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PJTV Launches New Program, Reveals Latest Tea Party Survey

August 10, 2010 by  

PJTV launches new program, reveals latest Tea Party survey A new survey has found a strong support for the Tea Party movement as well as a significant following among self-identified Democrats.

The poll was conducted by Pajama TV (PJTV) and Pulse Opinion Research, and revealed by Tea Party TV, which is produced by PJTV, and covers news related to the grassroots movement.

It found that 54 percent of respondents support the Tea Party movement and 48 percent would vote for its candidate. Interestingly, as much as 31 percent of those who describe themselves as Democrats said they identify with the movement’s goals.

“The Tea Party is a fascinating phenomenon that can only happen in American politics,” said Roger L. Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media.

He added that “inspired by the actions of our Founding Fathers, members of the Tea Party movement have circumvented the mainstream media and have taken their grievances directly to the people.”

PJTV has also announced the launch of its newest project called The Minority Report, which seeks to give voice to opinions of minority conservatives.

Simon said the program—which will feature panels and individual guest appearances by various minority leaders—will fill the void by covering issues that mainstream media fails to address.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19920690-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    I have some reservations about this, but I guess it is possible for hell to freeze over once in a while. Does America have even TWO ‘Democrats’ left who have the character to distance themslves from a ‘Democrat’ prez who loves to turn common sense on its head?
    We’ll see. When and if the word gets around and ‘Democrats’ line up to rip Congress and new one and make this prez another one-term hack like Jimmy what’s-his-name, I’ll believe it. Until then, I’ll wait for my bookie to call and tell me what the latest odds are in Las Vegas.

    • Average Joe

      mmmm…Kucinich and…uh…..crap….I lose….lol

  • MsAmericanPatriot

    Yeah one of them was in Texas. He made sure he was so busy HE didn’t have time to meat with Zero. Zero is the kiss of death for sure in the commiecratic party.

    • Norm

      Memories of Junior Bush.

      • http://naver Samurai

        Memories of Clinton and his many ladies of the evening.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Uh, that would be ladiesw of the night, day, morning, evening , afternoon, …….. and then we get to Martha “homely” Stewart!!!! If I hadn’t seen Hellarity I wouldn’t believe it! To Billy Boy, anything with a skirt on looks good!!!

  • http://personalLibertynews Jamie

    I’m not sure i follow your distain for the Democratic party. Would you rather have another Republican starting a war with someone else that hasn’t attacked us. Have another Republican cut taxes for the only group that doesn’t need it. HAve amother Republican start up a new government agency like Homeland Security when we already have the CIA,FBI,ATF,police,national guard and the regular military. Have another Republican come in and double the national debt in 6 years. If you Tea people really want to have a movement stop voting for Republicans and start your own party. I’d love to have a third party to vote for…right now the two party system has failed us. There all the same. Demopublican or Republicrats…its all the same.

    • Tea Party Tim

      It appears that you have some fairly unresearched talking points here.

      It was a Democrat controlled House & Senate that doubled the national debt and in less than 2 years they doubled it again. As a matter of fact 80% of the current debt has been under a democrat controlled congress.

      On September 11, 2001, we had the CIA, FBI, ATF, police, national guard and regular military. So how did that work out for you. After the formation of Homeland Security there was not another attack on US soil up until the Obama administration and the current view that the dangerous terrorist are “Tea Party Members” not fanatic Islamist.

      There is currently no longer a Democrat party it has been infilterated and taken over by the Socialist Democracy Party. At the same time there has been an ongoing attempt to take over the Republican party and it has been very effective, but no where near as complete as with the Democrats.

      The Tea Party is seeking to influence those that are still within the realm of influence and currently it is the Republican Party that is gaining true conservative canidates. However, they are on a very short leash. If the November 2010 elections, do not produce some serious and swift changes, then it is my opinion that there will be some swift and sure changes within the Tea Party movement that would make it highly likely that a third party will be formed. However, that is driven by the performance of those that the people support and put in office and they are well aware of it.

