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Poll: 20 Percent Of Republicans Would Vote Obama Given GOP Field

February 10, 2012 by  

Poll: 20 Percent Of Republicans Would Vote Obama Given GOP Field

A recent poll conducted by WND and Wenzel Strategies finds that in match ups against Republican Presidential candidates, about 20 percent of Republicans said they would vote for Barack Obama for President.

The poll was conducted by telephone Feb. 1-3, 2012, and has a margin of error of 3.44 percentage points.

“The improvement in Obama’s prospects compared to the four remaining Republican challengers stems largely from two factors,” said pollster Fritz Wenzel. “First, Obama has largely avoided the political limelight while the GOP candidates savage each other with increasing intensity. Second, a smattering of evidence indicates that the economy is getting a little better, which helps the White House in the eyes of the voters. Secondly, the bloody fight for the Republican presidential nomination — by most estimations the nastiest GOP fight in memory — has really hurt the images of the challengers in the eyes of both Republicans and, especially, independent voters. For Republicans, each candidate carries with them now some taint that cannot be ignored.”

According to the poll results, Obama would likely beat any Republican if the election were held today, though Ron Paul has the best chance of beating him. Obama leads Paul in the poll 44 percent to 40 percent, with 16 percent undecided. Also from the poll, Mitt Romney is within single digits of Obama, 48 percent to 41 percent, and has a commanding lead over Newt Gingrich, 50 percent to 36 percent, and Rick Santorum, 49 percent to 34 percent.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    This is not exactly surprising, especially since a certain percentage of ‘Republicans’ tend to practice a warped form of ‘political bisexuality.’ That is, they have no sense of direction, but they don’t let that get between them and their lust for whatever feels good at the moment.
    They should do America a favor and go ahead and admit that they’re no better than closet utopians. Anyone who finds a reason to vote for someone like Obummer isn’t interested in freedom or stability.
    “Republicans’ seem to double as modern-era Brits. They’re just looking for an easy excuse to sell their arses and act like they need to be consoled at the same time. A ‘Republican’ is a fence-sitter is a closet utopian is a wannabe slave. Brainless idiots and sheep-like pukes, you are definitely ‘Republicans.’

    • Brian

      Not all Republicans are shape shifters. I am a Republican who wouldn’t vote OB for city dogcatcher. let alone President of the US. I will vote for whichever Repubaican,or, preferably, Ron Paul, wins the nomination. You are entitled to your opinion, but you need to know that a small minority does not define the whole Republican Party!!!

      • Larry

        Ron Paul is the only true conservative and the only one that will hold to his convictions and truly change the country and restore our rights. I can’t believe the republican party is so oblivious.

        • CalGirl

          I agree 100%!

        • dfinch

          I like a lot of what Ron Paul says until he talks foreign policy. He almost hyper-ventilates when he gets on the subject. The US has always been the “go to” country when another gets in trouble but I also realize we can’t do that anymore financially. His idea is to turn our backs. What I invision with that is another China. When would we build a Great Wall around the US?

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dfinch,

            You clearly do not understand what Ron Paul says regarding national defense, but I believe you are close when you write, “but I also realize we can’t do that anymore financially.” What Ron Paul wants to do is eliminate foreign bases and military incursions. He wants to cut military spending, not defense spending. He has said that if Congress makes a case for war and declares war, he will go in and win it decisively and quickly and then bring the troops home, without nation building.

            You write: “What I invision (sic) with that is another China. When would we build a Great Wall around the US?” In fact, Ron Paul is the only Republican not advocating building a wall around the U.S. because he recognizes that walls are used to keep people in as much as they are used to keep people out.

            Go here to read Ron Paul on the issues: You owe it to yourself.

            Best wishes,

          • meteorlady

            Ron Paul was asked what he would do if we were attacked. His answer was to go to the congress, get approval for an action and then win the war. I’d say that’s pretty good an idea. As for the rest, thanks Bob for intervening. Most don’t understand Dr Paul’s foreign policy.

    • http://20%Rep. Jack

      I say AMEN to that.

    • CommonSense4America

      I’d rather vote for a dim light bulb than Obama.

      • gnafu

        I’m with you on that! I can’t stand the dim light bulbs that are supposed to save a lot of electric but I would vote for just one of those bulbs before I would ever vote four more years of Obama Socialist/Marxism.

        • USAF VET

          The problem is too many people already voted for a dim 25 watt lightbulb and look what we got. Somehow I cannot believe this poll, and with what Obama has done recently with the contraceptive thing, many more people will be voting against him, more than voting for another candidate. He has proven he is power hungry and wants to be King of the U.S.. I wonder what would happen if a true poll was taken of a bunch of Dimocrat voters, how many of them would vote against Obumski due to his powergrab policies.

        • skip

          If you think we are Marxist/Communist, perhaps you are right. For the last decades, we have the developed the worst infant mortality rates, poverty rates, education rates, and the like of any of the developed nations, and they are all more Marxist/Communist than us – they have universal health care, universal free education from preschool through university, excellent retirement benefits and all of those communist programs and plots. Your position that we should abandon all government support for health, education, and retirement and presumably for any sort of infrastructure will insure we will get back to the country we had in 1790 when the Constitution was written – we need to get that level of health care, infrastructure and the like. They certainly did not want us to have interstates, airplanes, penicillin, automobiles, and all of those communist types of things – these Democrats and Communists have ruined us. Back to the farms for all of us – China tried that in the 70s and now they are becoming the dominant economy in the world – but are they still on the farms, do they by chance have fast trains, are they manufacturing iPhones out on these farms??

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        but George W can’t be president again

    • OB1

      SC, I’ve been on a couple of other “conservative” sites. They are being highly hacked and edited. Here is the info from one who I shall call Anonymous Doc. I think all conservative sites are being monitored in a very flashy manner to gather information from us, the informed. My posts don’t appear on other computers. Creepy. For Mr. Livingston, Jeff and DaveH, Kate8, Old Henry and so many more, thank you. I don’t know quite what to say. Here is a sneaker from Anonymous Doc (May God bless you all!):

      Honest Mistake?

      Message to the Media and the GOP

      One more brief Message to the Media and the GOP

      National Poll: Now 2nd in the Nation to Romney

    • Acushla

      Yes 20% of Republicans support the agony of pain babies go through when they are aborted.

    • Jan Dinkins

      So having the present “dictator” in chief is better than what you perceive the Republican candidates to be? Have you not listened intently to Santorum’s platform? By keeping Obama in office, everyone’s taxes… not just the “wealthy” will go up tremendously. Obama and Clinton said this at a congressional hearing during the ’08 campaign. A tax increase would be imposed on a yearly salary of around $47k. Also, the Torbin tax will be imposed on everyone. If you want this nation to become a nation of poverety and dependence then Obama is your man. Remember, the golden goose who lays the eggs(tax-payers) is dying out quickly. In other words, everybody and his brother will be scrambling for crumbs! But the “dictators” in D.C. will be living large.

  • Dwight Mann

    If RP is nominated 50 % of Democrats will vote for him, because he is against our Imperialist empire building fascist political war machine. . .

    • skippy

      Gee Dwight…..that was quite a mouthful!! :)
      And true too…
      RON PAUL 2012!!!

      • Bobby

        Ron Paul or Obama…period. Ron Paul supports will NOT vote for Romney, Santorum or Gingrich – truth.

        • Dagney

          Yep, that is what I was thinking. RP supporters, the anarchist type, would much rather vote for Obama than a conservative. Simply because they are more akin to fascist-types. So, that’s probably where these numbers come from that WND is supposedly reporting. Don’t forget who is conducting the poll. Polls are done to SHAPE opinion, not reflect it. So, this poll was done to dispirit liberty-loving Americans into not voting in November because, if this poll is correct, they would say, what is the point?

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dagney,

            You write: “RP supporters, the anarchist type… because they are more akin to fascist-types.” Your comment is illogical. Please explain for me how anarchists and fascists can be the same thing. This should be interesting.

