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Perry Practicing, Polishing For Debates

October 12, 2011 by  

Perry Practicing, Polishing For Debates

After three debate performances that portrayed Texas Governor Rick Perry as bumbling and unprepared, he is reportedly using at least a portion of his massive $17 million in campaign funds to polish his image for future rhetorical showdowns.

According to a recent New York Times report, the Governor is practicing for the debates to come by “re-examining” his statements of position on immigration issues and getting ready for attacks from other GOP contenders who have rallied against him in past debates. Reportedly, a Perry aide even acts as a stand-in for Mitt Romney — the candidate’s media-proclaimed adversary — in practice debates.

Most reports indicate that Perry’s strategy for winning the GOP primary is focused on highlighting the Texas economy, vilifying Romney as a wealthy, Mormon elitist and painting himself as the honest, straightforward “everyman.”

Perry’s latest campaign ad, a selection of clips from Romney speeches, proclaims of the former Massachusetts Governor: “Even the richest man cannot buy back his past.” Some people contend that this is a bold statement for a candidate who has been criticized for an executive order in Texas requiring teenage girls to get vaccinations, questionable relationships to Texas lobbyists who largely contributed to his gubernatorial campaigns and an immigration policy that provides tuition assistance for illegal aliens in Texas.

Perry refuses to acknowledge his critics; he recently said in an interview with PARADE magazine when asked what he thought of those who question his electability: “Well, I disregard that. Americans are looking for somebody to stand up and tell them the truth, and I have a record to back it up. Ultimately, if I can explain my heart, my jobs record, and my philosophy to Americans, I’m pretty confident that I’ll win.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    • Pat

      please remember….Cain endorsed Romney in 2008…..I do not trust Cain…see this link…

      • olinda moore

        I said Rick Perry talk with the tru thats why people in him.remember the fire in texas two months ago he left every thing to come back to TX. to help,tell me how many this,…they dont care,they only want the money………..I will give him my vote

        • bob wire

          Love is a bit over an over reach, maybe in your gated community perhaps or down at the BMW dealership.

          Texas is a state capable of running itself if it’s left alone. The last working Governor of this state was Ann Richards. She is the one that responsible for diversifying the Texas economy. All who has came after have enjoy the fruits of her efforts. They showed up about harvest time.

          Rick Perry much like GW rode the wave without planting a seed and there will be no harvest in the future other then oil and cattle.

          • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

            What happened to Ann Richards? Bring HER up!

    • Truthseeker

      Herman Cain will mean more of the same spend and tax as we have now. Cain will NOT abolish the dishonest, currupt and unconstitutional private bank that controls us by charging us interest on the notes it prints. The executive branch can print money and use it without any interest charged on it. I don’t condone this, however it is the easiest way for us to begin the detachment of us from the privately owned federal reserve bank. Cain will not root out the cancer that is the fundamental problem in America and the WORLD. ” Congress shall have the right to coin money and regulate the value thereof” . ” Only gold and silver shall be lawfull money”.

      • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

        We may not pay interest to the printers of Dollars. But we are paying more than just interest to the rest of the creditors in the world!
        In all I think we need a true statesman that is honest, witty, creative to lead us out of OUR ECONOMIC WOE. But we also need the same to lead US on the international platform as a shining example of a truly democratic
        Country without an American Armada. All Armadas had come and gone, some not very gloriously!

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    This is like trying to buy the presidentcy.

    • kantstanja

      Whadda you mean? That’s ALWAYS been the point.. Why else is the emphasis always on how many millions they can collect in order to seek the Presidency.. When I was young, I drempt of becoming the President but soon I realized.. I wasn’t rich. Politics is exclusively a rich man’s sport.

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Start by not letting anyone buy your vote!

  • Rosco1776

    Cain the former fed, no thanks!!
    They all parrot Ron Paul now because Peace, Prosperity and Liberty is now popular!

    Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      This campaign strategy has been used too many times. Slogans, slogans, slogans! Promises, promises, promises! Empty words, empty words, empty words!
      Where is the “beef”? the real step-by-step viable plans? And to top that where is the proof of courage and ability to execute them?

  • peter

    Obama is bad enough. The last thing we need in the white house is the honourable Rick Perry. May God be good to us! nother phoney? No thanks!

    • Houizi

      Peter – I agree with you. I originally was going to vote for him (Perry) but then, during the debates, I found out what he was all about.
      No thanks!

    • Iva Raggon

      Polish can only put a shiny veneer on dim-wittedness. – Ron Paul – the real deal.

  • Houizi

    Just a thought here … If Herman Cain won the nomination, which he has a good chance of doing, how would the Obama-Lama-Ding-Dong voters deal with the “racist” thing? After all, he’s ALL black whereas the Usurper-in-Chief is just a mulatto (half-black)?

    • bob wire

      Well, you are assuming that people are voting by tone and texture. I’m sure a few do. I’d not worry myself with such people at this point in time. Stay focused on your game.

    • s c

      Houizi, it’s hard for me to think that enough people want to see Perry in the W H. If you recall, McCain is a good example of someone who had to make a “decision” before he got into politics. The way I heard it, he could have been a ‘Dem’ just as easily as he became a ‘Republican.’ Arlen Specter, everybody’s favorite fence-sitter and side-changer, started out as a ‘Dem.’ Between McCain and Specter, we didn’t get much with either of them.
      Was not Perry a ‘Dem’ recently? Some people go back and forth between “ideals” the same way people in Hollywood get married and divorced. I can’t find any reason to trust Perry. On the whole, I see little difference between Perry and Romney.
      I just can’t see how Perry can last long in this pre-campaign period. My introduction to Perry was via his stance on that damned highway that will link Mexico, the U S and Canada. I don’t live in Texas, or I might have a longer list of reasons why Perry doesn’t pack the necessary gear. Texans, PLEASE enlighten us on Perry. The last thing we need in the W H is another forkin’ RINO or another damned neocon.

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Please don’t bring on this “RACE” game again! Four years is not enough?
      Presidency is for one that can and know how to lead our Country.
      Mind you, this is not just any Country! This is the United States of America! A giant and very unique Country with a very unique historic background!

  • Darryl

    Romney is the “One.” Last night’s debate convinced me, finally, that I will vote for Romney in the Florida primary. While Cain was his usual confident self, for some reason, his 999 approach is falling flat. Who wants a 9% federal sales on top of the state sales tax, even if the federal income tax is lowered. Question: When have we seen a tax not increased once it’s in place? Answer: Never. Governor Perry was somewhat better in the debate, but he should remain as Texas governor. He just doesn’t have it on the national stage of issue solving. He keeps harping back to what he did in Texas. Gingrich is the “Henney Youngman” of politicals.His one liners are terrific. He is also very bright. He would make a great UN Ambassador, or any other job that he may seek from the president. Bachman is smart and knows her business. She should remain in congress, or become Secretary of the Treasury in the Romney administration.Huntsman is a washout. He shouldn’t even be an ambassador. Ron Paul has many good ideas, but he is viewed by many as a crack-pot. Too bad because his campaign against the unconstitutional Federal Reserve deserves serious consideration.Rick Santora has talent and should be in the cabinet.

    And there you have my analysis! Romney is for me.

    • C L Guidry

      Romney want to go like the Obamacare he did in the of state Massachusetts.
      I don’t I want that.

    • Sheila

      Romney is a RINO – a professional candidate, so to speak. Christie is no better. Romney is a smooth talker; we already have one of those in the White House. The only way I would support Romney is if he is the nominee – for some reason, the media is pushing his popularity and Herman Cain’s. Herman’s 9-9-9 plan will not work – ask anyone who knows anything about economics!

      • Codewrangler

        >– ask anyone who knows anything about economics!<

        Sheila – with a bachelors from Harvard and Masters from Stanford in economics I say 9-9-9 WILL work. Not only that, Cain is the real thing. He is the only legitimate contender for the Republican nomination. Romney and Perry are just more phonies. (but they are better phonies than Obama!)

