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Perry supports Israeli attack on Iran

November 28, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Jay

    What a nice little Christian boy, wants to kick some muslim azz!!! Yeah baby, let’s do this! Archie Bunker, would be so proud, he would stand up and salute the Rothschild’s flag of America! Well folks, it looks like the lunatic, bankers/vampires will have their WW3. “There’s just too much wealth in them there sand of those there towel-heads”, Yup, we’sa gonna go get it! Rick Perry, Catholic/Goyim/Jesuit/Zionist/Shill, posing as a Scumbag!

    • s c

      Whut up, bro? So, have you had too much coffee, or not enough? Like, I scanned your rant, and it would be nice for you to decode your ‘words.’ Are you speaking English A, English B or some rare language known but to a few people? Maybe you’re new to this planet. Like, do ya know where I’m comin’ from, man?

      • Vigilant

        s c, it’s best to ignore Jay.

        Yesterday he revealed his communist creed, today he spews his anti-semitic puke for the world to see. This pond scum is defined by just one word: despicable.

    • eddie

      Jay, back down already. Here we are entering the Holiday season and divisive words such as you have spoken will only divide our country further. Since my penititus* has started acting up I have begun to realize the fallacy of my beliefs. Please by more civil.

      *Gradual shrinking of the mail organ
      [user name changed]

      • eddie

        Mail = male. I certainly am stressed about this and hoping my doctor can help.
        [user name changed]

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie,

        The moniker eddie47d is used by a regular poster. While I doubt your hijacking of his moniker is an accident, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. However, understand that we frown on imposters. If you are intentionally stealing eddie47d’s moniker, your actions are neither cute, nor appreciated, nor will they be tolerated.

        Best wishes,

        • Joe H.

          Thanks for watching our backs here, it IS appreciated. That said, are you sure that isn’t eddie47d?? Sure sounds like him!! LOL!

    • Laura

      Clearly you haven’t been up to speed on things. They maybe planning an attack on Americans as we speak and what if you’re one of the ones that gets hurt. Let me guess it will be Americans fault.

    • tracy

      Prophesy will soon run it’s course and all will be made clear. The time of His return is upon us. Baruch ha ba B’Shem Adonai!!!!!!!!!!

    • tracy

      Prophesy will soon run it’s course and all will be made clear. The time of His return is upon us. Baruch ha ba B’Shem Adonai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruce

    Wow, what else would anyone expect from Perry, War and more war the war that just never ends, can I get me an BIG Hey 1984ish hand.

    Well you freaks that love war, guess what your going get it. The Senate is voting today on making you oh so happy with bill S 1867…

    WOW – just how strange that it was in 1867 that the very same US inc made you all slaves too!
    So now with that number S 1867 you have become the enemy, is it poetic justice or is it just your ignorance is in full bloom.

    Well you war lovers jump with joy for now yes indeed YOUR the “enemy!”
    So get out your Pom pom’s and dance & sing your special songs of hate and war, hate your neighbors, hate your friends.

    Are you all really happy, I sure hope so you all have just worked so hard to make your dreams come true.

    Good on YA! ;-) Bang Bang shoot em up, WOW what could be better?

    • s c

      Wow, b, you and j must be taking the same drug. Neither of you make any sense, and I’m betting that everyone on this website is supposed to know (somehow) exactly what you mean. While you take some time to ‘fill in the blanks,’ get to an emergency room and get your stomachs pumped.
      Whatever your favorite drug is, it’s a mind-blower and you two act like self-made victims. I sure hope
      you two have insurance for that drug addiction.

      • Bruce

        WOW SC you know you play the part of a total ignorant ass quite well. You display daily just how clueless you are as you blow out worthless rhetoric as if such were pearls of wisdom.
        Let me clue you in SC, you’re post are missleading worthless utter mindless rubbish.

        If you can’t understand what a Senate bill is then I would have to ask just what it is you do know about? Pull your head out of your backside.

        For those of you who can think, and or want to see let me make this simple I beg you PLEASE watch this Youtube feed so you get what the 1860/ 1867/ 1871 is all about this format is very simple and has all the Doucments you need to look over.

        By the way folks just so you all get the picture in nice and clear the NWO is running the show. Its all over, that is unless 172 million VOTERS wake up, then and only then could this all be stopped.

