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Those Shutdown Blues

April 9, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Barb

    Right on Ben!!

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    Again, we have avoided facing the solution to our problems and passed a phony budget instead of forcing the government to adress the problem. We needed to shut it down and start from scratch.

    • Syl

      I suspect the conversation behind closed doors went like this: “How can we both pretend to pander to our base without really doing anything? I know–we’ll stage a big fight over 3 cents and in the end we will agree on 2 cents. I will lament that I would not have signed on if circumstances were different and you can say see what we made him do!?. O.K That’s settled. Let’s order some drinks and kick back until the last hour so everyone will think we really care about this.”

      • Jay

        That was funny Syl, and no doubt accurate!

      • Patty

        Very accurate.

    • UncleRancid

      All problems have been created by the government. There are no problems the government can not fix.

  • Bob

    Once again the Republican “leadership” has betrayed its constituents by compromising with the party of Satan (aka the democrats). I guess you really can’t fix stupid. It is time for a third party, a party that has no other agenda but to save America from the spiritual AIDs of lieberalism.

    • Cawmun Cents

      I have said it before,”Brand A is Brand A,Brand B is Brand A.”You get a placebo and act like the effects are the same.Your mind is totally controlled,it has been stuffed into their mold,and you will do as you are told,until the rights to you are sold.Thats right folks dont touch that dial.!

    • Sweetie

      By chance would his name be ” Obummer ” the ‘ Chicken Manitch ‘?!?!

      He gave ” Stupidity ” a New Meaning…LOL!!!

  • Haggard

    Ah yes, once again I see we have the government we deserve. Why should they treat our national budget any different than their own. Most of them bounce checks, beat their wives and steal from their taxpayers. Just like the rest of most of us. I am glad to see I was not disappointed, again, with the open display of lunacy by those who claim to be so much more than the rest of us.

    All they have to do to show how inept they are is to open their mouths and they have been doing that for how many days now?

    Apparently even the new Tea Party members have found their price, as well.

    May God bless America. No one else will.

  • Bruce Vogel

    So tell me again why the Republicans are different then the Democraps? (I’m a conservative tea party Just trying to fix America!) I want to believe in the Republicans…. But they desperately need a LEADER with swingers between the legs…

    • Bob

      Unfortunately, it seems like the only ones with any stones in the Republican party are females like Palin and Bachmann. What a sad commentary on men today.

    • Patty

      What we need to do is to continue to find tea party candidates to infiltrate and get rid of the quasi republicans. If you look at the vote, the tea parties were not in step with the rino repubs on this vote. They stood their ground. Give them credit for that. Majority still rules.

  • http://com i41

    Where was C-Span for the transparency, some more behind lock doors BS of keeping things hidden from the citizens. Michelle Backman held her ground and sure didn’t vote for it. We will see what happens when this bill ever gets signed. The biggest f–k up, is not defunding Onumnutt’s Nocare. This is what we get when idoits that have been in Washington since Mody Dick was a guppy, always give in. We will see if the bill is really finuished for the 3 day rule. So here comes the of Tuesday see if it is there to read!

  • Stephen G.

    In the words of Pogo,”We have met the enemy and he is us.” The apathy of the American people is the reason we now have in Washington, what we have. We elected these bozos; we believed them even as they lied to us, and we act surprised that politicians that we supported lied!
    It is time for another revolution; we need to sweep all of them from office that have committed a crime by placing their hand on God’s Word and vowing to support and defend the Constitution when in fact they have not done so. Many in Washington have even committed the act of treason and we yawn and go, “ho, hum.”

    • Padda Spaans

      Absolutely right Stephen. My beloved husband, an American Infantry Officer was KIA in the Hurtgen Forest massacre in WW11. Obama’s America is NOT the America my husband and hundreds of thousands of other men and women died for. They died, among other things to protect the most perfect constitution in the world. Now Obama and his “we hate America” gang of thugs are hell bent on destroying it.
      I ask myself WHY? is a man who openly denigrates everything good about America,who won’t put his hand on his heart when the national anthem is played, who bows to Muslim leaders but won’t salute our flag, and who claims that this beloved country, founded by great men of great faith in God is NOT a Christian country. HE WISHES!!! Why has he not been thrown out bag and baggage from the Whitehouse, where he shows his disrespect by putting his feet on the oval office table from where great men he is too ignorant to begin to understand have guided this country to greatness. A greatness he resents because he knows in his heart he is an inferior being, a puppet in the grip of his handlers who he has to OBEY. That must be truly galling for someone so obsessed with presenting himself as powerful. Powerful my Aunt Fanny!!! He is nothing but a tool in the hands of those who want to destroy America.America IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE the MUSLIM country he longs for. When we pray every night “GOD BLESS AMERICA” we pray to our CHRISTIAN GOD and HE WILL bless America as soon as the American people do their part, open their eyes and ACT. God helps those who help themselves. Get off the sidelines HOPING that he will go. Ask what YOU can do to make it happen…then DO IT…NOW.

