Police Chief Tries To Shoot Dog; Shoots Owner Instead; Ignores Victim; Gets Sworn In


A North Carolina woman was hit by a ricocheting bullet meant for her dog, after Winston-Salem police chief in-waiting Barry Rountree got scared of the dog last week and tried to shoot it.

The woman, Tamara Whitt, was shot by Rountree as he was responding to a 911 call alleging a man with a gun was roaming the neighborhood, aiming the weapon at people.

Evidently there was such a man: Rountree. Police said after he and other officers arrived in the area to investigate, Whitt’s dog approached them in a “threatening manner.” Rountree got scared of the dog and tried to shoot it, but the .40 caliber bullet bounced off the pavement and hit Whitt in the leg.

According to Whitt – who described her pet’s behavior throughout the ordeal as “very passive” – Rountree’s reaction to her injury was to walk across the street and have a cell phone conversation, then cross back over to ask her if she was alright.

“He did not come to me. He backed away,” she said. “He walked across the street over there by that car over there and he was on his phone … and I told the SBI [State Bureau of Investigation] he did not come to me.”

Whitt hasn’t had the bullet removed; doctors have told her the procedure would be too dangerous.

At the time of the shooting, Rountree was in line to be sworn in as the new Winston-Salem chief of police. He was placed on administrative leave after the shooting, but has since been cleared of any wrongdoing by Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill. Rountree was sworn in as chief of police on June 30.

The dog, a boxer named Lebrone, is still alive, but remains in the custody of Forsyth County Animal Control.

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  • equestrian_colt

    I bet she was like OHHHH No you diiint and if wasn’t shot in the leg she would have smacked the crap out of him saying are you outta yo mind. She should have anyways.

    • 5alive5

      Why do I now see Madea??????

  • JRR

    So now she has not only been wrongfully shot, but her dog has been confiscated by the “authorities.” (Why does the Russian National Anthem keep playing in my head? !!!)

  • freelanz

    And you think we don’t need to carry guns with us .we need them for protection against the criminals and the police

    • Harold Olsen

      Yeah. One of the arguments from the left is we don’t need guns for self-protection because we have the police to protect us. Well, who in hell is going to protect us from the police. Here in Seattle, polls show that most people fear the cops more than they do the criminals and believe the only difference between the two is that the cops carry badges.

  • Alan

    Such incidents are becoming par for the course. The police are becoming more reckless with lives than the criminals are.

  • rivahmitch

    Chief of police???? Clearly the inmates are running the asylum in Forsyth County. One certainly wouldn’t hire him to be a dogcatcher…Roundtree should be fired. He deserves either.With him for their police department leader, God help the local citizens.

    • IsThisAmerica

      Inmates are running the entire country. Crazy perverted people with no morales and no care about anyone but themselves.

  • Hooty

    Did anyone ever think he may not have wanted to shoot the dog since the dog made no real movement to attack. Is it possible that all he wanted to do was scare the dog with the sound of a gun shot. He shot the ground and “accidentally” the bullet bounced off the pavement to hit the owner. Is it possible the officer never intended to shoot or hit anyone, it was just a warning scare shot? I am by no means a cop lover, but logically this seems more right when you think about it.

    • 5alive5

      Yeah, and it’s possible that Santa Claus is REAL, too!!

    • Vis Fac

      If you are a professional as I assume these people are, you don’t discharge your weapon to fire warning shots to scare anyone. Instead of using his side arm a shot of mace or pepper spray should have been used. This cop was anything but professional. And in “true blue” fashion IA (police police) will not have a problem clearing him of endangering the public.

    • Harold Olsen

      Every police department in this country is supposed to have a rule against firing warning shots. That bullet has to go somewhere and more often than not, it hits someone. It was rank negligence on the part of this scumbag. He should not carry a gun and he sure as hell should not be a cop.

    • Karolyn

      Duh! Well he has to be pretty dumb not to realize that bullets ricochet. A shot in the air makes a lot more sense.

      • Jonathan B.

