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Pigs, Birds And Seals: The Next Great Pandemic

August 6, 2012 by  

Pigs, Birds And Seals: The Next Great Pandemic
All vaccines have side effects.

Flu vaccines are a boondoggle on the public and a treasure trove for Big Pharma. But worse than a boondoggle, vaccines in general are dangers to human health. Pharmaceutical researchers, doctors, scientists and world health experts know this — and have for years. But they lie about the vaccines’ efficacy and cover up their side effects.

Researcher Lucija Tomljenovic, Ph.D., has summarized transcripts of meetings of the UK Department of Health (DH) and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation [British spelling] (JCVI). Her report shows that for more than 30 years the JCVI has knowingly withheld from the public and healthcare practitioners critical data that showed vaccines caused severe adverse reactions and health dangers to patients. This was done to achieve satisfactory “herd immunity” vaccination rates.

According to the report, JCVI had substantial documentation as early as 1981 that associated the measles vaccine with serious adverse reactions, including death and long-term adverse neurological outcomes. The adverse reactions included encephalitis, encephalopathy or sudden death shortly after vaccine had been administered.

In 1981, JCVI studied reports of 60 patients who were affected between 1970 and 1981, with eight deaths and 16 with permanent disabilities. By 1983, the JCVI had reports of 66 more adverse reactions (including some that caused severe handicaps) from vaccines administered between January 1982 and April 1983. In 1986, with the committee continuing to discuss known measles vaccine side effects: “The Committee agreed to a suggestion from the Chairman that in the future it would accept reports on adverse reactions as ‘for information only’ [their emphasis-added quotation marks].”

In other words, they were finished with this line of discussion, despite learning in that meeting about other reactions from the vaccine included sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), convulsions and anaphylaxis.

At a later 1986 meeting of a JCVI subcommittee, there was a discussion about a study on adverse reactions to two measles vaccines: Rimevax and Attenuvax. The subcommittee members noted that:

…results showed that 70 per cent of children were well after receiving Attenuvax and 61 per cent after receiving Rimevax. If children with mild general reactions were added to those who were apparently well then the numbers associated with Attenuvax were 85 per cent and those with Rimevax 80 per cent.

So even with the results skewed, there was still as much as a one-in-five chance (depending upon the vaccine) of a child suffering from an adverse reaction after having a measles vaccine administered. The committee agreed the study no longer needed to be continued and concluded its discussion on the topic by attributing some of the adverse reactions not to the vaccines themselves, but to “temper tantrums.”

In discussing the DPT vaccine (diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus), the same committee noted 90 registered adverse reactions that included six patients with convulsions, one with an abnormal fever, one with cerebral irritability and two cases of SIDS. In the SIDS cases, a 3-month-old boy died 18 hours after vaccination, and 3-month-old girl died three days after vaccination. Concerned about adverse publicity from such deaths and the litigation that had begun over adverse vaccine reactions, the committee instructed its members to lie and obfuscate whenever questions arose about any links between death or brain damage and DPT vaccines.

By 1989, transcripts show the committee was aware of an investigation by the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) that unequivocally established a link between the mumps component of the MMR vaccine (the Urabe-9 strain) and cases of vaccine-induced meningitis/encephalitis. In response to this, the JCVI appeared to have actively engaged in skewing and censoring data available to the public, continued to use the Urabe-9 containing MMR vaccines and made intensive efforts to reassure both the public and the authorities of the safety of all MMR vaccines.

In discussing the link at a subsequent meeting, the committee noted there were 10 definite cases of meningitis/encephalitis resulting from the vaccines and that patients had been vaccinated at different times and from different batches. But committee members decided there would be no change in its recommendations or the supply of MMR vaccine.

In 1989, Canadian authorities suspended the use of the MMR vaccine containing Urabe-9 over health concerns. But the JCVI ignored or downplayed Canada’s concerns, as well as information that the overall risk of complication in the UK was one per 10,000 immunized children, but in Nottingham there was one complication per 4,000 immunized children.

In the United States in 2011, the Institute of Medicine issued a report that linked MMR vaccines to cases of measles, febrile seizures, anaphylactic shock and other potentially fatal side effects. It also admitted that other vaccines are linked to a host of side effects, including skin lesions, difficulty breathing and virus infections.

The mainstream media reporting on the IoM’s findings concluded the report found few side effects to vaccines, which is the complete opposite of what the report stated.

Last week, there was a report in Britain’s Daily Mail headlined “Forget bird flu—seal flu could prove more deadly to humans” based on a report by the American Society for Microbiology. During the nonexistent but highly trumpeted swine flu scare, the Daily Mail consistently ran stories about the “deadly,” “highly contagious” and “dangerous” swine flu pandemic, encouraging Brits to line up for their shots.

With both swine flu and the bird flu failing to produce the requisite panic to drive the world’s population headlong into the arms of Big Pharma for salvation, now the experts have discovered a new bird-mammal strain that “has adaptations to living in mammals and has mutations that are known to make flu viruses more transmissible and cause more severe disease.”

Prior to this summer, the death toll of the 2009 “swine flu pandemic” stood at about 18,500, according to the World Health Organization. But in June, that number suddenly skyrocketed to between 284,000 and 545,400, according to an international team of researchers. How those 265,500 to 526,500 dead people were overlooked by their families for three years wasn’t explained.

The goals for inflating the numbers, however, were explained quite well.

“The elevated toll underlined the need for better planning and vaccine distribution, said a team of epidemiologists and physicians who made a statistical model based on population and infection estimates to present what they believe is a more accurate picture of the pandemic’s reach,” the article stated.

And who benefits from “better planning and vaccine distribution?” Big Pharma, which not only made billions of dollars from governments for the production of the vaccines, but also had a ready market for Roche’s newest invention: Tamiflu.

Conveniently overlooked – again — are the consequences of the swine flu vaccine: a 1,700 percent increase in narcolepsy among children and teenagers under 17, hallucinations, paralyzing physical collapses and Guillain-Barré syndrome. Of course, you don’t hear about Tamiflu’s side effects either.

Also conveniently overlooked by the “medical experts” are the benefits that high doses vitamin D3 provide in promoting optimal health. Vitamin D influences dozens of conditions in addition to the flu — whether from birds, pigs, seals or something else — including cancer, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes types I and II, cold and flu, aging signs, osteoporosis, seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, schizophrenia, inflammation, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, infertility, depression, and asthma.

For more information on the harmful nature of vaccines, go here and here.

The Polio Vaccine Myth

Anytime I write something critical of vaccines, there comes an avalanche of comments citing the polio vaccine as proof positive that vaccines work. That is pure argle-bargle.

Polio’s rise in the United States coincided with an increased use of pesticides in the 1950s, many of which were byproducts of chemical weapons manufactured during World War II. These pesticides were found to increase susceptibility to viral infections, studies showed. Exposure to pesticides also came through milk, which was heavily contaminated with pesticides — including DDT — from crops being dusted with government-approved pesticides. Much of the milk had to be destroyed, according to a U.S. Senate report.

Polio was transmitted through contaminated milk, as was tuberculosis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever, septic sore throat, diphtheria and infantile diarrhea.

Patients undergoing tonsillectomy surgery had a greater chance of contracting the worst kind of polio: bulbar poliomyelitis. This is perhaps related to the milk contamination, as tonsillectomy surgery patients were given ice cream to eat.

The pharmaceutical companies — which benefitted financially from the polio outbreak — funded the writings on the history of polio and its treatment. As such, the pharmaceutical companies were presented in the best possible light. Americans were not told about the many people who developed paralysis after being vaccinated against polio. Nor were they told about David Bodian, M.D., Ph.D., from the Poliomyelitis Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University. Bodian told the International Poliomyelitis Conference in 1954 — the year before the polio vaccine was introduced — injections and other vaccines, such as the DTP vaccine, “may be causing polio.”

In 1955, when the Jonas Salk polio vaccine was introduced, polio was considered the most serious post-war public health problem. In 1956, six New England States reported sharp increases in polio rates, from more than double in Vermont to 645 percent in Massachusetts, despite — or rather because of — the polio vaccine program. Idaho and Utah saw such an increase in polio cases and deaths they halted the vaccine program.

In Congressional testimony in 1962, Bernard Greenberg, Ph.D., head of the Biostatistics Department at North Carolina University, said there were sharp increases in polio rates from 1957-1959 and that the Public Health Service had conducted a whitewash to suppress this knowledge.

