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Political Pundit Maddow Takes On Perpetual War

March 27, 2012 by  

Political Pundit Maddow Takes On Perpetual War
Rachel Maddow believes Americans have become desensitized to war.

MSNBC political pundit Rachel Maddow, promoting her new book, “Drift,” on Meet the Press Sunday, echoed the sentiments of Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul as she discussed the United States’ state of perpetual war.

Maddow said the United States is engaged in a continual war, the effects of which most Americans do not feel. This comes at a high moral cost to the country. The result, she believes, is that the civilian population feels that the military is not engaged in protecting the country, but the government’s interests.

“It’s been bothering me for a very long time, this idea that we’ve made a series of changes over time, over the course of my lifetime, I think, that in all cases have made it easier, have made it a little friction, given us less friction, toward using war,” Maddow said. “Less political friction, less public… discomfort with it, in a way that we have gone to war so frequently and felt it so much less. It bothers me emotionally, and so I wanted to treat it in a long-form way so I could really lay out the case.”

The pundit said that the military has become isolated from the political process, which has resulted in the creation of a runaway “military superstructure” in the Nation. By making it easy to go to war without angering Americans, Maddow contends, the war for profit machine in the United States has been allowed to grow out of control because Americans have become desensitized to the horrors of war.

An excerpt from Maddow’s book can be read here.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    Maddow makes some very good points (from the article). Sounds like a good read.

    • DavidL

      Agreed. I have seen her show a few times and I appreciate the fact that she attempts to be fair to all sides. She even asks guests, before she starts asking them questions, whether she has fairly characterized their positions. Unfortunately, not enough Conservative Republicans are willing to go on her show and let their positions and arguments be subject to possible challenge by opposing views.

      • mark

        No but really. in this article she is making good points but on her show she is as bad as watching nancy grace

      • joe1cr

        As Nancy Pelosi would say ARE YOU SERIOUS, ARE YOU SERIOUS. I bet you watch Ed. Christ and the other liberal Idiots also.

        • RichE

          Liberals are idiots
          Thomas Jefferson was a liberal
          Therefore the constitution was written by an idiot

          Way to go joe1cr!

      • http://naver samurai

        Well RichE, the liberals then believed in democracies and republics, unlike the ones we have now. Second, he wrote the Declaration of Independence, but James Madison is known as the father of the Constitution as he wrote it. Need to get your facts straight before you post. Joe is right about the liberals of today. They are nothing more than traitors and cowards out to shred the Constitution, the traditional family, promote eugenics, promote perverted lifestyles, and undermine our Christian founding. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • RichE

          Sorry, let me get the facts straight,
          Thomas Jefferson a liberal wrote the Declaration of Independence
          James Madison a radical liberal father of the Constitution
          Now where are the conservatives?

      • http://naver samurai

        You mean like Washington, Adams, and Hamilton RichE? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. Our Revolution was more conservative than the French Revolution, but the libs always refer to that one and not our own. It could be that in France they threw away everything traditional and constructed the country on radical beliefs.

    • Eric Siverson

      There is a difference in what is best for the American people and what is best for the worlds people . Just like what is better for the future , and what is better for the present . Or what is better for the employer or the employee . No question about it the american people have lost almost all control of this goverenment . Congress themselves may have lost control of this goverenment if war can be initiated and the goverenment only informs congress we are going to war after getting aprovual from the United Nations or NATO . We obviously under these circumstances have lost all control of our situation . There is a bill warning the president of immediate impeachment proceeding against him if this happends . This is a good bill I hope they all support it . trouble is this bill should have been passed twenty to forty yrs ago . This is at least a start in taking a little control back . You see I trust the U.S congress more than NATO or the United Nations to look out better for me .

  • Norm

    Whether or not you agree with Rachel, you have to respect her intellect and nonbelligerent attitudes.
    Unlike her right wing counterparts, she is objective and truthful, and possesses a good knowledge of history and reality

    • You better turn up the sound on your tv

      Non beligerant? you’ve got to be kidding or you have NEVER seen her on TV, she is right next to rosie odonell as beligerant.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Apparently her time on her show is over and she has to make her quick millions before she is relegated to history’s dustbin.