        • Pat

          I do not trust Cain at all….He endorsed Romney in 2008. Please see this link…

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Codewrangler… I agree. I am sick to death of politicians. At least Cain is offering a solution! That in itself is rare!

        • Truthseeker

          It’s the guys from Harvard and the other elite schools that betray us the most! The ivy league schools are the recruiting grounds for the CIA.

        • s c

          Codewrangler, you have a Masters in economics and you managed to survive Big Government, Keynesian deadheads? These days, that makes you a rare commodity.
          I don’t understand how people who believe Keynes’ crap can say they know anything about economics [spend, spend, spend], yet that seems to be the main requirement in America’s universities and in Washington.
          So, do you think Obummer can read a book by von Mises, Rothbard,
          Hayek or Hazlitt without going stark, raving mad?

    • Clint

      Darryl, So do you care about what the many think? Who tells you what the many think? Could it be the biased mainstream media? Maybe its people around you who believe what the mainstream media tells them? Either way, vote with your conscience regardless what others think.

    • Pat

      Oh my gosh! Romney is obama lite……….NO THANK YOU! They used Romneycare (Mass healthcare) as a blueprint for obamacare! MORE OF THE SAME SAME SAME!

    • Christine

      Romney is only slightly better than Obama. Look at his record and see where he has stood on issues. See where he still stands on RomneyCare. With Obama everyone voted for the smooth talker and ignored his past record & comments. Please don’t make the same mistake again.

      We need someone who truly stands for something even if they aren’t the smooth talker. Don’t write off Ron Paul. He isn’t the slick looking, smooth talking candidate, but he is the most consistent and principled of the bunch. He isn’t a kook. The media wants to portray him as a kook because he isn’t the standard influencable candidate. He stands firmly on the truth.

      The media keeps promoting the smooth talking Rhino/Progressives. Why do people keep listening. The fact that the media works so hard to trivialize Ron Paul, lets you know he is someone you can really trust.

      • DC/Tex

        Being from Texas I know a little about Perry and Paul and would take Paul over Perry and would take almost any of the other candidates over Romney and I would vote for a trained parrot over “O”ne “B”ig “A”ss “M”istake “A”merica. The three that I am leaning toward and hopeful are Paul, Cain, and Newt.

        • DC/Tex

          and a trained parrot would not need a teleprompter!

          PASS THE FAIR TAX!!!

    • Truthseeker

      Ron Paul is the only candidate who has the courage to defend the original Constitution and the liberties it enshrines for all of us! He is the closest semblance of a founding father that their is in DC. If you want real freedom and can see through the hypnotism and side shows of the media magicians, vote for Ron Paul. Any other vote means less freedom, more taxes, more regulations and more suffering for all of us. Ron Paul is winning in many polls! People are waking up all over America!

    • Joan

      Check the facts. Romney is a liberal Republican. No change.

    • http://N/A Observer from Phoenix

      Oh yeah? Just how much more taxes are you willing and ready to pay to create a worldwide military presence with unquestionable superiority in every aspect of the modern warfare? Isn’t this what Romney said he would accomplish as the President?
      Besides, just how much do you think we have in the Treasury? not to mention the human capability? which means the character, stamina, resolve and may even in the technology department?

  • Frank Beyerl

    It seems to me that as soon as the handlers got ahold of Perry he went down hill from there. I heard him give a speech prior to his handlers and it was awesome but since them he is whimpy and cant seem to be himself.

  • Altaica

    Has Rick Perry forgotten that he screwed up the Texas economy in the first place? Just say no to Perry.

    Pretty much Ron Paul is the only one looking good to me right now.

  • bob wire

    I’d hope to see Rick Perry practice falling down with enough effort that it looks as if might hurt!

  • Gary

    Altaica says: “Has Rick Perry forgotten that he screwed up the Texas economy in the first place? Just say no to Perry.”