In 1977, even Salk admitted that mass inoculations caused most polio cases since 1971. Salk was, in fact, a medical criminal who used Federal funds to conduct medical experiments on helpless patients at a Michigan insane asylum.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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    • FreedomFighter

      America and Americans are not prepared for the horrors to be unleashed upon them.

      Goto this website, when you are done here and read about DEAD SCIENTISTS, dead bio-warfare scientists. I have a feeling everything upto now has been a testing. Anyone with the ability to find cures, or develope vaccines to XXXXX is being killed off.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Old Henry


      That was an interesting link. Thank you.

      The problem is that what he says sounds so “out there” that most peop;e will blow it off.

      • TIME

        Dear Old Henry and FF,

        I understand what your both saying, how sad.
        BTW – Mr Green has a TON of intel thats so valuable, he really was one of the inside people and not just low to mid level – but at the top of the heap.
        He is A good man, also you both may wish to look in to: Benjaman Fulford for even more insights.

        Nothing is what it seems that we find from the Mass media, Divide and Divide again and again until you conquer, thats the motto of these special people of the Criminal NWO.

        Peace and Love

    • ann lee

      here in oklahoma there are 4 seperate “flu” shots. The one you get depends on your age. The one for children is a light blue-then the ones for the 18 thru thirtys is a darker one. Then and even darked one and when you get to me age 59 is is a dark black. I took my family in (grandkids and daughter and my sister) The nurse laid them out side by side. Needless to say I didn’t take my shot! Now none of my family get the “flu” shot.


        “ann lee,”


      • EddieW

        I’m glad you figured it out in time, when they tried to make a flu shot mandatory, I watched the death count from the vaccine, they quickly shut it down…but for a while continued with adverse reactions with permanent damage to many and lesser damage to very many more…Now they don’t publish this info anymore!! The FDA (Federal DEATH Administration) is partof the Eugenics movement, and rid the earth of 6 billion people followers, so anything they do is contrary to health and life!

    • Nancy in Nebraska
  • Michael J.

    In Lies We Trust, Beyond Thimerasol

  • diderot


  • Gea

    the guy who wrote this article is clearly ignorant of science. The polio was a horendeous disease before two polio vacines, taht eventually killed Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, who had all the means to handle it. There were thousands of kids in iron lungs to help them breathe in the early stages of polio. Same with other vaccines, Ever since Pasteur discoved microbes, the vaccines have been a way to prevent many previously deadly childhood diseases. Stop this anti-scientific nonsence. While pharmaceutical companies are undoubtedly making large prophits, children are much more safe being vaccinated then not, and some stupid parents insistance of their children not be vaccineted is now leading to re-apearance of many childhood diseases that had been held in check by mass vaccination.

    • Michael J.

      Boulderdash! FDR died of justifiable karma. And the re-emergence of childhood diseases is largely due to the influx of illegal aliens.


        “Michael J.,”


      • waltinseattle

        in my stste the regions most affected by child infectuous disease…red religiuos morons who fear mediicine. we know early polio and some rushed to market fu meds were bad…that does not make them part of a great secular/satanic consppiracy…except to little minds…perhaps there 8s a sound theory behind eugenics…

    • Michael J.

      Gea says,
      “the guy who wrote this article is clearly ignorant of science.”

      You obviously are unaware of Mr. Livingston’s background and efforts of the last four decades. Best to do some research before opening your mouth just to place your foot in it.

      BTW, Are you refering to the “Science” that perpetrated the Global Warming Hoax?

    • Melissa P.

      They realized centuries ago that washing your hands between births lowered the risk of deaths for newborns and mothers, that same logic is what lowered the mortality rate of these diseases long before vaccines. If vaccines are so great then why are we suffering from more chronic diseases and why are we forced to get them? There’s an outbreak of whooping cough in children who are fully vaccinated, why? The answer is they don’t work and they are causing the health problems we are seeing today. Milk wouldn’t need to be pasteurized if animals weren’t confined in small spaces with equipment hooked up to them. History has shown that illness and disease spreads best in small, densely populated areas with unsanitary conditions. Have you ever been to a chicken farm? A cesspool for disease which is why they’re fed antibiotics and why we have things like MRSA. Good hygiene, proper sanitation and good nutrition is what is needed to be healthy. Of course, that means staying away from processed foods and GMOs. Mankind has been around a lot longer than vaccines, why would you think that vaccines are saving us now?


        “Melissa P.”


      • Robert Aiken

        Mellissa: I too was raised on a farm (pre-pasteurization), and the conditions were, of necessity, as sanitary as they could be made. Our cows were on pasture in the spring, summer and fall, and only kept in the barn during the colder months. The barn was cleaned daily, the cow’s udders washed before each milking, and we were healty. Today’s conditions on the factory farms are much different, and Michael was mistaken in comparing the two situations.

    • chester

      Michael, it is clear that you did NOT live in the era when polio WAS pandemic, every summer. Truthfully, for as much fun as the public pools could be in the days before air conditioned homes, many parents feared letting their kids go to the pool. It seemed that a good quarter of the kids in a given area would come down with polio every year, and there would be a small percentage that died, and another small percentage that wound up in iron lungs because their chest muscles were paralyzed. A far greater percentage would have limb paralysis of one form or another, from both legs being totally useless to one leg or one arm being partially paralyzed and deformed to near uselessness. Do NOT put down vaccines unless and until YOU get to enjoy what life was like before them. Even in the forties and fifties of the last century, when vaccines were just beginning to be developed, about one of every ten children died before reaching the teen years. Currently, those numbers are more like less than three per cent, with most of those being accidental rather than due to disease. Evidently, for all the problems, vaccines are doing far more good than harm.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        chester, the vaccines are CAUSING the diseases they sure supposed to be protecting children from. In India, 47,500 children became paralyzed AFTER received the polio vaccine! This was in 2011!

        MANY children are getting these diseases and medical officials are changing the names of the diseases to disguise the facts. The recent whooping cough outbreaks have been in children who were vaccinated. The measles outbreaks have been in children who were vaccinated! You need to research beyond what they tell you on the news! You will NOT find truth there. The website I linked to has links to the truth if you take the trouble to read them. The articles themselves sometimes express opinion but the links contain the TRUTH!

      • Karolyn

        Well, then, Chester, you just be a good little citizen and continue to get vaccinated. Not me!! Just like I refused treatment for HCV, I willl refuse vaccinations as long as I am able. If people knew how to take care of their bodies, we would have a uch healthier world. The body is designed to heal itself, given the right conditions. With all the info out there today, it is amazing that there is still so much ignorance.

      • Carol J, California

        My son was required to get the measles vaccine for his day care. He then was so sick he spent 3 days in the hospital. And THEN——-he got measles anyway. I have never had a flu vaccine and I haven’t had the flu since 1958. Many vaccines are incubated in chicken eggs, and anyone allergic to chicken eggs is put at double risk.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Gea, “the guy who wrote the article” knows a LOT more than you do!!! YOU have accepted what the the big pharmaceutical companies have told you! It’s a lie! They are making billions of dollars because people like you believe what they tell you, instead of doing your own research! Stop being lazy! Search for the truth! You will be shocked at the amount of facts out there, PROVING the dangers of vaccines! They are HIDING the truth from you! Start here:

    • afdbghq

      FDR died not have polio but in fact was disabled due to drinking contaminated whiskey during the time of probation

    • J Simmons

      Well you Gea, you can think what you want, this sounds like what my 1 year-old boy died from. He had a flu shot 1 week before he died. They never gave us an answer of what happened, but a lot of this article is right on with what happened to him. He ran a sudden fever (as most kids do), it broke before bed, he woke up in the morning with shortness of breath, had thrown up, in a lot of pain. Took him in to the doctors office and he went into shock in the waiting room, he never made it through it. The doctors afterwards did not know what happened, said it was almost like meningitias. He never had any out of the norm problems and was a picture of good health. All I know is he had the flu shot and one week later he had passed away. So think what you want, but to me I can see this being very true.

  • Blaclkberry

    Big Pharma is another govt. racket along with the chemical farming that came into extensive use after WWII.

    None of our children have been vaccinated and are healthier and happier because of it. We were personally aware of the dangers of vaccinations after our nephew became autistic after getting vaccinations at age 2. I also remember the swine flu fiasco growing up in the 70′s.

