Police Kill 95-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident With Taser, Bean Bag Shot


A 95-year-old resident of a Chicago-area assisted-living nursing home was killed after police attempted to subdue him Friday with a Taser and bean bag rounds shot from a gun.

According to a press release issued by the police department in Park Forest, Ill., officers were called to assist with subduing 95-year-old John Warna, allegedly combative because he did not want to be restrained and forced to undergo an “involuntary” medical procedure at the Victory Centre of Park Forest, the assisted-living facility where he resided.

Warna allegedly had held the medical staff at bay with a long shoehorn and a walking cane. When police arrived, he allegedly dropped the shoehorn and picked up a 12-inch kitchen knife.

After resisting the cops’ demands that he put down the knife and cane and surrender for his treatment, Warna was shot with a Taser, but apparently he remained undeterred. So the cops fired bean bag rounds at Warna, which indeed forced him to drop the knife. He was taken into custody and transported to an Oak Lawn hospital, and remained responsive in the immediate aftermath of the ordeal.

However, he died early Saturday from stomach bleeding. The Cook County medical examiner’s office attributed the bleeding to “blunt force trauma” to his midsection caused by the bean bag shots. The examiner ruled the man’s death a homicide.

Bean bag rounds are made of lead shot, which is encased in a fabric bag. They can be fired from a traditional shotgun, and, like Tasers, are used to immobilize noncompliant suspects. Fired at close range, bean bag rounds typically cause traumatic injuries, such as broken ribs and internal bleeding.

Nursing home staff said Warna had not been an unruly resident before Friday’s incident.

The Park Forest Police Department is reviewing the incident. Other than the press release, which was emailed to The Chicago Tribune, there has been no other official statement from Park Forest Police Chief Clifford Butz. The Illinois State Police Public Integrity Unit is also reviewing the case.

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Ben Bullard

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  • Harold Olsen

    It is amazing how many of these “non-lethal” weapons kill people, especially seniors. Laws should be passed making it a felony for police to use these “non-lethal” weapons on people over a certain age, unless that senior is armed. Most seniors have weak hearts and it doesn’t take much to kill them. However, the cops don’t give a damn. They get frightened by decrepit old men who can barely move so they must defend themselves. I’ve come to the conclusion that most cops are just cowards. Some seem to look for a reason, any reason, to use their weapons on someone.

    • Frank Zappa

      Harold COPS are cowards, and what’s even MORE of a JOKE are “Women” COPS. They want the pay they want the prestige of being a cop BUT 99.999% of these women without exception call their “Male Counterparts” before taking any action, so they don’t get their A$$ES killed or kicked, and not necessarily in that order. I have seen these cute “Hair” in a ponytail Girls that weigh about 99 lbs. soaking wet with all the gear, are you Shifting ME !!!
      I have met SOME women who are exceptional people who are COPS BUT they are in the minority, NOT the Majority.

      • Vis Fac

        The VAST minority. Most of the female cops I’ve seen are just as hard nosed as their male counterparts so much sometimes I think they’re butch.

        • Frank Zappa

          Best check under the skirt, zipper or whatever they wear, Ya might find a “Change Order.” Todays Female cops are “Something Else.”

          • Vis Fac

            They don’t wear skirts and if one was to try and check they would be arrested for assaulting a police officer. It seems as though police can get in your face and shove you around all they like however if you lay a finger on a police officer, even accidentally, after they beat you half to death they’ll arrest you on the spot.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      In Houston they killed a guy in a wheelchire for not droping a pen when told to !

  • ctfrank

    I would be combative too if I was being forced to undergo an unwanted medical procedure. The article doesn’t say he was incompetent to refuse treatment. Surely at 95 he could decide he’d rather just be left alone even if it meant dying. I’m curious, I wish the article said what sort of treatment it was.

  • laura merrone

    What medical procedure were they doing on a 95 year old man?

    • jerry

      I to, would like to know; and don’t you have the right to refuse.
      I know when I worked in a medical center, the patients could refuse, we just made a note in the chart for the Dr.

      • Frank Zappa

        Real simple “PATIENTS BILL OF RIGTHS” the note is then made that the patient refused medical treatment, AMA (Against Medical Advice). Simple case closed, IF he dies then it is his own hard luck, nothing more, nothing less.

