Police Pepper Spray, Arrest Father Of Dying Teen For Yelling At First Responders Who Allowed Her Body To Roll Off A Gurney As She Died


As his teenage daughter lay dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a Joplin, Mo., man and his son were pepper sprayed by local police and taken to jail, where they were handcuffed to a bench for being upset.

On March 17, 16-year-old Brook Russell took her own life with a single gunshot wound to the head in a park just a few blocks from her home. When her mother, Julissa Russell, became worried on that fateful Sunday evening because the teen didn’t return from a run, she went looking for her daughter. Shortly after, Julissa Russell frantically called her husband, Kevin Russell.

“I got a call from my wife and she was screaming, I couldn’t even understand her,” Kevin Russell told KSPR.  “I knew something was wrong, I never heard her scream like that, and I said ‘Julissa please slow down,’ and I heard ‘gun,’ I heard ‘blood.'”

Moments later, Kevin Russell and his son Brant, Brooke’s brother, arrived at the park and frantically sought help.

“I remember saying, ‘Oh my God.’ I threw my phone down while I was on with 911 and I ran to her. I checked for a pulse but didn’t feel a pulse and there was just a little mark, I really couldn’t tell, the back of her head,” Kevin said. “And I looked into her eyes and her eyes were halfway open like she was sleeping with her eyes open.”

When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the understandably upset family hoped that there was some chance Brooke’s life would be saved, but the teen’s condition and the entire situation rapidly took a turn for the worse.

“To me, time was everything. I was going, ‘Let’s go, get her to the hospital, hurry up, hurry up,'” Kevin Russell told KSPR.

The father said that things then became much worse.

The first responder turned away from Brooke to her father to ask what had happened. That’s when, as her father looked on in disbelief, the teen’s body rolled off the gurney on which she had been placed.

Next, the family alleges, some badged, pepper spray-wielding thugs saw the need to intervene.

“I started screaming and said, ‘Do your f-ing job, get her to the hospital,’ and the EMT put his finger in my face and said, ‘Calm down, sir.’ I was screaming, ‘Please get her to the hospital.’ And right about that time a police officer ran up on the sidewalk and I saw Brant go down.”

The father and son were quickly pepper sprayed by police and arrested.

“I was on the pavement, I couldn’t breathe and another officer put a knee in my back and told me to get up and he said if I didn’t get up he was going to Tase me,” Brant Russell said of the takedown.

As their loved one perished, the men — charged with assault, disturbing the peace and obstruction — spent the next three hours handcuffed to a bench in the city’s jail.

Brooke is dead; her family members can’t change that. But they desperately would like to have their names cleared. Unfortunately, there is evidently no room for compassion in this case.

“I didn’t assault anybody, I didn’t threaten anybody, I didn’t obstruct justice,” the grieving father told local media.

While Kevin Russell insists that all he did was shout at first responders when his daughter’s lifeless body hit the ground, the city’s cops and prosecutors disagree.

Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts said the incident was immediately reviewed and that the officer involved was not found guilty of any wrongdoing.

“What I’ll tell you is that the conduct that’s alleged is directly contradictory to our values, our mission statement, our code of ethics,” the chief said. “Those are not the things we engage in.”

There is an incident report; but, according to the local news station, it has not yet become public record. And the police say they can’t say much about the event until the case works its way through the courts.

“I would just like the charges to go away. I want the reports reported correctly. I know they’re not going to do that but I hate that there’s something in formal writing that says things that we did that we didn’t do on the worst night of our life,” Kevin Russell said.

But for now, prosecutors have only one deal on the table for the father whose life has been turned upside down: Plead guilty to assault and take anger management classes.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Puriah

    Drop the charges and be done with the matter.

    • duif100

      Dropping the charges would be admitting that the police was wrong and open things up for a lawsuit.
      That is what happens in sue-happy societies.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, ~ emotions run high with such events .~ we have a gun owner that failed to secure his weapon, ~ I suppose??? A dead child and family members in jail for failing to conduct themselves in a manner that permitted authorities to do their their job without fear of personal attack.

        This father’s behavior on the scene was clearly interfering with first respsonder efforts and offered great distraction

        • Bill

          Again, more assumptions to promote a political agenda, Deer.
          Give it up

          • podunk1

            deerdrownedindung at it again! Nothing is more precious than a child… even the dumbest in the animal kingdom will give their life to save their offspring. The time frames, wound, and pulse say she was dead, but as we all know any non psychopathic mind will cling to the miracle until the Dr. says its over. No spouse, parent, or sibling will be rational; and EVERY law officer and EMS person MUST be prepared to console and handle the situation nonviolently.

            A teenage girl jogger dead or dying found in a park (where people jog) with a gun nearby, may or may not be a suicide – back of the head shots are not easy to do, and a hand gun used with plastic gloves leaves no prints until the killer places it in a victim hand – stuff you don’t know until well after the day of death!