            And by the way, Ron Paul supporters (most of them) are not anarchists. They are Constitutionalists. Have you read the Constitution lately?

            Best wishes,

          • Dagney

            Bob: Meaning no disrespect to actual Constitution-loving Ron Paul supporters (though they do seem to forget to think about or mention RP’s newsletters), I contend that political ideology is a circle or maybe a “U” shape, with the Constitution down at the bottom IN THE CENTER, the fascists at the top on the left (of course) at one extreme and the anarchists at the top on the right at the other extreme. It is not a straight line where the far right anarchists are completely different like night and day from the fascists as many would contend. There are many similarities between fascists and anarchists like arrogance, thuggishness, lawlessness/excessive laws (depending on how the laws or lack thereof benefit them personally). Down at the bottom of the “U” or circle farthest away from these thugs are the liberty-loving constitutionalists who know what a happy medium, moderation in all things type of existence means and how it benefits all. They are the ones that realize that laws are needed and they need to be enforced by a good and moral people. However, at the top of the “U” or “O”, good and moral people are not to be found. That is the similarities I see between anarchists and fascists. When you get right down to it, what I mean is that there is only good (no, not perfect, MORE perfect) and evil, it just depends on the DEGREE of good and evil.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Dagney,

            While you may be bending the law of physics, I do see what you are saying. However, I believe this better reflects the political spectrum.

            Best wishes,

          • Dagney

            LOL, now we are arguing geometry! To simplfy, I used an “O” or “U”. It’s really a sphere with all of our choices being every point of the globe. But, it still comes down to good and evil, and having NO government is evil, too.

        • The Blue Collar Man

          And RP supporters will HELP obumbler win!

          • Doug Rodrigues

            Good possibility that Ron Paul could help Obama win. Why? Because the average American voter is TOO STUPID to realize that Ron Paul is one of very few honest politicians who make decisions based on logical reasoning and deduction instead of “feelings” or political opportunity. Especially disgusting are the Lawyer Politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths, Harry Reid and John Boehner being two examples.

        • http://yahoo ted

          i feel sorry for ur children. they will be paying for obamas progressive slot machine for a budget.

        • http://yahoo ted


        • sancheleezy

          Now it is very understandable to all why there are more Independent voters. This segment of the voting public grows ever larger daily as the American public realizes that both parties are composed of moderates hell bent on government control over the people in every way imaginable, Democrans want Socialism now and Republicrats in increments. People are waking up ever so slowly. Ron Paul and the Bill of Rights, just think, research, and restore.

    • CalGirl

      Right on!!

    • Jan Dinkins

      I thought the Democrats were/are the dictator facist machine. They definitely approve of the OWS’ers who claim and appear to be nothing but anarchists as was stated by one of the members on one of the MSM morning shows. And their actions demonstrate this…acting without control or obedience to laws. Nancy Pelosi said “bless their hearts”, Van Jones, labor unions and George Soros gives them complete backing and Obama tells them to put on their marching shoes. Sounds like and looks like the “democrat machine” loves upheavel, chaos and violence. Create a crisis and make good use of it.

  • Dwight Mann

    Anybody but the Communist Øbama. . .

    • Bobby

      So you’d settle for the SOCIALIST Romney, right?!? real smart

      • http://yahoo ted

        obamas the socialist. where have u been the last 3 years

        • USAF VET

          Mitt Romney is a left thinking Progressive Moderate. He has said this himself, and his politics prove it. I just wish that the Left hadn’t brow beaten Herman Cain, and Michelle Bachman out of the race.

      • dfinch

        I don’t think Romney believes in redistribution of wealth.

        • gnafu

          But Romney would enforce ObamaCare the day after he was elected to President. Count on it! And, what is ObamaCare? Control of the People.

      • Larry Collins

        “So you’d settle for the SOCIALIST Romney, right?!? real smart”

        I certainly would, and it WOULD be “real smart”.

        I’m not too cool with the fact that Obamacare is based on a Romney plan, and on a lot of other things about Romney, but I’m damned sure not going to vote for Obama, OR for any third party candidate if my favorite Republican doesn’t win the nomination.

        “Principles” and making points can be expensive, and this is NOT the time to be wasting votes against Obama.

        You don’t even have to vote for Obama. Anyone who refuses to vote, or votes for a third-party candidate has voted for Obama.

        No third party candidate has any chance to win, and any votes they suck away from the main candidates will be sucked away from the republican candidate, so they might has well have voted for Obama.

        The number ONE issue is “Get That Traitor Out Of Control”.
        The number TWO issue is “Get That Traitor Out Of Control”.
        The number THREE issue is “Get That Traitor Out Of Control”.

        Everything else is WAY down the list.

        If Bill Clinton won the Republican nomination, I’d certainly vote for him, and THIS time around, be happy that he was elected.

        It doesn’t matter WHO actually becomes the Republican candidate, THAT is the person who needs the vote, for the most important 3 reasons.

        I firmly believe that Obama is actively trying to destroy the economy of America, because that will open the door for an actual Communist regime.

        If any Republican candidate takes us to that point, at least it won’t be due to an active agenda, which is rolling right on down the pike even as I write this.

        So Hell Yes I’ll vote for Romney, Gingrich, Paul, any potential candidate who is running against Obama, whether I like him or not, or approve of ANYTHING he does. Obama represents Rock Bottom. There is only “Better” available.

        The only thing worse than what we have is another four years of it. He can get his agenda accomplished by then, instead of halfway there as it is now.

    • http://yahoo ted

      thats right on dwight

    • ChristyK

      The problem with the “anybody but Obama” ideology is that all of the candidates except Ron Paul are almost identical in their actual governing philosophy. The Republicans, Tea Partiers, and even many independents have realized that Obama and his socialist/fascist philosophy is bad. Romney, Gingrich, & Santorum would govern in the same way, but say that they support the constitution and free markets. If they get into office, they will collapse our economy and destroy this nations faith in the constitution and free markets which will make our nation unfixable. If Obama gets into office, he will crash our economy and likely steal our freedoms, but americans will realize what is happening and rebuild America on the constitution and free-market capitalism. We will go through a terrible time and even possible civil war, but will return stronger. The only chance for avoiding a terrible collapse (worse than the great depression) is Ron Paul although he probably won’t be able to save our nation either if he doesn’t have a decent Congress. He will be able articulate what is happening and why just like he predicted the current mess.

  • deanbob

    I wondered if they took the polls in Oympia Snow or Scott Brown’s states?

  • Donald D Jones ww2 vet

    If they said they would vote for Obama, they are not Republicans
    most likely they are one of the many Union Members recieving hand outs from the Obama Government. That is going to be Historyl


    The only hope is to force the nomination to the convention so a better candidate can be found.

    • skip

      God help us if they nominate someone like Mitch McConnnell – has anyone ever seen a village idiot any stupider than that guy? How did he ever get to the Senate? But Kentucky doesn’t do so good selecting its politicians – Rand was left short on brain cells as well. I’m a Hoosier, and we worried a lot about what was across the river, and these two prove the point!!!

      • sancheleezy

        skip you do not seem to exceptionally discerning when it comes to understanding the difference between an old bumbler like Sen. Mitch McConnell, and a young more intelligent and perceptive Sen. Rand Paul. How do you compare both of them as being equals in the same sentence. Also why do you even state that the people of Indiana are more adept politically than anyone across the river in Kentucky ? It seems childish that you think that you are their moral superior as you must have a tinge of jealousy somehow directed against them. Bottom line is that we need to get a Constitutionalist elected as soon as possible and restore sanity to this Nation.

      • dfinch

        I sure have…Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

  • David in MA


  • Greg

    GOP voters won’t vote for Obama and won’t stay home. They may not be enthusiastic as they might be with another candidate. Anything that says otherwise is a main stream media lie.

    • Bobby

      You’re dreaming! The people who truly elect presidents are not the Repub. or Dems. it’s the independents (the huge group of people who don’t subscribe to party rhetoric.) Wake up man, only Ron Paul appeals to this group. (or you can just keep your head in the sand, and keep on doing what the TV tells you to do – which will give Obama another 4. Fact.)