      It is my deepest hope that the message in November is loud and clear that “We The People” put voted you in and we can and will vote you out.

      • Brian

        I concur. A life long democrat we need change here.

    • http://Tojamie frank

      Although you are welcome to your opinion, so am I. IF The Tea party adds another candidate too the next election all that will happen is thet will split the conservative vote. Which would guarantee Obamas reelection. Causing socialism to destroy our current constitional freedom’s taking this country into socialist government. I don’t know about you but I like things better the way they were when Ronald Reagan was in control

      • sas7394

        Frank, you are SPOT On with your statement. Here in Indiana, we had so many new Conservatives on the ticket for the Mid-Term elections that one of the most popular ones that we all expected to win did not because the % of the votes had to be split seven different ways and what makes matters worse, a Republican that was a former representative that had even quit his job and move out of state came out of now where ( probably was paid the Dems ) and put his hat into the ring and won by a very thin margin. He is not well liked from a Republican stand point he is more of a RINO ( Republican In Name Only) He was questioned about his tiny little slim margin he won by and then he made a statement after he won, ” well come November do you want to elect me or a Democrat “

    • LocalYokel

      If you can have no disdain for all recent actions of your party of choice, then you deny history and deserve more of the same. If you can’t accept the blame for for your own support or silent acceptance of the stigma imposed on your character by association with your party, then explain how you differ with moaning Muslims that refuse to clean their own house before telling you how to run yours. If you can’t look farther back than the last sorry mistake to occur on capital hill to anchor your blame game, then you are doomed to pass the cruel joke on to the next generation. If you can’t shoulder the hard choices of the immediate future, then expect the two party / wasted vote intimidation to be the habit “monkey on your back”. An Independent Judicial System has become a defense weapon of majority party operatives with a five to four tilt constantly under subversively treasonous threat. The only thing feared by all is an excavation at ones cemetery plot. Why should you not continue to to play a no win two party game?

    • http://naver Samurai

      Sorry jaime, but would you rather have the terrorists attack us, hide in another country, and think that they are safe from us? Sorry dude, but the terrorists brought this on themselves by hitting the WTC on 9/11. Tax cuts for the rich? Tax cuts, baaaaa! Bush, baaaaa! Iraq, baaaaa! You sound like a sheeple and not a person. I can remember Bush giving people across the board tax cuts (2 of them), got rid of the marriage penalty on our taxes, increased the amount on deductions for our kids, etc. How are you so blind to the fact that this moron in Washington is heck bent on destroying this nation and our Constitution? Look for things to change coming in 3 months time. 3 months and counting to the day we start taking this country back from the ones who seek to dismantle it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Pastor Rob

    The only problem with the poll is that it was not 100%, minus, of course, politicians who want to preserve their “elite” status. Anyone who can think would realize that the Tea Party goals are the only way we will save our nation, combined with prayers for the hand of God to intervene in the insanity.

    • Gary L. Thompson

      Frankly, this is reminiscent of the Republican event in Taylor, MI two years ago just before the presidential primary. It should have been obvious that Duncan Hunter (Tancredo had already dropped out by that time, I believe) was about the only candidate there who would have truly taken the campaign to the Democratic nominee that fall, but the moneybags were clearly making sure only Romney, McCain, Huckleby, etc. were given any real chance at the nomination.

      I’d be the first to urge the Tea Party to give Republicans their unreserved support in reasonable expectation that the establishment GOP will return the favor in gratitude– IF that actually had any hope of working. But the reality is that a look at the history of the past three decades will show that after November grassroots people get mere rhetoric at best and roughly shoved out the door at worst. The destruction of the Democratic Party is assured, the only issue that Tea Partiers should be pondering at this time is whether the establishment GOP will be allowed to fritter away another victory, or worse yet, hand November back to the Democrats on a silver platter, as has been its pattern too often in the past. Face it, the Democrats wouldn’t even think of making Tea Party plants, if they weren’t well aware that their shell game of vilifying their liberal brethren in the GOP as right-wing nuts, thereby strengthening the establishment GOP’s grip on their party, isn’t leading to an upwelling of grass-roots frustration. They’re obviously hoping this frustration will get a lot of gullible grass-roots Middle American Main Street voters to go for their bait hook, line and sinker…