            On the other hand, if you’re a liberal obamanite who encourages pulling a healthy infant out of the womb, while sucking it’s brains out, to avoid having a child just for the hell of it… you’ll probably clap for the brown shirts who pepper spray and cuff highly emotional parents who found their child in the grass in a pool of blood. EMS dumping that child on the ground is an unimaginable escalation of undoubtedly the worst thing that could ever happen to a person. Then add pepper spray, knees in the gut, handcuffs, arrest, & criminal charges for expression of anguish and terror!

            Here again, I hope the city apologizes, drops charges, and reprimands or fires as case facts justify. Suing government is suing yourself, neighbors, and fellow taxpayers. That said, will the government serve their political establishment or the people?

            Whatever, don’t agree to lesser charges or fines. If justified, sue the people responsible (sprayman, cuffman, & any officials individually who authorized or defend such actions). A real government dedicated to serving and protecting the people, will protect the people from government and government mployees! Demand a jury – they can sort things out & are free of the political BS that is destroying this country.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          It is not known how and from whom the girl got the loaded gun. So glad you admitted that you didn’t know? For all we know she may have stolen it.

          • vicki

            What evidence is there that she even had a gun? Joggers are sometimes the target of murderers and or muggers etc.

        • Tannasmarchat

          “we have a gun owner that failed to secure his weapon, ~I suppose”

          You suppose quite a bit from an article where you scolded someone else for reading “more into this story then’s is being presented”

          I took the time to look up a couple of other articles before commenting. Nowhere in any
          article is it indicated where she acquired the gun. Perhaps it was from her home. Perhaps she got it from a schoolmate. Perhaps she stole it. We really do not know.

          “This family has a serious problem that is being
          completely ignored in this write up”

          Are you a trained, licensed, psychologist or psychiatrist? If not, please do not make comments like
          this. It only makes you look uncompassionate.

          “family members in jail for failing to conduct themselves in a manner that permitted authorities to do their their job without fear of personal attack”

          And what “manner” would that be? Cold and unemotional? Sorry dear, but unless you have lived this nightmare, you do not have a frame of reference. Fear and Panic are the main emotions, which is why the emt/paramedics and police need to stay calm.

          Apparently, the patient wasn’t strapped on to the
          gurney. Otherwise, how did she fall? The phrasing in one of the articles implies the gurney was moving – if it was, then she should have been strapped in. Period. I responded to several ambulance calls and worked with our emts back when I was in uniform to know this much.

          The police officer did not use proper control techniques, in my opinion. I am a former LEO. We were taught to take control, to deescalate
          a situation as calmly as possible. Force was to be used only as a last resort. (Please note I said Force, not deadly force. There is a big difference.) The officer could have stepped between the father and emt. He could have physically restrained the father without using the spray.

          “This father’s behavior on the scene was clearly
          interfering with first respsonder efforts and offered great distraction”

          Ah, not it is clear that he interfered. Very little is clear. We have only one side of the issue. The police, emt and city are interestingly quiet on the issue.

          I will reserve judgement until I have seen more information such as an report from the PD and/or statements from an impartial witness, if such person exits.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        The ambulance service will still have to be paid. This case will take a while to close.

  • flashy

    She died of a gunshot wound. where did she get a gun? Oh wait, … that doesn’t matter, the gun is an innocent “tool” ….

    • vicki

      Correct. It is impossible for the gun to be guilty of any crime at all. It is an inanimate object.

      • Vigilant

        Kind of like socialists. They’re inanimate objects.

        • vicki

          Oh if only. Then they wouldn’t vote and we would have a LOT less trouble keeping (current) government small.

    • F-14 Navy Vet

      She could have just as easily slit her wrists, taken poison or OD’d. Something was troubling this poor girl. Liberals need to end their practice of using human tragedy as a political trampoline to catch some air to infringe on the rights of law abiding people. I feel very sad for the parents and to be made helpless as they watched their daughter/sister dying like a rag doll. Pathetic lack of human dignity on the part of the EMTs and Police in the situation! No compassion for the victim or family whatsoever it seems.

      • Deerinwater

        You read more into this story then’s is being presented with a unusual predisposed disposition.

        You say “Pathetic lack of human dignity on the part of the EMTs and Police in the situation”

        You have accepted the statement of a father that just lost a child , he is devastated, angry and hurt and lashing out and down very deep feeling responsible. ~ If he is not feeling some responsibility then he is not the material good fathers are made from.

        This family has a serious problem that is being completely ignored in this write up.

        Much like Glenn Beck losing two mother’s under unusual circumstance. There is a problem that is not being identified or addressed in the makeup of the family.

        • Bill

          That is only your assumption, Deer

        • F-14 Navy Vet

          Allowing a gunshot victim to roll off the gurney onto the ground – and then physically detain family members, pinning them to the ground for urging EMTs to get the dying daughter to the hospital ASAP? Pathetic.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          But you don’t have the full story of what were the family dynamics so why are you condemning the article and the comments?