      • http://yahoo ted

        15% of the vote aint helping ron paul any

  • David in MA

    When they came for the Jews, I did nothing, for I am not a Jew. When they came for the Socialists, I did nothing, for I am not a Socialist. When they came for the labor leaders, the homosexuals, the gypsies, I did nothing, for I am none of these, and when they came for me, I was alone, there was no one to stand up for me. — Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor from Nazi Germany

    • RichE

      Wow! Is that your opinion of the Republican agenda? That’s scary.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    This is a lot of bullcrap.

  • Margo Twisselman

    I must admit that I am surprised at this. If the poll can be believed. With the current assaults on the Constitution by the current president, I cannot believe any American citizen who has a brain, could vote for him. I lived near Chicago during his run for President. We heard the truth and it’s ugly. So, if you don’t care about freedom please leave and go to one of your admired countries like Cuba or South Africa. We want to be free!

    • skippy

      Margo, hey, if you KNOW something, please share.
      I do not live near Chicago…and all I ever heard was how GREAT the man is…so TALK girl!!!

    • Annie

      Thank you Margo and most of the ugly information about obama was available for ALL the American people to learn about. It’s just that they would have had to ferret it out themselves because and as we all know, the MSM was a major part of his campaign endorsers. The MSM were always going to conduct a huge and major “black out” about all things obama and they are still participants today in his re-election.

      It is up to the American people to learn everything they can about whomever they decide to vote for and especially liberal/marxist followers of saul alinsky.

    • skip

      The assaults on the Constitution are by the filibusterers in the Senate, who know one word and one word only – NO! They are the wreckers of the nation.

      If Eisenhower, one of our most effective Presidents, ran for President today, he could not run as a Republican, nor could Reagan – they would be well to the left of center today. Let alone Ford or Nixon. Where on earth have the Republicans gone – they used to be rational.

      • Alex Frazier

        Skip, the most predominant issue on the House and Senate floor right now, and over the past year or three, has been the budget, the deficit, and jobs.

        The Democrats have offered a single solution to the problem. Raise taxes. They may throw out this concession or that concession, but it’s always coupled with raising taxes. The fact is, they don’t want to cut anything. They think the solution is to maintain big government and bring the revenue up to match the budget rather than bringing the budget down to match the revenue.

        The Republicans have also offered a single solution to the problem. Cut spending. They too may throw out this concession or that concession, but it is likewise always coupled with cutting spending. The Republicans don’t want to raise taxes, period. They think the solution is to cut social and wealth redistribution programs to bring the budget down to match the revenue rather than bringing the revenue up to match the budget.

        When you have two opposing sides who both believe that the only solution to the problem is the very thing the other party deems anathema, it’s not possible to come to a compromise. It’s almost like someone having need of something, but every single proposition to provide help to that person comes with the contingency that they have to let the government give them AIDS. We’ll give you food, but you have to let us give you AIDS. We can provide public housing, but you have to let us give you AIDS. We’ll cut spending, but only if you let us give you AIDS.

        So don’t blame the Republicans. Both sides are doing the same thing. But of the two parties, the Republican solution is more to the benefit of the American citizen. I can honestly say from having been on both sides of the fence financially, the only people who don’t care if taxes are raised are the people who don’t pay them. And I don’t think they deserve a say in the matter unless it’s going to effect their own wallet along with the rest of us.

    • CalGirl

      Then please share it here.

  • dusterdog

    Ron Paul will win in a land slide if the votes are counted as they are actually cast.He will draw from republicans,democrats & independents.The republican would get their hard core about 20% and the democrats would get their hard core about 25% and Ron would get the rest.If that is not a winner then I don’t know what is.

  • Bobby

    Republicans LISTEN UP. Either nominate Ron Paul or get Obama for another term!!!

    • CalGirl

      I agree 100%!!

    • CommonSense4America

      If everyone that says “I’d vote for Ron Paul…BUT, he can’t win” would just vote for him, then Ron Paul would win in a landslide.

  • John Carey

    Obama will get the votes he buys. Wake up America–and don’t let this man spend our taxpayer dollars to get himself re-elected. Obama wants to retain power. He mandates changes in this country and needs to be stopped now. Send him back to where ever he declares as his homeland.

  • Stephen

    This piece does exactly what it is designed to do; get out the republican base to defeat King Obamir. It must be a scare tactic because it is so unbelievable that any republican would vote for this tyrant wannabe. There are more than 20% of democrats who are very disenchanted with the king as well which would make up any difference in the election the article proposes.

    Liberals have used underhanded tactics like this for a very long time. It’s good to see conservatives try to compete in a like manner and not let the liberal machine steamroll American beliefs. Americans must learn to weigh everything which is said to them by the “experts”.

    • Angie09

      Stephen based on what I see in the GOP Gong Show, if you truely believe that the Reps have a plan other then the old ones that have hurt the poor and the middle class, I feel sorry for you. Great to be ok in your finances, nothing agst having money and success, but the GOP do not have a plan for putting ALL people back to work, no plan to end wars that we should not be in. No plan to pay down the debt other make those who do not have more poor. I do not agree with all the POTUS decisions, but based on fact, not TV news or opinions of experts, I see that at least he has made the effort with out any help from the GOP. This congress is the worst since the 1930′s. Best of luck to you sir. I truely do not believe that most americans, Some REPs, Dems, and Independants know the real facts and who is FOR ALL American, not just a few.

      • Annie

        Angie, Exactly what universe to you live in anyway. Do you actually want all of us to believe that you are anything but a liberal/marxist troll for obama?

        obama has done nothing whatsoever good for America and he has engaged in the complete destruction of our beloved country.

        What is your agenda Angie? Are you too a liberal/marxist who is dedicated to destroying America – and don’t give us your blubbering hogwash about the poor and middle class. Since obama has taken over the people’s house (the White House) the poverty rate has grown by leaps and bounds and the middle class has diminished exponentially.

        Are you aware of the fact that you sound just like the followers of alinsky, stalin, hitler, lenin, mae tsetung, and all of those dictators who only wanted to rule the world?

        • NC

          Annie, have you ever looked at the figures of what was happening for the poor an middle class during the 1990s before george w. bush and his “I can do it better” attempt with trickle down fiscal policy and the recession that followed instead of the “surplus” he promised! It won’t kill you to take a look!

          • dfinch

            But you neglect to say Obama also made promises that’s he’s not kept about the deficit. He was going to balance the budget (?????) and retire the deficit. Last account he’s added $5 trillion more to it.

          • http://yahoo ted

            the democrates were the ones with running the housing failure.charlie rangel was on tv announcing in 2006 proclaiming fannie may freddy mac was doing fine and no worry. why bush gets blamed for that its beyond me.obama has spent more money and nothing has gotten done. by the way if he gets 4 more years there will be more people out of work. the company i work for is going to shut down. the owner says he wont be able to continue because he wont be able to afford obama care. i was in iraq and its much better off now then it used to be. god bless america.

          • Alex Frazier

            George W was a terrible president. Any man who would call the constitution a “g-ddamned piece of paper” has lost my respect from now until the end of time. But I do wish folks like you would stop placing the blame for every global tragedy at his feet. There was a recession, but there was also a national crisis; viz. the World Trade Center. And Katrina was close on the heels of that. When one considers the crises our country faced during George W’s administration, he did surprisingly well. I shudder to think what would have happened if we had had a weaker president in the midst of all that.

            That said, Obama has made more than his share of mistakes. The budget increase, and resulting deficit increase, is not George W’s fault. George W left office with only $4 trillion in national debt at the conclusion of two major disasters and eight years of war. Obama took it from $4 trillion to $16 trillion in barely three, with none of the viable excuses George W had. It’s not George W’s fault.