    Altaica, what alternative universe are you living in? We in Texas have been blessed with good, albeit imperfect, state leadership. It is not all Perry’s doing, but he has been a big part of our success. Can you say, “almost 40% of all jobs created in the United States since the beginning of the Greate Correction have been created in Texas?!”

    • theotherrhalf

      Can you say he asked the government for a bailout because he refused to listen to the comptroller and then rails about big government spending. What a freaking hypocrite. And irresponsible at best.

    • bob wire

      “Can you say, “almost 40% of all jobs created in the United States since the beginning of the Great Correction have been created in Texas?!”

      and I’m surprised that no one bother to attack this statement. ~ Jobs that require wearing a paper hat I don’t count, now Dick Perry obviously does.

      It is true! We are indeed blessed, it’s not uncommon for someone to have three jobs in the state of Texas today, which makes us some better off then other parts of the nation. It take one job to pay the expenses incurred working three jobs.

  • theotherrhalf

    Sorry but the Koch brothers aren’t giving him enough money.

    • Sheila

      The Koch brothers? How do you explain George Soros’ relationship with Obama? So many liberal hypocrites! Go Perry – Perry/Rubio 2012 Neither Romney nor Christie is Conservative – they both endorse the Obamacare – it is a known fact that Obama used Romney’s own advisors to create his Obamacare.

      • Pat

        Perry was an attendee at the last Bilderburg meeting…NO THANK YOU TO HIM…he plays their game.

        Rubio is a great man, but is not eligible to become president as he is NOT a natural born citizen…(person born of 2 US citizens). He is definitely a ‘citizen’ but he is not a natural born because his parents were not citizens when he was born – they were citizens of Cuba.

  • Stealth1961

    These debates are not about substance, they are about telling the public what the politicians believe we want to hear. Every election “we the people” continue to fall for some slick talking con-artist interested only in furthering their own political agendas. They feel our pain…[expletive deleted] I’m not voting for someone based on good looks, or how presidential they’ve been taught to sound. But that’s what the vast majority of people do and look at the mess we find ourselves in because of it. Here’s a novel idea, why don’t we do our own research for a change? The media spins its own lies to fit their agenda of big government and big corporate business interests. To hell with the little man/woman. The truth is out there IF we will take the time to look for it. The truth is we only have ONE man running that hasn’t compromised nor flip flopped on issues in over 30 years. A man that warned us and congress of the consequences of money backed by nothing, printed out of thin air, warned us of the housing collapse in 2000, has pushed to audit and end the Federal Reserve. We truly only have one choice to restore the Republic and take America back. This man isn’t a slick talking politician, he stands up for “WE THE PEOPLE”, stands up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This ONE man is Ron Paul.

  • http://yahoo Skyraider6

    romineycare= $600.00 a month premium for a single person to 1500.00 a month for a family plan do you need a big raise in salary? ask your boss for a bigger paycheck ha ha

    • theotherrhalf

      Romney = capital gains tax on the middle class. Not the upper crust.

      Don’t think so.

      Paul is your only true Liberty candidate. And you best start supporting him because he doesn’t take money from big banks and corporations like the rest of the candidates out there.

      Need the laws changed or we need to sweep clean the house, the senate, the judiciary, the potus. ALL of them. So start coming up with alternative candidates.

      Politicians and the court, all of them are owned by big banks, wall street & the fed.

  • george

    Two years ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry inherited a Leftist State Legislature headed by liberal Republican, Joe Stauss. Governor Perry vetoed every tax increase bill submitted to him by the Legislature that year. Governor Perry vetoed every government expansion bill submitted to him by the liberal legislature.During his 10 plus years as governor, Governor Perry refused to pass a State Income Tax and relied on the Texas Oil and Gas industry to bring in a large percentage of state revenue by minimizing regulations and obscene taxes. Governor Perry made sure the Texas Rail Road Commision, the overseeer of the Texas O&G business, protected aquifers, wildlife, and crop lands during his 10 years in office.