      • Bill

        Hi F-14
        Maybe she was depressed over the bad economy created by the lefts failed economic policies. So then we should hold the liberals liable and take away their right to vote

    • Pat Riot

      Flashy, you are a brain dead liberal freak! My cousin killed herself, no gun, no weapon, no nothing. Her home is a “gun free zone” – she wanted to end her life and she did, by jumping off a building.

      • Bill

        Hi Pat,
        And according to Deerinthewater, you would then hold the building liable

    • anAmericanByChoice

      People don’t need guns to end their lives. When they want to do it, they do it, no matter what, how, where or when… As with everything else, it is a personal choice. People like you, “flashy”, just don’t see it, because you have no capacity to think for yourself and keep spewing the libtard, democrap you eat everyday without any critical thinking!

      • Deerinwater

        Flashy makes a good point. ~if the gun is innocent ~ then what else could be liable or played a part in this sad story?

        another irresponsible gun owner. ~ ??

        oh dear no! ~that sort of thinking is far too critical

        • duif100

          Maybe she had been in touch with that same police department before.

        • denise0513

          You seemed to have missed the point of the story. The point was not the self-inflicted gun shot. The point was the bad behavior by EMS and the police. I pray you never have to go through what this family has as I am so sure your first thoughts will not be “where did she get the gun?”

          • Nadzieja Batki

            You’re excusing the father since he was getting in the way of the ambulance crew. By hindering the crew he may have sped his daughter’s life away that much faster. Emotions cloud the brain.

          • denise0513

            “The first responder turned away from Brooke to her father to ask what
            had happened. That’s when, as her father looked on in disbelief, the
            teen’s body rolled off the gurney on which she had been placed.”

            What part of this statement was confusing for I do NOT see anything that says the father was getting in the way? The father does not need an excuse as he did nothing to warrant an excuse.

          • Billie Blacketer

            I agree nothing says he was in the way. I worked in the ER many years the responder didn’t do their job he/she should have NEVER turned away from the girl until she was secured to the gurney regardless of the state of her condition. As if it wasn’t devastating enough for the father to see what his daughter had done, then he had to watch irresponsible responders allow her to fall from the gurney. That would be like torturing a parent with abusing their child and they couldn’t do anything to stop it.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            The ambulance crew first check the vitals in the position they find the person, they just don’t go grabbing the body and plopping it on the gurney. How do we know that the father didn’t get in the way of the ambulance crew and helped the body drop off the gurney

          • denise0513

            Try READING! It says NOTHING about the dad getting in the way! I guess for some people, “blame the parents” is the only thing they know.

          • Billie Blacketer

            I’m willing to bet if it had been your daughter you would not have acted any differently. It seems you have a grudge at the father. He was behaving like a father that loved his daughter. As for the mother I’ve read the article and most of the comments on here not once has the mother been mentioned so how do you know how she behaved?

        • Bill

          What does anybody need to be held liable, Deer.
          So, if she would have legally got a prescription for sleeping pills, saved up the pills and then took them all at once and died, who would be liable then?

        • Nadzieja Batki

          You keep proving how Stupid you are as well as flashy. How much armament is hanging, shelved, drawered across the world in castles and museums so how is it that they haven’t arisen and descended on humanity?

        • vicki

          The liability is embarrassingly easy to find. The girl.

      • Glenn Taylor

        Right, jump off a bridge, step in front of a car or in my opinion say you don’t like Breaking Bad, Cya.

    • Vigilant

      Whaddya gonna do, Flashy? Prosecute the dead woman for violating her own civil rights?

      • Glenn Taylor

        Nope, take our guns so we can’t kill ourselves, of course the criminals will still have guns, but who cares.

    • Bill

      That’s a pretty dumb remark, Flashy,
      It appears you are running out of material. You need to go back to your progressives hand book and read some more chapters. It appears you are sloughing off

      • independent thinker

        Flashy isn’t running out of material, he never had any.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          That is not why flashy is here, he is a baiter, a snitch and a snoop. What he is doing here is collecting what each of us says.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Actually the gun is an innocent tool. The female made a conscious effort to get the gun and then do herself in and that may be debatable. Let that be investigated. But since you are so afraid of guns, you shut off what little of the brain you use. The girl was going running, why take a gun as it has to be holstered or packed in something and it is added weight for a run? Whose gun was it? Etc., etc..

      • ChiefBoring

        Runners frequently carry guns when jogging. There are bad dogs, coyotes (remember Gov. Perry killing one on a run?) and bad people intent on rape or robbery. It happens too often to question why one would carry while running. The police in this case vastly over reacted. No charges should have been filed.

  • Adam McGilligan

    The gun IS just a tool it didn’t pull its own trigger, it didn’t make a conscience decision to shoot the girl.The gun is a useless object without human intervention.That isn’t even the question here anyway its about conduct of first responders, not a liberal argument for more gun control, especially one that uses a familys greif as a “tool” to do the job.

