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Poll: Bush's Response To Katrina Better Than Obama's Handling Of Oil Spill

June 21, 2010 by  

Poll: Bush's response to Katrina better than Obama's handling of oil spill Louisiana residents believe that former President George W. Bush did a more adequate job responding to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina than President Barrack Obama has in response to the oil spill off the state’s coastline, according to a recent survey.

The new Public Policy Polling survey found that 50 percent of respondents—including 31 percent of Democrats—feel that Bush handled the 2005 crisis better than Obama is currently managing the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. A total of 35 percent of those surveyed favor the current president’s performance.

When asked to compare the impact of the two disasters, an overwhelming majority of voters (76 percent to 17 percent) said that the oil spill will do more long-term harm to the community than Katrina did.

Officials with the left-leaning polling organization note that the waters off the Louisiana coast account for 16 percent of the state’s GDP. They also report that a one-year ban on offshore drilling could result in as many as 20,000 layoffs statewide.

"People are always concerned with their economic livelihood," said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling." In Louisiana the economy and jobs are clearly tied to the oil and gas industry. Louisianans seem more concerned about the closure of oil rigs than of the beaches."

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  • s c

    While most polls can be engineered to get whatever results a poll-maker wants, this one says volumes about the current White House ‘leader.’ So do I want GB back in the White House? Absolutely not.
    Alfred E Newman would be an improvement. Any of the Three Stooges would be better. Does that mean Biden would be better? Of course not.
    From this point, it’s time for America to get a substitute pound of flesh from this non-leading pretender. Let every day of his 4 years be a constant reminder that it takes more than false promises and an adoring, pimped-out media to get things done in America.
    Let the coming months expose every flaw of this self-made loser. Let every mask and every festering flaw become public.
    As ironic as it may sound, perhaps Bubba Clinton was right when he said Obama would have, at one time, served Clinton his coffee. An old maxim says there is no honor among thieves. And so it is, it seems, the same should be said about progressives. Is it redundant to say thieves and progressives? Mark Twain should have lived longer so he could
    enlighten and humor us with his briliance and his humor.

  • Bob Wire

    No doubt, It’s great political hay!

    I suppose it depends on who you ask. ~

    I thought you folks were tried of talking about Bush? yet here we are comparing Bush.

    I don’t think you know whether to sh1t or wind your watch.

    One thing is for sure, it’s some peoples job to make this Obama’s Katrina.

    and they’ve got plenty to work with so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to do.

    You want things both ways, want to forget one minute and remember the next. I had a wife like that once! Selective memory, it’s a woman’s way of justifying her thoughts and actions and making you feel like a dog.

    Would you make up “my” mind?

  • mlrose

    Whether those who had nothing on their midget-minds than to make fun and vilify President Bush for his plain talk, perhaps they will think??? about the slick lies we were pounded with for more than two year before they discount plain talk, ever again. Miss President Bush? Absolutely, but he should be allowed to enjoy his life knowing full well that as a wonderful American he kept the faith for eight years without faltering. With all the terrible things the democrats and media said about him, never did he once respond. No, he didn’t because he was a gentleman of integrity and character and as an American who loved his country, he just dismissed those not worthy of response. I can’t wait until the time when the chiseling of Mount Rushmore begins for this Patriot. This phony in OUR White House should be packing his bags sooner rather than later. The GREATEST DISASTER IN AMERICAN HISTORY WILL NOT BE KNOWN AS THE GULF OIL SPILL, IT WILL BE KNOWN AS THREE WORDS, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. What were we thinking when voting for a person with that name?

    • Kinetic1

      “…BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. What were we thinking when voting for a person with that name?”
      Either are you a racist, or do have something against odd names. Since you failed to mention “Newt”, “Saxby” or “Thad” I’ll assume it’s the former of the two.

      As for Bush and his great restraint, perhaps you have forgotten when he “flipped the bird” on his way to the helicopter? Now there’s the sign of a “gentleman of integrity and character”! To even consider the notion that he will EVER be carved into Mount Rushmore is pure folly. After two unnecessary wars, a rash of corporate corruption aided by his insistence that we cut regulations, and now is admission that he was involved in torture and the decline of America’s moral standards, I wouldn’t expect to much. Unless the Texas board of education is allowed to re-write history, Bush will never be known as anything more than an average president, though even that is a stretch.

      • Raymond Sirmans

        To all those who think this is the way to go:
        Kindly keep in mind some disturbing coincidentals. We are living, right now, under a system close to national socialism. When guns are removed, as it was the first time, and our leader ( translate that into german and see what you get) takes even more power than he already has; will we , again have ” the night of the long knives” ?
        If that day comes, who will be the old yellow dogs? Not the jews this time, I think. Give yourself three guesses. Wouldn’t be the black man, nor any of those commies who have so quickly appeared. Oh! No, they will goose step right across america, in lock step. ” Achtung! eyes right, or perhaps recht. Remember caesar, ” you too Brutus” How about Ernst Rhome? ” You too Brutus”.
        It’s not where we are on this road, at this moment that bothers me; it’s what is arround the next bend that scares hell out of me. RS

        • http://naver samurai

          I can just hear the SS Stormtroopers banging on my door now. Good analogy!

      • http://naver samurai

        Post your souces and facts and don’t commit such tirades on this site, OK? Believe me, I was a lot better off under Bush than with “Osama” in the White House. “Once we had Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash. Now, we have Obama, no hope, and no cash!” Samurai.

      • Patricia Wood

        I respectfully disagree with you…..if you think Bush was so bad…just you wait until Jan. of 2011 when BO lets the BUSH taxcuts lapse and your taxes go up. Also, you will feel the taxes that have come and are yet to come from BO and his Health Care reform, etc.
        We have yet to see all of the mess he has created come to pass. Bush may not have been the most perfect President, but, he did better than anyone since Reagan. At the very least, he kept the Oval Office a place of honor and respect and he kept the USA safe from harm after 9/11. Anyone who actually believes that Bush caused the 9/11 attack is drinking too much of something. Let the man enjoy the rest of his years of retirement in peace. Besides, he will anyway…sticks and stones… they say.

      • Fed Up Texan

        Kinetic1..It is always easy to spot the nazi boot lickers when the comparisons of sobama and Bush come up. Have fun, bootlicker. If you are white, you will be on the first train car going the the natural gas showers that der fuhuer has ready

  • DaveH

    And as if our economy isn’t bad enough we have Obama and his outlaw administration basically telling the world that the United States is not a safe place to do business:

    • Jana

      Not only that but having a moratorium on drilling off shore while sending Brazil 2 Billion dollars for Petras (sp) or whatever the name of their oil company is called so they can drill off shore. Meanwhile George Soros will benefit from this as he has over a million dollars invested in this company.
      What is going on with this? Meanwhile we have a man who thinks he is a dictator in the White House who would rather go out and play instead of thinking about the economy of this country. Of course his idea is safety before jobs. HA. His motto is probably ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING before jobs.

  • Tim Layman

    You can’t compare Bush to President Obama. Bush is a total moron. The world is in this mess because of his ignorance and ineptitude.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jason


      I don’t nomally say things like this but you are the “Moron” for having made that statement about President Bush. You seem to be a “Kool Aid” drinking left wing liberal that blames the seasons changing on Bush. All I can say is “Don’t drink the Kool Aid”. Think for yourself. Barrack Hussein Obama (Jimmy Carter on Steroids) is driving this Great country into the ground. He’s more interested in State Dinners (Bashing the US), Golfing, Basketball, and The Jonas Brothers than he is on making this country strong again. Research all the help Obama turned down from other countries within the first few of the oil spill. Research in general to get the truth. Don’t just spilt out what the libs tell you.

