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Poll: Americans Want A Fiscal Cliff Deal Without Spending Cuts

December 19, 2012 by  

Poll: Americans Want A Fiscal Cliff Deal Without Spending Cuts

A new poll indicates that a majority of Americans want to have their cake and eat it, too.

An ABC News-Washington Post poll released yesterday indicates that a majority of Americans want to avoid the coming fiscal cliff, but are largely opposed to necessary spending cuts that would emerge from an agreement between President Barack Obama and Congress.

Respondents to the poll indicated that they favor a mixture of tax hikes and spending cuts in averting the financial calamity. They, however, remained opposed to any cuts to military or Medicaid spending. Sixty-five percent of those polled said that the Federal government should work out a deal that both raises taxes and cuts spending. But 55 percent of the same respondents said that lawmakers should avoid cuts to military spending and 68 percent opposed Medicaid cuts.

The poll also indicated that broader entitlement reforms are unpopular with the majority of Americans. Sixty percent of those polled said they are against raising the Medicare eligibility age; the same number did not support restructuring Social Security to slow rate increases.

Thirty-one percent of the respondents described themselves as Democrats, 24 percent Republicans and 38 percent claimed to be independents.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I’m willing to bet that the majority of those polled were lefties who supported Obama and are probably most are on welfare.

    • Warrior

      I heard it was a poll taken of the u.s. senate!

    • carlee44

      You are right. ABC? Washington Post? When I trust either one about the same time as WND.

      • Dan Mancuso

        Whats wrong with WND? Really, could you give me a detailed description of why you don’t trust them? As far as I know they are consevative and Christian, maybe a little over-zealous in the promoting and defending Israel, and I’m not being forced to buy any of their stuff for sale. But I don’t accept anything from the MSM and don’t consider WND to be MSM.

    • s c

      Harold, you have a very polite way of saying the right thing. In effect, what we have here is far worse than pollsters trying to pat their own rumps. This is another proof that Amerika is heavily populated by dumbed-down losers who will do anything to sponge off the rest of Amerika. It also PROVES that public non-education really “WORKS” (if you don’t have any standards for education, that is).
      By the way, I F Obummer gives a damn about keeping kids safe in schools [he doesn’t[, he’d see to it that funds were drained away from his many, overlapping, “pet” social engineering programs and put into mental health programs and real SAFETY in those schools.
      Finally, HOW MANY YEARS will it take before Amerikans understand that public schools are DANGEROUS? H O W can anyone have faith in a system that is broken? Homeschool, private school or church school. Get kids OUT of public schools!

      • Dale Patterson

        Look s c. Bring back the jobs that we’ve sent over seas and make them available to AMERICANS (oh yeah, pay a living wage and fair benefits to boot). Chop the Defense budget, because $660 BILLION to $1 TRILLION is more then any 3rd world nation should pay for defense. Finally, ORDER UNCLE SAM TO FORCE EVERY PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANY WE “GAVE” MONEY TO TO PAY US BACK !!! WITH INTEREST !!!!

      • Sylvin

        Yes Dale, and property right be damned. Great solution. If you want people to pay a “living wage” why don’t you just open your own company, create those jobs yourself, and pay them your idea of a “living wage?” Oh, yea, you actually have to be able to produce something of value that people will buy voluntarily to do that. The fact that you would even suggest something that foolish proves categorically you could do no such thing because you don’t have a clue. All you whiners and criers out there stop crying and go OPEN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! You will soon see why your dumb “solutions” would never work.

    • Benjamin Fox

      I’m with you Harold, can’t trust polls to begin with but I would remind people Karl Marx said there were ten steps to Communism, and we employ 9 of the ten in America. The big one was tax the people into slavery and the left is doing a good job of that, the other is to make government your god and we are on our way there today. The only one we haven’t had yet is a dictator but, with the guy at the top we are only a little ways from that also. God Bless;

    • Bob

      Why is their no talk of cutting government waste and duplicity of government agencies. What am I missing here I know between welfare and too many federal employees they would probably loose a lot of votes but isn’t it time to actually get real and address the problem instead of dancing around It? The GOP needs to man up if they understand that concept!

