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Place A Vote, Get A Gun

October 26, 2012 by  

Place A Vote, Get A Gun

If you live in the Atlanta area, voting on Nov. 6 might get you a free gun, according to several billboards around the city. Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Ga., is running a controversial promotion.

The store has put up eight billboards in the Atlanta area advertising a raffle. If you bring in a voter sticker, you’ll be placed in a drawing with a chance to win a Glock handgun or Browning rifle.

State Senator Vincent Fort, a Democrat, filed a complaint on Tuesday with the Secretary of State. Fort said that the promotion violates a State law that prevents people from offering money or gifts in exchange for voting.

“I immediately knew it was illegal,” Fort told CNN.

Jay Wallace, owner of Adventure Outdoors, says he just wants people to be involved politically.

“It’s getting people involved in the political process,” he said. “Take an interest in your government. See what your politicians are doing.”

After receiving letters from the Secretary of State, Wallace revised the promotion. Now, anyone can participate, not just voters.

However, the billboards have stayed the same, which read: “Vote. Win A Rifle.”

“I wish they would fully comply with the law by changing the wording on the billboards,” Fort said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Scott in SC

    Just a marketing gimmick to get bodies in the store, but tying it to voting was a bad idea. What’s not made clear is are they giving away 2 guns or you get a choice? I’d prefer the Glock.

    • FreedomFighter

      I will take the Glock

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Benjamin Fox

        Wish this jarhead lived in there, I could use a another Glock. Semper Fi.

    • a j foster

      The ad said a Glock or Browning rifle. I guess my high school education 60 years ago is superior when compared to today’s. I know the difference between or .when compared to and.

  • ? Chocopot

    That’s really rich: a Democrat worried about the laws regarding voting. It’s two weeks before the election and there are already confirmed cases of election fraud by the Dems in North Carolina.

    • eddie47d

      There is no proof that voter fraud has occurred in NC and for now it is nothing more than a glitch. I would say this is more proof that Republicans convict and bring out the rope before the horse (truth) is out of the barn.

      • Huapakechi

        We only have the historic evidence to go on, until the forensic examination of the machines is complete. Given the history, hanging ‘em immediately seems prudent.

      • RP

        I have a difference of opinion about the voting machines are not examples of fraud. These same machines have been used in at least 2 or 3 or more presidential elections. They have experienced similar problems each time. They have had the same problem in elections when used in overseas elections of favoring one party over another. There has been enough time for this well-known security company to have fixed their glitches. This should be an embarrassment to the company, but instead continue with their same excuses. These machines should have been calibrated when they were first set up. If they are so susceptible to glitches and need to be recalibrated so much, they shouldn’t be used.

        In Virginia, there is little complaint about our system of using a paper ballot you mark with a pen and slide into a machine that calculates the results. There is a back up to questions of recounts. There is none with the Diebold machines. They have had problems in the past with losing the tabulated votes in heavily Republican areas. Diebold is the largest company in bank security products. This should not be tollerated and should have a Congressional investigation as to why this company is allowed to use their faulty equipment in such an important venue.

    • Curt Siters

      Could you provide a link? I just googled it any couldn’t find anything to back that up. I found a lot stating that 70% of repubs are expecting dems to do it, but nothing saying it is so.

      • Gary L

        Can you provide a link to back up the 70% statistic?

      • independent thinker

        I have seen several mentions of the vote problems in the Carolinas and also in Texas. One article was in Newsmax and there was one on MSNBC I don’t remember where i saw the others.

      • vicki

        There are several links to vote machine “glitches” in this thread (comments) on PLD

      • RP

        These articles are probably being suppressed by Google, since they are in the tank with the Dems. All you have to do is to look for articles about voter problems in North Carolina and Nevada. Look for the articles sent out from Washington state to residents in Florida threatening them charges of fraud, not against illegals, but against Republican voters that have voted for years. You can also look for articles about criminal investigation of Democrat Representative Jim Moran’s son caught on tape trying to help a person in a voter fraud scheme. There is also a Democrat campaign head in Texas, that was fired for aiding a woman in trying to vote in more than one state election. There was also a move made by North Carolina to expell more than 30,000 voters names that were dead or for some other reason inellible to vote, that was met with opposition by the Justice Department and Dems.