    • flyovercindy

      THAT is what I’d like to know! It was an “involuntary procedure”, which by definition is something you DON’T HAVE TO HAVE. If the man was physically able to successfully rebuff the efforts of the nursing staff, and had never been “unruly” before, his wishes to avoid the “procedure” should have been respected.

      We are at the same place in medicine as in the greater governance of the country – our freedom to choose and make our own decisions is fading fast. It is not the RIGHT of the government OR this nursing home to force ANYTHING on us “for our own good”.

      • laura merrone

        I couldn’t have said it better myself…but I’m afraid its our future. My advice: don’t go to a doctor unless you have to as a last resort…

  • bernie newcomer

    The best weapon a cop has is his brain. The training cops receive must be more focused on how to handle situations by thinking vs using weapons. We are hearing more and more about cops out of control. Maybe we need to change the mission-peace officers versus bullies.


    Gun control would be a good thing IF IT APPLIED TO COPS! There are more people being killed by cops than ever before. Today I have read about three people being unjustifiably killed by cops. It seems that what the pundits are saying about what the country fears most is coming true, COPS!

    I used to be a deputy sheriff and we did everything possible to make sure that the people trusted us. Back then it was a good thing to call for the police. Now people look for any reason NOT to call the police. It has to be a last ditch resort to call the police these days. Even having been a police officer (I use that term with much respect vs the term COP) I see the degradation of law enforcement in general. It is very sad to see especially after we worked so hard to make the profession an honorable one, one where people thought it was a good thing to call the police.

    • TexasOlTimer

      I’d like to know why nursing homes and schools are calling the police to handle the elderly and children. The cops come in and treat these individuals like they would a gang of blood thirsty individuals shooting back at them after murdering a family. It seems like they think they have to scream and use methods to subdue people rather than simply talking to them – which includes listening! – and maybe that might actually defuse the situation. It doesn’t always but it might help to start that way. Sometimes us ol’ folks would like to be heard and maybe we do have the right to refuse treatment.

      • Steven Cinqmars

        I totally agree. And what crime did he commit anyhow? Defending himself against being force to undergo an operation against his will and not complying with the staff and police in the matter?

        This is such B.S. This country has been taken over by a hostile force of jack booted thugs. When will the people that see the police acting like judge, jury, and executioner stand up for their fellow citizens and say enough is enough, and beet them down and arrest them when they do [expletive deleted] like this.

        If I as a citizen can’t do what they did for the reasons they did, then they shouldn’t have the authority to do it ether.

        What has happened to natures law and our natural rights. Are we humans or are we sheep being led by the nose to our own slaughter?

    • Frank Zappa

      At Least YOU are Honest, which is more than I can say for most cops.

    • Steven Cinqmars

      It hasn’t been very honorable since the 1970’s.

    • Vis Fac

      No these are the very people liberals want to be armed. If that happens it’s open season on the public (much more than it is now)

  • To tell the truth

    The new trend, Euthanasia by cop. Maybe the nursing home needed to get rid of a medicare bed for a new private-pay resident, er, patient, er victim?

    • Frank Zappa

      I GOT IT IT’S “THE NEW OBAMA CARE HEALTH EARLY RELEASE PROGRAM,” comes complete with all the death panels and benefits especially designed for 95 year old Men and Women. YOU STAB E’M WE SLAB E’M Don’t Get left out on this one “This E’L Kill Ya.” Can’t wait to get this old just to see what’s in store for us old folk. HOW EXCITING TO GET OLD…..

    • Vis Fac

      ODUMBOCARE by cop same results less expensive.

  • Frank Zappa

    Well Ya just Gotta be real scared about some old man with a knife especially 95 year old men, those are the most dangerous, Ya never know how dangerous old people can be. Really 95 and the cops had to kill him? Anyone ever hear of a night stick??? Maybe use more than one cop to take the guy out NO NOT COPS??? What EVER happened to “The Patients Bill of Rights” or is this passé?
    Maybe just maybe there could be another way than Killing the old man, A BROKEN WRIST IS BETTER THAN DEAD. COPS wonder WHY they are “Targeted” and WHY people shot them, well here Ya Go another COP that will get off BECAUSE his life was in Eminent danger from a 95 year old patient, and he (The Cop) was in fear for his life…..What a Friggen joke. The board hereby has determined that the shooting was justified because the police acted in accordance with police procedures and thereby officer Jones is hereby reinstated with full pay as he acted justly…..WTF is this country coming to? 95 years old!!! He may have not had a long time to live BUT he certainly did NOT deserve to die this way.

