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Politicians Use 9/11 To Talk Defense Spending

September 12, 2012 by  

Politicians Use 9/11 To Talk Defense Spending
House Republicans onTuesday spoke out against any form of military spending cuts.

Being sure not to let the anniversary of 9/11 go to waste, House Republicans spent Tuesday doing the bidding of the military-industrial complex and speaking out against any form of military spending cuts — even as the United States faces $16 trillion in deficits.

“The president should be called upon and asked, what is his plan?” House Majority leader Eric Cantor told reporters. “How is he going to lead and make sure that our military is not hollowed out?”

In addition to military spending cuts already under way, an additional $500 billion in military spending cuts will automatically go into effect at the end of the year as part of an agreement between President Barack Obama and Congress to avoid a debt default.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Tuesday of the automatic cuts: “The president didn’t want his re-election inconvenienced by another fight over a $1.2 trillion increase in the debt increase, and that’s why we have it.”

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta also spoke out against the cuts recently. During an interview with CBS, he said: “What’s irresponsible is the fact that…they put these cuts into place and they are failing to come up with the answer as to how to prevent this from happening…They said ‘Let’s put a gun to our head and if we don’t do the right thing, we’ll blow our heads off.’ Well, now they’ve cocked the gun. This thing’s supposed to take effect in January, but the whole purpose of it was both Republicans and Democrats to do the right thing and to prevent this from happening. That’s what’s irresponsible.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Mike in MI

    “Defense Spending” my ruby-red, rastafarian r-azz-mat-azz. “Defense Borrowing”, maybe, but that’s about as far as it’ll get. It seems somehow our credit rating is being lined up to get another down-grade. So, it might not even get that far. But, that’s why the people elected The Obamassiah wasn’t it? “Hope in Chains” or somethin’ like that there?
    Speaking of degrading. How’dja like those little frolics over in Libya and Egypt by the muzzlem bro’hood committing acts of war by attacking our Consulates, burning our flags and killing a consular official? Don’cha know The Obamassiah turned he other cheek and admitted that we shouldn’t of treated them so they wanted to do that. Shameful that we would act that way.
    I think what they’re doing is testing, probing, provoking any kind of reaction to see what our leaders do. Just like they did in the ’90s to Clinton – who did nothing, except Monica L. again. Then, soon as the opportunity presented they hit us hard … AT HOME.
    Course, then too you’ve got the stuff in Syria and Israel. Oh, and Obama telling Netanyahu after BiBi asked for a meeting, “Stick it in yer ear; I’m campaigning for the next two months.”
    I’m tellin’ ya., all you love-dove liberal, obamassiah idolatrists better be packin’ your bags for Canada, or Mexico, or Haiti, or Uzbeckistan (they’ll REALLY like you cutey, sweet things there). ‘Cause when (not “if”) somebody starts something anywhere Obuzzmuzz is gonna need a lot of cannon fodder. He’ll start conscription again in a milli-second since he wore out our credit worthiness and won’t get loans to fuel the tanks and F-16′s… he’ll want YOU. What do you want to bet he sends out human wave attacks – like the Chinese did in Korear But now, if you try to leave they have tracking methods to drag you back.
    We’re too broke to wage a war or even defend ourselves. But, that’s the cost of oblama-lama-ding-dong. Besides, there’s a “Sequestration” in the way.

    • Flashy

      Mike….Whoa…go to sleep, wake up with the world in turmoil. The Israeli PM inserting himself and Israel directly into a Presidential campaign, pushing for war, Obama saying ‘ummm…not so fast”, and Romney attacking Obama for taking a calm cool approach, not heading into war (yet) and telling Netanyahu to cool his jets. Then some idiot pastor (christian) in Florida decides to create and send throughout the Arab world an anti Islamic video insulting their god and calculated to inflame the tempers…which they then attack the embassy in Libya and Egypt and slaughter the US Ambassador to Libya. Which, Romney goes off half cocked and slams Obama and attacks the ME governments and calls for US action. Turns out…the Israeli PM and Romney used to be business buds when Romney was at Bain. Romney in his Israel trip last month parroted the PMs political stance almost line by line.

      So we have the GOP playing politics with our national security. Y’all still wanting to vote for Romney when he shows that he is willing to tie us to whatever Israel wants ? Shall we become Israel’s second province and cede our sovereignty to them?

      As for the GOP catcalls for the automatic cuts…errrr…pardon if i call your memory back to when we had our credit rating cut, but the automatic cuts was the price called for by the House radical TP contingent. Seems to me Cantor made the problem….it’s his to figure out how to fix it. And will Cantor call for slashing the Middle Class benefits and tax cuts to fund an already bloated military budget?

      • Ted G

        I Call BS on your entire post Flashy! National defense is no political football. Don’t try that crap, if the Federal Gov would eliminate all things not mandated and supported by the US Constitution we would not be having deficit spending. It’s as simple as that.
        I know you can read, why don’t you start with the Constitution!

      • Ted G

        And Yes we should have had the marines open fire on their sorry a$$es. Obama is a (expletive deleted). Here you are blaming America for the behavior of these primitive savages.

        I do blame the repubs for and the dems for these automatic cuts because they didn’t have enough balls to cut the fed government down to its constitutionally mandated size.

        At least I blame both sides, while you contiue to spew this socialist/progressive/divisive one sided BS.

      • Flashy

        So ted…you have no problem with Romney selling us to Israel so he has a chance to win the presidency? You have no problem with Romney and the GOP pushing us to go to war for Israel and not taking a calm steady approach? You have no problem with a presidential candidate who spouts knee jerk statements and who has had a business relationship with the Israeli PM who has now decided to try and influence our elections?

        So why are you so willing to sell us out?

      • Ted G

        hyperbole and simply your opinion, I don’t accept the whole premise or comment.
        Nice of you to ignore my mine though wehile trying to change and direct the discussion.

      • Flashy had no point other than falsely cast the automatic cuts on both parties when it was the TP and the GOP forcing the cuts or destroy our credit rating further.