    Support local organic farmers and natural herbal remedies. Pharmaceutical chemical drugs don’t belong on our food, in our water or in our bodies.

  • T. Jefferson

    These vaccines have both mercury and formaldehyde in their formulas. Both substances are extremely toxic in very small amounts. Until Big Pharma can show these substances have been removed and the vaccines are tested and proven to be without side effects. You should refuse to have them administered to your children.

    • chester

      Mr. Jefferson, if you are going to refuse anything that might have any negative side effects, you may as well give up drinking water, or anything else, or eating any food of any kind, as all of those things can and do have negative side effects for some people. The same is true of all medications your doctor can give you,or even most of the holistic medicines, or lack of medication. There is NOTHING in this life that does not have a negative side effect on someone, so expecting anything to have NO negative side effects is like wishing for a star. Funny as it sounds, you are far more likely to get the star, or at least have one named for you.





      “T. Jefferson,”


      • waltinseattle

        Gee, Chrsis, no shot no school…I think the solution is obvious…”ok then homeschool it will be.”

    • tlgeer

      You do not know what you are talking about. Those have not been used for a very long time. Pretending that they still are is dishonest and despicable.

  • Norm

    The success of vaccines
    Okay, we’ve dealt with the myth that vaccines are perfectly safe and looked at their downside. But there is also a myth that vaccines do not work, and that is equally untrue.
     12 vaccine preventable diseases and disease rates have been reduced by 99% in the U.S. These include mumps, measles, diphtheria, whooping cough/pertussis, and tetanus to name a few.
     50 years ago in the United States, polio paralyzed more than 16,000 children and killed nearly 2,000 annually. That doesn’t happen any more
     The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, spearheaded by the World Health Organization, Rotary International, the CDC and UNICEF, was begun in 1988. That year, an estimated 350,000 children were paralyzed with polio worldwide; in 2004, polio cases had fallen to just over 1,200 cases globally.
     And Smallpox.

    • duaner

      Sorry to burst your bubble. A new outbreak of whooping cough is making the rounds. To the chagrin of the pharama’s these outbreaks have been traced back to those who (mainly small children) have been given the vaccine to prevent it. New outbreaks of a lot of diseases have recently been traced to the vaccines that were given to prevent them, along with more hideous side effects.

      • chester

        Duaner, check and see if any of the children affected by this new round of whooping cough have EVER been vaccinated against it. I am betting they haven’t.. The only way the children vaccinated against whooping cough could have infected anyone else is if they had received a live virus vaccine. Just did a bit of checking, and the current pertussis, or whooping cough, vaccine contains NO cells at all, so is not contagious and can not cause the disease in anyone exposed to it or those who have recently received it. Do need to do a bit of checking before jumping in with all these rumors of vaccines CAUSING diseases,

      • Norm

        Why the resurgence in whooping cough? There are several reasons, including that the bacteria that causes it (Bordetella pertussis or Bordetella parapertussis) have mutated and evolved, making traditional antibiotics less effective. But many public health officials see a much bigger problem: parents refusing to vaccinate their children.
        Keeping things in perspective, the current increases in whooping cough cases are still much less than they were in the 1930s, before routine vaccination against pertussis began, when one year, there were over 250,000 cases.

    • chester

      Thanks Norm. knew someone on here should have a bit more sense than the average. The big problem is so many of the younger generation did not live when all those diseases were rampant, thus have no idea just how big a deal they were, and could easily be again.

      • Karolyn

        When it comes to self-care, “the average” don’t know very much and choose to just follow along with the norm and accepted, especially when info comes from the govt. Remember all the people stading in line for the flu vaccine a couple of years ago – the flu that never became a real threat? Why put chemicals into your body when it’s not necessary. We take in enough chemicals these days just by breathing.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        For the most part, childhood diseases weren’t that big a deal (except polio). My brothers and sister and ALL of my friends had measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox and whooping cough. They were a normal part of childhood and after getting them, you had LIFETIME immunity. A very small percentage of children experienced severe effects but even more children are experiencing severe effects from the vaccines. And the vaccines DO NOT give you lifetime immunity. You are required to get one booster after another. When the immunity wears off and you get the disease when you’re older, it is much more serious. Vaccines are a proven way of increasing productivity because parents don’t need to stay home with sick children. THAT is the stated case for requiring vaccines. They don’t care if you’re child gets very ill from the vaccines. They dont care if your child gets autism ( one in 63 children are diagnosed with autism! Did you hear that?!? One in every 63 children)!!! They don’t care if your child develops a seizure disorder! They don’t care if your child DIES of SIDS (crib death)! They don’t care about any of that! They only care about your productivity!!!

        I personally think that they are POISONING our children for MONEY!!! My first son was born perfectly healthy! He had the highest apgar score you can get! At 2 mo. old after his second DPT, his hand closed into a tight fist and seemed to be glued to his chest. The pediatrician said there was nothing wrong with him, he just “didn’t want to use it”. At 11 mo, I finally found a new doctor who immediately sent us to a neurologist. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Now, there was NO damage to his brain. NONE! One side of his brain had stopped growing which they said was a fluke. I just accepted what they told me. My third son at 9 months of age developed a seizure disorder. He stopped having seizures when he was 7 years old. It wasn’t until much later that I had even HEARD about vaccines causing neurological disorders. Now I have a 5 year old grandson who I’m fairly certain has autism. The ingredients in these vaccines are NEUROTOXINS!!! How can that be OK?!? They are KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY POISONING our children!!! We need to WAKE UP and KNOW what THEY are doing!!!!!!!!!! JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!M

      • Karolyn

        Absolutely right, Nancy. I had chicken pox, mumps and measles and was none the worse for wear and ended up with lifetime immunity. That’s why I have never understood all the hoopla. Kids get sick. And, also, with parents being too clean, sanitizing everything, more danger occurs.

      • Karolyn

        With ref. to my above post, I always like to point to George Carlin’s monologue where he talks of he and his friends swimming in the filthy East River in NYC and never getting polio, among other things. A facetious look at how people are too clean these days. It is a great monologue.

  • Lucy Baboul

    Since my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia I have often wondered if the vaccines she had ove rate years attributed to her cancer. Am still digging for answers, this article has given me a few different links to investigate.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Lucy, this website has a treasure trove of information on vaccines. While the authors of the articles sometimes inject opinion into their articles, the data is backed by links containing FACTS! Read the articles but be sure to click on every link, following the article. Read different articles because there are links following all of them and you will learn more than you ever imagined. It’s like a clearinghouse of information.

  • dan

    I think it’s the impurities in the adjutants ( that’s the fluid that carries the vaccine)
    that are the main problem…but there is NO EXCUSE for having them in a vaccine.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Dan, these vaccines contain aluminum, mercury, HUMAN FETAL CELLS, dog fetal cells, pig fetal cells among many others!!!!!!!

  • Jay

    The Immune System is the name of a collection of molecules, cells, and organs whose complex interaction form an efficient system that is usually able to protect an individual from both outside invaders and its own altered internal cells which lead to cancer.

    The immune system is comprised of the lymphoid tissues and organs of the body. Lymphoid tissues are widely distributed. They are concentrated in bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, liver, thymus, and Peyer’s patch scattered in the linings of the GI tract.

    The lymphoid system is encompassed by the system of mononuclear phagocytes (equivalent to the reticuloen- endothelial system or RES) Lymphocytes are the predominant cells, but macrophages and plasma cells are present also. Lymphocytes are cells which circulate, alternating between the circulatory blood stream and the lymphatic channels of the body.

    The immune system is divided into two components, non-specific, also referred to as innate or non-adaptive immunity and specific which is also known as acquired or adaptive immunity. The breakdown into non-specific and specific is for classification purposes only as there is a constant and complex interaction, coordination and communication between all parts of the immune system. The majority of the immune resistance occurs in the non-specific components.

    Lines of Defense

    1st lines of defense are the physical barriers which include the skin, mucosal membrane, tears, ciliary elevator, and urine. Chemical barriers include sebum sweat, stomach acid and lysozymes.

    2nd lines of defense are the macrophage system, complement, fever, interferons and inflammation. The macrophage system attacks and consumes pathogens by engulfing them, a process known as phagocytosis.

