit. If you are a Christian and you don’t pray about it then you are like the foolish virgins mentioned in the Bible. They could have prepared but they did not. The life you save may be your own.God bless you.

    • jo

      SO well put. thank you for your post!

    • d.smith

      Mark – Jesus named his apostles and established his church some 2,000 years ago. Since that time there has been many “changes in the script” by those who would give different interpretations. Today, the Catholic (universal) Church is still holding onto the original script given us by Our Creator through Our Lord.

      Yes, there has been human errors through the ages but the fact that our “home office” is in Rome like the Mormon’s is in Utah should never be a bone of contention. Jesus appointed Peter and the succession began there. Other break-off groups have decided to rewrite things through the centuries . You are impacted by all these different interpretations, dear heart. But the basics are still there in your heart, one can tell.

      You just need to study a little more, the original script which is a Gospel of LOve.

      Included in the Commandments too, is a demand that we tell the truth and not give false witness, especially when it does harm to someone. Out of love, those you have harmed by your written comments about wild parties etc, will not respond. They have been maligned by such “reports” through the ages. T hey won’t speak against this, but I will.

      Since we are all human, we can forgive while still cautioning you and others to speak the truth.

  • Blue Dog

    “The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim majority country. I KNOW BECAUSE I AM ONE OF THEM!” (Text released by the White House.)

    Barack Obama speaking before the Turkish Parliament, 4-6-2009

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly. Thats why when speaking to George Stephanopolus, he said something was “against my muslim faith”, and George had to correct him by saying, “You mean your Christian faith?” and they went on. Sorry, but no one could have that slip out of their mouth, if it wasnt in them. No Christian could ever, and I mean never ever have something like that slip out of their mouth, because it is not in them. This man is a dangerous man who has deceived millions, by simply saying change-change-change. Kind of scary that our people are that gullible by putting someone into a powerful office, that they simply know nothing about. Very Scary.

  • Pete Kleff

    There are two issues. First, why is Notre Dame – as several other ostensibly Catholic institutions – so willing to abandon fundamental Catholic doctrine for the notoriety of honoring a distinctly anti-Christian political figure. It is political correctness in defiance of pronounced Church doctrine. As a traditional Catholic, I personally find much of what U.S. Catholic bishops do to be disturbing. But at least on the abortion issue, they have as a group remained faithful to Catholic principle. It is this principle which Notre Dame finds politically expedient to ignore. It has lost its Catholicism.

    Second, why is anyone surprised at the anti-Christian stance, or perhaps more accurately the anti-religious stance, of Messr. Obama? After all, he was a parishioner in a church in Chicago for over twenty years whose pastor spewed anti-American venom in a most definitively un-Christian manner. His choice to affiliate with that congregation was not religious, but rather political. His closest associates for years were Marxists and apologists for virulent Islamism. He has stated America is not a Christan nation either in ignorance or in deliberate denial of the clearly Christian roots of the U.S.

    We are seeing the disintegration of Catholicism in the U.S. And it begins in institutions of higher learning such as Notre Dame. Likewise we are seeing the beginning of the decline of America, which is slipping away from its adherence to individual freedom toward statism. No surprises here, just disappointment.

    • Chuck Novak

      Pete, your insight is commendable and your comments articulated clearly and concisely. Sadly you and many other Christians/Catholics are unwilling to express there anger either publicly or to their religious leaders.
      The only hope for Catholics lies with the Vatican and Pope Benedict. Several Cardinals and a few Bishops have elected to NOT attend N/D commencement in protest to Obama’s appearance. They have elected to follow the Pope’s lead in not acknowledging American Political leaders who voted for or endorse abortion.
      Peloisi, a “faithful” catholic, was not allowed to make her visit to the Vatican and the Pope a photo op. Exactly what transpired between her and Pope Benedict has not been made public at least not from the Vatican. Obama is having difficulty finding a envoy to the Vatican that the Pope will accept.
      Catholics and hopefully all Christians will take heart and follow Pope Benedict’s example. Just because Obama is allegedly our president does not grant him an invitation into one’s home or place of worship. If christians of all views would commence acting and believing like Christians the 2010 elections could send the appropriate message to America that we are a Christian nation, founded upon Judeo-Christian beliefs and vote accordingly, the Obama so called change will not gain traction. Action not just words will send a forceful message to those seeking elective office.
      Final thought: If religion is the morphine of the masses then Alla and Islam do not exist either. Muslims are as misled by their beliefs as are Christians. Is that the eventual destiny of mankind. God help us !