    • Mark Holtz
    • steve

      put a cop in zimmerman’s position and the killing would have ben justified also.

      • Frank Zappa


    • Vis Fac

      Perhaps police procedures should be reviewed and amended. No can’t do that as it would remove the power to decide who should live and who should die. Seems as thought our tough cops face too much danger confronting gang bangers and drug dealers so they need to kill 95 year old men in nursing homes

      The following is from another post but is applicable here

      The point of this isn’t to judge whether cops are justified in doing what they do. This article has nothing to do with police training. And this isn’t just about

      American cops. This is about the perception that we, the public, have of you when you perform the following actions. It doesn’t matter if you disagree with these perceptions, because right or wrong, they exist. The point of this article is to simply let you know that we’re watching, and this is how we see things.

      1. When ten of you show up to make one arrest, it makes you look
      like cowards. On my way home from a bike ride, I saw three arrests being made in under an hour in a relatively safe part of the city. At one of the incidents, eight police cruisers responded to make one arrest. The guy who was arrested was ejected for being too drunk in a bar. Just one guy, and he was drunk. He had a stupid moustache, hadn’t hurt anyone and was drunkenly walking home when he was tazed and tackled by 3 cops before 6 police cruisers showed up in addition to the two that were there, for a total of 8 cruisers and 10 cops. The man was unarmed.

      How much backup do you need? It’s one guy. If you can’t handle one drunk guy by yourself, you shouldn’t be a cop. Training tells you otherwise? Well stop being trained by sissies.

      2. When you tase somebody who IS NOT trying to escape, it makes you look like lazy cowards. A Taser IS NOT a remote-control for
      people. Want to talk to someone? Then walk over to them and talk. Don’t tase them and expect them to cooperate. Also, when someone is being tased and is writhing in cardiac arrest on the ground, they aren’t “resisting arrest” by not getting on their knees and neatly kowtowing to your demands. They’re incapacitated. You look like idiots barking orders at them when they can’t move.

      Being a cop has certain risks associated with it. If you aren’t comfortable with those risks, don’t take the job. Always trying to minimize your risk of injury at the expense of others by being a Taser-happy lunatic makes you look like lazy sissies. Tasing everyone you see because they might pose a risk to you is like spraying everything with a fire extinguisher so it doesn’t catch fire. Part of the problem might be that many cops are overweight and out of shape. If you
      fatsos can’t chase someone down, then you shouldn’t be cops. Studies have shown that not being a lardo is just as effective as using a taser.

      3. When you set up speed traps, it makes you look like you don’t have anything better to do. I get happy every time I see a speed trap, because I assume it means all criminals have been locked up, you’ve caught the guys who broke into my car on three separate occasions and my stolen property will be returned shortly, right idiots? Good job guys, take a break and make some scratch for the city.

      Because why the hell else would you be sitting on your butt in a ditch if that wasn’t the case?

      People who speed are awesome. The last thing this world needs is more slow drivers. Traffic jams occur because of idiots braking prematurely.

      And when you pull people over, how about doing it in a place that doesn’t obstruct traffic? You know what’s just as “unsafe” as speeding?
      Having to swerve into another lane because your stupid car is blocking traffic. Every time I pass another cruiser parked in two lanes, backing up traffic for miles, it makes me literally punch myself in the jaw until I pass out.

      4. When you give out imbecilic tickets for rolling through stop-signs at 3 AM, or closing down lemonade stands, it makes us think you’re morons.

      We know that “the law is the law.” We also know that you’re not instruction-executing robotic automatons. When you harass us with nonsensical fees and fines, it makes us question your judgment. We know that this kind of trash is all about the money.

      Remember that case in Florida where a pair of LEOs closed down a lemonade stand operated by a 6 and 9 year old girl, because they didn’t have a permit? The legal age for entering into contract in the United States is 18. So that effort to charge them fees by making them apply for a permit? Illegal. Law is the law, right? Arrest yourselves. And speaking of nepotism…

      5. We know you guys use the buddy system to get out of speeding tickets. And it infuriates us to no end. Cops have a code that basically
      amounts to always letting fellow cops go. When a cop pulls over an off-duty officer, the officer who was pulled over discreetly flashes his badge to let him know that he’s on the force, and he’s simply let go. You think we don’t know what’s going on, jerk-wads? It’s a courtesy not extended to anyone else, lest the officer is having a particularly good day and isn’t PMSing all over the highway.

