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Picket Fences Are Long Gone

August 24, 2012 by  

Picket Fences Are Long Gone

The American middle class is shrinking rapidly, and those holding on to the vestiges of the socioeconomic bracket once exemplary of the American dream now have it worse than ever before.

This, according to a new study out from the Pew Research Center, is a trend that will most likely continue in the United States. As both President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney attempt to make their case to the American public of how they plan to embolden the American middle class, the population segment is in the worst shape it’s been since World War II.

In 1971, about 61 percent of American households were described as middle class. Today, just 51 percent fall into the group. The most rapid decline in middle-class affluence, according to Pew, has occurred over the past decade.

According to Pew:

For the middle-income group, the “lost decade” of the 2000s has been even worse for wealth loss than for income loss. The median income of the middle-income tier fell 5%, but median wealth (assets minus debt) declined by 28%, to $93,150 from $129,582.

The research center notes that the dismal past decade the middle class has endured has taken its toll on the confidence of middle-class Americans, with 23 percent doubting they will have the savings to last throughout retirement and only two-thirds believing that hard work guarantees one might get ahead.

“The notion that we are a society with a large middle class, with lots of economic and social mobility and a belief that each generation does better than the next — these are among the core tenets of what it means to be an American,” said Paul Taylor, the Pew Research Center’s executive vice president. “But that’s not necessarily the case anymore.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vigilant

    Just to be fair, let’s not forget that Americans defined as living in poverty have lifestyles and luxuries far betond the poor in other countries.




      • FreedomFighter

        I grilled some steaks, they were very tasty.

        F-tofue and all the commes reading this.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi




      • Vigilant

        CAH, thanks for asking. We just did a simple burgers , dogs and bratwurst affair, with chip ‘n dip, salads, desserts, soft drinks and lots of beer. The old gang was well represented, and reminiscing about the good old days in the 50s and 60s, when we were kids, was a lot of fun. Weather was perfect.

        The food police didn’t show up, so if I was violating any ordinances I got away with it!

    • BigTnTDaddy

      There are many whom are in poverty that live larger than me who is, by definition, upper middle class! They drive Escalades, wear bling, and have manicured nails, have new cell phones and designer shoes and jeans, yet are always there to receive their free lunches and school supplies.

      • Doc Sarvis

        The “wealfare queen” story has been going around for quite some time. While there may be some anomalies in the welfare system, the vast majorityof welfare recipients are quite poor and need the assistance. The cheaters are few and far between.

      • Flashy

        Doc…i’ve heard that tale being related …and when i ask the speaker if they know of anyone living like that…the line is always the same…they don’t. They ‘saw’ someone, or ‘was told’ by someone who’s ‘neighbor” lived like that…

        When one says they are “patriots’, yet helped move this nation close to the abyss all the while insisting it’s everyone else’s fault)…one has to question to whom or what they are ‘patriotic’ to.

      • Ted Crawford

        I’m afraid that you are mistaken here Doc, and I speak from empirical knowledge. I grew up on Welfare! While i agree that the majority are needy, the larger portion of those are needy because of self inflicted causes! Addicition is a primary cause, followed closely by laziness & irresponsibility! They are simply satisfied with what they get and have no motivation to better themselves! I would suspect that 30 to 35 percent have little or no other options, the remaining 65 to 70 percent could, if they would, change their circumstances!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Ted Crawford,
        Empirical “evidence” yet still anecdotal. And isn’t it great that your family had that social support when you needed it.

      • dlee4144

        If you don’t know anyone who is living in poverty, it’s because you have managed to insulate yourself. You live in a neighborhood that is middle class, you never take food to your local food bank, you don’t volunteer at any agencies designed to help those who are homeless. This is like walking around with your eyes closed and saying that you can’t see any light, so the world must be a very dark place. The darkness in this case is in your own head. Open your eyes, walk out of your own little comfortable nest and try to help someone who needs it. I guarantee you, they aren’t hard to find.

