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Pets Must Wear Seatbelts In New Jersey

June 11, 2012 by  

Pets Must Wear Seatbelts In New Jersey
For each unbuckled animal, pet owners could face a $1,000 fine.

New Jersey lawmakers have determined that man’s best friend needs to act more like a man and less like a dog. Any pet who is a passenger in a vehicle must be buckled up.

Drivers who fail to comply could be tagged with a $1,000 fine for each unrestrained animal. In the event of a wreck, owners can even be charged with animal cruelty and face jail time.

In the same State, people who do not wear a safety belt can be fined $46 dollars for the first offense.

“You wouldn’t put your child in the car unrestrained so you shouldn’t put your pet in the car unrestrained either,” said Frank Rizzo, superintendent of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “What people come to realize only too late is that animals act like flying missiles in an impact and can not only hurt themselves but hurt their human family members too.”

The rationale is that unrestrained pets distract drivers, leading to more accidents. Several harnesses are available for restraining pets.

According to the law, any animal must be restrained. In some States, it is illegal for a pet to ride in the back of a truck or in the owner’s lap.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Just another Jersey Tax. The place is already a cesspool of taxation, hope the outpour of people moving out of Jersey continues.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • paul

      you absolutely have it right … it is a cesspool.. corruption beyond imagination, so it’s no surprise that the morons would come up with a way for the buddies to make a few bucks.. follow the money to find them



    • dufas magnet

      Talk about a bunch of control freaks.. If the feds aren’t taking away our freedoms, the locals are robbing us blind with their ridiculous pet laws . Why don’t they work for a living instead of creating state welfare for upper management?

    • pweiters9

      6/12/12, After perusing the hyperlink on dog accessories & products, the harness isn’t a bad idea. $1K fine seems quite excessive, however. Leave such things to the hacks to come up with. See Bloomy w/his anti-soda crusade? Same thing; it’s just another way to gouge you for more money.

  • Bob Huebner

    New Yorkers are losing it. Seatbelts for dogs. What’s next.? Seatbelts for cats.

    • mike

      Go & reread the article D-bag . Its referring to NJ not NY .

      • Richard Marqua


    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      It’s not just NY or NJ where stupid laws exist. Two decades ago I lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The county commissioners wanted to pass a law to keep cats from running loose; requiring cats to be kept on a leash. Although there was enough public outrage to stop its passage, think about it. It’s unnatural for cats to be leashed. Unless you train a kitten at an early age, cats can go bezerk if you restrain them in such a manner. If I could own a cat, I’d just keep it indoors for its safety. We can see Florida has its faults politically, i.e., they keep re-electing Debbie Wacko-woman Schultz.

  • Joe Blackwell

    Unbelievable? Not really if you consider the nuts who enact these crazy laws.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      And the fat butted governor signed that law , and most of you fools think he would be a good pick for VP

      • Hardcase


      • http://personallibertydigest Joel

        Not this fool Jimmy! We have so damn many laws now that we fear going out of our house because of being arrested or sued. I have not yet seen any one any where who would champion the people of any state, sadly, just people so full of themselves they just occupy space to leach more from the citizens. How sad we have become.

      • dufas magnet

        Now they’ve got us both ways.. (1) we don’t strap the dogs down, we get to send their kids to college.. (2) If we do strap our dogs down they can penalize us for abuse for penning them down unnecessarily.. Sounds like a win-win situation for somebody.

  • John

    I think securing your pet in the car is a smart thing to do. And educating people as to why they should do it is fine too. But these laws and fines are just plain stupid and just intended to raise revenue. Since your purse or briefcase (or anything else in the vehicle for that matter) may “act like flying missiles in an impact” I guess they need to be buckled up too.

    • paul

      what needs to be buckled is the legislators … the ones who thought up this foolish law.. and the ones who voted for it …. it is probably just a test anyway.. they are trying to find out how far they can push the citizens.. so when they get to the REAL laws they want to pass they will have an idea of the resistance they will get… so far NJ doesn’t seem to get it

    • ToeTagTunny

      Actually it’s not that smart.. On average, people take their dogs on short trips (to the lake, park, etc.) they don’t drive fast and there’s little chance of danger (of course there are exceptions).. I suppose these ‘exceptions’ are what the lawmakers are focusing on making everyone pay for the stupidity of a few.. Dogs love to ride, they do not like to be pinned down. Guess doggie seats will be the next big seller in NJ.. Expect other states to follow when they discover how compliant we’ve become..