      • KEVIN


    • http://GOOGLE JHSUNBUM






      • Kinetic1

        Hmmm, let’s see. During Bush’s first 18 months we went from a forecasted surplus and a good economy to a 36.9% drop in the Standard and Poors 500. Unemployment was climbing and so was the deficit. Then he and his team ignored the warnings of the previous administration leading to the massive failure that was 9/11. He then put in motion a campaign to start a war in Iraq using lies an innuendo. He also placed industry insiders into positions of oversight. A move that would cost us dearly for years to come. And during this wonderful 18 months, Bush was on vacation 42% of the time.

        • http://naver samurai

          We also fulfilled the “Contract with America”, had the first round of tax cuts passed, received our first $600 check, went to Afghanistan and kicked the Taliban’s backside, etc., what is so bad about that? Don’t forget that it took Bush almost his whole first term to clean up Hillary’s (Bill’s) mess that was left to him. Get your facts straight before you post! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Kinetic1

            The “contract with America” never lived up to it’s promises. It was considered a success only due to the fact that they only promised to bring certain bills and issue to the floor for a vote. Much of what was promised never made it passed the vote, and others were vetoed. Yes, some made it through, but it was not the government changing event it is touted to be.

            Ah yes, the tax cuts. Great idea as the economy was in free fall. And that $600 check, do you recall that it was really an advance on your following years taxes?

            “… went to Afghanistan and kicked the Taliban’s backside.” You should mention that to Bin Laden. Despite Bush’s promise to “smoke him out” he is still out there. And by some estimates, the actions of the Bush administration have made the Taliban more powerful than ever.

            And that Clinton mess! Wow, your right, it took Bush a whole year to turn a budget surplus into a deficit, reaching a record $415 billion in 2004. And that was after he stole $150 billion from Social Security to cover up his mess.

            Then there are the promises he reneged on, his funding of 2 wars without accounting for the costs in his budget, the corporate insiders he placed in positions of power like foxes in a hen house, and the list goes on.

            In the end the Bush economy and the Clinton economy were about a dead heat, IF NOT FOR THE MASSIVE DEFICIT BUSH RAN UP!

            It’s a funny thing about facts, try to use them on the wrong people and they’ll bite your jingoist butt. I’m as proud of this country’s accomplishments as any of you flag wavers, but I know enough to burn a flag that has been abused. This country has been drug through the mud by people like George W. Bush. They claim to be patriots, wrap them selves in the flag and then they sell our country to the highest bidder. Enough is enough. We need to rebuild this country’s honor. We need to take the high road, not boast about torture. We need to support our troops, not pay 10 times the wage for mercenaries with ties to the White House. We need to invest in new technology and innovation to help us solve our problems. Honest corporations that help this country grow deserve our support, and those that pay their CEOs 10s of millions while they layoff employees, move off shore to avoid taxes and deplete our resources only to fill their own coffers should be made to pay their fair share. THAT’S WHERE YOU’LL FIND YOUR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bob Wire

            It was more of a contract ON America.

            samurai ` paints a rosy picture though! and maybe that’s the way it was for him.

            It made me wonder, ~ where was I?

            Oh yes , I was raising 4 children and making a 2100.00 dollar nut every month! doing blue collar work, electric and plumbing as my customer base kept shrinking and America policed the hold darn world while addressing few issues back home.

            I remember now.

          • http://naver samurai

            Oh, I see kinetic has forgotten that this administartion has racked up a debt 4 times larger than that of Bush. It only took him 18 months to do it too. Here in Indiana, under Bush you could of gotten a job in a factory or other decent paying place, but not now. Our coastline were cleaner, we were more secure, Bush claimed to be christian and so did “Osama”, just “Osama” lied about that and so many things. Bush didn’t have to face the possibility of impeachment, like “Osama”, didn’t apollogize for us, didn’t bow to other countries, actually graduated from college with records to prove it. Don’t forget also that we just didn’t go to the Middle East without way more than 50% of the vote (Senate and Congress) to go there. What do you mean by that Barbie Doll? I now make $2000 a month and are putting 3 of my four kids through college so what’s your point? You two bozos need to get your facts straight and post your sources. Sources don’t mean web sites, I mean real sources like books, reports, etc., if you can read that is. I’ve also heard that soon the Supreme Court will start hearing testimony on whether Obama bin Laden is a legal president or not. Its quietly made it up there. I think that the justices are just chomping at the bit to get their hands on this case. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! GOD BLESS AMERICA! Let’s take it back from people who seek to destroy America from the inside out, like kinetic1 and barbie doll.

        • http://yahoo C. J.

          Is it Kinetic or lunitic you seem to forget that when the economy went down was the same time the Dems took over congress. It is true the president takes the hit when the economy goes bad and gets the credit when the economy is good but congress is the biggest culprit. Notice the unemployment and government spending since the socialist Dems took over congress. Plus they want huge taxes for cap and trade for a phony man made global warming bill. Did anyone see the snowplows plowing off the football field in El Paso? I hope the new congress can start to reverse the damage the Dems have done, but there will be a lot of unpopular choices that will make many people unhappy. They should start by unfunding programs that are just leaches (ie) the N.E.A., any federal money for the ACLU, ACORN the Department of Education, Planned Parenthood, the Department of Energy,any federal dollars for N.O.W, stop Obamacare or any other dozens of graft programs. Like I said a lot of people will be angry but it has to be done and will save taxpayers billions each year.
          Maybe unpopular choices but necessary if we are going to survive as a free people.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      tim says: You can’t compare Bush to President Obama.
      You couldn’t be more correct; there is no comparison. No president has ever been like Barry before and and if we get smart there will never be another like him in the White House ever again! Barry is a liar! I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth! He is smoke and mirrors, and obviously you are still deluded by him.

      • John

        Thanks Robin, I completely agree.
        Obama is nothing but a liar. Every time he speaks he lies, spins the truth, attacks Americans who do not agree with him, kisses up to our sworn enemies, uses every viable excuse to promote his radical agenda. He has the most despicable administration that I have ever seen. I have no respect for him, the man lacks integrity and does NOT belong in the WH.

        This is only a sampling of what is wrong with this guy and his current administration. I’m sure that some day someone will summarize everything more clearly and in great detail. It will be an interesting volume of books to read.

      • Bob Wire

        20 billion and 100 million is a lot of smoke and mirror for sure!

    • http://naver samurai

      If you think that this president is really smart, think again! Investigators can’t even tell if he graduated from college or high school here, can you tell? Show us the records! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bob Wire

        sound like a bright man for sure , if they can’t figure it out!

        who’s the dummie?

    • http://naver samurai

      It sure isn’t any better with Obama bin Laden, his sheep, and idiots like you trying to run the show. Vote them out in November! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • coal miner

      Tim Layman,

      Bush crime family. · Cached page

  • Bob Wire

    guilty by name? guilty by birth!

    There’s something about that, I just refuse to accept while not really liking the name much either.

    Sorry, where you go, you go without me.

    Obama had nothing to do with causing the spill.

    Bush had nothing to do with the weather.

    But both were given notice of a bad tide descending. ~ That’s your only common link. ~ Bush under reacted, his people in charge under reacted.

    Obama, too, under reacted, While on it early, failed to show a big presence. Hoping for the best , my guess. Accepting BP assurances for the time being.

    and too! there’s a common link with the MMO and the Bush /Chaney administration that prevailed at the time of the “accident” I’m sure you’d wish to ignore for it fails to place 43″s administration in a favorable light, defeating any hopes of winning this rock throwing contest.

    By the end of this “rock throwing contest” your not going to win, so why bother starting one?