        Will this give you a start? Or maybe that over 70% of the country feels it is ok to require a photo ID to vote. It is the Dems and Justice Department that feel this is discriminatory, yet to get into a Dem political rally or fundraiser you have to have a photo ID to enter. Or to make a billboard advertising company take down signs that simply stated it is a felony to commit voter fraud, because they thought this was voter intimidation.

    • chester

      They CONFIRMED a machine problem, which was repaired to EVERYONE’S satisfaction. That hardly counts as fraud. Incidentally, how many LIVING people are registered to vote, then never do so? Kind of like all those dead bodies still on the rolls. For sure, being registered to vote does NOT mean someone is going to cast a ballot in that name.

      • huapakechi

        That confirmed ‘machine problem’ won’t happen again, until the next time.
        How many living people are not aware they’ve been registered to vote, and how many dead voters are still voting democrat?

      • vicki

        Chester. If “they” actually “confirmed” a machine “problem” I am sure you can provide a link to your source. Absent that, your “confirmation” is moot.

      • eddie47d

        How many dead voters are voting Republican?

    • JC

      “State Senator Vincent Fort, a Democrat, filed a complaint on Tuesday with the Secretary of State. Fort said that the promotion violates a State law that prevents people from offering money or gifts in exchange for voting.”

      Gee does that include the Obamaphone vote buying bait and hook scheme?
      Give the poor folks a cell phone and buy their vote…”such integrity”
      We really have been reduced to a nation of Monkey’s doing tricks for bananas haven’t we…

      • TML

        That’s a good point. Fort is right, and I agree with that law, but the free “Obama phone” can certainly be classified as “offering money or gifts in exchange for a vote” as well. I guess state laws don’t mean anything the Federal Government.

        Sounds like a sweet deal since they removed the voting card requirement. Wish I could enter.

  • Jackie G.

    First of all, they are not just giving free guns to whoever votes; there’s a lottery to enter and then the winner sitll has to pass a NICS check. It is a marketing tool, but it also gets people who may not have voted to the polls.
    Second, who are we talking about here? Who are the people who are going to try to “win” the free guns? Probably gun enthusiasts who are generally (admittedly not always) Republicans. So this Democratic Senator wants to discourage any acitivity that gets more Republicans to the polls? And HE’S complaining about voter fraud? Just a thought. LOL!

    • eddie47d

      I don’t agree with those tactics of offering guns for any product or service. In Colorado we have a jewelry store who offers a free rifle or handgun for spending $10,000 on a diamond ring. Aren’t advertising ploys great! Neither case is probably illegal/fraudulent but rather tacky.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie47d,

        You write: “I don’t agree with those tactics of offering guns for any product or service.” That’s because you don’t believe in freedom.

        Best wishes,

      • eddie47d

        Now that is a stretch! We now have to have elaborate giveaways and more slick advertising to order to love freedom. Its nothing more than a con game Bob and you are falling for it.

      • JeffH

        Will the ignorance never cease? Or, as Forrest Gump once said “stupid is as stupid does”.

      • DaveH

        Apparently not, Jeff.
        Eddie says — “We now have to have elaborate giveaways and more slick advertising to order to love freedom”.
        No, Eddie, we don’t “have to have” elaborate giveaways to love Freedom. But we “can have” elaborate giveaways in a Free Society.

      • SmokinScope II

        In Co. I think if you are spending your hard earned cash on something nice for your lady that it is nice that you can still get the gun you want! In Ga I think that is a patriotic effort to get out the vote, and neither the guns or the bill boards are cheap so the store has invested some hard earned bucks to do so! More power to him!! How do we get one of those guys in Mi or IL to do the same. and yeah I am an Independant the loves my GUNS and Hates everything Obama stands for!

      • huapakechi

        If I’m buying a $10K rock for my lady, I’m damned sure going to get her a gun so she can keep the bauble, and her life.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, this is the same guy that believes “capialism is the result of force” and “California is still the 8th largest economy in the world and ahead of mega country India. It also has the 11th largest economy(note: he did retract and change the #11 to a accurate #1)in the USA which means other states are doing far worse(note: only 3 states doing worse – understand that California is ranked 47th worst economy out of 50), “Conservatives who have stagnated the(CA) economy”, “San Diego is a very Conservative area” (which is a total fabrication-Dems have 4000 more registered voters than Repubs.), and “Republicans are in the forefront of the California gridlock and not getting anything done.” (note: The California State Legislature currently has a Democratic majority, with the Senate consisting of 25 Democrats and 15 Republicans and the Assembly consisting of 52 Democrats and 28 Republicans. Except for the period from 1995 to 1996, the Assembly has been in Democratic hands since the 1970 election (even while the governor’s office has gone back and forth between Republicans and Democrats). The Senate has been in Democratic hands continuously since 1970.)

