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Political Science Professors Release New Model, Romney Wins Big

October 9, 2012 by  

Political Science Professors Release New Model, Romney Wins Big
Political science professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry predict Obama will lose big in November.

In August, political science professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry predicted that Mitt Romney would win the election. They have since produced an updated model that gives a new result: an even bigger win for Romney.

The team of professors has created a model that has correctly chosen the President every year since 1980.

Despite the fact that many national polls show Obama out in front, the Bickers and Berry model continues to show Romney winning by a landslide. Their original forecast had Romney winning with 320 electoral votes. The new forecast shows Romney taking the White House with 330 electoral votes.

“We continue to show that the economic conditions favor Romney even though many polls show the president in the lead,” Bickers said. “Other published models point to the same result, but they looked at the national popular vote, while we stress state-level economic data.”

The new model predicts that President Barack Obama will carry Michigan and Nevada and that Romney will win New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

“As scholars and pundits well know, each election has unique elements that could lead one or more states to behave in ways in a particular election that the model is unable to correctly predict,” wrote Bickers and Berry.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Vigilant

    Dick Morris has also predicted an electoral landslide. I don’t see that happening.

    I’m not sure whether these PoliSci profs have used proper polling techniques. They give New Mexico, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania to Romney (solid blue states), while saying that Nevada, a Romney-leaning state, will go to Obama.

    With less than a month to election, much can change. The most reliable polling organization, Rasmussen, at this time gives Obama a safe/likely electoral vote of 237 to Romney’s 181. A full 120 electoral votes are up for grabs. The electoral map at is currently the safest bet.

    • Vigilant

      After reading the linked report, I see that the model used by the profs was not connected to hard nosed polling, but simply plugged in economic factors.

      It bears noting that the original model was not updated, the data plugged into the model was updated, according to the article. Whether to believe that the model accurately confirmed the results of past elections, or that the model was “engineered” to do so, is a matter of confidence in the honesty of the model makers.

      They may be at odds with Rasmussen predictions for the simple reason that the electorate becomes more susceptible to propaganda as time goes on. Fifty years ago, no presidential candidate would have touted a (dubious) 7.8% unemployment rate as good. Today, the masses see the monthly fluke as a great improvement, without considering that the true rate is between 11-14% unemployment.

      • 49YearsAgo

        I immigrated (leaglly, by the way) to this country nearly 49 years ago. Back then the unemployment was on the average 5% year after year. Some portion of the unemployed were people between jobs, in the process of changing jobs. In 1963 there were more manufacturing job opportunities and in major industrial cities people did not have to relocate when they changed jobs. Times and conditions have drastically changed…

      • SJJolly

        49 Years Ago: Bottom line, US business and industry is doing quite fine with a sizeable proportion (11-14%?) of US workers sitting on the economic sidelines. Business and industry would be doing even better if they weren’t being taxed to keep unemployed Americans from starving to death or dying of exposure.

    • Congress Works For Us

      New Mexico stands out for sure, but Pennsylvania solid blue? Not in the slightest. Pay attention to the primary results and the huge undervote for Obama in the coal/gas regions of the State…

      • Vigilant

        RCP polling shows Obama up by 6 points. Romney hasn’t touched him since July.

      • Vigilant

        Hell, even the Huff Post is showing PA in dark blue on its electoral map.

      • Rennydsh

        This morning Gallup has Obama only up by 2 in PA…with a MOE of 2%. Sounds like its full and open and anyones game.

      • william mcdonald

        Vig.. your sources are solidly liberal!

      • Vigilant

        “Vig.. your sources are solidly liberal!”

        Hardly. Real Clear Politics has been used by Fox for some time.

        And the number one trustworthy source is Rasmussen. Rasmussen shows PA clearly in dark blue.

    • Gman1961

      Rasmussen has been the most accurate historically. RCP is always behind the curve since it takes polls that were taken up to two weeks back, half the polls currently in the average were pre debate. There are other problems with almost all the polls, little or no measure of intensity(turnout), and little or lagging adjustment in party affiliation of likely voters. In 2008, Rassmusseen had Democrat party affiliation in October at 7.1% ahead of the Republicans and Obama won the popular vote by 7.2%. Today, Rasmussen has the Republican party affiliation 2.6% above the Democrats. For these reasons, most pollsters have been way off since 2010 since there models don’t accurately reflect voter turnout by party.

    • rick

      You guys miss the point.

      They use economic trends, not overall political polling as there data base. That’s why they are more accurate since it is based on a more fundamental psychology then opinions. That’s why they have been so accurate at 100% of the time over the last thirty years.

  • Corkey

    The U6 data is 15-17% unemployment which includes those no longer receiving benefits. There is another one that takes into account the underemployed and that is over 20%.


      I wonder who those unemployed people no longer receiving benefits will vote for? If that number is 50% of the 17% unemployed and one of either Obama or Romney offer to help them with extended unemployment benefits…that surely might shift the election result? 8.5% of the former workforce up for bribing. Romney is unlikely to do it given that he wants to cut food stamps…that leaves Obama the most likely to win their favour dont you think?

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Gilly:
        You’re right about that mate!! As stated on another post about a similiar subject, it’s obvious the President will be re-elected. Check this two links out to prove it. and The best thing for American citizens to do is vote for Libertarian-Gary Johnson, make a statement early next month!!

      • concernedkoreanwarvet

        I can’t let that comment of Romney cutting food stamps go, the truth is he wants to put people to work so they won’t need food stamps. It’s amazing how people just don’t listen or understand what others are saying.
        He has no intention to starve anyone.

        Also that 7.8% is bogus, the parameters of the extrapolation has not changed, therefore the results will not change.The one thing they forgot, there is another report due out before the election, that when reconciled, will look much worse due to the fudging on this report.

      • Rennydsh

        To Tony:

        To many times I see the populus hanging on every breath of the liberal based media and the phony polls they deliver, to depict the image they want us to see. Let’s imagine that in reality Obama is down 5-7% and Romney is clearly the front runner. So an Obama supporting pollster decides to poll the populus, but only chooses to poll in heavey liberal districts. Under this senario there is a clear skewed result, and if you research the topic you find the polls are only opinion and not fact based.

        If all of the polling sources were to depict a landslide for Obama…why would anyone republican want to go vote? maybe this is a well orchestrated attempt to supress the masses from voting. when you take an indepth look at sources other than just the main steam, you find a different picture! seek the truth and not what someone wants to tell you!

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Rennydsh:
        Although polls don’t really mean much and are only fads of the moment, it’s quite obvious the race is fixed for the incumbent. In the next debate, they’ll have Obama demolish Mitt Romneystein. You know, think about why they don’t let third party candidates debate. If they did, the mainstream ones would be shamed and embarrassed. Thus, don’t get your hopes up. Also,lets face Mitt the “Twit” would be worse. Even Mr. Livingston has pointed that out. Thanks!!

        • tony

          The Cabal against the US Dollar by Obama Must be stopped with the election of Mitt Romney !!!!!

  • Tigerous

    Bush did beat Gore, purely on the actual numbers, despite the Dems’ attempt to fuzz the issue with their bogus lawsuit.

    • Deerinwater

      Well ~that is most debatable ~ while it’s now history, and I’m not sure what good any debate would serve either of us.