    The only way you might “win” anything is for me and “others’ to be silent.

    I harbor no such plans.

    • John

      No we will win.

      We are the MAJORITY and we are AMERICANS.

      We have already begun taking action. Haven’t you noticed who’s been wining the elections???

      Take notice your days are numbered between this day and November 11, 2010.

      • Bob Wire

        You are a majority you wish! If you were a majority this particular discussion wouldn’t be taking place John. Your numbers don’t rank 20 million.

    • DaveH

      Of course, Bob, Obama had nothing to do with the spill. But he has everything to do with impeding the cleanup.

      • http://naver samurai

        100% agree on that! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bob Wire

        I don’t think it too foolish to think any “clean up ” discussed from the offset between the administration and BP , do you?

        That it found to be “lacking” and a great disappointment shared by all.

        Now if you wish to lay the blame on one man or one administration, I find the notion “lacking’ as well.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Barb Wire,
      You forgot one difference. bush was hampered by posse cometas, Odummer is not. In fact, he should have acted over night since the federal government is responsible for the protection and welfare of all coastal waters!!! Not the states!!!

      • Bob Wire

        Joe, tell me how armed servants of bureaucrats might change things. I don’t think too many government worker of that caliber, capable if taking place of the state national guard ~which was by the way, was “busy elsewhere” serving the “Fed” chases Sandmen around. You over rated theses “softer” people when is comes to “oil spills” daming,booming,dyking , in general getting dirty and sweating though a 10 hour work day much less 15. What are they to do? Shoot it or guard it?

        Granted, Obama accepted BP officials “soft soaping” early on and failed to react with a strong response. This was his mistake, and I think everyone concerned was hopeful this matter might be put to bed early.

        So go ahead, and make your hay.

        Myself, I never faulted Bush except with his choices of leadership (old friend, political favors) Men/women with no credentials for the Title they held was commonplace in the Bush Administration. And the newly formed HLS (which I hold with great reservations) was caught “sleeping” when it came their “curtain call”, being so busy with foreign threats they fail to recognize and respond quickly to a natural threat.

        And too, people need to take the personal responsibility to “leave” low lying area during such times. ~ Must we have laws and rigid enforcement of them, to “stop” people from living anywhere they wish? You want a nice seat ring side with a good view to the action? Expect to get so sweat & blood on you.

        They were victims, victims of many things and not just the failure of government reaction time in crisis but by their own hand.

        Yes , political hay was made of Katrina, ~ but slow response time was just the top layer of contention.

        So if you wish to make hay of this, you need to dig deeper. And what you find will not serve your cause.

    • http://yahoo C. J.

      Bob Wire: You are right on. Did you watch the news the week before Katrina? Every day the weather stations were warning people to evacuate and they chose to ignore the warnings. Even two days before the hurricane hit, Shepard Smith from Fox News went to N.O. to find them having a hurricane party on Bourbon St. He had the camera crew with him and he ask a person why they were still there and the person told him that it wasn’t any of his f—–g business. Shepard told him that he was on live T.V. and the person more or less told him to f–k off. These people were given plenty of warning to get out. You can’t blame Bush for stupid people. With the oil spill there was no warning. In fact inspectors just gave them a clean bill of health and said they should be model for other off shore rigs. OBAMA PLAYED GOLF.

  • DaveH

    Leave it to CommieFornia to find a way to stifle 3rd parties:,_Top_Two_Primaries_Act_(June_2010)

    Some may think this is a good thing, but without political party ‘branding’, there will be little chance for a candidate with different ideas to get his agenda known by enough of the voters to win a primary election. And the elected candidates won’t be beholden to a particular Political Party, so they can flip-flop any way they want on their campaign promises and there will be little recourse except for the voters to wait for the next election to vote them out.

    • DaveH
    • JeffH

      DaveH, it’s just so far beyond my level of comprehension how this Prop 14 could ever become law. But, what else is new! I have to get out of this place before I end up doing something real bad…No saving California anymore. Make California the liberal state, move every liberal in and close the borders 280 degrees with no way in or out except through Mexico..cut communication to the rest of the world, don’t pass go and don’t collect $200.

      • DaveH

        Good Plan. I wish we could do it.

        • DaveH

          The Liberals would never go for it, though. They are well aware that they couldn’t survive without riding on the backs of others.
          They could solve our energy problems though with all the hot gases coming from their mouths.

          • Bob Wire

            Dave you have misconstrued view of the DNC. To hear you talk, one would think democrats don’t put in a full day work. ~ This overstating, name calling, mean spirited misrepresentation of reality fails to serve you or your cause.

            What makes you think other people would be willing to help you carry water with your nasty attitude about others?

            People that don’t work, usually don’t bother with their civil responsibilities either.

            Think about it.

            You need to appeal to voters , not scorn them or run them off if you are to ever gain that “Majority” you like claim you have.

  • angel-wanna-be

    It’s all about reaction time in a crisis. I find appalling, that States have to wait for the Feds_OK_, before reacting in ANY crisis. Then when they do, they risk being sued by the feds for acting. Nanny Foo Foo politics!__Same bill as the Feds (until the Feds change it, to appear different, so they don’t look the fool, in this lawsuit)__In Katrina, no thought was given by NO, to bus folks outta there. Thousands of buses sat in water up to their roofs?!?__
    Bush didn’t drop the Ball there, that was State government. __Why’d it take so for Obama to react to the oil spill? Could a Republican Governor have anything to do with it??___Why isn’t he supporting Jan Brewer, again, a Republican Governor?__Obama doesn’t like looking bad!
    Bottom line!

    • eddie47d

      Miss Republican, Why didn’t Gov. Jindal get those berms (barriers) built since that was one of his pet projects. They would have helped in the oil spill and even in hurricanes. Florida spends millions on its beaches and coastal infastructure. California had several earthquakes and strenghtened their building codes to avoid losses. They took the bulls by the horns. Mississippi has had several hurricanes hit that state so they are aware of the problems. Yet Jindal waited for a major crises to come along and now wants Federal dollars. If you know your basement will flood you either don’t build a basement or you put in french drains and coat the walls to prevent flooding. Obama was “slow” because because BP promised to fix it and pay all costs. How much federal intervention do you want in any problem that arises? You’ve always been against regulations and big government yet you scream for more. I actually don’t care for Jan Brewers Immigration bill but I give her alot of credit for trying to solve a big problems that her state faces. Jindal should have taken the initiative long ago in his state.

      • JeffH

        fast eddie, “Why didn’t Gov. Jindal get those berms (barriers) built since that was one of his pet projects.”
        Easy enough…EPA!

        No matter how you attempt to defend your POTUS hero, he is completely indefensible now.
        Barack Obama has proven himself to be incompetent, reckless, deceitful and naive when it comes to protecting America’s interests and his pattern of corruption, power-grabbing, and misleading the American people clearly jeopardizes America.

        Moreover, this recklessness and deceitfulness can not be attributed to simple rookie mistakes. Rather, this behavior clearly indicates that Obama is constantly and purposefully engaging in actions that reflect a hard-left ideology antithetical to America’s founding principles.

        Indeed, many believe that when it comes to his economic policies that Obama is following the theories of Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven, two radical professors from his undergraduate university, Columbia, who advocated overwhelming the economy with so much spending and entitlement demands that the resulting chaos would cause people to clamor for more government intervention, thus leading to socialism.
        Of course, the Mainstream Media won’t report, or even acknowledge, these unfortunate truths.

        Obama is clearly dismissive of America’s Constitutional principles and obviously dislikes the role America plays in the world. He dislikes our Judeo-Christian heritage and detests America’s historical allies. He under-estimates the Islamic threat and is constantly apologizing to the world.