      Sometimes you write tickets for going 1 over the speed limit, sometimes it’s 10. Then when you get called on doing something stupid like writing a ticket to someone for a law that shouldn’t be enforced and rarely is (like jay-walking in New York), you hide behind your tired mantra that it’s the law and that you have to be consistent. Except when you aren’t.

      6. When you flash your lights just to get through intersections, you look like scumbags. I’ve followed cops who’ve done this, only to see them park their cruisers for coffee or lunch. And speaking of lunch…

      7. When you park in a red zone to eat, it makes you look like lazy scumbags. The argument can be made that police officers need to be near their cruisers at all times in case of an emergency. Fine, but that doesn’t entitle you to eat at the most popular restaurants. If you want to eat at some trendy restaurant, park at a meter and pay, like everyone else. Can’t find a meter? Tough luck, go someplace else. Doctors, surgeons, rescue workers and security all have important jobs where people’s lives are at stake, and you don’t see their cars popped up on the curb, obstructing traffic and parked illegally so they can fill their fat faces with lunch. We know you’ll never get written a ticket (see #5), it infuriates us, and it makes us trust you less, and cooperate less.

      Now this is the part where I say “I know that police officers have a tough job,” but they don’t. Being a cop isn’t hard, it’s dangerous. There’s a difference. Being an engineer, teacher or airline pilot is hard. Being a logger, deep sea crab fisher, coal miner or firefighter is hard and dangerous. Being a cop is dangerous, but usually not hard. Driving around, issuing moronic tickets and filling out paperwork isn’t hard, it’s annoying.

      This is also the part where I say “now I know that most cops are good,” but I don’t. I only know two cops in real life, and they’re both awesome, but so is anyone I choose to call my friend. Most cops I see abuse their power every day by parking illegally, talking on their cell phones while driving, drifting in and out of lanes without turn signals, flashing their lights to get out of intersections and power tripping like crazy. If you’re a cop who’s reading this, rather than being butt-hurt by people’s perceptions of you, do something to change it. Write a fellow officer a ticket. Stick your neck out for us, rather than your colleague for a change. Do the right thing. We notice.

      And as for us: record cops. Record them all the time. Record them even if they’re not doing anything. Cops are cracking down on this and they’re trying to change the laws to make it illegal so they can’t be held accountable for breaking the law. They look up your plates every time they’re behind you at a stop, even if you haven’t done anything, just to check up on you. It’s time we started checking up on them. Who watches the watchers, if you will.

  • Peter

    You have GOT to be freaking kidding me!
    Please tell me this is a con-job?
    Having nursed my own father through his final weeks in a nursing home, I understand fully how combative some of these independent older souls get when their routines or their dignity is affronted by pompous medical staff.
    Surely a better outcome could have been achieved with a little more patience?

  • Mark Holtz

    Try and file a complaint against a cop, and you will get arrested. That is how far the corrupting has gone. Even the good cops won’t stand up because they would be subject to harassment and possible set up to take a fall. Can we stand up to this tyranny? There is always time to do what’s right.

  • Quester55

    Euthanasia, Seems to be the new Catch phrase these days! Don’t Treat the Old & feeble, Just have them hold a Knife & call the Cops! Let them kill the Old Person, Shed a few false tears & Open a bed to the next Victim, ah, i mean Patient.?
    it’s on it’s way Folks & there is little you can do about it, after all, Sheep are not known for being Aggressive in face of danger.
    just Think, ” Water-less Showers, ” for the Sick, Disabled & Elderly, in our near future!

  • bygeorge

    Shotguns and taser’s and armored vehicles are all new toy’s supplied by the Obama administration to local police to subvert them and subdue us. The new thinking in street level law enforcement is no longer proper firearms discipline, but why take a weapon to an incident if you can’t use it?

    • Catman

      Obozo should fry in the F electric chair! Welcome to the new world order when you get old they promise to put you under.

  • Phileo Stadanko

    Obamacare at work.

  • Mark Holtz

    Take a little time and see how far it’s gone. You won’t see this on the news.http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/police-state/cops-gone-wild.html

  • Motov

    Welcome to the USSA comrade, (Like the Outer Limits) We control everything!
    If you don’t like it, We will make you drink Fool’s Ade.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    They should put them cops in a sleeping bag with four cindre bocks and throw them into the Chicago river !