      “. By preventing a complete tally, the justices handed Florida’s electoral votes and the presidency to Bush, a stolen election in which the conservative activists on the Supreme Court played a key role.

      Even though Bush Jr. lost the nation’s popular vote to Gore by over half a million, he won the electoral college and the presidency itself. ”

      Read more if you dare to care. ‘

      Debate with yourself ~ I’m sort of busy at the moment.

      Bottom line ~ It was a close election either way and there was many things in play ~ while the events of Seniors in Dade County failing to get the vote in properly swung the decision into the arena of the courts and appointed judgeship’s rather then counting votes.

      It was a travesty of major proportion that still effect us today as we struggle under the load resulting from decisions made by 43′s administration. 43 let the genie out of the bottle, hyper advancing Muslim immigration and influence world wide. ~ 43 will go down in history as the Great Muslim Liberator.

      As very short sighted administration on many levels.

      Are you aware W’s stands the chance of being arrested if he travels abroad? ~ I think he likes Crawford, Texas and most wise to stay there.

      • Palin16

        On the other hand, if Al Bore had won his home state of Tennessee ( a feat even Mondale managed) he would have won the election outright. The good people of Tennessee knew him better.

      • Deerinwater

        I wished they had known W just as well, it would have changed the outcome and today we would not be having this Muslim infestation and 7 trillion spend on two protracted unfunded wars. So it doesn’t really say a lot for the people of Tennessee if you look at it that way.

        Water under the bridge ~

        • Tammy

          A correction, Deerinwater, to your assertion that, “it would have changed the outcome and today we would not be having this Muslim infestation and 7 trillion spend on two protracted unfunded wars.”
          President Clinton could have nipped that problem in the bud, but he chose to ignore it all the years he was in office hoping it would go away. There were terrorist attacks on American soil while Clinton was in office prior to 9/11 and attacks on our ships at sea and he did nothing. All that did was to embolden them and give them time to generate enough money, skills, and a plan to attack us in the horrible manner they did.
          People forget that the stage was already set when George W became President. He made his mistakes (invading Afghanistan, trusting Pakistan’s president’s assertion that Bin Laden was not in Pakistan, invading Iraq – though to be honest with the way that Hussein was flouting the UN investigators, I had serious doubts, also, so Hussein made that bed himself, imo). Bush’s advisers made mistakes, also.
          The biggest cause of the wars we got ourselves into had to do with our investment and need for foreign oil. There are certainly other factors, such as the support of Israel (which I do) and Hussein’s chemical weaponry genocidal attacks, that could have brought us in, but I think we would have been more objective had it not been for our oil dependency.
          We can play armchair President all day with all the “if only” statements. You are right, all this is water under the bridge, but let’s do keep our historical facts straight for accurate references and understandings of the circumstances at the time so that our current perspective is rational and not skewed. It is important to have a clear view of the past to have any hope of making wise decisions in the future.

      • Shane

        Gee Deerinwater. You sure know how to kill your credibly. Why don’t you go take a walk. Read a book. Do some charity work. Wipe your feet. Or you could just keep counting chads and playing the pity game. Gee this site is so full of sack sacks. Passing time, but not living life. For tomorrow we die, but only some lived.

      • Deerinwater

        Tammy says;”People forget that the stage was already set when George W became President. He made his mistakes (invading Afghanistan, trusting Pakistan’s president’s assertion that Bin Laden was not in Pakistan, invading Iraq – though to be honest with the way that Hussein was flouting the UN investigators, I had serious doubts, also, so Hussein made that bed himself, imo). Bush’s advisers made mistakes, also.”

        Well Tammy, ~ you are right ~ the stage was set for 9-11 and been in planing for sometime before W;s election. Clinton really did not have enough intel to response and had already experience a humanitarian effort gone bad in Somalia and then there was the ethnic cleansing in Georgia and Bosnia that the US help stop. ~ Not to mention Clinton, much like Nixon was being hounded by opposition over human failings that alone demanded attention best spent in other areas.

        But what follow after 9-11,~ was nothing less then poor judgement that only compounded it’s self. While a strong US response was required ~ and expected ~ a more mindful targeted approach would have been most desirable.

        The US and the Bush administration was blinded by poor intel much like Clinton while refusing to accept intel that didn’t serve its perceptions of events, messy fact that interfered with beliefs was not tolerated or appreciated by the Bush administration.

        • tony

          Deerinwater thats a great cover for Clinton and all the 911 bush screwed up on WMDs and you can even spin the cover for Obamas messy claim that they had botched Intel on the Libyan fiasco but Obama Campaign Manager Robert Gibbs this Morning on Morning Joe said :

          ” Obama’s WMD Moment is a False Flag claim about what happened in LYBIA “

      • deerinwater

        Shane say; “Gee this site is so full of sack sacks. Passing time, but not living life. For tomorrow we die, but only some lived”

        By me Mister~? those thoughts fell out of your head and only you might explain them. If you don’t enjoy the process of debate, it is you that finds yourself in the wrong place and not I ~

        From the wildly inaccurate statements that you have made with your assumptions and the resorting to personal attack perhaps you should just move on to lighter topics that you might have better command of your thought process and offer engaging commentary and debate?

        I have no desire to pander to your undeveloped sense of creditably. Go watch some more Glenn Beck and his crystal ball act.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Tigerous: Actually, Al Gore won the pop. vote over Bush II in 2000. Thanks!!

  • Warrior

    I Too Have Become Disillusioned.

    By Matt Patterson (columnist – Washington Post, New York Post, San
    Francisco Examiner)

    Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack
    Obama as an inscrutable and disturbing phenomenon, the result of a
    baffling breed of mass hysteria akin perhaps to the witch craze of the
    Middle Ages. How, they will wonder, did a man so devoid of
    professional accomplishment beguile so many into thinking he could
    manage the world’s largest economy, direct the world’s most powerful
    military, execute the world’s most consequential job?

    Imagine a future historian examining Obama’s pre-presidential life:
    ushered into and through the Ivy League, despite unremarkable grades
    and test scores along the way; a cushy non-job as a “community
    organizer;” a brief career as a state legislator devoid of legislative
    achievement (and in fact nearly devoid of his attention, so often did
    he vote “present”); and finally an unaccomplished single term in the
    United States Senate, the entirety of which was devoted to his
    presidential ambitions.

    He left no academic legacy in academia, authored no signature
    legislation as a legislator. And then there is the matter of his
    troubling associations: the white-hating, America-loathing preacher
    who for decades served as Obama’s “spiritual mentor”; a real-life,
    actual terrorist who served as Obama’s colleague and political
    sponsor. It is easy to imagine a future historian looking at it all
    and asking: how on Earth was such a man elected president?

    Not content to wait for history, the incomparable Norman Podhoretz
    addressed the question recently in the Wall Street Journal: To be
    sure, no white candidate who had close associations with an outspoken
    hater of America like Jeremiah Wright and an unrepentant terrorist
    like Bill Ayers, would have lasted a single day. But because Mr. Obama
    was black, and therefore entitled in the eyes of liberal Dom to have
    hung out with protesters against various American injustices, even if
    they were a bit extreme, he was given a pass. Let that sink in: Obama
    was given a pass – held to a lower standard – because of the color of
    his skin.