        He gives beautiful speeches but, truth be told, this man was not prepared to be president and never was. He has neither the experience nor the temperament to guide America during the troubled times we live in. Nor is his worldview consistent with the values and principles espoused by our founding fathers or even consistent with the vast majority of Americans.

        Less than halfway through his first term Obama has done more damage to America than any previous president in history. Some of the damage can be repaired, some can’t. Some of his policies will haunt generations to come.

        Fast eddie, right the wrongs and get on board and join the fight to impeach Obama

        • DaveH

          Thanks JeffH. Obviously Eddie doesn’t get his news from reliable sources or he would have known that already.

        • eddie47d

          What a propaganda piece with your diatrab and name calling. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

          • http://naver samurai

            Like this administartion isn’t name calling, finger pointing, passing the buck, etc., are you really that blind? You sound somewhat like smilee. Are you two sharing the same bedroom? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Bob Wire

            The zeal of God & Country ~ was the cry that got us into a war to no where and what got government involved with people unable to die a natural death.

            Your “God” needs to be personal and dear to “You”! ~ It’s a personal connection, and on a personal level of each of us. ~ Don’t force “your” connection on me, for I have my own.

            So what might you think of “Country First”, does that suggest, “God” second? or that Country was never first?

            These words fail to offer us anything but confusion.

            Simple talk, is just that, “Simple”

            What we address today, is not simple.

          • http://naver samurai

            Barbie doll, you really need to get off of the kool aid. What’s wrong with wanting to do things for God and country? God comes first, as always, but it seems that you have no patriotism in you. Patriotism is the love one has for their country at peacetime and at war. You seem to be content with sitting back on your obviously large backside and complain about everything. That may be your right to do, but we don’t have to put up with such nonsense! You say that you put four kids through school? What if one of them joined the army and was going to go to Iraq or Afghanistan? Would that change your tone? I just don’t think the mission is done yet. Also, my son joins the army in September as a 2nd Lt. He wants to be in the infantry like his dad. Can you say that your kids wanted to follow in your footsteps? I love this country and what we were founded on by our christian founding fathers, but we have gotten far away from those foundings with this president. If you really love this country, you’ll want it to get back on the right track too. VICTORY IN THE NAME OF GOD! By the way, my platoon used to scream that before going into any battle in the Middle East. The saying still holds true today. Winning for the glory and name of God. It seems you have forgotten what its like to fight for something. Rekindle that spirit and quit being a spiteful little pissant!

        • angel-wanna-be

          JeffH, I couldn’t have have said it better__You go Buddy!!

        • http://naver samurai

          I’m with you to, JeffH. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • angel-wanna-be

        eddie, yadda, yadda, yadda,__NOw I’ll ask a question, Why were the barges that, for the lack of better words, suck up the oil off the surface of the water, stopped?___I’ll tell ya why, POLITICS!__GIve me a break, the excuse was, the barges had to be checked, to be sure they had adequete survival gear and life saving equipment on board!!__Who the hell, in they’re right mind, such as a career seamen, would even leave port, without that type of of gear!!__THEY WOULDN’T!___It’s ALL to Easy to see buddy__It’s all freakin’ POLITICS and and gettin my way_ Agendas!!!__Nothing more!__It’s either Politics or the lack of experience___NEVER MIND, IT’S BOTH! :)

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hey Dingbat edduh,
        why didn’t Jindal build those berms?? Easy, he had to get permission to build them from the federal government!!! The federal government controls all coastal waters, Dingbat!!!!

        • Bob Wire

          Jingleberry is a major joke of the first order.

          The Mr. Whiffol partisan politics. ~ Surly the GOP could find a bigger mouse.

  • Oliver de Graaf

    1. Blaming Pres Bush for Katrina was a Democrat farce.2. Anyone who watched Shepard Smith report early in the morning after Katrina had passed saw there was little damage to New Orleans and looting was in progress 3. Local authorities, Mayor and Governor did nothing. 200 police left the city. 3 FEMA, cretaed by Clinton is made up of many former members of the Corps of Engineers which is a civilian agency of the government with district and division offices headed by U.S Army Col. and Brigadier generals who usually have about a two year tour. The actual decisions and leadership are in the hands of civilians (the majority of the civilians are Democrats). The actual damage to the city was done only when the levees failed and the waters from Lake Pontchantrain flooded the city. Therefore first of all the blame should be laid on the U. S. Corps of Engineers.When the Netherlands offered help and advise the Corps turned it down. 4. Unless the lake is closed off by a dam with locks and gradually filled in as was done in two place by the Netherlands, the flooding probably will happen again as New Orleans is built on an estuary

  • pauline hill

    BO is loving the blowup~~~the GREENS are loving the blow~~anthing to bring down America

  • Rebecca Trousdale

    Obama is afraid to act because he doesn’t want to pi$$ off his biggest voting group, the Unions! He didn’t wave the Jones Act for the Gulf so that foreign countries could come in and help skim up the oil as it was coming up but he has waved it for the turbines for the wind farm off shore in Massachusett. There was no reason for this oil to hit the shores. The fact that the liberals want to shut down our voices goes to show you that we are exposing their agenda. They think their voices are the only ones that should be heard, starting to remind you of another country? Like Iran, U.S.S.R , Cuba, Venezuela and China? With all of Obama’s policies chasing jobs away from America because we are perceived to be against big business, helping Louisiana lose at least 8,000 more jobs on top of the other industries lost due to one companies reckless behavior. If fact everyone wants to blame Bush, but guess what folks, It was Obama’s team that quietly approved the plans from BP, it was reported in a Canadian newspaper! Our media has forgotten how to do their jobs, they are now just cheerleader for the Democratic party. They only time they attack is when it is a Republican or conservative person, then they make up lies, like the Libby Case, they send a man to jail for a leak that did not put anyone in danger that came from an outside agency, not the White House. Remember the big deal the media made of when Bush wanted three Lawyers gone from the Justice Department. Clinton fired everyone even if they did a good job, so did Obama, where is the out cry about that? Obama is saying the Republicans are stopping this emergency bill to keep teachers . Firemen and police employed, hey I have an idea! The States need the right to balance their budget and if the Unions will not work with them then they get what they deserve, lets lay the blame where it belongs, with the Unions!!! It always comes back to the Unions with Obama. We the taxpayers are not responsible for bad spending practices in states like California ,New York, New Jersey, and the other big cities that are not financially responsible!!! Obama will secure our borders, because he said if he does than the Republicans will not support comprehensive immigration reform. Well guess what Obama , we will not even talk about comprehensive immigration reform until you totally secure the border and kick out anyone with a criminal record including gang members! Only then will be consider a pathway to citizenship!!! And if you put your flag first over our U.S. flag then you need to “GO HOME”! Every move Obama and his Administration has done is blackmail to push their agenda through!!! This is against the law,. Do your job Obama!!!! They have passed a law that is going to ruin our health care,every doctor I talked to said it is bad , really really bad!!! Some have worked in a socialized medical system, that is why they are here. You might have health care if you get to see the doctor much less get tests done to try and find out what is wrong in time to save your life. Why didn’t they include the doctor fix in Medicare with the health care bill ? Is it because they were fudging it to make the numbers meet what Obama said? If there is so much money to be save from fraud in Medicare then why haven’t they done it yet? Use that to fix the doctors pay! Just because you pass a law through back door deals and arm twisting doesn’t make it a good deal. All we have seen since Obama has come into office is mafia Chicago style politics, and they all should go to jail!!!!! We are seeing it in America, and the World is seeing it too!!!! They are laughing at us folks , wake up!!!