  • BoydSharp

    Automatically the goons in uniform are telling the truth. Really? What if that had been their daughter not being properly taken care of? Would not a more appropriate police response been to push the father back, give the first responders room to work? All dad saw was his daughter roll off a gurney. He ain’t Dr Welby like the first responder and in one glance know she was dead. Hey cop thugs, remember you are outnumbered. Pepper spray. Taser. Bullets. Sure you have enough?

    • TexasOlTimer

      It appears in today’s upside down world where common sense no longer exists that if you have a loved one that is apparently dead or close to it, you must remain calm, dignified and speak in low tones or be pepper sprayed and hauled off to jail. Today simply not obeying an order by an EMT, policeman or anyone else who feels they are in authority, gives them the right to taser, pepper spray, shoot and/or handcuff rather than handle matters in a manner that once was considered proper. Certainly telling a father to calm down while his injured daughter falls off a gurney was a stupid thing to do.

  • CWA

    I know from personal experience that the family doesn’t have a chance. The pigs will win. Their behavior doesn’t have to come up to civilized standards.

    • Glenn Taylor

      I had my face pounded in by a NY cop on a DUI while I was handcuffed and a lawyer laughed at me when I said I wanted to press charges, they win.

  • PedroADelgado

    Can you possibly imagine what we can expect from the police when the dollar colapse in the next two or three years and the nation goes under Martial Law?

    • Glenn Taylor

      why do you think they just bought a billion rounds of ammunition? they can’t legislate our guns away, so they will take them by force.

  • RonWillison

    The 64 thousand dollar question is. What if the girl was not already dead, but only knocked out or in shock from blood loss. Do you suppose somebody should have done what they are supposed to do and strap her to the gurney? An extra bump on the head may in the long run have killed her. Your not supposed to fall out of gurneys.

    • Alan

      This is a preview of whats to come under Obamacare, if the ambulance shows up at all.

      • Glenn Taylor

        Don’t worry, they will double the Ambulances in low income areas, while those of us that still have a fing job will wait……wait……wait. The bottom line is allowing an injured/or dead girl to hit the ground is disgusting and an absolute dereliction of duty by the EMT’s. Any cop that would tackle an innocent man while his daughter lay dead should be put in jail.

  • Dadwasright

    Pro gun feelings aside. I can understand the concept of his pain, but i have no children.So i will never know. Everthing that happened seems to form the perfect storm. Dropping a person live or dead is a supreme insult To see his loving daughter being ABUSED ,would be too much for any man ! Unless the family members were wailing on somebody , police response seems rather excessive. Prosecutor was not totally inhuman.Hopefully a judge will be more reasonable. Don,t hold your breath. I was not there, I did not see what actually happened. Unless the family was actively walling on someone charges should be dropped,those who dropped the daughter need to humbly repent. The police DID NOT kill you, that is about the most you can expect!

  • Deerinwater

    i’m not buying the story about when “things got out of control” ~ Sorry.

    and sorry for the families loss.

  • wavesofgrain

    As cops now have much cash rolling in for all the bells and whistles and playthings, it should now be mandatory for all public cops/firemen/emergency personnel to wear cameras and audio for every incident. Due to militant public unions (where this empowerment has derived), they are now the ruling class, no longer working for the taxpayer, but only for their UNION boss. They will NOT answer to the taxpayers. And, as they “police their own”, they never find “wrongdoing”. It is impossible to fire any Union employee. We need to abolish public unions.

    • Bill

      Hi Waves,

      I agree with you 100% when it comes to abolishing all public sector unions. There is no competition to keep them honest.

      However, I think there are more good cops than bad. And I think this is an issue of incompetence. No one is being taught how to do a good job and people want to get away with doing the bare minimum.

      Most cops are great people that you want backing you up when something happens. Unfortunately, because of the union structure, it is hard to weed out the incompetence.

  • Doc

    Seem to be a lot of “bad cop” stories coming out of Missouri.

    • hardh8

      Doc, there are a lot of bad cop stories coming out of every state.

      • Doc

        True, what do they think will happen if the walls of society are torn down. Do they understand that “law” is the only thing protecting them? If the “law” goes they will be the first ones to be hunted down by those who they abused.

  • Vigilant

    “While Kevin Russell insists that all he did was shout at first responders when his daughter’s lifeless body hit the ground, the city’s cops and prosecutors disagree.”

    Good job, Mr. Rolley. Much like the Trayvon Martin debacle, you’re rendering a verdict before the evidence is in.

    You’re certainly not doing much “to find a position in journalism that would allow [you] to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained,” as your bio indicates.

    Pssssst! Your bias is showing.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Vigilant, let’s wait till the whole story comes out if it ever will.
      With the ambulance crew their first job is to get the injured stabilized and as fast as possible to the hospital. Family is an aside and an hindrance at this time so they will get shunted aside. The family is wasting the crews time and shortening a life. It appears that the emotions were running on super high with the girl shooting herself. Something else is involved in this self shooting incident, the father appears a bit too eager to have instant clearance, he appears more affected by the shooting than the mother. Enough said, let the police do their investigation.

