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PETA Wants To Advertise In School Lunchrooms

September 28, 2012 by  

PETA Wants To Advertise In School Lunchrooms

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has its sights set on young people, hoping the next generation will quit eating meat. PETA wants to advertise on school lunchroom trays, starting in Cleveland.

The ad is a cartoon sketch of a chicken with the words “I am not a nugget” and “Go vegan.”

Ashley Palmer, a spokesperson for PETA, hopes that the message will cause students to be more compassionate toward animals.

“Vegan food is really healthy and considering the amount of artery-clogging cholesterol that’s in meat and dairy and egg products, vegan choices are a great option for schools,” Palmer said.

Cleveland Metropolitan School District Communications Officer Rosann Canfora said they will consider whether the advertising “is a legitimate revenue source worthy of further investigation.”

The idea has been met with mixed reviews from parents.

Parent Shari Litton told FOX 8 Cleveland that she thinks the idea is “great” and “wonderful.”

But other parents disagree.

“There’s a lot of meat eaters out there,” parent Deshon Conel said.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    PETA are nothing but a bunch of nut jobs! No matter how you treat animials they scream animal cruelty. About ten or twelve years ago they put out a statement in an ad saying the keeping dogs and cats as pets was animal cruelty. Nut jobs all!

    • ChristyK

      There is one thing wrong with PETAs logic. Kids need cholesterol for proper brain development. If kids are vegas they will grow up stupid. Also, the info on meat, eggs, and dairy is wrong. Kids need extra protein to grow. Everyone needs a decent quantity of protein to live and it helps the person stay full. Studies show that those who have lowfat dairy daily have, on average, a lower weight. People used to complain about the Cholesterol in eggs, especially the yolks. Now it is proven that the Vitamin E in the yolks produces more good than the harm supposedly caused by the cholesterol. Eggs are considered good for you again. PETA (and government officials) constantly make statements that are either untrue or misleading.

      • FreedomFighter


        People are made to be healthy eating a wide variety of foodstuff, including meats from animals, in fact our larger brain would be impossible without such a high density protien source to fuel it.

        They are called vegetables for a reason.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • Shirley



  • Doc Sarvis

    This is free enterprise is it not?

    • StarvinLarry

      Radical animal rights groups advertising on school lunch trays is far from free enterprise-this is brainwashing our children-plain and simple-it is not advertisement-it is pushing an agenda-to children who are nowhere near old enough to make an informed decision as to whether or not they wish to become vegan.
      If PETA is allowed to do this-then a pro-meat group must also be allowed to advertise on the same trays,at the same schools.
      Since this is PETA,and they would likely be pushing the rest of their animal rights agenda-then pro-hunting groups must also be allowed to advertise on those same trays-is this really what you want for our school aged children?

      If a person wants to eat a vegan diet-that is up to them to decide-when they are old enough to make an informed decision-until people are old enough-what our kids eat in school is up to the parents,and the kids-there should be no outside infuence at all.

      • Karolyn

        So just do it in high school.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Pro-meat groups are the dominant players in this realm. Can you say Burger King, McDonalds, Chik-filet, Wendy’s, KFC, etc.?

      • eddie47d

        My granddaughter is a vegetarian and that is wonderful. I still wouldn’t want PETA or even ALEC in any school in this country,private or public. The purpose of schools is to educate not indoctrinate and shouldn’t allow any outside group to do the “teaching” whether in the classroom or the lunchroom. If they want to change policy do it from the outside or within the local Department of Education and then let them/parents make the decision. No PETA signs No NRA signs No Citizen United signs,etc! Heck get Coke and Pepsi out of the lunchrooms while you are at it.

    • carrottop

      Yesterday, in America, 8.9 million pounds of innocent vegetables were ripped out of their comfortable bed of nourishing soil, only to be dismembered, cut up, ripped apart, boiled, fried and grilled by ravenous vegans. This senseless act of violence against innocent vegetables and fruits is being repeated in countries all over the world and it must be stopped. I suggest we start by indoctrination of our youth by placing ads on trays and on the walls of our school to teach our children that this senseless slaughter must be stopped immediately.

      • alpha-lemming

        LOL……. Good One !!!

        In addition, $50-75/pr for your underware is a small price to pay to insure they’re ONLY manufactured from free-range, humanely treated cotton plants.

      • http://aol Ray Davies

        Oh, the horror of it all. From now on I promise never to have lettuce and tomato on my BLT. Bacon,Yummy,yummy, bacon. Of course now I’ll have to reconsider my baked potato with my 1″ thick rare rib eye.Yes, brothers and sisters, Vegetables have feelings too, and we need to RESPECT them

      • phideaux

        We murdered a delicious tomato and seriously wounded some lettuce to go on our BLT this evening. Boy was it good.

      • Gene Brock

        ARE YOU NUTS ???

      • Chuck Evans

        I say we should all join People Eating Tasty Animals. It is an organization that supports the best interest of mankind.