      • speedle

        Doc says “Empirical “evidence” yet still anecdotal”

        Doc, do you have any empirical evidence to the contrary? I am not talking about phony government reports that go no further than reported income statistics.

      • Doc Sarvis

        from TX – Majority of welfare recipients have recent work experience
        70% some recent work experience

        Benefit levels in state TANF programs are so low that a family cannot meet its basic needs.

      • speedle

        “43% have worked in past 24 months”

        Doc, from your referenced report. Is this what you mean by “recent”? This means 57% have not worked in the last 24 months. Spin it however you like eh?

    • MomTaxpayerCitizen

      That trend is quickly changing, as the poor in other countries are coming here for U.S. government handouts while working for cash and sending tax-free dollars back to their own country. Many are doing much better than citizens who are having to support their own families (in addition to the families of millions of foreigners) while paying taxes on their earnings.

      • Ted Crawford

        Very good point! Just imagine how much worse it will become if Obama is re-elected! Textbook application of the Cloward-Pivin Tactic!

      • Kate8

        Mom – Never mind the illegals sending money back to their countries. Obama sends our money all over the world. That is the REAL redistribution of our wealth he’s about. (In fairness, our guv has been supporting the world for a long time, committing economic tyranny.) It’s just that Obama intends to send ALL of it, completely gutting the US.

        When I was young and liberal, my in-laws were avid John Birchers. I thought they were nuts. But they used to tell me how the commies, disguised as the Left, would dismantle our country until they eliminated the middle class. They knew how the takeover was happening. There actually were Congressmen who lectured about this in townhalls, and the Birchers tried to warn us. Of course, the Left being behind the slow corruption, ridiculed and marginalized them. Heck, today they’d arrest them.

        I have kept this in mind, watching this very thing happening for all these years. Now I see all that they told me coming to pass. Though I was more liberal then, I wasn’t stupid. I just didn’t make the connections, being young and inadequately informed. I did try to point these things out to my family and friends, both D and R, and they all laughed at me.

        Now I see the liberals still haven’t figured things out. They still don’t see anything happening. Well, maybe a few, but they can’t see beyond blaming the Right. Now I know it’s both D and R selling us out, and I have no illusions about Repubicans anymore.

        The only ones who are going to save America us US. That person in the mirror. The buck stops here. And we may have to face things we never dreamed possible, do things we never could imagine doing.

    • John J.

      The poverty level has been defined by the United States government and yes, there were many people on government assistance in my neighborhood (I knew them personally) who were able bodied adults but had been on Welfare for generations. They never even considered looking for a job – that would have been ridiculous to them. Now, under Barry, Welfare is returning to that state because of his recent “waviers.”

    • SJJolly

      “… Americans defined as living in poverty have lifestyles and luxuries far beyond the poor in other countries.” Meaning, that those living on the street have sidewalks to sleep on, (stolen) shopping carts to transport their belongings, and (maybe) access to a porta-toilet? Better than any number of 3rd or 4th world countries, yes, but hardly anything for us to brag about. Those on the upper edge of the poverty income scale might have a car to sleep in, and a cell phone, yes. As long as they can keep up the phone service payments, and can keep their cars registered.

  • Doc Sarvis

    With more and more of our financial resources being concentrated in the top 1% or so there is far less for the rest of us hard working Americans. While I have nothing against earning wealth I do have an issue of those with lots of money buying legislators/policy to favor themselves even more. The conservative Supreme Court’s ruling on the Citizens United case, allowing unlimited anonymous funding to political candidates from corporations, is a prime example of this.

    • FreedomFighter

      Actually the government is stealing more than ever and spending twice the amount it steals.

      Laus Deo
      Semper fi

      • Doc Sarvis

        Government spending under Obama, including his signature stimulus bill, is rising at a 1.4% annualized pace – slower than at any time in nearly 60 years.
        Wall Street Journal, 5/22/2012

      • Whit

        Federal spending per household:

        Federal spending is skyrocketing. Democrat and Republican parties are equally to blame. We need representatives who have the courage to rein in spending. Playing the blame game benefits no one.