      • ranger09

        Bob, When have you ever seen rich Politicians cut back on anything. If they just would stop the Garbage and wasteful spending the american People would be better off. And they dang well could cut some of these overpriced items for the Military, And one of the Biggest rip off to the American Taxpayer is our Politicians giving Billions to their Politician Friends in other Countries. Heck i can even remember when these Countries We now call our Enemys thought America and its People were Good People. If you go back to all the Wars you will see that Most of the Problems were based on Power and Money. Power and Money the few wanted, While the Millions Paid with their Money and Blood. So if you got the few under Control maybe the rest of the Millions could live in peace. I KNOW ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • Doc Sarvis

    From the article above; “Respondents to the poll indicated that they favor a mixture of tax hikes and spending cuts in averting the financial calamity.”

    How convienient that you left out the important detail that respondents favored tax hikes on the well off. I am sure you prefer us all to think that the tax hikes would be on the masses.

    Here is the Washington Post article link:

    • rb

      Really…tax hikes only for the well off. How about the elimination of the home mortgage interest deduction it seems we are going to have implemented? Does that affect only the well off? No…that directly attacks the middle class. The well off already lost that deduction. Oh and who defines well off. Under the Clinton tax structure anyone making 60k a year or above got hit with a huge tax increase. Do you really think the people in congress who are all millionairs will raise taxes on themselves? Just as the Obamacare healthcare tax mandate (defined as a tax by the Supreme Court) is the largest tax increase in history on the middle class so will be the next round of attacks on what’s left of working America.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I am pointing out what the respondents were polled on which the Personal Liberty article failed to do.

      • OneGuess

        Oh, Doc! You are just too special! Really!

    • Motov

      “Spending cuts”? that is a joke! They already shown they are incapable of spending cuts.
      Often they change their terminology to make it appear they have done what they claim.
      We know with tax increases they will say we have more money (to spend) This is why we should NOT allow tax increases!! Government only continues to get bigger,… shrinking is a foreign word to them

  • louis koucharis

    i wish we could get people in government to serve the people and not themselves,and our 3rd rate president stinks at his job but has a future as a great actor, hummm ,he even looks like a celebrity….. curious george,our country was not built on limp wrist people, men who should be wearing dresses

  • D

    If I was conducting a poll about cutting spending and taxing the rich, the first question I would ask is do you pay income taxes? If no then I would go on to another person.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Then you should not poll rich people either.

    • Warrior

      And we’re off to the races! It is now being reported the boner supports pelosi’s tax plan. Super! Let’s pass it so we can see what’s in it. LMAO. There is a Santa!

    • ranger09

      We are not againest being rich, What we are againest is the amount of EXCESS Profits they are Bleeding from the Average working class Person. Considering they Control the Media, They control the Politicians, They control the Stock Markets, They control The Price of Prec Metals, They control the Price of Food, They will soon control the Price of Water, They control the Lands Resourses. Dang did i leave anything out, OH yes They now Control The People Or should i say Sheep.

  • roger gunderson

    I would be in favor of raising social security taxes or
    have no cut off amount to keep SS strong, and keep the war
    mongers hands off. I would keep medicare as is because medicare
    affects all of us ,not just a few special interests. I would
    cut out homeland security, dept. of education, foreign aid, farm
    subsidies, end all wars and bring our troops home from 120 countries just for starters.

    • Old Dawg

      @roger gunderson:
      Surely you jest! There is no chance of such a plan ever being implemented. It just makes too much sense.

      • ranger09

        I agree , It just would not make sense Power and Money for themselves, Thats how they think

    • Todd

      @ roger gunderson, SS needs to have the non paying illegals who raped it by getting SSI pay-checks and the people who claim They are hurt and can’t work cut off. Then we’ll see if we need to make changes to it.

