Personal Liberty Digest™ P.M. Edition 3-26-2014: SPLC Gets Kicked To The Curb; Harry Reid Thinks Nobody Knows How To Use The Internet; Youth Vote Up For Grabs; Weighing In On Obama’s NSA Plan; A Sad End To The Custody Saga Of Justina Pelletier


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Conservative-Hating Southern Poverty Law Center Removed From FBI’s ‘Hate Crimes’ Resources

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a long history of unfairly labeling right-of-center groups as “hate organizations,” has reportedly been removed from the FBI’s “resources” section on the agency’s Hate Crime Web page. It’s about time. Read More…


Harry Reid: You Fools Don’t Know How To Use The Internet And Sign Up For Obamacare

You’re all idiots – that’s why you haven’t signed up for Obamacare yet. Thus spake Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) today, opining on why President Barack Obama’s signature piece of social reform hasn’t taken off with the American public. ‘Not Educated…’


Young Voters Are Up For Grabs, The GOP Doesn’t Seem To Want Them

“Are younger voters up for grabs?” asks The Wall Street Journal in a recent piece about the millennial generation’s growing disillusionment with government. The answer, provided by a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, is “yes,” but where they’ll turn is unclear. Read More…


The EFF Weighs In On Obama’s Proposal to Overhaul NSA Spying

On March 25, we learned that the Obama administration and the House Intelligence Committee are both proposing welcome and seemingly significant changes to the mass telephone records collection program.  This is good news, but we have not seen the details of either and details, as we have learned, are very important in assessing suggested changes to the NSA’s mass spying. Real Change? 


Court Gives Massachusetts Child Welfare Officials Permanent Custody Of Teenage Girl

Earlier this month, we told you about one Massachusetts family’s struggle to retain custody of their daughter, whom the State had essentially kidnapped by declaring her parents’ judgment of her health care needs subservient to that of the Department of Children and Families. Now, it appears the family has lost their fight not only to care for Justina Pelletier, but also to keep her in their own home. Read More…

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