      • John Grunwald

        What is PETA thinking? Wat are they going to wear or eat? They need to help humans i.e. support getting rid of the buried mines that maim and kill even after being buried for over 60years i.e. Korea. Or some other worthwhile project.

      • Kathy

        And just how much is peta paying for advertising? PETA is the farmers worst nightmare. Last year they opened cages at two county fairs in our local area and released rabbits, chickens, etc to let them run and be killed. Bunch of wackoes. They do not provide shelters for animals. And the same for the Human Society of United States. Please, please send your donations to your local Human Societies. Thanks My PETA is “People Eating Tasty Animals”. Farmer from Ohio

      • Big Woody

        The issue here should be “Why should anybody be allowed to advertise in our schools?” Our kids come home wharped enough from the radical agendas of their teachers. Which I might add we cannot have removed from their posts as teachers nor can we remove our kids from their classes and influnce without putting our kids in another school. We need to get back to “our” schools teaching not indoctrinating them to one cause or another.

      • Ray Powers

        Love it

      • Henriellen S. Kibler

        That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Vegatables are grown so people can live and several dog food companies advertize that they put vegatables in their food. Are you going to starve the dogs too. Man does not live by meat alone. Or shall we starte eating dog too???

        • Ray Powers

          Hey Henriellen read why she made this comment it only because, others have made the comment that no one should eat meat and they want children in schools to be taught this. So read before you comment please.

      • Fedup!

        Get a @#**^)** Life we have to stop these idiots. The old saying the Fish sinks from the head down. Common sence needs to be brought back. Remove these idiots – by all means ( Pollitically)

      • Tim


      • Stuart Shepherd

        I am equally outraged about the carrots, but on a VERY serious note- PETA is not just about animals. They are an ULTRA-liberal, viciously pro-abortion group of mostly white feminist and lesbian females. Here in DC there headquarters is right next to Planned Parenthood, about a mile from the White House on 16th St. They actually purposely put a huge picture of a PIG near the entrance to Planned Parenthood (where pro-lifers sometimes come to protest or pray) which said “Right to life!” They are EVIL- there is no other word for them- and they will subtly inculcate the children with evil philosophies, sexual orientations, etc. when they are allowed in the schools, which I have no doubt they will be. To literally be a witch- a female channel for evil spirits which has always existed to some degree or another- is now a cultural phenomenon and an aspiration for many (mostly white) females in this country. It’s not totally their fault- they are inculcated into this way of thinking by lesbian and feminist teachers in the schools- but they still have a choice (like everyone else).

      • msbets


      • Stuart Shepherd

        One guy, who works for the government (!), told me that he won’t wear silk because silkworms were treated with forced labor to make it!!! He was completely serious and works for the State department- probably trying to establish Hillary’s New World Order so that silkworm labor can be regulated worldwide and they can be forced to join a silkworm union even if they don’t want to. The Liberals are absolutely insane in every way and they are RUNNING THE SHOW in so many ways. “Liberal Fascism,” according to Jonah Goldberg (socially, and also increasingly economically). They are disgusting. Again, mostly white women- spoiled, arrogant, childish, vicious, and self-absorbed/narcissistic- with a strong tendency toward evil. Sorry to speak the truth as I see it (if it offends anyone- but I don’t really care).

      • Roger

        I definitely like your sense of humor and I also agree that there should be no politically motivated advertising in the public schools.

      • Jim Cain

        All wild life looks good right next to the potatoes and gravey!!

      • Mac

        I have seen it said in other comments that people need meat AND vegies to grow brain cells etc. This is obviously true and PETA proves it. They are so stupid or brain defective that they can’t even count. If you look in a dog or cat’s mouth you will see long pointed teeth, these are called fangs. Look in your own mouth, count from the center of your teeth in front toward either side. The 4th tooth is a …….. FANG tooth. The same number as in your pets mouth. I guess all vegans go to the dentist and have them all ripped out, right?

      • Launny

        I agree totally. Also, I’m sick and tired of the blatant exploitation of fruit trees all around the country. The trees should be free to market their fruit if and how they see fit.

      • Gary L

        It all boils down to FREEDOM. We should be free to choose what we eat or do not eat. As for animals, many of those are eating meat too. There is always somebody that wantsto make our decisions for us. Personal Liberty and Personal Responsibility are both endangered species these days.

        • Ray Powers

          Your right there Gary

      • greg

        carrottop, if you are serious, you have eaten too many carrots, or something that has taken all of your commonsense from you. Are you a meat eater? Uh-oh!

      • Jerry

        there is room for all of God’s creatures. Right next to the mashed potatoes.

      • bob

        Not to mention the disruption to family life of the earth worm.

      • john o’sullivan

        since when do veggies have feelings? Aren’t they there for nourishment to animals and mankind? Adam ate fruit and we followed suit……..for survival.