      • Motov

        While you are at it make every politician participate in the same program we all do.
        Then take their ritzy “retirement package” dump those funds right into SS,…. Then maybe we will see some REAL reforms!

  • northbrook

    The poll shows the ignorance of the people that were polled. Continued spending without accountability must stop and if the American public will not do it then some outside force will eventually happen. Then all Hell will be paid by everyone

    • Steve E

      It’s sad that the ignorant Americans won’t come around and see it. All hell will have to break loose, and even then only a few more will figure it out.

    • Bill

      All hell wont break loose for everyone. People on the government dole will still get their goodies and all the hard working people – the government will just tell us to suck it up and work harder because we still need to support the deadbeats.

  • rb

    These are the same media masterminds that got Obama re-elected folks. When’s the last time they really told the unbiased truth?

    • ranger09

      Remember now, The Politicians Paid Millions to these Media Outlets and most all of it was Taxpayers Money. And you think these People care about the Truth.

  • steve in AZ

    Dear Mr. Rolley,

    In the future, please try harder not to refer to such “people” as Americans.


    The country will have to “Crash and Burn” before anything is ever done. Nobody is voluntary going to give up one red cent otherwise. Greece had someone to bail them out, who is going to bail the US out?

    • Bill

      Who’ll bail out the US – the hardworking people that have saved their own money for retirement. The government has no boudaries. If you’ve saved, they will confiscate.

  • MontanaGrandmom

    I am so tired of hearing Social Security and Medicare being lumped in with Welfare and Medicaid and called ‘entitlements’!
    Social Security and Medicare are no more entitlements than having your insurance company pay for repairs to your car after an accident. You pay insurance premiums for that beneift if you need it. We who have worked and paid those premiums are simply filing claims now based on the premiums that were mandated to be taken from our paychecks before we ever saw payment for our labor. A Social Security benefit payment is no different than making a monthly withdrawal from a savings account. You put the money in and are now withdrawing it. Did you know that what you pay into SS is actually likened to paying insurance premiums and if you have a gap in payments (due to extended loss of work showing a loss on your income tax so that your payment for the year is completely refunded) will be viewed as being in default and will disqualify you from collecing SSD even if you are, in reality, completely physically disabled? (Points system used by SS to determin eligability)
    *steps down from soapbox.

    • richard brooks

      facts are lost on the gop sheep.

      • Andy

        Obviously lost on you too.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Did noone tell you that the money promised for SS and Medicare were not budgeted for, they were just promises made to the American gullibles so the gov. could stick its’ hands in the pocket of the workers.

      • Ron r

        SS is paid into by you the employed, and so is Medicare .The problem is congress raiding SS to fight wars and do other things. Besides,since when has the GOP had good intentions for either?

  • BigBadJohn

    We need both tax increases and spending cuts. The Cliff does that – no deals lets just do the right thing for a change.

    • Steve E

      I say let’s go over the cliff also. That way the Obama voters will be hit with a tax they thought would not happen to them. But even then, they would not complain because they worship the Bozo so much.

      • Bill

        The Obama voters wont be stuck with a big tax. They don’t pay ny.

  • mew

    Please tell me why the Congress does not go ahead and extend the tax cuts that are currently in place and send to the Senate. They know the White House is not going to give them any type spending cuts that are necessary to reduce the debt.

    The sad thing is that no matter how much more we (seniors-tax payers) pay into Social Security in premiums, they will go into the general fund and never protect the SS benefits. Once Lyndon Johnson, and the democrats stole the funds by adding them to the general fund. Those benefits were doomed because that gave them that much money to use on their special interest groups to buy votes.

    • Steve E

      That’s exactly why SS is going broke.