      What should top the agenda of the 9/12 Project, Freedom Works, Tea Party Patriots, National Tea Party Federation, and Tea Party Express right now should be to seizing control of the party machinery of the Constitution Party, the American Independent Party, Reform Party, Conservative Party, et al–as a dry run for doing the same to the GOP by no later than two years from now. Their near-election to Congress of a Conservative Party candidate in New York last year, and sending Scott Brown from nowhere to Ted Kennedy’s old Senate seat this year, shows the Tea Party may actually have the muscle to counter the moneybags and media gatekeeping of the past, and elect candidates that can be counted on to exterminate the unconstitutional legislation and unelected czars of the past few years.

      • eddie47d

        “the liberal brethren in the GOP is right wing nuts” That sure was creative writing! There are liberals in the Republican Party (rinos)but they certainly aren’t right wing. The liberals (Dems) have their left wing. The Republicans have their right wing and they don’t have anything in common.

        • LocalYokel

          There was a time of honor when only patriotism or treason were your choices. All those you mentioned were created by media ideologues as hiding places for the meek. You are not yet forced to remain in the shadows of complacency.

      • Dennis UnPC in PC

        Duncan Hunter was truly the best. But I still like Tancredo’s solution to a muslim nuclear attack in the U.S.- bomb Mecca!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I hope to see Duncan Hunter again in 2012!!!! I have e-mailed him a few times begging him to run again!!!

  • Major T. Allen Smith USMC (RET)

    The “Two-Party” system in Washington is the major destroyer of our country. The Constitution allows the Congress to set up “their own rules” in determining how legislation is passed. It is nothing more than a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours;” and on the darker side “you keep your mouth shut about me and I’ll keep my mouth shut about you!” We need a “STOP THE PARTY!” movement. The Tea Party has started the ball rolling but we as loyal “real” Americans who can’t afford to join the Millionaires club called Congress have been hung out to dry with no influence in our government.

    I served in the Marine Corps, enlisting as a “Grunt” during the Vietnam conflict after two plus years of college, was picked for OSC, and became a pilot flying off aircraft carriers. I served with many good Americans who were right in believing the Communists movement was out to destroy this Nation, and kill anyone innocent or not who was in the way. It still is! Although we have moved a large portion of our economy to build factories in China and “Boom” their economy, China is no friend of America. They just announced a new missile capable of flying at over 3,000 MPH and dedicated to destroying our aircraft carriers. HELLO? Anyone else out there who still thinks Communist China is our friend? They have our factories, our jobs , and our technology thanks to our government.

    Stop the “Party” in Washington that is on our grand-kid’s dime! They are having great fun partying for their own reward. We would be better off electing men like the black Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in the “Carolinas” who just paid to put his name on the ballot, spent no money and did no campaigning: then to keep re-electing the same old “Boys Club” that is bringing this Nation down.

    I took an oath when I entered the Marines to defend this country against all enemies, both “foreign” and “domestic.” I didn’t realize who the domestic enemy was until my forced medical retirement and my going back to Alabama to finish raising my family who I’d been neglecting while serving my country. The lopsided “one party system” in Alabama I thought was the problem, no checks nor balances. I ran for Congress in 1992 at the objection of the Republican Party who did not want to field a candidate. I ran anyway and received 38% of the vote with no party support and little money. The Republican Party went so far to stop my chance for election that the “Head” of the Bush-Quayle campaign for my Congressional District was pictured on the front page headlines the Sunday before the election announcing her support for the Democratic candidate’s re-election. He had bounced eleven checks on the infamous “House Bank.” He was the former “D.A.” for Madison County and ran on his record of locking up those who wrote bad checks.

    The corrupt rules governing the operation of Congress have to be rewritten to destroy the “Party system” and put ideals and ideologies back into the decision process vice the current deal making that is killing our freedom and giving our resources to aliens and enemy nations, and putting the cost on the backs of our grand-kids!