            George W disregarded the Constitution. I hate him for that. But Obama, from the moment of his election, including the latest outrage with the contraception in the Catholic hospitals, has passed or proposed legislation in violation of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 13th, and 14th amendments, in addition to violating his oath of office in Article II, §1, ¶8-9; deliberately turning our country into a totalitarian state in violation of Article IV, §4 that guarantees us a Republican form of government; bypassing Congress in his appointments as per Article II, §2, ¶2; writing and submitting bills that call for the raising of revenue, which, according to Article I, §7, ¶1 is exclusively reserved to the House of Representatives; and he has completely bypassed the legislative process laid out in Article I, §7, ruling this country by executive order, an authority not actually given the President of the United States as part of the Executive Branch in Article II.

            So let’s be real for a second. Our current president thinks he’s a king, and the Democrat Congress are a bunch of economic illiterates who have no clue of the financial wreckage they are making of our country with their out of control spending. Let’s give credit where it’s due. It’s the Democrats who are causing our present woes, not the Republicans.

        • http://20%Rep. Jack

          This just show you that the second law of thermal dynamics is alive and WELL.Read your BIBLE. It is in their

      • Sha44ss

        @ Angie09-You are a Kool aid drinker & a lover of Celebrity and you dont seethe krap right in front of your nose! The only EFFORT the president is making is to make the Congress look like ‘do nothings’ so he can bypass our Constition & become a Dictator! I dont WANT Congress to work with this Marxist Traitor.

      • RichE

        GOP Gong show. ROFL

        • USAF VET

          But it’s a better show than the Dem’s CLUNK Show.

  • Angie09

    Not surprised based onthe clowns in the GOP running 4 president I would vote for Pres Obama. If I had a camera when folks go in the booth in 2012. More Reps will vote for POTUS and will lie and say they voted for the Reps fool.

    • Annie

      Why Anne? What, in God’s name, would induce you or anyone to vote for the LIAR-in-chief now? I can’t even begin to understand why anyone would have ever voted for the LIAR-in-chief EVER much less now after we have clear evidence that he wants to turn our beloved America into a communist regime with him as its dictator?

      And Anne, do NOT use that lame excuse that the GOP field is less than desirable for you.

      • NC

        Annie, Americans have memories and what happened from 2001-2008 was very unpleasant for a lot of people! Lost their jobs, lost their homes and lost their retirements! All while a Republican was in the White House. Why go back to a Republican Party Platform if that is the best it can do for our country?

        • CalGirl


        • dfinch

          I also think that most americans know who had “control” of congress the last 2 years of the Bush administration and the first 2 years of Obama’s. Most also know that Bush tried early in his presidency to have Fannie and Freddie investigated. The democrats said they were healthy and side stepped the issue. The rest has been history. The rest was a domino effect.

          • 270 Win.

            dfinch, you are wasting your time with the lid lovers that write into this site. They cannot see the light, they are just plane gone. They got there hands out for there freebe’s. It is sad…

        • USAF VET

          NC, you silly Obummacrats seem to forget that George Bush had to put up with Dumocrats in Congress. Remember the Dodd/Frank bill that ended up making the housing bubble go “POP”? That’s what you get when Liberals are in charge. Look what we got from the King Obama, Prince Harry, Princess Nancy (leadership?). A lot of mandates that take Many of our freedoms away. Just look at what Obumski is doing now. Trying to force anti-religious mandates on churches and people of faith who do not want his freedom stealing policies.

        • Alex Frazier

          NC, our woes began with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, enacted under the Democrat President Jimmy Carter. They were later exacerbated in the mid 1990s under the Democrat President Bill Clinton through loosened restrictions by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to encourage GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make it possible for first time home buyers to get loans they could not have previously gotten. Affordable Housing Credits were issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac beginning in 1995, still under President Bill Clinton. By 1996, the Department of Housing and Urban Development was pressuring Freddie and fannie to provide upwards of 42% of their mortgage fianancing to borrowers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify due to inadequate income, and this was increased to 50% in 2000 during Clinton’s last year in office. This large increase in MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) through the GSEs led to the peddling and increased investment into subprime mortgage CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations) from 2000-2006, which ended with the subprime mortgage crisis, or housing bubble.

          Our problems may have come to fruition while a Republican was in office, but you kid yourself if you think that anyone but a Democrat was responsible. The Democrats dug the pit. The Republicans just fell into it.

    • tom s

      you must be either an idiot or a recipient of obama money…

    • http://yahoo ted

      why arent u getting enough entitlements already from obama.

    • http://yahoo ted

      angie are u re tarted? not much upstairs. say something smart once in a while or dont say nothing.

  • Annie

    Yea, well, here’s the big big caveat about that poll. It was conducted by the Ron Paul pollsters. Come on folks……do they really believe that we are all a bunch of mind numb robots?

  • Larry B

    I think this poll is a farce. I don’t believe any republican will vote for Obama. Ron Paul doesn’t have the best chance of defeating Obama, because he will never be the republican nominee. I doubt if he will win even one primary.

    • Larry

      Shouldn’t you vote your ideals instead of trying to determine who has the the best chance of beating Obama according to what a phony poll? A vote for the less of two evils is a vote for evil.

      • NC

        Larry, just write in their name! Mission acomplished! Just like the last “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”

    • http://yahoo ted

      so true larry.

    • http://20%Rep. Jack

      He can’t make it because he dosen’t have ” the blood line” Look it up the blood lines of the Presidents

      • Alex Frazier

        Obama made it. What bloodline is he from? Perhaps Jefferson visited Kenya back in the 1800s?

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everybody:
    The reason for this pitiful news is because the GOP field, with the
    exception of Ron Paul, STINKS!! This is going to be a cake walk for
    Obama this year. As stated before, i’m beginning to think this race is
    fixed for Obama to win another term, not to be a conspiracy theorist.

    • Larry

      Ron Paul is the only real choice to have any affective change why are the majority of republicans so brain dead?

      • WickedPickle

        Because their agenda is… “ANYBODY BUT OBAMA” …. This has been their battle cry for over three years and as the stampede continues, they totally ignore the one man who can not only accomplish THEIR goal but the goal of the American public. Foresight demands intelligence.. Hindsight isn’t as selective.

  • donald oesau

    Google agenda 21 to see where obama is coming from.

  • tim


    • CalGirl


  • Professor

    Anyone who would vote for Obama is not a Republican. They are more correctly a socialist, communist, Marxist, etc. Any Republican candidate is a better choice than Obama.

    • http://20%Rep. Jack

      You have got that right

    • kantstanja

      So what are you implying? That anybody who doesn’t conform to you’re ideals is the bad guys but those who vote against Obama is the good guys? I think I heard that same cackle just before the last election.. Good Guys vs Bad Guys.. Hell, why not call those who want to vote for THEIR choice a commie Satan loving Nazi and those who vote you’re way a John Wayne full blooded American.. You and freaks like you are the one’s who are splitting up America. You praise ‘freedom’ then in the same breath, condemn those who think different from you… (without debate, without respect for their rights).. You’re nothing but a pathetic bigot..

      • Alex Frazier

        kantstanja, I hate to disagree with you, but Obama has deliberately moved our nation towards socialism, as recognized in the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto. His actions over the last three years have also dangerously resembled those of the socialist Nazi Party in Germany, and the communist Stalin in Russia. The only thing he has yet to do is declare martial law and try to forcibly take over the country, which looks set to happen soon with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow him to gather up the malcontents as the Nazis once did.

        So it’s not a matter of someone conforming to anyone’s ideals. It’s about the fact that Obama is a socialist, and he is trying to turn our country into a totalitarian state. HE’S splitting up America, not those who are criticizing him. Therefore, it’s just a plain fact that if you vote for a socialist, particularly if you know his political platform and agree with that platform, then you are a socialist. And no true Republican would ever deliberately vote for a socialist.