        One possible bright spot is the report that presumptive candidate Romney is proposing an energy plan that would open more oil drilling on public land, adding jobs and revenue as well as lessening our dependence on foreign oil imports.

        “Green” energy is a great concept but as has clearly been shown, not yet ready to supply the needs of our country. Green energy technology needs to be developed and become cost efficient before it can begin to replace current energy sources.

      • speedle

        Doc says “Government spending under Obama, including his signature stimulus bill, is rising at a 1.4%”

        Good Lord Doc, talk about liars figuring and figures lying, where in the world do you get this? This is a complete load of s–t. We are trillions in debt since Obama took office and you are trying to say that spending has risen 1.4%. Spending on federal employees alone dwarf that figure.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I showed where I got it; Wall Street Journal, 5/22/2012. You might read my post before you fly off the handle.

      • http://speedle speedle

        Doc, I saw your post but I don’t have access the the WSJ for that day. The issue I have is you are using some number that is out of context for the subject matter we are discussing. There is simply no way that anyone can make the case that Obama has increased spending by only 1 and 1/2%. If this was in the WSJ there is a big qualifier of some sort that disqualifies that statistic for what we are discussing.

      • eddie47d

        My comment was mostly to speedle and I wasn’t really disagreeing with you Whit but few here come up any solid solutions.

    • eddie47d

      You are both right so what are you going to do about it except bellyache? Remember almost all tangible wealth was lost in 2008. The housing market had already crashed and that is where most of the Middle Class assets were at. Next the Stock market crashed in 2008 which knocked the Middle Class and the wealthy down another notch. The thing is the Middle Class couldn’t afford to stay in the Stock market so they didn’t retrieve the gains that have been made recently. The wealthy got richer in the last 3 years and the Middle Class shrank and mostly from 2008 or earlier. Taxes from the government haven’t changed much in the last 4 years so anyone saying high taxes are a major culprit in our current mess have blinders on.

      • Whit

        @ eddie47d:
        You write: “You are both right so what are you going to do about it except bellyache?”

        As your response is directly following mine, I presume you are directing your comment partially to me. Please quote the sentence(s) in which I “bellyache?”


  • Flashy

    Welcome to the results of Reagan’s War on the Middle Class and carried to today’s results by Bush II. During that period beginning with Reagan’s policies, we have witnessed the largest wealth transference in the history of mankind as the Middle Class was raped and the wealth handed to the upper 1% and Corporate America.

    The financial numbers effects of policies are indisputable to any rational and reasonable analysis.

    • Ted Crawford

      Nice try, wrong, but nice try! The primary reason that few can become self-employed today, is the egregious regulatory policies forced on us(for our own good of course) by Bureaucrats! For goodness sakes, a youth, trying to earn a little money for camp, just in order to sell a $.25 drink on their own front lawn are required to obtain such a myriad of licenses and permits that it runs the price so high that few will buy! In a recent example someone was forced to stop GIVING AWAY refreshment, due to permit requirements!

      • Flashy

        Hmmm…have an example? mind you, there are 10,016 cities in this nation, 18, 200 towns and villages. One example means just exactly what ?

        TYhis is the simplistic mindset at work. Take for example the issue of violence. 50 years ago, one received news via newspaper and 30 minutes on the TV. If you live in Tennessee…chances were slim to none you’d hear of anything in Colorado unless it was huge.

        Today? A child goes missing in Minnesota and it becomes daily headlines in Miami.

        Place it all in perspective Ted…place it in perspective. of course a bureaucrat somewhere will be an idiot. And likely receive a pink slip soon thereafter which you never hear about. And of course there is usually a lot more to a story than initially told.

