Perry’s Team Considers Late Entry Into GOP Race


Will he or won’t he? That’s the question everyone is asking about Texas Governor Rick Perry, regarding whether he will submit an eleventh-hour bid for the 2012 Republican Presidential nod. The answer became a resounding “maybe” as Perry’s aides said they were considering the logistical challenges of a run.

“Among their considerations is whether Mr. Perry has enough time to raise sufficient cash, which generally requires personal contact with donors and fund-raisers,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The actions show that Mr. Perry has moved beyond thinking about joining the contest to determining whether he can build a winning campaign.”

While popular among Republicans in general, Perry would face significant challenges in his home state of Texas. According to a May poll, his job approval ratings have sunk and only 4 percent of Texas voters would vote for him to be President.

However, many top Republicans expressed an interest in Perry, saying he could prove to be a strong second choice for voters who do not favor former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. According to some, his name recognition alone could beat out the lesser-known and more extreme GOP candidates.

“Perry probably swallows up the rest of the air in the race,” John Ryder, a member of the Republican National Committee from Tennessee, told the WSJ. “He would give Romney a run for it.”

“When the governor sits down to weigh all this, he will ask: Can we raise the money? Do we have the political support? And do we have the time left to campaign?” David Carney told the paper. Carney, along with Rob Johnson, left Newt Gingrich’s campaign earlier this month to work with Perry.

“This isn’t something you do on a lark,” Carney told the paper. “Running for the White House isn’t a hobby.”

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