    Complement cooperates with macrophages by attaching to foreign cells and initiating the ingestion of the cells by phagocytosis. Interferons are a class of proteins; activated by fever that prevent viral replication in surrounding cells and also inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

    Fever is a powerful part of the immune system, as it interferes with pathogen growth, inactivates many pathogen toxins, and facilitates a more intense immune system response. Many physicians now recommend allowing fevers to run their course.

    When tissue injury occurs, whether caused by bacteria or viruses, etc, substances such as bradykinins, complement, and histamines are released. This process is called inflammation and it strongly activates the macrophage system to remove damaged cell tissue. Inflammation is a vital part of the healing and repair process of the immune system and when it is delayed or inhibited, healing and repair is incomplete.

    3rd lines of defense are the specific system also known as acquired or adaptive immunity. The specific system consists of B cells (humoral), and T cells (cell-mediated). These cells have mechanisms for selecting a precisely defined target and for developing memory to the antigen, so that subsequent exposures will result in a more efficient and effective response.

    Every standard definition of immunity involves the overall competence of both the non-specific and specific components of the immune system to recognize, isolate and eliminate foreign pathogens. This competence also involves the ability of the immune system to be able to distinguish between self and non-self. Immunity is the body’s ability to establish and maintain molecular identity. There is a huge difference between true immunity and the absence of symptoms of disease.

    Vaccines are suspensions of infectious agents used to artificially induce immunity against specific diseases. The aim of vaccination is to mimic the process of naturally occurring infection through artificial means. Theoretically, vaccines produce a mild to moderate episode of infection in the body with only minor side effects. They are said to work by causing the formation of antibodies, which are proteins that defend the body from an invasion by harmful germs.

    The human body is designed to be able to defend itself against foreign invaders, much like a castle or a fortress with outer and inner walls and then interior perimeter barriers. The majority of pathogens that enter the body do so via the mouth and nose.

    The upper respiratory area is packed with powerful defense mechanisms designed to combat and filter these foreign invaders. Every possible portal of entry in the human body is lined with mucous membrane, a defense mechanism loaded with powerful secretory IgA.

    Natural immunity happens only after actually recovering from the actual disease. When naturally exposed to pathogens, the organism has to pass through the body’s natural defense systems in the body before it ever reaches the bloodstream. A tremendous amount of biological events are triggered which are essential in developing true immunity long before the pathogen is ever comes into contact with the bloodstream.

    Vaccination by direct injection into the bloodstream bypasses much of the normal defenses of the immune system, which produces only partial immunity.

    There is a greater quantity of biological communication in the human body than all of the man made communication systems in the world combined. Signaling is essential to the development of immunity.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      This is true! Vaccines don’t provide permanent immunity. The chicken pox vaccine came out when my youngest child was little. My sister with a daughter the same age opted for the vaccine. I intentionally exposed my son to the chicken pox (better to get them early). My son was over them in two weeks, no big deal. My niece had mild cases of chicken pox THREE times!!! The same thing is happening now with the whooping cough vaccine. The epidemics are taking place among children who HAVE been vaccinated!!!

      • Rock

        When I was growing up, parents would get the word out whenever one of their children had measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. and other parents would send their kids to go play with the sick kid. We all developed permanent immunity this way. Much better than a vaccine.

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    Blackberry, I salute you for standing up and protecting your children. My children are all grown and have families of their own, but when they were young it was the policy of the school system that they must have inoculations for certain diseases and so my wife and I dutifully followed the requirements of the law. Upon obtaining their first vaccinations on our way home from the clinic my oldest daughter at that time was six(6) years old, she came down with a cough and as the day wore on she became worse until without warning she collapsed! We rushed her to the hospital and it took them two days to finally fiqure out that she had come down with whooping cough (pertussis) and they told us it was probably due to having the vaccination. She spent six days in the hospital and the was poorly for about four months thereafter. As a result I complained and threatened to sue but to no avail. After speaking with an attorney about recovering the huge financial loss from the hospital and numerous lab and doctor bills (which we were never able to get reimbursed), I decided to never again have any vaccinations for my children. The school said it was required by state law, but in following an attorneys advice I simply requested a letter signed by the school administrator saying they would accept responsibility for any adverse conditions upon my obeying this law, but they would not sign any such document and furthermore I requested a similar letter from the state board of health, and they refused such request. Needless to say, I was allowed to enroll my children without vaccinations. The powers that be might think what they are doing is right, but they do not want to be responsible for the possible failures that they know are in this system. My children are all grown and in excellent health to this day. I never tell anyone not to get these shots, but I do tell them this incident and our personal view as a result. I don’t think vaccinations are wrong, but I do think every parent should carefully consider what and how their children are being subjected to. The pharmaceutical companies have long known that for some people there is an inherent risk of taking these certain inoculations but they nor their supporters want to be liable for any of the risk imposed on what they refer to as the “certain individual risk factor”. We must be personally responsible for our own decisions and we do so by gleaning the information available to us with an honest conviction of right. I commend you for your integrity in following your convictions for protecting your children. For all those who take another path, by vaccinating their children and everything went well, I commend them for following their convictions. We are truly blessed to have the freedom to be able to make these choices, and I pray the freedom of information will help us to make good ones.

    • chester

      If she came down with whooping cough the same day she got the vaccine, it was NOT due to the vaccination. She had to have already been exposed to it, as the incubation period is in the neighborhood of 14 to 21 days. Even if she had been injected with a full load of live bacteria, they could not have established themselves that quickly.

      • Raymond Carl Hardie

        Chester, the doctors told us that my daughter was “one of those people who were naturally immune to this disease, and that a vaccination can sometimes cause an immediate reaction, which in her case did!” I am not a doctor, but this was the explanation given to us by the attending physician at the hospital, as well as our family doctor at the time.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The vaccine IS CAUSING whooping cough! All of the outbreaks in recent years have been in vaccinated children. There is TONS of evidence online, just google “whooping cough in vaccinated children”. ABC news also did a story on this a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a link to one article but keep in mind there are tons of articles out there.

  • http://ConservativeVictory2010 Exciledknight

    Another avenue where Big Pharm is reaping large sums of money are the ADD, ADHD, and other attention deficit disorders! The array of drugs (and the costs) are way out of hand! Big Pharma wants the schools and doctors to identify every child with these disorders to open the floodgates to their medications. The schools who handle the then diagnosed children stand to get more Federal aid, the doctors who accept Medicaid, get to see more patients (regular and follow up regimens) and the disability of these children then becomes a documented pre-existing condition for disability claims into adulthood! The diagnosis is made, the government pays everyone involved, and we the taxpayers foot the bill! Not even taking into account the major side effects of these drugs, the continued usage of physcological drugs and then in adulthood the treatment of and for the stoppage of these drugs with other, newer psychotropic drugs fueling a dependency on mood altering drugs for a lifetime! Better living thru pharmaceuticals!!! And the taxpayer digs deeper until there is nothing left but lint at the bottom of that pocket! As a pharmacist, I have been fighting doctors, nurses, teachers, school districts and yes, even parents to make them aware of the road they are going down! From five year olds getting stimulants, to eighteen year olds coming off of their meds and needing psycologists and mood altering drugs, to setting a mindset in our children, that there is a drug for everything which is fueling the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in this country! Big Pharma has it’s hand in many evils that we face, not only as a cure but often as a curse!

    • Jim Park

      Thank you, Exciledknight! You said it all! The truth hurts a lot of people who are unwilling to confront any evil, but if you can’t confront it, you’re it! And so it keep going.

    • chfarms

      I’ve noticed nobody has yet mentioned autism. Is there any proof one way or the other whether the increase in innoculations contributes to (or causes) autism? In our family, there are 2 10-year-old kids who have been diagnosed with autism.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        There is TONS of evidence!!! Do you know that the government has NOT done one single study to prove that vaccines are safe?!? They haven’t! Because the evidence overwhelmingly shows that they DO cause harm, including autism!!! This website has tons of info! Some of the articles express opinion but ALL of them have links at the bottom that lead to EVIDENCE! Just keep following the links! You will be shocked!

      • Cathy

        My daughter was severely brain damaged in-utero by a mercury-laden flu shot I was basically coerced into getting. She went into immediate fetal distress and never gained another ounce after having been totally healthy and growing perfectly. She was born blue and tiny, having been deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Then she was given a Hep B shot, against my expressed wishes (they lied and said they were just “giving her a bath”, but they injected her with Hep B as well), and she went into respiratory distress and convulsions. She is 12 now and severely autistic and will never be able to care for herself. This is what vaccines do. They are pure poison. I have heard similar horror stories from thousands of parents of autistic children. People need to WAKE UP!