      • mark


      • Chris

        If you eat animals, you’re no good………..if you don’t eat animals, you’re still no good…….you can’t win. I became a vegetarian many years ago……while half way through eating a hamburger, the light bulb went on and I asked myself “how can I say I’m an animal lover when I kill them by eating them?” What do I do with the other half of hamburger……eat it or throw it away? I ate it………because the animal already gave up its life for it I felt it would be a sin to throw it away………which is why I get so upset over the millions of pounds of animal meat recalls. I do not preach to anyone……….just them knowing I do not eat animals says enough; I just live by my own conscience. Anyway, PETA sent out an email with a video in it……….it is a stupid video of a girl singing about being vegan and that plants feel no pain……since that’s not true, I emailed PETA about this and a woman replied that she agreed and had met some fruitarians……….well, when you come to think of it, in nature, fruit on a plant either just falls off or shrivels up and dies anyway but the plant still lives…………looks like EVE knew what she was talking about after all.

    • Bob

      Yeah, Doc, Maybe we should let abortionists buy space in the schools to advertise, or let Communist party decorate the halls with their slogans. Just let anyone and everyone try to mold the children to their way of thinking. Just throw out reading, writting and arithmatic. Oh Yeah, they have already thrown that out.
      By the way, did your mother have any children that lived?

      • Doc Sarvis

        Public schools in a lot of places already have advertising of all sorts in the cafeterias, at sporting events, and even the classrooms. This is no different other than it does not fit your individual standard for acceptance.

      • phideaux

        All right Doc lets let PETA advertise. That is they can advertise as long as the Beef Producers association can advertise next to them and the Chicken Producers association advertises on the other side of them and the Pork Producers association advertises above them and the Turkey Growers association advertises under them.

      • Mac

        Hey !!!! Lets not forget the School Administration guy in Michigan that wants a month dedicated to Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transvestite awareness. For all grades from Kindergarten through High School. KINDERGARTEN ????? I guess they can’t confuse them badly enough yet, why not throw something else at them that they have no idea what the teacher is talking about. Jeeeeeze.

        • Ray Powers

          Your right Mac also the teachers should not be teaching this nor giving their opinion on it.

    • ArkansasRebel

      No, this has nothing to do with free enterprise & everything to do with further brainwashing our children. Also, while this may play well in homes where the parents are vegans, it will only serve to further drive a wedge of division in families who eat meat. We already have to much division between children & parents. PETA should just leave us alone and if they don’t want to eat meat, don’t.

      • eddie47d

        Then why do you allow corporations like Taco Bell/Burger King to brainwash your children within the school system? Don’t these unhealthy food companies take away parental choice and entice these parents kids to eat what they offer?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are not able to differentiate between free enterprise and Leftist propaganda to a captive audience.

    • Hedgehog

      NOT! Veganism is radical vegetarianism, both are religions! I thought you people wanted religion out of your schools! Instead you are bringing in the most radical religions (Islam and pagan animism). People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are anything but ethical. Violence against people who are not members of their religion. They have focused on the idea that animals are people and completely lost sight of the fact that people are animals! Eating meat is not a sin or a crime and no amount of religious fervor on the part of PETA will change that. PETA is a religious terrorist organization pure and simple!

      • Roger

        If one reads the Old Testament of the Bible one will see that God Himself condones, and in fact encourages, the eating of meat.

    • s c

      No, komrade einstein. NOT when you’re in bed with Obummer. Besides, people like you wouldn’t recognize free enterprise if it bit you where you do your ‘thinking.’ Utopians have always had that problem. It stems from rarely having both feet in the real world.
      You still just don’t get it, do you, komrade?
      And I thought Gore was d u h.
      I don’t know which surprises me more. It’s bad enough that anyone would want to start something in Cleveland. Then again, as psychotic as PETA can be, maybe Cleveland is fitting, if not overly rational. Friends don’t let friends become PETA zombies. And friends don’t let friends live in Cleveland. So, will PETA supply the people in Cleveland with their own cell phones? Hmmmm?

    • JC

      Is this the same PETA that was caught stealing and murdering pets and dumping them in garbage cans? What a bunch of despicable low lives…keep them the hell away from the kids!

      • carrottop

        Good response JC and, yes, they are the same plus they are the same PETA that was caught euthanizing hundreds of homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in California. Perhaps we should let them know that Obama eats dog meat. He did admit to this.

      • phideaux

        “…they are the same PETA that was caught euthanizing hundreds of homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in California.”

        That is not the only place they have done that. PETA has done it back east as well in I think one of the Carolinas.

  • http://personalliberty Marcie Campbell

    Advertising such as described in this article is brainwashing pure and simple. NO NO NO

    • Doc Sarvis

      Brainwashing is the essence of modern advertising.

      • Karolyn

        Brainwsashing is actually the essence of child-rearing, is it not?

      • Patriot1776

        Karolyn, there is a distinct difference between teaching right and wrong and brainwashing. Parenting is about teaching personal responsibility, values and morals.