        BTW….in your view, what would your view of cutting and slashing to whatever you see as the “constitutional role’ of government do to our economy? Other than completely wreck it of course…which it will and in a very short time…

      • eddie47d

        Actually this is the perfect time to talk about Defense Spending Cuts and they should be allowed to go forward. Defense is only good if you are defending something not using it to provoke wars and ratcheting up the costs even more. Bullets aren’t cheap yet we continually get caught up in shooting wars. That is especially indicative of us when we are not being attacked on our soil. (After 9/11 we went after every country except the one who was responsible) Now we have Conservatives clamoring for war with Iran when we can’t even clean up our other war follies. That is were the problem lies. The defense budget is way too large (largest in the world) yet we have those who want to grow it even bigger. All that does is embolden those in Washington who use it to expand our power and wars in the world. Time to take away their cookie jar before they bankrupt this nation or get us blown up by those seeking revenge. Russia learned that lesson back in the 70′s with their expansionism throughout the world and their humiliating defeat in Afghanistan. They piled up massive amounts of military debt and their economy tanked like a lead weight. They over reached and build up their military at the expense of their financial soundness. Why are we repeating that mistake?

      • Ted G

        Cutting governement should not have any impact on our economy. The fact that you think it will or maybe that even might have any impact is exactly the problem!

      • Ted G

        I can see you have some pretty obvious hypocrisy happening here…Why don’t I turn it around and say are you willing to sell us out and bow down to islam and the mulsim brotherhood the way Obama seems to have already done?

      • Ted G

        Regarding what to cut in the fed gov falshy, I would point to Ron Paul, he has some pretty good points on what the fed gov shouldbn’t be doing and what should be cut.

        He says it better than I. Though I wouldn’t endorse him as Pres he’s pretty much right on when it comes to the fed budget and what it shouldn’t be doing.

      • Flashy

        No Ted…I asked you what the economic impact of what you propose would be. C’mon….walk your talk. Explain how the economy would be impacted and how you would deal with the economic chaos and Depression …

      • Ted G

        I answered you already on that point, I provided my endorsement of Ron Pauls suggestions as to what the Fed Gov should really be spending on and what they should not.
        Your comment about the economic impact of that is just your opinion and unsubstantiated at that. Therefore it is a hypothetic question, it is not a gotcha on me that you seem to want to relish.

        So now that I have answered that twice, how about you answering why the FED Gov should play such a large part in our economy that cutting it down by say 30% would have or even should have any economic impact at all?

      • Mike in MI

        Hey, Flashy -
        Ever since the dems refused to respond to the imminent financial disaster faced in 2007-08 we have been spiraling deeper and deeper into an abyss of financial horror from which we may never be able to recover. The longer we are allowed to descend the harder it will be to get out. When the required payments that keep up with the interest on the national debt equal our (fluctuating) Gross Domestic Product what do you suppose we will live on? If there is nothing left over to conduct business with, business will shut down, profits will disappear and nothing will get distributed for use or consumption. What do you suppose people will do under the conditions that will result?
        Who do we have to thank for that soon arriving morn?
        Everybody who thinks the private business sector is an endless golden goose. Well, Obam has just taken three and a half years to slit that sucker from stem to stern. That only proves how inept, ignorant and hard headed obam is. ‘Cause I can’t imagine anyone trained in economics not giving advice against what he has done. He’s got trained economists around him…maybe they are czars, but he can’t be heeding. Maybe because Ideology is more important to him than anything else?
        Why, that’s like a muzlim whose observance of the KORAN is eclipsed by nothing.
        That’s why they have progressed fully as far as the dwellers in Death Valley, CA. That’s as far as they’ll ever get, too. It is from the ignorant mind of a thief and highwayman, delivered to him while he was (it is said) in a coma or some sort of dysfunctional state and never written down until years later by secondary agents.
        That’s where we are, ridden with leadership that is dominated by the thinking inculcated by teachers and practisers of a record that has never produced growth and improvement for people. But, when that record is introduced into operation in societies it has consistently produced discord, dissention, disruption, destruction and stagnation of the lives and societies it touches.
        Your evident approval of such things tells us who and what you are in the shallows of your being.

      • Winddrinker

        What we have is an illegal foreigner gutting our American military and compromising our National Security while the world becomes more dangerous!

        The other thing this foreigner is passionate about is giving our taxpayer dollars to support islamic terrorists groups like the muslim brotherhood. These very terrorists just killed our American Ambassador, and ripped our flag into pieces on the anniversary of 911!

        Obumscum is/has been fanning the flames of hatred for America and he is to blame for what is happening in Libya.., HIs support of the arab spring, has put terrorist in charge of middle east countries.. These fanatic savages can be manipulated into war just for an “imaginary slight” to their cult figures..

        Terrorists suffer from a debilitating mental disease that can only be irridicated by eliminating the “carriers.,” These savages will never back-off and we will eventually have to face this fact. They have been in a war against us for the last Century, and it is time to for us to acknowledge that it must be fought and fought to win…

        There can only be Peace through Strength… that means having the best equipped and trained military in the world. It is a necessity and there should be no cuts to the military budget.

      • Ted G

        Eddie If I may respond as you did direct your post of September 12, 2012 at 9:37 am
        to me.
        I took two primary points from this post. First that you hold a position of non-involvment in foreign conflicts unless were are directly attacked.
        And two you question why are military budget is what it is (relative to other potential areas of FED GOV available to cut I imagine).

        One the first item your stance on how we use our military is a valid position some would liken to isolationism. I disagree with it but it is a valid position to hold and worthy of a national debate.
        Also I think holding that position in this day and age is like shutting the barn door after the horses are already out. But Anyway.

        Regarding your opinion that we should cut our military (defense) could be perceived as a valid position in and of itself, but again I disagree and on Constitutional grounds. This is why; Given that national defense is mandated as one the primary responsibilities of the Fed Gov (I hope you agree with that) shouldn’t we be cutting anything else that is not a defined responsibility of the Fed Gov first before anything that actually is ? this point alone is something that is not being discussed much especially by our political leaders. That IMHO is close to criminal negligance on their part. This is proabably also why we have a 1.25+ trillion dollar deficit anually with no end in site.

