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Perry Gains Support, Questions Remain

August 26, 2011 by  

Perry Gains Support, Questions Remain

A Gallup poll released on Wednesday puts Texas Governor Rick Perry at the head of the pack for the GOP’s 2012 Presidential nomination with 29 percent of Republicans saying they support the candidate. Following Perry are Mitt Romney, at second with 17 percent, and Ron Paul, at third with 13 percent.

Perry has publicly expressed support of lessening the reach of Federal governmental powers and has championed States’ rights, but many doubt the candidate’s sincerity. Doubts stem from Perry’s past denials of any interest to run for the office of President and his entrance to the world of politics as a Democrat on the Texas Legislature in 1984. Another issue involves past close ties to Al Gore. Perry has defended his past by saying that things were different when he worked with Gore.

“This was Al Gore before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming,” Perry said. “Growing up in rural Texas, I never met a Republican until I was 25. … In 1988 when you looked at the candidates, Al Gore was the most conservative candidate that was out there.”

Perry’s explanations, however, fall short for many people, including Texas-based Constitutionalist radio host Alex Jones, who has continually questioned the candidate’s motives and conservative values.

“Rick Perry has shown himself to be the most duplicitous, deceptive politician that I have ever studied in the history of the United States,” Jones said in a recent broadcast.

Jones also noted Perry’s 2007 decision to bypass the Texas Legislature and require school-aged girls to receive a human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), Gardasil, created by Merck & Co., which raised concerns about the Governor’s ties to the company predating his mandate. One of the drug company’s lobbyists and a consultant at The Texas Lobby Group, Mike Toomey, worked as Perry’s chief of staff; the Governor reportedly also received donations to his political action committee from the company.

Despite doubts, Perry leads all other Republican candidates against President Barack Obama in a recent Rasmussen report. The report shows Perry receiving 40 percent favorability to Obama’s 43 percent in a recent telephone poll.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • simian pete

    The Beavis and Butthead show is coming back to MTV. Mike Judge is producing some more episodes …

    Rick Perry’s nickname is “Crotch” … Governor Perry’s friends call him “Crotch” ….

    So “Crotch” Perry is running for President …

    I’m sure Beavis and Butthead will say that’s “cool” ! HEH HEH HEH HEH! HEH HEH HEH !!!!

    Just to show you who is running the Republican Party, why it’s Beavis and Butthead !!!!

  • Mike

    Do some research: If you want the world’s most powerful globalists, the Bilderbergs, choosing the president of the United States again – Rick Perry is your candidate.

    • Pam R

      All one has to do is look up The Rockfeller World Order and the High Priests of Globalization by Andrew Gavin Marshall. Everything you ever wanted to know about Americas’ past and let’s hope not our future. I love America. I want to keep America in tact for my children and grandchildren. Let’s get back to God and the constitution. Pray.

      • Firefly00

        I’m with you, Pam at the rate that things are going now we are taking the proverbial long walk down a short pier.

        • bud

          i am with you now how do we get the goverment to do what we would like them to do???

  • Free Mind

    Forget about brainwashed Liberals; even most Republicans are clueless imbiciles.
    We are Americans, we don’t need facts; just give us media glitz that tells us how to think. What a nation of morons.

    Example: Remember a few days ago when the Media told you Khaddafi was beaten? Hasn’t happened yet. Use your own head.

    • bob wire

      Oh! he is beaten alright. ~ It was decided many months ago. Maybe him and you just don’t know it yet. The mad sandman is looking for places to hide as we speak or already been found,dismembered and burnt to ash.

      Now where that is good or bad, I don’t know. ~ But for the record, he was not thought highly of by me.

  • newspooner

    If “Conservative” Republicans get fooled again and allow the Mainstream Media and their bosses to pick the Republican nominee for President again, it will discourage the casual Tea Partiers and Libertarians who are needed by the more dedicated and persistent ones among us to provide adequate numbers to be effective. Rick Perry is another George Quincy Bush. Our nation has been strong enough to survive this deception of Republicans for the past 83 years, but time is truly running out.

