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PETE STARK: – The Federal Government can do most anything in this country

August 16, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://personallibertydigest Gunny

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, when do we get ride of the Obama Health care act?

    • Lewis Munn

      When we of the older generation are all drained and killed, by the government!

    • BrotherPatriot

      When we remove Obummer from office for not being an eligiable Presidential candidate is when we will rip out by the ROOTs everything that he & his administration has illegally passed.

      Both parents MUST be a natural born citizen. His personal history was sealed up, <— Why? He has yet to satisfy requests to provide a long form birth certificate. He and others are proven Bilderberg influenced polititions. This means he has gone & continues to go behind closed doors with foreign interests and that is a direct violation of the Logan Act. It is these same players (including Bush and the rest of the presidents right down to Isenhower) that have been pushing their one world agenda. They are the people that planned the controlled demolition of the twin towers and MURDERED all the people in the buildings. Including the brave first responders…policemen, firemen, and the unknown that rushed in to the burning building to try & help save people already hurt.

      Due to all these and many, MANY other irrefutable evidence, I 100% believe that he will not make it to the end of his term. Once this is all fully investigated we will begin to right the wrongs that has been perpitrated by this hidden (no longer) Agenda. America is waking up and spreading the truth by peacefully informing our fellow citizens.

      WE will not stand for this any longer. We indeed are going to make a CHANGE and it's not the kind that Obummer is pushing down our throats, either…the Republic is awake and ready to take back America. Peacefully or if necessary…by the patriotic rage of its citizens.

  • Jim H.

    The woman asking Mr. Stark the questions has a better understanding of the constitution than the congressman. The 18 term congressman. She is more qualified for his job than he is. When confronted he sits there and can’t answer. I’ll bet he never does another town hall meeting.

    • Steve

      I agree with you, she has a far better understanding and respect for the constitution than the troll and SHE should run for Congress… but would she. She has great commercial(s) in hand if she chose to run.

  • Bob Limbaugh

    Steve Forbes said it and I agree. We are witnessing the last vestige of socialist Marxism in America. Americans (Patriots) are awake and energized!!

    God Bless America.

  • Dave and Judy

    Pete Stark should retire. Hey, why don’t the voters retire him?

    We look at those in the Senate and The House of Representatives who have served two terms as HUMPS — We, the Voters, control term limits, now exercise our rights.

    In God We Trust, not the Senate, not the House of Representative and surely not our President. We wonder if the President Trusts in God?

    • az

      Remember Allah is his god!

  • Calvin

    We have sat on our tushes for long enough and done nothing, We aloud this to happen,we voted obama in and the signs were all there,Its even in his book and we still closed our eyes to it. Its time AMERICA its time. We are loosing our country our freedom,our rights.

    • vicki

      Who’s this “we” you speak of? Most of us here did not vote for Obama. Knew what he was from his books and just listening to his plans. Suffered rejection of our peers for daring to speak out against the chosen one. Need I say more?

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

      i did not vote for osama no way i knew he was no good from day one

      • BrotherPatriot

        I always said he was a mole. I just didn’t know how right I was at the time. I actually didn’t even know about the Bilderbergs then.

        I’m 40 years old and ex-military. I feel like I JUST woke up. I’m still surprised that there are others still unaware but then I remember, only a few short months ago I didn’t have a clue either. Continue to present the information to everyone you know…you will be surprised how many people will soak it up with a sponge. Of course there will be those that no matter what you say or show, they will not believe. However, the vast majority will be astounded and then rightfully enraged by it. For example, show what the 9/11 A&E team is presenting. It’s mind blowing and does a great job showing the corruption that allowed such an event to occur!



    • vicki

      I think that means we keep Ron Paul and dump the rest.

      • BrotherPatriot

        There are others…Michele Bachmann and such, for example. But yes, Ron Paul and other proven patriots…the vast majority of the encumbants need to be REMOVED this November! Get out & vote them OUT!

  • Artist in Las Vegas

    I believe that if cornered the American People will fight in another blood-soaked revolution. However, without money, without food, and without our right to bear arms I’m not so sure how this revolution will play out. I know me and my family are willing to fight to the death for our freedoms and inalienable rights, I just hope there are more out there willing to stand firm. It seems that even today most voters are not willing to do the research that is now utterly necessary to vote in a candidate of integrity and leadership. I hope we will indeed take the time to know who we are voting for. PS: I did not vote for Obama. Not because of his color but because I didn’t like all the lies he spouted during his campaign. I also didn’t think he was the most qualified to lead this country into greatness.