    Podhoretz continues: And in any case, what did such ancient history
    matter when he was also so articulate and elegant and (as he himself
    had said) “non-threatening,” all of which gave him a fighting chance
    to become the first black president and thereby to lay the curse of
    racism to rest?

    Podhoretz puts his finger, I think, on the animating pulse of the
    Obama phenomenon – affirmative action. Not in the legal sense, of
    course. But certainly in the motivating sentiment behind all
    affirmative action laws and regulations, which are designed primarily
    to make white people, and especially white liberals, feel good about

    Unfortunately, minorities often suffer so that whites can pat
    themselves on the back. Liberals routinely admit minorities to schools
    for which they are not qualified, yet take no responsibility for the
    inevitable poor performance and high drop-out rates which follow.
    Liberals don’t care if these minority students fail; liberals aren’t
    around to witness the emotional devastation and deflated self-esteem
    resulting from the racist policy that is affirmative action. Yes,
    racist. Holding someone to a separate standard merely because of the
    color of his skin – that’s affirmative action in a nutshell, and if
    that isn’t racism, then nothing is.

    And that is what America did to Obama. True, Obama himself was never
    troubled by his lack of achievements, but why would he be? As many
    have noted, Obama was told he was good enough for Columbia despite
    undistinguished grades at Occidental; he was told he was good enough
    for the US Senate despite a mediocre record in Illinois ; he was told
    he was good enough to be president despite no record at all in the
    Senate. All his life, every step of the way, Obama was told he was
    good enough for the next step, in spite of ample evidence to the

    What could this breed if not the sort of empty narcissism on display
    every time Obama speaks? In 2008, many who agreed that he lacked
    executive qualifications nonetheless raved about Obama’s oratory
    skills, intellect, and cool character. Those people – conservatives
    included – ought now to be deeply embarrassed.

    The man thinks and speaks in the hoariest of clichés, and that’s when
    he has his Teleprompters in front of him; when the prompter is absent
    he can barely think or speak at all. Not one original idea has ever
    issued from his mouth – it’s all warmed-over Marxism of the kind that
    has failed over and over again for 100 years.

    And what about his character? Obama is constantly blaming anything and
    everything else for his troubles. Bush did it; it was bad luck; I
    inherited this mess. Remember, he wanted the job, campaigned for the
    task. It is embarrassing to see a president so willing to advertise
    his own powerlessness, so comfortable with his own incompetence. But
    really, what were we to expect? The man has never been responsible for
    anything, so how do we expect him to act responsibly?

    In short: our president is a small-minded man, with neither the
    temperament nor the intellect to handle his job. When you understand
    that, and only when you understand that, will the current erosion of
    liberty and prosperity make sense. It could not have gone otherwise
    with such a man in the Oval Office.

    Get to the polls and get these frauds out of our lives. “progressives” must go!

    • Soundbiteme

      Well stated!


      The answer is financial bribery. Did Julius Ceasar or King Henry VIII have distinctions in academia? The skill is in appointing the best in positions of power within the government administrations who will provide the highest level of intellect and i’m sure there are numerous academics in the various government services who well above in intellect against both the many Republicans and Democrats. The main beneficial economy is not being rub by government but by the millions of individual businesses who create the real wealth of the nation and the jobs.

      But when Mitt Romney claims that the deficit will go down by decreasing taxes ….my mathematics tells me the deficit will increase by the equivalent of the tax discounts or the extra contraction of expenditure on government outlays to balance the budget as Romney ascerts must surely affect how much money will be in the economy for people to buy consumer goods and rents etc..Surely your banks will be under pressure when fewer people will be able to pay rents or interest on mortgages as more people lose their jobs if employers decide to cut costs also? imo your economy cant win whoever wins.

      • TexasTore

        Regarding lower rates leading to more tax revenue, look at the phenomenon called the “Laffer Curve”. When rates are high, people divert taxable money into non-taxable shelters. When rates are low, the moneys come out of the shelters, put to productive use, and more money is available to tax at the lower rate. It can be restated as, do you want 90% of $1000 or 1% of $1000,000 ?

      • Warrior

        Say what you will about mittens but, he is a capitalist first and foremost. Gubmint run anything is and has been a disaster. Generating more “revenues” for the gubmint is just code speak for more “theft” from the “private sector”. The time and place is now to stop “progessives”. Big Bird, you are now old enough to go out on your own and make your place in the world. I know, cutting the apron strings is difficult but it must be done.

      • http://Personalliberitydigest sherlene

        Even if one term for Romny he has got to do a better job then Oboma has done in four years…He is our only hope right now…Oboma will bury this country if another term…

      • concernedkoreanwarvet

        I think you have missed the point of Romney’s concept, first of all he is not cutting taxes at this point, extending the Bush tax cut is not cutting taxes, taxes were already cut.
        The one major outcome would be people will know how to prepare for their business operations by knowing there is a solid tax base, and a tax change/increase is not hanging over their heads.

        His proposition is to keep taxes low, that in turn allows business (not the Government) to have the funds to grow, there by increasing the work force, in turn increasing the tax base so more people are paying taxes.

        This concept has been proven by Regan it pulled us out of the Carter fiasco, it can also repair some of the Obama damage. If the Bush tax cut is allowed to expire we are toast.

      • william mcdonald

        Gilly.. you need to go back to uni and study econ 101.

    • Ed

      I agree with your comments, especially with your conclusions, however I think it worthwile to add one more comment. Obama made the statement a few weeks ago (paraphrased) that if you were successful in life, you didn’t do it alone – someone else helped you. While I disagree with this spin on life generally as it was intended, it gives an indication of Obama’s past experience. He exemplifies the person he refers to in this statement. Obama, on his own is “a nothing”. As you point out, his experience in anything productive was extremely limited.

      He was placed in office by people who spent a great deal of money buying the press and the internet to (falsely) destroy the Bush administration in preparation, and then to promote the blank slate (Obama) as a savior. We have sitting in the Oval Office a man who is not Constitutionally Qualified for the office nor was he qualified for the office by way of experience. We were duped by people with a lot of money, and in many ways our votes were bought. I hope the country comes to it’s senses and, as you said, gets rid of all the “progressives”.

      • deerinwater

        Ed says’ “Obama, on his own is “a nothing”. As you point out, his experience in anything productive was extremely limited.”

        Correct Ed ~ Obama has said many times much the same thing. ~ That is not “about” him but about “US”. ~ But you still attempt to make it about him. ~ for 4 years the GOP has attempted to make it “all about” Obama.

        And for your information ~ Obama won the 2008 general election because the GOP candidate MCCain failed too. There is special interest and huge amounts of money supporting both candidates which most always favors the GOP. So suggesting Obama was “installed” might sooth your ego but it doesn’t change the facts.

        And there is always wind under the wings of high fliers, Even Charles Goodnight understood that as he fought Indians, weather and rugged country, cutting trails and drove cattle to Kansas rail heads to markets 200 years ago.

        No man is an island unto himself.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        obumass won the 2008 election because he is BLACK!!! PERIOD!!!