  • bill

    the OTHER BIG THING that EVERYONE IS OVERLOOKING is WHATS BEING PUT IN OUR FOOD!!!! G.M.O.’S [geneticaly modified organics] which the fda does little to nothing to regulate! they are feeding this stuff to the animals we eat along with growth horomones etc. OUR COUNTRY has become the LAZIEST,OBESE,CHRONIC FATIGUE,DISEASED[mental health issues,a.d.h.d., a.d.d.,huge increase in cancers and are hitting more and more children then ever,etc,etc] COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! we have our gov. giving subs to the farmers who grow this crap who are also in bed with the fda and the are maturing years sooner then they use to and having sex years sooner. THE HEALTH PROBLEMS JUST GO ON AND ON! NOW THINK BACK ABOUT 30-40 YEARS AND THINK ABOUT WHAT OBESEITY PROBLEM AND HOW MUCH LESS PEOPLE WERE GETTING CANCER AS IT WAS MORE LIKE, NO WAY, BUT NOW WHEN YOU HEAR SOMEONE GOT CANCER ITS NOT A SURPRISE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! and who is getting rich off all this? THE PHARMS with over the counter that DOESNT WORK and THE FOOD INDUSTRY with their so called healthy meals,etc. and you know OUR SO CALLED GOV.OFFICIALS are making money somewhere along the line also!!!!!

    • chester

      Bill, that comment had NOTHING to do with the discussion at hand, Am so glad you don’t work in the FOOD INDUSTRY in any manner, such as trying to farm for a living and having everybody declare your product unsafe, even though they have never had it tested for safety. Oh, by the way, if those over the counter medications don’t work, why do YOU keep on buying them. I would almost bet that you have at least one bottle of aspirin in your house, along with a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and, quite likely, something for your allergies. If these things didn’t work, there would be ZERO market for them. Okay, I give up. You have so much bs piled up there you can fertilize your own wheat, oats, corn, and grass for your milk and beef cows and grow your own pigs so you can have some ham and bacon, along with the fresh pork. I do hope you have something in the neighborhood of five hundred acres or more, as it will take that much ground to grow all the grain and hay you are going to need to carry your stock over the winter, if you don’t get caught in a drought such as most of the country is living with right now.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        chester, if a farmer is planting gmo seeds, he IS causing harm! The evidence is mounting! The FDA refuses to do proper testing on these but a lot of other people are testing them! They cause changes in every part of your body, all of your organs! Even Dr. Oz, on his program stated this and said not to eat anything that wasn’t organic. He even said not to eat anything with corn, soy or canola because they were likely contaminated even if they were organic!

      • Karolyn

        Somebody posted a list of GMO using companies, and it was staggering! There are very few brands that don’t use them.

    • Karolyn

      Can you say MONSANTO?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Karolyn, we finally have a subject on which we totally agree!!!

      • Karolyn

        Nancy, Yes it is nice to agree once in a while. :-)

  • coal miner 1

    What Drives Irrational Rhetoric? The Case of Childhood Vaccinations…the-case-of-childhood-vaccinations/69291/
    Jan 11, 2011 – There is perhaps no issue in modern medicine that is as contentious as childhood vaccination.

    • coal miner 1

      Vaccines can be prophylactic (example: to prevent or ameliorate the effects of a future infection by any natural or “wild” pathogen), or therapeutic (e.g. vaccines …

    • Jay

      HARVEY Pass, the chief of thoracic surgery at the National Cancer Institute, in Bethesda, Maryland, was sitting in his laboratory one spring afternoon in 1993 when Michele Carbone, a wiry young Italian pathologist who was working as a researcher at the NCI, strode in with an unusual request.

      Pass had never before met Carbone, and had talked to him for the first time, on the telephone, only a few hours before. Now Carbone was asking Pass for his help in proving a controversial theory he had developed about the origins of mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that afflicts the mesothelial cells in the lining of the chest and the lung.

      Mesothelioma was virtually unheard of prior to 1950, but the incidence of the disease has risen steadily since then. Though it is considered rare — accounting for the deaths of about 3,000 Americans a year, or about one half of one percent of all domestic cancer deaths — the disease is particularly pernicious. Most patients die within eighteen months of diagnosis.

      Pass, one of the world’s leading mesothelioma surgeons, knew, like other scientists, that the disease was caused by asbestos exposure. But Carbone had a hunch he wanted to explore. He told Pass that he wondered if the cancer might also be caused by a virus — a monkey virus, known as simian virus 40, or SV40, that had widely contaminated early doses of the polio vaccine, but that had long been presumed to be harmless to people.

      Pass listened as Carbone described for him the history of the early polio vaccine. A breakthrough in the war against polio had come in the early 1950s, when Jonas Salk took advantage of a new discovery: monkey kidneys could be used to culture the abundant quantities of polio virus necessary to mass-produce a vaccine. But there were problems with the monkey kidneys.

      In 1960 Bernice Eddy, a government researcher, discovered that when she injected hamsters with the kidney mixture on which the vaccine was cultured, they developed tumors.

      Eddy’s superiors tried to keep the discovery quiet, but Eddy presented her data at a cancer conference in New York. She was eventually demoted, and lost her laboratory.

      The cancer-causing virus was soon isolated by other scientists and dubbed SV40, because it was the fortieth simian virus discovered. Alarm spread through the scientific community as researchers realized that nearly every dose of the vaccine had been contaminated. In 1961 federal health officials ordered vaccine manufacturers to screen for the virus and eliminate it from the vaccine. Worried about creating a panic, they kept the discovery of SV40 under wraps and never recalled existing stocks. For two more years millions of additional people were needlessly exposed — bringing the total to 98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963.

      Read the rest here:

  • Protonius

    To “Gea” (above) & others who so insistently declare that vaccines, by & large, are “safe” and that vaccines successfully “eradicated” a given disease” (such as Polio), I offer the following suggestionS:

    1. EXPLORE THE INFORMATION AT THE RESOURCES I’M LISTING BELOW. They are chock-full of calculations and documentation that, according to those sources, provide persuasive evidence that vaccines, overall, or specific types of vaccines or vaccine-components, can be — and have been and continue to be — not only severely damaging to the vaccine-recipient’s health but also, in many cases, deadly.

    I am aware, of course, that there are also many “pro-vaccine” resources on the web — some by international or government agencies (WHO, CDC, etcetera) and some by pharmaceutical companies or other corporate or medical-based organizations or even by some medical professionals.

    For example, there is this discussion, by the widely respected MD Dr. Andrew Weil, of the effects — which he describes as transitory and minor — of the vaccine-adjuvant “aluminum hydroxide”, a substance that most vaccine-critics declare is long-term damaging to human health: see www (dot) drweil (dot) com/drw/u/QAA400319/Aluminum-A-Vaccine-Danger (dot) html

    So which information, or viewpoint, should you believe? Or is there more to the story that only a fuller awareness of the details can reveal?

    Various of the many “pro-vaccine” resources, and their data, would seem to certainly be worth exploring.

    But the resource-sites that I am listing below offer, by and large, information that also appears to “peel back the curtain”, so to speak, of many of the “official” claims about vaccines — and so these resources, I think, may help put things into a clearer perspective by giving us valuable access to the usually “hidden” sides of these issues.

    2. IN EXPLORING THESE INFORMATIONAL RESOURCES, please keep in mind that (a) I am not claiming to be an expert in this field, nor do I have any affiliation whatsoever with, or necessarily endorse, these sources, (b) but it is my opinion that we can only make an informed decision about these issues by first making ourselves as well-informed about them as possible — so please do NOT blindly accept “the conventional wisdom” about vaccines without first doing your own due investigative diligence into the pros & cons of this vaccines-topic.

    3. AS TO “GEA’S” ASSERTIONS THAT POLIO VACCINES WERE SO POSITIVELY EFFECTIVE: this issue is addressed in some of the references below — such as in the analysis at vactruth (dot) com/2012/04/25/change-names-of-diseases/ , which documents how, when (as per that articles assertions) these Polio vaccines failed to cure but instead generated more cases of the disease, the medical profession found it convenient in various contexts to CHANGE THE NAME of “Polio” to “Guillain-Barre Syndrome”, so that it would APPEAR that the Polio vaccines were bringing the Polio numbers down. Same for various other diseases, so as to fit the purported numbers — rather than the other way around.