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        The thing is, from the data Ive seen on this, the majority of Christians did vote for McCain and against Obama and the abortion democrats, but the majority of the Catholics voted for Obama and the abortion democrats. I would like to know why.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        You said the catholics hopes lie with the vatican and Pope Benedict, and that is a true, but sad commentary on things these days. You see, all believers, should lie their hopes in Jesus Christ, as everyone else, well, they are just men, who will live and die and go into the ground and rot. No special powers in them, no different than you and I, just men. For some reason they are made to be much more, but they arent and they cant be. They are flesh and blood men like us. Anyone who claims Jesus Christ, needs to put their faith and trust in Him, and confess sins to Him and Him alone. If everyone that walks the streets of the United States, got down on their knee’s and prayed to God in the name of Jesus Christ, that he would raise up a Godly man to lead us, it would happen. For some sad reason we dont do that.

  • Barry

    What gets me is that Obama seems to stand to most of the opposite of what was one taught Christian beliefs. As a no-catholic I did attend classes about some of the basic beliefs of the Catholic Church.

    There were a few differences to my own views but there were some link in similar thoughts about Jesus and God.

    Never understood how a “Christian”, “Catholic” could support a person that would say one thing yet action are contradictory to what he says.

    Has Middle America changed that much where religion means so little that we will be ruled buy a person that deny who we are and would destroy our beliefs?

  • http://NotreDame Mary Anne Bradley

    As a Catholic, I am so upset with Father Jenkin’s allowing President Obama to speak, at the commencement on May 17th. I will respect President Obama as our President, but I refuse to accept his views on abortions and stem cells. Of course, he will be very happy to attend, but look at all the people that are angry over it…We have lowered our standards… Many non-Catholic’s can’t believe that Notre Dame is allowing this to happen.

  • John

    I cannot remember if it is in the bible, but I remember being taught Jesus said, “If you are ashamed of me then I will be ashamed of you”. Or something to that effect…’

    The persecution begins here… It does not surprise me as the church he went to talked about “God Damn America” and Pres Obuma’s new pastor is not much better. Political correctness is killing this country. And the Christians are letting it happen.


    • http://donthaveone Mark

      We are in the last days according to all that is written in the Bible. Right will become wrong and wrong will become right. There will be earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters more frequent. All these things are coming to fruition. The Catholic church voted in mass for a party that promotes abortion, and not only promotes it, now uses our tax dollars to pay for it overseas for those people. They voted for the party that believes in gay marriages and special rights for gays that others dont get. Point so that you gays dont write back and say you dont, in some states a gay person can carry their lover on their insurance. But if a heterosexual guy is dating a girl, he isnt allowed to carry her on his insurance because they arent married. And there is more than this. However, the Christians voted in large numbers against the democratic party, in large numbers. As for guys like Obama’s pastor, keep in mind that Satan places guys like this in churches to keep people from coming to the church. They see these false prophets and the like, and it turns them off to even attempt to come to a church, so Satan wins more souls because of guys like Jeremiah Wright. It doesnt say much about the parishioners that attend his church, that they would sit there and listen to racist rants, and to their pastor use God’s name in vain, unless they are like this also. I would have to believe any person that sat in the church, and truly knows Jesus Christ, would have gotten up and ran away from that place a long time ago. Those that stay there, well, it says tons about them. As far as saying us Christians are letting it happen, I dont see how we get the blame. We are allowed in less and less places, but the one thing we could do and dont, is God tells us to put Godly men into our positions of authority, and we havent done that. We had a chance more than once, but Christians didnt vote in mass for the Christian candidate. Why, I dont know.