  • labouton

    I’m not sure who the nominee will be with all the fraud going on in the primaries. Nevada and South Carolina have both shown voter fraud so how can any of these so called winners be called winners. These primary elections are a farce. IMHO it boils down to who ever the corporations, unions, media and the elite want in office, that’s who will be there. RP is the only one that can’t be bought. All of the condemnation against RP because of his stance on pulling the military out of these foreign countries isn’t shared by the military – they’re voting for him. They are the ones on the front lines and have seen what’s going on and they want it stopped. Maybe we should send all of those that are against his thoughts over there to replace the military. I bet they will change their minds before they get off the plane. My vote is for RP no matter what!

  • del

    And you folks believe this poll? Ok let me see you the Golden Gate Bridge!

    • kantstanja

      That’s really passé (even if it wasen’t spelled right).. People who choose to vote for whom ever they wish isn’t someone you can scam into buying a bridge.. Get over yourself..

  • M G

    Yes, if they do vote for O that would rove their stupidity. ANY of the GOP candidates would be a better choice than BO!!!

  • Charles

    and you dumb pool takers belive any Republican would vote for Obama they are pulling your chain

  • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

    I shure hope you missed on that guess angie. If anyone votes for POTUS ;it isnt for what he has done for the country or the economy. He hssnot done one dam thing to boost the economy or to help further the American way of life. How can anyone even think such. After piling us under centeries of debt and doing all he can to destroy the constitution.Lets use a little common sense here. Obummer wouldn’t have a clue to create a job,as he claims he has done so much of and as far as his foriegn policy, it’s to destroy our country. Any one voting for him can’t see any further than communism for all and abolishing America all together.

    • CalGirl

      The mess this country is in was already in place LONG before BO even thought about running for office!! Reagan, Clinton, Bush 1 & 2, got the ball rolling a long time ago. I will NOT vote for BO, and both sides need to stop playing the blame-game(which is exactly what both parties want the voters to do). By manipulating the media, they keep so many voters focused on placing blame, that the REAL ISSUES tearing this country down will not be addressed by either party. If the majority of American voters expend their energy focusing on finger-pointing, then we are not HOLDING ALL OF OUR POLITICIAN’S FEET TO THE FIRE ON THE REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES!! MY JOB WENT TO MALAYSIA in 2002. Which corrupt and greedy corporations are benefiting from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?? Why aren’t our laws regarding ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BEING UPHELD FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS? WHO is benefiting from THAT?? Not the TAX PAYERS!! Not the middle-class working stiffs!

  • http://None Chevyek

    So true. The problem is that there is a total black out of anything ‘bad’ about OB. Just watch an hour of so called ‘news’ on any local stations, and see if anything ‘bad’ is ever said about him…..Solyndra or other scandsals, the Keystone pipeline, the moritorium on American drilling in the gulf, his multi million dollar vaccations, the total sealing of all school records (beyond the age of 12!) or finding anyone who ever heard of him, the absurdity of Obamacare, the weakening of our military, etc…all of which can be easily found on the talk shows, books by people like Savage, Malkin, Levin, Coulter, etc, or the internet. What is sad is that Repubs have become as lazy as Dems, have lost all interest in this country or the agendas of those running it. Reminds me of the many dictatorships in the world which began because of the apathy of the people, and some like Cuba, which have lasted for 60 years. God wake us up and help us if this man gets in again.

    • sniffer

      Frighteningly true. Might add, if Americans paid attention & actively boycott the products advertised by the news programs, we can run them out of business. The criteria must be truth & that rightfully gets ugly for repubs, democrats, & liberts.
      Don’t have to imagine what GE would do with a free hand… bulldoze American productive infrastructure, partnership with communists for slave labor & zero government interference, sell the products in China to a trading co. at high price & profit – trading co. sells products in US @ no profit… wallallalla protected life in US, billions profit, no taxes, no hassle. US goes broke & GE buys whatever it wants at bankruptcy sale prices – sounds a bit like monopoly 101

  • Ted Crawford

    I don’t know from Republicans, but anyone wishing to ever again call themselves Conservatives, could never vote for Obama!

    • http://yahoo ted

      amen on that ted.

    • NC

      Ted, I’m still waiting on the figures of what the “conservatives” have done for this country that is so much better than what the libral Democrats have done!
      Right here is where you do it!! Just give us the figures while “conservatives” were in CONTROL that made this the number one nation in the world for the past century! WAS it HOOVER?, (HAHA) IKE?(HARDLY), NIXON (MINUS GROWTH FOR THE DOW), FORD?(A LITTLE BETTER THAN NIXON) REAGAN? (YOUR BEST AND HE TRIPLED THE NATIONAL DEBT) BUSH I? (WHO?) BUSH II (YEAH, RIGHT-A REAL WINNER)


      • FreedomFighter


        Conservative George Washington won our independance from Britan, thats just in the beginning…then conservatives really begin to shine.

        They created America.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • Brian

    Ron Paul’s positions are closest to what our Founding Fathers envisioned, and to the Constitution, of any of the candidates, Republican or OB. In my state’s primary Ron Paul will get my vote.

  • Sha44ss

    I dont put any stock in ANY polls. “Propaganda is alive & well in America & flourishing day by day!

  • Sunny

    This is total bull crap. Polls have become another way to manipulate voters into a particular mindset. Republicans would not vote for obama if he was the last man on earth. So stop the spinning and usage of another ridiculous poll as a means to change people’s minds. This guy Wenzel is out of his mind.

  • Vieteravet

    What in the hell is the mattet with some republicans, even Romney is better than Obamanation!

  • sniffer

    A truly sick situation gets sicker by the day. We’re given a choice between a Marxist puppet or global monopolist puppet, a left hand & a right hand, which are controlled by a Marxist monopolist body. Both involve extreme concentration of wealth and power, with obedient and subservient populations. Together, the ultimate bath in hell. Without lots of checks and balances, either one is historically proven brutal to humanity!
    Imagine… the ultimate free capitalist (GE) and Communist China holding hands in the perfect union… with one of our stealth bombers parked in the Chinese airport background.
    Look what happened to the world in the 1930’, 40’s & continues. It can be reversed & rebuilt, but where’s the rebuilder????

  • SweetOlBob

    How many samples in the Phone poll ? What time of day was it commenced ? What time of day was it stopped ? Was it a recorded message ? Was it a male or female voice ?
    I’d like the answers to these questions before I take the results of this to the bank. It sounds likes a typical democRAT or Paulbot conducted entity. Or the typical TV interviewer question — Presidesnt Obama, how do you feel about animal cruelty, loving sittle puppies and kitties the way you do ?

  • sabulaman

    These guys need to focus on obama, and the Lib machine instead of each other. They need to quit having so many debates, and get out a little more with the folks. There is an endless supply of issues to focus on outside of each other.

    • http://yahoo ted

      sounds like u got one of rons loose nuts in your head too.

  • Mutantone

    It would serve the USA better to write in a candidate like Allen West instead of voting for the Obama administration to continue their hell bent direction to ruin the United States

    • http://yahoo ted

      wrong again. wasted vote, not enough write ins to win anything, let alone an election

  • http://yahoo ted

    sounds like u dont have a political party yourself. u must be more liberal then anything with all the name calling and trash talking. i am for smaller gov. less spending,create jobs, strong miltary, high morals. any rep. voting for obama is not a republcan at all. we must come together and get this fruitcake out of office before he destroys us all together.

  • Neil b

    I can’t believe your a shill for this poll it was dissected yesterday when it was noted that Fritz Wenzel polling co. is a poling and or a consultant to Ron Paul end of story.

  • Brenda

    My only thought on this is whether or not those republicans that would vote for obama vs the GOP nominee has taken the time to go over the reprecussion of such actions. Do they really want another four years of our rights and freedoms being trampled on? It is true we do not have the best field from which to choose, but regardless of which candidate wins the nomination we must support him. It is our only defense against becoming a dictatorship.

    • http://yahoo ted

      amen on that brenda.

  • tom s

    You have to be kidding! I can’t imagine any conserative voting for obama or any of his liberal cohorts who appear to wish for the decline of the USA.