    Clever, if the article’s assertion is true.

    But read the article and decide for yourself where the full truth lies.And then consider if, and where and how, such allegations may play-into other aspects of the vaccines-issue.


    www (dot) vaccinetruth (dot) org/

    www (dot) vaccines (dot) org/

    www (dot) naturalnews (dot) com/vaccines (dot) html

    educate-yourself (dot) org/vcd/

    vaccinedangers (dot)

    www (dot) shirleys-wellness-cafe (dot) com/vaccines_phillips_myths (dot) htm

    www (dot) (dot) htm

    www (dot) relfe (dot) com/vaccine (dot) html

    thinktwice (dot) com/multiple (dot) htm

    www (dot)

    www (dot) (dot) htm

    internalawareness (dot) com/vaccines/vaccine_dangers (dot) html

    www (dot) naturalnews (dot) com/034334_Institute_of_Medicine_vaccination_dangers (dot) html

    newworldordernews (dot) com/page2 (dot) php

    articles.mercola (dot) com/sites/articles/archive/2011/07/10/this-shocking-fact-is-never-disclosed-on-any-vaccine-informed-consent-form (dot) aspx

    www (dot) vaclib (dot) org/

    naturalsociety (dot) com/a-flu-vaccine-timeline-the-recent-history-revolving-around-vaccine-dangers/

    www (dot) nvic (dot) org/

    www (dot) wddty (dot) com/dangers-of-the-safe-vaccine (dot) html

    www (dot) vactruth (dot) com


  • Jay

    It must be understood that vaccine studies are economically influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, which has tremendous influence on the outcome of these studies. Vaccine sales represent a huge profit for these companies and a certain amount of economic bias will always be involved.

    “The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, (ACIP) a group of individuals hand picked by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommends which vaccines are administered to American children. Working mainly in secret, ACIP members frequently have financial links to vaccine manufacturers. Dependent on CDC funding, state vaccination programs follow CDC directives by influencing state legislatures to mandate new vaccines. Federal vaccine funds can be denied to states which do not “vigorously enforce” mandatory vaccination laws. Conversely, the CDC offers financial bounties to state health departments for each “fully vaccinated” child” 3 The Medical Sentinel, 1999

    The past decade has seen a number of books and articles written which challenge the practice of vaccinations, mostly on the grounds of the potential side effects and long term latent effects of the vaccine.

    These topics are certainly a factor in the vaccination debate, but the real issue is whether or not vaccines actually produce lasting immunity that is at least equal or superior to immunity that is obtained via natural exposure. This article provides the last scientific
    evidence in answering that particular question.

    Fundamentals of the Immune System:

    • waltinseattle

      in my stste the regions most affected by child infectuous disease…red religiuos morons who fear mediicine. we know early polio and some rushed to market fu meds were bad…that does not make them part of a great secular/satanic consppiracy…except to little minds…perhaps there 8s a sound theory behind eugenics…quite true of ALL BIG PHARMA PRODUCTS. they hide bad results but submit faforable. it is dollar, the true gid almighty dollar. period. no conspiracy..just a business plan a model for generating stockholder value. church of the bottom line…temple of the golden calf.

  • Thinking About

    Thank goodness I live in a country where we have freedoms to choose, I for one think we have prevented many early deaths and crippling conditions we just might have to face. Talk about Big Pharma, we also expose ourselves to pollutions delivered by Big Oil so where does one draw the line. Many bury their heads in the sand about Global Warming and push for more dirty products like oil products and perhaps the most pollution is from these products. I will personally continue with flu vaccines and if young would have gotten vaccines. If children has reacted to badly to vaccines what would have been their reaction to the actual diseases?

    • Karolyn

      A good immune system can fight off anything. That’s how our bodies are made. It’s called “prevention,” and there is no excuse for anyone not to be aware. Most people are just too lazy to take care of their bodies, especially when they know they can run to the doctor for every sniffle and get a chemical to make them “all better.”




      • waltinseattle

        i think not. lets start with masala

    • Josie Grace

      ANY disease will run it’s course….but vaccinations will ‘CRIPPLE” a nation!!

  • gary

    The sky is falling, we are living longer than any time in human history. Go to a third world (expletive deleted) without vaccinations and you will see real horrors. Occasionally bad stuff happens, but for the most part almost all vaccinations do what they are supposed to do.

    • Jay

      Doctors against vaccines: Flu Vaccine – Useless, Dangerous Lottery Ticket

      In my recent studies I have been enlightened by some interesting information about the flu vaccines. A systematic review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children age 6 to 23 months found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo in that group.

      A JAMA study showed the incidence of clinical influenza in the vaccinated group was 2 percent but in the un-vaccinated group it was only 3 percent. This means that out of 100 people, one person was attributed with avoiding the flu because of the vaccine. According to the CDC, common substances found in flu vaccines include: antibiotics, MSG, formaldehyde, mercury-containing thimerosal, and polysorbate 80 (PS 80 can cause severe anaphylactic reactions).

      There are one to two cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome per 1 million vaccinated persons. Taking a flu shot is essentially the same as buying a lottery ticket for acquiring GBS, an inflammatory demyelinating condition of the nervous system. Thankfully, there are alternatives to improving your immune system other than the flu vaccine.
      -Dr. Tom Lankering, The Aspen Times

  • Jay

    The Case Against Immunizations.

    For the past ten years or so I have felt a deep and growing compunction against giving routine immunizations to children. It began with the fundamental belief that people have
    the right to make that choice for themselves. Soon I found I could no longer bring myself to give the injections even when the parents asked me to. –Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

    This article was published in Journal of the AIH, March 1983; and included in R. Mendelsohn, ed., Dissent in Medicine, Contemporary Books, Chicago, 1985

  • Jay

    Doctors Warn Against Vaccination (Immunisation)

    A collection of comments on the myths and dangers of vaccination/immunization.

    The decline of infectious disease was not due to vaccination, but due to improved living conditions.

    “Vaccines have never had the proclaimed preventive effect on infections. The regression of infectious diseases started over 200 years ago, which means long before the introduction of vaccination, and it was due to the improved social conditions of the
    population: nutrition and hygiene.

  • Jay

    Canadian Doctor: H1N1 Vaccination: A Eugenics Weapon for “Massive & Targeted Reduction of the World Population.”

    Canadian doctor Ghislaine Lanctôt, author of the Medical Mafia, has underscored the lawsuit recently filed by Austrian journalist Jane Bürgermeister against the WHO, the UN, and several high ranking government and corporate officials. Bürgermeister has documented how an international corporate criminal syndicate plans to unleash a deadly flu virus and institute a forced vaccination program.

    “I am emerging from a long silence on the subject of vaccination, because I feel that, this time, the stakes involved are huge. The consequences may spread much further than anticipated,” writes Lanctôt, who believes the A(H1N1) virus will be used in a pandemic concocted and orchestrated by the WHO, an international organization that serves military, political and industrial interests.

    Lanctôt warns that the elite and their minions will introduce a compulsory vaccination that will contain a deadly virus and this will be used specifically as a eugenics weapon for “massive and targeted reduction of the world population.” Moreover, a pandemic will also
    be used to further establish martial law and a police state, according to Lanctôt, and activate concentration camps “built to accommodate the rebellious” and eventually transfer power from all nations to a single United Nations government and thus fulfill the sinister plans of the New World Order.

  • Jay

    “The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.” Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health

    “There are more quacks in the orthodox profession than there are outside its ranks.” Dr. J. P. Baldwin

    “Disease is cured by the body itself, not by doctors or remedies.” John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.