  • Chris

    I think we should start at the top when it comes to raising taxes. Have the Messiah, Senate, Congress and all the onhangers cut their pay and limit the luxuries they voted themselves. Bo should be curtailing his frequent trips and stay in the WH and do his job. There is no need for him to continue campaigning…sadly he was reelected. Then, I think EVERYBODY needs to pay taxes, depending on their income. If you don’t contribute, what reason to you have to care?
    Second, the sending of our taxmonies to foreign countries should cease. Why do we send money to our adversaries? Third, put term limits on everyone in Congress so they don’t have to forever campaign and will have time to do the work they were elected to do.

  • richard brooks

    end corporate and farm welfare. stop giving any social services to non americans. no more foreign aid. stop the two wars. end the drug war. lower wages and compensation for all public officials. no pensions for elected officials. go back to the bush tax schedule. rescind all work visas’. start fixing our infrastructure. provide security at schools.

  • SSMcDonald

    “Americans Want A Fiscal Cliff Deal Without Spending Cuts.” Observe the source of the poll and then realize it is just ANOTHER LIE from ABC and Washington Post (the biased media).

  • Amelia

    To stop the “Fical Cliff” stop the Billions going to all other nations as “Foreign Aid” —we need that money to run our own nation. Put the Federal Resersve Systsem in Congress where it belongs in the House of Representatives. Bring home our Military scatt ered around the world, this will not only redude the Military Budget, also give our own nation the protection it need against illegal immigration, another unneccessary and huge expense that
    could be removed.

    Leave Social Security and Medicare alone, these belong to the t ax-paying people who pay a premium during their working years to have a pension when they retire. TO TAKE AWAY THEIR PENSION AND MEDICAL ALLOWANCE WILL ONLY PUT MORE PEOPLE ON WELFARE.

    The intellectual value in Congress seems to be missing or either directed to the wrong programs that favor outside interventions rather then to our own nation and citizens…

  • http://personalliberty mary camp

    I beleive in cutting wasteful soending but do not cut social security and entitlements. Do not cut military for our safety of the USA. Increasing the age of social security is alright. The taxes should not be raised on the middle class as it is hard for familues to make it each month. The wealghy above 250,000 dollars need to have fewer loopholes and ways ti cut their net pay down and they would be paying their fair share. Many middle class people do not have enough to itemize and end up paying more.
    A am a Loyal American with a father, uncle, grandfather who served in the military/US government accounting department in Washington D.C. and a son in the army.
    Mary Camp

    • Bill

      250,000 may be a lot in some states, but where I live, 250,000 is nothing. You either have more than that or you’re doing okay because you’re getting paid by the tax payers. If you’re a working stiff like me, you’re falling further and further behind.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You still don’t get it, the money for SS and Medicare were not budgeted, they were empty promises of getting something for nothing.

      • Leroy

        Go hide under your bed numb nuts. You have no idea of that which you speak.

      • Motov

        Ever noticed a deduction in your paycheck (if you ever get one) where It reads FICA?

  • Bill

    Whomever did the poll must have got hold of the welfare rolls.

  • James Kirksey

    This circus has played in our nation too long. This proverbal cliff may be the way to go; It will force politicians to face reality and adjust government spending. Our basic problem is that we have operated without a budget for 4 or 5 years. All of this talk about cutting spending is unrealistic, unless we know what we are spending.

    President Obama in his communist quest does not want spending reduced. Redistribution is his objective. Don’t expect him to take steps to cause reductions to happen. I really do not think Speaker Boehner wants to control spending.

    Obama has the taxes raised, as soon as the clock/calender changes to the year 2013. However, the House of Representatives has the power and responsibility to control spending. If Boehner is willing to do his job, he can simply cut off all appropriations until a reasonable budget is passed by both houses and signed by the President. Neither his tears nor tantrums will changed his responsibility. The big question is will the House of Representatives accept its Constitutional responsibility to stop spending?

    James J. Kirksey

  • cerebus23

    This poll if an “even” poll, let’s not forget how mind boggingly easy it is to get any result out of a poll just by how you word the questions, not even taking into account demographic shaping and the like that that can be gleemed from any number of sources to shape poll results.