    • dennis W

      have no fear, ARTIST, WE are more than you realize who will ALWAYS stand firm………

      UNDERESTIMATING this fact is the down fall of obummer, piglousy, reid, hilly, billy, timmy, etal……..HAVE NO FEAR..WE ARE HERE……THE TIME IS NEAR…HAVE NO FEAR….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • vicki

      Obama didn’t always lie. You could tell cause the teleprompter was broke. Remember what he said to Joe the Plumber.

      • Mary

        You are right Vicki. He’s doing what he said will do when he was asking for the Americans vote. He said he’ll spread the wealth around. He will give us the wonderfull healthcare, which the WT of Joe B. said was a F….of deal on TV. Transform the USA. Practically CHANGE.People vote for CHANGE and put an unknown person as president. Even children say don’t trust strangers. Remember those bastards talk with the left but eat with the right.Anyway countries get the government they deserve. Now we are acting like cats on their backs. I think the worst is just to come. I hope I’m wrong but only time will tell.

    • Double Ace

      We are out here in large numbers. Americans are always hesitant to strike first. We always give a warning. Apparently the politicians aren’t hearing the warning. Maybe they will hear us after November 2nd.

    • Jo

      Obama told us Along what he was going to do. “Transform America”. It is way past time that we vote the corruption out of WA DC and Sacramento. Please get out and vote in the Nov election. Otherwise you have no reason to gripe when your rights are taken away from you.

  • Brian Black

    Mr. Stark, in my opinion, should be stoned or hung in a public place so that all the other corrupt and ignorant politicians get the ‘hint.’ We, the wide awake americans, need to rally against these corrupt politicians and their practices. We have a universal right to defend ourselves and our families. If we, the american people, want to have peace, harmony, and justice for all, THEN WE NEED TO ACT. Even if that means spreading the word to those who are fast asleep, or literally defending ourselves with arms. I pray it happens in a peaceful way, but it’s all up to us. You can stick your head in the sand, and die, or you can be part of the solution. The time is nigh. The time is now.

    • dennis W


      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

        stark is less evil then obama i am telling you all its time for him to hit the road and and don’t look back lest he turns to stone!!!!!!!!!!he is a very bad man

  • Ray Burke, Houston TX

    The libs have drawn their line in the sand. It is now time for our conservative patriots to step over that line and deal forcefully with the consequences.

  • Jose A.

    There is no reason to shed blood to restore the country back to normal
    all we need to do is to do some research on the candidates running for
    office, and vote them into office or out of office. 50% of the problem
    however lies on the lazy, ignorant population of this country. Now they
    are paying the price for all those years of business as usual letting
    someone else don the voting for them.There is something to be said about
    getting it done right the first time yourself. All those people in congress including the president were voted into office by those who
    were willing and able to vote. In essence we are all guilty for the mess
    that we have in Washington.We know there is a problem, we know where that problem is and we also know we can vote the problem out of office, Now the question is: is it going to be business as usual from
    voters(sticking the head in the sand and vote, hoping to throw a hail
    marry and put the right person in office; or are we going to get off
    our butt and do the necessary research on the candidates for office
    and vote!!!!If you as a voter don’t do that then,you are part of the problem, you are helping the politicians destroy what was so carefully crafted by our forefathers, freedom to choose something that it’s still not available in many parts of the world today.

    Jose A.

  • Robert Jackson

    TO all those IGNORANT People in Washington, WE the American People ARE the Government and we are telling those we elected that “WE DON’T WANT THEIR HEALTH CARE” we can manage our own lives and do it a lot better and cheaper than the BIG SPENDERS in Washington, D.C. GO back to your third world Country Obama with George “SORRY” Soros, the Communist Socialist.

  • Patriot

    How does trash like this serve for 18 terms? The problem is that there are so many more like him. It is time to take out the trash! We need term limits like never before. We need to clear the swamp this November ourselves!

  • Mindy

    Folks, those of you screaming for term limits need to realize that limits would be for ALL of them. Even those congessmen and women, and senators who ARE doing the people’s bidding. Now tell me, do you really want to set limits on people who are actually doing what the country needs done, what we want them to do?