    We have no other choice!

    Major T. Allen Smith USMC(RET)
    Decatur Al.

    • 1955 The Keeper

      First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to our country. My Father was a carrier pilot during WW II in the Pacific Theater. I knew what kind of real man he was and I extend by faith that you too are cut from that same bolt of cloth.
      Your points in you commentary are well made. The day and time that an A. Lincoln, H. Truman, or for that matter an Ike Eisenhower seems to have passed by the wayside like penny candy and shoe skates. There probably is a statesman out there in America whose honesty, conservative values, and personal drive to truly improve the station of all Americans, another Ronald W. Regan that is, is whithering and dieing on the vine because he or she does not represent the mainstream agenda of the power broker establishment and thusly does not get the funding to broadcast their message to the general public. Continue to stand at the ready Marine, you tour of duty has just been extended. May God Bless.

    • Ed Mullen

      Major, you’re correct to say that federal encroachment on states rights and responsibilities is a mortal danger to USA, and that both major parties have a strong affection for building the fed empire, but it is fatal to our cause to try another third party, as giving the dems a free pass to power is dangerous, as you’ve found in Obama’s gang. Better to take power through GOP incumbent RINO attrition and holding the replacements to be fully conservative, socially, economically and constitutionally.

  • Raggs

    I this another attempt by the demo’s to seize opposition to obama?

  • Average Joe

    I would say vote out every single incumbant in office (if I thought that our votes actually counted…thnx to computer voting)regardless of party affilliation (they are all crooks IMHO).heck…even Ron Paul wouldn’t mind going home …if he thought the tree of liberty was being watered once again. Once they are out of office, we could then give them term limits at the polls (since they won’t impose those limits on themselves)….One term and vote them out, so that they don’t become entrenched in the political machine and cause so much damage to our rights and freedoms. I truly hope that I am wrong about our votes not counting anymore….only time will tell. In the event that by some chance our votes do count, if the person seeking office has an “I” (incumbant) in the name…vote the “I” (idiots) out of office and then stick to ONE TERM at the ballot box.

    It matters not what the vote is…what matters is ….who counts the vote.

    Just my thoughts.

  • chuck b

    major smith usmc

    you have the right idea, however, to accomplish your goal it will take a revolution to move the scum out of washington. our votes have been saturated by ignorance. the country is in the hands of an illiterate majority, who care nothing for our way of life only what can benefit themselves thru some kind of welfare and that includes federal employment, “not the military”, they more or less control the vote since the politicians cater to them to receive their vote. we have people in power today who will sell the country out to get re-elected.
    at this very day we have the congress in session to pass another welfare bill, they say to help the teachers retain their job, what a joke, this is nothing more than campaign money for the unions. let the teachers stand in line with the rest of the un-employed americans, then maybe they won’t be so happy to teach their socialist views.

  • ed

    I identify myself as a liberal but haven’t voted for a non republican since Jimmy Carter [make that Ross] . I am no socialist and would never vote democratic.
    I believe in woman’s rights; stem cell research, and my dearest cause is the right to bear arms. I don’t have a party just concrete ideals. the two party system hems the people into their corner and doesn’t let anyone else play. [ask Ross Paroe]


    I was a democrat in the 1960′s. I didn’t realize that the progressives, liberals, communists, socialists or Marxists had earmarked the democratic party as the party to infiltrate starting as early as the 1940′s. They had discovered that a protected two-party system would never allow known anti-americans to establish a foot-hold into our political system.

    Unfortunately, I was on board as an active precinct committeeman, eventually elected to the Democratic King County Excecutive Board as one of the two representatives from our district. I watched as the party became the un-official socialist-democratic party of King County Washington, and since then has spread to practically every county in the state and the nation.

    I switched parties long before Ronald Regan. At that time there were tens of thousands of patriotic, loyal American democrats many who were clueless as to what was happening. Until recently, many of them just never could bring themselves to vote any other way.