      • Vigilant

        “Vigilant, let’s wait till the whole story comes out…”

        That’s precisely what I’m saying. Rolley’s playing provocateur before he knows all the facts.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          And we all tell on ourselves as to how our brains work by our responses and maybe that is what Rolley wants.

    • independent thinker

      The statement you quoted does NOT show bias on the part of Mr. Rolley. That statement only says the two sides have different stories about what happened. As an aside I have seen articles about this in at least two other places and all give basically the same account of things.

      • Vigilant

        No, Mr. Rolley put the disclaimer in at the end of the story after virtually indicting the authorities. The way you tell a story has everything to do with the impression you wish to make.

        You may be independent enough to withhold judgment, but I sure can’t say the same for the vast majority of posters who immediately jumped on their horses and rode off in all four directions at once. Rolley got the response he intended: immediate pit down of the authorities, no matter what the facts of the story may be.

        I call that provocateurship.

  • hardh8

    It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to force the police state back into it’s cage in the corner where our founding fathers first place it. We do this by using our power given to us by the founding fathers. Go serve on jury duty when called and find everyone of your fellow Americans not guilty. The police state can arrest any American and the police state can charge any American with a crime. But only WE THE PEOPLE can find them guilty. So vote NOT GUILTY from marijuana to murder NOT GUILTY. Our founding fathers new this day would come. This is why they gave this power to WE THE PEOPLE. So go do this before it’s too late. NOT GUILTY. Use this power you’ve got.. OR lose this power you’ve got.

    • fenix1

      Anger Management is about as “Ridiculous” a program as Sensitivity
      Training! It’s all about MONEY! You CANNOT change someones belief system
      or personality in a few hours! Where these “Academics” come up with
      this “Horse****” is beyond me! What’s worse is people buy into this!

    • wavesofgrain

      In order to do that, hardh8, PUBLIC UNIONS must be ABOLISHED. The public, the taxpayers, are treated with disdain, as those militant Union Public Employees work for their UNIONI BOSSES.

      • Flame825

        What a mature statement. You must be non union. Your loss. Unions protect more rights than not. Union people pay taxes and dues to protect our rights for safe environments to work in. You must work In a safe clean environment. Congrats. I think.

  • TheSilverRanger

    This is clearly the case of power hungry cops with their brains up their rear end, and incompetent EMT’s who were obviously unqualified for the job. The prosecutors and police chief are more than likely charging the family in order to avoid embarrassment. So, it looks like I’ll have to post this, YET AGAIN, for the sake of ANY police officer or official reading this so they can get the message and hopefully change their evil ways. I know both cops and prosecuting attorneys alike have stumbled upon this website before. Hopefully they’ll stumble upon this comment.

    The point of this article isn’t to judge whether cops are justified in doing what they do. This article has nothing to do with police training. And this isn’t just about American cops. This is about the perception that we, the public, have of you when you perform the following actions. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with these perceptions, because right or wrong, they exist. The point of this is to simply let you know that we’re watching, and this is how we see things.

    1. When ten of you show up to make one arrest, it makes you look like cowards.

    On my way home from a bike ride a few years ago, I saw three arrests being made in under an hour in a relatively safe part of the city. At one of the incidents, eight police cruisers responded to make one arrest. The guy who was arrested was ejected for being too drunk in a bar. Just one guy, and he was drunk. He had a stupid moustache, hadn’t hurt anyone and was drunkenly walking home when he was tased and tackled by 3 cops before 6 police cruisers showed up in addition to the two that were there, for a total of 8 cruisers and 10 cops. The man was UNARMED.

    How much backup do you need? It’s one man–ONE MAN. If you can’t handle one drunk guy by yourself, you shouldn’t be a cop. Training tells you otherwise? Well stop being trained by sissies.

    2. When you tase somebody who isn’t trying to escape, it makes you look like LAZY cowards.

    A taser isn’t a remote-control for people. Want to talk to someone? Then walk over to them and talk. Don’t tase them and expect them to cooperate. Also, when someone is being tased and is writhing in cardiac arrest on the ground, they aren’t “resisting arrest” by not getting on their knees and neatly kowtowing to your demands. They’re incapacitated. You look like idiots barking orders at them when they can’t move.

    Being a cop has certain risks associated with it. If you aren’t comfortable with those risks, don’t take the job. Always trying to minimize your risk of injury at the expense of others by being a taser-happy lunatic makes you look like lazy sissies.

    Tasing everyone you see because they might pose a risk to you is like spraying everything with a fire extinguisher so it doesn’t catch fire. Part of the problem might be that many cops are overweight and out of shape. Not to mention they hire from the lowest common denominator, and as children, they were allowed to get away with everything, and were never told no, but that’s beside the point. If you fat lardies can’t chase someone down, then you shouldn’t be cops. Studies have shown that not being a beluga whale is just as effective as using a taser.