      • Robin Carlisle

        I don’t believe her time is almost over. I believe it is just getting started!

    • http://naver samurai

      Ha, ha, ha, ha! You can’t be serious can you? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Her knowledge of history is so tainted by the progressives and revisionists that it is basically non-existant. Is she intelligent? No. Why? For she is only doing and saying what she is told by her masters, nothing more. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bellagram

        So nice to know that you think people who receive Rhodes Scholarships are not intelligent. She received one and she went to Oxford where she received a Doctor in Philosophy (DPhil) in politics in 2001. She does not need to get her views or positions from any *master*, she (obviously) is very intelligent, and is very capable of doing her own research and forming her own opinions.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

        Dr. Joseph Goebbels, German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, one of Adolf Hitler’s closest associates and most devout followers. He also earned a Ph.D. He also worked as a journalist. He also wrote novels, but they were rejected by publishers. How he ended? Goebbels and his wife killed their six young children and then committed suicide.

        Friedrich Nietzsche also was philosopher, who declared that “God is dead”. Nietzsche suffered a mental collapse, but God was, is and always will be alive.

        Conclusion: People with PERVERT distorted and twisted mind easy can receive Doctor in Philosophy in liberal universities.

        • RichE

          Yep, I see the correlation between PhDs , twisted minds and liberal universities, but I bet it was the romantic drama. LOL

          Goebbels earned a Ph.D. from Heidelberg University in 1921, writing his doctoral thesis on 19th century romantic drama; he then went on to work as a journalist and later a bank clerk and caller on the stock exchange.

      • http://naver samurai

        Wrong answer Bellgram. I didn’t say she isn’t intelligent due to her education, but she has been fully indoctrinated into the liberal sphere of thinking. If you and RichE think you’re so smart, then try answering questions I’ve posted before. How many times is God mentioned or refered to in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? How many times is Jesus refered to in the Constitution? Maddow doesn’t know and this shows her lack of intelligence about our founding. Enough said. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. Hitler had no college education, but look what he was able to do through years of self study and observations.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Alondra

        RichE, It does not matter the name of the University or the thesis’ theme. The FACT is that PERVERT distorted and twisted liberal mind PERVERTS, DISTORS and TWISTS reality and common sense. Leftists’ propaganda is and always was destructive for the human society because of its mad idiocy and absurdity.

        Statistics show that conservatives live happier and longer life than liberals, because liberals are poisoning their hearts and mind with hate, envy and arrogance.

    • Cherokee Lady

      A really big LOL!

      • Jet

        LOL!!! I agree!

      • http://naver samurai

        You have to excuse Norm as he seems to be punch drunk on kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • roger gunderson

    I agree 100%. We the people are the only avenue to rein in our out of control government and were doing a lousy job. I don’t see much hope for America that’s becoming a 3rd world status and a corrupt ” for profit” government.

    • Donald York

      Vote out Obama.

  • s c

    No, kids, I DON”T have to ‘respect’ her “intellect and nonbelligerent attitudes.” That’s a cop-out. It’s a case of a utopian defending another utopian. Somebody let us know how long it takes for this ‘mental giant’ to claim that IT’S ALL GB’s FAULT.
    Has anyone taken the time to figure out how it is that the current W H ‘God’ just can’t seem to get our military out of war after after war? If that ‘mental giant’ Maddow wants or needs a quick way to understand what’s going on, she can do some quick reading – and consult a few conservatives – and she’ll get a cram course in how and why America has been on its ‘war of the year’ program for MANY years.
    It doesn’t take a single party to keep this charade going. It takes BOTH major parties and generations of no guts, no integrity, ‘my ass belongs to someone else’ freedom-hating slimers. And they’re still lined up, waiting for their chance to get elected and screw up America ‘for our own good.’
    I can’t stomach the rantings of a hardcore utopian as a rule. Someone who can get close to being to objective needs to inform us as to Maddow’s “objectivity.” I get all the insanity I need with Das Kapital and Mein Kampf. Those authors were both utopians, but they’re also DEAD. Their unbridled egos made them what they were.
    So, is Maddow hard up for money? Does she think utopians need to protect their unearned reputations? Can’t she make it on talk radio? Is she betting on riding Obummer’s shirttails while he’s in office? Has she ever read anything ‘deeper’ than Alinsky or Zbig?
    Intellect and nonbelligerent attitudes. Stick it where the sun don’t shine, utopians. Opinions and facts are opposites, children.