  • Jimmy The Greek

    I just turned down a load to to linden N J that would have paid 8,500.00 gross from Houston TX . I well only run my truck from Texas to the south eastern states , the rest of the country has to many chicken $h!t laws .

    • Jimmy The Greek

      FYI I am from Elizabeth N J , however i moved to Texas in 1976 the last time i was up there was 1989 with my truck and well never go back .

  • roger gunderson

    Subterfuge, deceitful,specious laws. Bottom line……….MONEY.

  • Daveh234

    Never take a cat without a carrier, from experience.
    Never put a dog in the back of a pickup truck unless its covered and closed.
    Restraining a dog in a vehicle wouldn’t be easy and it might seem like punishment.
    It’s not safe for any living thing to be unrestrained in a vehicle.The fine seems excessive.
    Responsible owners will heed the rules.

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      Let me guess, you wrote the law?

      • Daveh234

        I just expressed my opinion.

        Sorry if that offends you.

      • Deerinwater

        Never take a cat! is my experience.

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      No offense taken!

    • Jimmy The Greek

      The only safe way to transport a cat in a car is to put it in a 50lb potato sack !

      • Daveh234

        You should be locked up. Those laws have been on the books for a long time.
        Don’t even joke about animal cruelty. It and you are not funny.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        Dave Have you ever seen a cat go crazy in a car with the windows up driving down the highway at 70mph ? I have it was a girlfriend’s cat i was helping her move , for no reason the crazy cat went nuts and started running laps around the inside of the car . I hit the button on the power window and out it went never to be seen ever more . However i did have to get a new girlfriend after that , You know you can tell how crazy a woman is by the number of cats she has , the more cats , the crazier the woman is >

      • Daveh234

        A bag doesn’t make a good cat carrier.
        Cats don’t take kindly to moving vehicles. Some do bu not most.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        A snake is a fine cat carrier and it does not mine riding in the sack ! so the cat goes into the snake , in snake into the sack , and every one is happy . there i should be made ambassador to china i could solve the worlds problems !

    • NOBAMA

      “Responsible owners will heed the rules.” I understand your expressing your opinion. However, I’m curious if they (any form of Government) told you that you must be limited to reside in a living space allotted to be no larger than say 400 sq ft so save the planet, eat one meal a day consisting of no more 1200 calories to fight obesity in America and can drive your automobile no more than 100 miles a day to cut down on emissions. A responsible person will heed what ever Rule some idiots enact like the good little sheeple should do. People like you with that mentality is why Government on all levels have become so brazen to walk all over the citizens and residents liberties and freedoms of this Country.

      Sometimes leadership and authority has to be questioned when they over reach their authorities. Such as this law, Whats next? Groceries must be transported only in the trunk of a vehicle and vans and suv’s that don’t have separate compartments must be fitted with a latchable chest bolted to the floor pan of the vehicle to eliminate the possibility of 2 liter bottle of Pepsi turning into a missile in the event of a accident. Anything not bolted down or restrained in a vehicle can become projectiles in the event of an accident.

      Question would be, How many people have lost their life or dogs die due to a dog turned flying projectile versus how many accidents in America or this case NJ alone. Would probably be somewhere around .005% of all accidents had a dog in the compartment.

      If they are so concerned about saving a dogs life, why don’t they de-fund the animal protective League and other organizations that kill good healthy animals on a daily basis.

      According to you and apparently NJ Government that if a dog dies in a car accident due to not being restrained it is or can be considered animal cruelty and irresponsible pet owner for not protecting the animal with a seatbelt, but on the otherside of the coin these animal protective league organizations carry the utmost responsibility for the safety of animals by collecting them and killing them. Animal cruelty? Not at all if it is APL. Animal cruelty is label that can only be placed on the private citizen.