      • Chia

        it totally show how ‘off’ he is in his thinking. ‘you didn’t build that’, he claimed…but YES, we all did. Taxpayers dollars pay for roads and all the infrastructure….businesses employ people who pay taxes…so we DID build that! Building business employs people who pay taxes..taxes builds roads and bridges…since he is a narcissist his thought process and consequences to words and actions is always incorrect. It is actually not even his fault…his faulty thinking is engrained although harmful.

      • Deerinwater

        “we all did.” ~ That was the message that Obama was attempting to deliver and you know it, ~ any success is not the results of the efforts of a single person but a collective effort.

        Why act stupid and pretend to fail to understand?

        We all enjoy various degrees of support, from the mother that cleaned our bottom to the government that created the environmental that allows us to grow and prosper.

        • tony

          The Environmentalists are too extreme are now controlling the to big to fail financial sector and causing political upheaval in Independence and are behind the NWO evolution to end the Capital System they think is Killing Earth .
          With the Government thinking there are to many people on earth today don’t you think thats a Dangerous scenario to make government bigger while we try to find ways to create sustainability in our lives ??? Politics and Population control DO NOT MIX !!!!

      • deerinwater

        Nancy in Nebraska says:
        October 9, 2012 at 10:12 am
        “Obama won the 2008 election because he is BLACK!!! PERIOD!!!”

        I’d come near thinking he won in spite of being of mixed race as I can overlook someone color but it is for them to allow me too. I admit that it is hard to do if they well not allow you.

        Last year, I asked a group of men friends to go deep sea fishing with me and my brother. One of them said, “I’m not getting on a boat with a bunch of white guys!” ~ I was a bit confuse for a brief moment, then I realized he was being funny and shot a zinger past me (yes, he was malano)

        Obama is as much black as he is white, that is not something any of us has any control over. Unless you know something that I don’t.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Nice reply, deerinwater, but it doesn’t change the facts!!! He got elected because he is black!!! I know! I almost voted for him. Emotionally, I wanted to, so bad! My husband thought I’d lost my mind but I did come back to my senses! My daughter in law is black and I knew that someday I would have grandchildren. (I do, now) I thought of what it would mean to my grandchildren to be able to look up to a black president! It would be huge! I wanted it just like everybody else! We were all ready for it! The problem? He is black but he’s not someone they could look up to! He would be and is the worst president ever! He is an illegally seated president and he is our enemy! Lots of people were only blinded by his blackness. They just couldn’t see him for who he is! And THAT is why he is president!!! If he’d been white, with his experience and associations, he’d have NEVER been elected! He wouldn’t have even made it through the primary!

    • GiveAwayJimmie


    • 2bvictorius

      Absolutely one of the best analyzations of Obama I have seen and it is completely accurate.

      There is no doubt the entire American media, academia and a totally corrupted election process and government officials at the local, state and especially the national level are responsible for Obama being elected.

      The republican leaders and members of congress have proven to be totally incompetent, devoid of a single molecule of patriotism or moralityand corrupt beyond belief.

    • http://facebook Darin

      Warrior, WoW, that was fantastic. Wish I could repost just your comments.

    • Shane

      Naw, many will vote their supposed superior intellect, by voting third party. Thus allowing what we have in the White House to possibly continue his attack on America. May their offspring damn them which they so deserve, for selling out a chance. A chance to extend this great experiment in republican government (yes, yes, yes, I realize we are not a true republic) by excising this cancer, with hope that we can delay the advance while a better treatment comes along. But no! The self emposed self rightous whom see themself as some elite mindset, will give away not only ours, but our and their children and grandchildren on a delusional pipe dream of liberterian deceit. Liberterian thougth is not deceit. But many of their followes are DECEIT in capital letters. Thus the problem with the liberterian movement, and why many that support major portions of their planks, withdraw full support from the movement. Show me a man that thinks they have it all figured out, and have all the answers. I’ll show you a dangerous and delusional individual.

      So go vote third party and take a vote away from a chance to defeat Obama. Your screwed children and grandchildren will not think you’re so grand.

    • Roger W.

      Great, well-written post!

      • Roger W.

        This was a comment to Warrior on his “I Too Have Become Disillusioned” post. It didn’t fall in the proper place.

  • Edd

    I just wish other issues would be addressed. Obama mentioned ‘Frank’ as his mentor in his books, & as usual, the media never asked who Frank was. Turns out it is Frank Marshall Davis, known Communist & which is really scary is that ALL the goals of ‘Frank’ (redistribution of wealth, nationalizing GM, reduction of miliary, weakening of the private sector, attack on America’s religious foundations including those of the founding fathers and the constitution,executive orders over which congress/senate have no control, etc) are exactly the ones Obama is following. As old time talk show host Bob Grant said to the effect, if the present administration is re-elected, within 6 months America will realize the terrible mistake it has made. I am hoping that these political ‘science’ professors are correct.

    • Ed

      Edd, this started before Obama – unfortunately Bush got caught in the middle without realizing it. Its not the entire story, that might take years to read, but you can get a decent synopsis of this story at and find out what really has been done to us as a nation. Judging from the above comments, people are still in the dark about the truth.

      • Tammy

        Exactly, Ed. For example, our economy was in a downward spiral at the end of Clinton’s administration. The Fed was trying to boost consumer confidence and encourage spending over saving by decreasing interest rates starting in 1998, if memory serves. Clinton was President in 2000 when Wall Street started tanking. Many housing markets were already well-overpriced by that point, but they came out with REIs to spread the risk around and keep the housing market boosted. President Bush came into an already weak economy weakend further by the attacks of 9/11.
        Our dependence on the Fed rather than allowing our economy to balance itself leads to huge crashes because we continue to kick the can down the road while the underpinnings of the economy become worse and worse. There are so few in government that are willing to have the resolve and strength of character to really reduce the size of government and restrict is overreach and let things settle out.
        Yes, there are people on both sides encouraging the collapse of America. Elected officials without a moral compass and strong character will go any way the wind blows and follow these behind-the-scenes advisers. There are a few politicians that come to the elections that have strong morals and character, but the gullible listen to the media and other sources that berate these folks for no valid reason and others have had their families threatened in order to encourage them to drop out leaving us weak and malleable leaders from which to choose.

    • Tammy

      I am flabbergasted that Congress, the media, Mitt Romney, and others are not going after these point-blank socialist and communist ploys that Obama has put in place, particularly the executive orders that give him great power to add a level of beaurocracy through the Executive Order – Assignment National Security and Emergency Preparedness (since the SOPA legislation did not pass), and take over everything we have – land, farming equipment, including, but not limited to conscripting labor to work for free (Section 502 of the Executive Order – National Defense Preparedness) all the while putting every aspect of life under the control of his non-elected Cabinet. It is right there in black-and-white for all to see on, but people are chasing rabbits rather than looking at the stage Obama has set for himself as soon as he is re-elected, Heaven forbid that should happen. The House Judiciary Committee did make a case against him, but it leaves out these key pieces that can devastate us and what made America a great, God-fearing country for the last 225 years.
      And for anyone who is wondering, yes, I read the entire executive orders myself as well as others that are equally worrisome.

  • Tom Cook

    Please, please be right Bickers and Berry; but I’m still stockpiling ammo.