    Also, those of you calling anyone “feces”, please, we do not need to debase ourselves here. Such behavior gives the liberal/progressives credibility when they call us ignorant and uneducated. Stick to the actual issues. And, frankly it’s embarressing that any of us here would resort to this or any other pointless name calling. Calling someone a liar and then supporting that statement with facts supporting it is one thing, but potty mouth insults?

    Let us behave with self control, level headedness and logic. We have a tough battle ahead. In order to preserve our country, we must have a long term plan. We must regain and restore truth and respect for our Constitution in the education of our children, our universities, and our courts. Without this, the generations who follow us will have no idea why we are fighting, why our Founding Fathers gave that constitution so much importance. We must make sure that every child and every foreigner who joins our nation, understands exactly what makes this country unique, and not just our rights, but the responsibilities that come with it.

    • SiliconDoc

      Terms limits have already been passed and then overturned by the Supreme Court…. not certain how you guys missed that.
      Second, for states, many have overturned citizen passed term limits as well.
      Third, with the way the parties have a lock on the selection process, along with the MSM and all advertising and commentary preceding and following any campaign ads – we already don’t have a choice except in rare instances.
      It’s not lazy or dumb people or lack of voters, it’s the slick and sly way the system itself presents us with one, or if were lucky in big elections, two people to vote for, one or the other.
      In most singular offices on ballots the winner is the only on it, or the incumbent, 95% of the time or more.
      So, without a choice, the voters vote for whom the system in place already presents, PERIOD.
      They make it plenty difficult to write in anyone, and harder every year to get on the ballot unless you’re the incumbent or from on high party selection.
      Not like “the dumb lazy non caring people” can do anything about it either…no one will, and it will get worse – just ask Ross Perot, or the selected GOP VP pick Palin.
      It’s top down selection already, with few exceptions.
      Nothing changes except for the worse – it only dives deeper into the dark hole of more lies and ecxelling outrages … nothing will stop it – people can’t.

      • BrotherPatriot

        You are soooo very wrong, SiliconDoc. It’s been proven down through history…if the people get pissed off enough…the aristrocracy loses their HEADS when the common man revolts against tyranny.

  • Mindy

    It is time we stop being shocked by what is comming from this administration and government. Please understand that he is not ignorant, nor are the rest of Congress, or even the president. It is time we get it through our heads that they are NOT simply misguided, or making mistakes. THIS IS their plan for us, malicious subversion of our country. The only reason Pete Stark was speachless is because he and his ilk actually believe the lies about us. They actually believe us to be ignorant and uneducated. He was totally unprepared for a confrontation with a well informed and well educated lady(horrors, a member of the great unwashed, illiterate masses – us) that sees through their insincerity and fraud.

    • BrotherPatriot

      One correction…Obummer is not OUR president. He is an usurper and will be removed along w/the rest of the virus (bilderberg people) that infects our wonderful country.

  • http://none Dave

    Stark lost any ability to rationally argue his position years ago. He has survived principally on power he accumulated during his many years in congress. Yes, the young lady who questioned him obviously has a better understanding of our constitution. However, the bigger question is how did this senile dufus get relected time after time. His ignorance of his job, the Constitution and federal powers is not a malady he woke up with this morning. He has been an unacceptable representative for years. Stark apparently does not have the aility to recognize or accept his limitations.

    The people of California in his district must be even worse in exercising their judgement than Stark is. This situation is unbelieveable and truly is indicative of the inmates running the asylum. People of California, your state is a disaster and your federal government is a disaster. It is time that you accept responsibility for the governance of your state and its federal representatives. I do not understand how you can continue being the cynical joke you have become. You should be at least smart enough to act in your own best interests while you still have the ability to take action. Unfortunately, that time is almost expired. The rest of us are not going to bail you out. You are not important enough nor do you possess anything this country needs. Your state has become a liability the rest of the country would like to enter bankruptcy to rid ourselves of your irresponsible actions.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Yes, California definitely has problems. This proven by how they interact with Arizona.

      Also, here is something many of you may find interesting about its Govenor.

      Time to put an end to the Bilderberg people and those they continue to groom for positions of power…*cough Arnold cough*.

      I love you, America. So very proud of you and it’s not entirely your fault…these people have been working to make you sleep for along time, however…we indeed, are AWAKENING to the truth of what they have been up to. Say NO to the NWO!


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