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Physicians From The Tea Party Embrace Sharron Angle, Oppose Healthcare Reform

August 5, 2010 by  

Physicians From The Tea Party Embrace Sharron Angle, Oppose Healthcare ReformAn event set for Aug. 7 in San Diego will bring together doctors who are members or supporters of the Tea Party movement and United States Senate candidate from Nevada Sharron Angle, who has been an outspoken opponent of the administration’s healthcare reform.

National Doctors Tea Party was organized in response to the misconceptions surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) signed into law by President Obama in March. In particular, the participants want to highlight the dangers they believe will face the system once the reform’s provisions are implemented, including government bureaucrats deciding on treatment options, cost overruns and longer wait times for patients.

“We want the public to know that the American Medical Association does not speak for all doctors,” added Dr. Adam Dorin, a San Diego physician who co-organized the event. “Only 17 percent of practicing physicians belong to the AMA.”

Sharron Angle gained notoriety earlier this year when she suggested bartering for healthcare as a way to reduce cost. However, despite her Democratic opponent’s unpopularity, recent polls have showed the two in a dead heat.

In fact, according to a Mason-Dixon survey conducted for The Las Vegas Review-Journal and KLAS-TV, 43 percent of likely voters support Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and 42 percent are backing Angle.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19916829-ADNFCR

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  • Go Sharron

    I hope Sharron Angle wins, otherwise she has hinted at “second amendment options” if she doesn’t. Does she plan on using the guns herself in response to a loss, or will the Tea Party take up arms like it’s 1861 again? At least Sharron Angle is exposing the truth that unemployed people are “spoiled” in her words. Sharron says get off your butts, you lazy unemployed people! Isn’t it great that Sharron Angle is such a mainstream candidate and not an extremist at all?

  • CG

    Maybe she was invoking the second amendment options in terms of picking up a .38 caliber and shooting herself in the head once she loses to read. One can only hope.

    • Doc Sarvis

      She is already shooting herself in the foot.

    • James

      CG, Your attitude stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To wish the things you stated, is sick!!! You need help!!! Maybe some day you might confront a gun pointed at you!!!

  • CG


  • bob

    actually it was sue lowden that commented that people once bartered for healthcare, not sharron angle

  • Ellen

    Do your homework!! Angle was not the one who suggested bartering for healthcare as a way to reduce cost. That was Sue Lowden!! Can’t even get your story straight!

    • Palin12

      I noticed that too Ellen. I live in Nevada and am chomping at the bit to see Dirty Harry get Daschled.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I don’t care WHO beats him as long as he is gone!!! I don’t think we could do much worse unless it was Putin himself!!!

        • Palin12

          yeah, or Calderon.

      • Kinetic1

        Is Reid really so bad that you would accept a candidate who runs from the press? A candidate who calls a press conference, puts on a little show and then runs for the doors before anyone can ask a question? A candidate who even has to defend her actions to Fox news? Sharron Angle won’t even answer friendly questions unless they are on her list of “what I want the news to report.” Of course you can’t really blame her. When she did answer questions it quickly became clear just how extreme her views really are. I don’t know about you, but any candidate who’s handlers advise her to run and say nothing rather than risk answering questions about her stand on the issues without preparation is not someone I’d trust to make important decisions for me.

        • s c

          Far out, K1 dude! Fer sure, I’m so glad to hear you ADMIT that Herr Obummer is such an unworthy reject. Now you’re learning why so many people don’t trust Herr Obummer.
          Welcome to the other side, bro! You’ve nailed Herr Obummer’s main bad habits. I can no longer accuse you of not seeing what you don’t want to see. WAY TO GO!
          FYI, your conservative application is IN THE MAIL, too.