  • jdn

    The only right we have left is the right to remain silent , all others have been loop holed to death .

  • rivahmitch

    Here we see the testing of the “Obamacare solution” to senior citizens…voluntary “involuntary medical procedures” (euthanasia?) or just outright murder. KTNN!!

  • saywhat

    Maybe they were going to force feed him? You know, just practicing so they could qualify for Gitmo and get real nasty!

    • Vigilant

      They were trying to load him into a transport vehicle. Very unlikely it was for forced feeding.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        He may have had few good sfifts left in him ,

  • arley_barley

    Has anyone noticed the use of the word “”shots”” used (that means more than one, in the English language).

    In the name of, John Warna; Dear Lord, may this incident bring about better care for the aged, especially in Institutions, sworn to the ”’Care”’ of all the John, and ‘Jane’ …Warna’s… incarcerated in all Geriatric facilities. AMEN PS: May the brave staff, and those officers of the Law, involved, find employment, removed from human contact. Aaarrgghh!!! and AMEN

  • BrotherPatriot

    I think we need more details. Like what was the medical procedure to be performed & exactly why it needed to be done. Why was this being done against his will? Was the patient of lucid mind or did he have dementia, etc. and also who exactly was John Warna? Who did he know & rub shoulders with? Were his Constitutional rights being violated? (Well…all of ours constantly are but let’s not start that topic thread right now!)

    The simple fact stated by the people who assisted with Mr. Warna was, “Nursing home staff said Warna had not been an unruly resident before Friday’s incident” is enough to tell me that something reeks about this story.

    May God bring John Warna gently home.

    • BrotherPatriot

      My personal opinion is that those police killed that man when they should have been able to subdue the 95 year old oldster. Now was this mishandled or did it go as planned? Lot’s of questions…

    • Vis Fac

      It doesn’t matter what the procedure was. Under the 4th Amendment he had the right to refuse yet that right was usurped by someone who believed they had the right do deny that right. Criminal charges should be filed but none will. Police are covered by a blanket of immunity.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Agreed…I’m playing it on the “down low”…his rights were absolutely infringed upon.

        Damn it people…wake the HELL up!!!

        God Bless the Truth & those that teach what History is warning us of…! Such men as William Cooper, and Jim Marrs who are true American hero’s…!

    • whooleeoh

      one word. Obamacare! If Obama has no respect for the Constitution, why would one think his laws would be any different? This man couldn’t even bring himself to acknowledge a live baby after a failed abortion as even being…human…viable.
      Of course, as a male, I can only think of one procedure that would make me fight like a badger, no matter what age I was.
      “Bayliff, whack his ____!” (for you oldies who remember that little skit!)
      Sad part is there are those who will look at this & have that “Brave New World” attitude towards this man regardless of what happened. “They should just be compliant!” Remember “Logan’s Run”?
      Sign of the times.
      “Oh Lord, how long must we wait?” For Mr Warna, his wait is over.

  • Fab290

    I find it difficult to believe that a trained LEO cannot disarm and subdue a 95 Y/O man….I could. They need to have their picture put in the dictionary next to the term “Girlie Mon”

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    The “New ObamaNightmare ACA” phony healthcare being implemented already…take note folks…that’s what’s coming to the hospitals and nursing homes near you…want it or not…you are going to get it… whatever it is…this poor man was murdered…and for what? “involuntary procedure”? It meant.”I don’t want this done to me” so….they killed him…Whoa…this is awaiting everyone…We need to get involved and protect our elders…if not…we are next to suffer at the hands of the Obama Nightmare…babies are already eliminated…now…the seniors…next…you…me…Evil is at the door…more money for vacations hey Obama…Rat Party…

  • marylou

    Too many unanswered questions!
    All patients have the right to refuse treatment, any or all treatment.
    It’s called the Patient’s Bill of Rights.
    It appears he was exercising his rights and was not a danger to anyone until
    his rights were being challenged.
    It !doesn’t matter if you are 24 or 94.
    Sometimes it’s best to back off and let the situation settle!
    Looks like poor judgement exercised by everyone!

  • nonstopca

    I hope the old guy, has some kids to sue the hell out of everybody invalved….