    3. When you set up speed traps, it makes you look like you don’t have anything better to do.

    I get happy every time I see a speed trap, because I assume it means all criminals have been locked up, you’ve caught the guys who broke into my car on three separate occasions and my stolen property will be returned shortly, right idiots? Good job guys, take a break and make some scratch for the city. Because why the hell else would you be sitting on your rear end in a ditch if that wasn’t the case?

    People who speed are awesome. The last thing this world needs is more slow drivers. Traffic jams occur because of idiots braking prematurely.

    And when you pull people over, how about doing it in a place that doesn’t obstruct traffic? You know what’s just as “unsafe” as speeding? Having to swerve into another lane because your stupid car is blocking traffic. Every time I pass another cruiser parked in two lanes, backing up traffic for miles, it makes me literally punch myself in the jaw until I pass out.

    4. When you give out imbecillic tickets for rolling through stop-signs at 3 AM, or closing down lemonade stands, it makes us think you’re morons.

    We know that “the law is the law.” We also know that you’re not instruction-executing robotic morons. When you harass us with nonsensical fees and fines, it makes us question your judgement. We know that this kind of nonsense is all about money. Remember that article a few years back where police officers harassed a 9 and 11 year old girl in Florida for not having a permit to run a lemonade stand?

    The legal age for entering into contract in the United States is 18. So that effort to charge them fees by making them apply for a permit? Illegal. Law is the law, right? Arrest yourselves. And speaking of nepotism…

    5. We know you guys use the buddy system to get out of speeding tickets. And it infuriates us to no end.

    Cops have a code that basically amounts to always letting fellow cops go. When a cop pulls over an off-duty officer, the officer who was pulled over discreetly flashes his badge to let him know that he’s on the force, and he’s simply let go. You think we don’t know what’s going on, jerks? It’s a courtesy not extended to anyone else, lest the officer is having a particularly good day and isn’t PMSing all over the highway.

    Sometimes you write tickets for going 1 over the speed limit, sometimes it’s 10. Then when you get called on doing something stupid like writing a ticket
    to someone for a law that shouldn’t be enforced and rarely is (like jay-walking
    in New York), you hide behind your tired mantra that it’s the law and that you have to be consistent. Except when YOU aren’t.

    6. When you flash your lights just to get through intersections, you look like jerks.

    I’ve followed cops who’ve done this, only to see them park their cruisers for coffee or lunch. And speaking of lunch…

    7. When you park in a red zone to eat, it makes you look like LAZY jerks.

    The argument can be made that police officers need to be near their cruisers at all times in case of an emergency. Fine, but that doesn’t entitle you to eat at the most popular restaurants. If you want to eat at some trendy restaurant, park at a meter and pay, like everyone else. Can’t find a meter? Tough break, go someplace else. Doctors, surgeons, rescue workers and security all have important jobs where people’s lives are at stake, and you don’t see their cars popped up on the curb, obstructing traffic and parked illegally so they can fill their fat faces with lunch. We know you’ll never get written a ticket (see #5), it ticks us off, and it makes us trust you less, and cooperate less.

    Now this is the part of the where I say “I know that police officers have a tough job,” but they don’t. Being a cop isn’t hard, it’s dangerous. There’s a difference. Being an engineer, teacher or airline pilot is hard. Being a logger, deep sea crab fisher, coal miner or firefighter is hard and dangerous. Being a cop is dangerous, but usually not hard. Driving around, issuing imbecilic tickets and filling out paperwork isn’t hard, it’s annoying.

    This is also the part where I say “now I know that most cops are good,” but I don’t. I only know two cops in real life, and they’re both awesome people, but so is anyone I choose to call my friend. Most cops I see abuse their power every day by parking illegally, talking on their cellphones while driving, drifting in and out of lanes without turn signals, flashing their lights to get out of intersections and power tripping like crazy. If you’re a cop or prosecuting attorney who’s reading this, rather than being BUTT-HURT by people’s perceptions of you, DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT. Write a fellow officer a ticket. Stick your neck out for us, rather than your colleague for a change. Do the right thing. We notice.

    And as for us: record cops. Record them all the time. Record them even if they’re not doing anything. Cops are cracking down on this and they’re trying to change the laws to make it illegal so they can’t be held accountable for breaking the law. They look up your plates every time they’re behind you at a stop, even if you haven’t done anything, just to check up on you. It’s time we
    started checking up on them. Who watches the watchers?

    • CharlieFromMass

      I wish I could give you more than one vote-up. Very well said.

    • wavesofgrain

      Bravo, SilverRanger- well said!!