      • Flashy

        “I answered you already on that point, I provided my endorsement of Ron Pauls suggestions as to what the Fed Gov should really be spending on and what they should not.
        Your comment about the economic impact of that is just your opinion and unsubstantiated at that. Therefore it is a hypothetic question, it is not a gotcha on me that you seem to want to relish.” <— ted

        No…you haven't enunciated what the effect on our economy would be. you say 'go to Ron Paul". you espouse a severe contractionist policy in government. OK hot shot…since you espouse such, you obviously have an idea what the effects would be. Go for it.

        Or are you akin to those who scream to do away with the Fed…and ignore the Panic of 1837 as a probable repeat..except in 1837 we had room west and an economy still in a manufacturing infancy to soften the hit.

        C'mon Sparky…let's hear it. You want to start with say…a single agency? How about EPA. That do ya?

        So…you now have no federal enforcement of environmental laws. State A relaxes its air pollution standards. Industry pours out the smoke. State B has stringent air pollution laws..and wants to control those emissions floating over the state lines. OK Ted…go ahead and tell state B how to tell State A to crack down on the polluter. Or…even better…Missouri puts in industry along the Mississippi. It tosses in all sorts of chemmies into the river. That leads to fish kills and threatens Louisiana's fishing industry.

        Oh wait…you have employees now to deal with. 17,000 directly employed…almost 150,000 indirectly employed as contractors (EPA website). Now…of those directly employed, more than half are engineers, scientists, and environmental protection specialists. The other groups include legal, public affairs, financial, and information technologists..

        So…just one agency, how are you going to deal with having those absorbed into the private sector economy? How quickly is it acceptable? What about those who usually are absorbed by the private sector? So just tossed almost 200,000 new job seekers onto the marketplace.

        Ah ah ah don't go slinking away now ted..we haven't even begun to find out how you're going to deal with loss of research, clean up funds, universities suddenly losing resources, funds, and skilled teachers and the rising costs of tuition from loss of income. And you have to explain what mechanism you'd put into place to allow the small guy to take on the corporate polluter having millions of dollars to fight any lawsuit with. And deal with fuel standards…

        And how 'bout the loss of $9 billion in monies pumped into local and state economies (rural economies and urban economies)?

        C'mon Sparky….tell us how you'd deal with that economic hit.

        Frippin' knee jerk idiot spouting off without thinking …

        That's just scratching the surface of what you espouse…the surface of only one agency, not even a big one.

      • Jay

        There have been 1,343 U.S. military deaths in the decade-old Afghanistan war since Obama was inaugurated approximately three/half years ago, according to’s detailed count.

        The 1,343 U.S. fatalities since Obama’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2009 that have been reported up through the month of June 2012 account for 70 percent of the total 1,912 deaths that have taken place in and around Afghanistan since the war was started on Oct. 7, 2001.

        So far this year, there have been 155 deaths, which is about 22 percent less than the 198 fatalities that took place during the same period last year (January thru June). May is the deadliest month so far in 2012 with 40 deaths. It is also deadlier than any other May of the war.

        Among other things, since taking office Obama has:

        - Signed the NDAA into law — making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o trial
        - Personally oversees a ‘Secret Kill List’
        - Waged war on Libya without congressional approval
        - Started a covert, drone war in Yemen
        - Escalated the proxy war in Somalia
        - Escalated the CIA drone war in Pakistan
        - Will maintain a presence in Iraq even after “ending” war
        - Sharply escalated the war in Afghanistan
        - Secretly deployed US special forces to 75 countries
        - Sold $30 billion of weapons to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia
        - Signed an agreement for 7 military bases in Colombia
        - Opened a military base in Chile
        - Touted nuclear power, even after the disaster in Japan
        - Opened up deepwater oil drilling, even after the BP disaster
        - Did a TV commercial promoting “clean coal”
        - Defended body scans and pat-downs at airports
        - Signed the Patriot Act extension into law
        - Deported a modern-record 1.5 million immigrants
        - Continued Bush’s rendition program

        The U.S. is NOT leaving Iraq or Afghanistan, as Obama claims Feb. 7, 2012 – The CIA is expected to maintain a large clandestine presence in Iraq and Afghanistan long after the departure of conventional U.S. troops as part of a plan by the Obama administration to rely on a combination of spies and Special Operations forces to protect U.S. interests in the two longtime war zones, U.S. officials said.
        Lesser of Two Evils Contest Winners

        Here’s a partial history of Obama’s dealings – listed (roughly) chronologically, most recent first:

        Obama has kept his promise to not prosecute CIA torturers, leaving them unaccountable.
        Suspected U.S. drone strike kills civilians in Yemen, officials say.
        Obama Gives Shell Green Light to Start Risky Arctic Drilling.
        Obama sends 200 Marines to Guatemala to fight drug trafficking.
        Obama authorized covert support for Syrian rebels, sources say.
        Obama signs law increasing aid to Israel day before Romney trip to Holy Land.
        Obama in Yemen: Killing Civilians, Bolstering Dictatorship, and Bombing in Secret.
        Obama signs executive order giving himself control of all communication systems in America.
        U.S. beefs up Persian Gulf forces.
        U.S. eyes return to some Southeast Asia military bases (in Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines).
        Obama Ignored CIA Report Against Afghan Escalation.

        Under Obama, the export of American arms to countries around the world — even those actively repressing their own citizens — is booming. The United States is the world’s top provider of major conventional weapons.


      • Ted G

        Flashy you really should learn how to control yourself. Throughout our exchanges I have responded to many of your comments rather politely and directly. While you have responded to virtually none of mine.
        Now here with your latest comment (September 12, 2012 at 3:53 pm) which I would charaterize as more of a rant, you included attempted insults and name calling. That is not dabate sir. You have degraded yourself and diminished any credibility that you might have.