      • Patty

        Unless we are all ready to take it to the next step, we can only continue to find new people that we can put into congress and eliminate all of the old same as usual people with no real leadership.

  • http://aol Bill

    Your disclaimer is rediculous, I see profanity, lies, and insults against Democrats all the time, but one tiny negative, even if true about a republican and poof, there goes the censor! Proof that the republican party is trully a Fascist party waiting to happen.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Do you mean doing something like taking a “right”(healthcare)and making it mandatory,and then fining you if you do not comply?That kind of fascism?

      • Sweetie

        Tell like it is…Cause I heard that one!!!

    • libertytrain

      Bill if you think this site censors the left – you need to start actually reading the comments. :)

      • libertytrain

        and it’s not a republican site – you really need to read more.

        • TIME

          That would require that Bill can read, let alone comprehend it.
          By his post its obvious that Bill’s a massive lacking of deep brain tissue.

    • Wild Bill

      Your point being?.The democrat party is the epitome of LIES,an INSULT to the concept of common sense and a PROFANITY in and of itself.Ronald Reagan had it right when he stated “liberals know so much that just isn’t so”.No matter how hard,no matter how many times you liberal/progressive types try to twist the truth to fit your agenda the FACT remains that you and your party are so full of BULLS**T that all your eyes are turning brown.

      In the rough times ahead you elitist types are going to come to the realization that it takes hard work to put food on the table,not failed Keynesian monetary policies and socialist centralized big government.Even with liberal doses of salt and garlic you are going to find the results of your failed progressive policies will leave a bad taste in your mouth and be very hard to digest.

      As a great American once stated;

      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”
      Thomas Jefferson

      Think about it

      Wild Bill

  • Eddie47d

    Ben enjoys bashing unions but then again that is what you all do best.Some attacks are warranted for corruption and back room deals should be weeded out of all organizations or companies.In the Wisconsin Supreme Court vote the race was tight with Prosser (the Gov’s guy) originally expected to win big. This was before Gov Walker went on an anti-union tangent.Kloppenburg was coming out ahead in the race when miracle upon miracle Prosser bolted ahead by a few thousand vote. This was a day after the voting when a County Clerk “discovered” 14,000 votes in favor of Prosser. Now low and behold this Country Clerk worked for Prosser when he was a Republican Legislator. No hanky panky there,right? Could be an honest mistake yet when it come to Democrats you jump on candidates like white on rice. How many times have we heard that Harry Reid stole the vote even though he got 53% of the vote. You say he cheated,lied,fixed the ballot box,hired union thugs to fix the election and is a disgusting human being. There is no proof of that then and not now.Neither one of us knows whether the Republicans got desperate in Wisconsin and pulled a fast one. Yet there is no proof of shenanigans at the ballot box in Nevada either. Some of you live for this political dance and could care less for the truth. If someone says it then it must be true.Do we secretly desire corruption if our side wins? Acorn got busted for just that and paid a big price so can the other side take their lumps when we smell a rat?


      To begin with, my Grandfather,as an election official, over 80 years ago, had to steal the ballot box to keep Democrat bosses from stufing it. The biggest election fraud in the US is Barak Hussein Soetoro Obama winning the Presidency. Election fraud has been ingrained in the American election process for well over 150 years. When Democrats discover 10,000 uncounted votes, it is called an OVERSIGHT, but when it favors a Republican, it is automatically branded FRAUD.

      • Eddie47d

        You hear it both ways.That was my point.

      • Thamera

        Exactly Jukebox

      • http://naver samurai

        100% agree. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • patty

      Eddie47 – ACORN pleaded guilty to voter fraud this week.
      So, do you think NV should have a recall or recount? Or should everyone sign a petition to have a new election? This is proven, convicted fraud. Unlike them trying to recall and unseat senators in WI where voter fraud is not an issue.

      • Patty

        Come on Eddie47 – I really want to know. You are all for recalling WI senators just because you don’t agree with what the PEOPLE of WI voted for. A Change. I proved to you that there WAS voter fraud in NV. Recall or recount or do nothing? What say ye?

        • Patty

          Eddie47-PS I eat brown rice thank you.

    • libertytrain

      Re your: “In the Wisconsin Supreme Court vote the race was tight with Prosser (the Gov’s guy) originally expected to win big. This was before Gov Walker went on an anti-union tangent.Kloppenburg was coming out ahead in the race when miracle upon miracle Prosser bolted ahead by a few thousand vote. This was a day after the voting when a County Clerk “discovered” 14,000 votes in favor of Prosser.”