    Who am I? Graduate of the University of Southern California with a BA in Geology. Graduate of the University of Wisconsin with an MS in Geology. A multi-millionaire Petroleum Geologist. Husband of beatiful Wisconsin girl for 40 years. Father of 7…all graduates of 4 year colleges.

    Why is this important? Only Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich (he knows), and Rick Santorum know the Oil Business. The Oil Business is THE BUSINESS

    • bob wire

      Well George, with all of that going for us why are we still in the tank?

      I’m not disagreeing with you, I just say with all of that going for us why the short falls? hells bells they are drill and fracking under my house! So this not being allowed to drill sure not an issue here in Texas.

      I wasn’t aware Perry was an oil man as much as he play golf with some. Much like Palin, she’s not from the oil patch but just managed to get some on her.

  • george

    Two years ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry inherited a Leftist State Legislature headed by liberal Republican, Joe Stauss. Governor Perry vetoed every tax increase bill submitted to him by the Legislature that year. Governor Perry also vetoed every government expansion bill submitted to him that year. During his 10 plus years as governor, Governor Perry refused to pass a State Income Tax and relied on the Texas Oil and Gas industry to bring in a large percentage of state revenue by minimizing regulations and preventing obscene taxes. Governor Perry made sure the Texas Rail Road Commision, the overseeer of the Texas O&G business, protected aquifers, wildlife, and crop lands during his 10 years in office.

    Who am I? Graduate of the University of Southern California with a BA in Geology. Graduate of the University of Wisconsin with an MS in Geology. A multi-millionaire Petroleum Geologist(Oil Man). Husband of beautiful Wisconsin girl for 40 years. Father of 7…all graduates of 4 year colleges.

    Why is this important? Only Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich (he knows), Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum know the Oil Business. The Oil Business is THE BUSINESS that can and will bring PROSPERITY back to our economy. Cain (full of himself talk show host). Romney (Obama Act 2), Bachmann, Huntsman, Christie, and Trump, don’t have a damn clue.

  • Jeffrey A. Williams

    Perry doesn’t have a strong record on jobs in Texas nor a strong position amongst Texas Veterans, as a Texas Veteran I know that. Last year (2010) the Texas Work Force Commission didn’t even come close to meeting its own stated goal for getting jobless folks hired. So I don’t see him as being a very good candidate at this point.

  • AJ

    Romney and Perry are both New world order putzes. One’s a white Obama and the other is a drug pusher to 6 year olds. Vote RP

  • http://at&t Gene Barrett

    Bring Ron Paul up for some real chance of winner the election. Dr. Paul in 2012.

  • Naomi

    A Drug Pusher to 6 year olds?! That is an outrageous statement! Yes, the Gardasil debacle was a mistake. Governor Perry has admitted as much. Can we please move past this? Any candidate with legislative experience is going to have a few skeletons in their closet. Governor Perry actually has fewer than most. Hence, the harming on the Gardasil program. We need a nominee who has experience in Government. They need to understand the legislative process. Obama did not and still does not. Herman Cain does not. We cannot afford a learn on the job President. There is too much to do, and not much time to begin to get things turned around.

    • Carlucci

      You must be kidding. Perry is nothing but a career politician RINO. Anyone in power who issues an edict that young girls must be vaccinated should be taken out an horsewhipped. Ron Paul is a physician and you will never see him advocating forced anything, especially in regards to health care. Perry totally blows. My vote goes to Ron Paul or Herman Cain.

  • Dale

    Perry needs to keep his butt in texas,and leave the rest of the country alone,[sorry texas]. last thein this country needs is perry trying to run it, NO THANKS

    • Ray

      He has kept his butt in Texas and out of the national political scene. Texas is still operational and the rest of the country looks like a basket case. No one is perfect, but his record as governor does not include state imposed health care, nor a concession to the homosexual agenda nor global warming or cap and trade. He may not be the smooth debater that Romney is but he doesn’t blow with the wind like Romney.