      Another thing that gets me is all the whining they do about needing more cops to do the job they were supposed to do. My business is in a city with one of the highest crime rates in the US! The last few months the feds funded an entire slew of State Cops. Do you think those cops are patrolling the hood? Hel no, they are sitting on the Xway ramps with radar, driving up and down the main city drag catching speeders…and, during “lunch time” the ENTIRE FORCE meet at the same restaurant at the same time…15 cop cars taking their supper together all at once!

      As in Public Education, more money does NOT mean better results…ESPECIALLY with UNION EMPLOYEES. These Public Employees have empowerment attitudes…they do NOT work for the taxpayers, but only answer to their Unions. Public Unions should never have been allowed. Public Unions must be abolished.

  • Guest

    Anger Management is about as “Ridiculous” a program as Sensitivity Training! It’s all about MONEY! You CANNOT change someones belief system or personality in a few hours! Where these “Academics” come up with this “[expletive deleted]” is beyond me! What’s worse is people buy into this!


    it’s all about plea deals nowadays with lawyers!they are not in the biusness of helping people,they only help the DA’s, judges,themselves and the corrupt police system,that’s it!
    lawyers and cops working together with judges!jeeze,the liberals are making their dreams come true,taking our right’s away a little bit at a time and making us an example of that ability.they have all their people in place and they are starting to use that power!the liberal switch has been turned on and we are caught in the lights!
    find a lawyer that believes in you and that you’re innocent,not to plea out!if you didn’t do it you should not pay!time to fight ,not plea!

    • Cookiepress

      In NYC this has been going on for at least the last 40 years.

  • Tommy

    I can see this isn’t the “USA…United States of America, anymore it is the CSA…Communist States of America now.

  • Robin Hafler

    As a parent of a soon to be police officer, I would think that the police would have handled the situation with more tact. I know my son is a Christian and I know he displays empathy. I think these two things are going to make him a great cop. I am sure the father doesn’t react to situations like he did seeing his daughter hurt and then rolling off a gurney, but the EMT’s also seemed to be a bit tactless in their response. I really don’t think the family should be facing charges. It was a very ‘loaded’ situation and became much uglier than it should have. I am sorry for all involved. I am sure they have replayed it in their heads many times.

    • CesarCris

      Coming from a Public Safety/LE background, I think your son will do well in serving the citizens.

      Some cops can really benefit from proper training. While in some others, training doesn’t help much. We can just hope their department has a process of purging those unworthy of wearing the uniform, badge, and gun.

      The ordeal that family went through is truly the worst day in their lives.

  • CharlieFromMass

    A. Don’t take the deal.

    B. File a counter-complaint for assault, battery and violation of applicable Constitutional rights and any specific rights the State of Missouri may grant its citizens.

    C. Get a GOOD lawyer.

    D. Sue the bastards, especially if found guilty, in civil court for the aforementioned, plus mental and emotional distress and wrongful death, and libel and slander for defacing your name in a criminal trial, espcially for something like this.

  • makey

    Our deepest sympathy for the distraught family. It is a tragedy that their daughter is dead but a deeper tragedy for the way their daughter was treated my emergency personnel and how a distraught father and son were treated in a time of tragedy.

    It is common practice for police to be not responsible for their actions when investigated by a grand jury or by inter agency investigators. Not all officers overstep their bounds, many are compassionate, caring individuals.

    The mindset being taught to officers now is very disturbing and the unlimited abuse of power is becoming overwhelming. Paranoia is becoming rampant within the forces. Some, albeit is justified, but the idea that a distraught person, or anyone who raises a voice in objection of their actions is a threat leading to arrest is abominable.

    The responding EMT’s should be reprimanded or fired . The responding officers should be given a course in dealing with grieving parents.

    An apology should be given and all charged dropped. Hopefully if if goes to court a sensible compassionate judge will drop it on the DA and ,officers.

    Don’ t plead guilty, sue the Hell out of both agencies and demand an apology. File complaints with anyone who will listen , from the governors agency to a federal level if possible.

  • ARJ190

    I don’t get the feeling that we’re getting the straight scoop here. Not sure exactly who’s telling the biggest fibs but I’ll bet there’s plenty of blame to go around!

  • Robert Messmer

    Obviously there is a bunch not being reported at this time, for instance according to the narrative the police were more concerned with pepper spraying and handcuffing the father and brother than they were about securing the weapon. Why since both the father and brother were arrested at the same time for exactly the same charges was the son released on bond but the father wasn’t? Why is the father being offered a deal (not that pleading guilty to something he says he didn’t do much of a deal) but not the son? Yelling at an incompetent EMT is assault?

  • fedup

    Get a lawyer and go to court. What is with these cops these days? I have never seen anything like it. Where is the compassion?

  • Child of God

    the problem here is not weather the cops are right or the father is right, the problem is, if this had happened and I’m sure it has, people do not take into consideration that this father was very upset and in shock, he may have been in a state of assaulting these EMT’s but consider the reason he was so upset. What the heck is wrong with a police force who don’t care about the cilivians any more. There should have been a little more sympothedic police . Would these police have acted any different if it had been their own daughter, I don’t think so, they would have acted the same or worse. I will pray for both parties involved.