      You need to have a gander at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel online and read some of the articles to get some accuracy on this. This is not a conservative paper – I’ll agree this woman is not the sharpest tack if she’s had two errors this year; but this was not “discovered” – it was her failure to transfer votes from spreadsheet to the computer. She realized her error when the city in question “Brookfield” showed up with “0″ votes on her preliminary reports. Which is not possible -

    • Wild Bill

      There were no “found” votes.The wrong numbers were posted by API and taken as gospel by Kloppenbergs camp.You also might have mistakenly omitted the FACT that there was a democrat watchdog at the side of the clerk tallying the votes who publicly stated that there was no “hanky panky” as you put it.An honest mistake of omission on your part or?.

      Wild Bill

      • TIME

        LT & WB,
        Man the Truth just sucks when your eddieeeO.

        You two did a Great job with your post.

        • Thamera

          Yes, thanks. This issue was brought up on another post and as usual there is always “more to the story” than one article can provide.

    • Patty

      that vote wasn’t even close. 92k to 33k? You jest. Why can’t you let the system do it’s job. WI people overwhelmingly are endorsing Gov. Walker. Because if the judge had lost, you have said that it was a reject of Walker and his policies in previous posts. So, opposite, right?

  • marshelk

    Republicans folded like an old lawn chair!

    • TIME


      How bloody sad is that.

      • Thamera


  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    So they averted a shut down?? It sounds more like a cave in or sell out to me!! These budget cuts are like petty cash compared to the debt generated by BHO and his democraps over the past few years!! It would be far more rational to get deficits down to the levels of GW Bush’s tenure, which would mean cutting over a trillion per year!! Mark Levin is right!! It would be far better to shut down the government!! Likewise, I hear so many people say that Mark Levin is crazy or mean spirited because of his ranting on the radio. I DISAGREE!! He’s just concerned about the trend of this country with leftwing liberals in power. The Great One’s rants are constructive, on the right side of the issues, and legitimate when one considers the lies told by Democraps and their allies in the leftwing media. E.g., we can see that BHO and his democraps obviously care more about the non-productive drones, welfare moochers, and their other special interest constituencies than they care about the paychecks of our military personnel who risk their lives to protect our nation!! Likewise, the democraps constantly lie about Tea Parties and the GOP to the point of absurdity!! Republicans (on all levels of government) should not only refute the leftwing democraps’ lies, but also tell the truth about the democraps’ real agenda, and how detrimental it is to our nation, economy and future. Instead of being RINOs and wimps who cower to democraps, IMHO, they should emulate Mark Levin with the same bold outspokenness!! Sadly, a large % of voters seem to fall for the democraps’ lies and misinformation, because the GOP lacks the courage to stand firm and fight back against the leftwing statists!! Thus the GOP should get its act together, even if it means ranting in ‘The Great One’ style!!…..And don’t stop after 2012 when/if we (hopefully) put the democraps out of power. Even if we succeed in 2012, DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE, because the democraps will desperately try to reclaim their power with campaigns of lies and deceit. CONTINUE THE FIGHT AGAINST THE LEFT!!!!!

    • Bud Tugly

      Lies and deceptions spew forth plenty from both sides. Republicans have once again gone all in for voodoo economics. Paul Ryan’s squirrely math is as ridiculous as Pelosi’s. It’s time to get serious about the realities of our economic situation. A good start to savings is to get most of our troops home and start protecting our own borders. Why do we have to foot the bill for defending the rest of the world?

      While we borrow money from China to pay to defend Europe the Chinese are building a state-of-the-art infrastructure that we can only dream about. Now we are even thinking of using them to design high speed rails in California. Americans are not capable of doping this ourselves? This would employ many people here.

      • Patty

        Bud T – I agree with bringing our troops home but it ends there. We have to start somewhere and starting to eliminate entitlements has to start. It is not sustainable. What part of that don’t you get? They cut 2%. That is NOTHING! Put it into numbers we can understand. If you gross 3k/mo. that is a mere $60.00 per month to you personally. What is that, one night out for a cheap dinner for you and another? Filling your gas tank once? Ridiculous. And we should not get into high speed light rail. It is another one of those black holes. There is not one in this nation that is self sufficient. If you want it to work, turn it over to the private sector. If they can make it work, they would be doing it. Here is one out of more than a dozen that I found that state that it is not manageable. Exactly, who is making the money off of installing these light rails? They are the only ones benefiting from them and we all get to subsidize them going forward. Something we cannot afford.

  • father24girls

    Just disgusted. Is there no one left that can stick to their word? This was the opportunity of a life time for the Republican party to return to their roots and get our financial house in order and they conceded to the likes of Harry Reid!Pathetic, just pathetic.