  • Tim

    Because of Obama’s support for abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and support for other issues that are not in line with christian beliefs, he SHOULD NOT have been invited, and definetly NOT been given an honory degree. I think it’s ridiculous, and everyone is too busy trying to be politically correct. It’s ashame that people’s morals are going down the tiolet.

  • http://bethanylm Larry Carney

    Terminology can be deceiving – like “most observant” and “less observant Catholics. People with different views could call them “obedient, non-thinking” and “thinking” Catholics. Jesus never advocated blind obedience to authority. Great saints like St John of the Cross were imprisoned in the inquisition for their views, St. Thomas Aquinas was almost condemned for following Aristotle rather than Plato in philosophy. This is always a difficult question to deal with….obedience to God or to human authority. St. Paul opposed Petreer, the first pope, too.

    • cpcraig

      Sir: The bible tells us that we are to honor our leaders except when the advocate breaking a higher law….God’s law. To me God’s law is black & white not shades of gray. Yes I am a sinner, as we all are….. but I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. I would like to hear your thoughts. The pope is a man and able to make mistakes too.

      • http://bethanylm Larry Carney

        I agree that the pope is a man and can make mistakes too; actually, so does the official position of the R.C. Church, which many of the more observant Catholics don’t know. What is called infallible refers only to official Church statemets that are made in conjunction with the Bishops as in an ecumenical council or officially approved statement. I probably differ with you as seeing God’s law as black and white all the time; and I think the notion of sin has a mixture of meaning – from words or actions that we intentionally do as wrong, to things where our motivation can be suspect (sinful – doing the right thing for the wrong greed)…and on to just having a selfish or sinful attitude. I agree that we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus, but that doesn’t mean He doesn’t call us to keep improving our lives, our attitudes, our love and generosity. I call sinful the basic selfishness in us all that pulls us away from this.

  • David J. Baldwin

    Both my wife and myself, as Catholics, will no longer donate any money to Notre Dame if President Obama speaks. It’s bad enough that he is speaking. It’s a travesty that he will be receiving an Honorary Degree.

    You can harp and say anything you want about Notre Dame being wealthy, etc., but you couldn’t say up until this point, that they are sending mixed Christian messages. However, if the PR and mental giants that run ND come out and say, “Jesus didn’t convert the believers. He went to the non-believers and tried to convert them. We are only trying to turn Obama around to the Christian way of thinking.” It MAY BE a way to start to convert him. It will definatley be a very long road that may even be a Dead End. But we don’t know. But, for my money, I wouldn’t take that chance unless there is a glimmer of hope of converting him.

  • cpcraig

    I agree in principle with each of the above, who speak out against these activities of the president, they are an affront to a Christian America. What dumbfounds me is how this person got elected in the first place. Was it the slackers looking for a handout from the government? Young and old placed Obama stickers on their cars. How were so many citizens fooled by his rhetoric? Who was unable to see through his smooth presentations? If it were not so sad it would be humorous. Not one of my friends were fooled. All saw this man for what he would become as President. He stands against everything I hold close to my heart. I weep for America and my children and grandchildren.

    • steve

      i,nor any that i know, actually believed obama,and then there were a few who wanted”anybody but bush” and so they threw out the baby with the bathwater,,,, sad, now those few are full of remorse , i hope that history does repeat itself , the backlash or coming revolution is just one way to answer this reign of immorality . political corruption should carry the death penalty, anyone who is still for obama should never be allowed to vote again. ever. they’re too stupid to make such decisions.they’re wanting everything given to them, and yes they’ll take it all because they are the cancer of society,,,, time for eradication…

  • Hal

    Very interesting comments. God allows individuals such as Obama to lead Nations. When we as a professing Christian nation have drifted from the Godly principles of our creator and our forefathers, perhaps the blinding of so many people who chose to vote for Mr. Obama will have the scales removed from their eye’s.
    If history serves me correctly, the Roman empire fell for some of the same reason’s that we the United States of America now embrace. Could the election of Mr. Obama be a wakeup call for Christians of this great nation? 11Chronicles 7:14

  • s c

    Anyone who has read the Bible should understand that no individual or group or church or seminary (or public figure) that stands between an individual and God is not of God. Period. The enemy knows that. What is Christianity’s excuse?
    And people still wonder why ‘Christianity’ is so confused and does not have discernment or any spiritual gifts of the Bible. Christianity’s leaders prefer apostasy to God. A truth that has to be learned and re-learned is that we work for God or we don’t. There is no middle ground. No mortal can cater to “both” sides. Realizing this, anyone who dares to put their faith in a mortal messiah (political or otherwise)
    has chosen to put himself in peril.

