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Perry’s Team Considers Late Entry Into GOP Race

June 21, 2011 by  

Perry’s Team Considers Late Entry Into GOP Race

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question everyone is asking about Texas Governor Rick Perry, regarding whether he will submit an eleventh-hour bid for the 2012 Republican Presidential nod. The answer became a resounding “maybe” as Perry’s aides said they were considering the logistical challenges of a run.

“Among their considerations is whether Mr. Perry has enough time to raise sufficient cash, which generally requires personal contact with donors and fund-raisers,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “The actions show that Mr. Perry has moved beyond thinking about joining the contest to determining whether he can build a winning campaign.”

While popular among Republicans in general, Perry would face significant challenges in his home state of Texas. According to a May poll, his job approval ratings have sunk and only 4 percent of Texas voters would vote for him to be President.

However, many top Republicans expressed an interest in Perry, saying he could prove to be a strong second choice for voters who do not favor former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. According to some, his name recognition alone could beat out the lesser-known and more extreme GOP candidates.

“Perry probably swallows up the rest of the air in the race,” John Ryder, a member of the Republican National Committee from Tennessee, told the WSJ. “He would give Romney a run for it.”

“When the governor sits down to weigh all this, he will ask: Can we raise the money? Do we have the political support? And do we have the time left to campaign?” David Carney told the paper. Carney, along with Rob Johnson, left Newt Gingrich’s campaign earlier this month to work with Perry.

“This isn’t something you do on a lark,” Carney told the paper. “Running for the White House isn’t a hobby.”

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  • TIME

    One word, PORGRESSIVE! Now you know who and what he is.
    Perry is backed by all the NWO so will you back him too?

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Time… When you post, I always read them. I think you are very mindful of what is happening politically and my views align yours. Would you mind elaborating more on the whys and the wherefores of Rick Perry?

      • TIME


        Look at Alex Jones sight for a TON on this POS. I try and keep up but I to need extra eyes and ears, Alex is on the case like flys on well you know.

        I speak with many congress and senate people of what let me tell you -I feel “slimed” after doing such as they are best at never answereing any question. (But Keep in mind its not what they say when asked)~ its what they “don’t say” that gives them away every time.

        Keep in mind that profiling is a study movments gestures as well as actions. With all political people they fit a like profile they talk at you, not with you. Its a sale pitch, thats how they live they get a job of being a Political sale person selling you Lies, so they get real good at it and fast if they want to keep that gravy train rolling. Its not the pay they get, its the “PERKS and BENNIES” like new car’s, or Beach home, or even a colledge education for their kids, stocks, bonds, and special favors.

        As you know I am in the Music Biz so you learn to profile personalities if you don’t doing what I do you wouldn’t make it.
        You have to become an observer and listen and watch and only speak when your cutting a deal.
        When I am ready to sign someone I know more about them then they do about themself. Thats why reading politicians is so bloody easy for me.

        Again Just Google; ( or Alex Jones ) he is a really good dude. Oh and what ever he post or says he has the Doucments that to back him up. Think of a Glenn Beck like guy thats really gruff and hard hitting and holds nothing back at all!

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Time… Thank you! I knew you would know where to send me to find the info I am looking for. I didn’t know you were in the music business, but what you do professionally makes it easier to understand how astute you are in sorting through the muck of politics. I always look to your posts for information and know that you have the ability to read between the lines. Your wisdom is appreciated!

          • TIME


            I am very happy that I can help. This is a wild world we live in and is getting more so by the day.

            ** Note ** To all of you, we are going to have a Depression that the likes of no nation has ever seen before and I hope never again.
            Thats just the facts, it can’t be stopped feeding it more money will not work it just prolongs the end result.

            As of July 15 2011 the sale of Silver coins / bars etc Gold coins and bars etc. will be outlawed. Thanks to Chris Dodd and Barry Frank. Just one more thing to keep in mind thats coming very fast!
            This leads me to the next issue.

            Please if you can buy as much canned or dry food as you can, stock it away. Also get yourself a water supply or filters.
            Stock up on wood for fires, for both warmth and cooking.

            As again we all face whats coming and the Politicians are not going to tell you any of this nor will the media. Please note; again the media is ownd lock stock and barrel by the Rothschilds who are the head of the NWO, I can’t make this any more simple for you.

            Anyone who is graced by the World Bank or the standard lame Stream Media or UN ~Holoywackedwood or the Bilderburg’s the CFR, or the UN are “ALL – BAD to the BONE Rotten to the CORE” nasty and just outright malicious people who all are all in the same NWO boat.
            They are going to crash the Dollar and very soon I figured by this years end, thats 2011.