      • carrottop

        You and Karolyn exemplify what is wrong in this country. Kids need to be taught how to make informed decisions. Your plan is to force your belief system on them. That is WRONG. That is what governments do and people with your kind of mind set, perpetuate that kind of distorted thinking. If PETA is allowed to “pay” for such advertising/brainwashing, then the National Associan of Cattle Ranchers must be allowed to do the same. BTW, I don’t think they will EVEN make a dent in Mackie “D’s” Happy Meals.

        Here’s another thought for you. Science has already determined that the evolution of man’s brain and his ability to think and reason began when he started ingesting proteins in the form of meat. Perhaps you need a Happy Meal.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I am not a vegetarian and never said that I was. I am saying that there is already advertising in public schools (& practically everywhere) and plenty of meat consumed there as well. If PETA has the money and willing schools for this promotion then it is personal liberty and free enterprise for them to go ahead with this.

      • Karolyn

        Parents teach children lot more than right and wrong. Children are brainwashed to think a certain way by their parents. Fortunately, some develop minds of their own, but many just carry on the family traditions without a whimper. If kids are not exposed to ideas contrary to what their parents believe, they may grow up to be little sheep and parrots. There is a video online of a little 6 year old singing an anti-gay song in church while the congregation cheers and laughs. If that’s not brainwashing, I don’t know what is.

      • JC

        Doc Sarvis says:

        September 28, 2012 at 7:18 am

        Brainwashing is the essence of modern advertising.

        And having no morals whatsoever you’re just fine with that right?

      • eddie47d

        Come on JC you know darn well that is Capitalism working its charm on the gullible public. Are you fine with that?

      • JC

        eddie your response indicates that you are still a communist low life, nothing more.

  • Doc Sarvis

    If you value free enterprise and personal liberty then you should have no trouble with PETA’s approach – even if you don’t agree with their message.

    • Patriot1776

      I have no problem with their approach as long as the American Beef Councel and the National Pork Producers are given an equal opportunity. I think that any advertising within a school is a bad idea as it only opens the door to commercializing an area where education should be the focus.

    • carrottop

      It is NOT free enterprise. Call it what it really is………PETA’s desire to indoctrinate and reeducate our kids to their way of thinking. It is a mass recruitment program and that is their agenda. It is not a program to teach kids how to make informed decisions. A picture of a chicken saying “I am not a nugget” is just that, a slanted, prejudiced openion of PETA intended to reshape a child’s mind to think like PETA members and their ilk. You are as twisted in YOUR thinking as they are.

      • Doc Sarvis

        You wrote; “…desire to indoctrinate and reeducate our kids to their way of thinking. It is a mass recruitment program…” Yes of course it is. Just like ALL advertising.

      • eddie47d

        I believe what Doc is trying to say is that Taco Bell,McDonald’s,Burger King and the Pepsi company are fully engaged in advertising (indoctrinating)within our schools. They are telling kids that fast greasy foods (meat and fries) are good for you or that sugary drink is the way to go. So in a sense the National Beef Council already advertises within these schools. They just have subsidiaries that do it for them and advertise all the time.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Are there going to be posters from the Beef Council, The Lamb and Pork Producers, the Egg Producers, The Hunters and Wildgame Processors, Any and All Soup makers? If not then you simply have the human predators PETA corraling the young sheep to make a living off the young.

    • JC

      Doc Sarvis says:

      September 28, 2012 at 7:20 am

      If you value free enterprise and personal liberty then you should have no trouble with PETA’s approach – even if you don’t agree with their message.

      Wrong! Morality plays a role here and by your analysis, we should have no problem letting Neo-Nazi’s make a pitch to the kids either, right?

      • Doc Sarvis

        Neo-Nazi’s make a pitch to the kids all the time in school and out. Advertising is all over the place. No I don’t like it at all. My point is here that if someone like myself were to complain about a McDonalds (or any of a hundred other big advertisers) advertisement at a school I would be barraged about comments on the free market and how I am such a Commie. This is exactly the same from the other side.

      • JC

        That’s the second time someone has referenced fast food companies advertising in schools.
        I am unaware of any such advertisements “within an actual school.” Does this really happen somewhere?

      • eddie47d

        They sure are and desperate schools who are in financial trouble started doing this several years ago. These fast food places make money,get to advertise their product and pay the school thousands of dollars to do so.

      • phideaux

        eddie you and Doc should know by now that proof by bald assertion does NOT work here. Provide sources and links to your claims.

      • eddie47d

        That is a well known fact throughout the schools systems so look it up yourself if you are so concerned with the facts. I won’t babysit you on this trivial issue!

      • JC

        Well eddie I checked it out. Indeed there are school districts taking money to advertise on school buses. In answer to your earlier question, no I’m not ok with it.
        While I am a proponent of free enterprise capitalism (which doesn’t exist) this is not an appropriate forum for advertising anything. Not fast food and not PETA.

      • phideaux

        “That is a well known fact throughout the schools systems so look it up yourself if you are so concerned with the facts. I won’t babysit you on this trivial issue!”

        In other words there is no proof other than your bald assertions to support your claims.

  • Dorian LaCourse

    As an active member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals), I believe this group is giving us a bad name

    • Warrior

      I play both sides of the fence. A good grilled steak with aspar-gas. YUM.