  • roger gunderson

    The real winners will be the powerful elites. They care less which puppet wins and Ron Paul was not their puppet.They destroy who they don’t want through the media, which they own, by telling the gullible and ignorant what to believe. These puppets will be beholden to their master because the elites paved their way to the white house with money. The elites are now sitting back and enjoying the people watch the soap opera of “who will win”. These debates are of a Jerry Springer mentality.

  • Amadeo J Molinari

    I voted for Obama past election but they [expletive deleted] my son business so now my vote and others will go for Romney.

    • B rian

      I have been successful at talking people out of voting for obama…. All I have to do is show his record on civil liberties, ndaa, reinstitution of patriot act, and then his financial record…..

      I do it by showing people his original uncut YouTube video stating as to why we as a country cannot do this or that….. Then I show them the next video of him justifying why he just did what he said we as a country cannot do!

      Many average voters have no idea what they have lost among civil liberties. These same people can’t tell you anything about the constitution of America. Some can tell you 2nd amendment = gun rights. 1st amendment = free speech. But they have no idea that the first amendment is about freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, and the right to petition your govt. they just think free speech.

      Inform these people about why the constitution is so vital! Everything we needed to become a country is 1 page long! It’s that basic…… For those of us that know it, we are disgusted as to the things going on right now…. Everybody else has no reason to be disgusted!

  • Deerinwater

    ““We continue to show that the economic conditions favor Romney ”

    Well since the GOP has spent the last 4 years making that possible, do your little end zone celebration for us all to see your joy.

    So much for John McCain notions of “Country First” hmm?

    • Paul Wells

      Oh, right, Deerinwater…it just couldn’t possibly be the POS’s fault. I mean, he’s the original Teflon Don, nothing sticks to him, it’s Bush’s fault, it’s global warming, it’s the Republicans, it’s the high altitude, it’s any damned thing except my failed socialist policies! Grow up!

      • deerinwater

        Grow up? ~ Is that what you said? ~ The party of “NO”? says grow up? No Jobs bill! No banking reform! No health care reform! No! No! No! ??????? We have had to drag the GOP like a ball and chain for 4 years.

        Well Sir. when a party is not accepting their responsibilities as elected leaders ~ NO! is a safe call I will admit. Setting all time records for the filibuster in the senate in their attempt to block anything that has had anything to do with the administrations efforts to effect needed change. ~
        The GOP has been sitting on their hands drawing pay for 4 years, ~ saying “No” and now you want to reward them?

        Mich McConnell plans in 2009 ~ set the tenor and tone for the GOP for 4 years ~ defund everything and sit on our hands and hope for the best. Now that is being “Grown up”

        Mitch McConnell: The Hell With The Economy26 oct 2010
        posted by stan collender

        Over at Political Wire, Taegan Goddard has this truly extraordinary…and scary as hell…quote from an interview with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell(KY) by National Journal. NJ asked McConnell about his goal for Republicans retaking the Senate:

        “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

        This is either one of the most off-message quotes in U.S. political history or one of the most important indications of what’s really ahead over the next two years. My guess is that it’s the latter. McConnell is saying that it’s not the economy, jobs, lowering the deficit, or any of the other issues on which the GOP has been campaigning: it’s winning at the next election. Admittedly I’m reading into this, but it seems as if McConnell is saying that if the GOP can prevent anything from being accomplished over the next two year, if he can keep economy in the doldrums, and if he can blame the White House for it all, he will have succeeded.

        Silly me: I thought you want to get elected to office because you want to govern.

        Repeat after me: gridlock, stalemate, shutdowns; gridlock, stalemate, shutdowns; gridlock, stalemate…

        Maybe you need to take your own advise ?

      • Paul Wells

        Last I knew, deerinwater, Mitch McConnell isn’t running for POTUS. Mitt Romney is. Huge difference. And just for the record, I’m not a fan of Mitch McConnell OR John Boehner. You just flat changed the subject. The subject was “The Lyin King” in the WH. Stay on topic, and YES GROW UP!

      • deerinwater

        Don’t attempt to change the subject Paul Wells, it’s all hand & glove behavior~ why blame the glove for the action of the hand?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        deerinwater, OK. Now look at the BIG picture! BOTH parties DO the same thing!!! Nothing will change because THEY don’t want it to change!!! It’s always convenient to have another “side” to blame, which is why we have TWO parties! Stand BACK and really look at the whole picture! BOTH parties are following the SAME AGENDA!!! Each makes sure that the other doesn’t upset the apple cart! And neither has to answer to the people because it’s the other sides fault! The key to seeing the big picture is to NOT look at what they SAY! LOOK at what they DO!!! They BOTH DO the same things!!! It’s why nothing improves! Nothing gets better! Look at the path that we are on! We are on that path because that’s where THEY want us!!!

      • Vigilant

        Deer/Bob Wire says, “Grow up? ~ Is that what you said? ~ The party of “NO”? says grow up? No Jobs bill! No banking reform! No health care reform! No! No! No! ??????? We have had to drag the GOP like a ball and chain for 4 years.”

        Bob, it’s hard to imagine I ever saw you post that you were once a registered Republican. Given your views on almost everything, the only kind if Republican you could have been (and they were the ones who had no courage) was a liberal Rockefeller Republican.

        The only problem with the party of “no” is that they should have been the party of “HELL NO!” And it hasn’t been 4 years, it’s been two. From 2007-2011, it was the Democrats who created this economic crisis, record spending and unbelievable deficits/debt.

        You want to talk about obstructionism? Ask Harry Reid why the Democrats in the Senate have NEVER worked a budget created by the Republican House.

        “Setting all time records for the filibuster in the senate in their attempt to block anything that has had anything to do with the administrations efforts to effect needed change.”

        You bet your sweet backside! Just change the one word “needed” and you’ll have it just right. EVERY effort to consolidate power to the Dem elites and their corporate cronies without regard for the deleterious effect on the economy should be roundly defeated. THANK GOD the Repubs have done what they could (but not nearly enough) to prevent the complete socialization of America!

        Without some brakes on the fervently desired socialist tyranny of the left in government, you would have had the following: repeat after me: ANOTHER creditworthiness downgrade of the USA, even higher deficits, shorter time to the financial apocalypse toward which we are headed, fast track to government control of all facets of our lives, catastrophic inflation of 100% per year, 90% drop in the stock market and 50% unemployment, etc., etc.

        The above is coming our way as we speak. It will probably occur shortly after Romney is elected, courtesy of the Democratic Party.

      • Vigilant

        Deer says, “Repeat after me: gridlock, stalemate, shutdowns; gridlock, stalemate, shutdowns; gridlock, stalemate…”

        Reminds me of the story when the hospital doctors went on strike some years ago in Italy. In the month they were out, the mortality rate actually decreased!

        When gridlock prevents unconstitutional or shortsighted socialist programs from being instituted as band aids, the health of the American economy will actually improve.

      • deerinwater

        Paul say; “I mean, he’s the original Teflon Don, nothing sticks to him, it’s Bush’s fault,”

        no Paul that title goes to Slick Willie ~ and as far as any “fault” ~ at the end of the day America and American’s are getting the government they deserves to have. We have allowed these things to happen and done little about it. We continue to do the same things while expecting a different results.