  • Dens

    Republicans? You mean that group of gelded actors that pretends to oppose the Democrats in our dysfunctional government? As usual this election will be a choice between the lesser of two evils. You either vote for a plain Socialist or you may select a radical Socialist(with nuts).

  • http://yahoo ted

    i guess from what im seeing and reading if obama does win we can blame the independents. i guess independents are really the liberals we are trying to get out of office right now. can we all concentrate and try to get obama, pelosi,reed and all the other wackos out of there. our nation is under attack from within. we must put our foot down now. many years ago the radical muslims said they would take down america from within. may god bless us all and try to come together this fall.

    • tom s

      did anyone ever take notice of where those “independents” voted into congress sit with & vote with?? pay attention & be enlightened.

  • Gillysrooms of Australia

    I agree with sams statement, but I been saying this for awhile and I put Mitt Rodney, Gingrich and other candidates Except Run Paul in the same boat as Obama, so anybody not trying to get Ron Paul in, is really wanting to everything to remain the same. Your wasting you time debating and blaming Obama when your not all 100% behind Dr Ron Paul. You either believe in what some if you people are prattling on about or you just acting a part for good looks and wanting to get to Hollywood acting career. Make up your mind and stick to it as never will you get another good opportunity than with Ron Paul. Stand up and be counted. Do it now and stop stuffing around.

  • Monte Williams

    I can’t stand the ignorance of the RNC. Being a conservative, I knew we had to have a strong Republican that believed in the Constitution and the religious beliefs this country was founded on. So what happens to the the Republican party? They go out and find a bunch of Socialist Rhinos to compete for the nomination. But, for those that are republicans and would vote for the bummer, why not just vote for the Devil himself???

    • http://yahoo ted

      sounds like monte a liberal coming here and trying too mess with peoples head. sorry but you talk and dont make any sense what so ever. obamas the only socialist running right now.

  • Steve E

    I think that if Obummer gets reelected, The States which have true constitutional values such as Va and Tx, etc, should succeed from the Union. Then these conservative states will thrive, and the rest of the U.S. will just go broke and disorderly, just as they are going to do eventually anyway.

    • Dianne Lee

      The red states are overall the ones that receive more from the federal government than they pay in. The blue states are the ones who are supporting them– kinda a state on welfare.

  • Wyatt

    If they would vote for Oscumbag then they aren’t Republicans . I am not happy with any of the Republican choices as they all have faults . However I will fully support the Republican choice . And all you Ron Paul supporters , he is not a Republican . He is a Libertarian who knows he can’t get elected by running as one so he wraps himself in the Republican mantel . And with his screwball isolationist views will surely ruin this country even more . Dispite his claims he is nothing more than a psuedo intellectual who claims to know the constitution . He can get away with this as the vast majority of us don’t know the Constitution .

  • G.B.

    I don’t believe in polls and they don’t change who I’m going to vote for either. But I can tell you I will not vote for Obummer the Mooslim, Socialist pig period.

  • Barbara SC

    I’m a registered Republican, though I’m not at all proud of what my party has done. I lean more and more towards libertarianism. That being said, I would vote for almost anyone to replace Obama. I don’t agree fully with any of the candidates. I have more differences with Romney than with Santorum, but either would make a better president than what we have now. I don’t think Gingrich can be trusted to be anything other than the slippery politician he has shown himself to be in the past.
    I don’t agree completely with Ron Paul, but I think he makes much more sense than the others on a number of issues. His stances on foreign policy (hide our heads and pretend the others don’t want us dead, it seems) and returning to the gold standard (we should not have left it, but I think it would be difficult to return to it) trouble me, but his fiscally conservative attitudes appeal to me. I think he displays naiveté when he says that we brought 9/11 on ourselves.
    I would love to see a true conservative (at least fiscally conservative) make it to the White House, but I honestly doubt that the majority would be willing to vote for such a rare creature. I think that so many have come to rely so heavily on government handouts that they have actually forgotten what true freedom (coupled with responsibility) looks like and feels like.
    I do believe that if we have to endure another four years of what the present administration calls governing, we will be living in a place only vaguely reminiscent of the United States. I do think Romney will make too many compromises to suit me and other conservatives, but he is more likely to respect the constitution in the process.
    One thing I am sure of. We must replace most of the people in both houses of Congress if we want to see a return to conservative values. The Senate seems to me to be particularly rife with corruption and a blatant disregard for the United States Constitution. But we must be careful to replace them with true fiscal conservatives who will cut government spending and help this crippled nation return to self-sufficiency and prosperity.

    • CalGirl

      Well said!

  • Steve

    Maybe RHINO’S would vote for the idiot, I would vote for a turd first!!

  • CalGirl

    I would vote for RON PAUL before I would vote for Obama, and until the past few years, I was a registered Dem. I am discouraged with this country’s two-party system, AND RESENT HAVING TO HOLD MY NOSE WHEN I VOTE! Let the BEST CANDIDATES rise to the top!

    ELIMINATE SUPER PACKS, CORPORATE AND CHURCH manipulation of who gets each party’s nomination!! The only candidate right now that is not ‘more-of-the-same’ is RON PAUL, but I am not so sure that he could get the nomination, because of his vocal criticism of the Federal Reserve(aka mafia) and his desire to audit them. How do they spend our money?? Who are the beneficiaries of all the money they continue to print???

  • Chris

    Everyone knows how Opinions are, so here’s mine:
    I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he ran against another Muslum.
    Mitt Romney is a lying stack of sh– who’s only interest is profit, and he does not care who suffers from his profits. Just ask all those people who lost their jobs when he shut down businesses and sent their jobs overseas.
    Newt Gingrich is a hypocritical Lying biggot.
    I don’t consider myself any party, In fact I hate the 2 party system we have.
    I vote my conscience and for the person who supports Freedom, and does not change their policy every other week.
    It Does not matter if its a He or She or Hermaphrodite, red purple or green. Religion does not matter either, as long as they support religious fredom.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate who meets that criteria. I am tired of choosing the lesser evil.
    Folks, Ignore the BS you see on the news, because every television station has a political agenda, and it isn’t to report the truth!
    Anyone who tells you a vote for your conscious is a wasted vote, has no conscious, and poor morals.
    The U.S. Constituition is the only thing that allows the Liberals & Conservatives to co-exist, without killing each other. Every Administration that infringes on the constituition either way, brings us 1 step closer to communism, or civil war.
    As someone said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”
    I think this philosophy applies perfectly to the political spectrum.

    • Chris

      I meant to say I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he ran against another Muslum from Iraq.

      • NC


        • James

          NC, Iraq was a potential threat to Israel, the United States does whatever Isael wants it to do. Back before 9/11, the Bush regime was debating whether to attack Iran or Iraq, they chose Iraq. Obama is getting around to Iran now.

        • FreedomFighter

          Iran funded Islamic warriors armed with Soviet and China made small arms and explosives killed them?

          Better vehical armor and body armor could have saved half of them, a more aggressive engagement policy would have cut down even further.

          War sucks NC, people die.

          Politicians make war, our men and women fight them.

          Liberalism is a mental disease, causing stupidity, and constant drooling.

          Laus Deo
          Semper Fi

        • s c

          n, America is in countries where we don’t belong to make our space cadet puppets happy (so they can make their puppet masters happy). We are NOT in those places to ‘win’ wars.
          America is the world’s #1 prostitute cop. This self-gutting process is a form of redistribution of wealth [ala Wilson, FDR, Obummer and other prez imitators].

        • DavidL

          Chicken hawk republicans!

  • C. R.

    One can only say these voters are mentally disturbed if they would vote for Obama considering what he is, isn’t, had done and hasn’t done. Anyone but Obama. There are a couple of decent and even good candidates to vote for prez and NOT vote for the usurper communist. Geez! Wake up and smell the coffee. Vote for a Repub and I, as an Independent, will too. Anyone but Obama!