        I have given you my answer (twice) and I stand by it. You seem to demand that I respond to your speculating on hypotheticals, what if’s and conjecture.
        If you don’t like my answer to bad.

        But what I’d really like to know is what part of the Constitution do you not understand?
        If you don’t like our foundation of laws designed to limit the size and scope of federal government and that bind this nation together then its up to you to try and change our Constitution. Do not bitch at me because I call on (in fact I demand) our elected officials to follow the Constitution!

    • eddie47d

      Mike in Mi really fell off the right wing banana boat on that one. No wonder it it so easy for some to DEMAND conflicts/war without a rational ounce of reasoning why it happened. That incident in Libya and Egypt was not Obama’s doing but came from an American Christian Conservative who deliberately provoked the anger. Lay the blame where it belongs. Guess what it was ultra Conservatives in Egypt and Libya who committed those acts against our embassy. Could that mean that Conservative policies and way of thinking draw out the worst in people. Maybe not but then again.

      • Ted G

        Eddie I just re-read mikes post. He didn’t blame Obama for what happened but will put responsibility on Obama for his response to this act of war.
        Its also very telling that you also blame America or at least you seem to lay the blame on your chosen political opposition for these unprovoked acts of war.

        Go ahead lets hear how some movie made elswhere justifies islamic whackos to attack our consulate and murder our Ambassador and other American citizens. Why? because somehow they are offended…give me a break!

        The word treason comes to mind.

      • Flashy

        Well Ted…seeing as the Libyan President went on TV and publicly apologized to the US and our nation, and condemned the attacks promising to bring those responsible to justice, seems the Libyans are being called to task. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t read nor hear anything about the US apologizing…just the opposite.

        As for the movie…i understand the producer, a Coptic Christian from Egypt who is in the US, has no remorse over making it and distributing it to the Islamic world. Add to that, Egypt has placed a cordon of armed military around our embassy to protect it from the mobs and has also apologized.

        Every GOP leader has announced they agree with the US reaction, with President Obama’s actions, and only Romney has decided to shoot off his mouth before knowing what is going on.

        So you’re standing with a shoot off his mouth reactionary who doesn’t have the backbone to stay calm, assess the situation, and be a leader.


      • Mike in MI

        Ted –
        Thanks, I appreciate you, sir. The fact that you can read and not distort written matter on purpose like “Flushy” and eddy (that’s a backwater in a stream that goes around and around in worthless circles with scum at the center) do with most of the posts they comment on. The great truth it points up is what a terrible position this country is in when there are so many people around like those two. They are representative of our modern American education at its destructive worst. They’re people with diplomas who can read but can not comprehend what they read – or else change word meanings to distort what they read to fit with their mind set. Their kind probably do the same with some types of technical knowledge.
        So, this nation is really in jeopardy because the chaotic mental exercises they are capable of reaches into every nook and cranny of their existences and thence to those around them.
        Thank you for defending what I wrote. But, don’t try to confuse them with facts or good logic. What they have is a form of mutation that works out in defective mental processing, called liberalism. It is impossible to change a genetic mutation. Death is its only cure.
        That’s why at some point in the future God is going to have to cleanse the earth to end the stupidity and madness. (The mutants won’t be included in the next system He sets up. They don’t accept His philosophical outlook or hardnosed logic that feeds they wellbeing of everybody in the society. They like the touchy-feely “fairness” stuff better,)

      • Mike in MI

        Flushy -
        Argue the fact that they, Libya and Egypt’s muzzlem brooderhood, are responding AFTER the fact and very weakly, AFTER the crowd is dispersed and done – having killed our people on 9/11/12.
        To them, it’s a rerun of their “victory” on 9/11/01…… And YOU DIS it?
        oblamester isn’t cool and calm. he’s cold, uncaring and empty. he’s an inept, amateur, inexperienced, unbending, unlearning, unpatriotic and undiplomatic Apologizer-in-Chief, like those who bowed to Hitler before WW2.
        It appears to me obam is on their side.

      • Mike in MI

        Flushy –
        Not that you’d ever really understand, or want to if it were possible.

      • eddie47d

        Get over yourself Ted for Obama was plastered all over Mike’s comment. Now just exactly where were you educated or do you have a reading disability. Maybe you are both in politics and love to spin things and then lie and deny.

      • eddie47d

        Yes Mikey there are Muslim fanatics and Christian fanatics. Which one do you belong to?

      • Ted G

        Flashy, do you think these things happen in a vacuum over there. They allowed those crowds to attack us. Apologies after the fact is beside the point that the attacks happened in the first place.

        Now regarding the movie comments you made. Here is my response.
        I have not seen the movie but usually when these islamic whackos go off the rocker and go on a murder and destruction spree its about the truth being rubbed in their faces.
        Going on that assumption (notice I state that its a possibility that it’s an assumption, improbable as that is IMHO). why should anyone have remorse for pointing out the truth?

  • nnicko

    Yes, obummer sees more protection with stimulus packages to pay off his cronies. The hell with our country, the hell with our borders and let any foreigner vote. But that’s okay with obozo, he and his familia can go on extended vacation…kenya maybe! Obozo has the ability to “COMMUNITY ORGANIZE” so he is comfortable with chicago-gang bangers replacing our military. But wait now, there is also Joe joker-biteme, or dirty harry, or princess pelosi. Wow, I feel safe now!!

    • Flashy

      Nicko….ummmm..who forced the cuts in the first place? And how is it it’s now Pres. Obama’s task to fix what Cantor and the TPers created?

      • nnicko

        Hey Flashy….do you know what an Ally means? You lefties want to believe in your messiah-obozo and just accept the muslim-brotherhood as an ally. Just lay down your body and accept defeat like a good little lefty….one time America was a super power with a big -stick….obozo wants us to put down our big-stick, use prayer rugs, bend down and say ” sorry, sorry, sorry. “we don’t want to offend”. All you women on the left, pass out the berka’s…all the women on the right, pass the ammo ! Israel has it right…we all fight together…..hey flashy, sit down and think and pretend of how you would react to missles coming in your yard, at any time. It may be sooner than you think , so don’t prtend too long!!

      • Flashy

        So nicko…you and Ted have no problem with selling us out to Israel so Romney wins the election? You have no problem with Romney and the GOP making knee jerk off the wall statements with tensions so high? you have no problem with a former business bud of Romney, a foreign PM, inserting his country influencing our elections? You have no problem with the GOP urging war instead of a calm cool steady approach? You have no problem with the GOP making us a tool of Israel policy?

        And you have no problem with the GOP now saying the deal they forced last summer…the very same deal they stood and whacked our credit rating for….they are ow walking away from and saying it’s everyone’s fault but theirs? And you’d rather they fund a bloated military and nail the Middle Class..thus the wealthy elite get theirs, and the Middle class takes it in the keester?

        you guys are something else. whatever you are, it’s certainly and as a fact you are not American patriots. Why do you want to destroy this nation?

      • eddie47d

        We should never allow Israel to force us into a war with Iran. We should never allow Israel to dictate where or when a war should start. We should never allow Israel to override our Constitution and our sovereignty as an independent nation. We will defend Israel if they are attacked but we will not be slaves to Israel. A true friend /Ally doesn’t bully us into any preemptive conflict period! Once again Israel has nuke missles to defend itself so they are the ones threatening the region(this time) not Iran.

      • Dad

        How’s all that bowing to terrorists working for you now with Obama’s “9/11″

      • Ted G

        Flashy, you take much to much liberty with your comments. You do not get to speak for me or try to explain what I have no problem with.
        Speak for your self, make comments and I’ll respond, but do not pretend to speak for my positions. Ask me and I’ll tell you my positions.

      • Flashy

        Ted…i asked you about what your stance is given what you have stated and supported. Note the question marks asking if such is correct. Given what you have stated, the conclusions are obvious. I’m asking to make certain .

        Knee jerk politics are being played by Romney and the Israeli PM to force us to commit to another war and, in essence, become a second province to Israel. Some wacko Coptic Christian decides to make an anti islamic film and distribute it through the Arab world and now is in hiding while criticizing the US for not having enough security at its embassies … with the governments of Libya and Egypt apologizing and bending over backwards to not piss us off … yet you slam the administration for …staying calm, cool, collected.

        That is how you come across. Go ahead, enlighten us and expand on your comments …

      • Ted G

        Flashy, you don’t get to set up a false premise and then accuse me of being for it or against it.
        First of all you must define an issue that we both agree is an honest issue then ask me my opinion or stance regarding that issue that we both agree on is real.

        When you say Romney has sold us out, that is your assertion not fact.
        When you say we are allowing ourselves to be pushed into a war by another country, thats your assertion and hyperbole not fact. Though one could counter that with, it is Iran etc (islamic whackos) that are pushing us into a war.

        You don’t debate well or very honestly Flashy!

      • Ted G

        Flash, you can’t claim to reach conclusions of my stances simply because I reject your uproven and unsubstantiated assertions and wild speculations you try to serve up as facts!
        Really man where does that logic come from?

    • The Christian American

      What’s this Republican Democrat talk? They’re Republicrats. Have our elections become nothing more than picking from two peas in a pod? Together they have summarily destroyed Constitutional America. Together they have shifted America’s emphasis away from states rights to a central government dictating to all. Now we have a district of criminals running every facet of our lives. “When I blowa da whis. Everbody jump to my tune” That’s the message from DC and we have two DC residents to pick from.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    More fake left/right propaganda. Wars will continue, as they always have, no matter the administration. Keep your eye on the ball people……….

  • Pingback: Politicians Use 9/11 To Talk Defense Spending : Personal Liberty Digest™ « shofar37

  • dan

    12 September : another day … another Reichstag false flag to beat the drums of war,sigh.

  • James Maxwell

    Every time the government gets their behind in a bind they immidately stop cost of living increses to the Seniors and want to cut the Military budget. The military is spread thin
    around the world and we are in numerous battles in foreign lands. There is an old
    adge in the military that goes sort of like this “We are given impossible missions to
    accomplise, then the politican get afraid that they might hurt some despots “feelings”
    and hamstring us in the performance of our assigned duties. What results is a
    big Cluster Fluster, with politican blaming the military for not doing what they wante
    and we lose lives. Meanwhile the politican and “Political Correct” whiners sit back
    and want to cut us even futher. So we wind up doing the impossible for so dammed
    long that now they expect us to do it with no suppliies or support. The dammed politicans refuse to cut their BS social programs, close the borders and stop the
    invasion from around the world. The bail out corrupt companies and pay off thier
    buddies but refuse to stand up for the Men and Women who defend our nation or
    take care of the families who support them. We need to clean house in Washington
    and elect Men and Women to political office who have actually served in the U.S.
    Military and understand the needs to support the troops and thier families rather
    than cut them for political favors.

    • dan

      Exactly , James….I got it when my draft number came up. Political cannon fodder.Of course, had I received good adult advice , a commission in the national guard would have been a better choice than I made….but today that would just guarantee a vacation in the sandbox in our perpetual war for peace. You’d think they wouldn’t want to disenfranchise the patriotic.
      Thanks for Cluster Fluster….that made my day.

