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  • hungry4food

    How can we bring more people into the USA Immediately you
    know the 5-6 to one immigrant that is going to be allowed to bring 5-6 family
    member’s into the USA with this bill and these guys find jobs when we have 101
    MILLION people in the USA already on Government food assistance and more people
    working part time jobs than full time ?

    101M Get Food Aid from Federal Gov’t; Outnumber Full-Time
    Private Sector Workers

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Illegals on Government assistance is a Symptom. The Disease is Government assuming it has the right to give other peoples’ money away.

      We have become a Society of Criminals:

      • hungry4food

        The Disease is Government assuming it has the right to give other peoples’ money away.
        I agree Dave !!!! they are doing this to buy VOTES !!!!!

  • marylou

    Sorry..this poll is as phony as a three dollar bill!
    Blacks HATE hispanics and vice versa.
    There is no way any majority of blacks would favor immigration!
    That dog don’t…..

  • BigGeezer

    I will challenge the validity of this poll… lets look at the questions. When asked a simple question… ‘should the US immigration laws be upheld and enforced … AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN’ more than 90% of Americans say ‘yes or absolutely.’ I think that answers the validity of most of these slanted polls. Our immigration system IS NOT broken. We have a government who have decided not to enforce the law! Simple fix… enforce our existing laws for 36 months. Then lets talk about reform… that also gives us time for boarder security.

  • June Maulfair

    Didn’t the Obama administration target Gallup? I haven’t trusted their polling data since….

  • CWA

    Gallup, if you are implying that we are pro-ILLEGAL-immigration, you are lying.

  • mnkysnkle

    Gallup heh? Aren’t those the guys who were called out for fixing their results on the prez debates? Who in their “prospectus” claim to be the educators and providers of polling stats for the million or more “global leaders” who are under their nurturing care? A valuable asset for the CFR? In a press release by the UPI? NOOOOOO, this news release doesn’t smell like propaganda at all!! And no comment from Mr. Livingston?

  • ExGOP

    These are the guys who got it right in the Presidential election. The right wing polls showed Romney winning because that was what guys like you wanted to believe, so that is what they tell you. Facts be damned.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Gallop! Ha Ha, I want to see and talk to someone of the 12-18% pro now, I have talked to many folks about this and all have said they want to enforce the current laws, and secure the border, just as current laws and bills . Can’t find anyone who wants anything else! Now where did they get this poll? Don’t mean s–t anyway, america doesn’t run on polls, especially ones with this small minority. Sounds about right for the illegal percentage in the country.. Maybe thats all they polled!

  • tncdel

    This isn’t about immigration. A foreigner who sneaks into the U.S. to pillage and plunder it economically and otherwise is an INVADER, not an immigrant.

    This is about DOMESTIC NATIONAL DEFENSE against a foreign invasion.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Don’t worry, if ignorance prevails (and I think it will judging by the comments on this board), our Government will grow even larger, and our economy will become like that of Mexico’s, so they won’t have any reason to come here anymore.

  • Alan

    Propaganda at it’s finest. Misinform the public so as to prompt a desired effect, namely to get everybody on board with their agenda. I personally don’t believe for one second that we as a country are so willing to relinquish our sovereignty to anyone who decides to cross our borders illegally.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Don’t let the PTBs distract you. Immigrants aren’t our problem. Big Government is our Problem. Big Government is their Problem also. That’s why they need to come here to make a decent living. Mexico is a hotbed of economic regulation.
    If you want to send the Mexicans home, then let the Government con you into increasing the size of Government even more than the Leviathan they already are. Then the Mexicans will have no reason to struggle to come here.

    OR, we could cut the size of Government dramatically and get those bureaucrats off the backs of our real Producers and back to doing Productive work. Then our economy would return to prosperity and there would be work for anybody who wanted to work.

    Watch the hand that the Magician Leaders don’t want you to watch.

  • BHR

    Look at the wording of these polls, they are leading questions made to get the answer wanted. When the liberal media find the poll results they want, that’s the poll used. I agree with many of you, I have asked a lot of people their opinion and no one wants more illegal or legal immigration.—anyone who understands immigration knows they take our jobs and benefits. Why would we want more immigration when true unemployment is 12 to 17 percent?

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      You talk as if there are a fixed number of jobs in the economy. The number of jobs in our economy is limited only by our imaginations and Meddling Government. How can we be paying over 40% of our GDP to a Gang of non-productive people and completely ignore their complicity in our bad economy?
      Although, I don’t believe people should be allowed to break the law, the illegals are NOT responsible for our Bad Economy. They are just scapegoats who have been convicted by ignorant people.
      People who want to remove the blinders of ignorance should read this:

      Another point of view: