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Police step on Harvard Professor’s civil liberties

July 22, 2009 by  

Harvard professor Henry Gates was allegedly the victim of police harassment as he tried to force his way back into his own home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A neighbor heard a disturbance at his residence and subsequently called the police, who then appeared at the scene and began to question Gates.

The officer, Sergeant James Crowley, reportedly questioned the professor in a way he felt was inappropriate and potentially offensive in Gates’ opinion. He implied that the police were called because Gates is African American and were racially profiling him.

Gates was told that the police were called to investigate a potential burglary and media sources report that he replied "Why, because I’m a black man in America?"

He was then taken into custody for further exclamations – his account now differs from that of the police – but today’s charges against him were dropped.

Due to the apparent infringement of Gates’ civil liberties and potential racial profiling, the renowned professor is rumored to be considering making a documentary on racial profiling, using the incident as inspiration. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19277757-ADNFCR

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  • Al

    The police respond to a home invasion call. A man at the home refuses to identify himself and becomes rude, then belligerent. The man then tried to elevate this to a national episode. The man is a pseudo-scholar who makes a full-time job of studying discrimination. This during a time when discrimination seems as if it is being resolved (black president). So, is this all a little self-serving. No discrimination no academic posts for scholars who study racism. No more rev. Sharpton, no more Rev. Jackson. It would truly be a nicer world – except for those with Ph.D.’s in racism.

    • Patty

      Al – I couldn’t agree with you more. Very well said.

      • Victor Magilke

        The real Barack Obama has emerged. Another example of racial bias by Obama. Obama convicted a police officer, with an impeccable record, on national TV, without any evidence or any facts. Everyone knows what the disparaging word was that Gates was using when he addressed the police officer. The favorite word in most black males vocabulary. I’ve had many black friends in my lifetime and the honest ones freely admit that the word MF is their most frequently used word. Eddie Murphy, Rappers and other black comedians all use this word in most of their entertainment material. When you think about how filthy this Word is, it’s inferring that one is having sex with their mother. We can’t use the N word or you will be charged with a hate crime. I don’t believe the N word is near as disparaging as the MF word. Obama had no business making a statement condemning the police officer with out knowing the facts. Obama is the one who is racial profiling. How many other racially biased decisions does Obama make in the smoke filled back rooms of the white house? We can no longer pray in school, say the Pledge of Allegiance or say God Bless America, but our children will be taught that its okay to call someone a MF*er. What a shame. The liberals in control of congress and the white house will destroy the morals of our children and our great country.

        • Theodore Ray

          Everything you said rings true, I was born and raised in the south and I have seen the progression, or should I say regression. In the early 60′s I was studying with some bible students( we were still segregated then, but we viewed them as our spiritual brothers,( the ones from the black congregation) . Some had to be taught to read and write, so they could read and understand the bible as well as anything else. This and other things helped them be better equipped to provide for and take care of themselves. For years they have been taught that every failure they have is because of the white men. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have hung onto them like leeches and teaching them the wrong things, I guess to ,”feather there own beds so to speak”. How can you learn the truth if you are raised up on lies?

    • Patty

      You people all sound very bitter and very ingnorant!!!

      • Ken

        That’s ignorant Patty !!!! :-)

      • Valverde

        Patty, please delineate the charges of ignorance you cast about. You shouldn’t make unsubstantiated charges or claims in a public forum and expect not to be called on it, so please tell us Patty II where Al and Patty I are ignorant. Or are Patty I and Patty II the same? Very confusing.

      • D.C.

        So, next time someone is breaking into a home, don’t call the police just because he is black?! The police were called to the home, asked for his ID. Gates gets smart mouthed. The police warned him to settle down, he didn’t, he gets arrested. THE SAME THING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF HE WERE A WHITE MAN! He should have shown the officers more respect and he wouldn’t have been cuffed. To the officer, his color was irrelevant. Gates is the one who brought color into the equation.

        • Peggy

          I agree with D. C.

        • Patricia Henson

          Reply to D.C., I agree. I get so tired of all these racism charges. I don’t care what color the person was that appeared to be breaking into my house, I would have been grateful to the neighbors for calling and then I would have been grateful to the officer who checked on my house. It was extremely unprofessional of the president to then make a charge of racism without knowing all of the facts. He neglected to say how the professor got beligerant with the officer and disrespectful. In my oppinion Mr. Gates got what he deserved.

        • Charles L. Mundy

          While Gates did not act very nice to the police he was on his own property so he was not obliged to do so. When he produced the identification that showed him to be the owner of the home the police should have left the premises. There was nothing else to keep them there.

          It is not against the law to get mad at someone on your own property. It is not againtst the law to be nasty to the police on your property. If you are not brandishing a weapon or threatening someone on your property there is nothing in the law that says you must be nice to anyone, including the police.

          The comments about respecting authority left out a very important point. While you must respect authority on public property there is no law that requires you to do so on your own property. Unless there is an arrest warrant or a search warrant you are not required under law to respect authority on your own property. While it would be the reasonable, sensible, and easy thing to do so you do not have to if you do not want to. If Gates had showed his identification and went in the house and shut the door in the face of the police there is nothing they could have done about it. In fact, it is better to say nothing to the police because anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

          On the other hand, the police, i.e. the government, must respect the law and the constitution when discharging their duties. While the police were acting properly in their investigation of a possible crime once it was determined that a crime had not been committed they should have excused themselves and headed for the patrol car. Their duty does not call upon them to argue with someone on their own property about the need to respect them because they are the police.

          It is quite evident Gates did not act as he should have considering his position as a professor at Harvard. Be that as it may, it appears he harbors resentment against the police, or even white people in general, for being hasseled because he is black. That is understandable to a degree because it is human nature to resent people or institutions who have done you wrong. I cannot say I understand his situation because I am white, but I do understand when the police overstep their authority or use their badge and gun as a means to intimidate people.

          The bottom line is when the police determined that Gates was the rightful owner of the house they should have walked away. They determined that a crime had not been committed so what else are they there for?

          Just so you know, I am a staunch conservative and believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. From all the evidence presented thus far those who broke the law and violated the Constitution in this regard were the police, i.e. the government. It should not really surprise anyone that this occurred because the government violates the Constitution on a regular basis. To those who have governmental authority and power it is all about controlling people. That should quite evident to everyone!

        • Marian to D.C.

          YES D.C.,



        • Kudos to Marian

          President Barack Obama's criticism that a Cambridge, Mass., police officer "acted stupidly" this past week in arresting a black Harvard professor was inappropriate comment.
          The president rushed to judgment by not assessing all the facts, shooting from the hip on the prompting of a liberal reporter who was obviously baiting him for a comment on race relations.
          Regardless of the president's semi-apology, a good question to ask is, was the president's off-the-cuff statement just a blooper or did it reveal a deeper-seated sentiment garnered from his former 20 years in the anti-white, anti-American church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright?

        • Victor Magilke

          I also agree with DC. The blacks expect preferencial treatment because they are black. When they don’t get it, they scream racism. I didn’t vote for Obama for reasons other than the fact that he is black. After he was elected, I thought this might relieve racial tensions and stop all the hatred directed at white males by the black community. I was wrong it had a reverse effect and there is more racial animosity by the black community than there was before the annointed one.

        • Nadine

          Just what identification did the professor show that he was trying to get into his own house? A university ID badge with a picture on in proves nothing more than you are the person in the picture; if the professor wanted to act like a scholar (or even an intelligent home owner), he should have shown the officer something that proved he actually lived there.
          Why did Obama say ANYTHING AT ALL about this incident? Will he appear on national television if I allege discrimination because I am overweight? Good grief, the president should be concerned with matters of national importance…and this is not one of them. Denouncing a police officer, and calling the police department’s actions “stupid” is not what I want my president to do.

    • queenieAZ

      I think the people of color, black & tan, keep the idea of racisim alive for the “perks” that can be gained. I wouldnt be surprised if Gates tries to sue the police dept.I come from a family that had slaves, I was raised pro-white,I over came my programming for many years. But, I am on the edge again with so many "illegals",& blacks not wanting equallity, but to be above whites.Why????The case of the white family being surrounded by black teens & saying the "world is ours now" makes me ill!!! obama doesnt help the issue any, with his speech.Gates reffering to the officers mother, you know what he was saying, he called the officer a SOB.What if it had been a real burglurey??

      • Foolpatrol

        What “perks” did you and your family gain as the result of owning human beings? Your sadistic ancestors raping and impregnating Black women? For the free labor that the human beings who your family owned provided? Any “perks” associated with any of that?

        You have two choices, (1) continue to resist your racist programing and act as a good Christian American who acknowledges that “all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator with life, liberty and the persuit of happiness” or (2) burn in Hell with the rest of the racists. I’m certain you’ll chose wisely.

        • queenieAZ

          Did you know ancient Egypt had slaves? Did you know the africans raided other tribes & sold them to the spanish slave traders??You should read more history. I think you are probably a black phony-lawyer??What perks do you think I could have after a 100 years?The slaves were treated quite well by my family, even given money.Not beaten or raped.Also, I have many choices, you are an idiot to try & give me any.Have you read the bible? I believe it says judge not lest you be judged??

        • American Citizen

          FoolPatrol, do you include yourself in the bunch of fools?

          My answer to your questions is: None, as most people alive today did not. In fact, if you go back far enough in history, some of the ancestors of each one of us were most probably slaves. It was a fact of life centuries ago that when a nation was overcome by another, the people became slaves of the winner. So where do I go for reparations?

        • Foolpatrol

          Hey, I’m not judging. You’re the one who said you were trying to overcome your bigoted, hate filled, racist programming. Exercise any option you like. Go to hell too, for all I care.

          “The slaves were treated quite well by my family, even given money.Not beaten or raped.”

          Since you say that you do not recieve perks as the result of your family owning God Created Human Beings because you were not involved 100 years ago; is it fair to say that you have no first hand knowledge as to how your family treated those Human Beings? Furthermore, no matter how well or poorly your family treated its Human property, isn’t it the basic right of God Created Human Beings to be free? So, blame it on Egypt? Where’s all the personal responsibility y’all are always talking about?

          Happy choices!

        • Susan

          You know I am really sorry that you just went there. You are keeping something alive and festering for what? We all know the repugnant past of this counrty. I don’t know a single soul that doesn’t regret that segment of our history. What good does it do for you to propogate that nonsence? I was attacked in my youth by a gang. That is my past it sdeosn’t belong to anyone else and frankly I left it behind me. I choose to look forward where personal responsibility and conduct are the order fo the day. Where everyone strives to do the right thing and give evryone the benefit of the doubt. Prof. Gates was out of line, so was the President.

          It is people like you that would rather hang on to hate then look to the possiblities of the future….shame on you.

        • j of K

          Choosing to blame anyone of today for what was done in the past is racist. Many are here come from another country, but are still called ‘racist’ if a black person doesn’t like what is said or done. Why is it that only blacks think ‘racism’ ? We don’t ever hear about oriental or any other nationality – only blacks. This is more of a payback for past ills than real world issues, but of course when the Firemen were denied their promotions because ‘no blacks passed the testing’ that was RACIST, but which of you stood up against that bias.? We need to stop yelling racist every time something goes against us.
          It was a truly colorblind test, test of skill and knowledge . . . and what happened.

        • http://duped Peter Melville

          Why can’t you learn to forgive and just be yourself Footpatrol? Isn’t that a Chrisitian virtue. In fact those who don’t forgive, won’t be forgiven (Jesus, Sermon the Mount)

        • Ignorance Patrol

          First of all: slavery is wrong now and has always been wrong. However, slavery is not something that white people invented for black people. Well over the majority of African (black) slaves were purchased as slaves from other Africans (blacks). When a tribe conquered another tribe, the conquered were enslaved. Many of these conquered people were sold to slave traders. White people did not go into Africa and round up Africans to enslave them (“Roots” is a ficticious story, like “Gone With The Wind”). Slavery still exists today in Africa – black people enslaving other black people. To my knowledge, Africa is the only place in this world where slavery still exists. Further, free blacks in this country owned African (black) slaves – so, maybe your family received some “perks” from owning human beings.

          Slaves were very expensive and very few people could afford to own them. Also, they were generally very well cared for. If you in some way think your situation in life is worse, or harder because possibably one of your ancestors was a slave over 140 years ago, please see National Geographic. This should greatly assist you in understanding what would have most certainly happened to African-Americans had they not been brought to this country.

          Please make so effort to see if what I said above is true. Sometime you have to do more than “scratch the surface” to get to the “whole story.”

        • Foolpatrol

          Hey Ignorance Patrol,

          You are right about the fact that, “slavery is wrong now and has always been wrong.” You are also right about African slave traders. Africans enslaved Africans as spoils of war when warring tribes fought against each other as did American Indians and untold races of people. Fact, not justification.

          Oftentimes, the conquering tribes sold the Human captives to slave traders. You are wrong in your assertion that Slave traders did not also round up, capture and enslave Human Beings; they did. Untold numbers died during the Middle Passage as the result of the horrific conditions under which they were held captive. Others committed suicide to end their captivity.

          Your assertion that most slaves were treated well is pure fantasy. North American slavery is the most brutal, repressive, sadistic from of Human bondage in recorded or oral history! Don’t sadistic, animalistic, rapes, brutal beatings, malnourishment and near starvation in some instances, separating families by selling children away from parents, wives from husbands and murder count as bad treatment to you?

          I’m not afraid of knowledge (it’s the Sarah Palin wingnuts who abhor knowledge). I’ll read your sources if you’ll read mine. Voices From Slavery, 100 Authentic Slave Narratives, Norman R. Yetman, Editor. Black Spark White Fire, Richard Poe. U.S. v. Armistad, 40 U.S. 518; 10 L. Ed. 826

          The truth isn’t always pretty, but it’s always the truth!

        • Sandman

          I’m white and slavery was a bad thing, and it’s part of everyone’s history whether you are black or white. If you go back into history it was not the white man selling slaves, it was the black man in Africa selling his own people into slavery. That doesn’t make it right for a white man in that time to by people, but it happened and many people fought to free the slaves. Many whites and blacks gave their lives to try and bring some equality to everyone. Do people look at a persons skin color, religion, etc, and judge that person, yes they do. It’s wrong, but great strides have been made to change the way people think. From everything I have read the police officer followed procedures and the professor reacted the wrong way. There are many incidents where people no matter their color go into homes and beatup or kill their wives/girlfriends and have ID’s that they live there. Even though the professor had an ID showing his address, they police had no way of know if there was a restraining order on him, etc, that would have ment he was not to be in the house. The other thing that didn’t help this case was the President making the statement that he made.

          There is a very good movie, “Remember the Titans” that was about a football team where whites and blacks learned to become friends, because they learned about each other. If you have not seen it you should.

        • debra

          Hey Foolpatrol..look aroud all of us came from slavery unless you were bornc into royality..many years back. As far as slavery from the blacks..why arent they angry that Africa sold them in the first place? If any want to go back and start a new life ...hey ill foot the bill for a whole damn family!..Problem is what will they do when they get over there ? Sit there like they do here and wait for the US to drop food and water ,medicine out of airplanes. Yeah..they will just become welfare dependent like they are here. can call me racist and any other name…I dont care anymore..I and a lot of other whites are sick and tired of our taxes paying for them. Go get a job,get on birth-control . We dont owe black people anything. DeBra

        • Miriam

          The only people who have a right to speak about being almost extinguish are the American Indians, that not only lost their country but their freedom and their lifes. No other race, should complaim about racism. President Lincoln gave the choice to the Black race to go back to Africa, some of them accepted and went to create a similar country like America. The majority stayed. Why? If you are so proud of being African American why did not you went back. The majority stayed following their masters and faighting against the Yankies. and because the life expectancy in America was better than in Africa. So explain to me Why is you are so proud to be African American mixed and married whites? You should married with your own. My parents and my husband parents were from Spain, the first children of an Spaniard are called Criollos, I was born in Cuba, so does my husband. It never occur to me to be married to a Cuban. I choose one of my own. I do not like the interrracial marriages, my daughter married a descendant of Asian Chinese, I am very proud of my son in law and my grandchildren. Because the chinesse are not only extremally a machinary of work, but decent citizen and do not have complexes like the Black Americans. I tell you in your phace and thanks God not all Black Americans are the same. but a grand majority of Black Americans, are opportunist, thives, lazy,don’t want to work, preferred easy money with drugs and prostitution, drop out from high school, and then said (“I am mistreated, you whites , hispanics, and asians are racists)” Really I am sick and tired of this. You Black Americans are not in a pay grade above the American Indians, and not above of other races, so chill out, drink a lot kool-aid and do not been a PINHEAD ANYMORE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…..

        • Foolpatrol


          Please advise Octomom and Sarah ‘give me free’ Palin about birth control. Oh yea, Octomom and First Dude could use some advice about getting a job as they are both Pimps.

        • Foolpatrol


          I disagree with you about the Professor Gates incident. I appreciate your understanding of history, all our history, and your civil tone. Thank you.

        • Samuel

          Be glad that your ancestors had the fortune to be in the USA. The rest of the slave holding Americas were not so tolerant of people insisting on their rights, regardless of skin color.

        • FRW

          You foolish fool, Foolpatrol. AFRICA STILL HAS SLAVERY. Did u read the news yesterday when 4 Liberian boys (9-14 yrs old) raped an 8-yrs old Liberian girl (refugees in America). It was told, it’s a ‘custom’ in Liberia. More than that, as of today in 2009, blacks keep black slaves in African countries and abuse, torture them, especially women. It’s part of the african “culture”, boy! Are you OK with this? I think you could do more if you leave for Africa and start your missionary actions there. But, I think you will not move your fat butts, bc in America you have everything. Everything and you can scream ‘racism’, which can’t be done in your native homeland. So, just shut up and clean my shoes. I need to go to the supermarket soon!

        • Ignorance Patrol

          Dear Foolpatrol

          I stick to what I said – most slaves were treated very well. I was talking about the American slave owners, not the slave traders (which included black people). Most people in this country could not afford to own a slave, less than 5% of the population, including free blacks. Therefore, about 95% did not own slaves. Also, don’t forget that white people freed the slave in this country. As far as “raping and impregnating” black women: I can assure you that many more black men have raped and impregnated black woment (and white women) than white men have. Also, I hate to tell you that black women are not generally considered sexually attractive to white men.

        • Foolpatrol

          Ignorance Patrpl,

          “I stick to what I said”

          That makes two of us!

          “Also, don’t forget that white people freed the slave in this country.”

          You can’t free what you can’t own. A Human Beings freedom is a inalienable God given right!

          “As far as “raping and impregnating” black women: ….”

          Put the Meth pipe down! If your readings are not as warped as your thinking, examine the numbers of mixed race Black Americans at the end of slavery. Those Americans were not the product of consentual relationships. Either white men preferred Black slave women to their wives and girlfriends. or they were sadistic, animalistic, rapists or both.

          “Also, I hate to tell you that black women are not generally considered sexually attractive to white men.”

          LOL! Perhaps that’s what they tell you. Check out BlackPeopleMeet and see the number of accomplished, prominent, educated, white men, seeking to establish relationships, not merely have sex with, Black women. It is so pervasive that many women expressly state, “No White Men” and “Black Men Only.” You might even find your husband, significant other, brother, uncle or father on the site trying to meet Black women. Most seeing, thinking, people acknowledge that women of color are the most beautiful women in the entire world! Live with it!

        • Ignorance Patrol

          It is an undisputable fact that the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery in this country. It is also an undisputable fact that It was passed and ratified by an all (100%) white congress around the end of 1865. When will the black people in Africa abolish slavery?

          You need to put your “meth pipe” down. Relationships between black women and white men were very rare in the histories of both the US and Europe, just like they are today. I am not familiar with “BlackPeopleMeet”, but I will bet that a minute percentage of a percent of white men depend on “BlackPeopleMeet” to find a mate. In fact, I wonder about any one that depends on want-ads to find a date. Like I said earlier: there are many more black men raping black (and white) women than white men. I can assure you that well over the majority of white men do not find black women sexually attractive (PERIOD). I have been a white male for almost 50 years and I am as much an expert on this topic as anyone else. Most of the mixed race relationships that I see involve black men with white women – Obama’s parents, O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, to name a few. I am not saying, nor did I say that black women are not attractive, beautiful, etc. However, it is a fact that most people perfer to choose a mate from their own race – just look around – mixed race couples amount to less than 1% of the population of this country. Black people generally perfer black people as mates, white people generally perfer white people as mates, Oriental people generally perfer Oriental people as mates, etc. – it is a fact.

          Slavey in this country was abolished over 140 year ago. Most races of people have been enslaved, abused, etc. at one time or another. The Jews were almost whiped out less than 60 years ago as a result of racism. They are not sitting around blaming their condition on others – they moved on – they provide some of the worlds best doctors, lawyers, business people, etc. Many other races of people have moved to this country (some with only the clothes they had on). Many worked hard and saved their money and now own their on homes and business. Why can’t black people move on. Blacks are the biggest racist in this country. Everytime something happens that does not suite them they say it is because they are black. Its OK for blacks to have a “Black Entertainment TV, a Black Miss USA, a black chamber of commerce, etc., etc., etc. Can you imagine how the blacks would act if white people had similar organizations?

          The black majority needs to quit listing to people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpeton – they make their living race bating – racial harmony would put them out of work. They would swim across the ocean underwater if they could pop-up in front of a camera. Black people need to start listing to African-Americans like Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, Bill Cosby, etc., people who’s only agenda is to help the black race.

        • Foolpatrol

          Hey Ignorant,

          I certain Black people everywhere appreciate you telling them what they need to do and who they need to start listening to. Of course you aren’t being presumptuous, just white and entitled. LOL

        • Ignorance Patrol

          Dear Foolpatrol,

          Please see: and and read “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell (an un-presumptuous, non-white and un-entitled African-American) – listen to him, or just keep listening to the people that tell you what you want to hear instead of what you need to hear.

        • DaveH

          She said “her ancestors”. Is she responsible for what her ancestors did? Don’t forget that for every white that owned slaves, there were many other whites that fought to overcome that travesty or the blacks would still be slaves. Also, it may have been your ancestors that enslaved many of the blacks in Africa. Does that somehow indite you? Give her a break.

      • Gina


        • Victor Magilke

          Ignorance Patrol has done an outstanding job commenting on slavery and racism. He did miss some important facts. The first slaves in America were white. The other fact he omitted is, “Where and what would black millionares living in opulence do were it not for slavery?” Oprah, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton, all the athletes and entertainers wouldn’t be living this lavish style they’ve become accustomed to. They would be running around Africa with a spear in their hands chasing small animals for survival. Rather than habor this bitter hatred for White Americans; I think a little thanks are in order to white America for slavery, them and giving them the opportunities to prosper in this great country.

          • are you all stupid?

            fool patrol is the only one who isnt retarded on here

      • DaveH

        That’s what happened to my Dad. He lectured us as kids to not be prejudiced. But then equal opportunity came along (he was a foreman at a cement plant). He witnessed many black workers using the new laws as an excuse to work less (much less) and by the time we were teen-agers we were lecturing him not to be prejudiced.
        If someone wants true equality, then they need to ask for no more protection than anyone else gets. The president is definitely not color-blind.
        Too bad, because I like most blacks that I meet, as they tend to express their feelings more openly than most whites, so I know where they are coming from and I can deal with that. But they deserve no more protection than anyone else gets.

    • duane

      At some point the blacks in this country will learn to obey police officers when they ask questions instead of trying to insight some thing they can sue over. A police officer shouldn’t have to stand there and take verbal abuse when he is trying to do his job.

      • Anotherpatriot

        That is right agree.
        It looks as if many here have way to much time on there hands, for coming soon the tree of liberty must and will be cleansed with the blood of tyrants and Patriots these kool-aid drinkers have a hell of a wake up call coming..

        • Victor Magilke

          Ignorance Patrol has done an outstanding job commenting on slavery and racism. He did miss some important facts. The first slaves in America were white. The other fact he omitted is, “Where and what would black millionares living in opulence do were it not for slavery?” Oprah, Tiger Woods, Barack Obama , Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton, all the athletes and entertainers wouldn’t be living this lavish style they’ve become accustomed to. They would be running around Africa with a spear in their hands chasing small animals for survival. Rather than habor this bitter hatred for White Americans; I think a little thanks are in order to white America for slavery, freeing them and giving them the opportunities to prosper in this great country.

      • Foolpatrol

        This is AMERICA; not a police state! The police have no right to question or detain any person once it is established that no crime has been committed.

        • Susan M

          That’s correct Foolpatrol, however, the officers had not established that a crime had not been committed. Therefore, they had every right to ask for Mr. Gates ID and they have every right to be given that ID instead of an argument.

          Had Mr. Gates cooperated with the officers instead of being belligerent, he would not have been arrested.

          It wouldn’t matter if he was green or pink – when a officer is investigating a crime, it is your responsibility as a citizen to cooperate.

        • zabjw

          “Professor Gates has published many works including documentaries about the history and treatment of Blacks in America. He’s a world renowned scholar and traveler who spends Summers on Martha’s Vinyard. He was a star among stars when he attended Harvard.”
          EXACTLY–HE IS SPOILED , PETULANT. and ARROGANT. Not good things to be in the face of someone who can arrest you. He should have thanked the police for being there to look after his house. Then everyone would have gone away happy.

        • Foolpatrol


          Are all successful Black people are SPOILED, PETULANT. and ARROGANT? Perhaps white people who have not faced the challenges Black people routinely face and who are not as successful are merely angry and jealous.

          • ben dere dun dat

            This guy, Foolpatrol, is a joke. I can smell the odor of his comments coming from his mouth even over the wires. There is no reasoning with this ilk; this type of person looks for and cherry picks the issues he wants to comment on. It is a shame and a travesty for the American people that this kind of person perpetuates on Society the hate and racism he idolizes and must have to exist.

        • FRW

          Oh God. Should we stop arguing with this foolish fool Foolpatrol?

        • debra

          Hey Foolpatrol…I have to agree with you on the birth control of octomom. sarah Palin can afford her children.Welfare moms and octomom can not afford to give those children basic needs without welfare. Its common sense. I do not have children but I do have 8 large dogs recues, and I do not take in more dogs than I can afford to feed,vet care and just a lot of time spent with them. I dont think I need to say children of course are more important. It takes money to feed,clothe,decent house and education. It takes more than love. Now octomom is a disgrace…she planned this attention getting,money making scheme and I hope the state of Cal makes her pay back every dime she collected from the millions she will make prostituting her children.

        • Victor Magilke

          I don’t know what country you’ve been living in. The police can detain you for many reasons, merely on suspicion, etc.

        • Juanita

          Dear Foolproof,

          You said, “The police have no right to question or detain any person once it is established that no crime has been committed.” Therefore, the professor should have established right away with his identification that he was in his own home and thanked the cops for coming promptly. When a cop gets a call about a burglary, his adrenalin immediately kicks in, and he knows that he could be facing grave danger or death, so he doesn’t need someone to give him grief and refuse to identify himself and act like an idiot because of false pride.

          I have good dealings with a great black cop and a good white cop. And I am thankful for them.

          I blame the Democrat Party for playing the race card ad infinitim in order to get African American votes. When an African American is a conservative, this being a free country, the dems taunt him or her as being Uncle Tom, no matter how brilliant they are. Democrats keep putting blacks in the victim category, so that they can be their "protectors."

      • debra

        Nor should nurses have to take abuse from black people when they come to the ER/hospital. The verbal abuse is not limited to police officers..I have been called WHITE MOTHER F## BITCH while I am trying to save their asses from bleeding to death from a GSW or knifing. You know I think Martin Luther King jr would be ashamed..he wanted us to judge not by color but by character. well I think blacks have a long way to go. Mr.Gates proved that….no matter how much education you have if you cant act civilized,repective,moral,productive ....just go back to the jungle....we dont want you here any more. We are tired of feeding,housing and clothing you blacks.

        • Laurie

          I just couldn’t resist Debra,
          Wow! you are full of hate. Several things come to mind. 1: So, Debra if you don’t like it here why don’t you go back to europe where your ancesters are from. 2: Why, just because your white do you think you get to belong on US soil more than anyone else. 3: You know, the majority of people that have been on public assistance in the US have been people who share our skin color, white. 4: And where do you suggest Native Americans go when they complain about the ongoing genocide that benefits white euroamericans over their (Native Americans) freedom and self determination. 5: No one should be told that if they don’t like it here go somewhere else. We’re all where we are and the issues that are in front of us are the ones we need to deal with. 6: There are influences that affect every culture and sub-culture. How those influences move and change over time determines how we think about them now. I believe we need to shed these ideas that divide and conquer us. Debra, have you ever experienced sexism. How just is that? people thinking you are incapable just because you are a woman. These ideas have a history they’ve been handed down. Through social, religious and political doctrine. In order to keep the common people fighting amongst our selves to believe that we are each others enemy instead of looking to see who really benefits from all this mayhem. A glutenous greed by the few by means of exploitation of the many. Hierarchy, Domination & Subservience, The Order. “The New World Order”. George H. W. Bush former US president used this term in a speech while he was president. Check out you tube. Yes this domination thing has been goin on for 1000′s of years. But what most people don’t realize is that so have egalitarian societies, Where the ideas of; we are all together, we all contribute to the health and well being of our fellow human beings, the wealth of our society belongs to all of us. Societies around the world like this have also existed through out history. but the domination model now rules the world and it’s best tool is divide and conquer. so all our predjudices are created by those in power through rascism, sexism and it boils down to classism. Keeping those medium to lower classes hateing and fighting amongst themselves; preventing us from coming together under a common bond to create a decent and just world.

        • FRW

          I agree with you Debra. I work for a school district poredominatly Hispanic and Black families. While soem hispanics are for the “i-own-america” attitude, blacks have a strong anti-White outcoem on EAVERY issue. They DEMAND and do not ask politely. When they talk THEY DEMAND ATTENTION, when they complain, it has to be solved immediately and right there on the spot. All employees hate to deal with them. The easiest way Asians and Whites, they do understand we are humans we make mistakes. Some don’t, but that’s the modern times…
          LAURIE, your comment on Debra is MORE hateful, than you think. If you or your loved one would be called a “bitch”, or your mother associated with sexual acts, I am not sure you would be able to handle with a “we-are-all-the-same-smile”. Be real. Furthermore, Debra has the right to vent her pain and frustration.
          I wonder if all blacks would be repatriated and deported back to Africa, how much evryday-life in America would be changed? How much would change Africa? How many balck would be crying and begging to let them back and promise; they will do anything just let them live again in the ‘hatred whitey’s America’…

        • Smilee

          Laurie Reply:
          July 25th, 2009 at 6:44 am

          Your logic is lost on most that post here, they are too filled with hate and frustration to see your response for what it is and for what you actually said. They want no solution to any of societies problems and fail to see they are part of the problem and offer no solutions and most likely have no idea for a solution that promotes harmony and respect for those they hate and do not share their biases, but some of us admire your insight and thank you for it.

    • Jack Schatzley

      In situtations such as this the person being questioned by police should do as any good mother taught them and that is to ‘respect authority’ forst and then iron out the confusion of the moment.
      Virtually every time a Police officer uses force or makes an arrest is because the individual was not respecting authority.

    • Greg

      I totally agree – this was not the cop’s fault. I wonder if this wasn’t staged by the Harvard prof as a publicity stunt. Hopefully Obama’s assinine answer during the press conference will bite him in the polls.

      • Foolpatrol

        Publicity stunt? Put the Meth pipe down!

        • Susan M

          Actually, he has a good point when you consider that Mr. Gates is planning on publishing a book about racism. Free publicity and perhaps the chance at a lawsuit against the city will get his name out in front of public. If that was his goal, he accomplished it.

        • Foolpatrol

          Professor Gates has published many works including documentaries about the history and treatment of Blacks in America. He’s a world renowned scholar and traveler who spends Summers on Martha’s Vinyard. He was a star among stars when he attended Harvard. Meth will fry your brain! Put the pipes down!

        • SilverWolf

          Sounds to me like “Foolpatrol” is a racist. It seems to me that the African- American people in this country are considerably more racist than the white people of this country; and are extremely quick to play the racism card when anything negative happens concerning an African- American citizen.

        • Sylvia Smart

          Does anyone on either side of this race issue really believe that calling the other side “stupid” is something the President of the United States of America should be doing? I wish we at least had a grown-up in the White House – not two spoiled brat children in charge of a whole country of people from all different walks of life and all different ethnic makeups. I thought we elected someone who would represent all of us – not automatically side with some “foaming at the mouth” person who obviously did not reflect his education by the garbage that came out of his mouth! Does anyone think that Obama’s remarks were truly “uncalibrated”? Don’t tyou think we are smart enought to know that he did this deliberately? It is called “divide and conquer” and here is the result – we are scrapping it out here, instead of embracing the fact that we are in this conversation because we all love our Country. Obviously Obama loves Obama. I don’t care if he were purple with green stripes – he isn’t dumb enough to think that he could call a police officer “stupid” when it was his friend who was doing everything possible to engage the officer in a dispute. Why would you verbally attack an officer who came out to stop a burglary of your home? I would have given him my I.D. and offered him some coffee and a snack – at least! How about: “thank you for coming out here to stop a possible burglary. I appreciate what you guys do for the community.”

          My black son encounters some incidents of racism. As a Jew I also encounter occassional anti-semetic remarks. My black 18 year old son looks scary on purpose. He wears big old pimp style earings, falling off pants and huge oversize sweatshirts. He wears rags on his head most of the time – supposed to keep his hair flat!!??? He is lazy and disrespectful and has no desire to work for good grades. Do I dislike him because he is black? No – he does everything he can possibly do to intimidate white people – he gets this attitude from attending public schools where other black students hate whites. He even hates me because I won’t let him get high inside my house or smoke cigarettes in my house. I insist that he at least goes to school – even if he never does any work and the teachers do not expect him to do any work – mainly because he is black, and if they insisted he do some schoolwork he would probably say they were discriminating against him and they would get in trouble instead of him. He is glad that Obama got elected – because now he can get anything he wants by just putting his hand out – free schools, free healthcare, free housing, etc. I am 64 years old so he is now paid social security benefits directly into his pocket!! I pay the bills – he gets the money sent directly to him. He spends the money on drugs and cigarettes while I struggle to pay for food and utilities and make mortgage payments. He spends the money the same way all of his black friends and their parents spend their government money – on nonsense. He tells me I am stupid not to get food stamps and stupid for helping remove weeds from abandoned homes in my neighborhood that have been foreclosed on. He says I am stupid whenever I “do the right thing”. I am kicking him out next week because he turned 18 last month. He refuses to leave – so I will probably have to call the police out to escort him from my home. I have had this kid since he was 5 years old. It makes me sad. I loved him, taught him to read, taught him to do math, taught him to speak English correctly, taught him good manners. Then he went to High School and it was downhill from there. There is an entire generation of black people who hate Whites for no personal reasons – just because they think the day is coming when they will be cut lose upon the whites and can take what they want. My son doesn’t help anyone, doesn’t do anythng without being paid for it, and has no natural affection for any human being. Before I adopted him and my younger son, I was vehmenetly against abortion and I wanted to put my money where my mouth is and I did emergency foster care, and then I adopted 2 of the hard cases. After 15 years I am not so against abortion anymore. Some people should never have been born! I know that sounds terrible but it is true. It isn’t about black and white until the President endorses that view. It is about the “spin” that is put on everything.

        • Foolpatrol

          Sylvia (not so smart) Smart,

          First, most people don’t refer to their children by race, e.g., “my Black son.” Considering your belief that your “Black son” should have never been born, coupled with him suffering abuse, neglect and/or abandonment that resulted in him being placed in foster care, the racial incidents you admit that he encounters, the identity crisis associated with your parents looking different from you, not knowing the richness of his history and culture and the normal teenage foolishness that children of all races experience, I’m surprised that he is doing as well as he has done.

          Children know how you feel about them. FYI Children resent you and act out when they know that the person who is supposed to love them unconditionally believes they should have been aborted. Feeling abandoned by his birth family and emotionally abandoned by you, does not leave your “Black son” with much in the way of family ties.

          As a person who represented abused and neglected children in foster care, I can attest to the fact that they always have issues (all races) arising from the conditions that resulted in them being placed in foster care, especially identity issues. Then, the system farms them out to “parents” (often for a check) who they can’t identify with and who are ill prepared to handle the problems and issues associated with adopting a child with special needs. You don’t get optimum results and end up with parents who believe that the child they committed to love unconditionally should have never been born. How very sad!

          Your intentions may have been good in the beginning. Nonetheless, the damage caused by your hateful comments far outweighs any good that you initially did. I sincerely hope that you and your “Black son,” can turn this situation around as he matures and comes into his own. Serious counseling is in order for both of you, but especially for your “Black son” as the adoption was voluntary on your part.

          Your story is Exhibit A as to why we should require individuals seeking to adopt children of different races to educate themselves, teach and allow their child to participate in activities that positively reflects the child’s heritage and culture.

          Not so smart, or just really sad?

    • Big Ed


    • Greg

      I totally agree – this was not the cop’s fault. I wonder if this wasn’t staged by the Harvard prof as a publicity stunt. Hopefully Obama’s assinine answer during the press conference will bite him in the polls.


      • ben dere dun dat

        Does anyone remember that Gates “could not find his key”, and that he and his companion had to enter the house without it? (how?) What about the woman who called the police? Does anyone remember that she was misquoted in the press? Remember what I said about “cherry-picking”? And it is entirely possible that Gates deliberately set the situation up to aggrandize his racial agenda? C’mon, people – don’t let the baiters change the facts – Gates and Obama used the situation to their self-evaluated political agenda. What a shame!

    • Dennis

      Couldnt have said it better myself.Now our great and powerful president also wants to use this.This officer did nothing wrong nor did the other officers with him.

      • Juanita

        Remember that there was a black cop with him, who agreed with what the white cop said. Why would he do that if the professor was in the right?


      This guy should have been thanking the Officers (there were two that responded one white one black) for protecting his property and just answer the question that were ask of him. Instead he takes offense and goes after the white guy with some of the worst RACIAL SLURS ever to come out of a educated person. So who should be OFFENDED?! Or maybe he was just given the job at Harvard because of his color, it is so hard to tell because our society doesn’t give the best qualified the job they have quotas now which is WRONG! Color was not suppose to be an issue but Media and People of Color are so quick to use it.. We need to get past all that but they keep feeding in to it and it is getting to PISS me off. I never use to look at anyone as different unless they were from a different part of the world and put another country first ie: anyone who want to be african/ American, should take a trip to africa and see just what their ansestor gave their lifes for,(slaves were captured from other tribes by african tribes, the ones lucky enough to be brought to American lived and the others were KILLED in africa) them to have it so good. Maybe we should just start loading them up and shipping them back to theirbe loved africa. They would be wish to be here….

    • Mary

      Why do we always refer to Obama as Black? Has he denounced his other half? Even Obama only refers to himself as black. Racism is rampant on both sides. The professor was only pulling the race card. Why? Because it works!

      • Susan M

        Why does Obama call himself black? Maybe it sounds better than calling himself Arab or white? I don’t know why he does it, but he definitely plays the race card.

        • James

          Susan, Blacks, here, were originally referred to as African Americans out of deference to their disdain of being labeled by their skin color (skin-color wasn’t supposed to matter). Back then ‘African’ was understood to mean Black, in color. But now there are White Africans as well, so they now prefer to be called Blacks.

    • James

      Al, on the Charley Rose TV show (friday night) either Rose or a guest said Prof. Gates had shown Sgt. Crowley his Harvard I.D. card. If so, and when it was shown, would make a difference in how the matter was handled by the police. If Gates was arrested after he showed his I.D., he would have cause for a lawsuit. Does anyone have more info on this? Did Gates show Crowley his Harvard I.D. card, and if yes, when, before or after his arrest?

    • JIMB

      If Gates did show a ID, Was Gates address on the ID? I feel, after hearing this for days, including from the Black officer that responded. By the way he backed up Officer Crowley’s report. Both Gates and Obama NEED to APOLOGIZE to Officer Crowley, and the Cambridge Police department also defamed by Obama. BO’s reply to the Gates Crowley question was not on the “Teleprompter”, it was from the heart. BO’s defaming the police without the facts showed HIS BIAS, resulting in another hit on his approval rating. now at 49%. Guess that was another Presidential Solution.

      • James

        JIMB, When Sgt. Crowley arrived at the scene, Prof. Gates was inside the house. Crowley, not knowing who was in there asked ‘whoever’ to come outside, and when Gates came out he launched into a tirade: “Don’t you know whom you are dealing with here?” When Crowley asked for some identification, Gates produced the Harvard I.D. card, which did not have an address on it, and Crowley arrested and cuffed him. Gates then accused Crowley of arresting him just because he was black. (The Dennis & Callahan TV show has a video interview of Sgt. Crowley on this.) At no time did Prof. Gates treat this innocent encounter as the simple Abbot & Costello comedy it was. (Sgt. Crowley is white.)

    • DAW

      James is right about Professor gates. Sgt. Crowley was not Racially Profiling he was Burgler Profiling. Homeowners usually use a key to enter their homes. Burglers usually use a forced entry to enter a home. Policemen confronting potential Burglers have to be cautious to protect themselves and to minimize the potential burglers chance of escape.
      This Radical Black Professor picked the wrong time to Race Bait a Policeman and he certainly picked the wrong Police officer. Sgt. Crowley is a very professional officer who has extremely good Racial Relation credentials.

    • HopeforAmerica

      My understanding was that Gates once inside his home had shown the officer his driver’s license proving that was his residence.

  • FarRightWinger

    Oh man, now black criminals can’t be prosecuted bc they are black? These bozos and camelpiss-drinkers think ; bc they have a negro in office, they can’t be treated as they are (criminals)? If I am a cop, I would arrest EVERY negro on sight. They are all criminals, they all have something to ‘confess’. That is what the FBI crime-statistic describes as the ‘color of crime’. Asians, Whites are the most law-abiding citizens, while blacks, mesticos are the highest in crimes. So where’s the ‘racial profiling’? The lowest IQs bring the highest crime.

    • Mike

      You are very racist. This man is not a criminal. He is one of the very few black men to be college educated in this country. He does not have a low IQ. He should however, be cooperative with the police, who arrested him for being rude. This is the exact story of “Amos and Andrew” the movie played out in real life. We need to have laws that protect people in this country. Protection from criminals and also from overzelous paramilitary police. Police are NOT above the law, and if they violate citizens rights they should be brought up on charges. Real criminals should not get a myriad of wrist-slaps and more probation for the terrible crimes they commit. They should be apprehended and prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law. This is how we will take back our neighborhoods from the hoodlums and the police.

      • FarRightWinger

        I am very ‘racist’. Yes, bc I have a Vietnamese wife. Anyway, I am maybe the only one who is ‘racist’ here? gates must be 1000000000000000000 m ore racist than me, but he is “affirmatively” racist? A racist, anti-White, anti-European policy enforced in America since 1964 (it’s called “affirmative action”) and I am labeled as ‘racist’. Maybe I am. Sorry, but I think Gates who got his education by brainwashed Whites who let him finish his carreer as a ‘professor’, should be more thankful to Whites who made him succesful. NOT bc he is a smrat person. Today, in “affirmative” racist America in educations, jobs, medical attention, social services and housing my “racism” is more affirmative then this evil government enforced pure, radical and useless, anti-American racism.
        Blacks were made to be a “beloved” race and let me tell you – they have missed this great opportunity. They could use this once-a-lifetime opportunity to get education and improve their lives. They did NOT use it. In every aspects of life, they blame Whites on their misfortune and failures. Just look at their homneland: Africa. Evolution has been stopped there 100.000 years ago. There are tribes and tens of thousands of peopel who never seen a wheel, never met a clock… All other races – including Europeans and Asians – provided awsome tarditions and cultures and useful things for Mankind. We have composers, doctors, scientists, researchers and great investors made our lifes better. How many you can name from African soil? White people traveled to Africa and tried to help, civilize the population there, Nigeria and South Africa were made famous for their Western-style, but acceptable lifestyles for blacks. Succesful blacks in America should use their pride to return to their native homeland and support those people with investments, not spending their money and energy on promoting drug-abuse and crime.
        Am I racist when I see the overwhelming tolerance showed for blacks in return as “racism”? Am I racist when I see the FBI’s ‘color of crime’ statistics, that black-on-White crime is about 880% higher than white-on-black crime, and almost 0 on white-on-black rapes?
        I feel comfortable with labeled as ‘racist’. Racism is self-defense. And White, Euroepan people in this country already on the verge being outlawed, outnumbered and exterminated bc of the low birth rate…

        • Mike

          Are there racist black people? YES. In fact I believe a much higher percentage of racist black people than white people. Is affirmative action racist? YES. You are correct when you state that black men do not educate themselves or provide for themselves on a whole, and then blame the white community for their own failures. Does this excuse your ignorant behavior? ABSOLUTELY NO!!! Does having a vietnamese wife change this fact?? NOT ONE BIT. We must work together to create the type of free society we are looking to have. I don’t care what color is committing crimes, they should be incarcerated. I don’t care by what color racism is embodied, it needs to end. Neither you or Rev. Wright have any place in the America I would like to live in.

        • Billy

          There are no black people that are racist, They are haters, They hate white people, They will find out that obama is wrong but they will side with him just because they hate white people.

        • Marylynn

          What a brilliant commentary, FarRightWinger! If I pondered for hours, I couldn’t have stated things more articulately! When I watch the evening news, every crime is committed by blacks. I’m not profiling – I’m just stating a fact. Thanks for speaking up for the silent majority.

        • Foolpatrol

          You not racist because you bought a wife? Give me a break! Many racists men buy foreign born, mail order, wives, often of Asian descent. It’s a win win situation. The women sell themselves for a US sponsor and the men control the women who offer no dissent when they spue their racist BS.

        • Brian Rawls

          I have to say that I agree with you. You have just been saying what others will not. They are just unwilling to look at the facts. Just like everyone is trying to side with the black guy that was disturbing the peace. It never fails that a black person throws race in the mix. I have never ever met one that didnt. I am so sick of hearing that shit, it makes me want to barf. The liberals want to be black so bad they cant stand it. It makes no sense. If you step back outside the box and look at everything you think to yourself this entire debate is so retarded

        • FRW

          For FOOLPATROL:
          You are – as almost in every posting you contributed – wrong. I did NOT buy my wife. I was in business trip when she was introduced to me in 2006. It took 2 years to get know each other and slowly became a love relationship.”Many racist men buying Asian women”. Your mind is warped brother. I didn’t have to buy her, bc she has rich family, in fact she is in her own busienss and made her family a decent living. She doesn’t want to come America, she wants her success in Vietnam. And as of her beauty, its amazing.
          And did you know that in early 2009 the VNese government repatriated (hmm… DEPORTED) more than 200 blacks? Most of them back to Africa, bc they committed crimes, VISA-violations, illegal money-laundering, or financed prostitution AND – had AIDS. Now, I didn’t see any media-screaming about government “racism”. They were just apprehended, put on airplanes and waved Goodbye to them from Tan Son Nhat airport within a few days. No racism, no ACLU, no ACORN.l THIS should be the procedure in America too.

      • Skip Foss

        This guy, although being a proffessor,is a mental midget, he should have done as the officer requested and given him his ID and there would have been no problem. But he wanted to be a black smart ass and give the white officer an attitude ,the cop didn’t know who he was ,but if this officer had left when a real crook said he lived there and did not check ID this proffessor whould have raised mortal hell and demanded the officer be fired made to pay for all the suff that was stolen and our fab half breed would have backed the proff in his law suit and would have said the “Police acted stupidly” for not checking the crook out. Ovomit should have kept his mouth shut for a change

        • ed

          This all boils down to the fact that the Professor is just that a Professor. One that believes that because he is educated he does not need to be questioned by what he considers an uneducated officer of the law. Arrogance as well as race plays into this. I ran into several of this ilk when in college. You were not allowed to question anything they said or else. When the Prof. started noticing the involvement and observation of others he may have decided that he himself was in a jamb and tossed in the race card to muddy up the water.

        • Ronzo

          I am a retired Police Officer. What the officer did was exactly right. When you recive a burglary in prograss you respond as if it was a burglary in progress.
          When you confront a subject in the house, and he won’t give you any ID, you are to place this person under arrest, and by that, you handcuff this person, for transportation to the Police Station.
          This is not profiling, it is a suspect caught in the act of a burglary. Things could have been a lot different if the Prof. had done what the officer had ask of him. I am sure the officer would have done as I would have done and that is to get confirmation as to who this man was. Then departed and told the dispatacher it was the home owner. But due to the actions of the Prof. the officer was left with no choice. AND IT WAS NOT BEAUSE HE WAS BLACK…

      • Dennis McNamara

        Thank you.