    • DaveH

      I’m glad to see so many women getting politically involved on this board.

      • http://naver samurai

        I am too, DaveH. I only wish Sarah would post something here. I think that would be very interesting.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course we’d be far better off with GW Bush, or even John McCain – despite all the “Blame Bush” whining from Obama bin Laden and his socialist leftwing democraps!!…..Furthermore, if a picture paints a thousand words, imagine the message that could be conveyed by several pictures on a dual screen. I’d like to see a screen with 2 sides. On one side, we can see pictures of oil spilling in the Gulf, then change to pictures of all the suffering and havoc it’s wreaking on the gulf states. And on the other side, we can see pictures of our negligent lackadaisical POTUS on vacation, and playing golf, and campaigning for his Socialist democrap cronies’ mid-term re-elections. LOL!! The liberal lamestream media would never show this (unless of course it were a GOP president)!! Therefore, this is my suggestion for your website, Fox News, et al.

  • http://PersonalLiberty JAT

    At least Mr. Bush didn’t have to wait a month or more for his socialist handlers to tell him what to say and how to react to this crisis. The spill happened in April or early May. The President “gets Angry” in JUNE? Give me a break!

  • pappy

    I have taken many polls most have loaded questions.
    In fact the spill was the work of the so called great RAYGUN who started the deregulation followed by Clinton and Bush .How can anyone think they can trust predator corporations to monitor themselves.You righties got what you wanted lying corporations and Bush corrupt appointees ,Cheney’s corrupt energy policy.Now your going to get bigger gov .Because we can’t trust these companies
    Put the blame where it belongs Obama is guilty of not cleaning house at the MSM.Oh yeah let’s not forget the trustful LOL mining industry.A crime has been committed here and in the mine it’s called MURDER.
    Let’s see some arrests of these corrupt lying CEO’S.

    • Mondovibe

      Thank you pappy. We are trying to get rid of corporate political power & profiteering. It is a fine line we must walk, while we pragmatically untangle their stranglehold. Frustrating process in the beginning but if allowed to progress, we can speed up gains for “We the People” and planet rights and exponential US profits for all.

    • DaveH

      Deregulation? Give me a break. The oil industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Regulations just cost the companies more money which could be used to avoid accidents instead of jumping through government hoops. Regulations don’t prevent calamities. Do you honestly think a company would be more afraid of ignoring regulations then they would be afraid of losing $20 Billion or more?
      And the reason BP was drilling in deep water was because the environmentalists have shut down most drilling elsewhere.

      As regulatory hurdles increase, economies decrease. And then the Liberals in their ignorance scream for even more regulations until the country collapses like Spain and Greece and Portugal are doing. Only the regulators profit from regulations. Everybody else loses.

      Do some studying, Pappy, instead of reacting with the politics of envy.

      • DaveH

        Here is a list of countries arranged from least regulated to most regulated. Which ones would you choose to live in?

        • eddie47d

          Gee, Were surrounded by those pesky little socialist countries Canada and Denmark. What is the world coming to.

          • DaveH

            You can pick the country links and see the particulars. But only if you really want to learn.
            Notice if you do that Hong Kong and Singapore both get along with government spending of only 15% of GDP versus the United States government spending of 37% of GDP. Are they just nicer people than we are?

          • DaveH

            And where did you get the idea that Canada and Denmark are socialist countries? You better read the articles on Canada and Denmark by clicking their links on the list. They both have large welfare programs, but you should look up the definition of Socialism.
            Remember we are talking about economic freedom. That is the ease with which one can start a business, property rights, tax levels, etc.
            The list takes into account ten different catagories so while Canada or Denmark may be better in some catagories, they may be worse in others.

          • http://naver samurai

            Why don’t you just go and live there and leave this site to the real Americans! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I can’t get over how much Pappy sounds like coal minor!!!! Same leftist leanings, same Bush and Reagan did it wrong type rants!!!

      • DaveH

        Let’s see:
        George Soros has a very large position in Petroleo Brazileiro (Petrobras).
        Obama committed $2 Billion in loans and loan guarantees for Petrobras offshore operations.
        Obama has declared a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling.
        Does this moratorium affect Petrobras? Of course not.
        Why would Obama want to aid Brazil’s offshore drilling but ban the United States offshore drilling? Does he not care about Brazil’s possible damage to the environment?

        Obama says he wants to help the little people, but them costs them their jobs because one company has an accident. Note that there are 4000 extant oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Have you heard of any other oil spills in the Gulf?

        • eddie47d

          There have been other spills in the GULF but no others are leaking now. So you think Singapore and Hong kong (small island nations) can be compared to the USA. Not all countries can deal in just finances to survive. They found a nitch and they guard it jealously. We have a much larger economy and many more problems.

          • DaveH

            References to the other spills?
            And sure, Eddie, they are smaller. Believe what you want Eddie.
            Hong Kong has one of the highest population densities in the world (7 million people in 426 square miles). Compare that to Rhode Island (1 million people in 1045 square miles).
            Read the country links, Eddie. Instead of trying to win, educate yourself.

          • coal miner


            Here is more on your hero,Turn Coat Reagon.Website! · Cached page

    • coal miner


      Welcome to the website,good point.

    • coal miner


      Bush crime family. · Cached page

  • Frank the Libertarian

    I might suggest knowing a few facts about this spill before blaming any ONE MAN…(Not that I defend any ONE MAN!)

    First off, the Russians drilled below the depth that this rig was drilling. The Russians went below 40,000 feet and hit A Biotic oil. Difference is they did it on LAND. The hazards were generally known.

    Standard head pressure on most oil wells is around 1500 psi..for those not understanding that..your car tires are around 30psi, and a big truck is around 120psi. When they went down, BELOW 25,000, they hit pressures that were unheard of…the failsafe valve blew, and every safety valve blew. They estimate that the pressures that hit that rig & all safety systems was somewhere between 20,000 & 60,000 psi! Never before in the History of Drilling has anyone ever hit those kind of pressures I am told. They said that this was absolutely an accident, albeit completely PREVENTABLE.

    At this point it will be a miracle if they can stop the leak as the 2″ thick pipe has been worn down to 1″ by the abrasive debris pouring through the opening. This is not a spill friends, this is a disaster of biblical proportions. The gases pouring out are making people sick, and more will become ill as time wears on.

    Who do I blame? Who cares right now! If this isnt stopped before it wears the well head off, this will get ugly beyond belief.

  • chuck b

    in my estimation, the blame bush took for katrina is his own fault. he failed again to confront the media and the democrats, he let them ridicule him and he and carl rove hid in the closet.
    the govenor and the mayor were the ones that should have taken the blunt of criticsm. the people themselves should have been held to blame for not making an effort to help themselves, standing on a bridge waiting for someone to take care of them. the looters and gangs were allowed to take over the city. i saw few of those that needed help and were rescued by the coast guard even say thank you.

    in this instance the gulf spill, the media is giving barry every break and trying to throw the blame on bp for everything they can. this rig explosion has not been determined as an accident or sabotage as yet and we may never know. the congressional thugs are using their hearings to cover for barry while he is entertaining himself. it looks like barry is not really concerned in stopping this oil to reach our shore line. he is more interested in using this disaster to convince the weak minded to accept his cap & trade legislation while the oil is destroying our coastline. barry is a fraud as president and should be impeached.

    • eddie47d

      And your concerned about the oil coming on shore. Give me a break! You’ve been saying it’s only an accident and businesses have accidents. I’ve seen few industrial accidents where the company really cleans up after themselves. So take it in the shorts taxpayer.