    • George Kenderdine

      Try to stay out of the bad Weather( whether)

  • flipped54

    I can’t imagine how the parents felt and I send sympathy and condolences. I pray they find peace and solace. Loosing your baby like this is heart wrenching and almost impossible to handle emotionally.

    The young girl rolled off the gurney…..what? Someone didn’t do their job very well and the police sided with the incompetent EMT’s. No one is perfect but this is just wrong….

  • Randall Sisk

    If my kid were dying it probably wouldn’t be a safe time to screw with me. If true, officer is lucky …

  • fay

    i don’t care what the dad did to them, he was looking at his dead child, pepper spray, charges??? how could they??

  • Sharpshooter

    After reading stories such as this,we actually have the audacity to wonder why LEO’s are not to be trusted. Over paid, under trained, low IQ morons whose primary function is to cover up their blatant inability to think. What ever happened to “common sense” and “logical reasoning”?

  • David Dena Wiseman

    It would seem to me that some people need some compassion and sensitivity training. One of the worst things you can say to an emotionally charged person is calm down as a former senior counselor and crisis intervention trainer for 11 years in a residential treatment facility I can certainly attest to it. There are better ways to handle situations. The police panic and are afraid so the first thing they resort to weaponry instead of sympathy and compassion.

  • Karen Stevens in Texas

    My prayers are with you as well as your family. I am so very sorry for the loss of your daughter. Take time to grieve my friend. It appears that has been stripped from you.
    Don’t take a plea bargain. It will all pan out in the long run.

  • Diane Shedrick

    God be with you and your family. Don’t take a plea agreement. That will only say “I’M GUILTY” but I don’t want to go to jail. Police today seem to be able to do anything they want and get away with it.These officers should be held accountable.also the EMPs that let your daughters body fall to the ground because they were too busy “Putting their finger in your face” and asking YOU what happened.You did what ANY PARENT who found their child like this would do.,And then seeing your child fall off the gurney they put her on.Only to be treated like a common criminal by a cop who is supposed to”SERVE AND PROTECT’. I supposed THEY would have reacted differently if it was their child. {They would have probably tased , handcuffed and arrested the EMP and oh ya pepper spray them} I don’t understand why they did it to your son too. If you were the only one yelling at the EMPs. I wouldn’t count on the police report telling the truth though. They stand behind their own. With them it’s ok to arrest grieving fathers and brothers and falsely accuse them of assault.

  • ibn insha

    When was the last time when any of us heard that the so called First Responders immediately confessed their mistake? Working for a security company, I deal with first responders on daily basis. I have seen them abusing power more times than I can count. These first responders are more corrupt in every way than an average person. Many have told me how they punish innocent and the suspects if they feel disrespected. If I tell my observations and all the stories they tell me it would take volumes. As long as the tax payers give them more respect than they deserve the first responders will continue to disrespect the rest of the society. We should make them feel all the time that they are nothing but our servants and we are their employers. Remember, first responders respond after the disaster when it is already too late.

  • Norm

    I hope the people of Joplin are well informed of this, and use a lot of pressure on top elected officials. An internal investigation in any government is nothing more than a cover up. Voters need to remember just how each official handles this come election time. The police department like so many throught this country has become home to the bullies that love their self importance. It seems that in the last 20 or so years our police have been studying gustapo tactics. The EMT may be guily of criminal neglagence at least, I hope they get an independant autopsy.

  • bendoverspredem

    I can understand the police possibly restraining the father and son, they were distraught and loudly vocal. But to then go ahead and charge them is just plain cruel! I would push for the release of those officers from the department!

  • Crazyhorse

    Makes you wonder what criteria is being used in selecting police officer cadets. This type of violent over reactive behavior to a personal traumatic experience is pathetic and disheartening. Sounds like the officers should be charged with assaulting a citizen, and being useless in the situation. However, the paramedics could have known that the kid was dead already and any effort or haste would be in vain. The officers could have been more sympathetic to grieving parents, it’s not everday that you find your daughter in the park dead, after committing suicide .

  • Retired Deputy Sheriff

    DO NOT plead GUILTY. DO NOT plead NO CONTEST to Assault. Hire a good attorney. I have a friend that was involved in a fight. The other person threw the first punch, so my friend was only defending herself. However, since she “won” the fight, she was charged with assault. After speaking with the prosecuting attorney, she was offered a “deal”. The prosecuting attorney would drop the charge to “disorderly conduct”, if my friend pleaded “Guilty”. She took the deal. However, when the conviction was sent to the state, it indicated she pleaded guilty to Assault. Now it is recorded on her criminal record kept by the state. She works in the healthcare industry and is about to be fired for having an assault on her record, if she cannot force the prosecutor to change the charge to disorderly contact, which is the charge to which she pled guilty. Be very careful about pleading “Guilty” or “No Contest” to a charge unless you no the consequences of said plea..