      • JimH

        That salad is just something you have to finish before the waitress brings the prime rib.

    • JC

      Oh come on Dorian…wouldn’t you agree that there is plenty of room for all God’s creatures…right next to the mashed potatos? ;-)

    • phideaux

      Vegetarian and Vegan are old Indian words meaning failure as a hunter.

      • JC

        I thought they meant, “Go Get Firewood” ;-)

    • cawmun cents
  • Zed

    I went vegitarian years ago, not because I love animals-but because I hate plants.

  • carrottop

    I think Doc and Karolyn are going to get their butts kicked here.

    “I went vegitarian years ago, not because I love animals-but because I hate plants.”

    Way to go Zed. LMAO!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Don’t worry about me; they rarely lay a glove on me.

      • Opal the Gem

        Tell us another joke Doc.

  • Dhip

    Just another by-product of Obama’s weak leadership. The in your race attitude of liberal groups.

    • Doc Sarvis

      It is sad that I am NOT surprised that someone would blame President Obama for this. Incredible!

      • JC

        “This” is not the Kenyan’s fault…but it is a bunch of meddlesome liberal garbage.

    • eddie47d

      That was really lame Dhip [expletive deleted] and way off base. How about someone …anyone speaking up for healthy foods and healthy drinks as the way to go? Are there any moderates even left in this nation? The schools have always (use to) served beef or other meats along with vegetables and lots of milk. Now all kids get are poor nutritional choices and we all know which ones they will choose. Some say it is the parents who should make the choices so if that is true then Burger King is apparently what they want for their kids. More vegetarian choices should definitely be on the lunch menu and parents should encourage them to eat proper. Sadly these food Corporations (BK) are now making those parental choices for them.

  • Tim

    People Eating Tasty Animals….enough said!!!!

    • Patriot1776

      Amen. Animal abuse: putting steak sauce on a medium-rare steak.

      • carrottop

        Or worse, ketchup.

      • cawmun cents

        Steak sandwich:two pieces of roast with a hunk of tenderloin slapped between em’!-CC.

  • alpha-lemming

    Just a quick side-bar, humans DO NOT have the GI tract of a vegetarian. It’s just not long enough to efficiently process an all roughage diet. Granted there are beans (lentils etc.) and the like that are a good source of protein but physiologically speaking, we need some level of animal matter.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I wonder of how many PETA executives are actually vegetarians or is it simply a matter of do as I say and not what I do. They must not wear clothes, live in homes, drive or fly otherwise they are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

    • Tim L.

      Wrong. I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years and I am in excellent health. After a recent blood work-up, my doctor was amazed at the results. He said, “I don’t know what you’re eating, but your protein is excellent.” So the fact is, humans don’t need meat or animal products in order to be healthy.

      • JC

        Well with a little luck, you can lead the evolution towards “rabbitthood”. ;-)
        Kidding, I respect your right to make personal choices. But this PETA garbage has no place in schools.

      • alpha-lemming

        Good for you….. I tried to cite there are ways to be a healthy vegetarian, but it ain’t easy. What I was attempting to say in my rather indelicate wording is “If you believe the environment shapes the biofauna (and subsequently the fauna evolves to succeed in an environmental niche), we are hard-wired (medium sized GI tract, specialized teeth etc.) to to subsist on a MIXED diet”. It’s been this way since we stood up-right and began our hunter-gatherer trek to the top of food chain. The developement of our big brains (a VERY greedy energy consuming organ) played into this evolution as well and, prior to agriculture, animal protein still gave the biggest bang for the buck to quick pre-processed ready-to-use energy.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Despite claims to the contrary our closest relatives the Chimp regularly eats meat in the wild. It is true they do not eat it as often as us humans do but it is proven that they do eat meat.

  • Ed

    If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal”. Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

  • Barb Aichele

    It is no wonder that people are taking their children out ot public school and teaching them at home.

    • dcjdavis

      Did you say people were taking children out of public schools and feeding them at home?

  • Rob

    We as humans were not created to simply be vegetarians. We have canine teeth, cuspids, and pre-molars for ripping and shredding meat, and incisors and molars for crushing and chewing plant material. I wish these PETA bozos could understand that.

    • Tim L.

      Sorry Rob, but you are totally wrong. Vegetarians are among the healthiest people on the planet. As far as PETA being “bozos,” Why is it wrong to have compassion for other living beings. I guess I’m a bozo, too, because I believe in one very simple motto: If you wouldn’t want it done to your child, don’t do it to any other living being.

      • Rob

        Find a mirror, open your mouth, and look at those sharp pointy things in there.

      • JC

        Compassion? I don’t think so…

        “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a problem. Despite its mission to advocate for “total animal liberation,” government documents obtained through public records requests indicate that each year PETA kills thousands of animals at its headquarters.”

        “According to records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA has killed more than 25,000 animals (mostly dogs and cats) at its headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia.”