    • bob wire

      So? when was the last time “conservative” republicans fooled?

      It’s my belief they get fooled often, more often then not, with Jesus bait.

  • Hiram

    I have always agreed that we should vet all candidates and know where they stand on the issues. But, long past associations are not always a good indicator. Remember, Reagan was also once a Democrat.

    • bob wire

      Hmmm? He turned into a republican when he could finally afford a riding mower.

      or to say, Reagan was cheaply bought and lured in with benefits.

      Reagan was a “big picture” man and did about as much harm as he did good.

      Sadly, the devil is in the details.

      Honor him if you wish, but the “supply side card” has limits on beneficial effects when over played.

  • Lamar Carnes

    Going back to a persons past on political issues when they have dramatically changed over the last 20 years is absolutely nonsense. Ronald Regan was a Democrat socialists before he made a switch to Conservative understandings of politics. Perry did the same and to hold stuff like that against someone is absolutely WRONG! Get real folks! You know he wasn’t a Communist or a Islamist so get on the train and vote the man in he is well qualified and the best man for the job. But get Rubio on his team and he will have some much dust between Obama and his campaign it will seem like there isn’t a Obama running!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Ronald Regan also grew the size of the government (despite what he preached against) and gave amnisty to illegal aliens.

      • DonnieB

        That is true, he did grow the size of government and allow amnesty of illegals. Several things to keep in mind. He didn’t have GOP majority to help him get the votes to do much else. He did keep down a fair amount of spending that the Dem’s tired to do.

        In case you haven’t noticed, what Dem (of course the nominee will be BHO) wants to spend less than any of the Republicans or wants all of the illegals to become citizens, Democrat and get lots of welfare?

        You can always make the case that some politician didn’t do everything that you wanted them to do. But remember that the alternative may be MUCH worse!

    • Ronald W. Sprague

      Lamar Carnes, I agree with you that people do change and we should be willing to accept that, but when the American public become aware of Rick Perry’s involvement of taking Texan’s land by eminant domain to get a North American highway built just so we could have a North American Union, they just might lynch that freedom grabing traitor Rick Perry, who is a co-conspiritor to the One World elite run-its.

      • bud

        yes sir that sob wanted to steal my home and land for 10 cents on the dallor for that road to come through i own my place out right and could not even put a down payment on a place like the one i own for what he offered and they tried to slide the deal through under the radar so we could not fight them until it was to late i someone would not have caught them and put them in the legal eye alot of texans would have been homeless

  • J.M.R.

    as i said before the men have been screwing up the works for years, then a bunch of brain dead morons let this (word removed) dick-tater get in the black house so i say lets let the women have shot at this mess and i bet they start a real clean up and given the chace they will finish the clean up

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i never listsen to the lib media.

  • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68
  • Karolyn

    I think people just like Perry because he looks “presidential.” How sad!

    • bob wire

      I’m left to believe that It’s the hair. Crazy No?

  • Robert A Hirschmann

    Rick Perry? Is he a Tea Party er? Can his past voting record beat that of Ron Paul? Where does he stand on upholding the Constitution? I would have misgivings if he ever got elected president. Before Obama Bin Laden got elected I predicted that this country would be in a world of hurt if he ever got elected. Was I wrong?

    • newspooner

      You were certainly right about Juan Peron Obama. Many people who did not do their homework were fooled. Let’s hope that enough of them have the intellectual honesty to not vote for him again. And let’s give them a good alternative, not another George Quincy Bush, John McCain, Mittrhymeswith… Romney, or Rick Gardasil Perry.

  • Bob C.