        For instance, there is a frippin’ idiot in Oregon who is spending time for contempt of court for not abiding by water law and state policy. he’s built three huge water reservoirs on his property, says they are filled by rainwater and why should he have to abide by law? this story was included and highlighted in a PL article here a few weeks back.

        What was not told is that the place is a semi desert, water is scarce, the reservoirs simply cannot be fllled by the amount of rain the area averages, and it’s taking water via runoff and ground water supplies from those who have existing water rights…some are ranches in existence for over 100 years. The guy has become a cause celebre’ for TPers everywhere…but in the area. the local ranchers want to lynch the frippin’ a**hole.

        Place it in perspective…get the full story. And above all…if it comes from the Right, check, double check, and view with a huge amount of skepticism…

  • peter

    Slavery looms, isn’t that the general idea?

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Lets not forget Reagan and Bush caused it all huh ,You illbred stupid idiots have never had an intelegent thing to contribute yet so that being the level of intelect just say Bush or Reagan to start your post and we wont even have to guess who is writing.

    • Flashy

      Look at the numbers, they are undeniable.

      Reagan piled on the debt, then promoted policies which began the transfer of wealth and concentration of power to the wealthy and Corporate America. bush II/Cheney hammered the last few nails in the coffin.

      And y’all denigrate Pres. Obama for carrying the fight to them and not being able to reverse the flow and regain Middle Class stability and health in a mere three years?

      Unreal, irrational, delusional. One has to ask to whom or what are you loyal to…’cause it sure as heck ain’t America !

      • Ted Crawford

        REALLY ? Prior to the Progressive hijacking of the Democrat Party, Liberals understood the problems and even more importantly, they understood the sustainable solutions to these problems. ” A tax cut means higher Family incomes and higher business profits and a balanced Federal Budget ” John Kennedy! Where did Obama come up with the idea that raising taxes was the answer: ” The way to crush the Bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation” Vladimir Lenin

      • Flashy

        Ted….that tax cut by JFK was targeted at the Middle Class incomes. Much like what this president proposes.

        Do away with the special tax bracket for the 1%, have them pay the same rate as the Middle Class..and step back as the engine begins to hum.

        Consumers…i.e. the Middle Class, are the Job creators. If there are buyers for the products, businesses will be created to serve that demand. If there are no buyers, it doesn’t matter how much the taxes are cut for the wealthy….they won’t create jobs or businesses since the 99% don’t have any money to buy the product.

        Simple math…which escapes the TP supporters as they aren’t being programmed for intelligent thought…

      • Vicki

        Flashy writes:
        “Do away with the special tax bracket for the 1%, have them pay the same rate as the Middle Class..and step back as the engine begins to hum.”

        Good Idea. Let them pay the full middle class rate:

        Single Filing Status
        [Tax Rate Schedule X, Internal Revenue Code section 1(c)]

        10% on taxable income from $0 to $8,700, plus
        15% on taxable income over $8,700 to $35,350, plus
        —> 25% on taxable income over $35,350 to $85,650, plus
        —> 28% on taxable income over $85,650 to $178,650, plus
        33% on taxable income over $178,650 to $388,350, plus
        35% on taxable income over $388,350.

        Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er) Filing Status
        [Tax Rate Schedule Y-1, Internal Revenue Code section 1(a)]

        10% on taxable income from $0 to $17,400, plus
        15% on taxable income over $17,400 to $70,700, plus
        25% on taxable income over $70,700 to $142,700, plus
        28% on taxable income over $142,700 to $217,450, plus
        33% on taxable income over $217,450 to $388,350, plus
        35% on taxable income over $388,350.

        Married Filing Separately Filing Status
        [Tax Rate Schedule Y-2, Internal Revenue Code section 1(d)]

        10% on taxable income from $0 to $8,700, plus
        15% on taxable income over $8,700 to $35,350, plus
        25% on taxable income over $35,350 to $71,350, plus
        28% on taxable income over $71,350 to $108,725, plus
        33% on taxable income over $108,725 to $194,175, plus
        35% on taxable income over $194,175.