    • RichE

      It’s sad when those in line don’t realize they’re in line.

      • Norm

        My exact feelings every time I listen to a con job from Rush or Sean.

        • RichE

          Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity — reportedly make more than $20 million each year, Rachel Maddow $2 million. I think I’m in the wrong line. LOL.

      • http://naver samurai

        Norm, you forgot to mention Chris Mathews, the MSM, Hitlery, Rosie O’Donnel (Her show was cancelled by Oprah, thank God!), Roseanne Barr, and many other wackos. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://naver samurai

        I guess you are talking about yourself, eh RichE? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • RichE

          Are you desirous of a following samurai?

      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry dude, but I’m just posting facts and sources. If you don’t believe the truth, that’s on you. But alas! Libs never do like hearing the truth. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Sirian

      Well said s c, very well said!

      • http://naver samurai

        I second that motion! :-) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • eddie47d

    These perpetual wars are damaging the integrity of our nation and we need to continually ask ourselves why do the elites keep sneaking them in? I sincerely hope her book is a best seller and maybe should be issued to every member of Congress.

    • s c

      This is about as polite as I can get with you, ‘e.’ WHAT makes you think the SOBs and DOBs in Congress can READ? Wasn’t that healthcare scam enough proof for you that those retards don’t read ANYTHING? Your standards for elected filth are TOO LOW, ‘e.’

    • http://naver samurai

      You mean the wars against traditional marriage, the unborn, morals, ethics, the Constitution, and our Christian heritage? These I would agree with you. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • kkflash

    Just so we’re clear at the outset – I don’t like Rachel Maddow’s views on just about everything politica, but this is a case where Maddow has it correct. The profiteering war machine must stop, and there are many reasons, both economic and moral. Ron Paul’s election as President and Commander-in-Chief is our chance to do something about it.

    Norm, in case you thought I was going to ignore your assertion that those on the right are neither objective nor truthful, I’m not. I’m also not going to spend a great deal of my time refuting your stupid, lying remark because you’re just not worth it.

  • Richard Vartanian

    I have to disagree with Rachel as she is part of the problem her being such a radical LIBERAL. Her network keep attacking the Fox network mainly because her network along with the others are losing watchers. They have a habit of not telling the American public the truth.
    The Democratic party is not the party that I have known in my 79 yrs .Presidents Roosevelt & Truman must be very upset in their graves. This Party has become more socialistic in their philosophy. We as a country are going the wrong direction, Obama is the main problem. I hope the Nov.2012 election puts him out of office, otherwise we will be governed by a dictator. If he had been a Republican, Congress would have Impeached him.
    Hope Freedom Rings from God, as this is a Christian nation.

    • Doc Sarvis

      So you dissagree with her on this issue? That puts you at odds with Ron Paul on this as well.

      • Richard D. Vartanian

        Doc Sarvis:
        For that reason I do not back Ron Paul. He is a Isolationist.which we as a Leader amongst nations of this world can’t function in that respect. Just think If we had been that way in both World wars, and Korean war how do you think the kind of society we would be living under?
        We as a country can’t function under :LIBERAL philosophy.
        With Obama we have gone too far to the left. When is that going to sink into the minds of the masses? .

        • revnowwhilewecan

          “Ceasing to deal with other nations with threats of violence is not isolationism, it is the opposite, opening ourselves up to friendship, honest trade and diplomacy is a foreign policy of peace and prosperity.” –Ron Paul

    • Robin Carlisle

      There is only one issure to your statement Richard…. this is not an ALL christian nation obviously. Take a look around. Maybe in your mind… but not in reality.