  • CJM

    Absolutely NOT to either Perry OR Romney–neither should even be in the race for the Presidency because both are in it for the prestiege rather than for the office. I do not trust either one. Bachman, Paul and Cain are the better candidates to select from–too bad Palin isn’t running, but she isn’t. The good ole boys attitude prevails in their attacks on Bachman, who is sooooooo much better qualified than either P or R.

    • s c

      CJM, a combination of Paul and Bachman or even Paul and Cain would make ‘Dems’ crazy (even crazier than they are now, actually). In a way, it’s hilarious that those “compassionate,” social justice-loving retards have the gall to demand that everyone think that it’s not possible for a black man or a woman to be a conservative.
      Most of those subhuman cow muffins will never understand what is so immoral or pc about their beliefs – especially when it comes to blacks and women. Whoever came up with the idea that utopian progressivism (liberalism, etc.) is a mental disease truly nailed it, CJM.

  • chuckb

    we have a weak field of candidates. the one time we really need change in the country and the politicians throw this crowd at us. there’s not one of them that can stand up for what they believe in, a golf game and they will give away the house, just like boehner and mcconnell.
    since palin turned out to be a quitter, there’s only one left that can do the job. draft trump, he’ may be a little liberal in some ways, however, he’s the on;y one up there that says it like it is.

  • Marion

    This is for s c, and anyone else who wants to find out the truth
    about Perry: Go to Alex Jones website and pull up
    the UTube he created with Perry’s past and present. Also Rick Perry’s
    name is on the Illitirati list of those who are working to complete
    the Mexico/US/Canada New World Order. The Super Highway is being
    completed now through Texas, and it is my opinion that everyone who
    can make our needed changes are also behind the alliance, and that is
    whY nothing is being done to bring back sanity in our USA.

    • s c

      Marion, thanks. If Perry is a member of the Illuminati, that decides it for me right now. He’s out. It’s too bad, actually, as Texas has its fair share of patriots. Unfortunately, patriots rarely get into politics and make a difference.
      Whatever Perry is, it seems that ‘patriot’ shouldn’t be tossed in his direction. If he’s one of those attention-starved twits who needs to join certain groups to feel like they’re loved and appreciated, they shouldn’t be in politics in the first place.

  • bob wire

    well chuck, you are right, it’s a weak field of contenders but Palin might have got you worked up but it would not helped much.

    It’s looking better for “O” by the day, The Gop manage to block the vote today. ~ “O” is playing the rabbit, “Oh please farmer Brown, do what you must but please don’t throw me in the biar patch!”

    It’s almost funny. This gives him all the reason he needs to use the bully pulpit to maximum advantage and little can be said about it.

    Cain at 27% Paula at 9% and Bachmann at 5%

    Cain has got the nimble mind,this is clear and he’s a motivated salesman.

  • Clint

    I would prefer to see Perry go home and polish his nails. I think he looks like a good game show host; not the President of the USA. Come on down . . . . .

  • beacon

    You Yankees are so dumded down, buy the media its pitifull.

    Dont you know, the reason for your debt, is from butting in to every others buisness. Just stay home and mind your own, save trillions $
    a year.

    Very simple, dont you think?

    You have only one choice, in your up coming election 2012.


    You draw us into your battles of stupidity, I, as a Canadian, resent that. Thumbs down to the UN and NATO, oh yes, plain FED up.

  • chuckb

    bob wire, barry doesn’t stand a chance to be re-elected unless some kind of miracle happens and i doubt that. you and your friends will be voting for hillary. the bolsheviks will dump barry next year and nominate the clintons.
    barry and company keep certain things hidden such as we are seeing with this iranian attempted assassination of the saudi ambassador, when they get in trouble they reach in their hat and pull out something to take the spotlight off themselves. so expect to see all kinds of weird stuff coming around. the gun running and green energy scandals should bring out some sensational exposes.

  • kantstanja

    “Perry’s strategy for winning the GOP primary is painting himself as the honest, straight forward everyman.”

    Okay, I’m waiting Mr. Rolley… Where’s the punch-line..?


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