    • patty

      Very pathetic. This is why we need to get more tea partiers running under the republican designation. That will be the only way we can get them in is to take over that party and get rid of the RINO’s

  • Kel R

    Accurate and factual. libs just can’t stand the truth. theres a reason the democrat’s haven’t passed a budget in 2 years and won’t submit one for next year either. keep up the good work Ben.

    • patty

      That is because they didn’t want their prints all over it. Now they can play the blame game and finger point it back to the repubs. Only, what the demo’s don’t get, is that we are awake know and watching. And we will point out every lie and deceit they throw out. Just like I do with Eddie47, Jovianus and the like. You prove it to them and instead of them standing up for what they believe, they just go away. I have made it my personal responisbility to point out these lies and inaccuracies, and I don’t care which side it is coming from.

  • Bert Cundle

    Well… O’Bomba, Announced his Canadacy for Next ELECTION; of corse he huggs Al. He knows the Black People put him in office… But, How will he bail out Anyone, with the economy in the Microscope?

    • Patty

      When did he stop campaigning?

  • don

    Race baiting sexist Crystal, keep your day job. You are not funny.

    • http://naver samurai

      Too much kool aid. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • David

    Fact: Republican leadership is an absolute failure. They Caved.
    Fact: We need either a third party or enough votes to totally dominate the republican party with tea party people.

    • Patty

      David, keep following the tea party. That is exactly what they are trying to do. Get into the republican party. Replace the rinos. It will take a shorter time to get them out and fly under that designation than to get a third party elected. We have a lot of other parties that hardly ever get in starting with independents, communists, socialist, libertarian, etc, etc. We need to clean up the republican party. Help find good candidates at every level locally, state, federal levels. That is what the hi-jacked democratic party did.

  • chuckb

    good one ben, as always.

    it’s time for the american people to put a stop to these political clowns. we are at a point it may not be possible to pay off our debt and these jokers are doing nothing to stop it, pull our troops out of iraq, afghanistan and stop this circus in libya. shut down the government and clean house while we may have a chance. the only thing most of these political hacks want is re-election. the only people making sense is palin and bachman and trump. the bolsheviks would love to see romney or huckabee run, what a laugh. too bad gingrich was such a coward when he served in congress. remove this throw back from kenya, he doesn’t have the smarts to run a lemonade stand. if i were black he would be an insult to me. take a look at africa for some reason they have the same problem with all their leaders, it must run in the family. show me one that isn’t corrupt.

  • Larry Carter

    Edddie47d, how would you describe the voter reversal because of a miscount that happen in Waukeshaw county Wisconsin in this weeks Wisconsin Supreme court election? I am sure their is mischif on the part of those nasty Republicans in a county that is a strong hold and run by Democrats. Don’t take your eyes of those Republicans.

    • libertytrain


  • Tharon

    I am sorry to say that the real problem is with the people who voted for our elected officials. It really does not matter that much who gets elected whether it is a Republican, Democrat or Liberal so far I have not see any real difference between any of them. I feel that almost everyone of them have been selling out the people who had elected them for all the special interest groups and they have forgot all about the people they are suppose to be representing and have sold us all out for the special interest groups and lobbyists. It looks like they are just there to see how much money they can make off of the american taxpayers. It does not look like any of them are standing up for the constitution any more. This great country became great because of what we stood for and now it seems to be going down the toilet because of several things:
    1. This country is a Christian Nation.
    2. God has stood with us though all of this and that has made us great.
    3. The government is not suppose to run the people but the people are suppose to rule the government.
    4. The supereme court is suppose to rule by using the constitution as a guide not interpet it to think what it says.
    5. The people need to demand from the congressmen and women for our President to produce a valid birth certificate.
    6. The way things are being handled by our Government the people need to rise up and demand from our congress the truth no one should be exempt from providing real proof on who they are.
    7. This country is a God fearing country no matter who says something else.
    8. Majority rules which does not seem to be the case any longer so the majority better wake up real fast because if they have not all ready woke up by now our country is going down the toilet.
    9. If your congressmen or women do not listen to the majority then kick them out of office and diffinitely do not reelect them.
    10. Whether you want to believe this or not I really have my doubts if their is even one person in all branches of elected officials that are really honest and doing what we have elected them to do.
    Well I think I went on long enough.

    God bless every one.