      • American Citizen

        Mike, get the facts of the case. Geez!

    • stylewclass

      agree totally.. it has been proven that blacks committ the most crimes…

      and that professor became verbally out of control and accusatory of the police..
      Obama was totally out of line.. Obama is a Chicago crook himself.. not qualified to manage a diary queen.. the only way that he is where he is is because he is a bought and paid for puppet and he used the race card..


    • debra

      I am with you Far Right. You gave me a good laugh. Did you know that a socialogist determined that the lower the intellence level,the greater need to procreate. That must be why they just keep producing and producing like rats.

    • HopeforAmerica

      You are a Bigot!

      • The black war on white

        YES I AM. SO?

  • FarRightWinger

    “Due to the infringement of Gates’ civil liberties and potential racial profiling, the renounced professor is rumored to be considering making a documentary on racial profiling, using the incident as inspiration.”

    Ahhhaaa. And the leftist jewsmedia will be more than happyt to provide publication for our oppressed, racila-profiled negro “professor”. (His diploma maybe as much credibility as NObama’s birth certificate in the US)

    • http://duped Peter Melville

      FRW you are so right. Gates probably paid for his degree with a bribe and a promise to beat up America. If you don’t like being a black man in America, we can arrange to ship you out of America one way.

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    Gates lives in a fantasy world in his own myopic mind. Because he is Black he thinks the world should kiss his behind. The rest of us actually have to acheive, we don’t get the world handed to us on a platter. A whining cry baby at his age, he has no dignity whatsoever.

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    Harvard used to be a Christian university that actually produced worthy members of the American society. Now it is filled with junk yard dogs like Gates.

  • THe Coming Collapse Of The US$ – “Thanks” To NObama!

    Everything Barack Obama, the Federal Reserve, and Congress are doing was predicted in startling detail almost two decades ago by a famous Nobel Prize-winning economist.

    His name was Milton Friedman.

    Though he passed away in 2006, in his prophetic book, Friedman showed how, facing massive deficits, the U.S. government would dramatically increase the money supply; why foreign countries would stop buying our debt; how the Fed would start buying our Treasury bills; and why this would call cause massive inflation.

    He even predicted that our officials would claim inflation was no problem at all.

    Amazingly all of this is coming to pass!

    Make no mistake about it — the Obama administration is embracing massive inflationary deficit spending.

    In just 100 days, Barrack Obama has more than doubled the U.S. money supply . . . committed the government to at least $7 trillion in new spending . . . and warned the American people to expect trillion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future.

    While the media has been falling over itself to praise Obama’s “bold initiatives,” the question no one has been asking is, “Where is all of this money coming from?”

    Decades ago, Milton Friedman answered these questions clearly and precisely in his insightful — and very topical — book, Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History.

    In Money Mischief, Friedman even warned that the coming inflation could “destroy” our country.

    Here’s what he wrote: “Inflation is a disease, a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease that, if not checked in time, can destroy a society.”
    You see the end result of that process in countries like Zimbabwe today, where prices double every day, and it now takes a $10 billion Zimbabwe note to buy a single loaf of bread – assuming you can find one.

    Could America suffer the same fate? Friedman wrote ominously, “The fate of a country is inseparable from the fate of its currency.”

    Even Warren Buffett recently admitted on CNBC that the only way for the U.S. to solve its woes was to inflate the currency.

    There is little doubt that Obama’s massive deficit spending will doom the dollar and our economy.

    You need to find out what is really happening to our economy and your wealth and get a copy of Milton Friedman’s pathbreaking book, Money Mischief.

    Its insights are so relevant and shocking — it reads like it was just published for our times!

    Friedman also tells how the U.S. and the West could still avoid hyperinflation, even with unbacked paper currency.

  • Rush Limbaugh Bashed NObama For Racist Views

    Reacting to the escalating firestorm over NObama’s comments calling a Massachusetts cop “stupid” for arresting his friend, the author Henry Louis Gates Jr., Rush Limbaugh blasted the president for mimicking the black supremacist thought of his longtime mentor, the “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright.

    Rather than dodging the question and staying above the fray, NObama provoked a firestorm by calling a much-decorated beat cop’s actions “stupid.” In doing so, Limbaugh said, NObama fell back on the leftist teachers of Wright and early mentors during his years as a community organizer in Chicago.

    “I think what we learned last night, ladies and gentlemen, is that President Obama did, after all, listen to Reverend Wright all those 20 years,” Limbaugh said on his show Thursday. “He says, ‘Yeah, I was a member of the church 20 years. I sat there and I didn’t hear any of that.’ I think he heard it all. That question he got from Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, that’s when he came alive. The rest of the press conference, he didn’t even want to be there. He knew that they were in trouble, so he goes out there and tries to dazzle everybody with his professorial insight and capabilities and elegance and all that. ”But when that question about Henry Louis Gates and the arrest in his home came up, why, it was passion, excitement, animation, fire! He came alive. That question was, ‘Mr. President, recently professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested at his home in Cambridge. What does that incident say to you, and what does it say about race relations in America?’”

    “A loaded question if I have heard one. This is a liberal idyllic panacea, Cambridge, Harvard. It’s liberal everything. So now we’ve got racist cops profiling a distinguished Harvard professor — who to my eye, every time I see this guy on TV I see somebody enraged. I see somebody angry. He’s a liberal, they all are.”

    Limbaugh said the more likely scenario is that Gates had a ‘chip on his shoulder’ and provoked the police officer.

    “In the first place, what we now know is that Gates was not arrested sipping tea sitting on his sofa legally in his house. He followed the police out of the house screaming at them. How else would neighbors know he was belligerent? That’s when he was arrested. He wasn’t sitting in a couch sipping tea daintily. He was screaming at the cop there to help protect his property. I’ve also learned that Gates’ house had a history of having been broken into. This is why the neighbor called. There are a lot of break-ins in this neighborhood recently. In fact, there was damage done to Gates’ door.”

    “So I’ve long thought that there’s a chip on the shoulder here, and that there’s a little anger out there at the country based on who his mentors, associates, all that were. Gates was not “stopped.” This was not a profiling case. Let’s review what happened. To the best of my knowledge, a neighbor sees Gates…. A friend and driver of the car, in addition to Gates, tried to get in the house. Gates and one other person. And some neighbor said, ‘Whoa, what was that? That doesn’t look right.’ They called the police. My first reaction would be to thank the neighbor for looking out for me. But I guarantee you the neighbor is also going to be, before this is all over, a racist. In Cambridge now. We’re talking Harvard, Cambridge!”

    Limbaugh found it implausible that police in the liberal community of Cambridge would treat a black elderly man with disrespect. He likened the escalating media uproar over the case to the one-sided coverage of the discredited rape of a stripper by members of the Duke lacrosse team.

    “It may as well be Duke,” Limbaugh said. “May as well be the lacrosse team here. May as well be that dancer. Gates and a friend break in, and the cops show up, and apparently all hell breaks loose inside the house, handcuffs and so forth. Obama doesn’t know what all happened — and we don’t, either. There are five or six different versions of what went on in there. We still really don’t know. Bill Cosby has come out today in Boston, and he can’t believe the president would say what he said about this admitting he doesn’t know all the facts. So Obama wasn’t quite through. After taking this incident — where Gates was not stopped. He was not pulled over. The cops were called there by somebody in the neighborhood. This was not a profiling incident. “

    Finally, Limbaugh pointed out that NObama, much like Gates, is hardly a victim. Both men are at the pinnacle of an elite establishment in the United States.

    “He doesn’t know the facts, he wasn’t there, he pops off, just exactly as he would back in Chicago in the community organizing days. He goes off about racial profiling, all the rest,” Limbaugh said. “Based on what? A limited amount of information about a single incident where he’s quick to condemn the cop, the whole police department, and White America. Mr. President, you are not a victim. You are, in fact, the president of the United States. You went to private school. You went to Ivy League schools. You are a millionaire. You have a charmed life. Congratulations. You’re living the American dream. Stop pretending otherwise. If anybody behaved stupidly yesterday it was the president, in even taking the question.”


    • Norm

      I think Obama was wrong and “dumb” to get involved in a local police matter, but Rush is the BIGGEST racist going. The classic “pot calling the kettle black” (no pun intended).

      I quote Mr Limbaugh:

      I mean, let’s face it, we didn’t have slavery in this country for over 100 years because it was a bad thing. Quite the opposite: slavery built the South. I’m not saying we should bring it back; I’m just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark.
      You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.
      Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?
      Right. So you go into Darfur and you go into South Africa, you get rid of the white government there. You put sanctions on them. You stand behind Nelson Mandela — who was bankrolled by communists for a time, had the support of certain communist leaders. You go to Ethiopia. You do the same thing.
      Look, let me put it to you this way: the NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.
      The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies.
      They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?
      Take that bone out of your nose and call me back(to an African American female caller).
      Limbaugh attacks on Obama. Limbaugh has called Obama a ‘halfrican American’ has said that Obama was not black but Arab because Kenya is an Arab region, even though Arabs are less than one percent of Kenya. Since mainstream America has become more accepting of African-Americans, Limbaugh has decided to play against its new racial fears, Arabs and Muslims. Despite the fact Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law school, Limbaugh has called him an ‘affirmative action candidate.’ Limbaugh even has repeatedly played a song on his radio show ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ using an antiquated Jim Crow era term for black a man who many Americans are supporting for president. Way to go Rush.

      • eric

        Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard? How did you find this out when his school records have never been released?

      • Ron


        I see nothing wrong with what Rush said, particularly since its all true ! And who said Obama graduated from Harvard magn cum laude ? him ? we will never see this transcript to know one way or the other, just like we will never see his birth certificate

        • Foolpatrol

          You never saw Clearance “Uncle Tom” Thomas’s transcript either. He asked his law school to not to release it. Are you questioning Clarence Tom’s graduation status and qualifications. FYI You don’t need to see the President’s transcript. Harvard’s official graduation records verify that our President graduated with Latin Honors. The Harvard Law Review in every law library in the United States contains Law Review Articles edited while the President was the editor or the Harvard Law Review. Anybody seen all of Bush’s military records including his DD-214? What abou Cheney and Rush’s deferrment requests? Sarah ‘give me free, it’s not my fault’ Palin’s many transcripts? Questioning their qualifications too?

        • Norm


          The Real Obama
          Missing in action.
          by Dean Barnett
          11/06/2007 12:00:00 AM

          IN MY PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL life, I had reason to be in contact with dozens of Barack Obama’s classmates at Harvard Law School. When he entered the presidential race, I dusted off my Rolodex and began making some calls to get the off-the-record skinny on the Democrats’ potential savior.

          The results surprised me. Regardless of his classmates’ politics, they all said pretty much the same thing. They adored him. The only thing that varied was the intensity with which they adored him. Some spoke like they were eager to bear his children. And those were the guys. Others merely professed a profound fondness and respect for their former classmate.

          Even more interesting was what wasn’t said. In dozens of conversations, not a single person said anything negative about him, and some were hardly the senator’s political fellow travelers. Also noteworthy is that virtually everyone seemed to know Obama. Usually people who have such a high profile on law school campuses have their detractors. Obama apparently didn’t.

          This general attitude regarding Obama is even more remarkable given how well he performed at Harvard Law School. Obama graduated there in 1991. As many people know, he was president of the Harvard Law Review. This accomplishment, for those who know how such things work, was easy to minimize. Generally, you earned admission to the Law Review because of a distinguished academic performance in your first year. But there were some members who got on the Law Review because they wrote good essays as part of their application process and in spite of mediocre grades. A notable subset of this latter category was minority students; a politically correct institution, the Law Review cared about diversity in its ranks.

          This was an unacknowledged form of affirmative action, but just because the Law Review didn’t acknowledge it didn’t mean law firms would follow suit. Membership on the Law Review basically meant that you were one of Harvard’s smartest students. Unless you got there for some reason other than your grades. In those cases, hiring authorities would usually dismiss your Law Review membership, although they would never admit to doing so.

          The only reason I bring this barely relevant history up is to show what a stud of a law student Barack Obama was. He graduated Harvard magna cum laude. This was one honor you unquestionably had to earn. It’s a very impressive feat. Back in Obama’s days at Harvard, more than 50 percent of the class graduated cum laude, a fact that made graduating “with honors” a meaningless accomplishment. But graduating magna was a different kettle of fish. Barack Obama graduated right near the top of his law school class.

        • Rock

          Oh and by the way fool, I would rather have Clarence Thomas in the White House than Ossama Hussein O’Bama, at least he wasn’t ashamed of his country to the point that he didn’t even want to salute the American Flag!

      • Skip Foss

        Thomas was from this country that is why he was not ashamed you have to be a part of a country to respect it’s flag. How can anyone but Ovomit say that he graduated with honors when you have your records sealed. That is like the records of King they sealed them to hide all of his communist ties ,illicit affairs and money he was stealing from the blacks. Ovomit has sealed his so that he can hide all of the proof that he is not an american and his ties with communist and the Builderberg group that are paying to over throw America. And where are men like James Earl Ray when you need them?

        • Norm

          You are why people are ashamed to be American.

    • Richard

      The next time Gates house is burglarized, nobody will lift a finger to help him. I know I wouldn’t.

      • FRW

        Perfect solution! I am not sure what will be then the target for ‘prof’ Gates jr’s claim and uproar?
        If I am cop in his area, I would let the burglar do some damage for his house, then capture him… Bc crime is crime whenever and whoever is involved.

    • Janice Lowe


    • http://personallibertydigest Terry

      WELL SAID !!! —Now lets have apology from our president of the U. S. A,

      Who comment making statements —not knowing all the facts–& said he didn’t know all the facts— period.

      • Dickie

        I have several black friends,But I know several WHITE & BLACK NIGGER’S, I was in high school,When all this crap started,Late 60′s, I am a white born American, Not a IRISH,SCOTTISH,AMERICAN, I was not born when slaves were sold to other country’s buy their own people.And brought to the Americas, And sold, I DON’T BELIEVE THERE IS ONE DAMN PERSON ALIVE TODAY, THAT REMEMBER’S SALVEREY, AND DON’T EVEN TRY TO TELL ME I AM FULL OF ANYTHING, BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIER. BUT that is not the issue, The issue is that I don’t care how smart you are, or what you teach,or where you live, In most cases, THE NIGGER WILL COME OUT!!, BLACK OR WHITE, I get so sick of hearing about me being done wrong because of my color,Yes the cops were wrong when they beat the crap out of ronney king, But the little baby,that had made the wrong turn,Did not deserve to be hit with a damn sign,Or that poor truck driver beat & hit with a brick,That disfiurged his face, Before king was beat, After he got out of his car & knock the first cop down,While his rider got out put his hands on the car, Nothing happen to him except put in handcuff’s, Would have given king the time of DAY,They new he was a coke head, He was trash, They just wanted to destory something,& STEAL, If the parent’s of young black people were not crack head’s theirselves, And teach their children, To get respect you have to give respect, All they teach is the white devil holds them down because they are black, Instead of, Helping them with school home work, They tell them to get the hell away from me go do something somewhere else, Instead of telling them they can be anything they want to be,And if a black person go’s to school to learn instead of being a punk,Thing being bad gets them somewhere, But you even got the trash lossers, Giveing Their ON KID’ DRUG’S, They are the lossers, I have taught, My children,Treat ALL PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, But When you let your kid walk around with your ASS hanging out What & WHO? Do you thing is going to give you a job,Give you respect,And the person that let’s his child to that is a losser their self,That is as much DISRESECT,That could be to them & everybody else, MARTIN LUTHER KING WOULD BE SO EMBARASSED, IF he seen how the people acted, He wanted ALL MEN BE TREATED EQUAL, NOT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK!,Until the DAMN GOVERMENT OWN MEDIA STOP’S TRYING TO MAKE A RACE ISSUE OUT OF EVERY DAMN THING, AND BLACK PARENT’S START’S LOVEING THEIR CHILDREN, AND GIVE THEM POSSIVE THOUGHT’S INSTEAD OF FEELING SORRY FOR THEIRSELVE’S, THIS CRAP WILL NEVER STOP!! DAMN, When YOU tell your children the cop’s are your enemy, What in the hell do you thing,All THIS HIPPCRIT gate’s,Neededto do was just show his DAMN – BUT NO HE SHOWED HIS COLOR,If THIS RACIST is a TEACHER, I SURE IN HELL WOULD LET THIS THUG TEACH MY CHILD, HE JUST SHOWED THE WORLD HIS IS NO BETTER THAN TRASH!.

  • mario – streamwood IL

    Once again, Obama’s true color has been shown. Just like Michelle not being proud of America, Wright’s God damn America, Obama too does not seem to like white America.

    Obama is only backing down and softening up his stance because there has been a backlash on him.

    Backing down and softening up his stance now only proves that he is just being politically correct, just like when he threw his white grandmother and rev. wright under the bus when it became politically expedient.

    The fact that he interjected race only manifests his inner most thoughts and his subconscious moral compass.

    This is no different from Imus calling the black girls’ team nappy-headed hos and then later apologizing for it. What imus did showed what was always in his inner thoughts.

    We suppress some inner thoughts because they are not proper, but if we continue to harbor those thoughts, eventually they will come out. Obama did just that.

  • http://???? ruth ann sargent

    what if it were a robbery than they would of said police weren’t do their job and would said called it racism any how. he should be happy they did wht they did.
    i think he the police deserves an apologize, for doing what he thought was the correct thing.i would of probably tried to prove it was me ,and called for verification to prove i lived there.
    so what’s the big deal was he doing something he shouldn’t of been doing,that’s my question.
    where was that extra key he should of had hide somewhere even if were in kept in his car.
    this racism thing has got to stop, it turns my stomach and makes me sick! every thing is racismmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!
    do the right thing and you don’t have to feel guilty that’s when they all want to call it racism when their caught.


  • Proud White American

    I am white and proud of it! Obama showed his “true colors” when he spoke out. He let his emotions get he better of him nd forgot he was a lawyer. His resentment against the white citizens in this country becme very evident with his comments and he cannot hide behind ” My grandmohter was whtie and raised me!” Obama is black socialist! It is time for White Americans to wake up and fight for their God given rights and and citizen rights under the constitution. If any race is being abused it is the white race contstantly being undermined and bad mouthed by other races who are trying to suffocate and exterminate the white race because of their low self esteem and hatred. Get over it, we all have rights and we do not have to agree with one another but we need to respect our differences so that we can enjoy what God has given to us.

    • Foolpatrol

      President Obama didn’t forget he was a lawyer. As a Constitutional lawyer President Obama is aware that Professor Gates has a Constitutional right to the reasonable expectation of privacy in his home, California v. Greenwood. He can be loud, tumultuous or anything for that matter as long as the behavior does not adversely impact the quiet enjoyment of another person not on his property. Once Professor Gates presented his ID and established that he was lawfully on the premises the encounter should have ended. No crime had been committed. He was under no obligation to make nice with the police or to answer any further questions. As our President said, “the police acted stupidly” from that point on.

      Now I admit that Professor Gates received better treatment than Average Black Man. In my city, the police beat a young black mentally challenged man to the point of death for being a burglar in his own home. They put him in a coma because he couldn’t explain fast enough what he was doing in his own home. They paid big too! Nonetheless, the young man is permanently damaged, is paranoid and lives in constant fear and his ability to live independently is forever gone.

      Sue them and keep suing them! Use cell phones and video cameras to record every encounter witnessed from a safe distance (cops who act appropriately shouldn’t care, it protects them too). Police are public servants, all the public. They represent the law; they are not the law and they are not above it! Make them accountable!

      • eric

        The officer walked outside and then arrested him on the front porch after prof continued his loud talking. There was a large crowd witnessing it and in affect these were the people whose peace was disturbed.

      • Linda

        Foolproof, you are an IDIOT!!!! Can you explain to me why we have black colleges, black groups where whites are not allowed, blacks being admitted to colleges ahead of all other Americans including whites, blacks receiving jobs ahead of whites even if they’re not qualified? I live in St. Louis and you don’t go into certain parts of the city especially if you’re white because you will be shot, you will be carjacked, raped, etc. These neighborhoods used to be white, safe and you could walk down the street with no worries at night. I know because I lived in those neighborhoods. When I was young, we left our doors open in the evening, we parked our cars in front of our houses with no worries and we as kids walked everywhere and didn’t come home until the streetlights came on. Now, the same streets are overrun with black gangs, children shooting adults, people shooting eachother from their cars with semi-automatic guns, drug houses, etc., etc. The houses I used to live near are now boarded up, burned or they have bars on the windows. My grandfather used to scrub the front steps of our four family flat and he was proud of his home. I won’t even go into that same neighborhood. I am not saying this because I hate black people, I am saying this because it’s the truth. If you want to hide your eyes and turn your back on reality, go ahead. I don’t care, I don’t live in these areas anymore, my children don’t attend substandard schools, my children aren’t in gangs, they don’t shoot people,
        they don’t rape and carjack people, I don’t worry about them coming home at night and they’re not on the 6:00 news being hunted by the police because they hunted someone down and murdered them. Yes, I am white and damn proud of it! My family taught me values, pride about my life and responsibility. I know what it is to be a hard working citizen, that pays taxes, I’m not rich . My house is not huge but, I keep it clean and no one steals my car even if I leave it sitting in the driveway with the keys in it. Tell me, can you say the same thing about most black neighborhoods? I know you can’t and that, my friend, is a fact. You can deny it and blame it on white people or whatever else you want to blame it on but, it lies in the laps of black people, no one else. If I were you, I’d be ashamed to defend any nationality that has this many bad skeletons in their closets.

        • Foolpatrol

          Hey Linda
          “Can you explain to me why we have black colleges, black groups where whites are not allowed,”

          Yes, I can explain. I’ll even use smaller words so that you can understand. Black people developed their own historically black schools, organizations and institutions as a direct result of not being allowed to participate in comparable white institutions. All of the entities that you question were developed as the direct result of white racism.

          ” blacks being admitted to colleges ahead of all other Americans including whites, blacks receiving jobs ahead of whites even if they’re not qualified?”

          I can explain this too. Here’s a little affirmative action lesson for you. The purpose of affirmative action is to provide young people who may be educationally, culturally and/or economically deprived through no fault of their own, but who are otherwise qualified, the opportunity to prove themselves.
          Affirmative action is necessary because children are often locked in under performing schools with few resources, poor quality teachers, outdated books, little, if any access to computers and technology, low level math and science courses, and few to no advanced placement courses. Students cannot compete on standardized tests in areas wherein they have had little or no exposure. It has nothing to do with the students qualifications!
          Once a student is admitted to higher education institutions and professional schools, they sink or swim on their own merit! Students are randomly assigned exam numbers each grading period. Professors don’t even know whose exam they are grading. All the professor knows is that s/he is grading exam number 123.
          f affirmative action admittees are less qualified, what accounts for the fact they often excel, distinguish themselves and do far better than their more advantaged peers? Ever notice how minorities excel in most academic and athletic undertakings? E.g., Business, Law, Medicine, Tennis, Golf, …? Perhaps the drive to work harder, be better and do better comes from the legacy of discrimination and the strong desire to make a fool of fools like you.

        • Foolpatrol

          “I live in St. Louis and you don’t go into certain parts of the city especially if you’re white because you will be shot, you will be carjacked, raped, etc.”

          So, does this mean that you did not live in St. Louis when the South Side Rapist, a white man and one of most notorious rapists in history, was raping and terrorizing women across the region day and night? Or what about the white man who shot up the St. Louis County Court House killing a woman and injuring a number of people including the judge? Or what about the 15year old white boy in St. Ann who went on a shooting rampage killing his mother and injuring his father? Or the married white cop who shot his cop girlfriend doing a drug induced stopper in St. Louis County? Or the white head of security of the Joyce Meyer’s Ministry accused of capitol murder for strangling his wife and two sons to be with his girlfriend? Wasn’t the man who abducted and held Shawn Hornbeck captive for years white? What about the young girl last seen ten years ago while baby sitting for the white man in her apartment complex? Or the white, unmarried, pregnant, Pentecostal woman who disappeared in Jefferson County when she was going to meet with her white baby daddy? Wasn’t the white St. Louis Chief of Police recently forced to resign as a result of wrongdoing and kickbacks while in office? Or the former Chief’s white, heroin addicted, daughter?
          Aren’t the family courts in St. Louis City and County over run with abused and neglected white children who were victims of incest and sexually abuse by their white relatives and friends? Didn’t a white boy across the river just shake the life out of his infant daughter? Didn’t a white man in St. Louis County put a baby in a microwave oven and turn it on? Didn’t a white man in St. Charles County inject his young son with the HIV virus? Didn’t a white woman in St. Charles County cyber harass a mentally unstable 13 year old white girl to the point of contributing her suicide? Didn’t a white surgeon at Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City get caught in a hotel room smoking crack with a crack HO? Didn’t that same white surgeon kill an innocent person while driving under the influence? How many white criminals has Scott Rosenbloom represented for Embezzlement? Murder? Possession of drugs? How many houses and neighborhoods blow up in white areas in South St. Louis and Jefferson Counties from white people cooking Meth? Wasn’t Jeffrey Dahmer who killed and ate his victims white? What about Tim McVeigh? In fact most serial killers and serial rapists are white, aren’t they?

      • Brian Rawls

        FoolPatrol, Tell me the reason that you are all over this coons nuts. It would be wise for you to come up for air. Im sick of hearing the race card. He is lucky I wasnt there! I would have split his AFRO-TURF with my mag-light. That would be for me just having to show up at his house. No telling how he would have looked by the time he got to the station.

      • Dickie

        You know, Footpatrol,I almost thought you were a little smart,But with DUMB ASS COMMENT,YOU NEED TO HAVE A BIG FAT FOOT UP YOUR DUMBASS, JUST YOUR pres. NOT MIND, HE showed All the stupid ass people,That cheated him in,I hope they love the CHANGE! You sound like you think the poor little black person, Should be able to rape,rob,steal,sell drugs,carjack,mug little old laides,& old weak black& white men of their pension, REAL BIG & BAD MEN UH, AND not be locked up because they came from a poor family or divorced parent’s, That is total BULL S—. You stupid little man.That is what’s wrong with these punk’s NOW!!.People like YOU.

        • Foolpatrol


          Newsflash! Compared to you, I’m a lot smart.

          “You sound like you think the poor little black person, Should be able to rape,rob,steal,sell drugs,carjack,mug little old laides,& old weak black& white men of their pension, REAL BIG & BAD MEN UH, AND not be locked up because they came from a poor family or divorced parent’s, That is total BULL S—.”

          Instead of speculating about what strangers think, try learning to read and write. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

      • debra

        Hey foolproof…its called civilized behavior, know human stuff. Which Obama and Gates proves no matter the education just cant teach someone how to have grace and class.

    • Foolpatrol

      God for you “proud white American.” I’m certain that our President is a “proud Black American!” Good for him too, right?

      • Ron

        I’m a white american and damn proud of it, but obama is not black and not an american, get it right !

        • Foolpatrol

          What ever you say. One thing is for sure, President Obama is the President of the United States of America, isn’t he? Hail to the Chief!

      • Brian Rawls

        There is a cure for liberalism foolpatrol. All you have to do is put a pistol under your chin and pull the trigger.

        • Foolpatrol

          Why don’t you consider taking the cure. I don’t know you but I’m certain that I’m of more value to society.

      • Dickie

        You know FOOL, I did fall in your sick trap,You don’t have alife,So being the losser you are,You pulled me right in did”nt you, See it is crackheads like you that steals other people’s pc,So you can have a small little life for awhile, And decent people like me, Bring’s the real trash like you out in the open, I am sorry you don’t know who your daddy is,I guess you want to blame that on the white man!,Well our like soooo many other people that get’s discussed with parasites,like you. Our friendship must end,So I hope you WILL take BRIAN’
        S advice,Realy you are wasting good air that some Hard working person could breath,By for now & forever you pathetic F—I–g GERM.

        • Foolpatrol

          Yea, I know, Dickie, I know. Remember, free literacy classes in your area. Do yourself a favor, sign up!

  • Proud White American

    I am white and proud of it! Obama showed his “true colors” when he spoke out. He let his emotions get he better of him nd forgot he was a lawyer. His resentment against the white citizens in this country becme very evident with his comments and he cannot hide behind ” My grandmohter was whtie and raised me!” Obama is black socialist! It is time for White Americans to wake up and fight for their God given rights and and citizen rights under the constitution. If any race is being abused it is the white race contstantly being undermined and bad mouthed by other races who are trying to suffocate and exterminate the white race because of their low self esteem and hatred. Get over it, we all have rights and we do not have to agree with one another but we need to respect our differences so that we can enjoy what God has given to us.

  • Marvin Clark

    It would be nice if you held your self-righteous race generated remarks until you have a few more facts. You jumped in with both feet when you saw the black flag.

    • Foolpatrol

      Why, you didn’t hold your race generated remarks until you had more facts, did you? Fair exchange isn’t robbery, right?

  • DixieConnie

    Believe me, the black cops are more racist than the whites ever think about being here in Houston. My husband rides a motorcycle, looks like a biker, riding his motorcycle (HD) to work at 5:30 am everyday. One morning, following behind a Sheriff’s car about 5 motorcycles lengths in distance. The Sheriff pulls over to the side of the road, Mark goes around him, doing the speed limit and the cop puts his lights on and pulls Mark over. Says he was following too closely and give him a ticket. We are gonna fight this. But the Sheriff is a 6’4″ 310 Black man. Saw a white man riding a motorcycle and pulls him over for NOTHING. You make your own judgement call.

    This sucks. I am so sick of who is white or black, or yellow or pink or brown, or red. Who cares. If the police had not checked out this man’s house, oh yea, there would have been hell to pay for that police department. Do you know how many would appreciate it if cop would come to check their belongings. I was glad to see that they cared that a house was being burglarized. I would have thought Gates would have been grateful that the police dept. cared enough about him as a person to come check on his house.

    And who cares that this man was friend of Obama’s. He should, for sure act better, if he knows people in high places. I would hate to annouce on National TV I have a friend and they act like a fool. An educated fool. I thought he was support to be smart? What does that say about Obama’s choice of friends? Remember what yo mama said ” Birds of a feather”.

    Good for the cop for not apolozing. Mr. Gates is the one that needs to apoloze cause I guarantee, if there comes a call into the station with that address, they are gonna turn their heads. Can’t blame um.

    Whites get damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Can’t win for losing.

    And who really loses in the end? We all do.

    • Brian Rawls

      Hey dixieconnie, that would not have happend in Pasadena. If there is any black cops I havent seen any. lol

  • maryright


    • Brian Rawls

      If that guy pulled that stunt in Pasadena Texas, he would have been zapped with a tazer gun. Most likely would have had been whooped up on as well. He was luckey he got an honest cop show up at his house.

    • Foolpatrol

      Assrested for what? Being in his home? Asking the officer for his name and badge number? Isn’t an American taxpayer entitled to that information? That’s not illegal, is it? If Americans can be arrested without cause, that makes us just like Suddam. doesn’t it? America is not a Police State, is it?

      • Brian Rawls

        He was disturbing the peace.

        • Foolpatrol

          Whose peace? His? In his own home? Pet the meth pipe down! I know Sarah “give me free” Palin shunned intelligence, but have Americans really dumbed down this much? A mind really is a terrible thing to waste!

      • Ken

        Omega 3 would help your mental problem——sir !!!!!

      • Dickie


        • Foolpatrol

          Yea, yea, our President’s middle name is Hussein. Barack Hussein Obama! So, what’s your point? Aren’t GED classes free in your area?

        • Ron

          you know guys, this fool fellow has picked the perfect name for himself. you just can’t fix stupid. they say, ” never argue with a fool as the onlookers will not be able to tell one from the other”.
          It is best not to argue,
          But if you do at all,
          Never do so with a fool.
          A fool can defeat all.

          He does not care for the facts.
          He does not know debate.
          He’s a stranger to reason.
          Logic he can negate.

          In the end the fool will win,
          His logic is so strong!
          Decides what he does not like
          And then it must be wrong!

          It’s better to keep quiet
          When challenged by a fool.
          Else, to prove his own wisdom,
          He will make you a tool.

          It is hence my policy
          To not respond to those
          Who ask questions not to learn
          But to be bellicose.

      • debra

        Foolproof..what are you so angry about? Do you think just because you are black that you dont have to behave in a way that is civilized? Its very clear you are intellegent and why are you so angry? If you act like you do on this site you will not hold a job for long. Or maybe you don`t want to do something more useful. Chill out dude.

        • Foolpatrol

          Thank you for the employment advice. I wish I’d come in contact with you years ago; before I make equity Partner in my firm. FYI Dialogue and dissent isn’t anger.

  • Kat

    All of this could have easily been avoided if the professor had just cooperated with the police from the beginning instead of name calling and using fowl language. The president should NEVER have voiced his oppinion on the matter as it was his personal view and both left and right wingers would make something out of his statement. On another note, my daughter is a County Court Commissioner. She sees all kinds come before her, all races, all ages, all genders. To her estonishment she was completely flabbergasted when after the presidential election African Americans were saying “you can’t arrest me or charge me we have a black president now”. Only goes to show you how ignorant people still can be.

  • Joe Foreman

    Take me off your email list. How could you have missed this so badly? Obama’s race has NOTHING to do with the fact that he is himself a scofflaw, racist. He has exposed himself on national prime time TV to be morally unfit for the job of Commander in Chief of this great country. He never paid his 10-15 year old numerous parking tickets from Cambridge (until he decided to run for president) because he saw himself as “above the law”. Marxists always see themselves as above the law, because ANY free nation practicing free enterprise capitalism, is EVIL, and must be overthrown. GOOGLE: CLOWARD-PIVEN and you will see the inescapable conclusion that he seeks the downfall of what our founding fathers created–the most successful and freest nation on earth.


    According to reports and witnesses the police were proper with their protocol and procedure, the professor was out of sorts, rude and in the wrong for his behavior and it netted him a arrest by three officers in front of a neighborhood crowd of seven.

    This ineligible, inexperienced, thin skinned presdident who we are to offer our loyalty to is a paranoid nincompoop who jumps to conclusion and is disgustingly insulting to the ordinary citizen, our military and tax payers, to him you are a bunch of fools and he will play you like a hooked fish and steal from your pockets with his plans, schemes and agenda. He and his cronies have broken so much Constitutional law and bypassed the congress with his czars to intimidate those institutions he has taken under his political wing as he drives us towrad his idealogical socialistic utopia.

    In retrospect his display of inarticulate, inept, words of no substance or specifics, his outburst directed towarda police officer doing his job and his put down of the doctors whom he made out to be money grubbing non professionals was case and point as to why this man needs to be evaluated by a good psychiatric clinic for paranoia and persecution complex, he sems to be a can short of a six pack at this time and needs medication.

    The worse part of this scenario is that he has surrounded himself with clones, tax cheats and embellishers and is appointing more to enhance his position, his SCOTUS appointment is another of his ideaology and Eric Holder his AG is most certainly folowing the same path as he….Stalin and Hitler were both paranoids and what makes you think this country is exempt from their kind?

  • Marauder

    For perspective: If a black cop were to appear at a white guy’s front door under the same circumstances as the Cambridge cop did, and the citizen responded in the same stupid manner as Gates did, what does anyone on this forum think would happen to him?

  • Foolpatrol

    Newsfalsh! A person has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his home, California v. Greenwood. He can be loud, tumultuous or anything for that matter as long as the behavior does not adversely impact the quiet enjoyment of another person. Once Professor Gates presented his ID and established that he was lawfully on the premises the encounter should have ended. No crime had been committed. He was under no obligation to make nice with the police or to answer any further questions. As our President said, “the police acted stupidly” from that point on. Adding insult to injury the police didn’t apologize and indicated that Professor Gates shares the blame for the incident.

    Now I admit that Professor Gates received better treatment than Average Black Man. In my city, the police beat a young black mentally challenged man to the point of death for being a burglar in his own home. They put him in a coma because he couldn’t explain fast enough what he was doing in his own home. They paid big too! Nonetheless, the young man is permanently damaged, is paranoid and lives in constant fear and his ability to live independently is forever gone.

    Sue them and keep suing them! Use cell phones and video cameras to record every encounter witnessed from a safe distance (cops who act appropriately shouldn’t care, it protects them too). Police are public servants, all the public. They represent the law; they are not above it. Make them accountable!

    • http://Olegreenback Joe Dickey

      Don’t shoot your mouth off until all the facts are in. We are not sure that Gates promptly identified himself, I would bet that he didn’t. The normal, reasonable person would have thanked the police for their prompt response to the 911 call, and, forthwith, gone to thank the neighbor who placed the call. Gates appears to me to have been DRUNK, both with power and booze! As for Obama’s remark, I am reminded of Harry Truman’s assessment of an ego-driven US Senator: He’s an over-educated fool.

    • debra

      Foolproof…come on need to be on medication..lithium maybe?

    • Linda


      In response to the instances you sited about white people committing crimes, you can actually go down a list and the pages do not go on and on. If we’re going to list murders, what about the guy who walked into the Kirkwood courthouse and shot and killed seven plus the mayor of Kirkwood, Mayor Swoboda, what about past Mayors of St. Louis City, they were known as the biggest ripoff artists and because of Bosley’s and Cleaver’s dipping their black hands into the til for hundreds of thousands of dollars, the city suffered and yes, I worked in the city at that time and remember it well. It took a white Mayor to get it going again in the right direction. What about the two guys that just killed the white bartender at Maggie O’Briens, I believe they were black. What about the two black guys that killed a white woman and man at the Steak and Shake on S. Lindbergh? What about the numerous, not just a couple that you can list, black boyfriends, fathers, etc. that shake, burn and beat their children to death, I guess they don’t qualify. I remember about two months ago a black mother left her baby with her boyfriend while she went to work and when she came home, the baby was dead, the boyfriend is black. You really have blinders on but, that’s typical. People like you would rather make excuses or point towards other people instead of seeing the real problems. No, I don’t live in the city, I moved out as so many smart people did when it started to get bad in my neighborhood. It was sad, I had lived there all my life but, because of the uncertaintly of being shot, raped and robbed, my family made the decision to go where we were safer and our tax dollars along with our sense of responsibility and our hardworking ethics went with us. It’s a funny thing, whether you want to recognize it or not, most white people have the money because they work for it. Most of us don’t look for handouts, we want to be left alone to raise our children, we don’t want any president dipping his hands into our pockets to give our hard earned money to women that have children all by different fathers just to rob money out of the welfare system that was originally set up for widows and handicapped people. Oh and did I mention they also get foodstamps, they get cheap housing from a government program or should I say the tax payers pockets, they get free healthcare (I can go on but, I’m sure you’re not smart enough to hold onto all this information so I’ll stop). No, again I’ll repeat, I don’t live in the city, I guess you missed that part of my reply, you need to learn to read and comprehend a little better, I think that’s your problem, you read and comprehend what you want and you ignore the rest. That’s typical of people like you, that’s what makes you an idiot! Here are some statistics regarding black men and jail, try to read and let this enter your brain. In 2002, that was 7 years ago, 10.4% black males aged 25 to 29, were incarcerated, by comparison 2.4% Hispanic and 1.2% white males were incarcerated. I’m sure you’ll research this and try to find an excuse or try to prove me wrong, go ahead, I don’t care. Just like I don’t care if all the blacks in St. Louis kill each other. It does not affect me except to make the city safer.

      • debra

        Oh yeah ..what they say is that white people arrest the blacks and convict them more than white people. Huh?? I agree with you and the above statements. They move into a neighborhood and property values go down because crime rates go up. They will destroy a community like a pack of rats eating thru everything. What I don`t understand is that the black leaders and churches should be preaching the importance of education,responsibilty,service to community,a honest days work, and MARRIAGE??? Instead they keep their own down. Welfare is a way of keeping blacks down..But they are too stupid to know that,instead they think getting free money is the way to go..So sad.

    • Skip Foss

      The proff just showed that he was a typical nigger ,he figured since he was buddies with the half-breed in the white house that the officer would cower in fear and not arrest him for fear of being reprimanded or fied but the cop didn’t give a rat’s ass who his freinds were. If I was the cop I would tell the president and his buddy Gates where he could put his meeting and his beer

  • http://- dotty

    Prof. Gates should have been happy that the police answered his nieghbor’s call
    that someone was breaking and entering his home. He should have been a gracious
    educated professor and thanked the police office for coming and checking. The police
    officer was just doing his job.
    Prof. Gates needs a course in good common couresty. Just because he is Harvard educated
    doesn’t mean he has also been educated in graciousness.

    Very much missing in this country of the educated elites. We must start teaching our students about the common courtesies of life, very important.

    • Richard

      Professor Gates acted like he had something to hide. The ID he produced had no photo. The police we’re just doing their jobs.

  • PoliSciGirl

    Not one person has stated the facts…these are all assumptions.

    Please take off the veils and wait for the facts to come out before condemning an entire race of people for one incident.

    It is the attitude of racism and hate displayed on this website that is turning the world against White People. The most hideous crimes in history have been committed by white folks and yet you still remain hard headed to your own demise…it’s really sad.

    May god help you…you are moving from first to last…be scared and feed the fear…LOL

    • s c

      If you are in the process of getting an education, kindly read something by B O’s role model [Saul Alinsky[. If you already have an education, kindly read something by Saul Alinsky. Do a little research, and notice how many ‘respectable’ libs look up to Saul Alinsky.
      While I can’t prove it, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that ‘de prof’ looks up to Alinsky. B O does. When you’ve read some articles by Alinsky, you can come back to this web site, and apologize for brown-nosing B O and the prof, and rendering an opinion not based on facts. That is a part of getting an education.

    • FRW

      Perfectly true! How about White Entertaining Television (WET) after BET (Black Entertaining Televsion)? How about White Colleges, after Black Colleges? How about releasing anti-Black music (rap-crap CDs) after shouting Black Power! songs from Black-owned record-studios?
      And how about White Panthers guarding the polls , to make sure: no black voters get into the voting places to make sure McCain will win?
      Regardless what NObama and his REAL stupidity resulted as outcome from this, otherwise normal situation , the media made it from a flea to be an elephant. We can argue here until the end of this century who was right and who was wrong, who was stupid and who wasn’t, but the fact is, the leftist media will keep on hunting on “White racism” and totally ignore black racism.
      To be more picky on this issue, I would like to ask you: why White and Asian neighborhoods are more safer than black “neighborhoods”? Why do they look better and more American than ‘african-style’ neighborhoods? Why I couldn’t get along with blacks on jobs until just a little time, then the ‘slavery issue’ and the ‘hatred of whitey’ came out like a disturbed snake from a flooded basement? Some may think bc its a racial issue and never can be solved. We can give anything – but NOT everything – to help the blacks to be civilized or be American like everybody else, but only for a short time, bc the ‘racist whitey’ will stay there.

  • http://- dotty

    Prof. Gates should have been happy that the police answered his nieghbor’s call
    that someone was breaking and entering his home. He should have been a gracious
    educated professor and thanked the police office for coming and checking. The police
    officer was just doing his job.
    Prof. Gates needs a course in good common couresty. Just because he is Harvard educated
    doesn’t mean he has also been educated in graciousness.

    Very much missing in this country of the educated elites. We must start teaching our students about the common courtesies of life, very important.

    This is my opinion and not someone else.

  • Thomas

    Granted the President should have used other language, but he is human, it was my first thought as well. However, there is no excuse for Rush’s continued racist arrogant comments towards african americans and the President. I feel that his actions are a threat to the safety of the President, and the secret service should listen to his show very carefully, everyday. If some nut listening to him, tries to hurt Mr. Obama due to his daily inflamatory remarks, he will be running from accountability. This really should be monitored daily, as well as that other nut’s show Hannity.

    • Skip Foss

      I hope some one does start to listen to him and he is monitored daily just as all of us are if you speak up against Ovomit they know it . But if someone does not take the assinine imposter out and they pass these murderous health programs those with cancer and other serious illnesses will be allowed to die or be given the choise of commiting suicide,read the bill if you reach an age that the government deems unprofitable and you get an illness that will cost to much to treat to bad because you will not get the needed treatment,(shades of Hitler and Stalin)

  • Jan Bennett

    Wow. Am I disappointed in the Personal Liberty Digest and Bob Livingston. Did you even check the facts first? The police were called to a potential break-in. They found a man who refused to show ID and was unruly and increasingly out of control. The police were doing their job. Race has nothing to do with it. I’m blocking any further emails from you. This sure opened my eyes to how racist Americans still are, both white and black. How long before we can just look at each other without having to use racial, national, or ethnic labels? So sad.

  • ropati

    It’s not enough that the President (allegedly) has the time to run General Motors and General Hospital. He now has time to run the Cambridge Police Department. Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Barry’s on the way.

  • Donna

    Without having the facts, he should have said, No comment. Obama is a socialist/racist trying to divide this country. The more I listen to him, the more I think they got his IQ mixed up with his weight

  • Faz

    Jan Bennett on July 24th, 2009 at 11:50 am:
    Wow. Am I disappointed in the Personal Liberty Digest and Bob Livingston. Did you even check the facts first? The police were called to a potential break-in. They found a man who refused to show ID and was unruly and increasingly out of control. The police were doing their job. Race has nothing to do with it. I’m blocking any further emails from you. This sure opened my eyes to how racist Americans still are, both white and black. How long before we can just look at each other without having to use racial, national, or ethnic labels? So sad.

    I agree with you Jan – these comments make me sick….

    • FRW

      Good. You deny others right to free-speech, racist or non-racist. Go back yo your NYT sources.

      • Faz

        How have I denied anyone free speech??? I just said some of the comments make me sick which is MY right to do so… just like you have every right to act and comment like a 5 year old in the school yard.

  • Jay

    Mr. Gates is Professor? A Professor in what, racism. Who with any amount of intellect would argue with the person who is coming to protect your home. What an idiot. And as for Mr. Obama to say the police acted supidly….who is stupid. Since Mr. Obama is a personal friend with Mr. Gates……what does that say. Check the company you keep.

  • Steve

    All I can say to the media or anyone else, please read the entire report before going on air or opening your mouth…

    Question that I have not heard, asked of Black America

    Should Black Americans teach their sons to run their mouth to the police, if not, why is it ok for Gates to do it…

    Was Gates actions what all Americans should do, regardless of race…

    And when asked if it was a White man, would he have been arrested, not sure a white man would have run his mouth like that…

    In the words of Roberts, “The best way to end Racism is to end Racism” That means both ways

    • debra

      Yeah they teach their boys to disrepect anyone of authority…it makes momma rich from the law suit.

  • Keith H

    The Henry Gates story is a case of racism, I don’t have a problem with the police coming to his house because of an alleged break in , I have a problem with the officer.
    who arrested Gates after he showed his ID,validating his residence. I don’t care if you put a black,white.asian,indian or hispanic person in that position, your’re going to react. This demonstrates no matter what’s your educational level. You can be treated just like poor minorities . The people that are doing the racist acts will understand if it happens to them.

    • American Citizen

      Keith, it looks like you haven’t read the “full report”. The Officer played it by the book. It was the professor who came out of the house and started the altercation. It’s time blacks stopped looking at the color of their skin every time something happens. We are all humans with the same aspirations, needs and wants. When something involves a person of color they immediately holler “racism!”. Even our President did it. Some people don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. I wonder what that professor is thinking right now.

      • Smilee

        What’s interesting to me is that no one here has mentioned that only a short time after the arrest they dropped the charges and let him go. Certainly looks to me that someone decided the officer made a mistake or why would they do that, I suppose when he realized the charges would be dropped it is possible he would write the police report that would cover his behind and less about facts, I’m sure he knew that this was or was likely going to end up under public scrutiny. Under the circumstances how can anyone rule out that the officers story is accurate or for that matter Gates, however, it did not take long for them to decide no crime had been committed as they did in fact dismiss the charges . Lot of unanswered questions and a lot of people here willing to draw final conclusions without them. How many here would want the thinkers who write on here to be on their jury if charged with a crime when you knew you were innocent. Something to think about.

        • American Citizen

          The other officer, a Hispanic, who was with Officer Crowley verified the police version of what happened as did sidewalk onlookers. I think they dropped the charges because it wasn’t worth going through all this “racism” garbage. They’ve been there, been through it. As I said, Americans are sick of blacks hollering “racism” every time they’re involved in an incident. All that professor had to do was cooperate with the police. If he had been white, I doubt the charges would have been dropped. Of course, if he’d been white, I doubt the whole incident would have happened.

          I also believe Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have a lot to do with racism. The more we try to ignore skin color, the more they bring it up as did Pres. Obama. If racism truly disappeared, there would be no money in it for those two.

        • Smilee

          American Citizen Reply:
          July 25th, 2009 at 10:19 am

          I hear your theories, it is also clear you buy the police version hook line and sinker and then inject your own biases but ignore the other version, there is always two sides to every story and without all the facts it is impossible to insure the correct conclusion. My point is why arrest him if you are not going to follow through with the charges and so quickly dismiss them, some would conclude that this at best is harassment and at worst false arrest. Police who actually have the facts on their side are not intimidated by threats of racism or any other reason for that matter. Your inference then is you view the police as wimps, I don’t think your argument dispelled my position that the officer goofed and that argument is more persuasive based on the facts as opposed to your theories that seemed to be based on only some of the facts and then only supported by your biases. Racism exists and I think the facts are inconclusive if that is a motive here, albeit Gates allege it was and the police allege otherwise. Neither of us know enough about the real facts to draw any correct conclusion but based on unsupported theory you have drawn a conclusion but I find itinconclusive.

        • Skip Foss

          The officer followed police proceedure according to the BLACK back up officer on the scene,Gates came out of the house and made remarks about the officers Moma and other typical nigger remarks in public and caused a disturbance according to another BLACK officer at the scene

        • Smilee

          Skip Foss Reply:
          July 27th, 2009 at 1:41 pm

          Funny, how everyone here ignores my question as to why the charges where dropped when someone decided soon after to dismiss them, suggests to me that the cops goofed and as they did not have to be cross examined in court they would certainly file their report so as to be sure it makes it looks like they were right knowing this was likely going to be scrutinized with a fine tooth comb in public but not in court. Its called CYA (cover your ass) and its not uncommon when they goof, any honest cop will tell you and some have told be but if it is going go public no way they admit it. If this is what happened then I have no doubt they one would lie and the other would swear to it. Gated denies but that does not mean he could not have lied as well, doubt we will ever know the real truth being the charges were dropped and it will not go to trial, that would have been our best chance to know the real truth, my question remains, Why did they drop them if their facts supported what they did, or could that not stood up to scrutiny of the courts which they could not control like the police report. What’s your take on why the police dropped it like a hot potato and why does not anyone seem interested in this, most here let their biases show weather they bias towards Gates or the police. The real truth seems secondary to them.

  • Rick

    now that the facts are coming out, It proves this idiot Gates is the rasist in this case and is using this to push himself into the limelight so he can be important. The police would do the same for any other break in and Gates should have been THANKING the police for following up to keep his home safe instead of going off on his rage rant.. Shows how these losers in the so called education system are themselves Fasists and have a personal agenda that oversees every moment of their lives and their insistance that we are un American if we don’t belive in their adgendas. Shame the president is now showing that all his training by the radicals now is coming out and displays his true character.

  • Roger R. collins

    There are so many misstatments, incorrect facts and general Racist namecalling in this issue its not worthy of commenting. The basic article was incomplete and didn’ t really cover the facts. Obama should have kept his pie hole closed and let the system take care of the situation. I do trust law enforcement more than politicians or race baiters. This guy acted like someone from the Hood.

  • Kim

    Maybe if the blacks in america would quit making every single little thing that happens to them involving a person of white skin a friggin “race” issue, racism would decline. They keep it going strong and in the forefront of everything. It works great for them, that way they don’t have to accept personal responsibility, just blame the “white” guy. He’s a racist. This country is making me sicker by the day. I think I will start an all white television station and call it WET, we can all go on there and tell everybody how bad we are treated and why we don’t have to be responsible for anything we do or say, just play the “race” card, seems to work for every other color!!

    • Brian Rawls

      Hey Kim, sounds good. we just might have a huge following of liberals. Maybe they will actually want to be white people again. It might just work.

  • D

    As a homeowner, I’ve had 2 instances where I’ve set off my own alarm and had the police arrive. Both times, I was asked to provide ID with residence address. The 2nd time, the officer that came was someone I personally knew. He even told me that even though we knew each other, he still had to go by the book. The responding officer(s) were concerned for both their and my safety. I even had a contractor doing work at our house and accidently set the alarm. The police came, asked for his ID. Called the alarm company, who in turn called me and put me on the phone with the police. I confirmed the contractors name, etc. No drama, no problems and within 10 minutes everyone went on their way to do what they needed to do. All Mr. Gates had to do was show ID with address and it would have been over in a matter of minutes. He choose not to and created his own drama and wants to blame everyone else for HIS behavior? How typical of our society! Stand up and take responsibility for your own actions Mr. Gates! President Obama had no right even commenting, especially since he wasn’t there, didn’t have all the facts and is a personal friend.

    • R.W.Bentley

      Many times police have to protect a home from domestic violence, existing court orders,etc. that just because you present an address doesn;t confirm your right to be at a property. The policeman was simply following established procedures
      that are necessary precautions and protections which this professor should have had the intelligence to see was in his own self interest. Many whites, Asians, Hispanics have all had to clear up similar situations without whining or making crass assumptions about “profiling” or “abuse” or insulting comments.
      Wanna bet this academic elitist called the officer a “Mother—–er”?Soem respect for the law!

      • http://link silus dogood

        this man is a fool. just like jessie jackson,and al sharpton,and reverend? wright. thes people are trying to keep the race card used more in america than a visa card.they make money off keeping crap stirred up,but most black americans are getting too smart to go along,and that worries these racist jerks.
        last night i watched bill parks,an american, not african american,a black american,on orielly, and was so impressed with his truthfull take on this so called proffesor,that i had to blog on his site,blackandright.i congratulated this man on his honesty,and hope many others realize that being an american,and not bowing down to people like this gates fool,and socialist obama,and be first and foremost patriots,standing beside my family and i when we march on washington in sept to stop the socialist takeover of a country that deserves better.
        we certainly deserve better than boxer,who tried that racial crap with the leader of the black chamber of commerce,and obambi who ran his mouth,showing his racist side before knowing all the facts about this officer who is a highly trained man whose job is to teach against racial profiling,and even gave mouth to mouth to save a black americans life. i am sure if gates had known who this man was he would have waited to find another officer to pull his crap on.
        we are all given the oportunity to wake up each morning,and look for honest work,and right to take care of our familys,and if we do our best,then when we die (and we probably will with obamacare around the corner) we will be judged as people with redeeming qualitys,and a chance to see god.

    • FRW

      So true. I have been set my alarms accidentally once and my daughter – on an other occassion – mistakenly pushed the 911 automatic dial button on her new phone. Police arrived and their hands on their guns asked questions, looked IDs. On the 911-call they asked if they can go thru the house and check if nobody was in trouble. We agreed. They were fast, polite and prompt. After seeing everything is clear they left with a smile, even saying NO PROBLEM, HAVE A GREAT DAY, after we apologized for the troubles.
      POLICE DID WHAT POLICE HAD TO DO. In many countries you can dial police for hours if u need help. You end up dead when they come, or want you pay some “hanky-panky” money if you made a mistake.
      Gates Jr. is a troublemaker. He shows no sign of any education. I think his ‘un-professional professorism’ just an ‘;affirmative action’ thing boost up the stats for the government’s enforced racism. And he should have not acted like a 10-yr old child whose toy was taken away bc of being late and must go to bed. Furthermore, he pulled the ‘race card’, hoping that if it worked for OJ Simpson to get away with murder, it will help him too. Being to bge a friend to the “president” of the USA gave him an enormous pride. Both – Gates Jr and NObama – made themselves fools.

  • DixieConnie

    Divide and conquer. Can’t you people see what Obama is trying to do to this country. He has a great change to bring us together and he is doing just the opposite. Watch and listen. This case is not something the President should have been addressing. Surely, he has more pressing issues. Divide and conquer.

  • American Citizen

    In my estimation, Professor Gates was in the wrong. After listening to what happened, Gates left his house and castigated Officer Crowley instead of thanking him for his concern.

    As for President Obama, I think he had an identity crisis and thought he was either Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, both of whom are intellectually challenged. The stupid person showed his face here. He showed who the real racist in this incident is.

    • R.W.Bentley

      Right on! racism runs amuck with these professional race baiters, now endorsed by a Prsident who forgets his responsibility to the law and fairness for ALL Americans.

  • R.W.Bentley

    The real racist in this situation is this elitist professor who puts himself above the law, attacks a policeman only doing his job and following proper procedure- a professional officer of good repute, good background of working with minorities, even performing lifesaving CPR on a black in the pst, a teacher of controls aginst racial profiling. This pseudo-intellectual academic professor, Gates, owes this officer -and society an apology for his loss of self control and disrespect for the law. Likewise, Obama who should act a President for ALL Americans owes the officer and his department an apology for jumping to an erroneous conclusion-maybe his own problem with racial profiling and assumptions of guilt. At best no amount of profiling wrongs in the past can justify this affront to rule of law-and nobody, white , green , yellow or even black is above the law!

  • Roberta

    I am so sick and tired of the race card being played. The President had NO business commenting on a situation he knew nothing about. Are the police supposed to know ever person in this town? Just because you teach at a college and your black gives you NO more rights than anyone else.

  • judy

    This is so rediculous. I believe this rule applys. Just say : Yes sir/ No Sir .Why is it if someone breaks the law it is always the cops fault ? Of course it could not be the professor was being obnoxious/rude/mean/out of control/unreasonable/Obtuse. . . . No he was so friendly and non-combative that the officer thought he had the most respectful person he had ever met.Someone see anything wrong with this entire picture. Listen if you are stupidenough to break into the house where the neighbor is witnessing a crime then lets go blame the neighbor who did the right thing”reporting a robbery in progress to help her neighbor and community. I also understand that this officer tried to save a well known person . Right away this Professor is saying it is a RACIAL thing. Typical they always say that. MR. EDUCATED PROF. YOU WERE DEAD WRONG .

  • BigJohn

    This is not an issue of “racism”; it’s an issue of “arrogance” and in being so, the Professor put himself in a position of being a “victim of circumstance”. This can’t by any means, be converted into an issue of “racial profiling”.

    • Faz


  • Concerned

    I have talked with several police officers who say they refuse to respond to calls in black neighborhoods because they are always charged with profiling or brutality.
    They say it is better for their career to not have to fight a false claim of brutality or profiling. they just refuse to respond. I find it a normal practice that a person with a rap sheet that would fill a file cabinet, suddenly becomes a saint in these actions.

    Now the most corrupt and most stupid president in history throws his weight into the mix by siding with Gates before he knew any facts.. His response was it was because Gates was black and his selection for Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor would respond the same way. There was no mention of the call about the breaking and entering a neighbor of gates made. The neighbor was trying to do the right thing, they knew Gates was not at home, but I would guess that if they see anyone else break into the Gates home, they won’t call and if called the police will not respond.

  • http://BobLivingstonAlert LaQuita

    I think the professor has the racial problem and I am sick and tired of hearing about African Americans. If they and their ancestors were born in the United States and can show a birth certificate, unlike our President, then they are as American as I am. And another thing the majority of them have more rights than I do. I would be grateful instead of indignant about someone being concerned enough to call police and they respond to someone possibly breaking in my house. Police from now on you need to find out if the house belongs to Caucasions or AFRICAN AMERICAN. If the latter don’t respond as you may intimidate the owner and the President.
    Come on….all of this is ridiculous!!!

  • Panhandle

    You are really wrong on this.

    If anyone calls the police, the police are required to investigate.

    The reason the Harvard jerk is so pissed off is that he is offended that the police did not recognize him.

    He wants the police to not investigate him since he is a friend of Obama.

    This Harvard guy is just another inflated ego type associated with the “not about me” Obama.

    Expect more racist accusations being leveled by this Obama against lots of other whites.

  • judy

    To our PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. . . . Right about now you should be trying to figure out what things you could do to fix the mess you have mostly contributed to . Such as the goofy idea of putting a bunch of “your” people around a table to decide whether “Little 4 yr. old Tommy can have brain surgery” as opposed to remarking about a police situation that has occured that you know nothing about. I would say you are wrong again. You were saying the OFFICER was stupid. Mr. President may I ask which of these people went to Harvard ? According to your new bill we know you are just the same. I am tired of you and your attitude against American people This Officer probably speaks 1 language. Maybe he is not the religion you think he is but this OFFICER can protect my house any day of the year. I believe he is a patriot that has also tried to be a good man. CAN YOU ASK FOR MORE ? I might also ask Americans this. Mr.President when was the very pictures of you with cops around you taken. May I submit that you may NEVER want your picture taken with police around you.STRANGE. . . Since they are the ones that guard you. I respectfully submit that as to the idea you do not like police at all. Cause of all those unpaid tickets? It is always the officer isn’t it.

    • Skip Foss

      Will you please refrain from calling Ovomit “OUR” president he is not MY president

  • SAM

    I usually look forward to reading your columns. However, today changed my outlook. Why goofy obama or anyone else would comment on this story without knowing all the relevant facts is beyond comprehension?

    I have read the “Official Police Report” (available on line) which was written by a Spanish officer present at the scene. He witnessed the entire incident and wrote down what had transpired. There isn’t any reason to think that this officer is lying!

    After reading this report, I feel totally confident that what we have here is “Another Case” of the little boy who cried wolf one too many times! It’s just a shame that the little boy, in this case, happens to be a university professor and a close friend of bho.

    Under normal circumstance I totally agree with “standing by your friends.” But if you happen to be the elected president of the United States, you have to know that by staying neutral (at least until you know what really happened) you will avoid any appearance of impropriety, or looking like a “Complete Racist” or at best a common trouble maker. What took place may be common on the streets of Chicago when you’re a “Local Office Holder,” but a US president has more “Class” then the rebel rousers in Chicago. Well at least they used to?

    • http://link silus dogood

      right you are sam,but the truth remains that bho is and always was nothing more than a muslim mafia thug community organizing chicago punk. the arrogance this socialist leader has astounds me. he knew the stimulous,( otherwise known to me as the intercourse bill),was something the majority of the people were against,but he passed it anyhow,and look where it has taken us,with a lot of it lost and unaccounted for. healthcare by socialist takeover? he denies it but socialist medicine is what it is,and he knows the people do not want it,but to fulfill bill aires agenda,he is saying I DONT CARE WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT,THIS WILL BE DONE. i once would have supported colon powell,and he turned out to be another spector. where do we go from here? trillions of dollars missing from the federal reserve,and freddie,fannie,and goldman are laundering money to communist agencies like obambis acorn. NO INVESTIGATIONS OR AUDITS ALLOWED. he knew what he was doing when he got rahm,emmanuel,and holder. the unions and other groups are the ones to bennifit from this administration. where is our country?


    Martin Luther King Jr, in his famous “I have a dream” speech said I dream of a day when a man would not be judged by the color of his skin but, by the content of his character! {paraphrase}. MLK Jr. has written some of the most profound and abjectly self debasing and morally correct sermans I have ever heard! His humility is astonishing! His willingness to stand quietly and repectfully against some of the most aggregious racial violence in history has made him some what of a modern day Gahandi! Having said that, I question a black person who actually stirs up strife in the name of so called racism! Why give the police officer a hard time when he was only doing his job? And why would President Obama say the officer acted stupidly especially since he admits he doesn’t have all the facts? Look at all the feed back on this sight! Full of contention and strife! I believe that the professor wants to call attention to himself, making himself look like a victim! Probably, he is trying to gain something out of all this! Obama should be ashamed as the president of the USA to publicly scold a police officer! He does nothing to elevate respect for the law or those who risk their lives to enforce it! Nor does he promote peace, but creates division! It creates anarchy and makes life harder and more dangerous for these police officers!

  • Rozzie

    To all:

    I believe our president is showing his true self….he is racist, he hates America, he hates the former “ruling class”, he believes he is above all others. If he didn’t have all the facts, then he should have said, no comment. It turns out he is a dear friend of the professor and he got lots of tickets as a student of Harvard. He is truly a man and product of Chicago politics. This incident could have easily been resolved by the professor…all he needed to do was say, oh, I forgot my keys…I’ll show you my ID etc. How hard is that? I would have been grateful that someone was helping watch out for my house! I’m tired of being accused of racisim when you state the facts…just cooperate and all would be done. If anyone deserves an apology it is the officer who calmly tried to talk to the professor.

  • judy

    Hey American Patriots you think this is racially motivated wait ’til the Medical is handed out.

    If he thinks the cop was stupid wait until you see what he thinks about us getting medical. May I end with . . . Men sitting around a table. . . Resko , Bill Ayers , his wife , the sweet Reverand Wright , Mr. dead fish R. Emanuel, . Let us see who else. Guess. Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi , Harry Reid. How about the new CZARS . The commy one ,as rumored,the one for forced abortion &population control , Acorn ceo/exec. now doesn’t that sound cozy. Maybe now his new friend the Professor Officer Crowley rightly arrested.They are all taking over .
    God Bless our country .We are the worlds hope for freedom and Liberty for all oppressed people.

  • judy

    Twice in 20 yr. locked out. . . . . Locksmith 15 min. / $25.00

  • chuck

    Let me get this right. Two guys on the front porch with backpacks trying to break into a house. Notice I said two guys not two Black guys. Well it seems to me that any law biding citizen would do what the neighbor would do is to call the police. Remember folks that the attention of this lady was not racial profiling. All this man had to do is to give the officer his ID, but no fisrt words out of his mouth where Why because I'm a Black Man in American. Now these words where from Gates himself and guess what , some black police officers. What if the arresting Officer was black then what. Let me tell you folks get off of your high horse and come back to reality. Yes all men all created equal Not the black man is more important then the whites etc. I have heard from black men I have work with through out the years, the white people owe us, I'm going to start a new race by getting as many white women pregent and make them slaves to the black men. I and the white people owe you nothing , thats right nothing, for you white women where is your man when you or your kids need him. Most likely with another women. Now that is not meant for all black men. You know who you are. Again get off of your hiugh horse Mr. Gates, Mr. President ( and that is hard to say Mr. President, Rev. Al Mr Jackson ) not because he is a black man but because my duty is to respect the office or position not so much the person when he is leading this country to the pits. African american sorry you are a American and thats it. You do not hear Polish American Italitan American etc . To the officers do not say you are sorry the need to say they arew sorry but you will never get that even the president needs to say he is sorry but guess what.

  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    The police should be shown more respect. They are concerned about you shooting them more than you should be concerned about police shooting you. There are only a few exceptions- too few to mention. And I expect those would not have happened had the man done as asked.

  • Bruce

    what a lot of people seem to be missing here is that the good professor does not own the house, as it is owned by the university.

    What scares me most about this is that his daughter seems to have been raised to feel the same way as her racist father!

    Foolpatrol; you are really demented and display the paranoid rants of a druggie attempting to hide your habit. Further, if your home was burglarized, you are just the type of hypocrite that would criticize the police for not preventing it! What would have happened had that been a real criminal that god forbid either injured or worse yet, killed Gates? I’ll bet that in that case, he would have been only too happy to have the police there!

    Me thinks that You, Thomas and PoliSciGirl protest too much and are typical closet racists!!

  • Susan

    Please…I find your leading lien misleading. Everyone involved agrees that this was blown out of proporation and the race card played. RIDICULOUS. I am so sick and tired of the mentality of Americans these days. The man was responding to a 911 call. He didn’t behave inappropriately, nor did he cast any aspersions toward Professor Gates. Gates behave irrationally and played a crd he had no business playing. I am ashamed that this kind of thing gets such play. More ashames that our President would react in such a biased fashion befoe he had any facts. Shame on him and the entire situation. He is President first. African American Second. If he wants the world to be color blind it needs to e reinforced by him and his conduct. Shame on you Mr. President!

  • Viki Mason

    You had better check your facts before printing garbage against the police officers on this with Gates. They were doing their job, the stupid president stepped in where he didn’t belong and called the officers “stupid.” The most stupid person was him. Gates refused to identify himself and didn’t show identification, did not bother to listen to anything the officers said and proceded to yell racism. For a supposed smart professor, that was like a little kid name-calling because he couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say. If the stupid president hadn’t brought it to the attention of the country with his inane remarks, it would have dissolved itself without the national backlash. All Gates had to do was identify himself and listen when the officers explained that there had already been an attempted break-in and they were doing their duty while trying to protect his home.

  • judy

    Picture this. . . Obama having his picture taken with a cop.
    He is a ticket scofflaw. How man 13 /17? Parking in a bus zone !!! Talking about buses have we been under one lately.He is throwing us under soon as this med . . . it hits the fan.

    Make a cop happy . Get him w/ ya” and take a friendly picture for your family album.
    THEY DO GUARD HIM. . . . . No pictures ever ever with police WHY ????????

    I wonder?

  • Viki Mason

    I’ve taken you off my computer and e -mail because you have the gall to write an article against a police department and yell racism because it gets more attention that the truth. You didn’t even get the correct information before putting your article out for shock value. You’re no better that the usual “yellow” press, which now includes just about everyone except FOX. You have no shame and no ethics regarding what you’re supposed to stand for. Disguising!


      I am also going to refuse any emails from this website because of the misrepresentation of this event in cambridge between the cop & the professor. disgusting is right!

  • judy

    Chuck 51 Good for you. Say it the way you see it. Truth be told . They are only Americans . I believe you are right. Probably never been to their ancestors you THINK ? It is all a crock and a half. Put out your chest and say ” I AM AN AMERICAN”If you were born here you are an AMERICAN. OH!!! That is if yNow should we go there?ou have a legal Birth Certificate. You know the kind . The raised OFFICIAL seal. $700,000.00 later and counting to keep it from being released.

    ANOTHER WHY?????

  • judy

    Does the Prof. know about the Dumping in chicago you know that sub.-std. care med. Rumors about Michelle. Could that be??? My word. . . Could you believe that?
    They do not give a rats behind about you or me. Sub-std. care if you are black or white ,asian, native American,Korean, chinese, Colombian, Venezuelian,Japanese, vietnamese, GOD or ARCH ANGEL GABRIEL. . . Sub standard is sub standard.

    When the congress, Senate ,judiciary, as well as the President have this coverage then and only then is it ok. Let them give up their cushy salary/medical/benefits/ins.
    HAHA ! think they will. No they rather GAMBLE with mine and yours and your kids and your parents.

    Liars ALL.

  • Jim

    I often asked myself if the right wing was racist. I thought, probably not, but then I read this stuff. Now I know!

  • judy


  • judy

    Does anyone know how many rats are in New York. It is awful for the poor people. .

    Have they moved?

  • judy

    I mean have the large creepy RATS moved . . . .

    Now where do we think they went ?

    GUESS. . . .

  • james boyd

    NObama, Gates and those other racists are promoting a race war and it is coming. It will not be pretty. But racists want that and working to that end. They will get the war they want but they will not like the outcome.

  • Foolpatrol

    To Susan

    “You know I am really sorry that you just went there. You are keeping something alive and festering for what? We all know the repugnant past of this country. I don’t know a single soul that doesn’t regret that segment of our history.”

    Apparently you have not read the majority of these racists’ posts. Not only was that segment of United State’s History repugnant, that ignorant mindset still exists today.

    “What good does it do for you to propogate that nonsence?”

    History forgotten is destined to be repeated.

    “I was attacked in my youth by a gang.”

    Sorry to hear that. Nonetheless, Many Black Americans have been attacked by gangs of racists whites for no reason at all. Some were forced from their homes, some hung, some castrated, mutilated and shot. Today, renegade cops replace the white gangs of the past.

    “I choose to look forward where personal responsibility and conduct are the order fo the day. Where everyone strives to do the right thing and give evryone the benefit of the doubt.”

    Good for you! So do I. Except as I look forward and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I will remember the lessons of the past so as not to repeat them

    ” Prof. Gates was out of line, so was the President.”

    I respectfully disagree. Once Professor Gates identified himself and the officer ascertained that not crime was committed, he had no legal right to question Professor Gates or remain on the property. Being agitated or even angry in your own home is not a crime! The cop should have left! He acted stupidly from that point on!

    “It is people like you that would rather hang on to hate then look to the possiblities of the future….shame on you.”

    I’m not ashamed at all. Despite our differences, I glad to know that there is at least one rational Human Being posting on this issue. Thank you.

    • FRW

      FoolPatrol, you look like you need to patrol yourself on the minute-by-minute basis. Your comments mirror a blackman who is angry, bc he (you) didn’t or couldn’t get any ‘reimbursement’ for any ‘hate-crime’ in nowadays-America. So you blame everything on Whites; murder, castration, hangings, beatings…
      Why do you think ANY OF US has to do what happened before? If I know my grandfather was a slave-trader, I don’t care. I cannot, we cannot make things didn’t happen, what happened before. So if he did something, he did it without asking me. Now it comes another question: How the hell he could ask my opinion 75-150 yrs ago?
      See how stupid is arguing about this? What happened in the PAST, it happened. It’s gone. I am much more concerned about America’s PRESENT and FUTURE than how many blacks were hanged. Probably there was more than one reason to hang them. They were rapists, murderers, thiefs and criminals in the past too. Even they were more respectful for White mena nd women at that time, their mentality did NOT change. Get some reading and you will see; you protect the criminals.

    • Dave Davison

      Foolpatrol I get the feeling you think you deserve special treatment or privledges because youe ancestors were brought here as slaves 100+ years ago. My ancestors didn’y own slaves. They worked like slaves in mines trying to feed their families. I have spent considerable time in Africa & I offer to buy you an airline ticket to any African country of your choice if you will permenantly renounce your US citizenship.

      • Smilee

        I do not recall that foolpatrol has told anyone that he is black, so why would you think that, are you white??

        • Dave Davison

          I am not a racist so neither one matters. My point is that anyone that feels the US is not the best place to live should try another country.

        • Smilee

          You inferred he was black without knowing what he was, do not know if that makes you racist or not but sure shows you care little about truth or facts. Why should anyone take your advice, are you leaving the country???

        • Dave Davison

          You infer that all slaves were black which shows you know little about history. He referred to Africa, which is the only continent where every country is basically disfunctional.

        • Smilee

          All legal slaves in this country were black and you said ..“because youe ancestors were brought here as slaves”** here does not sound like you meant Africa, black is our history so I did not assume, again you are playing loose about the facts unless you know little history yourself.

      • Foolpatrol

        Thanks for the offer, but like our President, “I’ve got this.” Just returned from Egypt four months ago. Headed to South Africa in September.

        Now, as for your family working in the mines like slaves, that’s unfortunate. Anytime any American works in dangerous conditions just to survive and feed their family, it is unfortunate. Nonetheless, it was voluntary and they were compensated for it, right? So, that means that your family members got the benefit of the bargain the entered into with their employers.

        Finally, I never revealed my race. Perhaps this is a surprise to you, but there are people of all races who challenge racism and have perspectives beyond themselves and their immediate environments.

        • Dave Davison

          My ancestors did not work in the US. They would have been far better off had they been here. I am the first native-born American in my family, and proud of it.
          I never revealed my race either as I do not consider it matters. People of any race can agree or respectfully disagree. I am just tired of everything that happens being reported as a racial issue and/or America being the problem..

    • debra

      Foolproof you are so stupid. Now think about this ..about 8yrs ago i had an alarm system installed. After about a week .the dogs wanted out in the middle of the night. I got up opened the door,let them out …and OFF goes the alarm. You are so freaked out when they call to check..they sent the police anyway. Well guess what? They wanted to come in my house, with me in a night gown. I didnt want them to come in my house a 3am,but they did. They went thru the whole house,looked behind doors,underbeds,in the bathrooms, and the closets. Now I choose not to show my ass because I understood they were protecting me. They didnt know if someone was in my house with a gun think about it shit happens dude..even to white people. Oh..I think I`ll start calling my-self a Italian-American.

  • Kris




    • Sam

      I didn’t realize the president was now handling the Attorney General’s job. He just can’t stop badmouthing all that is good in America. First, he tells all the world “America should be ashamed for all the bad things they have done”. Now he calls a police activity, that he knew nothing about except it had to do with a white police officer doing his job, “an act of stupidity.” By his very actions, he is dooming America to a horrible fate. He plans to be the “savior” of all the repressed peoples of the world, while he destroys America with his badmouth.

  • Jas. Fremont

    I agree with Al. All the man had to do was show his ID, instead of his own racist mouth. Listen to the facts first, then make a wise decision. But then our dear President (Former Neighborhood Activist Lawyer), had to put his big mouth into this and make the situation worse. Now our mis-informed segment of the populaion thinks we have a racial problem in Mass. Wrong.

  • Rob Tresun

    I made a blog comment, regarding this subject, yesterday that wasn’t quite correct. I first heard that the professor had refused to show his I.D. & wouldn’t stop screaming about racism when the police arrived at his home & that was the primary reason for his arrest. Apparently the police had seen his I.D., discovered that it was his home, & were trying to leave. The professor, instead of thanking them for doing their job in a timely manner, took the opportunity to play the race card & followed the police out to their cars screaming & yelling at them about profiling, etc. He wouldn’t calm down or shut up so they arrested him. Then of course after the arrest Mr. Obama, acting like his heroes Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, had to take his turn at playing the race game. These immature fools are so transparent!! None of them ever want to see racism end & I hope it makes everyone as sick as it makes me. Especially to see our President showing us all that he is nothing more than an immature white man hating racist himself!! How did we let this racist child get in the Oval Office?

    • http://duped Peter Melville

      A lot of this racism was created by Hollywood making films and greatly magnifying or inventing horrors inflicted on black actor “slaves”. There wasn’t a lot of black racism until the 1950s when egged on, they began to retaliate.

  • Martha

    All he had to do was say, I live here. Here is my ID. Thanks for checking my house.
    So no, he started this racial bit. Lashing back at the officer and causing problems. The professor has a problem. He thinks he shouldn’t abide by the law. The Obama thing with saying what he did, was uncalled for. All he should have said was, ” I don’t know the facts” and that’s it.

  • Freddy Hill

    Wow, the US of A in the 21st century, the leading country around, still as racist (blacks and whites) as ever before. As if we were still living smack in the middle of the 1950s. Talk about evolution!!! I think Darwin would not believe his eyes and ears were he to be resurrected and allowed to visit 21st century America. A country where millions of folk (almost 50 million citizens) have no proper health care coverage at all and about the same number of people (black, white and Hispanic) are forced to live off charity, because they’re either being heavily underpaid as lower class or lower middle class workers or otherwise not even hired at all, period. A country where small kids are allowed to play with highly dangerous rifles and praised for their gun adoring attitude (just emulating their highy civilized parents, as it is). Nice Christian country, eh, don’t you think????

    • R.W.Bentley

      typical anti-american who sides with the race-baiting, “poor me” sponges who want to live off the working society’s dole. Million of those not possessing health insurance, do so they can forego responsibility for their own health care and , again, sponge off the contributing majority of honest , hard working Americans.
      this is the typical res[onse of the leftist, pseudo-liberal malcontents who hold back our economy, our progress in their own “society owes me a living”selfish interest. Obama is representative of this element it seems.

      • Foolpatrol

        Millions who can’t afford health care are hard working Americans of all races whose long term jobs were outsourced under the failed Bush policies that rewarded companies for moving jobs out of the United States. Put the Meth pipe down!

        • debra

          Remember NAFTA? Clinton ??

  • http://LibertyAlert Dee Doyle

    It seems to me that Prof. Gates could have avoided the confrontation by simply offering a picture ID with his address on it. His response to the officer was completely uncalled for.

    • Brian Rawls

      Yes it was. The officer then should have kicked his tail and took the id from his

      • Susan M

        Then the officer would have been the one with the problem Brian – not Mr. Gates.

        Officers can’t kick someone’s tail and physically take ID from them. That is called assault under the color of authority and I find nothing funny about that.

        Mr. Obama actually responded without the use of a teleprompter to the loaded question from the press, so I can say with some assurance that the statement was from his heart which makes Mr. Obama the stupid one. He should have acted like politician he is and danced around the question like he normally does or just refused to answer it. But no – Mr. Obama had to open his mouth and now his mouth tastes like foot and crow.

        Oh by the way Foolpatrol, he might be YOUR president, but he’s NOT MINE. That’s a quote from Etta James and it’s my signature.

        • Brian Rawls

          You are right Susan I am sorry.

        • Brian Rawls

          Why dont we all just get some sticks and rub poo on them. Then we can beat up foolpatrol with them. YES WE CAN———–foolpatrol wont have any —– HOPE—-of pulling through.

  • Artoon

    This article was poorly written and got the facts completely mangled. Then people began commenting – most of the comments being generated from a place of ignorance. If you think something is true that is indeed NOT true, your opinions become valueless. The most notable ignorant commenter above is “foolpatrol” who not only has the facts wrong, but is also – like the PROFESSOR – a bigoted, racial profiler.

    • Ron

      nice to see that someone “gets it” seems like the news folks leave out some important details at times.

    • Brian Rawls

      He should be dunked in tar and rolled in feathers and maybe given a royal booting. But someone might consider that a racial comment. lol

  • http://link silus dogood

    truth not accepted?

  • Ron

    it’s easy to sit at the computer and be the judge and jury, but, perhaps we should get both sides before we pass judgment. in today’s world it seems there are a lot of folks all to quick to yell racism. maybe he should have thanked the officer for doing his job and stopping a possible robbery and or murder. you know, THANK YOU OFFICER FOR BEING THERE TO PROTECT MY PROPERTY. geez

  • outspoken2

    There are those who are idiots naturally and then there are those who go to school and learn how to become idiots, and the Professor is of the latter. B.O. stuck his 2 cents into the fray and came out being a bigger idiot than he already is. Did the Professor set under B.O.’s preacher/teacher Wright? If he even listened to Wright it fouled his thinking processes and tainted an already bad disposition.
    I’m not a fanciful fan of law enforcement, but the cops were doing their job and the Professor acted like an idiot and paid the consequences. He got his lawyer and he is just livid and now wants his pound of flesh. ISN’T THAT JUST SPECIAL?

    • Brian Rawls

      You are correct. He is a idiot taught by liberal idiots.

  • Don

    Obama is not the uniting force he said he would be but a divider undermining our society at its base. Pitting race & class, one against another. Many whites voted for him, not because he was qualified, but because they were seeking unity with all Americans, people of all color. This was a mistake. Too quick to conclude you say? Did you not listen to his comments prior to the election? Remember the one about his own grandmother? The typical white woman? He always brings race to the table in most every conversation so don’t be surprised as it escalates. I will say this, some in the media have said ‘he is like god.’ I say he is far from being ‘like God’. My God sees men and woman, rich or poor of all colors as His children. Any who think Obama sees it that way is choosing to be blind. When have you really seen a white person? or a black? Aren’t we really all just differing shades of brown? Next time you see a sheet of white paper or charcoal, ask yourself if you have ever see a person that color. I assure you, you have not. I am a ‘white man’ whose family fought, suffered & some even died to free a people here many years ago. I never did it myself and don’t expect I, nor any member of my family will ever hear a sincere thank you for what our ancestors did then. Yet I always hear of how we are bad for what someone else did back then. Why is the bad remembered but never the good? I say it is what & upon whom your minds dwell that changes you, whether for good or evil. It is written: ‘By beholding, we become changed.’ Why is America in for change? because its people want & want even more for free. The result will be slavery once again. One we have asked and cheered for. One we will regret to say, was of our own doing. Wake up America!

    • Brian Rawls

      Hey don, How many times have you ever heard a jew complain about being treated bad? I can say for a fact you havnt heard it as many times as a black person. They need to get the F@#*k over it already. If you voted for that dumb ass for that reason you should be thrown out of this country.

  • Carol from Calif.

    I had a good friend, elderly black woman, that told me she was proud of her African fore father’s that were slaves. Otherwise she could be living in Africa either starving or with AIDS.
    As far as Gates goes, I think if I was a police officer living in his town, the next time he calls for police assistance, I’d take my time getting there.
    It’s ironic that the blacks can have Black Miss America….Black Chamber of Commerce…..Black Colleges etc. but if we had anything with white in front of it, we’re racists.

  • Bill Nunnery

    Maybe you should send an update since it appears now that the good socialist professor was the one who was way out of line.

  • Ed

    “Can’t we all……..just get along????”
    Kumbayah, my Lord, Kumbayah.

    • Brian Rawls

      Oh no, we must have war and violence.

  • Dickie

    You know Ron, You are right, I did get sucked right in before I knew it, Then I realized what was going on,I would like to appolize to everybody for being foolish myself,I am not normaly not like that, But I get so upset with stupid, Sometime’s I have to vent, But thank you for reminding me, Thank’s.

  • Howie

    Obama and Gates are Elitists. The police will need to be retrained to reconize this higher life form and deal with them accordingly.

    In this case the officer’s biggest mistake was: not reconizing a earth god in his street clothes.

    Gates was worng to be mad, when the officer failed to worship him, because he (Gates) failed to understand that the officer, just didn’t know that he was in the presence of royality.

    • outspoken2

      Howie you’re right, the cop didn’t know he was in front of royalty, but I’ve got more royalty in my toejam than the Professor has in his being.

    • Foolpatrol

      All educated Black people are elitists, right? Isn’t it the medias’ fault too? Were you home schooled with Sarah Palin?

      • FRW

        FOOLPATROL, use the opportunity and pick up yourseklf as a fool, during your patrol. Your comments have no meanings at all. Are you an “affirmative action” product? OK, I make it easier for you to understand my question: ARE YOU BLACK?

      • Brian Rawls

        I hope someone hits you with a stick that has poo on it.

  • Jim

    I am so tired of the race card being played every time a person of color gets a burr under their saddle. The only racism I have seen is not from the white side of the issue but from those who are screaming it. I am also tired of guilt laden whites who refuse to see what is going on and siding with the race baiter without having any idea of what happened. I have been denied rights to jobs, promotions, and pay raises in the name of Affirmative Action. Called a raciest because don't agree with the polices and been called whitey, white a--, lieing white M.F., and was told that these weren't racial slurs but cultural expressions of an oppressed people. With that line alone I could fertilize The Sahara and raise crops for years. The officer had a job to do and did it. This ass is so steeped in his own self worth and hate for white people that he showed his total ignorance of reality and just what a raciest he is. Any of you liberals that don't like what I have just said can go whine in your carrot juice and pig out on granola. I don't really care.

  • Martha

    Said very well Jim. I feel when someone says racist, its because they want it to be. Its like they want to accuse you and start a problem. The more they holler racism, the more it divides the people.

  • Rock

    I have never in my life seen such a low regard for grammar or even common spelling as I have seen from a few of these blogs! This country may have been founded by immigrants (invaders as some call them) but it is now a country all it’s own and it has laws and anyone who won’t give the respect that is due a police officer doing his job and not abusing his position, as the officers in question were doing their jobs, deserves to be arrested. As to race, if you want a first hand racist experience then go to East St. Louis after dark and stop at a red light. (You may survive the ordeal if you are extremely lucky!) I have never had that problem in any white neighborhood in the WORLD and I have been around the world more times than you could count!

    Further, a country is defined by borders, culture and language so if you really want to solve a majority of this country’s problems then require that in order to become a citizen you must learn to speak the national language in the first place and that language is ENGLISH, not spanish or any other language!

    • FRW

      Welcoem in modern America. It seems to be some racism is out there in East St.Louis? Well, same as Washington, DC, or here in Queerifornia; East Palo Alto… A tiny suburb district of Palo Alto which has became the Mogadishu of California, has higher murder-rate than some counties combined. EPA is entirely black “neighborhood”, easy to guess it anyway from Hwy 101, bc the “homes” have no windows, the doors like bunker-entrances to keep invaders out, “streets’ are full with trash and abandoned, shoot-out wrecks, even just the dead bodies can’t be seen after a wild shoot-out during the night…
      Mogadishu looks the same. I was never been there but I saw the BLACKHAWK DOWN movie. Most african nations have no sanitation systems, or purified water to drink, if you have the ‘urge’ you do it right there where and when it comes to you… A friend of mine was with the Army in Mogadishu, during the invasion and he said: he’s got the feeling he went back to the Neanderthal age…
      While there are some blacks who get education and farther themselves from their own race later, still, the majority of blacks cannot and will not change and bring only problems to law-abiding citizens.

  • Jose

    Gates is a F**ing idiot with a PhD,,unfortunately there are a lot of educated people out there like that.

  • Rock

    Well, it HAS been real and it HAS been fun but not REAL FUN. We will stay on this downward spiral until the American People have had enough. King George eventually found out what happens when the American People had had enough and sooner or later so will these idiot political tyrants.

    • Marian to ROCK.

      JFK said " Those who make peaceful change impossible,
      make violent change inevitable".


  • http://aol AWHITEMAN

    Foolpatrol !! I have nothing against black’s I think every white man should own 2 or 3. I just wonder if your massa would sell your a–

    • FRW

      Hahahahaha! Very good Whiteman! I want exchange my blacks for some real nice hard-working ones. Either with or without a Harvard diploma…

  • http://aol AWHITEMAN

    Foolpatrol! I guess you turned out to be another phoney

  • zabjw

    As someone wrote here:
    “Professor Gates has published many works including documentaries about the history and treatment of Blacks in America. He’s a world renowned scholar and traveler who spends Summers on Martha’s Vinyard. He was a star among stars when he attended Harvard.”
    EXACTLY–HE IS SPOILED , PETULANT. and ARROGANT. Not good things to be in the face of someone who can arrest you. He should have thanked the police for being there to look after his house. Then everyone would have gone away happy. Many policemen have an authority complex that you don’t want to aggravate. Do what they say then file a complaint if necessary. Being friendly has gotten me out of more than one ticket.

    • outspoken2

      The poor, poor black always being picked on, pity me, pity me. How nauseating, how pathetic. The blacks are always complaining about something. What about the Jewish people? Elitists down through time have been trying to eradicate the Jewish people, but you don’t hear them crying foul, that’s not fair. Since when did Congress tell anybody other than the black we want to give you money for bad treatment in the past? You haven’t. Congress doesn’t say anything like that to anybody other than the SCREAMIN’ MIMI BLACKS, and if that sounds racist, so be it!!!!!!

  • Sue Heddings

    Some of your story is correct; however, had Mr. Gates said he had lost or misplaced his keys and that he did in fact live at this address and that he did have ID in his wallet, nothing more would have become of this at all. The lady that reported a “burglary” was doing her civic duty in looking out for others. Next time you need to report the entire story instead of trying to make it into a racial “thing”.

  • Rock

    I just read this and it needs to be sent out!
    Subject: How close we are repeating Germany 1938

    by Pam Geller

    Pamela “Atlas” Geller began her publishing career at The New York Daily News and subsequently took over operation of The New York Observer as Associate Publisher. She left The Observer after the birth of her fourth child, but remained involved in various projects including American Associates, Ben Gurion University and being Senior Vice-President Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation at The Brandeis School.

    After 9/11, “Atlas” had the veil of oblivion violently lifted from her consciousness and immersed herself in the education and understanding of geopolitics, Islam, terror, foreign affairs and imminent threats the mainstream media and the government wouldn’t cover or discuss. To wit:

    I am a student of history. Professionally, I have written 15 books in six languages, and have studied history all my life. I think there is something monumentally large afoot, and I do not believe it is just a banking crisis, or a mortgage crisis, or a credit crisis. Yes, these exist but they are merely single facets on a very large gemstone that is only now coming into a sharper focus.

    Something of historic proportions is happening. I can sense it because I know how it feels, smells, what it looks like, and how people react to it.. Yes, a perfect storm may be brewing, but there is something happening within our country that has been evolving for about 10 – 15 years. The pace has dramatically quickened in the past two.

    We demanded and then codified into law the requirement that our banks make massive loans to people whom we knew could never pay back? Why? We learned recently that the Federal Reserve,which has little or no real oversight by anyone, has “loaned” two trillion dollars (that is $2,000,000,000,000) over the past few months,but will not tell us to whom or why or disclose the terms. That is our money. Yours and mine. And that is three times the $700B we all argued about so strenuouslyjust this past September.

    Who has this money? Why do they have it? Why are the terms unavailable to us? Who asked for it? Who authorized it? I thought this was a government of “We the People,” who loaned our powers to our elected leaders. Apparently not.

    We have spent two or more decades intentionally de-industrializing our economy. Why?

    We have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no longer teach our founding documents, why we are exceptional, and why we are worth preserving. Students by and large cannot write, think critically, read, or articulate. Parents are not revolting, teachers are not picketing, school boards continue to back mediocrity. Why?

    We have now established the precedent of protesting every close election (now violently in California over a proposition that is so controversial that it wants marriage to remain between one man and one woman. Did you ever think such a thing possible just a decade ago?). We have corrupted our sacred political process by allowing unelected judges to write laws that radically change our way of life, and then mainstream Marxist groups like ACORN and others to turn our voting system into a banana republic. To what purpose?

    Now our mortgage industry is collapsing, housing prices are in free fall, major industries are failing, our banking system is on the verge of collapse, Social Security is nearly bankrupt, as is Medicare and our entire government. Our education system is worse than a joke (I teach college and know precisely what I am talking about.) The list is staggering in its length, breadth, and depth. It is potentially 1929 x 10. And we are at war with an enemy we cannot name for fear of offending people of the same religion who cannot wait to slit the throats of your children if they have the opportunity to do so.

    And now we have elected a man no one knows anything about, who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen, let alone a town as big as Wasilla , Alaska . All of his associations and alliances are with real radicals in their chosen fields of employment, and everything we learn about him, drip by drip, is unsettling if not downright scary(Surely you have heard him speak about his idea to create and fund amandatorycivilian defense force stronger than our military for use inside our borders? No? Oh, of course. The media would never play that for you over and over and then demand he answer it. Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter and $150,000 wardrobe is more important.)

    Mr. Obama’s winning platform can be boiled down to one word: Change…radical change. Why?

    I have never been so afraid for my country and for my children as I am now. This man campaigned on bringing people together, something he has never, ever done in his professional life. In my assessment, Obama will divide us along philosophical lines, push us apart, and then try to realign the pieces into a new and different power structure. Change is indeed coming. And when it comes, you will never see the same nation again.

    And that is only the beginning.

    I thought I would never be able to experience what the ordinary, moral German felt in the mid-1930s. In those times, the savior was a former smooth-talking rabble-rouser from the streets,about whom the average German knew next to nothing. What they did know was that he was associated with groups that shouted, shoved, and pushed around people with whom they disagreed; he edged his way onto the political stage through great oratory and promises. Economic times were tough, people were losing jobs, and he was a great speaker. And he smiled and waved a lot. And people, even newspapers, were afraid to speak out for fear that his “brown shirts” would bully them into submission.

    And then he was duly elected to office, with a full-throttled economic crisis at hand [the Great Depression]. Slowly but surely he seized the controls of government power, department by department, person by person, bureaucracy by bureaucracy. The kids joined a Youth Movement in his name, wherethey were taught what to think. How did he get the people on his side? He did it promising jobs to the jobless, money to the moneyless, and goodies for the military-industrial complex. He did it by indoctrinating the children, advocating gun control, health care for all, better wages, better jobs, and promising to re-instill pride once again in the country, across Europe , and across the world.

    He did it with a compliant media – Did you know that? And he did this all in the name of justice and…change. And the people surely got what they voted for. (Look it up if you think I am exaggerating.) Read your history books. Many people objected in 1933 and were shouted down, called names, laughed at, and made fun of. When Winston Churchill pointed out the obvious in the late 1930s while seated in the House of Lords in England (he was not yet Prime Minister), he was booed into his seat and called a crazy troublemaker. He was right, though.

    Don’t forget that Germany was the most educated, cultured country in Europe . It was full of music, art, museums, hospitals, laboratories, and universities. And in less than six years – a shorter time span than just two terms of the U. S. presidency – it was rounding up its own citizens, killing others, abrogating its laws, turning children against parents, and neighbors against neighbors. All with the best of intentions, of course. The road to Hell is paved with them.

    As a practical thinker, one not overly prone to emotional decisions, I have a choice: I can either believe what the objective pieces of evidence tell me (even if they make me cringe with disgust); I can believe what history is shouting to me from across the chasm of seven decades; or I can hope I am wrong, close my eyes, have another latte and ignore what is transpiring around me.

    Some people scoff at me; others laugh or think I am foolish, naive, or both. Perhaps I am. But I have never been afraid to look people in the eye and tell them exactly what I believe – and why I believe it. I pray I am wrong. But, I do not think I am.

    Since many of you enjoy senior citizen status or will sometime in the not too distant future, I thought you might be interested in this information.


    Everybody that is on this mailing list is either a senior citizen, is getting close, or knows somebody that is.

    Most of you know by now that the Senate version (at least) of the “stimulus” bill includes provisions for extensive rationing of health care for senior citizens. The author of this part of the bill, former senator and tax evader, Tom Daschle, was credited today by Bloomberg with the following statement.

    Bloomberg: “Daschle says health-care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.”

    If this does not sufficiently raise your ire, just remember that Senators and Congressmen have their own healthcare plan that is first dollar or very low co-pay which they are guaranteed the remainder of their lives and are not subject to this new law if it passes.

    Please use the power of the Internet to get this message out. Talk it up at the grassroots level. We have an election coming up in one year and nine months. We have the ability to address and reverse the dangerous direction the Obama administration and its allies have begun and in the interim, we can make our voices heard! Let’s do it!

    • FRW

      Your Pamela “atlas’ Geller is a jewess. Jews minds are full with hatred of Germans (and other Goyims as well). I would write you a remark but I have decided NOT to do so.
      Just one sentence: What your jewish friend Atlas Geller sawe in the ’30s Germany – it was a love-picnic compared to those in the judeo-bolshevik occupied countries; more than 4000 communist gulags and 150 MILLION Christian victims… You look OK with these monsters who treated Christians like they treat Palestinians on teh same exact way today…

    • American Citizen

      I, too, have lived over 7 decades and the young fools do not listen to us seniors who had lived through a lot of “stuff”. Smart people learn from their own mistakes, but the wise learn from the mistakes of others.

  • Alvin Ambers

    Most of the details have been well-iterated, but according to the latest reports I have read, Gates followed the officer outside and continued his tirade. Several other police officers had arrived and witnessed this, as did the neighbor who had reported the suspicious activity. The officer advised Gates that he was disturbing the peace (I forget the exact words), and when Gates continued yelling he arrested him.
    Liberals don’t believe in any genuine representation of “equality”. Just as “morality” is modified by relativism, in their view, so equality is modified by political correctness. If the races of the parties were reversed, Liberals would accuse the white home-owner of criminal interference of a police officer in the performance of his duties….and want him charged with a hate-crime because he undoubtedly acted so out of racist motivations.
    Another sublime example of Liberal’s “selective outrage” is the recent case of the black homosexual man who molested his adopted son on web-cam for the entertainment of other people on the Internet.
    “Justice”, by Liberal ideology, is as transient and relative as morality is. Liberals employ Marxist philosophy because of it’s convenience for the purpose of self-justification. A tenet of Marxism being the ploy of redefining terms. This is easy enough to pass off on those who for whatever reasons display a propensity for shallowness of thought. THIS, in turn, is why Liberals are so desperate to begin indoctrinating children when they start kindergarten.
    One of the manisfestations of this ideology is in the dependence people develop for their “crutches”. Gates, in my estimation, was simply over-zealous in grabbing his crutch, just as Obama was overly anxious to hand it to him.

  • Mike

    On this I agree with you, FRW. On the money.

  • http://google ania

    I do not understand the reason Obama brought up the case of Gates. this was to
    encourage people to understand about Health Care reform. Nothing to do with a case in Cambridge which is such a liberal city.
    Also it is now noted that the police voted for McCann coming from White House.
    I am more worried that White House keeping track of citizens and who they voted for.
    Sounds like a socialistic tab on all citizens in the country.
    And Obama is biracial why does he consider himself black with a white mother, who gave him up so he had white grandparents who brought him up. I would be angry with my mother if she tossed me aside .And for what reason.
    There are many well educated blacks that are highly respected. Gates used the Kennedy Oprah remark :DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM.: PERSONALLY I HAD NEVER HEARD of GATES. PERHAPS AT HARVARD HE IS WELL Known but to average person I doubt

  • Cricket

    There are two books that everyone needs to read. One is Up From Slavery which is the autobiography of Booker T. Washington. Some of the things that he sees in his own people in the early years after the Civil War are still true today. I greatly admire this man because he worked so hard to make the Tuskegee Institute work and raise his race up. Unfortunately, we don’t see this kind of truth from any of the black leaders today.
    Character, not circumstances, makes the man.
    Booker T. Washington
    The individual who can do something that the world wants done will, in the end, make his way regardless of his race.
    Booker T. Washington
    “Most leaders spend time trying to get others to think highly
    of them, when instead they should try to get their people to
    think more highly of themselves.
    It’s wonderful when the people believe in their leader.
    It’s more wonderful when the leader believes in their people!
    You can’t hold a man down without
    staying down with him.
    — Booker T. Washington”
    Dignify and glorify common labor. It is at the bottom of life that we must begin, not at the top.”
    Booker T. Washington quote
    Of all forms of slavery there is none that is so harmful and degrading as that form of slavery which tempts one human being to hate another by reason of his race or color.
    Booker T. Washington
    I pity from the bottom of my heart any nation or body of people that is so unfortunate as to get entangled in the net of slavery. I have long since ceased to cherish any spirit of bitterness against the Southern white people on account of the enslavement of my race. No one section of our country was wholly responsible for its introduction, and, besides, it was recognized and protected for years by the General Government. Having once got its tentacles fastened on to the economic and social life of the Republic, it was no easy matter for the country to relieve itself of the institution. Then, when we rid ourselves of prejudice, or racial feeling, and look facts in the face, we must acknowledge that, notwithstanding the cruelty and moral wrong of slavery, the ten million Negroes inhabiting this country, who themselves or whose ancestors went through the school of American slavery, are in a stronger and more hopeful condition, materially, intellectually, morally, and religiously, than is true of an equal number of black people in any other portion of the globe. This is so to such an extend that Negroes in this country, who themselves or whose forefathers went through the school of slavery, are constantly returning to Africa as missionaries to enlighten those who remained in the fatherland. This I say, not to justify slavery — on the other hand, I condemn it as an institution, as we all know that in America it was established for selfish and financial reasons, and not from a missionary motive — but to call attention to a fact, and to show how Providence so often uses men and institutions to accomplish a purpose.
    Booker T. Washington
    My whole life has largely been one of surprises. I believe that any man’s life will be filled with constant, unexpected encouragements of this kind if he makes up his mind to do his level best each day of his life — that is, tries to make each day reach as nearly as possible the high-water mark of pure, unselfish, useful living.
    Booker T. Washington
    I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.
    Booker T. Washington
    Mr. Washington’s quotes can be found by Googling Booker T. Washington quotes.
    I have not called other people names and been rude to them just because of their race, but I have been treated rudely and called names because of mine. It’s very sad that the people who say they want equality the most are the same ones who keep bringing up race.

    The other book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I am currently reading it and the things that happen with the government in this book are scarily like whats happening in America today. In comparing our country today to the story of Atlas Shrugged, its as scary as a Stephen King novel. If our current path doesn’t stop soon, get ready to call your neighbor “Comrade”.

    The Health Care Plan is complete socialism. When your doctor has to call a bureaucrat to get permission to treat you for a health problem, here’s how it will go…
    Imagine baby B is your child
    Baby A is born with a heart defect that left untreated, the child will die within a year. Other than that the child has no other health issues.
    Baby B is born with the same exact heart defect and will die within a year if not treated. Unfortunately, Baby B also has other birth defects that will prevent the child from growing up into a productive member of society. In fact, this child will cost the government money because the child will never be able to care for itself and will have to have constant care throughout its entire life.
    The doctor calls the bureaucrat about both babies. The bureaucrat sees that Baby A will be able to be productive and pay taxes. Baby B will never be able to work and pay taxes. According to the socialist agenda, Baby B has no worth to society as a whole. It doesn’t matter that Baby B’s parents love the child. So the bureaucrat tells the doctor that the governemnt will pay for the treatment for Baby A and Baby B is sent home to die without treatment. Baby B’s parents know that their child will die without the treatment. Imagine yourself as Baby B’s parents. You will be sent home to watch your child die.
    The same thing will happen to elderly people. If an elderly person needs a hip replacement to live comfortably the government will deny the treatment because the surgery will cost too much and the elderly person doesn’t have that much longer to live and they are not being productive by working and paying taxes. There is a 20 year old who has to have a treatment for a health problem. Guess who gets treatment? It isn’t your elderly parent!! Your elderly parent will be sent home with pain meds and be given counseling on the end of life. Socialist medicine considers it the elderlys duty to die and make way for younger people. Oh, one other thing. If you try to get help outside of this health system, you will go to jail. Also, in the current House Bill, if you don’t have insurance and you don’t want the nationalized healthcare, you will have to pay a penalty of $2500 per year, regardless of your income.
    Cap and Trade. One little comment. Do you get your water from a well on your property? Did you pay to have that well drilled? Cap and Trade will make it mandatory that you will have a meter put on your well and you will have a monthly water bill along with the higher taxes.
    The Cambridge Police Officer was right!!!

  • Cricket

    One more quote by Booker T Washington….
    There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

    Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are the first two who come to mind after reading this quote.

    • s c

      We need people like Washington and Bill Cosby. Jackson and Sharpton are anything but leaders. False leaders are third-rate magicians. They want us to
      look at one hand, while the other hand does the dirty work. Washington knew
      that. Cosby knows America’s pretenders will marginalize anyone who won’t
      surrender to their insanity. All false leaders share a common trait. Once they are addicted to power, they use that power to promote a false image. These self-made losers are not held to any standards. They line their pockets with America’s wealth. When confronted, they act like victims. They infest the media, Congress and the White House. They are parasites who expect Americans to sacrifice for them. Those who do not sacrifice for America are NOT leaders!

  • James Corbin

    I think you are right Silverwolf, I am tired of hearing racist! This country couldn’t be too racists, we have a black president. 99% of blacks voted for Obama,so who is the racists? I had ancestors that fought in the civil war for the black man’s freedom.White people lost their lives fighting for their freedom! The chiefs of tribes sold them. Now—we know this president is racists! Why would a president get involved in this matter—-I think we heard a little of the Rev. Wright coming out. Obama is trying to divide the country. I am not a racist, I believe all men are created equal, I also believe the cop was just doing his duty. I wonder if the situation was reversed—–Would their be a problem? Probably not!!!

  • James Corbin

    I think people need to get over using the race card! Stop beating this into their
    children from generation to generation. I have had black people say mean things to me and I had nothing to do with slavery and they weren’t either!!!

  • James Corbin

    It’s ok—–they get the point across!!!

  • FRW

    Hey did anyone notice the headline?
    “Police step on Harvard Professor’s civil liberties”
    Bob, we just know; the police did NOT step on anything. At least NOT now, not there…

  • DA

    Your article is an example of biased, innacurate reporting. A prime of example of how the media rewrites the facts to sway public opinion. DA

    • outspoken2

      DA, they swayed even you, to make a comment.

  • paulp

    I have a suggestion for all of those who feel that Sgt Crowley and the Cambridge police acted inappropriately: The next time you are attacked or have your car or property molested or stolen-call a liberal professor not a cop.

  • 2ndamendmentguru

    Wow, very refreshing to hear people wake up. Blacks have had white america walking on eggshells far to long.

  • 2ndamendmentguru

    I was raised in a racially mixed community and witnessed several racist attacks on whites being acted out by blacks and chicanos. I didn’t learn to hate by these acts only be disapointed by the ones who were commiting these racial attacks. I felt then as I do now,,,, power struggles exist and people will use all tools afforded to oppres others and race is the most widely used tool of most peolple in asssuming power. Sadly when a majority of the oppresive group understands the inhumanity of their treatment of another race and submitts its authority to the opressed they in turn become the opressed…. like it or not thats reality.

  • 2ndamendmentguru

    I am white my children are mixed with mexican but are white skinned. I’m proud of my racial heritage. White people have done many great things in this world. I would list these but it’s unneccessary , we all know of these accomplishments. This said, I don’t disregard the contributions of other ethnicities. My point is that as a race whites are alright, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in being white. The love of the African in America is a love affair created by the intelectual elitists here in our nation. This love affair is being spread throughout the entire world by means of our socio-political power.
    White America is under attack and has been for a great while, (at least since the early 60′s). All the while, the majority of white Americans have basically submitted to the relentless barage of racially motivated attacks and thus have lost influence. I.E. Reginald Denny, Watts riots in L. A. circa 1992,….Black Panther movement, Jailhouse rapes and beatings…Rapes commited against white women by black aggresors…..racially loaded attacks in schools and workplaces…..racially provacative jokes and comedy skits at the cost of white America…..”Swagger”,,? (this ghetto term covers the arrogance and in your face mentality of the neo-black-ganster rapper-sports hero mentality).
    The ambiguous policies created during the the 1960′s-1980′s shifted the strategy from protecting the black minority, to transforming American born Africans into the, “Super Race.” In this new era of public worship of the American born African, the American public is bombarded with every sordid detail of these pop icons’ lifestyle’s. It is funny to live in this age, and be subject to the accusations of white against black racism. The most beautiful women publically marry these American born Africans. We’re subjected to this acknowledgement daily on various T. V. programs. Yet, we white Americans are racist? Our white youth emulate gangster rappers and basketball stars…We’re racist? The youth of our nation run around speaking ebonics…..We’re racists? Don’t say the N-word is taught to white youth from infancy…..We’re racists? Blacks are people too……We’re racists? “I’ts all good,” a commonly used explitave, (among million others), made famous by black america used by whites daily….We’re racists?
    It’s really nice to see white America waking up to the reality of what has been created by the academic elitists, and how it is impacting our lives. This said I respect the rights of all people to enjoy life as they see fit as long as they respect each otherws values.

  • http://google Cathy

    Africans were not the only races to serve as slaves in the United States. I wonder if any reasearch on profiling being done on those from other countries & races who served as slaves. Could it be possible that we all are being profiled & unaware?

  • Dena

    Obama seems to want to pit races against each other by his comments. This ensures the black vote. He wants to give amnesty to illegal aliens for the same reason. He is using the black and mexican communities to further his power hold. Gates is a friend of obama’s. Anyone remember when obama fired an investigator for reporting on the criminal mismanagement of funds by a black mayor, who also happened to be obama’s friend? Anyone see a pattern here? Who’s to say the Crowley-Gates incident wasn’t a set-up by Obama and Gates to further divide the races? Obama had 17 parking violations he got from the same police department and didn’t pay them until he started to run for office. Obama wants to be dictator and his supporters are blind to it, because they watch liberal media which withholds the truth about what is happening to America.

  • girlie58

    The reason for all this mess is because Gates, just like a lot of black men in America today, has been emboldened since O’bama became president. It doesn’t matter wether the white officer was doing his job or not, or wether he was right or wrong. Gates was going to make an issue of it no matter what! His attitude is Obama , his protector, is now king and he, as a black man can do no wrong. The only thing that Crowley is guilty of is, being white while at work! Every country in the world got to where it is now because it stepped on someone along the way. We cannot be held accountable for the sins of our forefathers. We can only hold ourselves accountable for what we are doing today, regarding injustices commited in this country.

  • Brian

    It is said that a depressed person lives in a depressing world.
    The same can be said for the racist and the bigot.
    Perception is subjective.
    That is not to say that there is no racial profiling and bigotry, but that many ‘victims’ are themselves the problem.
    Inasmuch as minorities may be profiled, non-minorities are as quickly asssumed to be racist in a confrontation. How quickly can a minority political figure in a scandal get media coverage by crying ‘racism’?
    Racism and bigotry, where it exists, is a problem on both sides of the racial/ethnic divide.

  • James Corbin

    I do not think this post is about Palin! Her daughter had her baby, they are caring for it without handouts!!!

    • Norm

      Palin announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska on July 3, 2009. Her sudden announcement sparked a flurry of rumors as to the reason and reporting surfaced that she was under criminal investigation for embezzlement. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • James Corbin

    When you speak of health care, we have the best health care in the world. People come here from other countries for care. Most of the less fortunate have medical cards. Nobody can be turned down for medical care. So why would Obama want to change our great country? Because he doesn’t say anything good about this country. He wants control. People doesn’t realize what he is trying to do!!!!! There are many programs out there to help.

    • Norm

      James Corbin
      And who pays for “medical cards” and “many programs out there to help”. It’s the US government and it’s more socialistic than what Obama is suggesting.
      Who told you we have the best health care in the world anyway, Rush Limbaugh? He does.

  • http://duped Peter Melville

    There is no fool like an old fool and Gates has been at it a long time.

  • Norm

    If the majority of the comments herein represent the Republican agenda, were going to Democrats in power for a long time.
    I have a feeling, however, what I’m reading is the ravings of the lunatic fringe.

    • Mike S.

      This is not the “Lunatic Fringe”, just a bunch of people tired of the B.S. This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it is a social problem. You need to stop thinking as a political party member, and start thinking as an American. Believe it or not, many people can form an openion without your childish lables.
      So what lable do you give yourself? a sheep that follows the herd? or can you construct a reasonable argument?

      • Norm

        Mike S.

        First READ some of the comments posted above.

        Many are overtly racist. Others are anti-american, and some are downright traitorous. Most have unproved nonsense statments like:
        Obama isn’t an american,
        Obama is a communist,
        Obama never graduated college,
        Obama isn’t a Christian (who the hell cares),
        Obama is a racist,
        Obama supports our enemies,
        Obama caused the near depression that we are in,
        Obama wants to destroy our wonderful (joke) healthcare system,
        Obama wants to destroy the entire country,
        Etc., Etc.,
        We live in a democracy where opinions,and the ability to express them, are a very good thing. But opinions that are based on lies and rumor are best not expressed unless proof is included.
        I don’t know how good or bad Obama’s policies are, or how successful they will be, but he’s only been in office for 6 months and he deserves a chance. Hoping that the country will fail, for political or egoistic reasons, is totally wrong. Would you wish our military ill because you don’t agree with the war(s)?

        As far as being a sheep – what a joke. Some of the ideas above are pure right wing extremist propaganda invented by Fox news and talk radio. Instead of spreading their BS like good disciples, why don’t you challange it and the traitors who peddle it. Take a hard look at their perspective and why they say what they say. Think, you may surprise yourself.

        • The black war on white

          And you sound like a pure Nobamaist far-left-wing marxist. Period. What makes you better then?

        • Mike S.

          First of all I spent 21 years defending these peoples rights to speak their peace, and was forced retired due to a disability I got in defending thier right to talk trash even if I don’t like what they say. Thats what I have done, so how about you?
          Next: Every President before Obama has released their records from Birth Certificate, School Records, Ect. He still refuses to. Why? It is a good question.
          He has broken most of his promises to the American People, that is a fact. Now before you bring everybody else up, just remember he made promises of “Hope and Change”. All I see is much of the same.
          I don’t know if he is a Racist, he just hung out with them. His comments about the Gates case does bring some dought.
          Right-wing, Left-wing, is all talking points and doesn’t realy mean anything. What is a Right-wing, or a Left-wing,? Means to divide use. We need open debate. And yes even from racist, no matter what their color is.
          But before you get hung up on titals, remember just that after the Civil War the South became Democrate (within a year) and instilled the Jim Crow Laws. It was Democrats that fought Civil Rights. What areas was Planned Parenthood started in? Poor Black areas for the purpose of controling the growth of the Black population. Dig a little deeper in Mrs. Singers past and you find the real Nazies.
          No he is not a Marxist he is a Progressive, learn the differance.
          As for his Health Care plan, read it, Congress isn’t. I have lived in contries like this and it sucks for them. What makes you think it is going to be better hear just because he says so.
          As for him being in office for only 6 Months, you were a buisness man, what would you do if you hired someone and they didn’t perform. Whould you give them six months. No. Now I know he was elected as President. He make a case to the American People that he was ready to do the job,when in fact he wasn’t.
          I feel sorry for the Black Community, because the first Black President is going to turn out to be an utter failure. How does that reflect on them.
          In closing I will say in closing, get away from the talking points, listen to both sides with an open mind, then makeup your own mind.

          Just Remember:
          “A man (or Woman) who stands for nothing,
          is a Fool that will fall for anything”

      • Norm

        The black war on white
        I actually voted for GW Bush in 2000 and supported him for his first term. Then I evaluated the facts (what a foreign idea) and saw what an ass he was and still is.
        Please explain what in your mind would define Obama as a marxist. Do you know what a marxist is?

  • FRW

    I came to the conclusion, that the forced assimilation of the American-born ‘african’ race into the White society has failed. The mixed-race ‘plan’ which was designed to surrender the European pride to a sub-race and undermined the White, Caucasian race for the vicious hatred from the zionist-talmudist evil forces, finally crashing down. As ’2NDAMENDMENTGURU’ wrote perfectly; The ambiguous policies created during the the 1960’s-1980’s shifted the strategy from protecting the black minority, to transforming American born Africans into the, “Super Race.” In this new era of public worship of the American-born African, the American public is bombarded with every sordid detail of these pop icons’ lifestyle’s. It is funny to live in this age, and be subject to the accusations of White against black racism. The most beautiful women publically marry these American-born Africans. – while there are many White Americans feel comfortable with the amazing lie that blacks are “oppressed” in America, millions have been awakened to the Big Lie, that black & White can live together, they can get along. The hatred for Whitey, bringing the african to America will never end. (I know some of you would argue with me: it was NOT the White race that brought the blacks to America, but the moore slavetraders, all in jiddish-named ships, owned by jewish merchants…, the Internet has enough links to this portion of history)
    My conclusion therefore that sooner or later Liberalism will kill Democracy we had in America; the african-question is part of it, bc we are on the way in a sinking ship and only the question of time when we all go under water – OR not.

  • The black war on white

    The Race War of Black Against White

    by Paul Sheehan
    from the Sydney Morning Herald

    May 20, 1995

    The longest war America has ever fought is the Dirty War, and it is not over. It has lasted 30 years so far and claimed more than 25 million victims. It has cost almost as many lives as the Vietnam War. It determined the result of last years congressional election. Yet the American news media do not want to talk about the Dirty War, which remains between the lines and unreported. In fact, to even suggest that the war exists is to be discredited. So lets start suggesting, immediately.

    No matter how the crime figures are massaged by those who want to acknowledge or dispute the existence of a Dirty War, there is nothing ambiguous about what the official statistics portray: for the past 30 years a large segment of black America has waged a war of violent retribution against white America. And the problem is getting worse, not better. In the past 20 years, violent crime has increased more than four times faster than the population. Young blacks (under 18) are more violent than previous generations and are 12 times more likely to be arrested for murder than young whites. Nearly all the following figures, which speak for themselves, have not been reported in America:

    According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.
    Most victims of race crime – about 90 per cent – are white, according to the survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.
    Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.
    Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.
    According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

    These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning of the modern civil rights movement. Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

    When all the crime figures are calculated, it appears that black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years. It is the great defining disaster of American life and American ideals since World War II. All these are facts, yet by simply writing this story, by assembling the facts in this way, I would be deemed a racist by the American news media. It prefers to maintain a paternalistic double-standard in its coverage of black America, a lower standard.

    For more facts about Black on White crime read “The Color of Crime” report by the New Century Foundation. Read this report online at

    Internet Source – Banned Media & Organizations List at

  • The black war on white

    dont skip the numbers:
    black Americans have committed at least 170 million crimes against white Americans in the past 30 years

    • Norm

      Put on your hood and let’s burn a cross! Are you a neo Nazi?

      • The black war on white

        NORMI, the copy is from an Australian newspaper, the article was published there 14 years ago – sadly the “free” leftist jewsmedia never mention these facts. can you come up with a different statistic?aybe the writer – or me – made one or more mistakes? Come on Normi, let us know.
        Regarding your comment: neo-Nazis do NOT put on any hood, or burn crosses. The KKK does. Do you know what the 3 Ks stand for?
        2nd, they don’t burn the cross, the enlight it. Big difference Normi.
        3rd, I am NOT a neo-, I am an OLD NAZI. Any other question?

  • Bender

    The United State’s past is no more repugnant than the history of the world. Ours is the greatest nation that has ever existed on the face of the planet. This is a case of an angry old man with a chip on his shoulder. He had better learn to be civil with authority and real soon. His liberal pals may think he is cool but, out here in the world he is just a useless ego with trash for ideas. The best advice for anyone is don’t mess with the only people standing between you and anarchy. If you think we can get along Without Rule Of Law (WROL) then you are a monumental fool.

  • Mike Austin,TX

    What I did not see in your biased comments is the fact Gates refused to show his ID and called the Police Officer a Racist right at start. As the Officer was leaving the house, he continued to harrass the Officer. Gates followed the Officer outside ranting. Gates is a racist and your assumption the Police violated his rights is ignorant and inflamatory just to push your own agenda. This makes me question every one of your posts and assumptions on problems with America. I will probably unsubscribe now.

  • James Corbin

    Dave Davison, You are Right-On—If they don’t like It —-Leave It.!!!!!!! When they
    are running down this country, they are walking on the fighting side of me!!!!!!!

    • Norm

      The why don’t you support the duly elected president – you ass.

      • DaveH

        For a man of intelligence, you sure do a lot of name-calling (Lunatic fringe, neo nazi, ass).
        I’m sure you can do better than that.
        When you advocate stealing other people’s money, expect them to be upset, just as you would be if someone was reaching into your wallet without your permission. Explain this one to me: 2 thugs walk up to you and demand your wallet, is it theft? What if you complain and they say “Ok, let’s take a vote”, is it theft? What if instead of 2 it is millions, but they vote to take your wallet, is it theft?
        I gather from your various posts on this site that your morality consists of whatever you perceive will benefit you the most.

        • Norm

          3 points:
          1. Morality.
          I’m not big on organized religion but I’m a pretty moral guy. Although I don’t consider myself rich, I guess by most standards I’m comfortable. I’ve paid a lot of taxes in my working career and I still pay taxes (I’m retired, but do small contract projects now and then).
          2. Taxes.
          I don’t like paying taxes any more than you or anyone else does. America is a very wealthy country. We are also a country with a shrinking middle class.
          The top 10 percent of households had 46 percent of the nation’s income, their biggest share in all but two of the last 70 years, and the top 1 percent of households had 19.5 percent . History will tell you that is a bad and dangerous situation (Louis XVI etc.).
          3. 2 thugs. The free enterprise system is effective because it encourages innovation, initiative, and hard work. It is, indeed, what makes America great. It also is based on money and profitability. Sometimes this motive can get out of control. What is happening economically now is a perfect example of destructive, unbridled, greed. I don’t see the government as being a thief any more than some of the “princes of industry”. I seen some of these guys up close and it’s a little scary. So If you think the government is run by thugs – they are definatly not alone.

      • DaveH

        I agree, crooks can be anywhere. But I would prefer them to be in a corporation where at least they can’t force their way on the citizens like they can if they are in government. Also, the bigger government gets, the easier it is for business to buy favors and do crooked things.
        Why is it that government is bigger than ever, and housing is getting more unaffordable than ever? We paid for our first home 35 years ago with 4 years of earnings (it was a modest 1800 sq ft and there were two wage-earners in the family). And it was in California. Try to do that now. My first son was delivered Caesarian, and it cost less than $500 (without any insurance). Try to do that now. Of course that was before Malpractice lawsuits became common, and many other free-market distortions were created by an oversized government.
        What I want to know is when do the big-government advocates throw in the towel? It just keeps growing bigger and bigger and we keep getting more and more problems. Of course, it is good for those getting their payrolls from the government.

  • L. E. Likes

    Gates – represents the culmination of ‘The Peter Principle’ . Utilize ‘Affirmative Action’ to elevate intellectually deficient individual to positions impossible for them to maintain. Harvard has continuously discredited its self by promoting and hiring such unfortunate individuals. Their individual resentment combined with their inability to perform at artificially enhanced levels beyond their capability make them ready to explode in a tyraid as a result of the least provocation.

  • Bob Laugh

    We keep hearing from some that GATES the Professor was treated unfairly by the Cambridge Police. Proof is that the charges were dropped from the July 17, 2009, incident. My question is how can we be sure that the proper steps were taken, and that the Judge was not pressured by a political decision if in fact the Judge even received the charges. The Governor of Mass., the Mayor of Cambridge, and who knows who else successfully intervened on behalf of this privileged Professor to dump the charges related to his bad behavior in his neighborhood outside his home in the public domain. I welcome a full investigation into the facts of this false arrest.


    Haven’t you all yelled “WOLF” enough times ???? . . . Don’t you think it would be in your own best interest to try harder to assimilate into a society which you’ve been a part of for over 200 years without constantly being the burr under the saddle of your own Countrymen ? . . . If you defeat US, Your Neighbors, . . You also DEFEAT YOURSELF !!! . . .
    * * * “DON’T YOU GET IT” * * * ???
    It’s time to let the long lost past go and begin to contribute and “DO YOUR PART” rather than to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE . . .
    * ” DON’T HATE ” !!! . . . ” PARTICIPATE ” !!! * . . .

    If HATRED is to end, . .
    It will require that ALL WHO DO SO, . . .
    * ” S T O P ” IT * !!! . . .
    It’s really ignorant to continually insist that someone who has NOT EVER offended YOU to continue to PAY for it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. . . . By that method, . . . The disagreement is perpetuated on and TAUGHT to future generations and they are harmed simply by the TALE, . . . NOT BY THE REALITY OF A LIFE EVENT !!! . . .

    SO, . . . Who do you harm more by TEACHING HATRED ???

    GOD BLESS AMERICA, . . . AGAIN !!! . . .

  • John

    It is interesting how the story gets changed when it appears after the fact. For those who were actually at the scene the story is completely different than those who are poised to take offense when the police do their duty. Apparently Gates refused to show ID when asked for it by the police who had responded to a call from a neighbor who was concerned about a home being broken into. When Gates began to shout at the officers he apparently was out of control. Both policemen attested to what had happened and that no profiling was involved. If they had not responded and Gates home had been broken into they would have been blamed for not doing their job. No matter how you slice it some are always offended when the police do their job when the “race” card is played. Even Obama stepped into it and is now trying to undo the damage he did.

  • NoKaBosh

    Maybe next time the neighbors won’t call the police? How will Gates like that?

  • NoKaBosh

    Obama made this the mess it is and won’t apologize. He’s incapapble of admitting he made an error or mistake true to his nacissist personality. He blames it on a media frenzy.

  • NoKaBosh

    Charges were dismissed but that doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t warranted. Prosecutors look at whether they can prove the charges, the amount of evidence, credibility of witnesses, etc. In other words can they win the case. Or they just don’t want the public ego stroking notoriety even for themselves.

  • ROSE

    CREATE A CRISIS. was this a set up? google Clower-Piven

  • ROSE


  • ROSE


  • ROSE


  • Barbara

    Please, if the ‘chip’ on Professor Gates’ shoulder were any bigger he’d look just like Atlas. I’m sure you’re all familiar with Atlas, right? LOL!

  • fly on the wall

    yes Mr. Mundy there was something else to keep the officer there after seeing Gate I.D. To finish the job he went to do and that was protect gates and his property. He was obligated to look inside the house and make sure no one was inside perhaps holding a wife or child with a gun to their head while sending gates to get rid of the cops. Those things do happen. Many don’t realize this….
    Gate was the racist pig in this case and the victim of his own hatred. He brought it on himself. The only thing wrong the police did was drop the charges against him. Read up on Gates history you will find he is a communist and his friends including obama are all radicals out to destroy our country.
    To bad the police protect these jerks also along with decent citizens. I don’t believe the police get paid to take abuse from people either. I have been stopped in my car and showed respect and got respect in return. After all was done found out a crime had just been committed and they had the car color. Mine fit it so I got pulled over. I thanked the officer for doing his job and went on my merry way.
    Like Obama get the facts before you make a decision

  • NoCrud

    Haven’t some of you figured out that “Fool” and a few others are more Obama supporters than anything else? I suspect they are also doing what they think is their duty, to protect President Present…

    Also, those who are the quickest to cry “Racist!” are indeed Blacks who are never wrong where it comes to painting ever White a Racist. I’ve had my share of them in my life and once they take this tact, they will not change even if confronted with the truth. Those Blacks grew up in this sub-set of society and they are comfortable with it. It’s a waste of time to argue it with them — they are the “Racist” experts. Any opinion of “Whitey” is not valid…

    Gates has a history of crying Racism regarding his view of Whites. Remember, too, that President Present was a Harvide grad and, as a friend of Gates, no doubt he just exposed his mindset with his “stupid” remark.

    Yes, indeedy — those chickens are coming home to roost.

  • NoCrud

    For those who may still be amazed at the stupidty of “Fool,” and his talk about the black schools, the truth is that the great, traditional black schools/universities were sponsored and funded by White Republicans.

    For the truth as to why we see blacks constantly supporting the party that has kept them under suppression since Lincoln and how if it were not for Republicans, they would still not be able to vote, then you need to see the PROOF on the National Black Republican Association’s website. They have the proof but, as one other comment pointed out, even if there proof of the Democrats and Obama’s chicanery, there are many Blacks who would not believe it because they have been kept in ignorance.

    “Fool” and his ilk are in here to disrupt. They think it is their duty to keep everyone on edge. It is an ACORN “in your face” tactic.

    The proof is here, if anyone wants to read it:

  • christopher

    I have read through many of the comments on this story and have found some very heated arguments for both sides of the equation. I am a native american, unlike the blacks my people were not treated as a valuable, EXPENSIVE, commodity. Instead they were almost exterminated in a war of genocide. It was horrible, but I’m not crying about it or letting it rule my life, It was the past and should be left there. I’m proud of my roots and who I am, but I am AMERICAN first. In response to the blacks who will not forget the past and move on to the present I say this; I am completely in favor of paying all blacks reparations for slavery. However there will be one result of doing this. From that moment on until the end of time NO BLACK PERSON CAN USE THEIR RACE AS AN EXCUSE. They will be held to the exact same standards as whites and other races, there will be no more racial quotas, there will be no more affirmative action. Did you ever stop and think about just how racist affirmative action is? Its telling someone they need an edge in life because they’re not as capable as other races. Anyone in this country can succeed if they work hard enough, no matter what your background or race. I grew up poor, paid my own way through college (working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs). I now have a great career and own two small businesses. I did this by hard work and believing in myself, not by crying and whining about what happened to my people a hundred and fifty years ago. Grow up and live in the present.

    • DixieConnie

      Christopher: I think you got it right. Obama has already said No on the reparations. Instead he wants this health care program to g thru, which will do the same thing but it won’t be called reparations. Then, they can continue to whine about “how they been done wrong”. Again, Obama is wanting to Divide the races and then he can conquer Amer. one step at a time.

    • American Citizen

      You’re a true American, what the Real American is all about.

      Even the Indian tribes fought each other, just as the African tribes do. But the Indians of today that I know are some of the nicest people around. A few girls came as students to the all-girl Academy I attended as a high school student. I often wonder what they’re doing today.

  • Ron

    What I find the most interesting is how Personal Liberty News and Bob Livingston couldn’t wait to jump on a story, “Police step on Harvard Professor’s civil liberties” but, after 5 days knowing it was in fact the professor that was out of line, have not printed a follow up. That police officer should have stuffed a rag in the profs mouth at the very least and the idiots that scream racist and civil liberty violation at every opportunity, should not get this free press making good and honorable people look bad.

  • columbia macon

    The real truth is that the slaves taken hundreds of years ago were the weakest and had the least will to survive…that is why they were taken as slaves….some were mistreated but all were not…..Many slaves became as family members, and after slavery was abolished lived with the families, taking their names…Check out the names of slaves and many took the names of white families….These servants recieved medical care, care for their children, a place to live food and more…True slavery was not a good thing but is a thing of the extrene past and should not be used as a devisive tool to continue to enable those unwilling to move forward instead of being like ferdinand

  • American Citizen

    The President and Professor Gates may not be stupid, but they are certainly ignorant about the police. Nowadays, they have to have an education, even college. How do I know? We have a grandson who want to be a cop “to catch the bad guys”. He is in college taking courses for this reason.

    As for the Health Care Bill, the devil is in the details. it is full of preferences which is a back door way for Obama to get “reparations” for blacks. He has lied about the true number of insured as well as its cost. There is no money for this boondoggle. Please, Congress, turn it down.

    • DixieConnie

      American Citizen: yes, yes, yes. This is so correct about the back door approach to reparatons for the black. Poor blacks,the white man is so mean to them folks.We need to pay, and pay and take care of these folks for the rest of their lives. ya know. They just can’t do it on their own. And we are so bad to them. Always putting them down. Keeping them down. Poor blacks.

  • Big Elk

    Show me Obama the Racist’s, birth certificate. No birth certificate? Obama is not my president. Has anyone in the entire world seen Obama’s authentic, legal birth cerificate? As for Gates, he’s nothing but a two-bit black racist pig, but par for the over-rated Harvard.

  • Big Elk

    Whate more would you expect from a racist like Obama. Where’s the birth cvertificate?

  • James Corbin

    I heard a student (College) say he went in the class room to take a test. Most of the students were black. The professor told them the answers to the ?’s on the test. He later ask the professor why he had given the answers? The professor put his hand on his shoulder, told him the students were from under privilege neighborhoods thefore, he didn’t want them to fail. Do you suppose this really happens? Do you suppose this is why some students have high marks????

  • American Citizen

    Wanna read a joke?

    There are several road closures out West because they’re moving a huge piece of coal in order to put Obama’s face on Mount Rushmore.

    • DixieConnie

      AC: funny, funny.

  • James Corbin

    We do have the best health care in the world. People come here from other countries. What we have has worked for all these years. Why doesn’t Obama put some of that money into medicare ?? I cannot support a president who has socialist ideas!!! He says one thing and does another. Can’t be trusted!!!!

  • James Corbin

    One would think Obama, isn’t for the US, when he apologizes to other countries
    and bows down!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    Dixie— Right on!!!!!

  • Mike S.

    First of all I spent 21 years defending these peoples rights to speak their peace, and was forced retired due to a disability I got in defending thier right to talk trash even if I don’t like what they say. Thats what I have done, so how about you?
    Next: Every President before Obama has released their records from Birth Certificate, School Records, Ect. He still refuses to. Why? It is a good question.
    He has broken most of his promises to the American People, that is a fact. Now before you bring everybody else up, just remember he made promises of “Hope and Change”. All I see is much of the same.
    I don’t know if he is a Racist, he just hung out with them. His comments about the Gates case does bring some dought.
    Right-wing, Left-wing, is all talking points and doesn’t realy mean anything. What is a Right-wing, or a Left-wing,? Means to divide use. We need open debate. And yes even from racist, no matter what their color is.
    But before you get hung up on titals, remember just that after the Civil War the South became Democrate (within a year) and instilled the Jim Crow Laws. It was Democrats that fought Civil Rights. What areas was Planned Parenthood started in? Poor Black areas for the purpose of controling the growth of the Black population. Dig a little deeper in Mrs. Singers past and you find the real Nazies.
    No he is not a Marxist he is a Progressive, learn the differance.
    As for his Health Care plan, read it, Congress isn’t. I have lived in contries like this and it sucks for them. What makes you think it is going to be better hear just because he says so.
    As for him being in office for only 6 Months, you were a buisness man, what would you do if you hired someone and they didn’t perform. Whould you give them six months. No. Now I know he was elected as President. He make a case to the American People that he was ready to do the job,when in fact he wasn’t.
    I feel sorry for the Black Community, because the first Black President is going to turn out to be an utter failure. How does that reflect on them.
    In closing I will say in closing, get away from the talking points, listen to both sides with an open mind, then makeup your own mind.

    Just Remember:
    “A man (or Woman) who stands for nothing,
    is a Fool that will fall for anything”

    • Norm


      Congratulations on your service. Whether military or otherwise, you probably have better than average taxpayer supplied health and disability benefits.

      Obama: staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false. We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as “supporting documents” to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.
      Update, Nov. 1, 2008: The director of Hawaii’s Department of Health confirmed Oct. 31 that Obama was born in Honolulu.
      Obama excelled at Harvard Law and was elected the president of the Harvard Law Review. In 1991 Obama graduated with his J.D. magna cum laude. It’s in the records at Harvard.

      Obama is a middle-left progressive. He promised healthcare reform and he is working on it.
      He made huge to loans to ill managed banks and corporations (as did Bush) to avoid a total economic meltdown. He did not create it. As Warren Buffett states – He is the right man at the right time.
      He is intelligent, well spoken, and good man.
      Contrast that with DeMint, Mcconnell, Boehner and other right wingers. They enjoy the best healthcare taxpayers can provide, and won’t even debate possibilities of improving our failing system.
      I think Obama has accomplished a lot of good in 6 months. He has no magical powers.
      It took Bush and Cheney 8 years to screw things up as bad as they are!

      • American Citizen

        Norm, everything I’ve heard and read about Obamacare is that it would be a disaster for this country. For one thing, it tells us senior citizens, you get a disease that’s expensive to treat, just curl up and die.
        For him to tell us it wouldn’t cost us anything is an out and out lie. Common sense tells us if you add everyone to the role, expenses would skyrocket. From where will Congress get the money? Out of your wallet, of course. Or it will rob other programs which they already do to Social Security. There is already a government program called Medicare, and believe me, there is some rationing in it because it won’t pay for everything or the total charges. Our supplemental ins. won’t pay for whatever Medicare refuses to pay for and it doesn’t pick up the full remainder either. There is always something for which the provider of the service either waives, or sends the patient a bill. The plan itself is not cheap either. There is a deductible to begin with and premiums to be paid for part B plus premiums for the supplement plus premiums for the drug plans which have co-pays. Premiums cost us approximately $500 a month and co-pays $300 or more for the year. Added up, it comes to about 9 to 10 thousand a year at least. Beware this socialized medicine plan. It won’t work as they say it will.

        • Norm

          American Citizen

          You make two points that I agree with, and they are that medicare needs work and that the private insurance coverage, whether supplemental or primary, is totally profit driven.
          We have a sick healthcare system.
          The solution is not an easy one. It has eluded our government and private sector for many years.
          Some of the things that I think are necessary are:
          1. Computerize the medical system. Any doctor or any hospital should have the ability to access anybody’s complete medical history in seconds.
          2. Eliminate excessive lawsuits for malpractice.
          3. Regulate drug prices to be no more than what other countries pay.
          4. Force Insurance cos. to take all applicants and pay for the procedures recommended by doctors.
          5. Emphasize preventive tests and encourage($ incentives) personal behaviors like no smoking, reduced alcohol consumption, weight loss etc.
          6. Educate more doctors.
          7. Severey penalize doctors and patients who rip off the system.
          8. Ensure that everyone is insured somehow.
          There are and endless number of money saving ideas.


      • Skip Foss

        The one thing you for got to mention about the doument it was not a birth certificate it was a certificate of live birth there is a diffrence. This half breed is not nor will he ever the legal president ,you can claim all you want that the certificate is real but until you provide all of his documents there is no proof that he is an American born legal citizen

        • NORM

          “I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have
          seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department
          of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a
          natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago….”

        • Skip Foss

          Well guess what Dr.Fukino I don’t know who you are and I could care less untill the supreme court and those who are bringing this law suite verify the authantisity of this document your opinion does’nt mean shit

  • Rex G.

    Perhaps it would be good to have all of the FACTS before articles like this are written. Even the headline makes assumptions that were not provable at the time of the writing. Personal Liberty should hold itself to a higher standard, and not create sensationalized headlines!

    • DaveH

      But at least he would make a good president.

  • American Citizen

    Norm, you of all people, in reading your posts, should know what it is to have to pay taxes. If there were no profits, there would be nothing to tax.

    Our tax system is a Robin Hood scheme. Take from the rich and give to the poor, a forced charitable act. Charity is supposed to be voluntary, given freely from one’s income. The people of this country are the most charitable in the world. Every time there is a disaster anywhere in the world, we are the first country to rush in to help. The government should only be taxing for what it is supposed to take care of, the security of this country. The states should provide the infrastructure needed for the citizens of that state. The cities, likewise. If this is all it did, taxes would be way down.

    We see on TV all the time how ordinary citizens help their neighbors. That’s what Professor Gates’s neighbor was trying to do. His hatred for white America cause his problems. Instead of being grateful, he went off in a rant.

  • http://msn Freckles

    Wow! I just don’t get this where did all this anger and hate come from? This is about a police officer doing his job in responding to a call that did not even mention race, and the caller wasn’t sure of what was going on. He arrived at the home did his job was turning the call over, and Gates’ proceeded to follow the officer out of his home, the officer told Gate’s twice to go inside and stop yelling and calling his mother names. Gates was out of line and he should have been arrested.

    The point that everyone is missing is if this would have happened to a white person and they did not have money or know someone we would have had to call an attorney, been out on bail, have to go before the judge, probably have had to pay a fine, and gone to anger management. So this guy, Gate’s go off light, he was causing a disturbance and he got arrested for that.

    Now the POTUS and Gates are calling this racial profiling. If I were this officer I would sue this guy for allegations of racial profiling. Race was never mentioned until Gates’ brought up the word, and the POTUS backed his FRIEND up. The POTUS didn’t even know what happened but he must really have a lot of anger againt the white pple, so he wants preferential treatment for black pple and his friends.

    Why is everyone so ticked off this guy did get preferential treatment as he got out of jail free, and he and the POTUS started all of this racial hatred. Get over it we should all be judged on how we treat other pple, and not on our color!!!!!!!!


    About not affording a president who needs on the job training, Why not give Obama a chance, we gave George Bush 8 years to prove himself. No president goes to school to learn how to become president so that comment was no a well thought out one. As read though the comments I feel that there are alot of people not happy to have a black president. Remember no one is perfect, yet we strive for perfection their well be mistakes made by all humans, black or white. And remember that the Jewish people suffered through the Holocaust will never forget and should not be made to feel bad about remembering those times, blacks will not forget slavery, but should gain strength from what happened in the past because like it or not it is a part of American History.

    • American Citizen

      When will people see that what we object to is not Obama’s color but his policies. The true racists make this about his skin color. During his campaign, we were trying to warn people he had a hidden agenda and that agenda is coming out. It’s not one that’s good for this country.

  • American Citizen

    Norm, I agree with everything you’ve said. But as you can see, it’s not the health care itself that needs fixing, it’s how to pay for it, the cost of it (which would come down with your proposals) and tort reform which adds greatly to the cost. What Congress is proposing is that bureaucrats act like doctors.

    Why don’t you run for Congress?

  • Roger Jahn

    Headline should read; “racist baits cop into trap, President O sticks foot in too”. Clearly by now we have all read and heard the tapes, this cop didn’t violate the racist’s rights. How long will this country bend over backward to try to appease these racists terrorists? Remind all racists, black and white, that it is up to the individual to assume resposibiltiy for themselves. Blaming the past, whether it be the past history of “slavery” or the past “administration”, is immature and irresponsible. Let Africa go, just be American. Generations of Americans have struggled to become just that, “American”. My heritage is Scottish / German. Both of those races were persecuted and treated with contempt in the past. I am proud to be simply “American”.


    I love tol read the comments and learn more about the people I live among. freedom of speak is great. I am looking for health reform, so to all of you with all the answers you should run for president, congress, or lobby in senate to make these changes, because it is so easy. GOOD LUCK

    • American Citizen

      Marie, we have the best health care in the world, that’s why so many people from other countries come here for it. The problem is how to pay for it. That’s what Congress should be working on, not trying to “fix” it by playing doctor. I trust my doctors to do the best for me. I have been battling breast cancer for 12 years now, have developed a heart problem for which I see another doctor, plus have a family doctor for other aches, pains or illness. For the feds to tell me I can’t have treatment for something due to my age is just plain wrong. Even though I’m 75, I have a lot of living to do yet. I enjoy every day God gives me. But I’m worried about the future of this country because of the direction Obama’s taking us. He now has 32 czars who report to no one but Obama who acts like a czar himself. Some members of Congress are beginning to wake up to his chicanery and are complaining. It’s about time.


    American Citizen I agree with you, me myself being an american citizen and a registered nurse, I am working as a staff nurse in at a major medical center and I am very saddend by the way big corporations have taken over the health care system, and private insurance companies, they are playing doctor with poeple lives. Our country is based upon capitalistic values, so money is more important than a persons well being. But this problem didn’t suddenly spring up, it is a on going problem, and how could you not gave Obama a chance. If he tries and does not succeed in making changes than he would not be the first president that failed at this endeavor. And if he does not make progressive changes that will benefit the american people than he shouldn’t not be re-elected .

    • eyeswideopen

      Hoohray! finally a knowledgeable professional, who see’s first hand what has happened to our health care system. If we hadn’t passed Medicare Advantage, in 2003, which cost us 1.2 trillion (revised by White House in 2006) and where we give 400 million dollar subsides to companies like IBM and also to major insurance companies, we would have they money to invest in reform. Us Republicans have used the fear card on the most vulnerable in our society. If we can’t have the same options as our Senators, then maybe we should repeal Medicare.

      I would like to thank you for your dedicated service, and I can tell that you see the inequities on a daily basis. It must be hard.


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