    “The DEATH RATE from smallpox was actually higher among those who had been vaccinated.” Dr. Viera Scheibner, Australia

    “It took over three years of research before we looked at each other and said ‘Vaccines are killing babies’.” Dr Viera Scheibner

    “It is a well documented fact that the incidence and mortality from infectious diseases fell by 90% well before any vaccine was even introduced… So [the U.S.] mandated vaccination and it resulted in a three-fold increase in whooping cough…” Dr Viera Scheibner

    “This is not a rare occurance. Epidemics in fully vaccinated populations are a rule rather than an exception…” Dr Viera Scheibner

    “Medicine is a great humbug:- doctors are merely quacks when they are not charlatans.” Dr. Magendie (The great French physician)

    “We doctors have been talking this medicine stuff into the people till they believe it.” Dr. Schweningen (Physician to the late Prince Bismark)

    “…So it was obvious that I, and every other doctor for that matter, had been grossly misled.” Dr Archie Kalokerinos

    “…It was clearly shown that the only people who got smallpox TWICE were the vaccinated… You can be LOADED with antibodies and still get, even DIE from the disease…” Dr Archie Kalokerinos

    “When the AIDS epidemic started… antibodies, instead of meaning protection, meant that you were doomed. So this concept of antibodies that we were taught is wrong…” Dr Archie Kalokerinos

    “Our use of vaccines is not based on good science.” Dr Archie Kalokerinos

    “Materia Medica is simply a list of drugs and poisons. They are all subversive of organic structure; all incompatible with vital functions; all are antagonistic to living matter; all produce disease.” Dr. R.T. Thrall

    “Before he [Louis Pasteur - the 'father of modern medicine' and originator of the Germ Theory of disease] died, he changed his mind. He ended up saying it’s not the germ, but the conditions within the body…” Natural Health Lecturer: Ian Sinclair

    “Nature alone can cure disease. Doctors cannot heal. They can only direct the sufferer back to the pathways of health. Nature alone can create, and healing is re-creation.” Dr. William S. Sadler

    “…[my daughter's] symptoms were intensifying after each vaccine… So I wrote to the governments and got figures…” “I realised there was a lot of information that we were being told… which wasn’t true…” Dr Isaac Golden

    “Ninety-nine out of a hundred medical facts are medical lies, and medical doctrines are, for the most part, stark, staring nonsense.” Dr. Gregory (Edinburgh)

    “Babies are injected with bits of animal, bacteria, viral DNA. They can be incorporated into the human genome…” Dr Peter Baratosy

    “Why is it that only since the 40′s have autism and brain damage come about? Because this was when immunisation was introduced to a large extent…” Dr Peter Baratosy

    “Vaccines are a billion dollar industry, and there are at least a billion good reasons there why it’s continued.” Dr Peter Baratosy

    “Nature is the curer of disease.” Hippocrates, (the father of medicine)

    “Measles had been dying out in Europe, then they started vaccination and it rose again, and the thing that had cured measles was better nutrition programs…” Independant Nurse Practitioner, LISTEN System Practitioner: Pauline Rose

    “I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people.” Dr Mark Donohoe

    “This concept that vaccinated children are some kind of typhoid Mary is just rubbish. We now have a sicker group of children in the community.” Dr Mark Donohoe

    “It may be that you only get one chance to make one big mistake… because of the number of people vaccinated if you introduce a pathogen… in a route that the body does not have a protection against.” Dr Mark Donohoe

    “There are some doctors who disparagingly say ‘There are some parents who think that just having a healthy child is good enough’. Well the truth is it IS good enough!” Dr Mark Donohoe

    “They say openly in the [medical] legal system that if you advise against vaccination the A.M.A. will push to deregister.” Medical Doctor: Dr Robyn Cosford

    “These are symptoms that if they were seen in a child who had not just been vaccinated, all us doctors would be a little concerned that this child perhaps had a type of viral meningitis. We wouldn’t just sit back and say ‘That’s fine. Take some Panadol and it will go away,’ ” Medical Doctor: Dr Robyn Cosford

    “He is the best physician who knows the worthlessness of his own medicine.” PROFESSOR W. M. OSLER, Professor of Medicine, Oxford University

    “An exceedingly weak point in our profession is its possession of such an enormous array of useless drugs as presented in our Pharmacopoeia. No thinking observer can look over the pages of that book without being appalled at such a collection of nonsense, such a hodge-posh of trash.” PROFESSOR E. J. BALDWIN, M.D., before the Medical Association, June, 1920

    “The medical system Is a colossal deception that has filled the world with incurable invalids, of which mines have been emptied of cankering minerals, the intestines of animals taxed for their filth, the poison bags of reptiles drained of their venom, the blood of cats and dogs extracted, and all these with other abominations have been thrust down the throat of gullible human beings.” Dr. J. M. Good, M.D., F.R.S.

    “We have no real proof of the boasted effectiveness of any form of anti-toxin or vaccine or serum… If such a vaccinated or immunised person contracts the disease which he is supposed to be protected, it is pretty good evidence that such “protection” is valueless, isn’t it? Surely people do contract disease against which they are supposed to be immunised, as we all know…. Well, are you satisfied that WE ARE QUACKS? In the eyes of those who are willing to forgot the present prestige of medicine, such as it is, with all its dignity, its scientific jargon, its pratings of altruism, its great endowment, its well heralded “achievements,” we are most assuredly quacks, professing to do things we cannot do, and yes, taking money under this pretence.” Dr. Paul M. Koonin, D.D.Sc.

    “Unless the doctor of today becomes the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will become the doctor of tomorrow.” Dr. ALEXIS CARROL. (Famous Biological Scientist and head of the Rockefellar Institute.)

    “Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by inhibiting certain enzyme systems. The exact mechanism of such actions is obscure.” Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943, Editorial.

    “The plain fact that fluorine is an insidious poison, harmful, toxic and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts, will remain unchanged no matter how many times it will be repeated in print that fluoridation of the water supply is ‘safe’.” Ludwig Gross, M.D., former Chief of Veterans Administration Cancer Research, Bronx, NY.

    “A patient cured, is a customer lost.” Unknown

    “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine

    “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Prince Philip of Great Britain, leader of World Wildlife Fund

    “I have thought many times of all of the insane things we have advocated in medicine, that is one of the most insane – to insist on the vaccination of children, or anybody else, for the prevention of smallpox when, as a matter of fact, we are never able to prove that vaccination saved one man from smallpox.” USA 1937, Dr. William Hay in his address to the Medical Freedom Society on the Lemke bill to abolish compulsory vaccination

    “Vaccination is a monstrosity, a misbegotten offspring of error and ignorance; it should have no place in either hygiene or medicine…. Believe not in vaccination, it is a world wide delusion, an unscientific practice, a fatal superstition with consequences measured today by tears and sorrow without end.” Charles Rauta, Professor of Hygiene and Material Medical in the University of Perguia, New York Journal of Medicine in July 1899

    “Immunization against smallpox is more hazardous than the disease itself.” Professor Ari Zuckerman, a member of the World Health Organization advisory panel on viruses.

    “It is now accepted that the risks of routine smallpox vaccination outweigh those of natural infection in Britain.” The British medical Journal in January 1976

    “I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used from smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as that from AIDS (HIV).” Doctor Robert Gallo a well known AIDS researcher

    “When the link between unsafe mercury laden vaccine and autism, ADHA, asthma, allergies and diabetes becomes undeniable, mainstream medicine will be sporting a huge, self inflicted and well deserved black eye. Then will come the billion dollar awards, by enraged juries, to the children and their families. I can’t wait”. Dr. Rimland MD

    “After a careful consideration of the history of vaccination gleaned from an impartial and comprehensive study of vital statistics, and pertinent data from every reliable source, and after an experience derived from having vaccinated 31,000 subjects, I am firmly convinced that vaccination cannot be shown to have any logical relation to the diminution of cases of smallpox. Vaccination does not protect, it actually renders its subjects more susceptible by depressing the vital power and diminishing the natural resistance, and millions of people have died of smallpox which they contracted after being vaccinated” J.W. Hodge MD in his book “The Vaccination Superstition”

    “The United States purposefully and intentionally, complemented the “smallpox” vaccine that went to Africa and the “Hepatitis B” vaccine with the HIV virus and that this latter was then given to homosexuals in the United States recruited for that purpose.” Mr. Graves is a civil rights lawyer and decorated naval veteran

    “One must take draconian measures of demographic reduction against the will of the populations. Reducing the birth rate has proved to be impossible or insufficient. One must therefore increase the mortality rate. How? By natural means. Famine and sickness” Robert McNamara

    • Karolyn

      Thanks for that, Jay. Unfortunately, the diehards won’t believe it even when it comes out of the mouth of a professional.

    • uvuvuv

      the one world govt elites, once they have total power, will erase the miscellaneous reaces that they now pretend to be so concerned about. gays, having served their purpose, will be processed similarly. this is a direct quote from uvuvuv, so i’m not just making it up.