        Except that what goes up MUST COME DOWN! At the speed that the bullet left the gun too.

  • dan

    shooting a gun at the ground and NOT having a ricochet ….I mean you shoot and the bullet’s got to end up somewhere ! Safety 101….

    I hope the pooch didn’t hinder, resist and assault with a deadly (teeth)

  • Walt wenger

    Yet another reason that our police forces should be prohibited from possessing firearms. The police are responsible for approximately 50% of the gun deaths in the US every year!
    If this same thing had been done by anyone else — not a police officer — they would be charged with a number of gun crimes, like discharging a weapon in a populated area, reckless endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder, and a whole bunch more! And there would be another public outcry to ban gun possession by individual citizens.
    But this is a police officer who is afraid of a doggie, so it’s ok if he wounds a woman by his recklessness with a firearm, and he will get away with it. And no public outcry to stop police officers from possessing firearms!

    • Harold Olsen

      Yet another reason that our police forces should be prohibited from possessing firearms.

      There was time when I thought that was a totally ridiculous idea. Now, I’m leaning closer and closer to that opinion myself. Cops seem to shoot more and more people indiscriminately and get away with it. They’ll pump some 40 rounds into an unarmed person and then claim it was an accident. It’s no wonder police departments are opposed to civilian review board. Some of their criminal cops would be held responsible for their actions. Instead, they get rewarded and praised as heroes.

  • rbrooks

    no support for a guy that lays his life on the line 24/7? (sarcasm)

    he was in fear for his life.
    those lies have been told so often they have become the excuse and validation for any actions by the cops.

    • Harold Olsen

      “He was in fear for his life.”
      That was the excuse a Seattle cop used for shooting a half deaf Indian in the back multiple times who was walking away from him. After the “investigation” it was determined the cop :acted appropriately” and was cleared of all charges

      • rbrooks

        a large portion of the population has been supporting this for decades.

    • BillT

      And when you are a private citizen and extremely in fear for your life due to an intruder into your own home, you are arrested and charged.

      • rbrooks

        well, you could be one of the millions of americans that can not own a gun.

  • deborah21

    Perhaps her dog have been restrained. There is more to this story then what is reported.

    • Karolyn

      People with dogs that are super friendly do not usually restrain them. Unfortunately, that gets them killed by cops. How about cops killing dogs in their own fenced yards while the cops are at the wrong house? It happens. How about killing dogs sitting on their own porches. It happens.

      • Jacobite2

        People can take care of themselves. People can also deserve to die. No animal deserves to die, although it often is necessary to kill them, and it isn’t wrong if it’s necessary. Stories of cops shooting dogs seem to be popping up more and more often. This is going to lose them public support real fast, as dog-killing shows a depraved character, big-time. Not to mention cowardice.

  • Harold Olsen

    I hope she sues that POS and the entire city.

  • steve

    work for the government and everything is cool. their getting closer to another rodney king incident,

    • Karolyn

      This cop is Black.

  • dan

    On the bright side…the BLEO is behind a desk where he can’t shoot citizens
    (or dogs) and he fills that PC leadership quota..and the blady hits the jackpot …after being shot in the ‘jackpot’

  • Karolyn

    And here’s another from Buffalo. Cops going to the wrong address, busting in and murdering the veteran owner’s dog. PLUS, he has to miss work and fix his busted door with his OWN money!!! I recall similar incidents in Buffalo. You can bet Buffalo PD will be besieged with emails and calls. The town of Hawthorne, CA had to take down its website the other day with all the people contacting them about the killing of the dog in that town.


    The dog is in custody of the anmal control?…..it’s the cop who should be in custody for a act of complete stupidity….

  • bill T

    I remember when the post office quit delivering my mail. It was all due to a substitue mail carrier who I was told (by the post office after I went there to pick up my mail and file a compaint) was viciously (sp) attacked by a dog. First, if she was so afraid of dogs, why is she walking the street delivering mail, second, my dog was behind a locked gate – she said she was afraid because the dog sounded vicious and thought it might be able to jump over the 6′ fence.