        Today’s American is spoiled rotten and complacent, willing to believe lies because we refused to accept the truth. We stay so busy attempting to hang on to what we possess and fighting with each other as we have ignored the bag man that shot out the backdoor with the loot. We’d rather fight with each other then chase down the bag man that ran off with our loot!

        Today’s American depends too much on government and depends too heavily on some rich a$$hole to pat us on the head and give us a job.

        Today’s unemployed American need to get up and get going ~ find a need and fill it and quit waiting for our God or our government to save us. We fail to act on opportunities that fail to promise rewards ~ thinking somehow a rich man might come along with such a promise! ~ A rich man is not there for our behalf but for his! Rich people don’t get rich giving things away but by making promises of which most are false.

        Make ourselves a promise! To ourselves be true! Quit accepting lies and deceit from know liars and start first with ourselves.

        Today’s American;s needs to vote our convictions and not what some party affiliation is willing to offer us, ~ win , lose or draw ~ say what we mean and mean what we say.

        A nation must have control over the creation of it’s money~ we don’t! and until we do, we well not have control over much of anything that affects the well being of our nation and it’s peoples in the long term.

      • deerinwater

        Vigilant says:

        Deer says, “Repeat after me: gridlock, stalemate, shutdowns; gridlock, stalemate, shutdowns; gridlock, stalemate…”

        When gridlock prevents unconstitutional or shortsighted socialist programs from being instituted as band aids, the health of the American economy will actually improve.”

        So tell us, ~ has it worked? has things improved employing this passive aggressive strategy? For I don’t think that it’s been that productive. This mounted opposition based solely on interpretation and ideological grounds would render any administration inert.
        This unconstitutional charge has been made time and time again in the most vaguest of terms has yet to be identified , much less proven. You have received your Supreme court ruling from a conservative leaning court no the less.

        We got an old saying in the rough neighborhood I grew up in, ~ don’t pull anything that you can’t eat. But if you must, let the talking be over the instant that you do. ~ The day where a GOP administration might enjoy any notions of bipartisan cooperation and perhaps a honeymoon is over, would be my guess. We don’t have too far to fall to find the bottom~ no reason we can’t all go together if that is the way you think government is suppose to work.

        The smartest thing McCain ever said was, ” don’t wrestle with a pig, you will both just get dirty and he likes it.”

        by the by ~Great analogy Vigilant ~ but government can’t stop ~ we have men and women on the watch tower 24/7 that stand in harms way protecting our way of life and our very lives. ~ Our support to these men and women must be unwavering at all times.

        OH! ~ I did admit that I campaigned long and hard for Reagan ~ over a year, the last 4 months being a monster and the family rewarded for our efforts with an appointment over Health and Human services for three states but I have never registered as a Republican.

        I am a democrat and work for change from the inside as I find myself in agreement with the old guard Republicans regarding functions of government and personal responsibilities.

        There is much to do. ~ and Reagan was somewhat of a disappointment in many ways but clearly on the positive side of the ledger in achievements , much like Nixon.

        • tony

          The SOBing legislators are all Ideologically strung out about world Overpopulation and this mindset is effecting their ability to govern First for the American People , plus the Federal Reserve and Supreme Court is strung out over this too and is making them all Usurp their Duties as Elected by for and of We the People , its time this debate take center stage and we the people say Enough , we are going to take back our nation and pull all support to the world away and back to our USA and this be Our New Foreign and Domestic Policy . The United Nations and the Federal Reserve are to be exiled to a country of their choice with no provisions from We the People , This is the Change the USA Needs !!!!

        • tony
        • tony

          This story Points out the President is a Flawed Stewart of the US Constitution , but being a United Nations Avid supporter this is not surprising , The Post-Constitutional President ,

      • Deerinwater

        Vigilant says; “You want to talk about obstructionism? Ask Harry Reid why the Democrats in the Senate have NEVER worked a budget created by the Republican House”

        Well my first answer would be they need to produce one that does not employ fuzzy math and certain to be empty promises first. Paul Ryan’s budget is full of blue sky to be taken seriously as does Mitt Romney’s proposals. It’s little more then a paint by number wet dream in some feeble effort to offer anything that appears to be remotely intelligent.

        It was the GOP that ran us in this bottomless ditch with promises of JOBS for tax cuts and unfunded wars that had no national gains associated with them Vigilant. The GOP employed hate, anger and fear to do it’s will.

        W got what he asked congress for Vigilant and yet his GOP lead administration failed to deliver on it’s promises. The GOP has a bad track record in accounting and a serious confidence problem to over come as the lie was fabricated and broadcast from the executive office down. Any rank and file protest to this lie was squished like bug.

        We don’t believe the GOP has that capacity to add and subtract accurately anymore. Don’t take it personal, just understand being wrong about huge matters has a profound prolong downside and some effort in sincerity would be a great place to start rebuilding this damage in confidence while I see the GOP unremorseful, unrepentant and defiant while claiming innocent of all charges.

        I do not expect the GOP to fall on their own sword while I do respect the few who are willing to man up to the parties failure in leadership.

        The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday passed the GOP leadership’s 2013 budget plan — a measure that has no chance of passing the Democratic-controlled Senate but creates a clear contrast between the two parties on a number of critical tax and spending issues ahead of the general election.

        The resolution passed in a strongly polarized 228-191 vote. No Democrats backed the measure; only 10 Republicans opposed it.

        House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s $3.53 trillion blueprint includes an overhaul of the nation’s tax code and major changes to popular entitlements such as Medicare — expensive programs that in the past have been considered politically untouchable.

        This Ryan budget favors Wall Street and top earns at the expense of the aspiring middle class and that is exactly why Democratic Senators will not support it Virgilant .

        The middle class wants, demands a better deal ! It’s not rocket surgery, ~ sweeten the deal.

        Same with this Keystone pipeline ~ it’s doable ~ sweeten the deal and make it happen.

        The middle class in America is tired of subsidizing both the Rich & Poor .

  • Paul Wells

    I wish I could be an enthusiastic believer in these election projections, but I have to say I’m skeptical. Never underestimate the moral bankruptcy of the electoral masses beholden to what big government can give to them in exchange for their vote. Many who are drains on society are only too happy to comply, if it means they get “theirs”. As long as people are willing to sacrifice their souls instead of become successful on their own, hucksters such as Obummer will succeed!

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Obama has to go PERIOD! If romney pans out to be a fool,then 1 term for him too…One thing for sure is we cannot afford 4 more years of Obama. So you Ron Paul people,get your act together and stop your whining..your country can’t afford for you to whine on the sidelines while this communist is taking your country apart . Get out and vote for romney…It’s really our only hope at this time to save whats left of our country…

    • Elizabeth

      Bob peters is spot on.

    • tony

      Please Listen to what Dick Morris says in the Video !!!! The most stunning example Morris describes is the Tax Money going to Fund Extremists in the world instead of Innovation and economic growth !!!!

      The USA MUST STOP the Obama plan to Adopt the United Nations Tax Plans and the effects this will have on the Incomes of Men and Women trying to raise their families of the USA .
      what will this United Nations Global Tax do to a State like Ohio or Michigan, and their ability to be a manufacturing Concern that generates living wages for the families of a State .
      What about Florida’s ability to control Seniors Health Care Costs ?? This Global Tax will be like Hyper Inflation on Everything the USA needs to survive at the quality of life that we have today .