          • Kinetic1

            Ah, what a cute reply, sc. Hey, I did a little digging and you’ll just love the people behind “National Doctors Tea Party”. These are the same folks who founded the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) back in 1943. Their beef back then was with the Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill. You know, that bill that would bring health care to most US citizens? By 1965 they were fighting the Social Security Act (and the beginning of that awful Medicare) and calling it “evil” and “immoral”. Yep, they were described as an “ultra-right-wing… political-economic rather than a medical group,” with ties to the John Birch Society. They require their members to refuse any Government medical program as well as PRIVATE INSURANCE! Yep, they only want patients who pay their own way (even though insurance is paid for by the patient.)

            So why would this august organization of 4000 support Ms. Angle? Well I guess they agree that the FDA is unconstitutional. Maybe it’s their stand that “humanists” have conspired to replace the “creation religion of Jehovah” with evolution? Or is it their assertion that their is a link between abortion and breast cancer? Could it be that she agrees with their journal, The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons? They’re the ones who launched the Mexican Leprosy scare and promoted the idea that abortion causes birth defects such as cerebral palsy in the mothers’ future children. Sure, no reputable medical organization supports their findings. In fact, many have proven their methods and findings are filled with inconsistencies and poor methodology. Well, no one’s perfect.

            That’s IT! There’s the link between the AAPS and Sharon Angle! Neither of them are reputable, they can’t get their facts straight and neither of them can stand up to questioning. They’re perfect for each other.

        • http://naver Samurai

          Alright! I agree with s.c., you finally get a glimpse of the real Obama bin Laden in action. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Where Is Harry?

          Harry Reid is the one who is running from the press.
          And Rory Boy runs from his last name LOL

  • Doc Sarvis

    It is too bad that the well to do don’t like the idea of those with less to live on will get the health care they need.

    • Iambecomingpoor

      Healthcare for all maybe good in thought, but abuse will abound and cost will go up as it does in medicade and Medicare. Hope you have deep pockets as I have no choice but to become part of the entitled as my wife has illnesses and 1/3 of my pay goes to medical expense now. The insurance alone will be too much to handle and I will have to sell my house. I was middle class all my life now I will be poor as will many more middle class. I may not get medical attention as the government will determine who will get care and who will not and being older leaves me greater chance of (you have lived longer so we must take care of the young, that will be government policies). Healthcare for all hasn’t worked in Massachusetts, Canada and won’t work here. Business will continue to leave and the so called rich will find new home counties. The new doctors will be from 3rd world counties. When government is in charge, more laws and restrictions will follow. Goodbye freedoms, goodbye America…

      • Warrior

        Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands that will be walking in your shoes very shortly if this nonsense continues. Trickle up poverty is now the order of the day.

        • Tea Party Tim

          Exactly. Trickle up poverty is the end result of this nonsense. A ultra rich ruling class and a sub-servient lower class and no incentives for anything to ever be any different.

          • Kinetic1

            Did you miss the news? We have been headed that way for decades! Since the beginning of Reganomics the percentage of our countries’ wealth belonging to the top 1% has grown drastically, while those of us down below have received less and less. If you want to stop this, aim your sights at the migration of manufacturing jobs off our shores. We make less and less in this country. The real money here is in running corporations (even if you don’t do it well) and moving money around (in an electronic sense) and there are only so many people who get the opportunity to join the club. When “investment consultants” are given multi million dollar bonuses you know something is wrong. When a CEO is paid in the tens to hundreds of millions for laying off workers to make the bottom line look good, we’re in trouble. When the board of directors agrees to pay the CEO of a failing company Hundreds of billions of dollars to LEAVE before he causes any more losses, and then agrees to an even more lucrative contract for the next looser, how much is left for the rest of us?

            No, I’m not worried about government health care. The way people are supporting corporate rights, standing up for corporations who want to base their business in a mail box in the Camen islands to avoid paying taxes, I don’t think the Government will stand long enough for it to matter. And if by chance the Government can run on what little we the people have to give, then it will be controlled by corporations that can now use unlimited profits to buy advertising for candidates. Just imagine how our government will look when just 1 days profit from a big oil company can be used to outspend ALL of the candidates who are funded by traditional means.