  • CRIs

    Well, there you have it folks, though I knew it was true all along…another poll saying Paul has the best chance at shutting the door on Obama. And, still we play this round and round game of “Who’s the next GOP?!”…I’m patiently waiting for Ron Paul to take that slot, because I truly think when given the chance, this man who is a king among ALL typical politicians, will preside in the White House with integrity and honor unparalleled by the last half a century of Commanders-in-Chief. *Sigh* …it’s all the same party to ‘them’ folks. Spend your money, make you grovel, tie you up, tie you down, and drive a dagger through your soul. “Et tu Brute?”
    ‘You’ can fake playing in the band until it’s time for ‘your’ solo…

  • Bob Marshall

    “If we vote for an immoral man we are traitors to our country.” Norah Webster.

  • Harry

    Keeping it simple, the (bought and paid for)20 percent that would vote democrat tow the globalist/corporatist line. There hasn’t been a difference between these two parties for a very long time. Those who would vote (the now invisible) outside party line is simply taking a step to the left on the same sinking ship. It simply demonstrates a failure in a great republic system that was designed and meant to be good, but has been corrupted by a very small group of demonic people whose global dominance aspirations supersede their own common sense and the very gifts given to them by a most holy God. For you elitist, I refer to what Jesus Christ spoke “it will be much easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” So, criminals, it’s time to repent and pick up your cross, God is waiting, he can not be bought. No more caviar, no more steak, no more pheasant, and no more dining from the pockets of peasants. Gnashing of teeth awaits for you, where unquenchable thirst is all that you’ll find, with darkness forever, God’s justice divine.

  • gladys

    Con quien estan estos…..con los “indios” o con los “cowboys”……le zumba el mango.

  • http://n/a Gerhild E.

    you see the the people believe all this what they hear on TV,
    the best Candidate to beat Obama is” NEWT GINGRICH” I dont care WHAT people say,yesterday of the CPAC Meeting Herman Cain said “QUOTE PEOPLE ARE STUPID” END OF QUOTE. Newt Gingrich has THE EXPERIENCE THE KNOWLEDGE AND HAD DEALT IN THE PAST WITH THAT CONFUSED CONGRESS.
    and got things done he had everything accomplished what needs to be done,bel. the Budget 4 years in a row,help created millions of jobs,will drill and make us independent from saudi Oel.Newt won 15 out of 17 debates,which them NBC was neutral no winners,no applaus.He will wipe out O,in the debates.


    Personally I do not believe anybody in their right mind would VOTE FOR “OBAMA” after what he “PERSONAL” had done to this great country.
    And who ever taken this pole is not for the American, and would tell
    such tail of untruth.

  • Dianne Lee

    The unbiased facts are that Obama has done a good job. The economy has improved steadily since he took office. Things are bad, but there is no reason to think that with the steady downward plunge the economy was in before Obama took office that we wouldn’t be in a severe depression by this time if things hadn’t turned around. And, either because he is lucky as all get out, or because his polities actually worked, all the unbiased data says the upward swing began when he took office.
    During the 2008 campaign, the chief criticism of Obama was that he had no foreign policy experience. This is the area where he has been brilliantly successful. We are out of Iraq, the terrorists have been droned virtually out of existance, and we took a role in Libya without making it an American war, and Osama is dead.
    But, the main reason that Obama has little chance of not having a second term is that he is a very likable person. And, the Republicans have no one who isn’t a jerk. Obama would have had to have been a totally terrible president to look like a bad alternative to the traveling circus that the Republicans have presented. And, he has actually been pretty great.

    • Frank Terry

      I guess we’re reading different history books, because the record clearly shows the figures have been doctored to show reduced unemployment and improved economy. As for foreign policy, anyone can stick their tail behind their legs and run! For the record, I’m the son of a WWII vet, I’m a ‘Nam vet, and my son is a Desert Storm Vet. These colors don’t run!

  • Carrobin

    Good to know that at least one Republican in five has a brain. I voted Republican once but I never will again. I’m proud to call myself an Independent, because neither party has much to offer these days, but at least the Democrats are offering something positive. The Republicans are totally negative.

  • Frank Terry

    I wonder how many people hung up on the pollsters? I personally refuse to participate in these things because the questions are designed to elicit the desired results. My stock response to a political poll is: “Why ask me, you’ve already designed your questions to get the results you want, so just publish them and I’ll ignore them.”

  • jopa

    The 20% are probably not claiming to be Conservatives but like most conservatives or republicans that were embarrassed by their party now call themselves Independents.The American disaster brought on by Dick Cheney and Tator Bush brought such humiliation to their party they are running away from it as fast as they can and are joining up with the Independents and Democrats.

  • jopa

    Frank Terry;You most certainly are reading the wrong books.The economy is picking up and we have had 23 straight months of job growth.As far as any one running it is probably the terrorists after Obama had Seal Team Six take out Bin Laden,recovered thousands of documents in his compound and took out another 22.The Somali pirates don’t make the news much anymore nor Qaddafi.The world is no longer a safe place if you are a terrorist.Ron Paul or Obama 2012.

  • jopa

    NC: Because Dubya claimed Saddam Hussein wanted to hurt his daddy and the Dick chaney next to him wanted control of the oil.

  • lori

    I didn’t vote for Obama in 08 because he talked a lot but said little other than “I’m going to change America as we know it”. He is keeping that promise. I find it hard to believe that Americans are still fool enough to back him. He doesn’t believe in the Constitution (it’s got his footprints all over it), he doesn’t believe in the Republic, and he doesn’t believe in capitalism, he doesn’t believe in the checks and balances that were set up to protect America from politicians like him. His agenda is socialist/marxist. What do people find to admire about him?

  • Joyceann

    I’m so tired of hearing the candidates attack or show points against another republican candidate. They are not the enemy – he is Obama.
    I want to hear what YOU will do your first year in office – I want to hear the 4 year plan YOU have for us – I want to hear what you believe about economy, social issues, gun issues, the constitution and our world safety here at home and overseas. I won’t make up my mind until I hear this from all the candidates. At the very very end, I will vote for anybody but Obama – our first and foremost agenda.

  • JimO

    The so-called “leadership” element of the Republican party has lost touch with their constituency — and this shows it dramatically.

  • Patrick Henry

    There is no ethical person in their right mind would vote for Obama. I’m just a little surprised that 20 % of those who cal themselves GOP members are that short on ethics! Basically you have an idealogical and economical idiot in the white house currently, against maybe not an illustrious field of candidates, but yet each one that would not be 100 times better!

  • Rocketman

    The poll I think is flawed. While I agree that Ron Paul has the best chance of beating Obama because other polls have already said the same thing, I think that there would be a lot of democratic crossover voters that would vote for Paul over Obama and a recent article said that 87% of all active duty military people who contribute to candidates give their money to Paul. Bottom line if Paul is the nominee then he has an excellent chance to beat Obama but if it’s anyone else then Obama gets re-elected. Ron Paul 2012.

  • Robert

    s c said it pretty good.I mite add that they would cut their own throats But would be quick to blame some one else when they saw the blood. George w was a member of the secret society, which probably want’s one world government. A lot of them want open borders.

  • Marlene

    The pollster and the media are of the same cloth. Both want to control our thoughts and votes and I don’t believe anything that comes from either. The fact that the pollster for this particular farce is part of RP’s team makes it even less believable – just another scare tactic that politicians love to use on voters. That Bob Livingston is touting this poll as fact makes him less believable, in my eyes. In the meantime, “I HAVE A DREAM”. I dream that we have a blanket party for these unknown people who took this ‘poll’ and give them a thorough attitude adjustment. How can any poll suggest that a large section of the population would abandon their beliefs and vote for an un-American phony like Obama is beyond me. After what he’s done to us, the lesser quality of life he’s given to us, his non-stop campaigning, his failure to be a president, he’s not qualified to lick my boots. I firmly believe that. Every fiber of my being screams out against his Socialistic tendencies and the changes he’s wrought on our country. No words can aptly describe how much I dislike this half-breed, un-American fraud.