  • http://personallibertydigest Buck crosby

    This is the best forum ever , Ben covers enough satyrical ground to open everything up , however I am tickled to death we got by another financial crises without murdering any more women or elderly people but retained the right to murder unborn infants . It is obvious we are going to have to work on replacing John Boehner as speaker and get someone up there with guts . My pick would be Michelle Bachmann . Now I would like to pick a new scab ,I am really getting tired of the lamestream media and the political cowards declaring that we do not have a muslim problem because only ten percent are terrorists . In truth ,I think it is more like fifty percent because they are responsible for ninety-nine percent of all terrorism world wide for at least the last forty years . While the nation of Islam accounts for most of the evil perpetuated in the world today and should be recognized for it we have an even bigger fight here in the United States with the corrupt destroyers of our nation , the progressives , the unions , and the socialist elites . They must be faced down and subdued before we will be able to fight The Islamists effectively . The best way to do this is to get rid of political correctness and return ” tolerance ” to the level of Christian reason and sanity it belongs . Remember , Everything in moderation , this would include tolerance because as we are seeing , it too can be abused .

  • Ridge Runner

    If the conservatives in congress both demos and repub fail to stop this bunch of out laws in the white house the we need to be given a good hill billy ass whiping, For any one that don’t know what that is it is a whiping with a green hickory stick a bout 3 to 4 ft. long and about 1 inch at the big end. You don’t want to kill them just make them think you are going to. just get the point over to them and make a beliver out of them. We also needmore true conservatives elected to both houses of our government. It desn’t matter if they are demos or repub as long as they are reasonable honest, Just look and pay attention to what their belief are and don’t get in a hurry to elect any one with 0ut checking their credentals.

    • Patty

      “Nothing like a good piece of hickory” Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider. My hero!

  • TombstoneLizard

    Oh, boy, it just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? I hope our military does a full-force walk out and leave the Middle East in the dust where it belongs! Oh, and all you libs want to give so much entitlement to illegal aliens, why don’t you just call for the US to take over Mexico and Cuba? That way, we get an even number of stars to add to the flag, and businesses will be forced to pay them minimum wage! Oh, and we can finally tax those pesky drug cartels-or blow them off the face of the Earth. Either or.

  • Tharon

    Well I do not know if any one is going to read this but here are a few ideas in cutting the budget.
    1. Stop all aid going to other countries except Israel.
    2. All the people getting welfare have them clean up all the trash along the roadways and beaches no trash no welfare check.
    3. Give illegals 7 days to leave our country and if still here after 7 days fine them $5,000.00.
    4. Any one coming across our borders without a green card get a warning shot to go back if they keep coming shoot them. You may ask how can we do this I am sure that their are a lot of americans that would be more than happy to help at the borders.
    5. The price for a barrel of oil is the price of a bushel of wheat if they do not like that let them eat their oil.
    6. When the government does not pass a budget on time all of representives including the President and vice president are fined $5,000 per day until a real budget is approved and that is by an election of the people.
    7. Get rid of Obamacare entirely.
    8. Do not fund unions.
    9. Do not fund abortions baby killing is not legal.
    10. A company who hires a illegal should be fined per each one.
    11. Stop printing things is all languages use only ENGLISH if they do not want to learn ENGLISH then they can go home.
    Right now this country is at war but not with guns but with a government who wants to tell the people how to live. Maybe some people like that because they do not know how to think so it makes their life easy.


    • Patty

      Tharon – could not agree with you more. We just all have to stick together when the tough gets going and beat them at their own game. Couple of things on your post:
      1-Isreal would be just fine without our aid. So we can cut that also. If they get attacked, we can just help them bomb the hell out of whomever if they need help.
      2-That is what convicted people get to do for community service. In MN I see them out all of the time. What we should do is have mandatory education for those moms 5 days a week, 8 hours a day for 18 months with piss tests until they are trained in something and then make them work full-time. Turn their checks over to the state where they get their benefits. Piss tests continue until they are off the benefits.
      3-Illegals do not have $5k. One way ticket back to their country, family included. Bring our troops home and put them on the border. If they try to cross, Shoot them as enemy combatants.

  • big jack

    Well I had high hopes with the past election and the mandate I thought was given to the house but once again the republicans have some how lost their masculinity. Time for a third party, no way getting around it. With all the hype about what dire straights the country is in and all they could do was 39 billon, tells me neither party is serious about solving the situation because they are more worried about staying in office, what a joke. We all might consider getting on the government dole, at least we’ll have some fun until the ship goes down. That’s what I see are political leaders doing. And we pay big bucks for this kind of leadership. I would be embarrassed
    to take a paycheck for this kind of effort.

    • Patty

      Black Jack – You are forgetting that as historic as Nov 2010 was, it only got us 1/3 of what we needed. 2/3′s is still screwed up including those rino repubs that need tossed out. It was more historic for your local and state gov’t. We need to keep pushing and putting people in who do not want to be career polititians and really want to make the changes needed. Do not give up, and whatever you do, research and VOTE. There was something like 37-39 billion in pork spending alone in that bill.