            It used to be that we worried about leaving a job we hated because we were worried about our health care. Now, no matter how hard we are pushed and how little reward we receive, we stay because we’re afraid of ending up in the unemployment line. The good jobs have all left our shores with the financial support and blessings of our own government, leaving us nothing but “service” jobs (that’s flipping burgers for those of you who don’t read polito talk). Next time you hear about how “productive” Americans are, that’s their way of patting us on the back for working longer hours for less pay. And that “ultra rich ruling class and a sub-servient lower class” your worried about, it’s just out your window.

    • http://naver Samurai

      Self reliance, personal responsibility, and the vision to ensure that government remains our servents and not our masters. Its the responibility of the person for their own healthcare, the parents for the children’s healthcare, and this bill is a direct violation of the 10th Amendment of the Constitution. It’s just the enlarging of our self destructive welfare state that needs to go. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • DaveH

      Yeah, Doc, and they need food and shelter even more. All of which are going to become more scarce thanks to the incentive-killing theft by the Liberal Leaders. Who is going to want to do the work when a lion’s share of their efforts are going to those who don’t?
      As Government gets Bigger and more money is diverted into their coffers, there will be fewer people to do the work and thus fewer goods and services. So we will all get poorer. Try Cuba, Doc. You should love that land of equality (equally poor, that is).

      Not to mention the immorality of helping yourself to other peoples’ money (making slaves of them). I know that will fall on deaf ears with you Liberals because morality is lacking in your ranks.

    • Tea Party Tim

      You must be speaking about those in the legislature. Oh,’re not?

      Ok. Now I see. Those of us that work and pay for the stuff that we have need to also pay for the stuff that those that won’t work don’t have.


    • http://naver Samurai

      Well, doc, what about the people of Missouri voting 71% – 29% for their state government to not fine or penalize people for not taking Osamacare? What about in Virginia, where a federal court judge has ruled that Osamacare has too many constitutional violations to be legit and has allowed Virgina to move up to a higher court? Self reliance, personal responsibility, and the vision to ensure that government remains our servants and not our masters. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        With Koogle and Sotominor on the supremes we may have a problem Huston!!!

        • http://naver Samurai

          Maybe, maybe, but it would really be interesting to see what happens if this continues in the same direction in many other states. Your probably right, but it’s always good to hear some good news.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    What is wrong with the people in Nevada? Harry Reid needs to go! He does not have the interests of the people in mind.

    • Dan Burke

      I would agree with you. Unfortunately, you have to remember that sadly we live in what is apparently an entitlement mentality.

      Almost guaranteed voters for Reid:

      Welfare recipients – why vote for someone who thinks you ought to get a job instead?

      Unemployed for unemployment extensions – a catch 22 for the legitimate because the terrible job market is being fostered by those that continue with these policies but on the other hand you need a way to put food on the table and a roof over your head, but for those that aren’t so conservative and adverse to entitlements just see the comment on welfare recipients.

      Beneficiaries of or hopeful beneficiaries of appropriations/pork government spending – teacher’s unions, and another group that gets federal funds in any shape or quantity has an interest in making sure that not only do they elect someone who will continue those funds but perhaps raise them as well. This is also where seniority becomes a key factor in reelection because those with seniority have more “power” to “bring home the bacon.”

      In short, while the Democrats decry the greed of the people, and we call the rich evil for their much money, the adage is true that money is not evil. Rather it is the love of money that is the root of so much evil. In this case, not only are the “poor” (depending on your point of view) actually being dragged into bad government because of their greed. They are also coveting that which is their neighbors (that money you and I work hard to earn), which I thought was in violation of those basic Ten Commandments…. but then again, we have judges and lawyers demanding we remove those pesky Ten Commandments from our society too.

      • taxman

        very true Dan, only one comment about bringing home the bacon – The idea of the democrates is bringing home bacon from others who work for it and buying votes from those that don’t work.

  • Cribster

    Sharron is not very articulate but she has the proper mindset for reversing the statist landslide we’re getting buried under.