  • Ed Lavizzo

    The reason that catholics are supporting the abortion president is because our church has been hijacked with the vatican 2 new order.Please look at this web site and it will explain a lot.

  • Dgstomp

    The thing I find most disturbing and hypocritical is that any Christian, period, who says they believe in the Bible and believe in living by the ten commandments can do any of the following: go to war and kill people, sit on a jury which okays the death penalty, become a member of the judical system which can condemn people to death or as a law enforcement official they can kill somebody. The commandment in any bible I have every read says: “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”.* Not by abortion and not by any of the above reasons by which Christians kill other human beings.

  • Ron

    Come on all, give Obama a break. Why do you think he chose Notre Dame of all schools to speak at. It is because he is full of good moral Christian charactor and values and he thought that he could make a connection with all of us good people. We should accept him with open arms. It’s not like he makes these appearances just as photo ops to make a good impression to win over the hearts of Christians and Catholics alike. Some people think that this great President is two faced, accusing him of kissing up to us Christians/Catholics while behind our backs he is laughing at us and pushing legislation to allow the murder of innocent unborn children. (even partial birth abortion, yikes.) We should give him the benifit of the doubt that he is truly genuin in all that he does and that he will stand up for each and every Americans rights in due time. (By the way, there may be those of you that didn’t understand that this comment is meant to be sarcastic.)

  • http://yahoo Bruce

    How can any Christian even want to support Obama? He is trying to silence our ministers and priests off radio and TV. Ultimately he wants to burn our Bibles.

    Also He strongly supports killing babies, seniors and supports “gays”. I know “love the peerson and hate the sin.” But that doesn’t mean we have to pander to them.

    Obama and his supporters disgusts me.

  • Bill Taylor

    I am Not Catholic,But how can any one suppory somebody who is in direct conflict with their own beliefs? Cathloic,Christain ,Gun owner,Etc. Confuseing.


    You are very right, Mark. Shame on the Catholics who voted for a pro-abortion President. I simply don’t understand why they did. Perhaps because they think sin does not exist anymore.

  • Jane

    Obama’s actions speak louder thand his words for those who are naive enough to believe in his words and his tactics. Obama’s trying to fool people, he has Catholic universities and other organizations behind him therefore he must do things right.

    We should know there are more people and organizations against him/Obama. Unfortunately the main media is too liberal, and they don’t want you to know what’s really going on.

  • http://none Mary

    Just because a few bad apples are present in a bushel of apples doesn’t mean all the apples are bad.
    I am a convert to Catholicism for many, many years now and I truly love my Church, faith, and above all – Jesus. There are many of us true Catholics who are holding on to our Catholic faith and so that doesn’t mean the Church is disintegrating. There have been false popes and heresy in the Church in the past, but as Jesus promised, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it”. It is the so-called Catholics (in name only) that are causing the turmoil. So, if a Catholic – observe the faith, or if a Protestant, – live that faith; but above all, love and obey Jesus. Be an example.

  • Dale

    While Catholicism is not the only branch or
    denomination of Christianity capable of
    producing formerly devout Christians into
    “lapsed” Christians, it IS the ONLY branch
    of Christianity that commonly uses the term
    “lapsed”. What are the reasons for that? I
    have heard different things about how or why
    Catholics become less…devout, so I’ve formed
    my own conclusions. One is that the Catholic
    Church depends way too much on idol worship
    whether it be icons, praying to Mary or “Saints”
    rather than to GOD or Christ Jesus, no full emersion baptisms, prayer beads, rosaries, etc. In other words, their worship services don’t focus on the teachings
    or the text of the Word of GOD. In music, you can
    hum a tune. But if you don’t know the LYRICS,
    then you can insert ANYTHING into where the words
    should go. Maybe there are too many lapsed Catholics
    who never learned the Words.