        Yup! Ignorance is bliss!

      • JeffH

        correction…Capitalism = Force

      • eddie47d

        That is why the Jeff and Dave act accept the Enrons and Joe Nacchio’s because they love all the corporate shenanigans and slick advertising that makes them wealthy. Come one come all says the carnival barker and Dave and Jeff either jump in line or are a part of the deal. Never mind that there could be a con game behind their antics and there usually is when a deal is too good to be true. Oh by the way Jeff are my facts about California upsetting to you since you should have known them.

      • JeffH

        eddie, considering your ignorance and lack of facts, I’ll give you a loud…”NOPE”!

      • RP

        I thought it was great to read of a bank in Texas, near Dallas, that had only been robbed twice in almost 100 years of operation. They were recently robbed and the president of the bank changed the policy of firearms in the bank. He welcomes anyone that has a concealed firearms permit and is carrying to come to his bank. Now, he and the tellers all carry firearms. No need for armed guards. Can you imagine one or two crooks going into this bank and being met with an army of tellers and possibly armed customers pointing their weapons at them? This has not hurt the bank whatsoever. It actually increased their customer base.

  • Guy Waukcinebar

    This promotion might have been OK if the prize was your choice of a gun or free birth control.

    • independent thinker

      For it to be OK with the dem you would probably have to leave the gun out and only offer free birth control.

    • RP

      You forgot free abortions and Obama tatoos

  • Susan

    In Florida the Dems are offering “free pizza” to college students for their votes!!!
    Is that the “pot calling the kettle black?”
    Or what???

  • ArkansasRebel

    If I am not mistaken, & I don’t believe I am, the prohibition against offering any gratuity in exchange for a vote is for candidates. An offer of a gratuity in exchange for simply voting without any influence in favor of a particular candidate or ballot issue is not covered by the law in this regard. Unless Georgia has some weird law.

    • Gary L

      It’s probably the Gun give-away that has Fort upset.

      • Ed Weber

        But,,,this is discriminating against the poor. They have to have a photo I.D.. Call Erick Holder.

    • huapakechi

      democraps would not be upset if the promotion were to offer pot or booze for democrap votes.

  • jt

    I doubt that State Senator Fort has any objection to Democrat volunteers driving people (including random homeless people) to the polls and stopping at McDonald’s or Burger King to buy food for them after they’ve voted. Perhaps we should call him to ask his opinion on THAT practice, or on the 953 DEAD people who’ve been voting for Democrats in his neighboring state of South Carolina.

    The sickening part is that our progressive liberal media IS aware of the many instances of voter fraud, intimidation, and so-called “calibration errors” occurring across the country. BUT they have absolutely no problem with desecration of the integrity electoral process, as long as it works in favor of their candidates.

    If any of these instances were benefiting, or being perpetrated by GOP elements, the media would be hammering it out on a continual loop until the day after the election. But they’ve been benefiting Democrats, so we have utter silence on the matter.

    • DaveH

      How about the process of promising people other peoples’ money? Vote buying, plain and simple.

    • Kinetic1

      About your claim that “953 DEAD people who’ve been voting for Democrats in his neighboring state of South Carolina.” I’ve been all over the internet and can’t find one article where the SC Attorney General he says the votes were all cast for Democrats. All but one were just echos of the same AP article. In fact there was only one article that really got into detail and guess what! That claim of has “953 dead” been shown to be false. Here are the results of a review of just 6 of the “dead people” on the list.

      One was an absentee ballot cast by a voter who then died before election day;

      Another was the result of an error by a poll worker who mistakenly marked the voter as Samuel Ferguson, Jr. when the voter was in fact Samuel Ferguson, III;

      Two were the result of stray marks on the voter registration list detected by the scanner – again, a clerical error;

      The final two were the result of poll managers incorrectly marking the name of the voter in question instead of the voter listed either above or below on the list.

      But hey, as Romney’s team says, don’t let your posts be “dictated by fact-checkers.” Those darn facts just get in the way of you proving false assertions!

      • JeffH

        Dead People Voting In South Carolina?

        Greenville County, SC — WJBF-TV
        Published: January 11, 2012 Updated: January 11, 2012 – 9:14 PM

        The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles says it has proof dead people are still voting in elections.