  • gnafu

    We will never recognize the United States or the Constitution or the Bill of Rights if Obama is given another four years. ObamaCare is not just about health insurance for ‘everyone.’ Watch as that rag of regs unravels and see the multitudes divide and perish under that piece of junk. It has regulations that don’t even deal with “health care.” It’s about control of the people and their money. Totally Marxist.

  • J

    I don’t believe these so called polls and I think the polls are really advertisement for or against some point of view. I can make my own poll and call who I want and get a much different result especially favorable to my views. The media lies so how can you believe the nonsense?

  • robert c peters

    we may be doomed, whoever IS IN. I about- shoot ‘em ALL

  • Agnes Tillerson

    I cannot believe that even one (1) Republican would vote for Obama!!
    This president who thinks he is a god, is ruining what is left of our Republic! He shreds our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence every chance he gets. He is out to destroy our nation because he,like his reverend Wright, hates America. This hatred goes back to his father. Are those 20% of Republicans brain dead? Looks what he has done to our economy..our jobs. He is a destroyer of hope and the change he proposes if our of the Muslim Koran.
    God Bless and please save America! And, vote for a chnage in 2012!

  • Seek Wisdom

    Consider: If paul could ever find himself president, you could find legal houses of prostitution next door to you. Or legal drug dealers.
    Hmmm…maybe drugs are the reason Sam thinks paul has the best chance of all the others to beat obama. Just sayin’.

    • libertytrain

      your wisdom seeking doesn’t seem to be working out for you… just saying….

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    IMHO ….. PATHETIC!! 20%?? That 20% can make the difference – whether or not the worst POTUS in history gets re-elected!! This is the point I always raise – that we do get frustrated with RINOs and moderate GOP wimps, but a large % of American voters fail to realize that elections have consequences. They don’t realize that electing democraps (or just failing to go out and vote against democraps) will only make bad situations worse, as evidenced by the 2006 and 2008 elections. Perhaps they believe in the tooth fairy – if they think the democraps will correct the GOP’s errors and/or govern more conservatively than the GOP. And of course it is pathetic that the RINO Mitt-nitwit Obam-ney has so far received so many primary votes. Let me remind you that I recently saw a good caption on the Fox News Channel screen – something like: Why do you want to nominate the man (Romney) who lost to the man (John McCain) who lost to Obama on 11/4/2008?? To be more exact, why nominate a RINO like Obamney who’s hardly any better than BHO?? GET REAL!! Mitt Obamney, IMHO, is worse than John McCain. If I’m not mistaken, John McCain did oppose at least one of Obama’s radical court appointments, as well as Obamacare and the failed $800+ billion stimulus/porkulus bill which has been added to future baselines. Porkulus alone has tripled GW Bush’s largest deficits in future FY budgets!! Although a poor campaigner, it’s obvious McCain would’ve been a noticeably better POTUS than BHO. But what about Romney?? He may be a good campaigner, and is probably no worse than BHO. But, has Romney actually ever done anything major to prove he’s better than Obama?? And don’t forget how we recently learned that Mitt Obamney needs a teleprompter to speak – LOL!! Just like our current Marxist-in-chief!!

    As for the current field of GOP candidates, it’s unfortunate that the two best choices – Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain – dropped out of the race. But the next best choice is Santorum, followed by Gingrich, both of whom would be a noticeable improvement over Obama. The RINO Mitt Obam-ney is probably no worse than BHO, but Ron Paul may be even worse than BHO on foreign policy. And it really disappoints me to see that your website, along with many who post comments here, seem to worship and support a McGovern-like candidate such as Ron Paul. Listening to Mark Levin, it sounds like he’d rather vote for Romney than Ron Paul. But as Mark points out, he’d vote for an orange juice can over Obama. Mark is right – the most important thing to do this year is to defeat BHO in the general election. But I also firmly believe that between now and then, we must do what we can to nominate either Santorum or Gingrich, and to defeat the two GOP lemons – Mitt Obamney and Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul. The 2012 election is too critical to choose the wrong GOP nominee. Let’s not make even bigger mistakes this year than in 1976, 1996 or 2008. VOTE WISELY!!!!!

  • Robert Ireland

    I have no idea where these poll results sprung from but as a Republican I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul if he were the only person running and it was legally required that I vote.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Any “Republican” who is stupid enough to vote for Obama isn’t a Conservative. What I mean to say is that too many so-called “Republicans” are only party hacks playing politics in the same manner as idiot Liberals. Those RINO’s are too stupid to see the forest for the trees. Pathetic.

  • Robert Button

    I’m hardly surprised with 20% of Republican party, the Republican Establishment Elitists, going to vote for Obama, after all with their man Romney getting his butt kicked, by Santorum this week, things are not looking so good for them. Besides they have a lot more in common with Obama then us. However one has to wonder how many Democrat rank, and file have had their fill of their Radical Left, and Obama. After all they work for a living like we do, and this economy is just as hard on them as on us.

  • jopa

    FF:You are right in that politicians make war.Dick Chaney and Tator Bush were in charge when Iraq was invaded for no reason other than greed and stupidity.We had the IAEA on the ground in Iraq looking for WMD’s so there was no need for a military force.When the troops arrived in Bagdad according to the Bush plan they were to be showered with roses and the war would be paid with Iraqi oil revenues.How did that work out for them?The mental disorder must have been Bush from all the drugs he used in college and the drooling was the Dick beside him, thinking of all that Iraqi oil.

  • DavidL

    The current Republican party, post W. Bush, is an extreme collection of ignorance, prejudice, delusion, and anger. They will be defeated in November, and this will be a good thing. Why? Because it will cause the Republican party to reconstitute itself and be a party that is more moderate and better able to see and appreciate reality and the direction of history.

    As I have written before, I am hearing more and more from my Republican friends that they are going to vote for President Obama. They argue that four years of Obama is better than eight years of Romney.

    I like and respect Ron Paul. If not him, I will vote for President Obama.

    • Larry Collins

      If Ron Paul doesn’t win the nomination, and you are actually ignorant enough to vote for Obama instead, you might want to do a Google search on “Cloward & Piven”, whose agenda he’s following and trying to implement.

      After that, you can say you voted for him out of stupidity instead of mere ignorance.

  • Steve Johnson

    This may have already been addressed, too many comments to read through. At the bottom of the WND page is a link- . I would like comments. Seems that this is one way to separate the good from the bad, take the power away from the money and give a voice and choice back to the individual. I just don’t have an opinion yet, please comment.

  • C. R.

    Stated succinctly, they are just plain brain dead or mentally disturbed to want another 4 years and complete takeover of America into communism. They are not true American patriots, but strangers in a far land! Best they not vote at all and get sterilized to clean out their gene pool NOW!

    • John Lilleburns ghost

      Lets expalin it to you simply as I am one of these people you are refering to.
      I would vote for Ron Paul but he is not a republican he is rightly considered as a everybit as much a threat to the right wing as he is to the centralist/left wing. He is in racing terms a “non-starter”.
      Santorum is a representative of the christian taliban who want to oppress the world with their bronze age bull—- and already have far to much influence on this country.
      Romney represents the republican wealth base and will offer nothing different from the last dullard “Gormless George”. Admittedly he is probably smarter, but lets face it I own cactusses that have a higher IQ than poor old W.
      Newt Grigrich is devoid of any personal reedeming feature he is in short a scumbucket.
      Am I a communist? No I am not. Earn far too much money and have far too much interest in keeping it for myself.
      Contary to what and most of the people who post on this board believe you are the outliers, the strangers in a far land, you are the haters the whiners, the blamers, the people who give post office employment a bad name.
      The people who like me, who will vote for Obama reluctantly, will do it for many reasons. But one of the main reasons will be that if we we voted like you we would feel dirty, soiled & tainted with the loser hate mentality you espouse. Sterilize yourself bubba.

      • libertytrain

        well I hope you feel better now that you got out what troubles ya….

  • dee

    [offensive word removed] anyone that votes for obummer is not a conservative.. period.


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