    • Jana

      One of the reasons it doesn’t bother me that Obama is getting blamed for this fiasco is because he himself blamed Bush for Katrina. He did this many times during his campaign.
      I do blame Obama for the lack of leadership in allowing the States to start doing a clean up process BEFORE it got to their shores, but no, the Coast Gaurd under Obama’s leadership sent them home. No cleaning up of the mess, not from the states and especially not from Obama. Sounds like he has a plan—to destroy us, and systematically he is doing just that.

  • RC

    President Bush and all his problems is 10000 times better than the current administration. I miss President Bush.

    • John

      I’ll take it a step farther to say that I even miss Carter.
      At least he wasnt’ a commie.

      • Mondovibe

        Yeah, Carter started green iniatives that Reagan dismissed. Just think where we could have been, with greener energy R & D, by now.

        • DaveH

          Yep, it was Carter that started the Department of Energy whose goal was to make us energy-independant. It still exists and is larger than ever. Are we energy-independant yet?
          The alternative energy schemes prevalent in Carter’s years failed because they were uneconomical and people resisted being forced to pay more for less.
          Speaking of that. Why is it that Liberals will gnash their teeth about those big bad corporations that are ripping us off, but then they try to force people to buy uneconomical energy from Liberal-supported companies. Kind of a double standard, isn’t it?

          • Bob Wire

            Cater was ahead of his time in many ways , the world wasn’t ready, ~

            The US is still not ready, ~ It’s still ~ movie stars and male vibrato that gets the attention. “Well Pilgrim”, “which way will it be? On your feet or across my saddle”?

            ~ Not yet ready for brains ~ if the package seems unappealing or lacking in anyway. The minority leader appreciates this as he sports his George Hamilton, “toasted tan” and says little. Nice tie ! always

            People are sucker for paint! And the GOP crowd leads the way.

            Why don’t you just buy a bucket of pretty paint?

            Make me wonder how Rush makes it, he looks more and more like a large toad. ~ If He get any bigger, he’ll need his own zip code. And what the deal with him always pulling forward on the front of his shirt? Some skin condition? Ring around the collar blues?

      • Anthony

        Carter was as much a puppet President as Woodrow Wilson was…
        Carter had his Paul Volker / Wilson had his Edward Mandel House
        In both cases, each Chief of Staff actually ran the Country (not the Pres)
        You can verify it handily enough with Wilson – he’s been quoted outright.
        With Carter, they’ve become more like snakes withe the CFR involved.

        Carter gave us gas rationing (green what ?)
        Carter gave us 25% interest rates (buy green what?)
        Carter showed us NO BACKBONE at all, when it came to the IRAN Hostages

        I see no difference between Carter and Obama – they both work for the CFR and the Trilateral Commission – they DO NOT work for the American People… so, you can get that thought out of your heads, right here and right now.

        This situation is about collecting all of the money now in public hands, because those who CONTROL the money feel that you’ve had it long enough, when it WASN’T YOURS in the first place. THIS IS HOW the money’d elite seriously feel about the Money Paradigm. You don’t like hearin’ it…. tough titty, kittens……..

        • Bob Wire

          No Nixon gave us that, it was the price we paid for scaling down a war and distracting an Executive Office as it was forced to defend it’s self. ~ Cater inherited this and made it no better, for he didn’t know how ! and if he did, ~ no one would have listen to him anyway.

      • http://naver samurai

        No, but his brother Billy was a spy for our lybian enemies!

        • Bob Wire

          they were just wanting his beer recipe!

          • http://naver samurai

            Bad joke, dude! Bad joke!

    • eddie47d

      You poor baby!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Hey Dingbat edduh!!! Focus! quit looking into the mirror!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        You are jusr P.O.’d because your sheppard may be sent out to pasture himself. You and your sheeple can go with him. Baaaaa! Baaaaa!

        • Bob Wire

          still thinking ~way way outside “an” box of reason I see.

          • http://naver samurai

            Read the latest news, son. Read the latest news. Let’s see what happens since he just gave away some land in Arizona to the Mexicans. The people there are talking about fighting them to get them out. If they do, I’ll join them.

  • Mondovibe

    Mineral Management under Bush got away with too much self-regulation, felony and corruption of our safety, yeilding this oil disaster w/no plan B technology required.

    There’s a lot of work to be done to get out of the rubble, the last few decades of neo”CON” corporate political power and personhood rights, left US in.

    As always, pay attention to the representatives that are fighting for “We the People” economy and environment rights w/exponential profits for all and who’s fighting to preserve big corporate exploitative profiteering, at all of our expense.

    • chuck b


      what happened to your messiah and his admin. if bush was so lax why didn’t they give us that big “change” in regulation?????
      your assertion we would be way ahead today if we had followed the carter “green initiatives” please tell me how this would have come about, solar power is not feasible, battery power is still in the dark ages and wind power only works in some areas and still not perfected.
      however, the present admin. is ready to force this upon us, is this what you want. god help us.

      • eddie47d

        No courage to move forward Chucky. We all fanstisize about the glorious past no matter what generation you are in. Regulations take years to get through Congress and sometimes they don’t get past 1st base. A President can only use the tools that Congress gives to him. They say that immigration reform may not get passed this year yet you all want Oboma to bring out his magic wand.

        • DaveH

          Oh sure, Eddie. How could Obama get anything passed with that hostile Democrat Congress thwarting his every dream?

          • Anthony

            Slam Dunk, DaveH…. Nice one!

            I would ask EDDIE to point out for us, those items that Bush enacted….. that Obama has reversed.

            Please advise…..

            PS: Has EDDIE read ‘any’ of Obama’s Executive Orders?
            [Personally, I doubt it]

        • chuck b


          really, you mean we have to wait another year in order to get amnesty for illegals, how can they do that to us! you say the illegals will not be able to legally vote come november, have you checked this out with acorn?? barry?? “my god” what will he do!!

      • DaveH

        Oh Puhlease, Chuck. How can you say that? You know they were much too busy ramming mandatory healthcare insurance down our unwilling throats to busy themselves with further regulating the oil companies. I mean, the Liberals are only human. It takes time to destroy our country.

    • Bob Wire

      Mondovibe , they are still in the denial stage here. GW could walk on water! remember!

      • http://naver samurai

        Don’t forget your buddy was called the “messiah!” Can you get any worse then that?

  • Jim H.

    BP announced this morning that they put a wedding ring around the leaking pipe and it quit putting out.

    • DaveH

      Are you the guy that married my ex?

  • Terry McCall

    I was Bush’s guy in our little corner of the world but his cave in to the Neocons (Iraq) and banksters (TARP) was terrible. Obama took more cash from BP than anyone and multiplied the mess. Ron Paul was right!

    • Bob Wire

      No he didn’t ~ your and my sources conflict , You made the statement that Obama took more money, from special interest, I say show us or “GO FISH”

  • Anthony

    THIS JUST IN — (well, at least to me; not so sure about you)

    Watching GLENN BECK, just now, and I have to admit that there, for some time, Glenn Beck was attempting to downplay the Tea Partyers, so I quit watching … but today, I’m hearing something that mirrors itself exactly to what I’ve been posting for some time now… and it is specific to this Article…

    Glenn Beck is doing a chalboard discussion, with one Board showing CRIME INC. in a center circle, along with names like Podesta, Soros, etc., etc. alll wrapped around thie Circle.