    • Mike in MI

      Mr. Maxwell -
      You are, sir, exactly correct and that’s exactly how the honchos (the ones who tell the presentdink and Fed. Reserve Chmn. what to do) want it. They keep the cream of our brightest and best, strongest and most able away compelling the nations to accept and promote their (the honchos’) businesses and political desires…which of course reflect the demands of their god – the Devil. What makes it so disheartening, confusing and disturbing is the false fronts, feints, lies, deceit, dissembling and displacement of blame over on the true God and Father of the lord Jesus Christ. They try to herd us around with propaganda, hatred of facades of “enemies” and gross fear motivation.
      They, of course, own the media which are (on fear of shut-down) required to not ever speak about the behind-the-scenes cabal while promoting their people, businesses, philosophies and efforts.
      The honchos even hire and send out little devils like “Flashy” above to address and specifically speak to certain issues with double-speak, double entendre and parsing of words and ideas. They use the sort of ill-logic and lies as the Serpent used on Eve when he seduced her mind to follow the lie the serpent wanted her to commit. So, “Flashy” is just a little snake. They are often warlocks in local covens. He may be a highly trained communications’ expert abusing his training. He may or may not be a hired troll, but he is certainly a student of language. So, he makes things sound good – but ring hollow and without purpose…except to confuse and dismay.
      Learn to recognize actors like him because they will become more common. Don’t let them drive you down mentally or be tempted to believe them – even listen to them.
      God is still able to make you more than a conqueror if you actively and accurately put His word to work for yourself (like “swampfox” up at the top) and those for whom you are responsible.

      • Flashy

        Mike…please let me know who “hired” me. That way we both will know.

        Question for ya though. Why is it the ones who are quick to proclaim Chrsitianity and cite whatever claptrap they can wrap around the christian flag…are also either the teller of the biggest lies or are seemingly the most ignorant?

      • Mike in MI

        Flashy –
        On the other side of that coin:
        Does that mean, Flashy, that you ascribe to yourself claims of ultimate truth and THE MORE intelligent examination and exposition of everything coming before you, beyond the capabilities of most other humans?

    • eddie47d

      James Maxwell should be asking himself why we have so many troops and military bases around the world and why is it so necessary to be waring so much? Americans talk about the right to self defense and a nations sovereignty yet in reality we wear a different mask. We attack other countries,attempt to set up puppet governments to our liking and keep those nations fighting amongst themselves. You got the NWO you seem to crave. So how do you like it?

  • Dad

    As of today, Obama has his own “9/11.” 8 years to establish security… 4 years to loose it!

    • Flashy

      Dad…please clarify. When you say 8 years to establish security…are you saying that Bush II and Cheney becoming the best recruiting poster bin Laden/al Qaeda could have wished for established security? Errrr…for whom?

  • David Moss

    Eddie47d… you stole my thunder brother! you could have not said it any better.

  • electedface

    The F 22 has not been used in a combat despite the initial introduction of this jet in 2005. The last of the 188 planes rolled off the assembly line in April of 2012. It has cost The United States more than $64 billion, more than double the initial expected cost.
    Now they have given another contract to Lockheed Martin to fix the mistakes of the 188 planes that have issues.
    The US spends more on its military than the next 19 biggest spending nations combined.
    This is where our nation needs to cut its spending.

  • jopa

    What is all this talk about Israel as our ally.They are not our ally they are our pesky little nephew trying to squeeze another hundred dollars out of us and always looking for a bailout.Come on Uncle if you don’t act tough with me I might do something stupid again.When will they ever grow up.We now have enough nukes and armament to destroy the world ten times over however we have to increase our defense budget.Why?Because our number one enemy Al Qaida has six Toyota pick-up trucks and four camels.Seems a little lop sided but I think the Republican candidate is a little chicken Smitt.

    • The Christian American

      The only time you need allies is when you have enemies. America’s Muslim enemies started when in 1967 we took sides with the Zionist. Now, all of America’s enemies come from America’s association with the the Zionist. Coincidence? What percentage of the people dictating America’s foreign policy and other policies is done by Zionist living and working in DC? Is the Christ that stood by the side General Wahington and other founders practically thrown out of DC?

    • BUTCH


    • Frank

      Jopa, everything you say is BS

      First by your apparant logic the United States has no (0) allies. Just a bunch of sniveling snot nosed crybaby nations begging us to send and spend our money to keep them safe.

      And, your statement about our nuclear capability makes sense to nobody with half a brain. Nuclear capacity is only a deterent to war when considerable rational people think about attacking you, it is not a defensive weapon. If having nukes would prevent a nation from being attacked then Israel would be safe from Palestein. I seem to remember thousands of missile and suicide bombing attacks taking place against Israel by the Islamic Palesteinians.

      Back to the ally situation. An ally is someone who will stand beside you to defeat your enemies. It is someone you will stand beside to defeat their enemies. Notice that I did not say fight and kill for you or you for them. In the items I have read on the internet, Israel asked our government to set a red line for Iran, to tell them that we (the US) will never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. This is a request, that Israel has made of its American Ally, to assist it in defeating its enemy (Iran) from being able to wipe it from the face of the Earth.

      Israel has no political sanction options to use to force this issue with Iran, so they expect the U.S. and the world community to do it. Failing to do it leaves Israel with only one terrible option (pre-emptive military incursion). That means war, and I am not talking Israel and Iran at war, I mean WAR. If we dont supply Israel with bunker buster bombs they might need to use a tactical nuke to destroy Irans uranium enrichment facilities. If you read and believe in the Bible, this would ignite a war of Biblical proportions.

      Everything is a matter of opinion but, you need to use rational logic to form your opinion or it is garbage.

      Is Iran pursuing nuclear weapons capability? If it is, Israel has no choice but to stop them with any means available. If Iran is doing this, it is not Israel that is dragging us into a war, It is Iran.

      Yes, we are an ally of Israel (well maybe not Obama since he is an Islamic muslim) and as an ally we will stand beside them to defeat their enemies. The only question is, will it be through peaceful negotiation with Iran or in the blood bath of a massive world war.

      And, although I know you never claimed to be friends, please tell your two good idealogical friends flashy and eddie that this Iran / Israel conflict has nothing to do with the election in any way except by political idiots who want to use it to their advantage.

      • Mike in MI

        Excellent, Frank. Simply excellent. You write well. How’d you ever learn that under America’s teachers’ unions?
        Or were you home schooled?
        God bless, have a great sweet slumber tonite.

  • Dad

    Obama has his own “9/11″ now. Had this been Iran, there’d been a mushroom cloud!

    Is there anyone on this planet that does not think House Speaker John Boehner is a complete and total idiot?