            People George Soro’s is a General in the Rothschilds ranks he has played his hand so well that its nearly seemless, but of you dig you will find everything I posted as GOSPEL TRUTH.

            I beg you all to please wake all the way up, if you don’t do it now its too late, Please Become the leaders God made you if your here and your reading this as well following whats going on then you know what you have to do.
            Keep LOVE in your hearts, Liberty & Freedom flowing from your lips. And TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL.

          • victoria_29

            And TIME needs to get his tin hat out, this is crap that Ron Paul, InfoWars & the rest of the nut cases have been promoting for years. Years ago as the Governor of the largest energy producing state he was requested to give a SPEECH on energy & security, he did it END of story. Period, no conspiracy & these nut cases have nothing to prove any different EXCEPT other nut case unreliable websites.

          • Carlucci

            You are the nutcase, Victoria_29. Go roll with your homies in jovi-ville (i.e., and ACORN).

          • TIME


            WOW, really you’re Texas Born and raised. Well I’ll be, how strange I have many rancher friends in the Big Star State how strange they all feel Perry is a lump of Waste Material.

            So by a few of your other post your saying we are all
            “Liberal Troll’s” Yea, good luck with that one sweetheart.

            Thats as good as the Mars being the true Earth theory, and that some how the earth was bounced out of its orbit then hit Mars and now the Earth is where mars once was. I bet you also think that the White Mountains in West Texas have snow on them all year long too afterall they are named the White Mountains.

            Ok so you have exposed your really large Tin Foil cap for what it is with all your post today. But hey really, thanks for playing and please do feel free to play again soon.

    • Cam

      DITTO!!! You have hit the nail squarely on the head! Remember the 2007mandated Guardasil caper(link below), Remember the scheme to sell Texas highways to Foreign interest…big on-going kick backs in “toll roads folks(link below). Remember he pledged he would NOT run for President(link below). And to put the “Perry on top”, he was most recently tapped by the elitist Bilderberg Mob of Corporatist, Bankers, Military Industrial Complex high tower players and other rogue multi-billionaire thugs such as Soro’s to be OUR next President. Another puppet regime in the planning that these elite will control thereby insuring and continuing the left/right paradigm. To put it as simply as it can be put, “experienced politicians” equate to “experienced thieves and thugs”. Until we stop electing “criminals”(politicians) and start electing good well meaning people(Statesmen and Stateswomen) the cesspool called “Congress” will remain just that.,+Texas+Chapter

      • victoria_29

        Unlike many of the OBVIOUS Liberal TROLLS & PaulBots on here. I happen to be born & bred Texan. Half-truths are typical Alinsky tactics see the left taught you well. Rennie [removed], you said he “just signed” [removed] this was 4 or 5 yrs ago not “just”-shows that you have no clue. And yes he signed an Executive Order BUT was not mandated-It HAD AN OPT OUT CLAUSE-parents had the choice to opt out-that is hardly mandatory. BUT what it did do, even though NO CHILD was ever vaccinated under it, was force insurance companies like mine-BC/BS to have to pay for the shots for those of us smart enough to want to vaccinate our children, where prior they called it an “optional” shot & would NOT cover. I suggest that next time you decide to comment, you at least do 5 minute research so you do not sound so ignorant.

        • TIME


          Really Sweetie we have to stop meeting like this, some ones going to start talking about this trist of ours. ;-0
          Hey I bet you will be first on line for your Micro Chip Implant too!
          Good for you…….;-)

      • Christin

        I live in TX and I would not vote for Rick Perry for President 2012.
        He is not Conservative enough for me.

        He should not put his hat into the barrel … there are so many Republican candidates already.

        Perry was or is building Hwy 69 in Texas from Mexico to Canada… here comes borderless America, folks.

        Isn’t it funny how No One in that state will vote for that Candidate… the states’ folks know don’t they?

        The Left or TPTB must be worried that their Repub pick, Mitt Romneycare will not win. Many Repub Candidates are Conservative and they must want to get a stronger RINO Republican insider that will do their evil work for them to kill America and Americans.

  • Carlucci

    I live in Texas. Rick Perry is a big fat RINO and of course he is a liar. Apparently he has also become a charter member of the Bilderbergs. He wrote a book “Fed Up” (I’m betting that he didn’t really write it and hired a ghost writer, as Perry is not that bright). The book is all about how he’s had it up to there with the federal mafia, (yet he oh so wants to be a federale!!).