        Head of Household Filing Status
        [Tax Rate Schedule Z, Internal Revenue Code section 1(b)]

        10% on taxable income from $0 to $12,400, plus
        15% on taxable income over $12,400 to $47,350, plus
        25% on taxable income over $47,350 to $122,300, plus
        28% on taxable income over $122,300 to $198,050, plus
        33% on taxable income over $198,050 to $388,350, plus
        35% on taxable income over $388,350.

        Flashy forgot to identify the “middle class” so I guessed based on the tax rates that they are 25% or 28% taxed. I am reasonably sure that the 1% would be quite happy to pay the “higher” rate of the middle class since that is ~10% lower than what they currently pay (35%)

      • Flashy

        Vicki…I meant exactly what i stated. Currently, the wealthy have a tax breaks and deductions which are, in theory, available to all…yet one must make a few shekels above Middle income to take advantage of those. Wipe those deductions and tax breaks out. There is no fairness in Romney etc showing us he made 20 mil, and yet paid less than you and I as a percentage of income. There is no fairness in burdening the Middle Class when the wealthy skate on our backs.

        You really believe Mitt when he claims he paid “at least” 13.9% in taxes the preceding years he won’t show us? Is there fairness when 27 of the top 50 corporations paid their CEOs more in income than they did in taxes?

        If they are screaming the rates are killing them, then let’s give them what they want. Lower the top rates to middle income levels and wipe out the deductions and credits.

        Betchya they scream….which should leave you to ask…why would they scream?

      • Vicki

        Evidence flashy, evidence.

        meanwhile those mean rich people are totally failing at taking advantage of the tax breaks flashy claims they have. (<— flashy, this is an example of evidence. I know you know how cause you have used them before)

    • eddie47d

      Gottaplenty has plenty of name calling and few marbles in his comment. That is why nothing will change because neither side wants to retrace history on when it really happened. There is no free pass for Democrats or Republicans alike. Its time to stop coddling the wealthy as so dang special as warranting their riches and it is also time time to stop coddling those who won’t work. The Middle Class is pulled apart by both sides (the rich and poor /left and right) That includes the greedy rich and an overburdened government where everyone wants something from Uncle Sam.

      • vicki

        Eddie47d writes:
        “Its time to stop coddling the wealthy as so dang special as warranting their riches”

        It sounds like you don’t believe that a person should be allowed to keep the wealth they have earned. Why is that?

      • eddie47d

        Lets just say the system is rotting from the top down.

    • OLD MAN

      RIGHT ON,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Whit

    Chart showing median income and unemployment rate from January, 2000 through April, 2012:

    • Flashy

      Shows exactly what Bush II and Cheney did to us doesn’t it. Bush II took a sound economy, a budget well on the way to paying off the debt, no unemployment, class stability and social cohesiveness, peace, the US sitting as the leader of the world..and out of all that…placed us in a position which we escaped a Depression by the skin of our teeth, unemployment numbers unseen since the 30′s, two wars, HUGE budget deficits, class warfare, and a pariah nation internationally.

      • Ted Crawford

        Could any of this been a factor of deficit spending? Bush ’43′ had an average annual deficit increase of 2.7% from 2000 thru 2006. Too high for my tastes but just .01% higher than the established average annual increase. Mid 2007 the deficit increase began a meteroric rise, culminating in mid 2008 at over 6%, the collapse began just months later. What changed in 2007? I remember! Harry Reid became Majority Leader of the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House! Article1 Section 7 Clause 1 makes this all very clear!

      • Flashy

        What changed on ’07? Ummmm…perhaps those two wars were included in the budget instead of hidden spending? ya think? The housing bubble which Bush II/Cheney relied upon to hide the weaknesses of the system they built started to burst? ya think?