  • abc

    Can you not see what is about to happen? — 1-Obama buddies up to Hugo Chavez —2 Hilliary gives the russians a reset button that says in Russian OVERCHARGE—Overcharge for what and who put it on it?? 3–Obama in an interview with George Stephonopolis says–according to my Islamic faith—4 Billions if not trillions of dollars missing–No one really knows where all the money has gone! Did anyone audit all the failed companies that received our money three tiers down??—5–Why did the price of steel skyrocket during cash for clunkers?? It should have bottomed out. This means the scrap steel did not stay here. So where exactly did it go to?? And for what reason? What does a country need when it prepares for war?—Steel!!! — 6—Obama gives Hamass 900 million of our dollars after they constantly shot rockets into Israel! Obama gives bilions of our dollars to the muslim brotherhood! These are the very people that want to kill you and your children! —7— Fast and Furious–Was it really meant to get arms to the Russians and muslims south of the border?? Many beheadings there. This is not a trait of the drug cartel but of muslims. Did the people killed south of the border see things they should have not seen?? Like Russian military bases??—8—This morning I seen on the news a picture of an entire fleet of Russian battleships in our harbors at the DNC convention that said from Russia with love!!!!!!!!!! Do you think they are here to hand out candy?? Where are our high brass military leaders?? Shouldnt these ships be boarded to see if they are armed?? They should not be here in the first place!!! When Israel strikes Iran –will Obama then call the Russians and muslims to invade us?? He can then throw up his hands and say—We cannot help Israel because we are being invaded (maybe just what he has paid then to do)!!! This way he will still have people supporting him!! What a stupid bunch of [expletive deleted] we have as so called leaders!!!!!!

    • eddie47d

      Chuckie B don’t you think ABC above is an odd ball (idiot). Saying Russian ships were in the harbour TODAY during the DNC convention. Either he is telling us false information or he didn’t pass up the Russian vodka. ABC need to cry wolf more often then finally no one will listen to the likes of him.

      • Mike in MI

        Eddy -
        Just because you didn’t see something on msnbc doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened.

  • chuckb

    we have more idiots sitting in the white house, in fact the whole damn bunch should be thrown out. what a disgrace we have as president. hillary clinton,. they helped al qaeda overthrow the libyan and egyptian governments, now they are murdering our diplomats, invading our embassy and barry starts making excuses for the rag heads, the simple reason he is one of them at this same time he is decimating our military. does he have further plans for the muslims and this country, you bet he does.

    • The Christian American

      Are you familiar with the USS Liberty incident? In 1967 the Zionst were at war with the Egyptians. The American ship USS Liberty was in international waters when it was attacked by the Zionist with the intent of sinking it and blaming the Egyptians so America would join into war on the side of the Zionist. They killed 34 American sailors but failed to sink the ship. The Captain and other crew members lived to tell what happened.
      Look at the website

      It is my contention that this incident was accomplished for the same reason. An Israeli Zionist living in America makes this movie for the sole purpose of riling the Muslim’s. They took the bait and took out their anger on the Libyan embassy. The next step, like 9/11 was used to get us to go to war with Iraq, is to get the American people mad enough that they will attack Iran. From what I’ve read it’s working.

  • The Christian American

    The Military industrial Complex along with the Terror Industrial Complex are propbably the largest industries in America with budgets that approach three quarter fo a trillion dollars annually. Their products are designed to kill people. break things and terrorize people. If these things aren’t happening, it wiil affect business. So they must see to it they do happen here as well other countries around the world. Their largest shareholder is the government and that shareholder has the power see to it they do happen. It is a business that, like big banks, to big to fail. Since before the 1898 war with Spain, America has never entered a defensive war, only offensive on America’s part because America chose which side to fight for. Read “War is a Racket” by the USMC Major General Smedley Butler. two time winner of the Congressional medal of honor. It’s on the net.

    • chuckb

      chris amer., you are right, the pentagon does have a lot of waste, that doesn’t say much for our congress and the oversight committee. perhaps you don’t remember the start of ww2, we had a socialist president, the country was broke, fdr printed money, our military was decimated, whether pearl harbor was a planned incident or not, our troops were ill equipped. the army used wooden rifles to train recruits or draftees. this next war coming will bring the american people a taste of war, 9/11 was just a sample. unless we keep this country prepared and strong, war will come more quickly. we cannot bury our head in the sand. we have a man in the white house sympathetic with islam and i believe he is a muslim, the communist jews surrounding him care little for what happens to israel, they have there hand on the gold by the power they derive in the bolsheviok party..
      this jackass in the white house has wasted far more money than the pentagon, i don’t hear your criticism about him. roosevelt was headed down this same path when ww2 broke out. the israeli’s are a problem, i agree, however, which is worse? the islams who we know have a world wide agenda to trans change the globe to mohammed and sharia law. or the jews. take your pick, we will have to stand with israel in my estimation.

  • Brockcoy14284641

    We wouldn’t be that much in debt if (choke) McCain had been President, instead of the Great Illegal Kenyan Born Sunni Muslim Communist Semi White Half Breed Abomination who has pissed away $6 Trillion Dollars on supplying his campaign donors and the Muslim Brotherhood around the world with our tax dollars. Every time you vote in a Liberal DemoRAT as pres. they gut the military and the RepubliRATS have to rebuil it why not just keep what we have and spend on improving and finding new and cheaper ways to end wars before they start. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    • eddie47d

      You all want America to hand over the car keys to lunatics like Brock and those on the right? I think he already made that leap from the frying pan into the fire.

    • Flashy

      Ummm…you do realize that government spending rose at the lowest rate under this president than any time the past 50 years. Almost all the deficit spending is carry over from the Bush years.

      Now…with the Great Recession bleeding almost a million jobs a month when sworn in, you honestly believe McCain would have followed contractionist monetary policy?

      Jeesh…what an idiot.