    But if it is a fair poll then it just goes to show how utterly ignorant the population is, so congratulations media, grats to the politicians that sold this bill of goods, grats to the class warfare baiters, and grats to the federal government who has won the war to crush free thinking educated voters you have done something that you set out to do well done indeed.

    End result of all this is what? The whole country collapses that much sooner? so what.

    Nothing would be better for us than for this nation to fall at this point the political system, our “economy”, and the media is so utterly broken. Every major federal social program is headed towards bankruptcy, our national debt is so mind numbing large that it trumps the age of the universe by a long ways.

    So yes lets tax more lets spend more cause we always spend more and lets borrow and print more meanwhile lets all sing “this is the end” cause it just seems so darn appropriate.

    And the single most important reason to keep and bear your arms is exactly this, because it could be total anarchy in places, other places would be under martial law most likely, and not out of the realm that a full out civil war could break out.

    So yes please lets have our cake and eat like pigs. its just your children and their children that will end up paying for this, so tuck your kids in and get a good nights sleep thinking about the future you are providing them.

  • Harold Wallace

    There is now and has been PLENTY of money flowing in to the government from the existing tax payers. There will be more taxes coming in as soon as we stop giving incentives for illegals to “come on across the border and we’ll provide everything for you”..!! AND taking jobs we dont have to give! We DO NOT NEED any more taxes! We need to restructure the way it’s being used NOW and STOP giving money we don’t have to ANY country because we don’t have to give! We have got to immediately take action NOW to save our own country, before we are BANKRUPT!

  • Motov

    We absolutely need spending cuts, starting with spending on other countries, unconstitutional wars, maintaining a military world presence, welfare for corporations, welfare for illegals here, unconstitutional departments, and programs like Obozocare, end lobbying, “special interests”, end government abuses, misuses, neglect.
    Liberals need to stop socializing this nation. neo cons also need to end their abuses.
    Time to get our government back to its constitutional restraints.

  • http://www.wastewatchersinc,org Richard Ahern

    Spending and Debt is the problem- We the people must force changes or live the next generation with debt, that is not realistic. Government is to blame for the debt, neither party can be trusted to what has to be done. Why be loyal to Tyranny

  • Leslie

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    • james crawford (@jamescr54174058)

      Leslie, what you are referring to is just the fat contained in the blubber. Whaling for a living?

  • Average Joe

    Screw the poll….
    Congress has already proven that they can’t be trusted with other people’s money, that they can’t balance a checkbook….He!!, they couldn’t even run a Brothel in Nevada at a profit….and you folks want these idiots to manage the economy in any form?
    They keep yelling about the “Fiscal cliff”….guess what? most of us are already passed and over the fiscal cliff…and the only ones that are worried about it…are the politicians and other handout recipients…looking for us to continue supporting them. CUT THEM OFF!
    I refuse to pay taxes…without proper representation…since they work for me…and I’m not happy with thier performance….I refuse to pay them….period! Call me Un-American, Call me whatever you wish…but I am done paying them to abuse the American Citizen’s. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll apply for food stamps and anything else that I can get. I have been a giver, for 56 years…I guess it’s time to go on the dole and become a taker… should everyone else. I want to see what happens when everyone is a taker…and no one is a giver….let’s see how long Utopia lasts……
    I withdraw my support for the US government…a foreign enemy…. of the people!


  • Motov

    Since Obozo is an illegal president, We should all regard his “tax hikes” illegal too, and therefore null and void. Unless he can provide non fraudulent documentations of his origins (Why is he not in a jail cell?).
    And congress should also be in jail for neglect of their duties.

  • Charlie R

    I wonder what percentage wanted to avoid cuts to Medicare?
    Robbing Medicare funds to pay for Medicaid (ObamaCare) is apparently acceptable to the ‘majority”.

    • Motov

      Keep in mind, democracy is like two wolves and one sheep voting on what is for dinner,..

  • janmaus

    How does one even define that “cliff?” I wonder what the actual questions were. Do folks understand that we are facing a debt that will soon equal or exceed every nickle earned by every working person in this country?