      • http://naver samurai

        Being a Christian nation means we were founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Biblical law taken directly from the Old and New Testiments, our laws based on the 10 Commandments, and a deep, rich belief in nature and nature’s God. All you have to do is look at our founding documents, memorials, the Liberty Bell, past legislation, and court cases to know this. Though not every one in this country is a Christian, but the Christian faith, Bible, and teachings of Jesus is what this country was founded on. Read our history and have your lib mind awakened. Good Job in telling the truth Richard, but don’t expect the libs on this site to understand. They have had their minds closed to the truth for too long. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • RichE

          Mr. Historian, did they base manifest destiny on the bible or did they have their minds closed to the truth?

      • http://naver samurai

        I was talking about our founding and not Manifest Destiny. Nice try in changing the subject, but let’s stick to this one. Libs tend to change the subject when you are right and they cannot prove otherwise. How about this one, is secession legal under the Constitution? Are state sponsored religions allowed? Many of the libs beliefs of abortion, gay marriage, and other things are either Unconstitutional or not at all mentioned, like marriage or behavior. Answer these questions, then I’ll answer yours. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • RichE

          Oh, your lesson applied to a specific time in history. In that case I’ll concede. Anyone can make a case about anything when taken out of the context of the whole.

      • http://naver samurai

        The same with you, eh RichE? Since God is mentioned in every State Constitution, on our memorials, Levicitus 25:10 on the Liberty Bell, state sponsored religions are possible under the 10th Amendment, etc., your arguement falls flat. Remember, the only time Manifest Destiny had a clash of arms was the War with Mexico. Louisiana Territory, the Oregon Territory, the purchasing of Alaska from Russia, and the annexing of Hawaii were all done by peaceful, diplomatic means. Neeeeed to brush up more on your history. “This nation is a Christian nation.” Church of the Holy Trinity vs. U.S. SCOTUS 1892. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. Nice try RichE, but you have failed in your attempt.

        • RichE

          If you say so.

      • http://naver samurai

        If you think that I and my sources are wrong RichE, then posts some of your own. I don’t mind educating a little lib mind of the truth about our history. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://n/a Shawn Sargent

    I agree with Maddow 100%: As a Gulf War Veteran and a Citizen of the United States, I have seen first hand both sides of the fence.
    In my reserve Military Service to My country, I have seen several military bases in the U.S., some small, and have visited one of the largest bases in this Country.
    I am also a college graduate; have gained a very wide base of knowledge of the Globe, having studied Geography, environmental issues, economics, and human rights.
    An alarming amount of The People of the United States, are truely sheltered, insulated, or
    just simply to busy with their lives to care about what the Military Complex is doing in the name of Democracy.
    The latest argument that the Complex is using today to keep this Nation in a State of Perpetual War is Terrorism.
    Terrorism aka, the War on Terror, has existed as long as the human race has existed, and it is this war on terror that needs a ” Mission Accomplished ” statement to be issued.
    It is this statement, that is very late in being issued, in my opinion as soon as Osama Binladen was killed, earlier this year.
    As a Citizen of a Democratic Nation, and a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War, I am doing my part to educate my peers, that War is supposed to be used as a last resort.
    War: Destroys; air, water, land, infrastructure, government, ideas, and human life.
    War: Creates; genocide, environmental contamination, political unrest, increases likelyhood of civil war, production of more improvised weapons, and most importantly more incidents of terrorism.
    In my life experiences and education, it is Democracy that offers the only real and tangible hope to stop perpetual war.
    This can only be done through Diplomacy, and using War as an absolute last resort.
    The War on Terror, must be ended immediately!!!

    • kkflash

      SS, the War on Terror will never end until those who use terror as a political and religious tool abandon their irrational but rationalized belief in terror’s justifiable use. It’s certainly premature to declare this war at an end, but it’s not too early to shift the strategy to one of heightened, defensive vigilance rather than aggressive retaliation and vengeance.

      Obama has been a failure for America in so many ways, I don’t know where to begin to enumerate them, and I certainly had no expectations that he’d do anything that would turn out to be good for us citizens, but there is one area I thought he might be able to make some progress. I thought his Muslim roots might allow him to tame somewhat the radical Islamic element worldwide through diplomacy with Islam’s leaders. I had hoped he might quell the fires of jihad, and make good on his promise to end our warring Mideast presence. Alas, he seems to have failed this as well, as his latest posturing toward Iran is sure to result in terrorist retaliation at some point – likely sooner rather than later.

      We need to move all our wars to our own shores, and make our national defense more of a domestic, and less of an international affair. I’m not talking about complete isolationism, but certainly our worldwide military presence is more of a threat to others than it is a protection for us. Do we need to continually prove we’re the toughest kid on the block by bullying every country whose interests conflict with ours? That philosophy has kept us involved in one war or another throughout most of our nation’s existence, and I think it’s time we tried to find peace by minding our own business. I’ve always liked Teddy Roosevelt’s philosophy of walking softly and carrying a big stick, but it seems we just can’t walk around with it without whacking someone regularly, just to prove it works.

      Rachel Maddow would never admit to sharing her view with Ron Paul, but the article correctly points out that their views are similar on this issue. It may be the one piece of common ground conservatives and liberals can meet on to begin solving our common problems.

    • carrobin

      Unfortunately, as long as war brings in profits for corporations and gives an aura of power to governments, and as long as most men and a few women find it exciting to take up weapons and go after “the enemy,” it’s inevitable. The human race is a warlike bunch, but the more rational of us must keep trying to rein it back when it becomes an accepted situation instead of a necessary conflict.

    • James

      Shawn, all due respect but our endless warmongering in the Middle East is to further the aims of Israel. Not one of those nations was any threat to the United States, whatsoever, and in the case of Libya, President Obama had no congressional authority at all. The Executive Branch obviously has an agenda of its own, which is contrary to what the majority of Americans want. And the sad thing is, with 49% of Americans on the take for all or part of their income, he’ll be re-elected easily.

      • Edmund Burke

        When Saudis at the encouragement of Saddam Hussein snuck into this country to hijack our planes, kill their passengers and crew, and use those planes to blow up civilian and military targets on our shores, it is hard to say our natural response to these warlike attacks was solely to advance the aims of Israel. The first Bush’s liberation of Kuwait with the full support of the Saudis and the UN was solely for Israel? Rooting out the Taliban and Al Qaida from Afganistan was for Israel? Being upset that Iran was sneaking into Iraq to kill our citizens was solely to help Israel. War for oil and corporate profits makes more sense ,though we took no oil from Iraq without paying for it, makes more sense, but not much. Most Americans retailiated against 9-11 for the obvious reasons, to make sure it did not happen again. Since 1945 and since 2001 respectively we have not gotten attacked by Nazis, or by the Japanese Navy or by terrorists blowing up our domestic buildings ever again so it is hard to say our brand of retaliation does not work. It takes two to tango and it takes two to fight a war, but I never hear a utopian give a fair and balanced view of those who attack us for contrived and exaggerated reasons. Democracies are slow to anger, but like the US Marines, terrible in their vengeance. I hope our demented and confused enemies never forget that. I know they are weak but that is no reason to promote and export aggressive nationalistic wars disguised as international religious terrorism. Despite what Maddow says, we have a right to oppose and stop it, even by force if necessary.

      • James

        Edmund B., Shortly after 9/11, the FBI released color head-shot pictures of the nineteen supposed hi-jackers. It gave their names and the airline flight numbers of the planes they were on. Since then, it has been discovered that at least nine of these men are still alive and well in the Middle East, and upon questioning, knew absolutely nothing about the details of the 9/11 attack. Also the surveillance cameras at the airports where these men supposedly boarded these aircraft, there is no evidence that any such Arab or Muslim men were present.
        World Trade Center Bldg. 7′s lobby was destroyed by explosives in the morning, while the twin towers were still standing. There were two eyewitness city employees who were inside Bldg. 7 when that happened and have stated that publicly. And there are at least nine eyewitnesses who saw a Boeing plane buzz the Pentagon, then fly away, without hitting it at all. There is evidence that the Pentagon was struck by a missile though.
        If 9/ll was an inside job, as more and more investigaters are concluding, then it would appear that the attack was staged in order to get Congress to approve the attack on Iraq, which had weapons that could attack Israel and were threatening to do so. Iran is no threat to the United States either, but it is a threat to Israel and that’s why we will go to war there.