        The rot was apparent in 2002 when the surplus opportunity was given away instead of either used to pay down the debt or reinvested in America.

        Think about that. Actually, just think.

  • Fedup!

    Well with SOCIALISM you have a very rich Government only and people living on scraps so yeah with this stupid administation you can guarentee it to get worse and it is exactly what the new KING wants!!!!

    • Joe hammond

      Do you think Sweden is a socialist country? If you do please see where they are when it comes to educated people, healthy people, people with jobs and social rest within their country. Or perhaps you should look at those socialist Germans who provide excellant education, healthcare, and infrastructure while trying to cope with the Turkish influx. Or Finland which has the best education and one of the healthiest populations in the world.

      What seems to be missing in this conversation is why did the masters of the corporations ship so many jobs to Communist China? For profit of course and the giant bonuses that the dividend holders give them. Why are there so many jobs gone? Because so many “patriots” buy goods that say “Made in China” (not “Made in Communist China”) from places such as Wal-Mart. They would rather spend the money supporting a communist slave state to save a few bucks than keep US workers employed (and I bet a lot of that money ends up in Seagrams alcohol…a Canadian company). And what does Communist China do with the $$$?….Buy more war weapons!!! So we get unemployment and poverty, the 1% get massive bonuses, and the Communists of China get a bigger and better military…..

      And here is the real comedy….we do not allow any trade or visits to Communist Cuba but we sure allow our corporate masters to move jobs out to Communist China by the thousands…Think it has to do with the politics of southern Florida and the Cuban exiles?……Amerikan hypocrisy! Ya gotta luv it all the way to the poor house…..

  • Fedup!

    Hey flashy, when are you going to come out from behind that BUSH???

    • Flashy

      It will take 10 years to recover from what the neocons and the far right did to us in 2001-2008. And that’s if they get out of the way and let the Moderates and Progressives fix it without being harassed and blocked at every turn.

      You got what you wanted in the 00′s….now that you have it, let us fix it so you quit whining and yapping…

      • http://na Mike in NE

        Flushly, why even still try? Must be for the newer readers, if you have been around here for a while like me, realize I don’t concern myself with your drivel like many others. No credibility ring a bell?

  • brett

    “another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise”– thomas jefferson to james madison, 1785.

    “i like the power given to the legislature to levy taxes, and for that reason solely approve of the greater house chosen be the people directly. for though i think a house chosen by them will be very illy qualified to legislate for the union, for foreign nations, etc., yet this evil does not weigh against the good of preserving inviolate the fundamental principle that the people are not to be taxed but by representatives chosen immediately by themselves.”– thomas jefferson to james madison, 1787.

    last i knew we could all agree that our gov’t has been up for sale to the highest bidder.

    of all the isms, i don’t share this irrational fear of communism or socialism because they are both antiquated ideas based on a society from 150 years ago that didn’t fully understand the creativity of individuals and the belief in free will or self determination, and there fore no longer has a place in modern society.
    capitalism stands the best chance, but since its essence is in the concept of free trade and shared profit, it can only be applied on a global level, through democratic means. however, since special interests have ruled economic trade since the beginning of early societies ( all though in many cases this was in the form of self preservation ) and because of the perpetuations of stereotypes and prejudicial fears, this is not likely to happen any time soon.
    culturally speaking, we have not advanced much past the time when self appointed anointed ones ruled only because they said so and the masses are always too complacent to change.
    since the end of ww1, monied interest went from colonialism in the interest of nation, to corporatism which is now global and is no longer of any one national concern.

    this petty bickering gets us nowhere.
    if we don’t unite in what we can agree upon, we will all fail.

    • vicki

      “last i knew we could all agree that our gov’t has been up for sale to the highest bidder.”

      Our government is still elected by US. The politicians will buy votes from us by promising “bacon” but it is still us (well was. Not sure who is counting the votes these days) who votes. The highest bidder would be the politician who promises the most to the voter.