    The puppet known as George Bush almost destroyed the republican party’s name single-handedly, (he did have help from dad, and lots of RINO’s in the congress) the last thing we need is another war hawk in the white house that doesn’t understand or follow the constitution!
    calling it “just a piece of paper”

    look, we have to stop this destroying of the republican party, once it’s gone, it will be demonized not by it’s past leaders, but by the principles it supposedly stood by.
    they will say the constitution, free markets, capitalism, all failed us.
    even though we live by little or none of these things today
    we have government intrusions in all three, making them bastards shadow of the former self’s

    I think that’s what’s going on here.
    the republican party is NOT standing by our republics’ constitution.
    this will come back on freedom loving Americans.
    pleeaasee don’t vote for this guy, he does not stand with us, he stands with the UN (trans-Texas corridor super highway, NAFTA, huge land grabs), NWO, and the bilderberg group, look it up for yourselves

    Ron Paul is the only guy out there I think has even read the constitution.
    whether you think he has a chance or not, he is our only hope of freeing ourselves from endless, needless wars,
    bills like the “patriot act”,
    the stealing of all out wealth in this country through “corporate bailouts”,
    ever increasing tax % on all the people
    needless regulations
    corporate taxes, =taxing people through the products and services they buy

    and inflation, …stealing what little you have left with the printing press.

    • Ronald W. Sprague

      to Bob C ….AMEN Brother, you are a wise man

  • Jeff

    Perry/Bank of America 2012

  • Ken

    Perry is like Obama, a bought and paid for politician. He is either there to take votes from other candidates or the money thinks he’ll make a better puppet for them.

  • don

    i agree with you ken. everyone need to check out the website the obama deception. it tells how clinton ism in with the bushes clintons and who knows how many before them. there was something about john kennedy in it about how he didn’fit in so he was assasinated. look out ron paul. you dont fitm in with this bunch. i still hope you win. we need real change if its not too late.

  • peter

    Is Perry a close mate of Warren Buffet? Connect the dots……….. Perry/ Bank of America? Buffet lends Bank of America 5 Billion? What’s the connection. Another puppet?

    I wonder what’s going on here? Perry could’nt sell me water in the desert. He just looks like a phoney.

    • skippy

      Peter, he reminds me of JOHN EDWARDS….HAHAHHAHHA!!! :)

    • Iva Raggon

      Perry seems disingenuous. Once he wanted to secede and now he wants to be President. He is too fundamentalist in his beliefs. The last thing we need is an anti-science literal creationist who would send us back to the 19th Century in terms of education (note the efforts of Texas’ lunatic school board).

      Ron Paul wants to stop endless foreign embroilments and deal with issues here at home as the constitution allows. Compared to him Perry looks and acts like a game show host with a lot of faked enthusiasm.

      • Iva Raggon

        Remember that Perry also campaigned for Al Gore.

        Bachmann can take a hike also. She seems pretty artificial as well.

        Ron Paul.

      • Ronnie

        Creationists are not anti-science! They are anti-Scientism! Scientism is that Religious belief (Athiesm – No God / Agnostic – I do not know or can not know there is a God) that Matter is all there is, was and shall be – ala Carl Sagan. Therefore, anything metaphysical (that cannot be seen, touched or felt) does not exit. Therefore the God of the Bible does not exist.

        • bob wire

          “Scientism ” LOL! You made that up! There is no such thing.

          But I admire your attempt and effort to “create” ~ Now that you have created it, you can make it real for other like minded people.

          Science is a process and not an “ism”.

          There is a wall of thought that separates the two.

          But short of that, I enjoyed hearing your creationist defense and understand your view point.

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    Three terms can the texans be wrong? Let’s hear from Texans

    • newspooner

      Well, let’s here it for one Texan — Ron Paul.

    • bob wire

      Hell yea they can be wrong! I trust you have heard of “voter redistricting”?

      It’s not so much that they are wrong ~ but the state is awash in people from somewhere else! and they come and eat the heart out of the watermelon, settle in our large cities. They don’t come here to be Texans, raise stock, plant crops and enjoy hog killing time. They come for harvest and to feed their face.

  • fedup

    I have to admit, the more the media likes a candidate, the more likely I am to look elsewhere. Call me crazy, but everybody thought obama was the cure all for the country, and I just don’t see it.