        PETA ‘killed more than 95 per cent of adoptable dogs and cats in its care last year’ shocking new report says

        Read more:

        These people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near animals…let alone children.

    • Tim L.

      Obviously, you missed the point. Take a look at medical statistics. A vegatarian diet is far healthier than a meat based diet.

      • JC

        Healthier tha store bought meat? Probably. That’s why I hunt and eat deer. Along with a side of veggies it’s just fine.

  • dcjdavis

    If vegan is a great option for schools it’s probably because the government can no longer afford to put meat on the menu.

  • JeffH

    PETA…better known for it’s members parading nude in the streets than saving animals.

    How they’ve managed to survive is a mystery…or not. It’s obvious to anyone that can read or write that PETA is a sham, a despicable animal killing machine…all in the name of “vegan” I guess. They’ll make sure the animals are euthanized rather than ending up on some restaurants menu.

    One report stated that PETA lacks “sufficient animal enclosures” to take in the number of animals it receives and therefore 84% of all animals are killed within 24 hours of being handed over to the not-for-profit firm.

    One would think that an organization that advertises itself as “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” might consider using some of these funds to ethically expand their enclosures and save some of the animals rather than unethically kill off upwards of 95% of the animals they take in.

    It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats.

    • eddie47d

      EVERY animal shelter out there has the same problem. Over population of pets and folks who abandon them. None of them can keep up with the puppy mills that churn out cute little dogs until the family gets tired of them. Those puppy mills are a big business and are the ones without any morals. Now if you want Americans to start dog markets like they do in So Korea and sell dog meat then we’ll see who has the morals. Most Americans wouldn’t accept that. PETA protested in the nude to show their disdain for the killing of animals for fur products. The clubbing of baby seals in Canada still goes on to this day just so people can parade their vanity. Not many morals with that bunch of seal hunters either. As far as finding homes for these animals there again people will choose a new pup or a dog from a good home over any shelter dog. Thus the necessity to euthanize them. Feeding them (dogs) cost thousands because of the high turn over of pets turned in .

      • phideaux

        the problem is eddie PETA makes no attempt to find a home for the animals they just execute them out of hand than go beg for some more money and HSUS is only a very little better.

    • JeffH

      eddie again shows how much he doesn’t comprhend and goes off on another rant.

      What part of PETA don’t you understand? The part where they don’t use their funds to expand enclosures or the part that they euthanize 95%+ of all animals they “collect” and they euthanize 85%+- of every animal they “collect” within 24 hours?
      I’ll try to educate you just a little bit about the long and traditional history of seal hunting by our northern neighbors.

      You may not like the seal clubbing…but it is highly regulated and cotrolled. Archeological evidence indicates the Native Americans and First Nations People in Canada have been hunting seals for at least 4,000 years.

      The commercial hunting of infant harp seals (whitecoats) and infant hooded seals (bluebacks) was banned in 1987 under pressure from animal rights groups. Now, seals may only be killed once they have started molting (from 12 to 15 days of age), as this coincides with the time when they are abandoned by their mothers.

      In the Canadian commercial seal hunt, the majority of the hunters initiate the kill using a firearm. Ninety percent of sealers on the ice floes of the Front (east of Newfoundland), where the majority of the hunt occurs, use firearms

      The older and more traditional method of killing seals is with a hakapik: a heavy wooden club with a hammer head and metal hook on the end. The hakapik is used because of its efficiency; the animal can be killed quickly without damage to its pelt.

      • eddie47d

        As usual Jeff only tells one side of the story and expects no one to listen to what is really happening. Baby seals are still being clubbed law or no law and I said for reasons of vanity not food to fed the Natives. I have nothing against most hunters but these seal “hunters” are nothing but killers. Nice try Jeff in making them seem Nobel!

      • JC

        eddie, have you ever seen a seal 3 or 4 miles in land that died while looking for food?
        I have and it’s a pathetic thing to see. Seals are voracious hunters and prolific breeders.
        They will decimate the Cod stock in no time flat when left completely alone.
        Whether we like it or not, a certain amount of hunting maintains sustainable numbers.

      • JeffH

        Ignorant eddie, you base your comments solely on emotion…without an ounce of knowledge. Unlike you, I much prefer to state the facts as they are not as I believe they should be. Again, your opinion is just that, your opinion…as a matter of fact, it is your demonized opinion.