    • bill

      You have obviously never been to a Catholic Mass nor know anything about it. If you compare all “services” of all churches throughout the world, the Mass by far (no other “service” comes close) is based on the Bible by a huge percentage. We follow and do what the first Christians did; the “Liturgy of the Word”, then the “Liturgy of the Eucharist”. Read the early church fathers and you will see what history shows; the early Church was Catholic; there were no Protestants around. It took another 1500 years for them to come into being. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

      • Dale

        despite the Catholic churches various problems
        over the years, I still have a lot of respect for the
        church, its attempt to correct those problems, the
        Pope, most of the more conservative worldwide
        leaders of the church and so on. I’ve had friends,
        neighbors and co-workers who are devout Catholics
        and who’ve thanked me for letters to the editor I’ve
        written in support of their church. I admit ignorance
        on how the Catholic services are done or on how
        Catholics are educated on the Word, which is why I
        asked “What are the reasons for that?”, regarding
        “lapses” and scriptural teachings.
        My knowledge of Catholic services and/or teachings
        are based solely on things I’ve been told or heard
        from Catholics and by others who’ve studied a
        variety of religions. One of which is my oldest brother
        who converted from a Protestant denomination to
        an Eastern Orthodox church. It may not surprise you
        to know that the Orthodox church believes that they
        are the first Christian Church. But I’d like to believe
        that despite differences in worship styles or how
        we’re all taught the Word, that ( like you said ) we are
        ALL brothers & sisters in Christ & GODs children.
        Even Rodin. ;>)

        • bill

          Thank you very much for your respectful reply Mr. Dale. Yes, the Church has certainly had it’s problems over the centuries, but it still exists (it is the oldest organization/entity in existence on earth) and we believe will always exist until the end of time because Jesus said so. The Orthodox Church is technically correct; they were the first Church, but they were Catholic until 1054 when the split occurred.

          Please don’t take my word for this, but rather ask one of your Orthodox freinds who knows the history of their Church.

          I can tell you one reason I am a Catholic; lets take one issue as an example, say abortion. The Church has taught that abortion is wrong since the first century A.D. Read a document called the “Didache”, which was written sometime in the first century; scholars argue about exactly when. Another name for the Didache is the “The Teachings of the Apostles”, but no one knows who wrote it. It was revered and read in the early church for centuries, but was never canonized in 382 A.D. as was the Bible.
          The Didache stated that abortions should not be done nor infanticide. Of course, we have a commandment that says we should not kill, which in the original language translates more accurately to “do not murder”. If you believe an embryo is a person (which I believe it is), then the person cannot be murdered. My point is this teaching was taught in the first century A.D., and is still being taught almost 2000 years later, and if the world lasts another 2000 years it will still be taught. The same goes for all the doctrines of the Church. They will never change and can be counted on.
          Sorry to be so long-winded.

          May the peace of Christ be always with you,


  • richard wheeler

    What a bunch or right wing garbage and how incredibly un Christian.I’d rather talk Fighting Irish football which can use some help.Obama at 65% approval and rising.Repubs. out of touch and out of luck.

  • Kathy

    I am not a practicing Catholic but did attend catholic schools for 9 years of my life. I think it was awful for Georgetown to cover IHS on the cross BEFORE Obama would come to give his talk. Georgetown is a Catholic School and the Cross should not have been covered. This is wrong!!! Obama knows it’s a Catholic school so live with it . It’s funny that Christians are getting the shaft while Hawaii just declared “ISLAM” day in it’s state. I always thought America allowed all faiths to be practiced without intervention by our government. What has happened to our constitution??? or our Declaration of Independence??? What has happened to our Freedoms? As far as abortion….I think those in favor are those who are not really responsible people to begin with.

  • MikeWF

    Rodin sez: “concentrate instead on the fact that he’s well educated, thoughtful and has a resonance with a majority of the population.”