  • waltinseattle

    it requires no pointing vast conspiracies, no spinning of sinister ideologies…to explain what a simple rememberance of human greed and stupidity can well account for.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Deanna Konrath

    I am 73 years old and have been getting the flu shot since my early 40′s. I have never had a bad reaction. I know Big Pharma is wrong on many things. But not this one. Deanna Konrath

    • Karolyn

      You’re one of the lucky ones, Deanna; but why put more chemicals into your body that are not necessary?

    • Robert Aiken

      Eanna: I am 78 years old, took my last flu shot in 1972, and that year was the last time I had the flu.

  • Marcy Laborde Nelson

    Paranoia reigns supreme in this thread. Big Pharma is bad, so are other corporations. Each must make his/her own decisions about his/her own life. Good luck to you all in this. Live long and prosper, as Mr. Spock would say.

  • TomP

    I just finished reading the book “Primal Panacea”, written by Thomas E Levy, MD, JD. He is a board cerified cardidologist. In it he provides overwhelming evidence of the use of high dose IV vitamin C as a curative for many of the things that we desire to eraticate (albeit poorly) with vaccines. For those of you who are wanting to dismiss this out of hand, it has 75 years of evidence available. Don’t look for wide spread application in the US, for it is counter to many long held beliefs in healing. This is making inroads in New Zealand especially with the recovery of Allan Smith, near death, on life support, from H1N1. Documented on 60 minutes, August 2010 it is a truly remarkable story.

    But a story that won’t be widely received after looking at the information that Jay provided above.

    • Karolyn

      i heard of that story. As a normal habit, I take 1000 mg of a good quality C, and when i feel a cold coming on, I double it. Vit. D3 is also a miracle vitamin. Bob Livingston is a big proponent of it and blogged about it here. I take around 5000 mg. of a good D3 every day. I just don;t get sick’ and on the ratre occasion I start coming down with a cold, the duration is like one or two days.

      • TomP

        That’s great! I love it when I talk to someone who understands the nutrient thing, especially the D3 issue, I take 5-6K daily and I don’t run from the sun but am smart with exposure. It’s looking like C is just as important as the D3 is. :o)

  • boyscout

    The vaccines are really wonderfully good. For Big Pharma. The “B” really stands for “Billions.” And for their sister outfit, the FDA. Guaranteed sales ! Make Billions ! And, as a kicker, there’s the ever present opportunity to spike the mix and get a good study on what the boys down at the recombinant DNA lab have conjured up. ( a little bird, a little swine, some basic human – ooh and lets have it vector with a cough or sneeze)
    Ever think that at one time there were just too many dinosaurs ?

  • Peter

    Let’s get one thing ABUNDANTLY CLEAR now and forever more!


    Every effect of every drug is a DIRECT EFFECT of that drug!

    Some effects may be undesirable, but they are no less direct effects.
    They may not affect every user of a drug, but they are no less direct effects.
    The term ‘side effect’ is a clear euphemism designed deliberately to reduce the mental impact and importance of these undesirable effects of a drug in the perception of the user.

    It is an absolute LIE to claim otherwise!

    • waltinseattle

      side effect: an euphemism for all effects other than the effects useful for the drug relating to the specific cure claimed for it. when side effects become useful effects…the term is not applied …see easy peasy…

  • Jay

    Smallpox and forced vaccination: What every American needs to Know!

  • uvuvuv

    i was vaccinated for measles and chicken pox by having them. i never did have the mumps. in 1957 asiatic flu was the big threat, but no vaccine campaign. then they had that hong kong flu. if i ever did get the flu i called in sick and had myself a nice achy day. then i went back to work. i think tetanus and polio are in order, and get this, i even had a small pox shot. the trouble with flu vaccines is they try to guess what strain will be prevalent that year. if they guess wrong, everyone is vulnerable. also with the huge production of the vaccines i would think it could open up qc problems. for example, which car will be made more shoddily, a ford escort or a lamborghini. the answer, no fair peeking, the ford. if a contaminated batch gets by you could have deaths in the 1000s. why not just be sick for a day? if at all.

  • uvuvuv

    maybe gays are born that way and it’s these vaccines that are doing it. i mean back in the 60s on our entire campus there might have been a couple prissy guys but no one who was an actual gay suspect. maybe i was. i wore dresses to class.

  • uvuvuv

    from reading the comments this looks like one area where the tolerant and harmonious dems and the ignorant bigot repubs might agree.

  • SiliconDoc

    Wow. So many year of lies before I hear the other side of the story on polio vaccinations.
    I’d like to thank Mr. Livingston for sharing that.

  • Julie D

    Does anyone know how we can effectively avoid vaccinating our children when these vaccines are required for them to attend school? My kids are required to get a DTP booster and a meningitis vaccine next year to enter the sixth grade.

    • Cathy

      Julie, It’s a LIE that kids need to be vaccinated to attend school. Depending on which state you are in, you can get one or more types of exemptions. You can also go in person to your local health department and request an exemption form. Sign it, have it notarized and it to the school nurse and that’s it.

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  • Bonnie

    Julie and anyone else out there asking. Every state has a waver you can get and fill out so that your child can go to school and not get any of those deadly vaccines.

  • Ida June Thorpe

    I had a “flu shot” in 2006 and got Gillian Berea from it.. I almost died from taking the shot and getting a stomach virus soon after that. In a very short time, I went from having my feet tingling to the top of my head. I was in the hospitarl foor 127 days.. I don’t remembr very much in all that time. I was bed fast for 11 months.. It took alot of therapy to get me where I am today. I have been told that I can NEVER take another flu shot because it would kill me.

  • Josie Grace

    If you they don’t list EVERY ingredient DON”T put it in your BLOOD STREAM!!!!MAKE IT THE LAW –EVERY PHARMACY DRUG ‘MUST’ HAVE A LIST OF INGREDIENTS…..Just like the grocery store!!!

  • Robert C. Eisenberg, PhD (Microbiology)

    Vaccines have saved many millions of lives. The use of vaccines is scientifically and medically sound, nearly all practicing physicians and medical scientists confirm this fact daily. When you hear or see the sort of blabber in this report you better check out what they are trying to sell you, it sure isn’t the truth!

    Dr. Bob

  • Old504Troop

    In 2010, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” – We LOWER the population using vaccines? Scary. Noticed how drug stores, even supermarkets in the past year have been pushing “shingles” vaccines? I didn’t think shingles was such an issue, so I was suspicious-why such an emphasis on vaccines?
    The MSM failed to report on Bill Clinton addressing Oxford College – “Bill Clinton: Voters don’t know about resource scarcity” and “Resource Depletion: Catasophe or Opportunity” – all on BBC news.

    • TerriG

      Please provide a valid link to Bill Gates saying this.

      • waltinseattle

        because with health service third worlders wont need to breed so much to assure old age has children surviving to care for them !!! of course out of context it sounds like something else doesn’t it. but he did say it and a lot more of CONTEXT which liars won’t give you a chance to read and make up your own mind’s conclusion. typical liars/haters…he said it perhaps when his fndation started malaria irradication. there was some controversy over DDT back then. AMERICANS LYING, SAYING WE NEVER used Ddt for mass public sprayings. of course we who were there know better…Then more recently Gates switched to mosquitto net program. doc required. more market diffusion (and at a local human level) in place of the great white gods who came interfered and left…i too don’t have citations. just memory.


    the US government released biological ‘germwarfare’ agents into the NY subway to measure their effectiveness in the mid 20th century.

    they studied syphillis patients progress into insanity and death in a US government
    experiment, which was on black patients that believed that they were being cured. this was a type of medical experiment that Dr. Mengala (sic) would have done with the Nazi’s blessings.

    the swine flu was a farce. (thousands had nerve damage and are permanently disabled)

    the bird flu was a farce, and we replace expired doses (millions) with our tax $$ constantly.

    big pharma antidepressant drugs administered to young men causes them to be violent and suicidal: columbine, Va. Tech, et al.

    TaxMeMoreVille, Brokifornia

    push 1 for English ONLY in the USA

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  • S Malaney

    Massive doses of Vitamin D3 are just another way to push people into the arms of the big pharmaceutical companies. Look at the trends. A direct correlation between rising uses of massive does of D3 and lifestyle drugs (high blood pressure, impotence, ericticle disfunction)> Americans ar 5% of the worlds population yet we consume 30% of the medication. If you need vitamin D – get outside for 20-30 minutes a day, of use full spectrum lighting in your home./

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