    We have at least two politicos with balls serving in the Texas legislature – David Simpson and Dan Patrick. Both put forth a bill in the most recent session to make it a felony for the TSA to grope (molest) people at airports in Texas without probable cause. This bill had huge support from Texans, but Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (ex-CIA) attempted to kill it. So, Perry was asked to add it to a special session and he refused, using the lame excuse that “it was too late”. Fortunately, hundreds of thousands of outraged Texans inundated Governor Perry’s office with phone calls, faxes, emails, etc., to demand that he put this legislation into the special session, which he did. I guess he figured he should do this as his ratings are so low here. Anyway, here’s the latest news – be sure to click on the red links in the article. The first one shows our smarmy governor trying to weasel out of a question put to him from one Wesley Strackbein, whose grassroots organization TSA Tyranny is dedicated to stopping TSA abuses.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Carlucci… Thanks for the information. I am going to check it out as soon as I get a chance! We need a website that is non-partisan, and only filled with facts, good or bad, for all candidates. If there is such a thing out there, that is not biased, I would love to know about it!

      • Carlucci

        Me, too. Alex Jones always seems to know the real scoop on the political scene. I also like the Tenth Amendment Center. I’m watching the Tea Party carefully – these days I’m not so sure about them, even though the Texas Tea Party came out strong supporting this TSA anti-groping legislation.

        • victoria_29

          Alex Jones is a tin hat moron

          • TIME


            Really, so lets see Alex is batting 100% on target, hey thats not bad for someone you claim is wearing a tin foil cap now is it?

            But I still LOVE you sweetie.

          • Carlucci

            victoria_29 says:
            June 21, 2011 at 2:11 pm

            “Alex Jones is a tin hat moron.”

            Well, it takes one to know one. Hey, Victoria -! Why don’t you get in your car and go get another vaccination? Sounds like you’ve had a few too many already…

  • Buddy

    Perry’s popularity in Texas (4%?) may be an indication that he’s not a suitable candidate.

    • victoria_29

      LOL gawd you liberals are so desperate…Right 4% that is how he stomped the hell out of RINO KBH & Truther Medina & then your little sanctuary city hero White…..ROFL

      • Christin


        All your comments are rude to the others you post to, but can you at least have a little reverence for our Lord ‘God’ almighty please.

  • eddie47d

    On the surface Perry is a charmer but he hasn’t done any better than Ann Richards since job creation is at the same level as when she was governor. He also railed against stimulus money then turned around and accepted $6.4 billion. That kept 205,000 folks off of the unemployment rolls. He funneled state money to business owners who also were campaign donors. No shocker there but each of those businesses promised to hire new employees with that money. Several took the tax money and never created any jobs. Texas sounds good but they are only above Mississippi in having the most minimum wage workers and that is increasing. So the state is becoming poorer. Some will say that is the reality of where all states are going and Perry is ahead of the crowd. We’ll see.

    • bob wire

      many better? ~ It was Richards that diversify the Texas business and built a strong state economy not dependent on oil/gas, cattle and cotton while the rest of the US was in the tank This is what 43 inherited, a vibrant state of affairs ~ Bush and Perry have don’t very little to improve what Richards created.

  • Harold Olsen

    What is Rick Perry’s claim to fame. Let’s see. He’s governor of Texas and Texas has a great economy and almost 40% of the jobs created in the country were created in Texas. Sounds great and Rick Perry is touting that as his reason, if he decides to run, why he would be the best candidate. Just one thing wrong, as, is think it was, Mary Katherine Hamm pointed out in a Tweet on Twitter, Perry inherited the Texas economy from Bush. I’m not a fan of Bush, but, let’s give credit where credit is due. Perry is acting like a liberal, taking credit for something he had little to do with.

    • Carlucci

      Perry is a Bush brown noser. Both are cut from the same cloth – big government socialist RINOs, who call themselves “Christians”. I think they are both excellent examples of the so called “Christians” that Jesus refers to when he says he never knew them –

      Also, I would describe both Bush and Perry as the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that Jesus talks about in the book of Matthew:

      And of course there is always that old adage “Actions speak louder than words”, or as the Bible says “You shall know them by their fruit”:

      • victoria_29

        LOL maybe u should do some research on Bush/Perry they are total opposites & FYI Bush spent like hell in Tx just as did in DC.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Vicky.. Are you for spending? Obama is your man! He has outspent all the presidents combined!

  • ellie says

    The controversy over Rick Perry’s association with the bilderberg group needs to be addressed if he considers himself a viable candidate for the presidency. Since his claim for a potential run is to help our country, then he should dispel the rumors or confirm them.