    Reid’s attack ads and mailings are indicative of his policies, he is a miserable, senile old miscreant. Misery loves company and he spreads his to millions of citizens with his misguided legislation.

    “Anybody but Reid.” Sharron gets my vote, hands down!

  • http://yahoo abby

    The reason Reid is in the voter’s position (tied) is simple; money is buy a lot of votes and money can be used for media hype; destroy the opponent. I hope the voters, when they go to the polls, are not fooled by this monkey business. Vote out the career politicians; bring out term limits; power versus the will of the people should be stressed. Reid has a lot of clout; he has the government on this side. We, the common folk, must not be told to “eat cake”. We need to telll the beaurocrats (sp) to eat the cake instead.
    Get out and vote; Send Reid packing.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I hope it backfires on him, the libbies take his money as usual and then VOTE AGAINST HIM!!!! That way they can at least sneak up on a mirror!!!

  • DrKete

    Why is it that the same people who are so happy to use govt assistance recoil at the thought of charity? Rich people give a lot of money to medical charities that take care of people who cannot afford treatment. Now that we are all paying for it through taxes, these will go away. I would prefer to take the charity that is freely given than abuse the taxpayers who are becoming slaves to the govt.

    • Dan Burke

      But see, private charities might require responsibility…. Whether it be that they actively take interest in not overspending the money that they receive and thus maximize how many they can help. Or in other words, they will hold you accountable to live with what they can afford to give you. Plus, there is the accountability that comes with knowing you received aid from people who chose to give instead of nameless government taxes. How many of us have seen “Pay It Forward?” I think on some small scale, there is unspoken truth to the responsibility of those that receive to give as well what they can and where they can. We often don’t have much, but some of us can fix something unique to our skills, or even just give some our time. I think some are adverse to private chariy because of those two sides of responsibility. Either the private charity can hold them accountable and responsible, even with the potential to stop providing because it the charity’s own right to choose to give aid. Or on the other hand, they fear it will work on them to make them responsible people….

      • DaveH

        The most charitable thing we can do is to Free up the Marketplace from stifling regulations so the people can do what they do best without jumping through the wasteful mind-numbing Government hoops. Hong Kong spends just 15% of their GDP on Government. Compare that to the United States which spends 37% of GDP on Government. And Hong Kong has a robust economy.
        When people are left alone they are happier and more productive. That leads to a more robust economy which in turn allows more resources for people to be charitable with. And as you stated, the private charities tend to be less wasteful with their financial resources than is Government.

        • Kinetic1

          Yes Dave, and China sends us toys tainted with lead, glasses with cadmium and toothpaste with diethylene glycol (anti freeze for the teeth?) No money wasted on regulations here! Also of note, they spend less than half of what we do on their military, 2% of GDP as opposed to 4.3%. But hey, if you want to support the idea of America becoming a polluted Communist state where children are forced to work in sweat shops and workers live in company controlled housing, you go for it! China, the new American dream!

          • Kinetic1

            Yes, before you ask I know that Hong Kong is “separate” from China.

          • http://naver Samurai

            Hong Kong is now ruled by China since Britain gave it back to them. Get your facts straight before you post!

          • Kinetic1

            My second post was a preemptive for those that would point out that Hong Kong has it’s own government (at least until 2047). They continue to use their own currency, legal system, and parliamentary system. China does provide them with protection (Army) and oversight, but there is some autonomy. Still, Hong Kong corporations own many of the sweatshops in China and allow many of the abuses I outlined.

            In short, my comment was for those who were informed enough to know that Hong Kong was autonomous and might use this as an argument. I guess you were not among that group, samurai.

  • eddie47d

    In past comments you all bash California for every thing under the sun and many of you support individual States rights. Okay! Now you are supporting California’s Dr.’s because it suits your cause and encouraging them to be involved in another States elections.