  • RichE

    It’s sad when those in the back of the line name-call those in the front of the line.

  • Allan Denial

    In his 1956 book, The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills, a professor of sociology at Columbia, dubbed this perspective “military metaphysics,” which he characterized as “the cast of mind that defines international reality as basically military.” Those embracing this mind-set no longer considered genuine, lasting peace to be plausible. Rather, peace was at best a transitory condition, “a prelude to war or an interlude between wars.”

  • Dale on the left coast

    Since WWII America has played the role of “Global Policeman” . . . much to the delight of the Euros and others who mostly watched for 60 years.
    How do you think the “Cold War” would have worked out without America?
    What would have happened in Korea? How about takeover of Kuwait, would Sadam today control huge oil reserves? Or if we had hid under the bed as Fat Al would have done after 9/11?
    The world today would be a much more dangerous place without US involvement . . . imagine a world where the Chinese and the Russians were the “peacekeepers” . . .
    Today America’s biggest threat is from the “Welfare State Establishment” . . . Ike also warned us about this . . . the unmotivated, unwashed and illegals are fast becoming a majority today . . . what will happen when they decide to Take what they want?

    • RichE

      That’s funny, {snip} “The world today would be a much more dangerous place without US involvement . . . ” You need to Google Osama Bin Laden and the CIA involvement. LOL.

    • True Texan

      You make a very good point. When a large part of the total population has no vested interest in the welfare of the USA except the money extracted and sent to their homeland, that can be a huge leverage over us. In some cases when they become restless and appear threathened, their past instincts often become violent. What does happen then?

    • http://naver samurai

      Well said! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://LibertyAlert Ron Nunn

    #1. Vote ALL the BUMS out.
    #2 Bring back the DRAFT.
    When people have skin in the Game they pay attention. If we ALL might be placed in Harms Way, we’ll pay stricter attention. Now only the few are directly affected and they “Asked for it.” (Enlisted)
    #3 Repeal the Patriot Act.
    #4 Elect people like Rand and Ron Paul.
    #5 Stand up for the Constitution. Impeach, Re-call, vote out, those who don’t.
    #6 Reduce Federal Government. Dump EPA, Education, Energy Depts and Obamacare.

  • Dad

    I can’t condone anyone that blames the military or holds them accountable for the evils of our despicable, re-engineered society. There are many Americans that have answered the call… and many Americans that are placed in harms way today… all doing the tough jobs required for our personal freedoms. This author, like most liberals, have been given this gift… free of charge… which is why they do not appreciate it. What have they done? An opinion is just flapping their jaws… contributing nothing.
    Real Americans understand the sacrifices in war… and in just holding a job, raising a family, paying their bills, helping their friends… because these sacrifices are given every day without complaint. That is why there is little respect for the parasites and deadbeats that want to coast on our efforts.
    If you want to stay out of a war, stop giving away the hard earned freedoms earned by the majority of Americans. Start by embracing morals, integrity, and character. This requires work and commitment. Liberals do not give to anyone because they have nothing to give… that they haven’t taken from someone else.
    I appreciate the work… and the lives… given by our young men and women in the armed services. Likewise, I despise the ones that don’t.