    That’s basically what the Nazis said about Hitler.

    • rodin

      That’s not what the Germans said about Hitler… He was not very well educated, he played on their fears and prejudices, dividing the majority against the minority and he arrived when the entire country was psychologically decimated from the economic war reparations of the First World War. They wanted to believe. Key word is believe. In many ways the comparison is closer to Bush after 9-11. So far Obama has been a model of trying to bring people “together” not twist them apart by spreading hatred and bigotry.

  • MikeWF

    Ed Levizzo sez: “The reason that catholics are supporting the abortion president is because our church has been hijacked with the vatican 2 new order.Please look at this web site and it will explain a lot. (Most Holy Family)”

    A goodness, Ed. The Diamond Brothers are sedevacantist extremists (they think there’s no true pope right now). The answer to one nutty extremism (like Obama) is not the other nutty extreme.

    • rodin

      The extremes that you people go to with your logic is absolutely astounding. Instead of being consumed with so much hate and vitriol against your society and your leaders, why don’t you instead bring about good works and create charity. Nobody wants to hear your hatred.

      • Jane

        Rodin, you should tell Obama to stop constantly apologizing to the world when the U.S. continues to be a victim of attacks, especially 9/11.

        People hear are exercising their free speech! You are the one who needs to do some good work and leave us, the patriotic people alone.

  • Chuck Novak

    Great responses fellow believers. Some of you may have unintentionally missed my point in looking toward the Pope for guidance as if I were giving him god like powers. I’m not. The point I intend is that SOMEONE with authority and conviction needs to come forth to begin the voyage back to Christian values and ethics.
    Obama will not endorse Christan values because he perceives that the majority denounce that a supreme entity, as an architect of creation, began or delivered the ‘Big Bang’ to jolt the universe into motion. Science is all aglow with the details of what must have occurred 20 billion +/- years ago. Frankly, while I am dazzled by the Discovery and History and National G depictions of what they suspect caused our Earth to be positioned exactly where it needed to be relative to the Sun for life to evolve, I can STILL believe that a force from the Grand Architect planned it and allowed the universe to evolve.
    We are quick to find fault and blame with any theory we can’t explain or chose not to accept dependent upon many factors, some religious, others science, still others aliens from outer space. Whatever choice one makes is his/hers to embrace and defend. Who actually authored genesis is anybody guess. My guess is that since there was no written language for thousands of years, its a mystery better left to those who study the Bible.
    The resolution to America’s problems is actually more related to the U.S. Constitution and the men who authored it almost yrs ago. What were they attempting to create? Surely not another British empire but a country where all citizens were given an equally opportunity to live,labor, love and worship free of the fears that government, the Brits at the time, would deny them the freedoms necessary to pursue happiness.
    After a bitter conflict America won its independence.

    Obama and company feel that they can enhance those liberties by altering the intent of the original authors because times have changed. This is the battle now developing. We Americans who chose to oppose today’s remake of the Constitution are now labeled as obstructionists, even potential terrorists. Today the Pope is visiting Muslin states and later will be conversing with Jewish leaders. I can only speculate his intent as bring together all those who believe in a divine God as positive and hopefully well received by Catholics, christians and Jews world wide.

    I pray that men of good conscience and ethical moral standards can come together to convince our leaders to recall our Judeo-Christian heritage and resolve that this nation, under God, shall not perish from the face of the earth.

  • Bill

    Rodin, We are not the hater here in this blog. It is you who started the hate here. By the way can’t you see that Obama is doing the same thing as Hitler. He is not trying to get everyone together. He is he playing on their fears and prejudices, dividing the majority against the minority and he arrived when the entire country was psychologically decimated from the economic troubles that is Congress. He, the Democrats and the Republicans.

    I think you need to become a Christian so you can see where most of the US is coming from.

    • Jane

      I agreed Bill. Rodin should tell his Democrat party, America does not want to hear Dems hatred against Rpublicans either. Stop bashing Bush and patriotic Americans.