      • http://personallibertydigest Joel

        In like, abortion = child cruelty!

      • Daveh234

        Responsible dog owners should not let dogs sit in the back of trucks.
        Even hanging out a window is detrimental to them. Sure, they like doing it, still not healthy. Vets will tell you that.
        I never said the things you accuse me of.
        I don’t think the law is needed. But you say “people like me”.
        I happen to be a responsible pet owner.
        Responsible parent.
        I take care of my own myself.
        Run three businesses and pay my share of taxes.
        Keep lumping people into categories because you read more into a statement than what is said is not good and doesn’t open up lines of communication.
        I’m not against you or most of the people around me.
        I would hesitate to accuse people without good reason.
        I try to use my words responsibly, too.

    • eddie47d

      I once saw a dog fall out of a moving truck (landed on all fours) so there are plenty of stupid people who endanger their pets. Those crazy old ladies with their pets in their laps are just as irritating as teenagers texting. Now a dog could wiggle out of any seatbelt so they need to come up with a better plan.

    • Carol J

      My brother’s dog rides in his granddaughters car seat. He took it over on is own after she got too big to use it. Since he is medium in size, he fits perfectly. But—-I couldn’t see one of my German Shepherds fitting in one. In the truck I cross-tied them until some loose dogs jumped into the bed and attacked one. After that he rode in the cab. Cat’s in carrier unless I’m taking a long trip. Let them out after doing the around town items such as getting gas, and then put them back in carrier when reaching destination. Never had any problem with them. I wouldn’t recommend it for all cats though. Mine just happen to like to ride.

      • http://personallibertydigest Joel

        Have the idiot that wrote that law demonstrate how to put your German Shepard in the belt correctly.

      • Richard Marqua


    • dufas magnet

      “Responsible owners will heed the rules”.. You’re wrong! Everyone who values their hard earned money will either comply else leave their pets at home.. THAT’S where we’ve come to.. Early death for the pup because of the lack of exercise.. Aren’t we proud…

  • Jimmy The Greek

    Some one please tell me , how would someone get a seat belt on a dog or better a cat ?

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      Don’t tell me you have never herded cats?

      • dufas magnet

        Everyone’s heard of cats, what’s your question (☺)..

    • nutz40

      MY bouvier des flandres used to jump in on my side, croos to the passenger sear and slide under the seat belt. He dies natural causes. My Broder collie bites trying to get into harness

  • RivahMitch

    New Jersey always has been the armpit of the east coast. This is clearly just another attempt to raise more money for a corrupt government gone wild.

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      I’ll go you one better, what really stinks in America is BO!

      • My 2¢ Worth

        That’s only because they can’t find any left guard..

  • http://personallibertydigest Joel

    I suggest,
    let’s make a law that we do not write any more laws until we go through the existing laws now enforce and rid the world of all the useless laws we now have! After all, no one knows all the laws! That should give the congress, state and federal a way to actually earn their pay!

  • Freckles

    I just cancelled my trip to the NJ shore, my two labs and great dane seem to be fine with going to Nags Head!

  • Eric

    All I have to say is NJ never was a center for brains anyway…..

  • Chesapeake

    Just another example of government doing to us rather than for us. Doesn’t anyone in government understand what the issues are today. “We the People” don’t need our government reps wasting any time on crap like this, ever.

  • GALT

    In the jurisdiction known as ( common ) law and equity there are no maybe crimes or maybe harm, nor can states make anything except gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt and you have RIGHTS; in the jurisdiction of admiralty and maritime you have privileges and benefits, for which it has been assumed that you have voluntarily consented to, because you have NOT reserved your rights as required by UCC 1-207.

    Having failed to reserve your RIGHTS as required means UCC 1-103 which states that
    ” the code can not be read to preclude the common law “, does not apply…… thus
    the Constitution was completely altered, and nothing it says or appears to say, can be relied on, nor can any decision by a higher court, made prior to 1939 on the federal level, or 1959 on the state level.