  • texastwin827

    I have to agree with TIME & Carlucci. The only reason Rick Perry was re-elected this last election is because no self respecting Texan could vote for ole Sanctuary City Bill White (former mayor of Houston). Most of us were afraid White would make the entire state a sanctuary (more than it already is)!

    What Perry says now, is not what he’s said early on. He wanted to use imminent domaine to TAKE thousands of acres to widen I-35 (from 4 lanes) and make it a Highway from Mexico, including allowing Mexican trucks to go all the way to St Louis before any kind of search of them. In many cases, he would have literally wiped small towns that front the highway, off of the map When the subject of a wall being built (a Real one) along the Texas border, he was against that, as well. The whole goal of this “super” highway would be to make it possible for goods to come into a Mexican port, rather than a US port, and use Mexican trucks to truck it as far as St Louis. By the way, not only would this eliminate trucking & Port jobs for Americans, most of Texas Tollways, which this road would have been one, are “owned” by foreign companies, not US ones.

    He’s also against any Wall being built on the Texas/Mexico border.

  • David

    There is a reason only 4% of Texans would vote for Perry. He has been involved in dirty politics and scandals – all of which will come out when he goes national…We never did find how many of the new jobs went to illegal aliens and how many cheap service jobs…We don’t need any more RINO presidents from Texas.

  • Mike

    Do the citizens of the United States want the world’s most powerful globalists, the Bilderbergs, choosing our candidate for our President? If so, Rick Perry would be your man.

  • Stephan F.

    Rick Perry is just another fairly typical politician coming out of the stable of endless RINO Republicans who have been hoodwinking ignorant & complacent conservative voters since Ronald Reagan.

    Like almost the entire current crop of neo-con Republican candidates, I fear a re-election of a George W. clone. Perry’s conservative appeal and charming good looks will undoubtedly garner him a significant number of votes. But its time we start using our heads and stop falling for the appeal of a candidate based on his looks, speaking ability, or his meaningless rhetoric and double talk. Voters need to look right past the facade and zero in on the candidate’s personal philosophy and past voting record. In other words, you have to do your homework.

    If you want to vote for a candidate who sounds like a Libertarian and will govern like a libertarian, then vote for a libertarian. For me, the choice is clear — Ron Paul.

  • slickporsche

    I don’t think many of you realize that this country is “going down”. Every single thinking American needs to stand up, and face the music. You are either willing to fight, and take it all away from the Politicians or you are a sorry loser. Voting no longer works, and is just a scam.

    Our founding documents tell us straight up, that if we have a government that is not working like it is supposed to, we have the right and obligation to replace it. Dig deep people, and find the courage to do the only thing that will work.

  • Cliffystones

    Thanks for all of the observations and information on Perry. You folks have validated what my gut was already telling me about him. But there’s also the fact that he’s just too darned purdy IMO.

  • Animal Lover

    Perry has tarnished himself beyond belief with signing his Animal Rights bill. How COULD he?? He SWORE he wouldn’t, was photographed with Uno, said how he loves dogs – then sides with the hated and destructive and LYING H$U$!!!! What a crock of excrement!!!

    Nope – he’s not getting MY vote – and I was seriously considering him if he ran. He’s all hot air and NO substance. No cojones – a real disappointment to all Texans!!! Hope you got a lot of $$ from H$U$ – that’s all they’re good for!!!!

  • http://rickperry ruffus

    let the americans know that Rick Perry is a nwo bilderburg banker shill.even though fox news is getting every day folks in a studio and asking tgem what their looking for in a presidaint,so we the people tell them what we want then the think tanks figure out how to get the BIG LIE over us one more time. wach and see. this guy will come out with all the right things to say,and the american sheeple will be on their knees god blessing this guy all the way to the white house rite up to the verry end ,and by then dollar colapse, millons more out of work,but the sheep will be blameing everything but trhe too late to save america by then.

  • GT1000000

    Perry is just another decieptful candidate that is going to be pushed hard by those in the “Bilderberger” round table. DO NOT trust him!
    The only correct and proper choice for this country is the one that the media and his own party continue to shun and disregard…
    RON PAUL in 2012. An Honest man with Integrity.

  • Rennie

    He’s a pretender, he just signed a law mandating immunizations for all female children to prevent a STD spreading form cervical cancer, a vaccine that is of debateable safety or value except to big government and the pharmaceuticals. He is no better than Romney or McCain.

  • Don

    You want honesty ? Vote for Sara Palin/Ron Paul !!