    • DaveH

      Do you know the difference between California’s Government and their private citizens? Do you know the difference between voluntary contributions and those forced by Government?
      Of course not, you’re a Liberal.
      It takes money for an unknown candidate to get public recognition. Whereas the incumbent has had years of public exposure, most challengers have not. And an unfortunate aspect of the voting public is that many people vote purely on the basis of recognition. They are often completely oblivious to the political history and principles (or lack thereof) of the candidates.
      For anybody that wants to support Sharron Angle in her efforts to unseat the evil Harry Reid, here is her website:

      • JeffH

        DaveH, if fast eddie couldn’t say something stupid he wouldn’t say anything at all.

        California? How did California end up as a part of his subject matter?

        I agree and have made a donation to Angle myself…Reid’s finished.
        Also, for anybody interested in ousting Barbara Boxer, support Carly Fiorina…another good conservative candidate, 2nd Amendment supporter and a fine example of a Texas woman who achieved the “American dream”. From secretary to CEO at HP. I’ve met her and have sat in on a TeaParty/Town Hall meet…never ducked a question and every answer was straight up, not political doublespeak. She will make an appearance at our little conservative group we call the American Patriots Club in Clovis/Fresno in Sept.
        Help defeat Boxer…Carly Fiorina foe Senate in California.

        • eddie47d

          Jeffy pop: “Calif. How did Calif. end up as part of subject matter”? The Dr.’s organization is in San Diego;now do you get it? I’m sure you knew that being from Calif. but as per usual had to be double stupid about it.Just to get your licks in,Right Jeffy. Your such a hack!

          • JeffH

            duh! fast eddie…did you bother to read my other comment? Duh! fast edduh!

          • http://naver Samurai

            Edduh! Please tell me where it says in the Constitution or what law says they can’t do such an action. Can’t think of anything, hmmm..?

      • Palin12

        You can count on me to vote for Angle. I live in NV.

    • JeffH

      Other than the doctor’s support conference for Angle is held in San Diego, this article is about Angle gathering support to unseat Dirty Harry of NEVADA.

      I’ve lived in California my whole life and most of the ridicule is well directed at California’s liberal political system. California is as, or more, liberal than Mass. or NY or any of the N Eastern seaboard states…why do you think we’re broke and have no industrial work base left. Se habla espanol?

      • s c

        JeffH, does Arnie still claim to be a ‘Republican,’ or has California gone ahead and hit the nearest fast forward button to know that Arnie is just another closet progressive?
        It seems to me that if it wasn’t for his taste in premium quality cigars, he’s also just another Shriver or Kennedy. No wonder California is so screwed.

    • http://naver Samurai

      Well, edduh! It seems that your brains have been fried on the liberal crack. Check out what has happened with Virginia and Missouri in reference to Osamacare. I think you’ll end up taking a leak in your pants! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • GregS

      eddie47d, states’ RIGHTS to enact laws and federal candidates running in states’ ELECTIONS are two totally DIFFERENT issues! As usual, you are confusing the issues, as you usually do!

    • s c

      Eduardo, it must be rough having such a thin skin. So Americans have no right to believe in states’ rights, eh? So MDs aren’t entitled to see Herr Obummer’s healthcare reform SCAM for what it is, eh? So you’d gleefully use the Constitution for toilet paper, eh? You ARE definitely a class act, guy.
      Ye gods, Eduardo. Every time you get on this website, you stretch the parameters of willing disbelief. Maybe you need a vacation. Try Cuba, and be sure to let us know how superior their healthcare system is to America’s. No doubt, when Herr Obummer’s Frankenstein healthcare reform SCAM kicks in, Cuba’s healthcare system WILL be better than ours.
      You’ll have to excuse me, but if your family motto isn’t NON COMPOS MENTIS, it should be. If you’re the best you can be, I’m a NASA astronaut.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If edduh goes to Cuba and uses their health care, he better not have anything possibly terminal!!! From what a Cuban immigrant told me, they take you out and kill you to keep the mortality rate in their hospitals down!!!