        The State Attorney General’s office is taking the accusation very seriously asking SLED to review the evidence.

        The AG’s office says the DMV’s research shows hundreds of votes were cast by people, after their death.

        But what if those deceased people are casting votes? A report conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles says thats exactly what happened.

        The report says nearly 900 deceased people have been voting, which caught the attention of South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

        Greenville County Director of Elections and Voter Registration, Conway Belangia agrees with the AG Wilson…We need to hold those who have done it in the past accountable through prosecution and enforcement.” But, Belangia says he doesn’t believe that’s the case. He says the more likely scenario, human error.

  • tim

    Theres also voter fraud going on in las vegas. You vote for romney and the machine changes it to obama. How come you never hear about any voter fraud favoring the republicans. Wow do you really think this is why eric holder and obama don;t want voter ID???? Just in case some liberal comes on here crying, heres the article

  • tim

    Heres the article about the north carolina fraud as well, notice that the union boys fron SEIU are the ones who take care of the machines. Lookee that: voter fraud by one of obamas favorite unions. When are the feds gonna do something like an investigation??? NEVER, because eric holder will shut it down. Look around and see how many thousands of lawyers obama has on retainer in case he loses the election!!! Amazing all the fraud goes toward the democrats but he’s willing to spend his campaign money, not his on lawyers. Do you call that a sore loser or what!!!!

  • tim

    If you also notice that the liberal media hasn’t posted these articles, just the pages that I found way back in the papers!!!! The disgust I have for the liberal media and the lies coming out of thier mouths just makes me sick. They will see something right in front of them and twist it. Whats even worse is that thier ignorant followers believe it!!!!!

  • sabulaman

    First of all, nobody should be voting yet. Where did this early voting come from. Before long people will be voting in January. What’s the point of an election day.

    • Gary L

      Early voting makes it easier to manipulate the vote. Kind of like keep your eye on the shell with the pea under it…if you can.

    • phideaux

      Early voteing is an extension of absentee voteing. In fact it is “no reason needed” absentee voting. Where I live it used to be required that you provide a legimitate reason to vote early (absentee) such as “will be out of town” or “must have a medical procedure done that will prevent me from voting” etc. under early voteing the only reason you need is you want to vote early.



  • DaveH

    Imagine that. Democrats complaining about somebody buying votes.

  • http://google mike b.

    I cant wait for these Hussein Obama thugs to come to my neiborhood on wed. nov 7th after Hussein is voted out. Please start a riot near me. Please!!!! You nand your thug pres. has robbed me, my family, my business, my church , my kids aqnd grandkids future. I beg you to come near me i need some redemtion. Please!!!!

  • http://google mike b.

    Kinetic 1 when you gonna realize you wasting your time you ignorant hussein minion. Hussein is gone wed. nov. 7th. He knows hes gonna lose and hes laughing that dumb people like you keep thinking hes gonna win. Hes gonna need your donation cash when he goes on trial for treason and murder of four americans in Lybia, that he ordered his followers in the Musluuum brotherhood to commit. I didnt know kinetic was muuusluuum

  • RP

    What is the big deal about this? These people are not near the polling area. They are not endorsing either party. It is just show proof you voted. You can enter to win a firearm. On the other hand, we have BO that gives free phones to people to come out to support his campaign and vote for him. Who pays for the phones and the bills they run up? Taxpayers!You have college kids at the polling area too close to the allowed area for parties to locate, giving free pizza and Obama tee shirts. There is massive evidence of voter fraud in several states by Democrats. Yet the Dems are the people saying that producing a picture ID or by tearing down billboards that state that voter fraud is a felony, is somehow suppressing the vote?

  • http://google redbull

    Can I say I’m a democrat, and vote 3 times, once as myself, second a a abino black, and 3 time as a sundeprive pedophile worshipper? I’d like 2Glocks a a Browning rifle for long range! This gentlee man will make more neighborhoods safer, with window peaking casing Martins.

  • The Christian American

    What the Communist did and do is organize their own opposition. PLants go into areas and start talking down the government. Soon the people that are against government start to surface. The plant puts them on his list. At their pleasure they grab them in a manner that all can see. They terrorize the rest of the people to keep them in submission. They do this not once but again and again. When you openly say get a gun, your on their list. Count on it. Lists are being drawn up by this government. It’s got a died in the wool communist and his ilk running it.


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