      • bob wire

        historic? ~ 2008 was historic, 2010 was just a comeback from the dead! after a two year demonizing campaign blitz sponsored by corporate interest ~ you know the people that helped create this fall for grace to start with? by the party that solicits the brain dead type A personality, finding them more acceptable to programing of any “hate” message.

        You know? People that don’t really need to think! They just KNOW!

  • chuckb

    patty, we have been down this road before with the republicans, big talk before election, when elected run and hide. lets face it the repubs are a bunch of wimps, boehner is a joke and mcconnell is the same. the revolution should start now, the tea party should run their candidates for president and congress. we know what the bolshevik party is and we have seen what they do so it’s time we either defeat the party of minorities and illegals or give up the country, if we wait any longer it is all over for sure. this alien called president is so arrogant he refuses to show a legitimate birth certificate! how do you compute that when the law requires a natural born citizen, is he?

    • patty

      Chuckb – I know and realize that. I am not a republican thumper, believe me. I just think that we have been too complacent in the past and we will have to bear that responsibility. To start a 3rd party would only split the voters more. I think that Palin/Bachman have the right idea. Beat them both at their own game and take over the repub party just as liberals and progressives took over the democratic party. Dump the social issues and leave them where they belong, to the states. Get back to the constitution and what our federal gov’t. was set up to do. I think we can accomplish this faster if we can find and put on the ballot tea partiers under republican delegation.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    To me the most dispicable part was for the so called commander in chief holding our military hostage over their pay. It really would be great to find out who the 900,000 non essentials are. Cutting at least 3/4 of them should be easy enough. Even with all the disappointment I do see a ray of hope as some good cuts are now on the table. “If God be for us then who can stand against us”???

  • chuckb

    patty. you are right. i really get upset with the republicans, hopefully we can get palin and bachmann on the same ticket. they are the only two the bolsheviks are afraid of and they have more courage to speak out then any of the other contenders. when the progressive’s start calling palin names and ridiculing her, you know they fear her the most.

    the polls this morning showed barry with a 49% to 47% lead over the republicans who would cut spending more. are they serious, who are these people they poll, barry is going to cut spending? what a joke. of course i can see why they don’t have much faith in the republicans.

    • patty

      Chuckb-We could all start a tax revolt. If everyone claimed 6-7 on their W-4 you would pay nearly nothing in taxes other than social security & medicare which we should fund anyways. Maybe we need to show them just how serious we are. Everyone would do it because it is more $$ in everyones pocket for now which most could use. People on welfare don’t pay anyways so we wouldn’t have to count on them for anything, they count on us. So, the few who don’t do it still couldn’t fund the gov’t. Come up with some demands of our own:
      1-No public unions, cut their pay and benefits to private sector level.
      2-Cut all congressional pay 20%, they pay their own medical and 100% employee funded retirement with maybe a 3% match. Anyone collecting retirement, contract void. Collect social security.
      3-Balanced budget ammendment.
      4-Audit, get rid of the fed.
      5-Dissolve the EPA and any other regulatory unit that has not met it’s goal in 10 years.
      There are lots more, but we could start there.

    • patty

      I don’t know about Palin/Bachman(from my state). I am really liking what Trump has to say. No BS with him and he doesn’t give a crap about being PC. He also doesn’t want to make politics his career. I could deal with 4 years of him, house the same and even out the senate with a few more tea partiers. I think we would see some real fast changes and for the better.

  • chuckb

    chuck, i’ll go for trump if he’s serious, rubio is another outstanding candidate, however, he said not now. sarah palin is the best and she certainly isn’t pc, she out draws all the rest when on the campaign trail. have to wait and see what trump does, if he uncovers anything on barry in hawaii, he will be a shew in.

    your tax idea is great, but can you get that many people to go along, that would be the sticker. great idea though. if we continue down the road we are on it’s all over. gas is headed for 5.00 pg in my area (n. calif,) people don’t realize it is not only the futures market that is driving the price, the dealers are taking their whack at it too. especially in california. we have the service station owners assoc. who really knows how to gouge the public. (union). maybe when the sheep and bleeding hearts get over the rapture of a black president they will wake up. they will find out it is what’s between the ears that count.

    the major states will never change, they have too many illegals and minorities who will continue to vote the socialist ticket along with
    the unionized democrats. they are only concerned for themselves not the country. california is a living breathing example of liberalism
    and they keep voting the liberal ticket, state, federal workers,
    minorities and illegals. the only hope for us is the state goes bankrupt and the illegals get thrown out.