    THIS INFORMATION is all that is required to restore the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land….in fact anyone who claims that their goal is to restore it….and does not inform you of this…… either ignorant or lying……..because nothing government does,
    under admiralty and maritime law, on the federal or state level is “unconstitutional”, and actual restoration has never required anything more than the understanding and action
    of individual citizens……….period. No voting, no campaign contributions, no rallies, no armed revolt, no guns, no ammo, no food storage, etc……..just the simple action of reserving your rights, as REQUIRED BY LAW, whenever,where ever, and however, its
    serves your purpose and convenience to do so……….you in fact have the best of both worlds since you can now pick and choose when to resist and what, as you become familiar with the procedures, and overcome the natural “fear” that comes with the
    uncertainty of not knowing what to expect and the “intimidation” that will be applied
    to discourage you.

    For this purpose, Motor Vehicle Codes are the best and easiest testing ground……and as you can see, as this has become an easily tapped source of revenue for the state, and now even more so, the incentive for you is obvious……….at $1000 a pop, RESISTANCE IS MANDATORY.

    Backround: That driving is a privilege is a statement that we are very familiar with, and it has been in the public consciousness for some time…..but this is only TRUE because you have procured a licence to drive, and for no other reason……..the act of driving a vehicle
    is or WAS, the exercise of your RIGHT to the use of a public road, paid for by taxes, to transport your personal property………licence’s were only required for “commercial” use, and any accidents……..causing harm or injury….were covered in the law, already….that a motor vehicle was involved is irrelevant. ( obtaining a licence is a compelled benefit because not having one would mean not be able to secure registration or insurance and the attempted exercise of your RIGHT to drive would subject you to constant harrassment
    by “law enforcement officers” ignorant of your RIGHTS…….even though, the only charge
    that would actually apply here is the attempted one of “driving without a licence”.)

    Point of Resistance: the traffic stop……officer will hand you the citation to sign, simply
    add boldly and clearly UCC 1-207 “without prejudice”, or “all rights reserved”……each state has it’s own version of this “buried” in it’s statutes………if you can find it, use it, otherwise this will suffice………..BTW we have come to rely on experts for everything, and in doing so our ability to think for ourselves, to reason has severely atrophied to the point of non existence…….the irony here is that “experts” are not only “useless” ( ignorant ) but if they actually did know, they are prohibeted from being of any assistance by virtue of their “requirement” to pass the bar and “practice law”…….the fact that they are “practicing” and on YOU, should be motivation enough……so begin your own ‘education” by typing the following into any search engine….. UCC 1-207 and explore and LEARN. ( this is your FREEDOM and these are YOUR RIGHTS……if you can not or will not take these simple steps and make the attempt to learn…… to defend yourself, then do not expect anyone else to save you……..they can not, and if they say they can, they are lying, and if you believe they can …..YOU ARE A FOOL. )

    Any questions on topic will be answered……..any complaints as to the length or the required effort on your part…….will be ignored…….

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      Have you had the opportunity to experience this in reality? Years ago I had heard of a law so stated in western state, when I was stationed on the west coast. That law as I recall had to do with wearing a fire arm. Also you weren’t required to have plates or insurance on your vehicle and when stopped you could repeat this law to the officer and be on your way with no penalty.

      • GALT

        Yes Joel, I have used this successfully to avoid payment of all fines since 1987….both for
        driving infractions and pedestrian infractions……..and it can be used for other purposes also……..but the first time you do this will be the hardest……….first because you will uncertain of the outcome……and second, because there are a number of “tricks” or enticements or intimidations that will be used to ‘ESTABLISH JURISDICTION” where it does not exist.

        There is only one way that this can be accomplished………at some point, you will be charged and asked to enter a “plea” to that charge………..your answer should be,
        ” I do not consent and I refuse the benefit.” and this should be “on the record”……
        there are some places where under the guise of efficiency…..if you have not already paid the fine…….you will be asked to report to traffic court, with everyone else, and a “clerk” will call your name and ask for your plea…….in this case, stand up and say…..I refuse to enter a plea except in front of a judge, and stand your ground…… ( this will actually help you, because it will call attention to you…….and because despite the claimed ignorance, most court people and judges have faced this before…….and while you may be a stranger to them in that they will uncertain as to what you know……it will be very important to them to clear the court of the rest of the “victims” first ( also witness’ ) before they attempt to trick you or intimidate you, to obtain what they require……( btw the oath they have taken is to the admiralty and maritime jurisdictions of the constitution and they are just doing what is required……..although strangely, you might find some who are sympathetic….but even then….their main responsibility, especially if there are “others” present, is to prevent the spread of this knowledge to others at all costs…… polite and insistent )

        Things to watch for….because believe it or not, you are dangerous and powerful and these things are indications…..that if you stand your ground you will win.