      With Obama supporting the United Nations Global Tax , California Gas Prices might be due to part of the Tax the State places on the Imported Fuel that is going to pay the United Nations Global Tax ???

      And I bet these same United Nations supporters and the Leaders of UN Nations are the same foreign Donors to Obamas Campaign because they want Obama back in to put the USA under the UN Global Tax by Fiat !!!!!

    • tony

      Please Listen to what Dick Morris says in the Video !!!! The most stunning example Morris describes is the Tax Money going to Fund Extremists in the world instead of Innovation and economic growth !!!!

      The USA MUST STOP the Obama plan to Adopt the United Nations Tax Plans and the effects this will have on the Incomes of Men and Women trying to raise their families of the USA .
      what will this United Nations Global Tax do to a State like Ohio or Michigan, and their ability to be a manufacturing Concern that generates living wages for the families of a State .
      What about Florida’s ability to control Seniors Health Care Costs ?? This Global Tax will be like Hyper Inflation on Everything the USA needs to survive at the quality of life that we have today .

      With Obama supporting the United Nations Global Tax , California Gas Prices might be due to part of the Tax the State places on the Imported Fuel that is going to pay the United Nations Global Tax ???

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      bob, the problem with your idea is that in four more years they’ll give us some more lousy candidates to choose from and then AGAIN we’ll be forced to vote for the lesser of two evils! This is the problem with letting THEM decide who we can vote for. It will never end! We will never have a president who has the country’s best interest at heart!

      • tony

        Nancy go ahead and vote Obama back in and Prepare to see this take over your Income and you income go to fund extremists that are wanting to dominate your life and your families life like a SERF we will be in their Grip .

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        tony, it won’t make any difference. All of this did not just happen in the last four years. It’s been happening, quietly, covertly for many years, under many presidents! obumass is just a little more overt! It would be a very big mistake to think that we could eliminate the problem by eliminating obumass! Our entire government has been infiltrated by the enemy! This was something they’ve ALL done together! Changing the puppet at the top, won’t change anything! We need to take BACK our government! It’s OURS! Not theirs!

        • tony

          Nancy I agree with you but I would Like to see what Romney will do to keep the USA out in front of this Global Cabal , because we know Obama will Lead the USA behind this Globalism and allow the Central Government to form NOW , I think Romney would see this Central Government as a Threat to the Dollar as Global Trade currency and he would fight to restore the dollars Relevance in keeping the globalists acceptance of the dollar . If we lose this Standing we will quickly devalue to BELOW 3rd World Status and civil breakdown of US would be immediate the goal of Obama to transform the USA to a Totalitarian state to stop the Dollar dominance as trade currency . This is why he is duping everyone into thinking the debt is no big deal to allow the time to fully collapse the dollars relevancy in foreign trade . Have you ever read this , its why the Globalists are caballing to form the New World Order ?

        • tony

          Nancy If you are an Environmentalist extremists you want the dollar to end because it represents expansion and development of earth’s resources for the benefit and increased quality of Human Life that these Environmentalist extremists see as Killing Earth , and the Obama Administrations Regulatory policies reflect these views . Using the destabilizing of the Oil market with the eruption of the Middle east will force the Rejection of the dollar first in OPEC then the BRIC will follow , if Obama is to retain Power and finish this Mission .

          The Key to Ending the Dollar as worlds Trade currency lies in the Destabilization of the Middle East’s current leaders in the region with the rise of a New Power source , enter the Obama and NATO Enabled Muslim Brotherhood , S&P and Obama conspire to end dollar as worlds trade currency

      • http://none Claire

        Nancy–you go girl! I am in total agreement.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        tony, I’ll make it simple. I think romney’s one of them! Duh! And I think the reason they’re destroying the dollar is so that we’ll be helpless and will have no choice but to go to the fema camps and do whatever we’re told! They don’t really care about the environment. They just made up all that global warming crap to scare us and control us!

        • tony

          so what is your plan nancy ?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        tony, my plan is to wait for everybody else to catch up. There’s strength in numbers!

  • rayshelt

    Based on Warrior’s comments above (and those who agree with him), it looks like they feel George W. Bush was competent enough to run the world’s largest economy, and capable of doing all the things he claims Obama isn’t capable of). Well, from what I’ve seen, “W” couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag for one, couldn’t string a sentence together without tripping all over himself and was a national embarrassment in foreign affairs. Both “W” and his dad had a very cozy business and personal relationship with the Saudis (in particular Osama Bin Laden’s older brother…not a mere coincidence). Bush Sr., Rumsfeld and many neocons were great pals of Saddam Hussein, as long as he did their bidding (including genocide). Let’s not forget, this gang went to war based on lies and were responsible for killing thousands of our troops and many, many more innocent people. And let’s not also forget the incompetent Clarence Thomas, Justice Scalia’s lapdog, who has never had any legal opinions of his own…and now he has a lifetime gig at the Supreme Court! Compared to this bunch, Obama does not come out looking too bad…and I’m no Obama fan!

    • Vigilant

      “And let’s not also forget the incompetent Clarence Thomas, Justice Scalia’s lapdog, who has never had any legal opinions of his own…and now he has a lifetime gig at the Supreme Court!”

      And if you believe that, you are a dutiful media lapdog. As if Kagan and Sotomayor are not in Obama’s stable.

      “In his twenty terms as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas has written nearly 450 opinions. Although they are readily available to the American people, much of the public continues to base its view of Thomas merely on reporting of the media.” (

      The dissenting opinion in “Kelo vs. New London, CT” case is a masterpiece of legal scholarship, to name just one opinion.

      It’s better to test the depth of the water with only one foot at a time.

  • Glen

    I’m not sure the Ron Paul people are “whining.” Seems more like they are standing for their convictions. It may not prove to be wise to focus on an absolute such as they believe in and incidently so do I but we should also not condemn them for “standing for something lest they should fall for anything.”

  • Palin16

    Hussein Obama, better get ready for another schellacking. Cut the deficit in half in your first term? What a joke! Close Gitmo in one year? How’s that workin’ out for ya? The Great Uniter who doesn’t see red states and blue states, only a United States of America? Tell us more, Hussein!

  • sara

    The cost of food is going up so high now rent then theirs other bills you gotta pay for carfare, personals etc… what job these day and ages are they talking about to get or have to where you don’t need food stamps a little extra help when all their nearly are is these stupid minimum wage jobs the majority of jobs that are offered now these days! but even with a job,food stamps,unemployment benefits you can still nearly starve remember from your job everyone get paid twice a week and that got to go straight to rent your check usually amounts up to your rent a month or most of the time your rent is more then your check where is your food money now?! if from food stamps remember that comes once a month! you get less food now because the cost of food you can’t afford it went up so your food do not cover for that whole month! now your in what they call that dry spell moment meaning when your refrigorater, your cabnets are empty maybe you have two dollars in your bank account well at least you are not totally bank rupt at this moment at least you have the lint and tumble weeds to keep your two dollar company until next pay ok i could break this down and explain it a little better but this topic is just too sad and emotional for me that im startting to not to spell right but i’ll have to say this it is not a wise choice for anyone who is struggling like this or worst to vote for anyone one who has plans to really make it worst then this for you who plans on taking a way medicade,medicare, job programs, childerns learning programs, foodstamps, more jobs, taking away housing for the low income, prejudice toward Afro-americans, spanish etc… that really has plans to get rid of us.thats another deep subject to where you got to really look that stuff up your self it’s all a distraction i see through the bull do you alot are still asleep.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You did take a breath somewhere in your tirade?
      You already decided to vote for O, so why did you come to this site to speak that fact.