    • GOD

      Let us all get real; The little boy in the White House is not black, he is a mulatto Part White trash part brown trash!!! If it make all you africans form the country of africa get that warm and fuzzy feeling that he is black then stupid is as stupid dose! Just in case you want to call me a racist let us look at the browns who say certain cities are to white, or the ones that say whitey owes us or al, jesse, black panthers, louis and the little boy in the White House to name some.

  • chuckb

    sorry about that, meant “patty” not chuck

    • Patty

      Chuck – the internet is a great thing. For god’s sake, if Egypt could get it going, we certainly can. I’m in, are you? Are most that post here, we can do this, we just need to organize. If I get 10, you get 10, every one gets 10, we are there.

      • Patty

        Chuck – let me know how serious.

  • chuckb

    patty, your idea would be great, however, we have tried in our area to organize a new party, that was before ross perot (the democrat plant to get clinton elected). we started out in a home with invited guest, then these guest garnered more, then we went to the local college and over one hundred people showed up. the problem is the libertarian party set up a desk at the door trying to recruit people and continued to speak out during the meeting. most of the attending audience thought the meeting was a scam by the libertarians and were scared off. i was rather disgusted after that and dropped it. it is very hard to organize people and get them to agree on anything. when it comes to the irs they really get scared and i doubt very much if you could get anywhere with this as good as it sounds. we would probably all end up in the calaboose. we have to many complacent people that are deriving money from the government, welfare, employment (that’s why barry is employing so many govt. employees) in the end i think those that are left will be fighting for their lives and their freedom before this is over.

  • James Johnson

    Forget Obama. Forget Newt, Huckabee, Mitt, Pawlenty and the other also rans, as well as Hillary, Harkin, Pelosi, and the other aging political hacks. These are the same gutless people who brought us this current financial mess. We have no leadership in the United States anymore and what we have allowed in, will not represent us. The last time a modern nation had no leaders, the people screamed for a dictator, and one appeared in the early 1930′s who was at first, as well liked in Germany as he was here. He was decisive, well financed, and was given everything to succeed by his banker friends. He promised the voters change and turned his country around, at the beginning. What we have today is far worse than what we have had before, and ours may get us all killed in a war like Hitler did.

    Donald Trump is decisive, wealthy, a popular figure from his weekly television exposure and would make a good dictator, or even a president with the ability to lead the nation. He may even have the nerve to singlehandedly force our wimpy Congress (Boehner, Harry Reid, Pelosi, etc.) to straighten out their act because he is not into PC(cultural Marxism), and will call them down as needed. He knows how to run big business while owing billions to the bankers while Obama/Soetero does not. He is not afraid of criticism and is the only prospect with the guts to expose our Kenyan born President as a shyster who got free college tuition for being Indonesian. Stay tuned…

    Our national debt is entirely fictional because it is based upon heavy advertising through our controlled media. We do not owe trillions in American Dollars; we owe trillions in Federal Reserve Notes. We actually do not owe anything to anybody. The Fed prints trillions of their own money (scrip?) and they loan it to the US Government at interest, and to Venezuela, and anyone else who asks, so why don’t we forget the Federal Reserve(which is neither a reserve or federal) and their foreign owners, and simply make them go away. Why does Bernanke give away trillions of the Fed’s currency to the foreign banks and make us pay the Fed back with interest. Who needs a Ben Bernanke to give trillions away, when it is not even real money, while we believe we owe because of advertising. Black’s Law dictionary says a “note” is debt, so Bernanke is not giving away money, he is giving away debt that are called Federal Reserve Notes. What a scam. President JFK got this figured out and was killed for it. Jesus Christ figured them out, and was dead within 24 hours. It is time to save yourselves and end this 97 year old counterfeiting fraud by Bernanke, Greenspan, and their friends.

  • Donald

    There are a lot of comments here that indicate a lot of people don’t know how the world works. Also, a lot of statements by folks who have made up their minds, pro and con, and don’t want to be confused by the facts.

  • ntom

    This has been fact checked, I cannot lie because my memory is not good enough to lie… The facts are this country is in big trouble,
    the fact is too many manufaturing jobs have left our country for cheap labor in other countries. The fact is our constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of our country and it is being torn apart by every vote our legislators have made in the last 30 years or more!

    Who is talking about the world, this is AMERICA!!! or was.

    Sept. 2010
    It does not seem accurate to say Obama has spent more than any other president ever or combined. It does seem accurate to ascertain that he has contributed to the federal debt and deficit at levels never see before in a single year. The problem that faces us today is not all Obama’s fault, and it’s not all Bush’s fault, it’s the compilation of two offices that have spent recklessly …

    Mr. Obama struck a high moral tone in opposing legislation to raise the debt ceiling. “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that `the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better,”

    the Obama administration’s own projections, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that, including the record 2009 budget deficit of $1.85 trillion, and huge annual deficits over 2009-2019 will result in an additional $11.1 trillion in national debt, on top of the current $11.4 trillion. As I will discuss below, the national debt will very likely more than double in the next decade because some of the CBO’s economic assumptions may be too optimistic.