  • Norm

    Maddow earned a degree in public policy from Stanford in 1994. At graduation she was awarded the John Gardner Fellowship. She was also the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship and began her postgraduate study in 1995 at Lincoln College, Oxford. In 2001, she earned a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in politics from Oxford University.
    Limbaugh began his career in radio as a teenager in 1967 in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, using the name Rusty Sharpe. Limbaugh graduated from Cape Girardeau, Missouri Central High School, in 1969. Because of his parents’ desire to see him attend college, he enrolled in Southeast Missouri State University but left the school after two semesters and one summer. According to his mother, “he flunked everything”. I rest my case.

    • http://naver samurai

      Then why is Rush more adored and has more followers than Maddow? College is a good thing, but I’ve known people that had college, enlisted, and couldn’t comprehend the making of hospital corners on their bunks. She may have more education, but her liberal mind is so scewd to the left, all intelligence has left her mind. She is nothing more than a puppet on a string for people like Soros, the Bilderbergs, and others. Not much intelligence there. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • RichE

        Why is Rush more adored, he’s a better pole dancer.

      • http://naver samurai

        Because he tells it like it is and doesn’t scew things to the far left of center. Rush tends to go by facts and what is going on in Washington, but Maddow only says what her masters (Soros, Bilderbergs, etc) want her to say. I’ll bet she doesn’t know how many references to God there are in the Declaration of Independence. Do you? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • s c

      ‘N,’ what is it about the utopian mind that loves to compare apples and oranges? You could call Maddow a “success,” if you’re a utopian drooling at the prospect of defending a utopian. You dare to imply that Maddow’s so-called accomplishments in “academics” makes her superior to Limbaugh.
      You’d have have to be an utter, self-made retard to claim that Limbaugh has been a failure. By the way, utopian. Ask Bill Gates about the ‘joys’ of being at a university for longer than necessary. You ain’t got no case, Bubba.
      If Maddow was really a success, she wouldn’t suck up to any and all social engineers, false icons or freedom-hating slimers you think are ‘gods.’

      • http://naver samurai

        Well said! :-) FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Richard D. Vartanian

    Rachel Maddow apparently flunked American History.
    Like Obama she feels that we are the cause of the World’s problems.
    I would challenge her by asking her: “Where would this world be in the last 200 yrs. if the United States hadn’t been around?” We have as a nation done so much for other countries that were faced with many hardships. Too numerous to put on this page.
    This is a Christian Nation created from the masses from other countries who fled here because of Persucution & Slaughter of it’s citizens. I am a son of Armenian parents who fled Ottoman Turkey who massacred many Armenians that were christians and refused to change to the Muslim religion. We lost millions in the first part of the 20th century. So I know what this country stands for and I don’t like the philosophy that the progressive Liberals are preaching along with Obama.
    I also learned a lot of my country being a Korean War veteran.

    • OB1

      God bless you and your family. One of my father’s closest friends fled Armenia after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Most Americans do not understand what happened, nor very little about the Orthodox Apostolic Church. Your post brought up many memories. So, I am going to post the history of the Judaic Russian Holocaust the resulted with Marixism after the breakdown in Europe after World War I. Let’s just start with this:

      Why did we enter WWI? Had we not, there would have been NO victor, just another European war as they had for centuries with the ensuing stalemate. Instead, our entry quickly tipped the scale and there was a victor. The result was grossly punitive terms forced on Germany and the end of the Ottoman Empire. That ushered in Hitler and a political vacuum in the middle east which is still being filled. So, why did we? We had nothing to gain. There Germans published warnings in 50 US newspapers telling people NOT to sail on the Luisitania because it was a ship loaded with munitions and supplies for England and France and they were at war with Germany. A 193 American’s were killed when it sank and it took 2 more years before that pretext was used to enter the war. What is far more likely to have been the cause is that the Morgan Bank, represented by Henry Davison, in 1914 became the issuer of War Bonds for England and the purchasing agent for both England and France for war materials. Lots of potential for profit there but, as the war dragged on, Morgan found itself well north of $2.3 Billion in arrears (1917 dollars were REAL dollars so think many $billions in today’s fiat currency) and in deep financial trouble. Morgan especially and a lot of Rockefeller interests ran the newly created Federal Reserve which had in short order created enough new money that the US could in fact enter the war and save Morgan’s and likely a lot of big bank’s financial standing.
      So, what real world were you thinking exists?