  • HSMom2004

    I do not approve of advertising to children in schools. Our schools in this area do not have advertising for fast food chains, unless you are considering the advertising that is purchased for booster clubs on school calendars or in the year book by local businesses that are supporting the school. If PETA has a local business and would like to support the school by putting an ad on the school calendar or in the yearbook alongside others, I have no qualms with that. I do not have a problem with schools offering vegetarian and vegan options for students who prefer that route.
    I went to one middle school for a year that school offered salads. That was my preferred lunch each day and a cup of iced tea as I did not drink milk – can’t stand the stuff (found out as an adult I’m allergic.) I did not want soyburgers (they made me sick – another food allergy) and pizza and their overcooked vegetables.
    When I went to another school that did not have salad as an option, I just did not eat lunch – or just had some crackers. After passing out from malnutrition (I worked out 3 hours per day for athletics and only ate supper), my mom, who owned a restaurant, started bringing me a lunch I would eat – chicken that had flavor. I like steak and chicken and pork, but the cheap processed or imitation meats at schools were disgusting when I went to school. I like having a choice, as well, of having fresh vegetables over canned, tasteless ones.
    There are some whose religions require vegetarian / vegan meals during some or all times of the year and some who just like vegetables. Schools could offer a salad bar. Work with the PARENTS to make good choices for the children in the schools, not the advertisers. It does not have to be all or nothing. But advertising each day at meal time to students who cannot really grasp the concept of advertising is not the right choice. We choose and Netflix for our viewing so our children are not exposed to commercials they do not understand or think that just because someone says so that it is a fact. Children do not need advertising of that ilk (or any other) on the walls of the school. That is a discussion for the children and their parents and the parents and the school board. If the school board will not make a vegetarian / vegan option available and that is their preference, then the parents can send a lunch.

  • Jay

    “You people totally misunderstand PETA! We are not terrorists! PETA believes in peaceful protests, vegetarianism, and taking off our clothes. We are simply a group of animal lovers who like running around naked and who really love animals. I mean really. (Wink)”
    ~ Eris Chao, author of Zoophiliacs for PETA on PETA

    “I can’t believe my parents named me after this organization!”
    ~ Peeta Mellark on PETA

    “They’re a group of anti-meateaters who want to stop meateaters from eating meat!”
    ~ Captain Obvious on PETA

    PETA, or People for the Emancipation of Teats and Azzes, is a global collaboration of activists who protest for freedom for animals, particularly bovines and equines. This is reflected in their most popular campaigning methods – parading men and women with exposed breasts (“teats”) and buttocks (“azzes”) symbolising cows and donkeys. By exposing other body parts, they show their love for cats and roosters.

    Some former members have complained of having gotten little support (in most campaigns, PETA doesn’t allow wearing bras). But the group has many loyal followers–and wide-eyed admirers–who are sympathetic to the cause.

    While the international group is known as PETA in most parts of the world, in Skokie, Illinois, the group has been labeled the Uber Nazi Aryan Animal Association, UN-AAA. They are sometimes identified as People Engaged in Terrorist Activities for their alleged physical abuse of two-legged animals who wear lab coats; forcing spaying and neutering on anything that possesses fur, feathers, or hair; and clandestine midnight beatings of the rare flesh-eating moose of Ontario, California. But according to spokesperson Eris Catma, “That wasn’t me that was my sister.”

    Another version of their acronym is “People Enjoying Talking Anal,” but this primarily describes members while posting on their website.

    The group is sometimes mistaken for the unusual, left-wing organisation known as the Poorly Educated Turtle Anuses. The name says it all, really.

    To date, PETA is the only organization in the world to bribe people with naked women,
    video games, and free food, yet fail miserably. But they keep trying.

    According to Harvard Professor of Social History Miley Ray Cyrus, PETA began in the dawn of the 1980′s when people demanded something new to complain about. It was founded by actor Ingrid “Jamie” Newkirk in 1980 as an civil-strike faction of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin.

    Newkirk is best known for her role as the Chicken Lady on In Living Color, and as the young Captain in the 2009 prequel to Star Trek. Her activism began as a member of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). “I was originally part of the PTA, which I figured must stand for People for the Treatment of Animals. But one day at a meeting, I suddenly realized that didn’t make sense. I stood up and asked, ‘What the hell does that mean? What kind of treatment?’ Everybody looked at me really strangely, but nobody had an answer.” So Newkirk started a new group by adding an “E” to the acronym, changing PTA to PETA. Not surprisingly for an actor, the new acronym stood for “People for the Entertaining Treatment of Animals.”

    The new group drew attention at SPCA (Sexy People Craving Animals) centers and PTA meetings by singing and dancing while wearing chicken suits. Unfortunately, the efforts proved rather frivolous. This was explained by chicken dancer Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who said “our efforts proved rather frivilous.” So they moved from the stage and produced a film. This also did poorly. In a review in the Chicago Sun-Times, movie critic Roger Ebert wrote that their “efforts proved rather frivolous.”

    The new group was on the verge of closing. PETA still exists today because its founder, Ingrid Newkirk, tried a new tactic–research. She called it pain en the azz. She and a team known as Really Awesomely Terrific Scientists (RATS) conducted studies at several eating establishments. These showed that meat consumers acted irrationally, immaturely and engaged in childish behavior including pushing, shoving, fighting, and calling each other dirty names. “Consumption of meat obviously leads to innumerable temper tantrums and acts of childish destruction,” said Newkirk in regard to the RATS study. Newkirk then called for the abolishment of meat consumption, which became the primary agenda of PETA “in order to provide for a better planet.” The primary criticism of Jamie Newkirk’s study was made by longtime rival Ricardo Newkhan, who pointed out that all the observations of childish behavior were made at elementary school cafeterias.