        1.) You are saved to the end and are the last case called. ( this is for small fines, parking tickets, etc. )
        2.) You are given a trial date. ( you will not be asked to plead, unless there is a pre-trial
        hearing phase……see above response……the judge may enter a plea for you, just make sure that both your “statement” and the judges are on the record……..this is basically for show……to get you out of the courtroom…..
        3.) having a trial date allows the DA to make an offer to you regarding a reduction in fine,
        although this would be the case for anyone willing to go to trial……so in this case, expect the offer to be ridiculous…….like $50 for the $1000 above……..they once had me for
        ready for trial with the jury being seated, with $1200 + dollars as well as a year in jail, and they made that offer to me…….this was my first time, and because of the jail time, I took it and walked away…………now mind you, I was not even using the UCC stuff, I had simply filed all kinds of pre-trial motions all denied, and was relying on the gold and silver argument of Article One, section Ten, having used a promissary note to pay the fine, under 31 USC section 371……..which was enough to scare them and want me out of there……..after that, I could not be bluffed…..and relying on this same stuff, kept getting tickets…….and using promissary notes to pay them……as well as obtain free legal representation even while employed….and even though it took a while…..all charges were dismissed…….all this took place in Mass and New Hampshire……
        4.) The UCC stuff is far more effective……..and resolution is faster, the above took over a year to resolve……even with a warrent out for my arrest… one was really looking to arrest me…….I wasn’t hiding……..but the point is……if you stand your ground, you will win…. they may try you and convict you……if you refuse to plead it is meaningless, pay the fine with a promissary note and appeal, this was what happened my last time using the UCC…… this case the appeal was simply a new trial in a district court, all motions were denied again…….and on the day of trial, the DA was not ready, his chief witness was not there….but instead of requesting another date, he said they had decided not to proceed, even though he had two more chances, by law. They still needed my permission to actually dismiss the case, which I gave……then the judge said something stupid, that it was my “lucky day”…….which caused me to laugh in his face……..but I have been through all this stuff before…….and tend to push things, especially judges….because unlike cops on the street…..or cops on the witness stand…..they can’t beat you up or shoot you.

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      Thank you Galt, I shall continue to read the UCC info and hope I don’t have to use it. Any thoughts on the driving with no plates and open gun carry. It had to do with not requiring the town or county or state for any kind of public protection. I read it once, reaching back about 50 years and couldn’t find it again, like you said, they don’t want you to know this stuff and I never saw it in print again.

      • GALT

        You can try this………but depending on where you are, it’s a good idea let them know you are coming first……….so find out what the UCC 1-207 state statute is…….the easiest way is to look at the prefix for the motor vehicle code and then add 1-207 on the back….
        in nevada it is 104 NRS 1.207……this should be search able online…….

        If you currently have a drivers licence…………you can write a affidavit to the dept of mv,
        and have it notarised, stating your position, also sending copies to all the local pd’s or counties where you normally commute……sent registered mail, return recpt requested….cover all your basis……..also put a sticker on the back of your license. with the UCC 1-207.reservation…….and have a copy of the above affidavit with you at all times.

        Once you have done this, apply for a refund of your license fee citing the affidavit, and that you have unknownly violated the supreme law of the land, and wish to rectify this….ask for a response asap……

        When the renewal date for your license arrives go in, and bring copies of whatever you have, but this time
        use a promissary note to pay for the license……and see what happens……..