    As noted above, the CBO also recently revised its estimate for the budget deficit for fiscal year 2009 to at least $1.85 trillion. But unless the economy rebounds soon, that number will very likely top $2 trillion by the end of September when FY2009 comes to an end. According to the CBO, Obama plans to run a FY2010 deficit of apprx $1.4 trillion and almost $1 trillion in FY2011.

    Keep in mind that these deficits do not include even half of the massive costs for Obama’s health insurance plan, which some experts now project will cost between $1.5 and $2 trillion over the next 10 years. Likewise, these projections do not include any money for the trillions that will have to be spent saving Social Security and Medicare over the next decade.

    Whether you are a liberal or a conservative, these numbers should alarm you! If the national debt doubles over the next 10 years, it will almost certainly be a disaster for the US dollar and the bond markets, and it will almost certainly wreck the stock markets as well. The largest foreign holders of US Treasury debt are already expressing concern about Obama’s record spending.

    Treasury Department website show the National Debt has increased by more than $3 trillion since President Obama took office.
    Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that the US debt-to-GDP ratio will soar from 40% to 70% between now and 2011 as Obama records trillion dollar deficits. The CBO projects that the debt-to-GDP ratio will soar to 82% by 2019. Sadly, all of these numbers could come in even higher if the CBO’s economic assumptions prove to be too optimistic,

    The Debt increased $4.9 trillion during President Bush’s two terms. The Administration has projected the National Debt will soar in Mr. Obama’s fourth year in office to nearly $16.5-trillion in 2012.

    Mr. Obama frequently lays blame for soaring federal deficits on his predecessor.

    Why didn’t they (Democrats) come up with a budget before the year began? That’s what they’re supposed to do. That’s what the law says they should do. And frankly, that’s when they could have done anything they wanted, without all the current posturing and deceit.

    Whose fault is it that the Democrats never came up with a budget back then? The Democrats, they had all the power, look at the health care bill.. they pushed that through… why not a budget, the budget was the job they were supposed to do… Budget due OCT.. repubs took the house in NOV… hmmm.. think about it…
    So of course it’s the Republican majority in the House—something that didn’t exist before last November—that’s getting the blame now for the budget.

    even if government had been forced to shut down, every soldier and sailor serving Uncle Sam anywhere in the world would have been paid on time and in full. That’s also part of the law. They are considered “essential personnel” and are exempt from any furlough, even if much of government has to be shut down. Yet they paid half of one paycheck to tell the soldiers that is what would happen…hmmmm…

    The deficit for February (the shortest month of the year!) was $223 billion. That was the largest single deficit of any month in our country’s history.

    The Democrats’ response to all of this is simple: Call anyone who disagrees with them an extremist. New York’s senator, Charles Schumer, admitted as much. In a conference call with other Senate Democrats, the point man for their messaging told them to “always use [the word] ‘extreme.’ That’s what the caucus instructed me to do the other week. ‘Extreme cuts.’ ‘Extreme and draconian.’”

    Immediately after the call, California Senator Barbara Boxer dutifully picked up the theme.

    “We Senate Democrats are calling on Speaker Boehner to abandon the extreme right wing of his Republican caucus,” she said. Boxer was followed at the podium by Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland, and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. And guess what? Each and every one of them used the word “extreme” or “extremist” when he spoke.


    defunding Planned Parenthood. Many Republicans believe it is a sin to take money from taxpayers and use it to kill unborn babies. That is why they want Federal subsidies to Planned Parenthood stopped. Under their proposal, the money that would have gone to this so-called charity would instead go the States, which could then give it to whomever or whatever they wished.

    Bernanke wanted QE2 to prop up the stock market and give the illusion that wealth was being created… that the economy was okay.
    Economy ok… FOOD up over 20% in my town.. GAS up to 4.44 for regular… or should I say gas and corn… 25 lbs of corn for one gallon of that mix they put in our gas now… how many people could eat on 25 lbs of corn?

    trading that gas guzzling SUV for more gas-friendly model—as President Barack Obama so snidely suggested a couple of weeks ago—isn’t an option if you’re already underwater on both your home and that SUV, your job has either been eliminated, your salary cut or hours reduced and that $150 weekly grocery bill has climbed to $200 or more.

    Oh I forgot…
    NO drilling in America where we have the most enviromental protection in the world.. but France, Mexico, and Brasil got not only billions of American money but also American drilling permits…WHY?

    Thank you and and the others for helping me word this in a way you readers can understand.


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