  • Di

    What I here is racism, it are the racist who will start the civil war, Barack was born black, are you aware God made other color of skin (not just WHITE) YOU people call yourself Christian, you are why Christianity is dying … are JUDGEMENTAL, HYPOCRITICAL.

  • s c

    I’d like to hear a response to a basic abortion issue while Obama is at Notre Dame. As everyone knows, the pro-choice crowd worships “compassion” (theoretically). Is there any reason why convicted murderers should not be ‘terminated’ the same way as babies? Ending life in a womb is seen as incredibly ‘compassionate.’ And yet, if a convict was ‘removed’ the same way, this same pro-choice gang would see it as death by cruel and unusual punishment. Can you say absolute, world-class hypocrisy?

    • s c

      Obama’s pc response at Notre Dame is transparent. However, ‘transparent’ is meaningless when evasion is the goal. What matters most to abortion groupies and Mr. Obama is another quick fix. So, how will these social engineers solve the ‘problem’ of having too many senior citizens in an ailing economy? I wonder if the classy politicians and camp-followers who created this abomination will be forced to endure the same “compassionate consequences.” Sleep well, America, knowing that this is for your own good – like it or not.

  • Dickie

    Well, people say obama is a very good talker, He must be REEEELLL good, You people voted for him to be President,of the U S A, And he still will NOT show proof he is an AMERICAN, Now Joe Biden is Vice President,And we are the only country in the world without a real leader, But what realy brothers me is When obama refused to go to the National Prayer Day, NO body said anything,When he told the catholic”s to hide Jesus name ,They could not do it fast enough,But they did not protest the covering of Jesus, But their own protest against abortion,These people don”t know that GOD will take care of this,IF President Bush have done less than have of what obama is doing, people would be screeming empeachment,Rodin,you poor little thing,MY dear you are fixing to find out who Hitler is really like, HE was a reeeel good speaker to.People forgot that acorn-fannie mae.Was the wonderful creation of the clintions & obama era,But blind people can”t see that, SO don”t say you don”t hate,President Bush fought to put an end to this monster,But All the dems would not budge,So go back and READ your history,If you are not to scard to learn the reel truth,But you won”t,So when you need a police,Ambulance,fire truck, OR just go to work, But nothing will happen,even to protest the war,BECAUSE the TERRORIST, have control of all the oil,Want that be great,So let the dems & obama take us stright to comunisiom,And it WILL happen you will see.

  • s c

    I don’t understand why Catholics would support b o. His “core values” are anti-American, anti-life, anti-common sense and lurking in the shadows is an attempt to punish people who believe in God (while protecting ‘other’ religions). B O is in this circus for himself. He and his anti-American thugs will tear America apart.
    B O’s big tent has attracted so many varities of unbalanced people that it needs a security perimeter around it (or a large moat). B O is a scam artist who relies on ignorant fantasy-lovers for support. B O is an unmitigated failure who will drag America down with him. Take off those rose-colored glasses, people. He is a legend in his own, self-loving mind. He shouldn’t be within a thousand miles of Washington, let alone in the White House.

  • Frank

    My observation is that 100% of TRADITIONAL Catholics disapprove of the Notre Dame invitation to Obama. They also object to the creeping advance of the atheistic, socialist, new world order which aims to destroy America. It has already completed its goal of subverting the Catholic Church which thinks they will be declared the “official” church of the NWO. Too bad we lost Malachi Martin.

  • magjoh

    What is all this screaming about. The New World Order is being put in place everyday. It is not coming through politics. It is the media. Have you all not been paying attention to what is on TV lately. There are shows from around the world. I have seen TV shows on from somewhere in Africa, it must have been South Africa, I could not understand a word that was being said and the policeman was white. When the little league played their world series. It was Hawaii against Japan and Japan won. The fight on Saturday night Hispanic against the Philiphines guy. The fighter from the Philiphines won. Or is it just that we in America can’t put out the same kind of entertainment anymore or are we just a bunch a alcoholics and drug addicts. We can’t even compete in our schools anymore. And when someone makes you look at people in politics the media is dumping the new world order in our face and we call it entertainment.


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