      • nnicko

        Flashy… you expect to entertain the brotherhood you twit….do you have the ability to put a fence around your hut for protection….your worried about middle class incomes….obozo sent 1 1/2 bill to the muslim brotherhood to establish a government so they can kill our people there. Have you know respect for your fellow americans ? If not, turn in your citzenship, go to the middle east and set up a blog to voice your opinion over there. Don’t worry, obozo will protect you… are not getting any marines to haul your dead butt out of there…..

      • Ted G

        Huh? I won’t try to qoute all the numbers or the stats because I don’t them all, but the numbers I do know is our national debt was aprox 10 trillion when he took office and it is currently 16 trillion and so far will continue to increase over 1.25 trillion each and every year from now on unless something is done about it.
        Now I won’t place this all at Obama’s feet because I am honest, the whole congress is at fault, but this does not endear me to the great”O” very much when it comes to so called leadership.
        He has not even tried to do anything about it really. He seems to be more intersted in bringing socialists and marxists into positions of power to undermine/destroy our current form of government. Sure he pays Lip service to the hard issues while at the same time trying to divide and distract this nation. He is a marxist and lies about it and his true leanings and political beliefs and therefore a traitor to his Oath of office.

    • MarathonMan

      Flashy: There you go again.
      Facts are that Barry Soetorro (AKA BOB) has added more than all pervious president combined.
      And, your telling us it the slowest rate in 50 years. So much for Obama-math, you are only fooling yourself. Keep on drinking that Kool Aide, Flashy.

  • chuckb

    flashy, you are probably right, it’s all bush’s fault, he wrote a lot of post dated checks and they all came due after the muslim in chief took over.. i knew bush had something to do with it.. he is very clever.

  • Jay

    Obama Beats Bush in Military and War Spending

    Those who thought electing Barack Obama would usher in a new era of hope and change and a redirection from George Bush’s militarism and spending on overseas wars might want to look away. We wouldn’t want you to lose the pleasant illusion that the Nobel Peace Prize-winning warmonger in the White House celebrating the assassination of a foreign head of state he didn’t even kill is something other than what he claims.

    Below is a graph of U.S. defense spending from 2000, the year that Bush “stole” his election, projected to the end of Obama’s term. Those on the left who are bad at math have pretty colors to illustrate that both the DOD Budget Increase and Overseas Contingency (Wars) segments have gotten fatter, meaning that we are spending more under Barack Obama, who had a Democrat-controlled House and filibuster-proof Senate
    for his first two years, than at any time under fellow “war criminal” George W. Bush.

  • Jay

    The U.S. had about 38,000 troops in Iraq and 36,000 in Afghanistan at the end of George W. Bush’s second term. Liberals hated him for it. Why, he was a war criminal, don’t you know, and he was a warmonger, and he was a Nazi and a child-killer! Not a day went by that the media wouldn’t report how many U.S. troops were killed that day.

    Two years later, under Barack Obama, there were an additional 10,000 troops in Iraq (48,000 total) and an additional 61,000 troops in Afghanistan (97,000 total), substantially expanding the wars not only in troop levels, but also expanding them to countries not previously touched by the Bush administration. And liberals remained silent.

    Where were all the almost-daily anti-war protests from the left? Where were all those violent demonstrations by liberals in which they burned replicas of Bush and openly joked about assassinating him (wholesome peace-lovers that they are)? It was all a sham, political partisanship, jealousy that Republicans have strength and determination to defend America at all costs while Democrats are weak pushovers who are declare wars lost before they’ve even begun.

    One of the phonier complaints from liberals during the Bush years was that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were unconstitutional. The only time liberals will make this complaint is when it will make a Republican look bad. But the wars were constitutional. Congress voted to go to war. Boom, done.

    What’s not constitutional is to go to war without Congress voting on it. You know, precisely what Barack Obama did with regard to Libya. That was very clearly unconstitutional. But it was a war being waged by the Democrats’ hero. Which raises the very real likelihood that liberals believe the word “unconstitutional” can apply to anything they are in simple disagreement with.

    Of course I don’t think all liberals love war. There is one lone war protester in my city who walks from one end of the sidewalk to the other, saying nothing, wielding a sign that reads “WAR IS A LIE” on one side and “END THE WARS” on the other. He was very active between 2003 and 2008, stopping for the first two years of Obama’s presidency, but he has picked it back up again. I guess he found his principles buried beneath the couch cushions during this era of chronic unemployment.

    No, not all liberals love war; only the ones who protested daily under Bush but now aren’t even aware we’re still in Afghanistan and don’t care enough to keep up to date.

  • Ted Gager

    If it wasn’t for the self serving, power grabbing, disfunctional, war mongering, pediphilia practicing douchebags in DC we wouldn’t need the GIGANTIC defense that we have. Peaceful nations never do! Ask yourself….Why are we so well hated?…

  • Ted G

    Eddie, do you and flashy always have to start off with or include insults in your comments? You do realize that that reflects more on you and has no impact on me whatsoever.

    But anyway;

    You said on September 12, 2012 at 1:50 pm
    Get over yourself Ted for Obama was plastered all over Mike’s comment. Now just exactly where were you educated or do you have a reading disability. Maybe you are both in politics and love to spin things and then lie and deny.

    What part of my comments of (September 12, 2012 at 11:15 am)
    did you take exception to or were inaccurate.

    I took two things from your comment and responded to them. The first was that you implied that Mike blamed Obama when he did not, you were wrong to imply that he did.

    And two you then continued on and tried to excuse the barbaric behavior by saying that some christian offended them, implying they had some justification.

    Please define where there was any “Spin, lies or denial”
    I am underwhelmed with your rhetoric, and I grow weary of your crude and rude attitude.

  • Ted G

    Gee what happened to Flashy and Eddie, They seem to have avoided answering several questions I posed. Oh I know, I started asking them to justify their positions based on the US COnststution and they appear to have fled.

    I guess they got tired of what they loosely call debating when I didn’t rise to their attempted insults and name calling and other attempts to direct the discusion around inuendo and hypothetical arguments based on opinion.


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