        You can use this formula for anything the state charges fees, fines, or taxes, for……none of them can be demanded……..from you, use of legal tender is voluntary…….so practice with the small stuff and get comfortable……….the idea is to remove things that are inconvenient for YOU………and to avoid confrontation and surprise…….hell after you have sent all these letters, wait awhile……..and make a friendly visit to the local pd, see if they got a copy……or the county clerk… also want to know if you have caused any “reaction” or if there are hot heads that will seek to test you…..rather than appreciate the fact that you have given them a heads up…..I have a copy of a recent promissary note I used……in court and will post it here before the day is out….as a guide to writing your own………also if you can find a copy of The Freemen Compendium ( very hard ) this will help and has many legal sites that apply to all aspects of resistance……

      • GALT

        Found it:

        Promissary Note

        I, ( state your name ), promise to pay to__________________________________
        ________________________________dollars, in the “lawful money of account”
        of the United States in accordance with 31 USC 371, and Article One, section 10
        of the Constitution of the United States which states in pertinent part that; “no
        state may coin money, nor make any THING a payment of debt, except gold
        and silver coin.”

        As a natural born citizen of the united States, from the town of ……….., in the
        State of ………… and currently residing in the State of ………., I hereby declare
        that I shall not voluntarilly violate the “Supreme Law of the land”
        and will consider any attempt to compell me to do so,
        a “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law” 18 USC 242, and should
        this action involve more than one individual, an act of “Conspiracy”,
        under 18 USC 241.

        Should either of these events occur, I shall seek both criminal and civil
        relief within all relevant jurisdictions.

        Submitted with all DUE respect:

        ( John Doe ), “without prejudice”, UCC 1 -207, 104 NRS 1207

        P.S. your state code should have a conspiracy statute……add it also…..the other one is a maybe…….but the federal stuff applies to EVERYONE who comes into contact or is involved in the process.

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      Galt, I don’t mean to demean but you crack me up, this is good stuff only because the good guys have no idea on how to protect themselves. Like I said, I’ll be 70 this year and I’m just finding out about this. I have for a long time felt the weight of the government getting heavier, our freedoms being taken away one law at a time and no one can recognize what is going on. I served my country and now the government just pisses me off.

      • GALT

        No problem, been there, done that……and I’ve about taken on every level of government agency there is…….and despite all the threats, I have no jail time for any of this….and I am not a criminal……and if they want me, they can find me….I’m not hiding and they have before……I also have come to expect that most people may never act on this, but just knowing it is useful…….who knows, they might end up on a jury one day and be able to hang it…..and help someone from getting railroaded……

  • John P Walker Jr PM

    How do the dogs take off the seat belts when the car goes under water. You will try to get your’s off but it is ok if they die??

    • NOBAMA

      Under water or in the event of a car or if the event of crushing metal around the dog. I spent over 15 yrs in the fire and rescue. I have seen as many people saved due to seat belts as I have seen as many people saved by not wearing the seat belt. I have rolled up on scenes where the seat belt killed the victim by strangulation. A woman and her husband traveling, Husband falls asleep at the wheel rolls the vehicle and passenger side roof collapsed down onto the passenger seat pushing the woman downward in such a way that the seat belt got under her chin and strangled her. I have seen for children strangled by seat belts. I have seen victims necks snapped due to seat belts when they get T-boned in the side or a side impact, the head whips while the body remains in same position. In one instance, all three occupants had a broken necks and died immediately from a side impact of a BP tanker truck.
      I have seen people wearing seat.belts and metal crushed all around them tearing their limbs and bodies to shreds.

      I have also seen where people have lived because they had no seat belt on and was bounced to the other side of the vehicle away from the crushing and sharp protruding metal by which if they were restrained in that seat they surely would be dead, I have seen victims ejected from the vehicle and lived had they not been ejected, sure they would be dead because their was nothing left of the driver and or passenger seats.

      Front and rear end collisions, seat belts can save lifes. In the event of a side collision or a roll over, seat belts can and will vary likely kill you.

      • NOBAMA

        Excuse the typos, didn’t proof read, am doing several things at once – “event of car fire”, “four children”, not “for children”

      • Jimmy The Greek

        No problem Nobama , I had no problem understanding what you said . But i am not the language police LOL. oh yes and you are right .

      • Rick

        When your number is up your number is up and that webbelt or a helmet is not going to change it. I worked ambulance for over 5 years and yes I have seen as many ijuries from them as anything else.