        Just so you all get it, let me be very clear on this, {the total number of Humans they plan on keeping in the America’s is 20 Million.}
        So you get it that means North America and South America and Cannda too.

        Anyone over the age of 40 is dead, so you all have nothing to loose if you so wish to wake up and get with the program. Its your call.

        There is no such thing as a Democrat, no such thing as a Republican there is no such thing as a Con or Lib. what you see on any TV news is 100% CONTROLLED intel, its all BS.

        So what your being told is of no value and if you think Fox news or MSNBC is going to give it to you straight, your dead wrong.

        Have any of them told you about this Senate bill S 1867, NO! Why?

        This bill makes all of you a terrorist, it commits US troops to AMERICAN Soil to round anyone up that is deemed a terrorist.
        That means anyone who disagrees with the US Inc. system, can I make that any more simple?

        Phone and or Fax or Email your State Senate people NOW they are voting on this Bill TODAY 11 28 2011,
        Tell them to vote NO on this bill.

        If you all don’t we are about to find out what hard core CODE RED is.

        Please stop feeding into the freaks like SC who is a Ignorant Buffoon!

        • eddie

          Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce…..regarding the “doucument” (did you mean document?)

          Followed the link, it has absolutely NOTHING to do which the propaganda you are spewing? Please clear this up before you give progressives’ a bad name. Pretty please…

          [User name changed from eddie47d to eddie. This is not the original eddie47d]

          • Joe H.

            He meant douchement as in……… for his mind!!!

        • s c

          b, if you have something relevant to say, do it the first time. Why did it take you TWO responses to get close to what you wanted to say? Frankly, I find it hard to put any stock in people who take up space, waste words and patronize to get other people’s attention. I’m not the only one who thinks you sound like an on-the-teat, mouth-flapping brat, bubba. You have a long way to go, if no one has told you.

        • s c

          Chill out, b. Don’t you know that Uncle Scam loves you? So how long have you been convinced that America is in deep stuff? Obviously, you haven’t been posting to this website long enough to know ‘where I stand’ on key issues.
          I suspect you’re not that old. On the other hand, unless you took the time to re-educate yourself, you’re probably suffering from the initial stages “wtf are THEY doing to my country” and we gotta stop it before it’s too lateitis.
          If that’s the case, welcome to the club. I re-educated myself in the mid-’70s. What were YOU doing then? On the teat, perhaps? By the way, if you want to engage in name calling, aim your ranting at this website’s parasitic utopians. For now, I’ll view your childish tantrum as a left-handed compliment.

  • simian pete

    It’s good to see Rick Perry being so calmly decisive ! That sure was a direct answer ! If Ahmadinejad (Iran’s leader) gets nukes, then Iran will attack Israel with nukes …

    Perry’s foreign policy is to standby Israel militarily and take out them nukes.

  • bruce

    wow, lol. all you guys are A perfect example of what chaos is. i understood what every one had to say. maybe there was a little discrimination tone in there? well i am very happy my life is about over cos if yo’all are under the age of 40, i would hate to live in your world.

  • bruce

    oh, i am from az, i am a baby boomer, i have seen the dim witted arrogance that you kids were trained with. and boy, your generation are a pack of losers!

    • Mary

      What do you think this country is going to have in twenty years?

    • Joe H.

      I AM a boomer, 61 next month and IF you are a boomer you sure as heck don’t sound like any I know!!! more like one of those mid seventys druggy types that had their mind burned out a loooooong time ago!!

  • Russell

    I didnt think it was possible to be more IGNORANT than Bush, but I was wrong! I hear all these Christians say Israel is Gods chosen people, I had hoped that at least God could make SANE CHOICES!

  • Santiago

    To much toxic american TV. Both europeans and americans want iranian and all middle east oil camps at any price having Israel as a mere cheap excuse. China, Rusia, India, Pakistan, North Korea, (2,9 billion people) are now three also mayor nuclear superpowers and the american leaders have not been very polite to them lately. Do america really want to support that cheap excuse called Israel?

  • tracy

    Prophesy will soon run it’s course and all will be made clear. The time of His return is upon us. Baruch ha ba B’Shem Adonai!


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