    George Soros invested heavily in a Brazilian Oil Company
    - this was done shortly before the BP Oil Rig explosion
    Obama, very secretively, also invested $2-billion into Brazilian Oil
    - this was also done shortly BEFORE the BP Oil Rig explosion
    Obama has banned, deepwater drilling for the next six months
    - deepwater drilling is dfined as anything below 500 feet
    Therefore – the BP Oil Rig and any other Oil Rigs who are below have stopped
    - however, the Brazilian Oil Rig, already setup and drilling, is much much deeper than anything in the Gulf (save on rig, I believe which is supposed to be the deepest in the World, but I’m checking my facts)

    So – Obama bans oil drilling of anything deeper than 500 feet here in the Gulf, for any American Companies — yet, also invests (when?) $2-billion in a South American Oil Company that is a LOT deeper than the one that just exploded in the Gulf.

    Remember the timing of the investment?
    Whose $2-billion was it that OBAMA invested?
    How many Jobs has Obama already cost the American People in the Gulf?
    How hard are they working to STOP the BP Oil Leak, as we speak?

    As long as NO DRILLING in the Gulf is the Presidential Order, then both Soros and Obama stand to make millions on their investments. While YOU, the american public LOSE OUT on just having a damn job, let alone being able to make a profit on any investments which would be affected by these decisions.

    Bush was worse than Obama, eh? In what way? Please advise…


    • DaveH

      Anthony, aren’t you being kind of insensitive to the Liberals?

      Good post.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Just goes to show how stupid we are!! How many of us would have invested in oil companies right after the BP rig blew up???? I just wish I had mr sorass and Me Obummer’s foresight to see this!!! YEAH WRIGHT!!!!

    • Bob Wire

      Lost interest when he wasn’t saying things you approve of but gained renewed interest with talk of an diabolical evil Obama plot!

      Oh Anthony ! not you~! ??

      Do you even know who Glenn Beck is? His life , his history? his track record? ~ do you know anything about him at all?

  • chuck b


    i’ll buy it. the problem is we have 42% of our voting population that doesn’t have a clue what this bird is up too and they don’t care. most of them probably haven’t heard about the gulf spill.

    • Anthony

      Chuck -

      You have just defined the stance of “desperate”…

      • Bob Wire

        who’s desperation would be my first question. When my second.

  • DaveH

    I want a government job. First they create the conditions that result in the disasters, and then they offer themselves up as the solution. And the Liberals fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.

    • Anthony


      Just read on Facebook – yes, it’s credible, I followed the threads -
      “A dozen retiring House Democrats have racked up almost #2 million in outstanding balances with the party’s campaign committtee while, in some cases, maintaining flush war chests.


      Yes – this means the liberal taxpayers will pick up the tab just as much as the conservative taxpayers….

      EDDIE – You got a comment?

    • Bob Wire

      and RNC members don’t fall for anything in particular ` unless you hang a cross on it or wrap it in the flag.

  • http://gmail i41

    Don’t forget everyone, edyee, is 47 times dumber than a crappy baby diaper and a stomped on dandelion blossum. Blanket asses don’t have to abide by DEQ or any EPA rules on reservations.. Only the bad wage earners and taxpayers of white ancestory, foot the bills on their own private lands, but not for welfare rats. In Katrnia, any moron that lives below sea level and doesn’t get the hell out te way, when a storm is approaching with high winds and high waves., get to higher turf. You just might get drowned. Same goes for dumb asses that live on flood plains, near a river or streams, or on and in ocean front houses, that taxpayers build again and again.. Move you simple, no minded pukes, you must be all socialist democrats.

    • Anthony

      i41 -

      I see your frustration – but aren’t you blowing smoke at windmills?

      Try my tactic – with bringing credible discussions about his favoured party and what mischief they are up to.

      Using slurs and name calling detracts away from the real discussion at hand…. let’s ALL stay on point, shall we?

  • Lily Sobotta

    No Comparition. At least Bush acted with authority.

    • Anthony

      Gotta agree – with Bush, you knew exactly what you were getting.

      With Obama – it was the old “change” joke, one always hears at the Bar.

      Q:”Hey buddy, you got change for a $20?
      A:”Yea, sure, …from your hand to mine!” – Obama

      Now… all of you…. tell me that isn’t what the Country’s just gone thru for the last 12 months……

      • Bob Wire

        That’s pretty much what has went on for the last 30 years. The last year and a half being little different. Both big business, large and small government turned predatory. From the womb to the tomb, you are target of extortion and to be separated from your wealth.

        So do you want to take the red pill and know the truth or the blue pill and wake up in your bed and the world be as you thought it was?

        The only difference in the last year and a half from prior years is the reaction to “needs” you refused to accept or seen.

        You obviously didn’t see them before, why on earth might you see them now?

        Maybe you did see them and hope they might go away and not effect you? Well hello in there! I see you!

        It’s almost like Lamb blood might have be smeared over your doorway and the evil descending spirit might pass your happy home by.

        For myself, it’s about high time everyone woke up and realized few have immunity. This calloused indifference of whats happening around us needs to end.

        I’m not suggesting to encourage bad work ethic or lazy behavior. I’m saying we need to accept our numbers and offer opportunities “the tools” to dig out, needs to be available for such numbers.

        This is what we don’t have today as Government (not the Fed but city and state) and big business bleed us dry while failing to secure our borders from southern immigration from the most needy.

        We are in a “bleed out” situation and it’s finely became critic to even “Mr. Happy Britches” is aware.

        The only thing I fear at this point,is that we will continue using “corrective measures” long after the need for them is gone.

        And WE do that ~ alot! and it causes big problems.

        Example; Tax cuts ~ okay, Federal taxes are lower then they’ve ever been. ~ Okay show me the progress made from them? It’s county, city and state that’s kicking our collective butts. For Reagan got the FED off of the “peoples” backs ,remember?

        Social Security Act? ~ what has that created?

        federal reserve act? ~ what has that created?

        Show me the cure.

        Reason for government are many ~ but it’s the refusal of people to “not” do the right thing at it’s core.

        I don’t know what all the answers are, There is some good thought provoking ideas coming forward here, things that need to be discussed as we approach the next general election.

        But things like this Angle bid from office fails to butter my cornbread.

        There’s just too much Rupert Murdock in it for my taste. You can’t just change your name while wearing the same hat and expect me to listen to you and see things differently.

  • http://gmail i41

    anthony,I lived near 8 reservations and built road projests and schools
    on reservation. Morons that beleive it is all loving nature and happiness. Are the same morons,that buy into it is all green on the reservations. After years of welfare and not a nat ass of requirement to be productive or do a damn productive thing in life,but scam the system. You want to talk sbout the favored party, it is the democrat party. It was spelled out by the socialist asses in Congress. Millions
    for the “ndian nation” I think that is pretty racist, if you are a democrap idea is they are just like children. Go on any reservation and taxpayers build new schools at several million dollars a peice, and it will be trashed in less than a week, I had to go anfd build houses for years on reservations and they may be will last less than a year, why because indians think theu have to get back to their heritage crap, if it is winter they will cut a hole above a bath tub to water their one or two horses, pipes freeze, there goes the housing. Go acrass Montana, Sputh Dakota,North Dakota, Wyoming, and see the abuse of nature and animals and childrener me get pissed than a person who abuses children and animals. Democrat and socialists, like you puke brains,that think more money and no responsiblity is what gets you to vote for any socialist democrat, a big feast and plenty of barley pop, will get at least 2000 votes. Anthony, both you and edee, “the idoit” all need to become productive
    and also need to get a job and quit sucking on the government sow. The greatest destruction to indians and any race, the need to assemulate, and just depend on to government help for food, shelter, and health care. Any person who would wonder what “mischeif” the muslim and the democrtat party is up to? Only to seed up the destruction of the USA and makes USA a defunct country, and the government to control everything. Doesn’t take to much searching for facts to see liberals are brain dead!

    • Bob Wire

      What’s your suggesting to solve all these social inequities and years of raw deals and violent history i41? For a good idea is, as you suggest, in great need.