      • brett

        too many voters, vote less on facts, than media propaganda, which is payed for by special interests. campaign funds come more from special interests than average citizens. lobbyist write more of our laws than the people we supposedly elected.

        i have no problem with people enjoying the fruits of their labor, however how does your comment to eddie correlate to what jefferson stated concerning taxes?

        how is it that you do not see that we are no longer truly represented?

      • Vicki

        Brett says
        “how is it that you do not see that we are no longer truly represented?”

        What would be truly representative? We vote. Due to the known side effects of a democracy people who are entirely too ignorant to be allowed to vote, vote. Democratic principles guarantee that we will get the lowest common denominator even without special interests.

        The founders had a good system. Only people with skin in the game voted. Everyone else didn’t need to cause the restrictions on government (The Constitution) insured that they would be left alone.

        Then the progressives came with their “one man one vote soundbyte”.

        I do have a suggestion though. He that votes for a tax gets to pay the tax. Since votes of representatives are a matter of public record we will know who votes. Let them spend their own money and see how long in microseconds they cut spending.

        Of course I can hear the liberals screaming now about the unfairness of it all so I propose that he and everyone in his district pays the tax he votes for. The pork still goes to everyone in the district. Bet it will take less than 1 election cycle to balance the budget.

  • Thirty-Something

    From the PEW Data: “[From 1970-2010], the share of the adult population living in upper-income households rose to 20% from 14%; for middle-income households, it fell to 51% from 61%; and for lower-income households, it rose to 29% from 25%.” More middle classers became upper class than became lower-class!

    Furthermore, “From 1970 to 2010, median incomes rose 43% for upper-income households, 34% for middle-income households and 29% for lower-income households.” Aren’t rising incomes for everyone on average a good thing?! Yes upper incomes grew greatest, but middle income and lower income still grew too. Now the new median is such that more middle-classers are in the upper class than became lower class.

    What is the agenda of the people making the headlines for this study who I argue are not interpreting all the facets of the data?

  • swampfox

    Screw foodstamps,when i got out corps,I went straight to work,
    my father who was old school,was in the navy for 22 yrs,told me never be a bum.
    when i was a kid,I worked my arse off mowing lawns for five bucks a pop,did odd jobs.
    I always had fundage to buy shotgun and .22 rounds to go shooting and plinking,fishing gear.
    when graduated h.s,my ol man,told me get my arse out the house,
    so joined the marines (my dad liked to sh*t himself)
    my grandparents in south Carolina sharecropped tobacco and never asked the damn govt for nothin.
    they worked HARD for everything they got.
    I know,I lived with them when i was younger in Marion s.c,I learned from a very young age that it is hard work by a man’s hand that gets Yah where Yah need to go,that and your word and integrity.
    I still beleive when you shake a man’s hand and give him your word you are beholden to it,period!

    I went into the construction field when i got out the corps and have been WORKING to earn my way eversense.many is the day I went home soaked in sweat and covered in grime and studd grease or drywall grunge dogtired.
    in all the yrs I have worked,I have went through periods of no work and fundage got super tight,
    know what i did?
    I found other work and prayed and worked my way through the tough times.I NEVER EVER asked the govt for a freaken dime,I was’nt brought up that way,never be a bum.
    guess I’m old school.but i can say I have NEVER taken unemployment,nor asisstance from the dang govt,though my church helped with groceries a time or two(that’s what tithes are used for in part)

    I am now 51 and and STILL working,times are tough with this scumbag ovomit in office,I have struggled like I have never had to before,went without more than once,slept next to the job one time because I did’nt have the gas fundage to drive across town back and forth,was that fun?
    heck no,but i did it and got through it and the LORD honored and blessed me for it.

    the lords word says,IF A MAN DON’T WORK,HE DONT EAT!
    the LORD himself abhors the lazy and slothful,so do i.