  • http://rickperry ruffus

    sara palin is bilderburg/rothchild shill she loves money not america

  • chuckb

    rufus, you are smokin too much of that funny suff. sarah palin connected to bilderburger/rothchild lol.

  • LoneStar

    The people of Texas like Rick Perry so much they keep re-electing him Governor, the writer of this article says only 4% of texas voters would vote for perry, only a libtard would spread a rumor like that. Unless you are on the libtard side of the internet will you find these type of rumors about perry. You only get elected governor of texas 3 times because the people like him and he does his job well.

    • bob wire

      Texas was a blue state ~ I am a native of this state. We are still blue! and care little for Perry. ~ It’s simply a matter of voter redistricting that’s occurred many time and Transplants to our fine state! People from somewhere else moving here, usually looking for work that reflect us as RED. Aliens! from starved-out states have been arriving here by the droves for 30 years! ~ We possess 80% of all the U-haul trailers ever built! and it got to where it really sucks! Thanks goodness we have the land mass to absorb them, ~ some of them are nice but as a state, we could do without them. We have much to offer but we too are drying up and meaningful employment is scarce.

      When Perry took office, he made “adjustments” in Tax structure, rewarding his friends and punishing his enemies. ~ this readjustment created a 2 billion per year short fall in the state budget that he has elected to ignore. So go figure? Just more “Conservative Leadership” rewarding the wealthy and shifting the tax burden to 45 to 75,000 dollar per year citizens.

      So don’t blame us for Bush or Perry ~ they are not Texas material, but dudes that don’t truly belong here for many reasons.

      “After Republicans won control of the Texas state legislature in 2002, for the first time in 130 years, they set their sights on establishing a majority of House of Representatives seats held by their party. After the 2002 election, Democrats had a 17-15 edge in House seats representing Texas, although the state’s voters voted for Republicans in congressional races by an 17-15 margin.[1] After a protracted partisan struggle, the legislature enacted a new congressional districting map, Plan 1374C, introduced in the Texas House by Representative Phil King of Weatherford. In the 2004 congressional elections, Republicans won 21 seats to the Democrats’ 11.[2]

      The 2003 redistricting effort was extremely controversial, particularly because of the role played by Congressman Tom DeLay. Texas had never undertaken a mid-decade redistricting that was not ordered by a court. Legal challenges to the redistricting plan were mounted on several fronts. On June 28, 2006, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an opinion that threw out one of the districts in the plan as a violation of the Voting Rights Act and ordered the lower court to produce a remedial plan, which it did in Plan 1440C. The Supreme Court ruling was not seen as seriously threatening Republican gains from the 2004 elections.[3]”

      Then there was another redistricting prior that allowed Bush to beat out Ann Richards. It was a big stink,heavy handed on the part of the GOP with house democrats hiding out to avoid the vote , just like the Wisconsin hold-outs but many years earlier.

      Make no mistake, the GOP have a “plan” but they can’t really talk about it and warn everyone or it won’t work. They depend on short memories, complacency,peoples willingness to buy labels, carry and support GOP party affiliation bias, at a solid 29% strong regardless of the candidate being paraded and offered. (As we all know where Tom Delay residence is today and how wonderful 43 served us) ` many more need to be in jail today ~ but the truth is ~ as a nation, we didn’t have the luxury of the time to purse it. ~ It was a decision I’ve come to regret as it seems to set a precedence that being a lying, cheating, scoundrel what okay if you could get away with it. In fact you became a hero and mentor.

  • chuckb

    bob wire, one thing for sure we don’t need short term memories with barry or the bolsheviks in whole, they have and are showing us what it takes to run a government. run it right down the drain. tom delay did a masterful job on the bolsheviks, he gave them what they had been giving people since fdr.

    • bob wire

      As I suggested, hero status is poorly placed and mislabeling abuses runs high and far too common place. There are no “Bolsheviks” but ideas more left of others.

      To think that your neighbor or half of the population are communist Bolsheviks from the by gone days of Soviet Russia is absurd.

      The American tax payers are asking only for equitable fairness in the market place and from the taxing authority of Fed and State. There no need to attempt to make it some complicated request.

      More (too many) Americans need “access” to markets but this “access” can’t be bought with a hand full of pocket lint.

      Today, America belongs to “Mr. Potter” as he has cornered markets and lined his pocket with gold while his victims themselves blame each other and fight over scraps.

  • chuckb

    bob wire: bolshevik:

    A member of a Marxist-Leninist party or a supporter of one; a Communist.
    2. often bolshevik An extreme radical: a literary bolshevik.

    i think this pretty much summarizes the democratic party of today.


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