    Ingrid Newkirk later ran into serious doubts, even to the point of considering becoming a meat eater. She learned that the 20th century’s most prominent vegetarian led a band of racists, hatemongers, torturers, rapists, murderers, and people who wore animal-tested lip balm. But when she discovered that Adolph Hitler also wore woolen underwear, she immediately seized it. “Itchy underwear would make anyone cranky,” she said. “Fur made the Führer.” So to eliminate the Itchy Undergarment Sydrome, PETA fought against the wearing of animal skin and fur, and its name was changed to stand for “People Exposing Titties and Azzes.”

    The group became very popular with self-centered emos, beer-guzzling Retarded Vegetarians of Canada, angry beatniks, unwashed hippies, short-fanged vampires (who appreciate not having to try to bite through fur coats), Dirty Old Men, and Bat Girl (as played by Alicia Silverstone).

    PETA is not without rival groups. The most prominent are Hunters for Jesus, Screw the Animals, the Plant Liberation Organization, and the PTA. Support groups include Topfree For You And Me, Zoophiliacs Unlimited, and Bat Girl (as played by Alicia Silverstone).

    Recently PETA endorsed Presidential Candidate Barack Obama with money on his campaign to topple Warlord Premier Bush. This was due to media reports that Obama was sympathetic to minority groups such as PETA because he was of mixed race, being half black and half green. The media also reported that he had planned to adopt a rescue dog, and subsisted on plant material, i.e. tobacco. PETA was certain this meant the new president would approve their plan to legalize same and opposite sex marriage between people and their animal companions.

    Unfortunately for PETA’s plans, a special report on Fox News revealed that Obama was not a vegetarian. The network aired footage showing him and Vice President Joe Biden consuming a whole bucket of Popeye’s famous chicken on the doorsteps of PETA headquarters or Delta Halo. After this, the plant eaters changed their allegiance and joined the Green Party.


    Petaphiles are people who have an abnormal sexual attraction to vegetarians and/or animal rights activists, especially members of PETA. Some Petaphiles (sometimes called PETAfiles) are known for having playful, cautious, and kind sex with animals if it will take that to liberate them.

    While petaphilia isn’t technically illegal, even if the bestiality is in places opposed to loving animals, it is strongly discouraged by most communities. This is primarily because the presence of petaphiles tends to attract some of the more shady elements of society, such as the sympathetic furries and their enemy group, the anti-PETA kitten huffers.

    In countries with too many laws, known petaphiles are required to wear cow-scented cologne, in order to prevent them from being able to lure in unsuspecting vegans.

    • JeffH

      Jay, you get two thumbs up! :) Don’t you love eddie’s emotionl reponse just below this one?

      FYI…further up e defends PETA and goes into a rant that include “seal bashing”.

    • Ray Powers

      Jay its great that you believe as you want. But the point is there is no cause for them to advertise or try some sort of brain game with children. So no to advertising in schools

  • eddie47d

    Jay is once again trying to educate through stupidity.If some think PETA is weird take a look at Jay. I know Jay it was all in jest to tickle our funny bone. Not! LOL

    • Opal the Gem

      Well eddie if Jay’s post shows stupidity yours shows the IQ of someone who tries to knock up Pi$$ ants.

  • richcarro

    Where was PETA when Obama said he use to eat dogs as a delicacy? How about jumping on his butt for that. And as far as advertiseing, try put pet animals on the menu also so that they can be eaten by the muslims.

    • eddie47d

      Wow! That is really a gem Richcarro. Actually about as lame as Jeff and Opal . Opal has NEVER said ANYTHING intelligent in any of her posts. Only petty replies. PETA wasn’t even around when Obama was a child so what was your real point Richcarro! I already responded to Jeff so no need to play any further into his foolishness! It would be damn hard to outdo his continual stupidity anyway!

      • JeffH

        LMAO…Stupid is as stupid does… :) :) :) Ya can’t fix stupid!

      • Opal the Gem

        well eddie the reason you perceive my replies as petty is because your statements they are in reply to are about as petty as it gets.

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  • Dan Mancuso

    I think anybody with even half a brain knows that PETAphiles are all insane. As many have responded here, this is pure brainwashing – not capitalist advertising. People are carnivores or like bears, omnivores. Look at the facts; like all meat eater/predators our eyes face forward, not to the side like prey animals; our teeth are designed for rending flesh not chewing cud; our digestive systems need the complex protiens only found in meat. I personally have never met a healthy vegan and I have also never met a cud chewer that could do a full days labour or spend the day outside, with out being cold – I live above the 52nd paralell. That is because they don’t have the fire inside that eating meat produces. I think the lack of these complex protiens also affects the developement and maintanence of intelligence – most vegans and all PETAphiles are Marxist/liberal/progressive/socialist intellectually challenged mooks. Why doesn’t Homelandsecurity declare these imbeciles domestic terrorists instead of people who protest against the murder of millions upon millions of innocent human babies?

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