    now we got a society that’s so sorry many won’t get off their lazy arse and do.a honest days work,because it would interfere with their free govt stuff!
    sorry lazy worthless layabouts who live off of me and others who work our arse off for everything we get.
    makes me mad as a wet cat.
    free cellphones,foodstamps,assisstance of everykind,this is B.S!
    these illegals whom are GIVEN amnesty,they don’t give a damn about this country,I know,I have heard the crap they say when they talk among themselves and they don’t realize I know Spanish fairly well.they wouldn’t lift a friggen finger to fight for our nation!
    anyhow back to foodstamps,
    i realize their are those FEW who REALLY need them,but when i am a grocery store and watch some healthy larda,ss buy stuff I can’t even afford it makes my blood boil,I have seen em buy sodas,chips,candy and other crap that is’nt even food.and have seen more n once,them selling foodstamps for crack money and such.
    most of these sorry lazy leeches need to get a friggen honest job and EARN their food the old fashioned honorable way,WORK FOR IT!
    I am driving my ol woreout truck and these non working couch monkeys are riden around in new cars that is way out their means,sauntering into a grocery store,with fifty youngins and the woman has a arse so big It looks like a hundred pound sack of chopped liver and she buys (no,given) more food and junk than I could afford in a month,and then her crackdaddy or son or whatever he is,who is obviouly in full health and able to work,helps the said lazy leech load their vehicle with.all their goodies.
    I have seen em do more scams to GET free crap than you could imagine,makes me sick!
    and then they say their ain’t,b.s,there are plenty of jobs if they would get their lazy sorry selves out and find a job at tack bell,fastfood joint,stores,etc.
    they won’t,cause they are lazy leeching scumbags.
    so as I said,screw foodstamps,GO GET A JOB!!!!!!!

  • swampfox

    Us middle-class are.who keeps this country going and we are the ones whose votes are going to sack ovomit this Nov.

  • David Kruger

    I WAS a hard working man in the “upper middle class” but now I am 68 on a fixed income. All my savings was ued up when my son got brain cancer. I had some insurance but not enough to cover all expenses so now I am on SS. I have seen my expenses go up in many areas OVER 400 PERCENT!!!! No increase in my SS for three years and just a very small increase this year but the increase all went towards medical expenses. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO AFFORD STEAK YET THIS YEAR! So I applied for food stamps. WOW got a whapping $16. per month! What a scam! I really need assistance and they just slap me in the face! I guess they just want to show another person on food assistance!!!! but all the real money goes to all those lard aresas that never worked
    I am not living very well on $1,158. per month to cover house payment, car and gas and insurance expenses, I WOULD LOVETO WORK BUT I AM NOW 69 and I don’t have the stamana I had when i was younger.

  • swampfox

    David kruger
    where Yah from?
    I am.a Christian and would be willing to out,the LORD put you on my heart,I’ll add you to my prayer list.
    looked on the net,there are many with your name,what state and town you in,maybe I can Facebook you and get in touch with you…
    god bless bro.

    • David Kruger

      I am David Kruger in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and my e-mail address is

  • dkruger2

    What is the worse that would happen if we could ELECT SOMEONE FROM THE MIDDLE CASS? Personaly I would have the majority of Americans (and the middle class) at heart more than the upper class and big business because they are doing ok already. The middle and lower class need attention but the government only gives themselves BIG raises and more government which takes away from the very people they are supposed to be serving.

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  • banzai

    I work at a wal mart in central fla.. and i can tell you from FIRST hand sight… i see EVERY NIGHT the welfare kings coming in pulling up in newer cars/SUVs, gold on, I Phones, weaves, nails etc etc etc.. but have 2 HUGE overflowing buggies of food , all paid for by EBT ( food stamps here ). Also i dated a girl for a little bit that was on Welfare, so i went to the office with her a few times for things she had to do and yes , same thing… you see them gold teeth, and chains, 2k rims on newer cars, cell phones etc etc etc… NOT few and far between… at least here in Fla its the NORM…

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