      • http://none Claire

        It is called “Freedom of Speech.” We are all entitled to freedom of speech.

      • http://none Claire

        There ARE honest poor. I know people that are really struggling through no fault of their own. It seems like if they didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all. I will not pounce on anyone’s misfortune unless I KNOW the facts.

    • uvuvuv

      sara, food stamp problems? why not come here, we have a food pantry as big as a full service grocery store where just give food away. you should see the $30,000 chevy s10s out in front. so let’s not hear any complaints about food stamps not paying enough. go where the free food is. also, if you bought basic commodities with your food stamps they would go further. flour, sugar, powdered milk, dried split peas, ground beef, etc. if you buy twinkies and mountain dew well you do have a problem.

  • SBO-small bus.owner

    “To Strive, To Seek, To Find, And Not To Yield.”
    A.L. Tennyson
    The AMERICAN way!

  • APN

    I’ve said it for months, ODUMBO will be defeated in a land-slide. His numbers will continually drop, like the dumb rock he is, before election day.

    • deerinwater

      I’d enjoy placing a bet with you ~ as I don’t see any landslide ~ but I like the fact that you do and would enjoy wagering with you.

      The voting will be even and won by less then 4% ~ while a repeat debacle of 2000 general is not out of the question. I’d say voting irregularities and a close election is almost assured at this point ~ leaving it to our courts to decide any winner.

      At this point, anything the American people can do to defeat themselves and drain their money and spirit is what they will do.

      • Shane

        Cute, but dishonest deerinwater. Less than 4%, could still result in a electoral landslide. My issue is not what the final figures will be, or the current polls. Not taking a position, as I read tea leaves very poorly. But your offer of a bet using he 4% figure, is not the story that i have hearing from different sources, that mainly deal with the electoral college figures. After all, maybe you don’t know. But the total vote figures don’t elect the president. I would have thought that you knew that, with your favorite band being “let’s keep counting chats, for eons and eons….yea, yea, yea.”

  • http://none Claire

    All I can say is: God help us all.

    • deerinwater

      I’ve miss you Claire ~ hope all is well.

      • http://none Claire

        deerinwater–I miss Bob terribly but I am doing fine. The dogs are keeping me busy! Getting ready for a big dog show coming up.
        I cannot believe some people think Romney is the answer. It is almost laughable. Remember when people referred to Obama as “the messiah” and “the anointed one?” Looks like with some folks, Romney is the messiah, the anointed one. Romney has sheeple too! What goes around comes around. As I said before Romney will not be America’s “savior.” The past 4 years for Obama has been a real hassle. The Republicans voted no or fiibustered everything he tried to do. But the Republicans decided to do that the moment Obama stepped into office. They voted “no” on things they were “for” in earlier times. If Romney is elected and the Dems control the Senate, the Dems may decide to do the same thing the Republicans did. This is why I said it was laughable. “What goes around comes around.”
        Have you heard about the petition going around against Limbaugh? People want him off armed services radio. I signed it. Another laughable thought–who will he bitch and moan about if Romney is elected? He is going to have to find new victims. Who will be the next person to make him grunt, sigh, drum his knuckles on the desk , stutter, rant and rave like a lunatic?
        I am still aggravated with the upcoming election. I will not vote for a con-artist. A third party sounds better all the time.

      • deerinwater

        Well ~ hang tough Claire ~ only time eases the pain of great loss. ~ I did miss you.

    • Shane

      I thought that Obama had both houses of congress for the first two years, part of that with a super majority. I don’t remember the congressional democrats working closely with Bush, except for a short period of time when they had to after 911. If it sounds like I’m attacking democrats and standing up for republican. Your lacking in the gray matter. My comment is about your blinders and lack of personal honesty. I sure if you have a favorite football team, they never hold, block in the back, or interfer on a pass. Just the other team. Your comment on Limbaugh is old news. You may want to fact check your emails from your liberal sites. But if you want, and deeinwater whom like to bet. I’d take a couple grand, and give some odds that the miltary supports Rush over Obama. Not even close. But my comment is not a defense of Rush. I’m just amazed at the self delusion of so many. Let’s discuss real issues, not Rush, or excuses over why Obama did not get ALL that he wanted. After all, it’s not a dictatorship, yet.

  • Palin16

    I am not a political science professor, but here is my own election model. In every single presidential election since I was born, in head to head competition, governors beat senators or congressmen, even if these senators are the incumbent president:

    Jimmy Carter, Gov of Georgia beat Gerald Ford, congressman from Michigan (and incumbent)
    Ronald Reagan, Gov of Calif beat Walter Mondale, Senator from Minnesota.
    Bill Clinton, Gov of Arkansas beat HW Bush, congressman from Mass (and incumbent).
    Bill Clinton again beat Bob Dole, Senate Majority Leader.
    George W Bush, Gov of Texas beat Al Gore, Senator from Tennessee.
    George W Bush also beat John Kerry, Senator from Mass.

    Should this model continue, Mitt Romney, Gov of Mass beats Obama, Senator from Illinois.

    If you’re wondering the last time a senator beat a governor….Truman vs Dewey.

    • deerinwater

      Seem they are a sucker for a HILL outsider. ~ Why? ~ a Senator knows where the bodies are buried would be my guess. An unknown to the ways of Capital Hill makes more things inside the realm of possibilities , willing to settle for an unknown rather then accept a known status quo.

  • Richard Amodeo

    I am not going to boast as to who I think will win in November because I, nor anyone else, really knows the answer to that question. I have looked at numerous polls with widely different outcomes. I do like the model used by Ken Bickers and Michael Berry because it is not a poll at all and therefore it can not be skewed like a poll. The fact that they have been accurate in their analysis for almost 30 years, gives them a level of credibilty. My sense of the election is that it is turning in Mr. Romneys favor, however, I would not make any assertions based on that. This election is by far the most contentious I have ever experienced. I will be relieved upon its conclusion.

  • Kyle

    Historian Allen Lichtman’s 13-key model predicts Obama will win, and it has been accurate for 7 elections in a row. If you apply the same rules of the model to years before it was published, it’s accurate for a total of 38 elections.

    What track record does THIS model have? Is this their 1st time testing it?
    I notice they cite “economic conditions” as a key reason for Romney…..
    but presidents have been re-elected (by landslide margins) with higher unemployment than this. Frank Roosevelt won 46 states with unemployment at 46%. Reagan won 49 states with unemploymetn above 7%. It’s not so much that unemployment was “high” but that it was “moving in the right direction” – and in this case it certainly is – it dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%.

  • SJJolly

    Voodo political modeling: Create a “wax doll” model of US politics. Stick pins in it, to try to influence reality.

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