  • Charlie

    One year drilling ban in the Gulf??? How about a one year ban on the Obama Slime Administration speaking?

    Obama apparently was good at organizing block parties for ACORN groups…this boy is out of his league now. Thanks to the 65MM idiots that voted for this administration. We all get to witness 0bama taking down the United States. Wake-up America!!

    FYI. We wouldn’t have this deep-water situation if tree hugging liberal environmentalist would get out of the way so we can drill nearer to shore.

  • Bob Wire

    How about getting real? Work inside the world of “probabilitys”

    You don’t like trees?

    You don’t like the environment?

    and no , That’s just what Rush told you.

    Rush is an entertainer! Have you been entertained?

    They drill where they can best reach it.

    I was working in the Gulf as recent at 2008, ~ They, “research vessels”

    were “resounding” the bottom, looking for deposits then and they still are today.

    The tools to do this just keeps improving, much like our computers.

    As new improved technology keeps coming forward, ~ They must search again and again. This goes on 24/7 never stopping. It’s kind of a pain in the a$$, because other ships must keep a 3 mile distance from them as they record their sounding. And they claim right-of -way, making them just one more thing in the Gulf to watch out for. Like there’s not enough out there already.

    • coal miner

      Bob Wire,

      You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean;
      if a few drops of the ocean are dirty,
      the ocean does not become dirty.
      - Mahatma Gandhi -
      Rush Makes everything that is decent,dirty.

      • Bob Wire

        good point coal miner, and worthy reflection, and Yes the lowest common denominator among us , such not be allowed to rule the day! I’ve met some bright minds here.

        I’m not sure if their notions capable of being implemented or if they should. As we so often get lost in cause and effect and the rules of law or ACT’s and their reasons.

        I served as Foreperson on the grand jury once, ~ a man’s case came before us that had administering a severe beating to a man with a table leg and the injured party was now taking his meals through a straw. The “actor” being in jail since the incident some 45 days prior.

        It took some digging with a reluctant DA’s office, and few subpoenas of PD officers to find out the truth, ~ the “victim” he had beat up had burnt his house down the day before the beating in a fit of contemptible rage.

        Now ~ law states, this doesn’t matter, ~ but I beg to differ. Call me old school but we sent the man back to what was left of his home and called it even. No billed.

        And so it is with many of these acts and laws, some wish to take liberties with today, claiming they restrict our freedom, like they know best, while blind to the true realities of their intent or purpose. It’s academic! Well, there nothing academic about human suffering.

        It takes more then “just reading it” to understand the nature of such things.

  • magjoh

    If I am not mistaken the rig was drilling 50 miles from the cost. Isn’t that in International waters. Where no one has any jurisdiction over what happens. It just so happens that the waves comes into the Gulf and to our beaches. That is why we have to clean it up.

    U.S. Said to Allow Drilling Without Needed Permits – Readers …May 14, 2010 … This kind of behavior is bringing us close to collapse of entire ecosystems … The drilling was done 50 miles out, 38 miles outside of US jurisdiction. …. fish and shellfish stocks in the mid-Atlantic are expected. ……/us/14agency.html

    Who ever was drilling out there knew what they was doing. They did not want anyone telling them what they could do until it reached our waters. We need to look before we leap.

    • Bob Wire

      >>”Poll: Bush’s Response To Katrina Better Than Obama’s Handling Of Oil Spill

      June 21, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk “<<

      about the only benefit this thread serves is validation to the fact that this "crowd' is the same crowd along with Fox Noise that's managed to keep "Bush" in good standing for so long while claiming today, some kind of majority and that they are the "NEW IMPROVED" version of the GOP! The "TRUE CONSERVATIVES" yea ~ right!

      You folks haven't changed a bit. Mean, hateful and blind as ever!

      And for just a brief moment, You had me believing you.

  • blyker

    This is from the poll:

    “Louisianans blame the oil spill on BP and 79% believe the corporation should bare the
    responsibility for cleaning up the oil. 53 to 29% of voters are angrier with BP than the
    federal government.”

    Funny how that little detail was left out… oh wait, we’re pro-oil, pro-corporation… sorry

  • Bob Wire

    just more attempts to change perspective with word play. Short any history of sound reason, that’s all they have left, other than what they might dream up.

    Bad is now Good! To lose, is to win! a minority is now a Majority!

    It not the oil companies fault! It’s the people that demand oil and where they were “made to drill”

    It’s not our fault ~ but democrats and their governments fault!

    It’ not wall streets banker fault, it’s people wanting loans fault!

    and barney “made banks” give money away!

    It’s not guns fault, but bullets fault!

    It’s not my fault I hit my thumb, it’s the hammers fault!

    It’s not my fault I have all these thoughts and feeling, it’s democrats fault! They make us think these things.

    It’s not the fault of a person with match that started the forest ablaze, just look at the condition on these trees! They are all made of wood, for christ sakes!

    All standard GOP rhetorical responses, That the GOP has pandered to this crowd of immature lower minds, telling them that they are truly the smart ones has created quite an interesting spectacle as they still are a splintered group of misfits and malcontents. But that’s the kind of people the GOP wants and the kind that is required to get them to vote against their own best interest for trinkets and beads.

    Still “reactionary” , still “the offended ones”. Yet to understand the simplest things, “to be offended” requires one to be small, full of doubts and very insecure with ones self. Strong, powerful, bright people don’t offend easily.

    What they are attempt to do is to “offend other’s”, when that fails to work, they are left to getting nasty! They’re true self comes out and that’s all they got left, a head full of “nasty” This too~ is suppose to offend! ha ha!

    Since Rodney Dangerfield is no longer with us, they are the best comedy act we have anymore. The material so rich with self inflected injury and in such great abundance.

    They are United in only one way, a deep hatred for Obama and anything his administration attempts to do or any achievements he might make.

    YOU GOP~ RNC Folks did JIMMY CATER much the same way.

    Your track record history precedes you.

  • http://LibertyNews Jim

    I totally agree with Tim Layman comments post on June 21, 2010.

    Tim Layman says:
    June 21, 2010 at 7:16 am
    You can’t compare Bush to President Obama. Bush is a total moron. The world is in this mess because of his ignorance and ineptitude

  • airdaleusn

    Bush’s response to Katrina was held up because the LA. Governor couldn’t make her mind up. I believe it was three days.
    This oil spill belongs to BP, they should pay for the clean up for as long as it takes to do so. Don’t put 20 billion dollars in the hands of an appointed Beauracrat, They are thieves the money will disappear quicker than the clean up. Some will get wealthy (contributors)or voters for certain parties and most REAL working people will get little to nothing. SAD when you need a watchdog watching a watchdog who has to be on video to be kept half way honest.

  • airdaleusn

    Sorry almost forgot Why is new orleans rebuildt still in a toilet bowl, lower than the sea leve hello

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    And of course, let’s not forget the politics of this. The Gulf Coast regions are largely Republican, so BHO could care less. But if this disaster affected Pelosi’s leftwing San Francisco district, or Henry Wacko-man’s Los Angeles district, I bet O-dumbo would been eager to solve the crisis from Day One!! Likewise with recent floods in Nashville, in which O-Dumbo did nothing. Speaking of flooding, I just read Newsday (Sunday, 7/11/2010). It took over 3 months to get FEMA to act on relief for flood damage from heavy march rains out on Long Island. Although not as conservative as Tennessee and Gulf states, Long Island is certainly less blue/liberal than NY City. I.e., it’s home to a good congressman, Peter King…..As for all the drones and liberal morons, I say: Quit blaming Bush!! I’m sure he would’ve handled any of these crises far better than O-dumbo has!!!!!


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