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  • Ken

    Spending any amount of time in New York or New Jersey is painful for ANY conservative-minded man or woman…..and this article is proof of the idiots that live there and run these states….

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Will Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christie veto such a stupid bill, or will he sign it?? If he chooses the latter, then we should hope that Krispy Kreme will NOT be Nitwit Romney’s pick for VP running mate. One RINO on the ticket is bad enough!!

  • coalminer

    I think they are going too far with these seat belts laws.It was first strictly voluntarly.It was your option,to wear,or not to wear.What next?

    • coalminer

      We need to eliminate not only those silly seat belt laws,drivers license laws as well.You buy the car,you drive it.
      The General Assembly (of Georgia) finds that: (1) Free people have a common law and constitutional right to travel on the roads and highways that are provided by …

      • coalminer

        New Jersey also past the first drivers license laws in 1913 for all drivers.
        In July 1913, the state of New Jersey became the first to require all drivers to pass a drivers test. … a state law authorizing the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue EDLs …'slicense

    • Larry Kemp

      what’s next?? well, no texting no talking on phone etc. next you won’t be able to just plain talk to yourself or your passenger. no gawking at well endowed women or anything else you can think of that will make you pay more to the gov.

  • Clearhead

    NEVER leave your dog in a seat belt while you are not in the car. The “president obama food providing squad” may very likely abduct you pet for “supper with the president”.

    • http://personallibertydigest Joel

      He can bite my ass……….er, donkey…………er,ass, sorry, make that “kiss”!

  • Rc

    They sell dog seatbelts. My large Doberman has one. .

    • Larry Kemp

      try putting a seat belt on a pit bull.

  • Rick

    NJ sucks, Christie also just worked out a deal with Amazon to start collecting sales tax from NJ residents on internet sales. It cost $65.00 a year to register a motorcycle in NJ while NY is $18.00, PA $16.00 and DE $14.00. This is what happens when there is too much government and Oblama wants more police? A NJ State trooper staring salary now is $62,000 a year got to get that revenue from tickets up to pay these modern day gestapo agents..

  • Rick

    NJ is less than 1/4th the size of Texas but has 4 times as many lawyers. Any state that has too many lawyers becomes a state of numerous frivolous laws so that people break them and then has to have a lawyer to speak to the judge like they have known you all your life and that you have paid one of these money loving judges (that were once lawyers) a nice fee to preserve lawyers ruling the state. It’s a collusion deal for hypocrites to live high on the hog.

  • Rick

    I’m not against this law what I’m against is the hypocrite police,lawyers, judges,politicians that won’t comply and never be fined for it.Lawless people making and enforcing laws to line their pockets….

  • Pingback: Failure to Buckle Up Your Pet, be Fined $1,000: Good-Bye Sweet America | Car Loan in New Jersey (NJ)

  • Rick

    You can bet NJ lawmakers bought a lot of stock in pet seat belt makers at a low price and they will sell it when it takes off and make big profits. This is how organized crime/collusion works… don’t you try it though they’ll get you for insider trading somehow.

  • Richard Marqua


  • Jerry

    wow amazing a seat belt ticket for a human is what 75.00 and a seat belt ticket for a dog is 1000. dammmmm what kind of psyco tree hugers are these people , and besides dont they know the seat belts arnt designed for dogs and would kill them and besides the cars arnt equiped with doggie seat belts

  • dcjdavis


    And to think, I strapped in a watermelon I bought this past weekend, joking with my son in law that I wouldn’t want to get a ticket for having it in the backseat unrestrained. $$$…That’s all the powers that be ever think about; but they have the gall to pretend that every law is passed for the good of the people. And so many of the people eat it up with a smile and say, “But it IS good.”

    • My 2¢ Worth

      And THAT’S why they can get away with it so easily dcj, as the people abide by these legal atrocities and say, “but it IS good” it puts miles and miles of smiles on our lawmakers’ lips.. They know they have us right where they want us and all without forcing a coup..

  • Frank Molina

    Sounds like the governor of New Jersey must be a member of the Communist Party for enacting such a law. I’d stake my life on it.


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