    • ranger09

      Folks Know about it, Politicians know about it, They should They caused it, But the Problem is The Politicians dont care.

  • james crawford (@jamescr54174058)

    What’s really tragic about this Fiscal Cliff riff is that it’s only addressing about 10% of our government’s pressing issues and planning to deal with that small scope in a manner that spreads the ‘impact burden’ out over a ten year period. That means that they are really only addressing about 1% of the entire problem each year! None of what the Republicans and Democrats are currently tussling over is going to have any effect on this country’s financial and economical fate. The interest on the national debt EACH YEAR will be larger than any possible positive effect achievable on an annual basis by the token efforts of our current covey of politicians. All Americans will have to suffer deeply (rich & poor alike) and for at least a full decade in order to crawl out from under the obesity of our unrestrained consumerism. It’s one thing to be a shrewd Capitalist…but an entirely different thing to just be a lazy, brain-dead paper tiger. We have the government that we have elected. We have written our own ending through our own actions and inactions. The idea of lifestyle has overpowered and sacrificed the idea of life.

  • Poor Old RAY

    Nothing will change unless we the people turn back to the God that guided the founders of this once great nation. If we could establish a true conservative party (and with Gods help we could and should). If Americas would turn from their wicked ways and seek the wisdom of the Lord, then we would hear from heaven and He would heal our land. Mans wisdom is not going to solve the horrendous problems that our “honorable” politicians have created.

  • Bob

    Maybe if we weren’t invading one country after the other we could actually afford to keep our country afloat. The whole conversation is pretty much BS how dumb do they think we are?

    • Motov

      I wonder sometimes, when you see people being interviewed on the streets.
      They can tell you what is going on “Reality TV” but have no clue what is going on in DC.
      And they are allowed to vote!

    • ranger09

      Bob, Do you ever wonder how a Govt can Invade another country WITH OUT PEOPLE.

  • Frank

    Being 74 years old, I understand that among the cuts that must be made are some to socials security and medicare. My older friends who are on social security and are mainly conservative Republicans, are insistant that no cuts be made to these two programs. They also complain loudly that the cost of living increases are insifficent. It is human nature to be upset with or opposed to action which will cut your benefits or anything else that you receive. It is the reason it is so hard for both Republicans and Democrats to deal with the necessary cuts. Too many of the voting public say they want to cut spending and balance the budget but will vote out of office the people who do it. This is a time that requires a great deal of courage on the part of our elected officals, regardless of their party.

  • ranger09

    Where have all the American Dreams Gone
    Good Nite Merry Christmas, And Hope nothing but good things come to you and the new Year.

  • g

    And this surprises us how???? Most Americans are not formerly taught how to handle personal finances effectively even though there are some very effective programs available. How many of you know of someone coming out of bankruptcy yet learned nothing and soon found themselves right back where they started- in serious debt? You would think they would also be listed as a bad risk, yet I know of three families right now who did not. Simple math says you can not increase spending without increasing income. What the government is doing is using Enron math. If that’s the case then we need to prepare for serious fallout. We must start to hold these people accountable by cutting expenditures to them when cuts need to be made. If you create the mess then when cuts come we hold you responsible and you will feel this as well. I believe this could cause some rethinking of politicians who make it into office and then retire with all sorts of perks. If perks are subject to reduction or termination- well how does it feel now?

  • Fastfood

    Polls outside the ballot box don’t mean crap; MSM just wants us to think they do. I seriously doubt they bothered to even TRY to come close to polling everyone as the article makes no mention of it. News reporters, remember new reporters? News reporters actually report the news, while these snot-nosed “journalists” just fill in the colors they want us to see, the truth be damned. Dan Rather didn’t get a way with it, why do we keep promoting or even listening to these morons? I would suggest they get a life but apparently they already have one, fantasy! Oh! How I miss the good old days of Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner and the many GENUINE new reporters.

  • Joey

    This is a leftist poll.


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