  • Eagle525

    Looks like the Obamacare health benefits have started and the Home Land Security guys are serving as enforcers seeing that Obamas mandates are carried out. The police in this incident need to be FIRED, and please do not give me CRAP by telling me they were doing their job … this is a case of excessive force by the new and up coming POLICE STATE created by Obamas intrusive “anti-domestic” terrorist activity. What the police state can do to a 95 year old invalid … they can and will do to you. If you like Obama you will love living in OBAMALAND!

  • chrisnj

    This will be the face of Obamacare – forced into medical procedures you do not want, and prevented from obtaining the ones you do want, regardless of ability to pay for them on your own. And all at the point of a gun, wielded by operatives of the nanny state.

    Welcome to the farm.

  • John King

    The cop murdered this 95 year old!!!

  • $20580097

    remember the movie Soylent green? now we are exterminating our seniors. This f,ing country is in very sad shape

  • Alan

    Pretty sad when a younger cop resorts to tasers and bean bags against a 95 yr. old. What kind of wimp heros is this country raising? His family should sue the city and the officer personally. This kind of crap has been happening more and more and must stop. This useless cop must be fired.

  • RPW

    The man had every right to refuse any and all medical procedures. The police committed manslaughter, the nursing home staff should be charged as accessories.


    You mean to tell me they couldn’t physically subdue a 95 year old man? What a bunch pansies!!!

    • Jeff

      I am truly amazed. For the first time in recorded history, we agree on something. Any orderly should be able to restrain and comfort someone that old. Calling the cops was a really bad idea, and of course, the police are trained to overreact. What medical procedure could be so important at 95 that they couldn’t wait for his nap?

      • magicmiss

        Im in the UK ,why were the cops even called? Isn’t that what the staff are trained to deal with? sounds a complete over reaction. he’s 95 for christsake, leave him alone for half an hour he’d probably go for a nap. I volunteered as a theropet in a mental health ward. there was all sorts of dramas. police were never called.

  • Ibn Insha

    Why force a grown up person for a medical procedures?

    Why nursing home staff could not handle a 95 years old man armed with a shoehorn and a walking cane?

    Why anybody did not notice a knife and removed it from the scene when it was obvious even to a 5 years old that the man could use the knife if provoked enough, escalating a very simple event to a violent one?

    Why police could not handle the 95 years old man without physical violence?

    It is a shame that we have become a nation of idiots and cowards.

  • nabirfu

    The Dead Panel is in full force.

  • texan61

    Walking Cane was the deadly weapon here. We need to ban walking cane’s for the sake of the children.

  • monicakei

    You don’t call the police for an unruly nursing home resident.
    I’ll bet the business had a staff cutback because there should be a couple of nice strong Psych Aides who can restrain a patient so the nurse can give him a shot that will help him calm down.
    Why are we hearing these stories about cops getting called on six years olds who act up in school and 95 year olds who get unruly in a nursing home?
    Police are trained to treat people as criminals, there is no more Officer Friendly who walks the neighborhood beat and greats everyone by name.
    We now have tactical squads trained to kill, they need to be kept away from school children and senior citizens, they don’t know how to scale it down.

  • Ray Harris

    Welcome to the NWO, kinda reminds me of 1933

  • BlessRheart

    This is disgusting! Why in the world were police called at all? If the staff at a home can’t control the residents, and let them have self control over meds, they need a new staff! Just a glimpse of things to come

  • Betta

    Not only do I smell a lawsuit, but looks like there will be murder charges as well.
    Now on to the other side off this coin.
    You guys are incensed because an armed 95 year old man was killed by police. But when an unarmed teen is shot and killed by a man who profiled and followed him, you call the teen a thug?

  • whooleeoh

    It’s Obamacare in action. The death panel made their decision. Maybe he found out they were about yo do a frontal lobotomy. But a 95 yr old man, fighting like that…there’s only one surgery I can think if…as a male…where I’d be fighting like all get out to stop…do you need a hint? “Bayliff, whack his…!” (for any of you oldies who remember. :-D )

    • Quester55

      I said it before & it bears Repeating; Obama-care is being forced on us for one reason, That Is; To commit medical Backed ” GENOCIDE ‘ on ALL Senior & disabled Citizens!
      Remember those Commercials on T.V. That tell you the Side effects of their Non-Tested Drugs & How one side effect could be DEATH!?
      need I Say More?