      • OB1

        I do not care where Rachael M nor Rush L. went to school. Our system of education has been inadequate for many, many years. I am going to post the Judeo Russian Holocaust
        with what happened in Russia after the rise of Marixsm, the Joseph Stalin after the elites removed Lenin:

        Please feel free to criticize or correct historical error, as such, is this website.

    • http://naver samurai

      Thank you for your service and keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • rich hutchins

    On her show she doesn’t hide that she is liberal. It is still a free country. When the left/progressive intellectuals like her agree with Ron Paul, against the mainstream left/right establishment, then you see we have a problem. I agree with Ms. Maddow & Dr. Paul. We are being sold the perpetual war mindset just like in 1984 [friends one day, enemies the next...] If Iran was so bad, why didn’t we skip Iraq & attack Iran in 2003. We sold Iraq weapons, later attack them. We traded Iran weapons [Iran/contra?]. I believe Ron Paul is the only one who will change this. just my opinion.

    • OB1

      All MSM news companies are owned by six corporation. Six! Including FOX by the way. I agree with Maddow on this item, but she is already compromised as she works for MSM, same as Hannity, Fox, CNN, CSNBC, et al. She cannot change the corporate ownership of her company any more than any of us. After the 9/11 incident, no one knows the truth as to what really happened, nor American’s loss of liberty. The only reason Romney doesn’t bash Ron Paul is his analysts and staff know the facts..enough said. Ron Paul will expose flip flopping lies in his ads, as well as voting records and statement of policy, but
      his voting record and taxes are public (he has nothing to hide from 30 years worth of public service), plus his written statements as to here he stand on all the issues, including his Christian statement of faith, are all available at I believe if I have to tell a person I am a follower of Jesus of Nazareth, (if they cannot see it in my life) therein, I have failed and need to reflect and improve my knowledge. Nobody but me can do that for me. As a side note, only Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann signed the NAGR
      survey for support of our 2nd amendment rights. Now with Hillary Clinton trying to get the disarming of America through the UN small arms treaty:
      Sincerely, ME….signing off…please stay positive and educate yourselves! Then, get involved in the local and regional level. And, a a side note, support Ron Paul to fight a very large GOP financial machine…our founding fathers as well as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Regan AR rolling over in their graves. Let Maddow put her life and income on the line as many of us have done…mostly Dr. Paul, God protect him and be with him. This is now time for cowards.

      • OB1

        Woops! Have to run!
        Last sentence: THIS NOT A TIME FOR COWARDS!

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Rachel is one of the VERY few MSM personalities I would even give the time of day to. Once in a while I’ll flick through the channels to see what crap is coming out of the mouths of some of these people just to remind myself why it is I get my news from the internet now. After watching her RIP into Obama on her “indefinite detention” bit, I’m surprised she still has a job in front of a camera. This piece convinced me that only 98% of the media have an elitist agenda. I don’t think (so far) Rachel has one. Enjoy the Obama doublespeak speech.

  • Wil

    We’ll be out of Afghanistan soon,then we’ll be back in Iraq.But remember then,we’ve always been in Iraq,never been at war in Afghanistan,because big brother Obama and his MSM of truth say so.

    • http://naver samurai

      Obama bin Laden might get us into Iran. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • James Hartzog

    I have seen Maddow really tear into Ron Paul in the past, not recently though. Infact the last several times I heard her talk about Ron Paul she was almost giving her endorsement to his campaign, just my opinion. I think she like alot of others in recent months have “woke up”. I think her handlers will one day soon tell her she has wore out her welcome like they did with Napolitano.

    If you think about it though the media is what stands between the people and the truth. If our country continues down a path of tyranny to the point of no return, we have only the media to blame for misinforming the people and censoring the misdeeds of our government. I hope one day soon the media talking heads come to their senses, realize they are destroying our republic and ban together and start spilling the truth every chance they get. Stop worrying about losing their jobs for not conforming to the wishes of the elite. One can dream from time to time.


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