    For sixty years, our schools have been brainwashing our children and grandchildren to think like little robots believing in big government and renouncing capitalism and the constitution. Until recently, even many of them could not bring themselves to vote any other way except for the “Big Government, welfare promising, out of wedlock encouraging, baby murdering democratic party.

    Slowly – ever so slowly, a lot of them are beginning to wake up and realize that this is the greatest country for opportunity in the world and why in the world would we want to kill the golden goose?

    You will not have to riot in the streets to get back our lost freedoms. You will not have to do much more than speak up and show support for those who are just now stepping out and beginning to take a leadership in this country. Watch Glenn Beck. He has it right most of the time, and he is not looking for power. He appears to be the genuine article.

    Even though the republican party is riddled with progressives, they too will be replaced soon enough. Our answer is to remain peaceful, have faith that God will not let this country and its constitution fail, unless the majority of the people rebel and cry for blood.

    That is not the way the Lord works. He answers prayer, and we better all begin doing a lot more praying as we continue to let this evil little man Obama, know that we value our freedom and liberty more than he values being our first dictator. Let wisdom prevail. Let obediance to the commandments prevail. Vote wisely and keep the peace. We will be blessed.

    • Ed Mullen

      Right on OLD FUDDIE DUDDIE! It takes a thief to know a thief and you’ve been there, done their work and left them for higher ground. God bless.

  • Chris

    2 party, 3 party,6 party, what does it matter? The only people elected to run this country are in the pocket of the ELITES. I have been a believer of the power of the vote, ever since I was 18, I have watched good canidates just disappeard off the screen of the voters, The Media controls the elections, & we know who controls the media! After last weeks decision by some wacked out judge in CA, that basicaly said it does not matter what the majority thinks, that our vote is not worth a crap. Communism is here!!!! I am a huge Ron Paul fan, donated to his campaign, worked hard to get him on the ballot here in Indiana, & bam, the media makes him disappear. Between electronic voting machines & crooked judges, It is going to take more than the Tea Party to revise this country. I must go back to work, Ron Paul President, Chuck Baldwin Vice President!!!! In 2012

  • http://gmail i41

    Term limits . are still the only way to break the seniority crap system. One term as a senator and one as a representative, or three terms as a representive, with a restaint to not serve again for 12 years, also they cannot lobby or be allowed access in to the beltway. The crap idea that the slugs are the only ones so smart and eleit, to be in the beltway, is just bildge. The idea that there is nobody that can do your job, is just so much bull. There is always someone coming up to take the reins to be the new senators and reps. The only thing that will have a chance, is the tea parties and people who have a clear distain for government and the beltway morons who are screwing up this country. The tea party is yanking the parties heads up out of the troughs and both need a hard kick in the guts, and the chiches tighten up to let the wind out of these beltway idoits.

  • James

    Those of us who remember life before socialism are the diminishing minority. We can leave a legacy to our young by working to remove these antiamericans from power – NOW! 2012 is too late. The Tea Party is our only route, and we must work to keep them free from imposters. Media is in the pocket of the “elite ruling class in DC and some states. I agree, term limits must be the first order of business for a newly elected conservative congress, then impeach the dictator, imprison the treasonist marxist, socialists and reclaim the $$$ they have stolen from our treasury.

  • mickey

    The dems had the “coffee party” but as one can see the “Tea Party” is the threat to the socialists. I think the dems underestimated their side and thought just because they voted dem meant they were not interested in preserving the US. The media, which reaches more of them than the internet, plays to them as “dumb and uninformed” as to what their leaders are doing.

    Hopefully the Tea Party will exist even during a Republican President to ensure we have a “people’s” voice outside of politics.

    I think the best way to keep the fed focused on fed business is to take control back to the states. We may look more like 50 countries but we will know what is best for us. We also won’t be supporting states that refuse to keep themselves from out spending and relying on the rest of us to “take care of them”.

    To say that 50 individual states cannot “commerce” is ridiculous. We have commerce and without the fed imposing CA’s version on us, we can manage quite well. Texas is the only state I know that made it illegal for the derivatives to profit. Each state has good things about it and is overshadowed by the fed’s interference.


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