        • s c

          Joe H, if that’s true, then I can supply ‘ed the duh’ with a very LONG list of people he needs to take with him. The airheads in the Whore House/White House are at the top of that list, and then most of Congress is next. Then come the czars and recent Supreme Court pimps. It’s a big list, but if ‘ed the duh’ is SERIOUS about having access to healthcare that’s so much “better” than ours [Cuba, that is] then he’ll have tons of ‘friends’ to go with him. GOOD RIDDANCE to ALL of them!

  • http://gmail i41

    Seeing how the rump rangers are going to marry each other and get each others insurance coverage, and since we are all going to pay for dangerous life decisions, raise premiums on smokers, faggots, and other deviant behaviored poeple. If you are a diabetic, a pilot, logger, or miner we pay higher premiums, I guess they ought to be taxed way higher , as a matter of fact high enough till they are straight. Hetrosexuals live longer a healthier lives. Odd balls can pay more taxes they don’t haver any kids. Being gay is a leasrned choice, genitics arguement is just bull.

    • Warrior

      And now we can’t even practice religion because their teachings natually discriminates against gays???

      • Kinetic1

        Really? When did marriage equality force it’s way into your house of worship? The court did not say that your church had to marry homosexuals, only that the government couldn’t discriminate. No one has stopped ministers, pastors etc. from preaching hate from the pulpit. If your congregation believes homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of your God, then preach away, just as long as you refrain from stoning gay couples in the street. No one is going to force your church to participate in gay weddings. We have laws to protect your freedom to practice your religion just as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others, but it seems you want both.

  • s c

    It’s about time that American MDs lined up to support ideas that mirror the WILL of the American
    people. Time after time, Herr Obummer proves that he’s not interested in the WILL of the American people.
    MDs who have at least a qyarter’s worth of COMMON SENSE recognize the financial and healthcare DISASTER that Herr Obummer wants shove down Americans’ throats. Many MDs will be FORCED to retire. HOW can that make it better?
    Most of the time, anything a progressive suggests will result in something that hurts America. When it comes to Angle, if she has even a dime’s worth of common sense, she has more going for her than 99.9% of all the progressives who ever lived in America, and that includes the current crop of hardcore LOSERS and wannabe, power-mad anarchists.

  • jopa

    “Only 17% of practicing physicians belong to the AMA”.When they get done practicing and become real doctors they will probably join right?

    • s c

      Jopa, it probably means that 83% of American MDs know that being an AMA member doesn’t make one a better MD. That 17% figure refers to those who make up the ‘medical establishment,’ which refers to a bunch of lap dogs for the FDA and Big Pharma.
      MDs who belong to the AMA are the ones who will suck up to Herr Obummer, in an attempt to protect their job security (instead of being healers who put their patients first). Just a thought.

  • s c

    Lest I forget, Americans, you need to be reminded that Herr Obummer and his thug criminals aren’t inviting us to ‘participate’ in his healthcare reform SCAM. They’re DEMANDING that we surrender our freedom and willingly ‘team up’ with his fascist insanity. The MDs in this article DO NOT oppose healthcare reform. They oppose Herr Obummer’s HEALTHCARE REFORM SCAM.
    Those MDs are fully qualified to practice medicine. Herr Obummer is fully qualified to serve coffee to people like Bubba Clinton, or perhaps clean toilets in a government office setting, or organize labor leaders to screw their members and ‘donate’ millions of dollars for another campaign.

  • jopa

    i41; “Being gay is a learned choice, genetics argument is just bull”I kinda thought it was genetics but you claim you had to learn to be gay.You may not really be gay but just of the curious nature.Just use protection.Have a good day.

  • Randall Mccaskey

    Where is the video feeds from the mass array of close circuit security cameras mounted throughout BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig providing constant live-feed and recording of events prior to and during the BP explosion? It’s amazing that for 100+ days we have a crystal clear, lighted, live-video feed from a camera thousands of feet under the ocean highlighting the spillage, but…US media has not been replaying any video captured from rig cameras regarding the incident itself. 9/11 was played over and over across our TVs. So were Space Shuttle explosions, and so many other modern tragedies and events. Where’s the footage? Who’s hiding it? Why?


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