    • bob wire

      No “fedup” , everybody didn’t think that and they have attempted to prove it wrong from the offset.

      It appears it worked on you.

      In someways, I wish Mc Cain had win just to see the GOP take a bath and drowned in their own poison. But I fear the pressure of the job would have killed him by this point and we’d be left with Palin.

      The GOP/Mc Cain had it to loose ~ and they did.

      There was no choice last election.

  • Stunned at sunset

    I think that the media is manufacturing the evidence that Govenor Perry is at the head of the pack.

    While strictly anecdotal, most of the people I know and work with prefer Ms. Bachman or Ron Paul. I know of no one who will vote for the President. This is telling me that the propaganda machine hasn’t caught up with the public’s obvious mistrust. They’ve not researched this phenomenon to discover if, by default, their attempt to create an image of “momentum” might, instead, irritate everyone whose sensibilities are being offended.

    The press just doesn’t get it anymore. People have been beaten up so badly and disenfranchised so completely that their sense of the truth has become a lot more sophisticated. Propaganda is recognized for the hubris that it is and only motivates people to move in the opposite direction.

    In the meantime, Governor Perry is obviously talking through a hole in his hat in his attempt to become a George W. Bush Wannabe. It’s not working. I don’t believe a word that he says. If the plutocrats are engineering such a choice, I’d rather vote for a third party candidate and wind up with another four years of Obama.

    Obama likes to stumble and fall a lot. International leaders are beginning to see him as irrelevant. His re-election might bring on another four years of malaise but I’d prefer that to another decade of debilitating, bankrupting, war programs that might get us caught up into something to which we could not apply an exit strategy.

  • Rob

    Unfortunately the Establishment Republicans just don’t get it, no matter how hard they try to overtake the Tea Party. Whether you like it or not, Pauls supporters won’t support anyone but Paul and the Establishment Repubs, won’t support Paul.

    This equals split vote, Pres. Obama wins, just as the Republicans did last election with the Establishment running a guy who couldn’t win, Juan McAmnesty, and Paul supporters, sticking to their principals.

    Like Terry Holt and another Republican Strategist claimed earlier this month on MSNBC, “Romney is the Establishment Republican and the Republican Establishment wants Romney and so that is who it will be”.

    Ever wonder why Paul got more voters and more financial support last elections (example, breaking 2 campaign fundinging records, IRS statement, etc..) yet the establishment ran McCAin (no support, firing staff, etc..)

    Establishments man vs. Peoples choice and establishment wins, no matter the spin they put on it. Remember what Terry Holt stated,”Romney will be the candidate because that is what the Republican Establishment wants”.

    Good or Bad, we will see if this is all correct next year and see, if the people really do have a say in the elections or if it is still controlled by the Establishments of the Parties.

    • bob wire

      “Establishments man vs. Peoples choice and establishment wins, no matter the spin they put on it.”

      enjoyed your posting but you are leaving out some of the “people”.

      when you say “people” I don’t believe that you are including people unlike yourself.

      I don’t believe that you represent all the people, I don’t believe that you represent half of the people but maybe only 18% to 22% of half the people.

      I’m a democrat and find Ron Paul worthy consideration depending on my options. ~ But it’s truth only the GOP can offer me that option.

  • Garx69

    skyraider6 I am a Texas transplant (been here 10 years) I think that Rick Perry is not concerned with the welfare of the general public. Rick Perry is just another politician. Please look at Herman Cain the man that CAN repair the change and return common sense to government.

  • http://yahoo skyraider 6

    it’s been on my mind too bad obummer got in first it might hurt a good man Garx 69

  • Garx69

    Rob I just pray you are wrong. The main purpose of this election must be to replace the O regime.

  • Garx69

    The more people take a serious look at HERMAN CAIN the more people will realize he is the real deal. I am concerned about my grandchildren also.

    • newspooner

      Good man, but he clearly has some big flaws.

      • bob wire

        Cain is not equip to deal with the hill, A Cain vote would be a Carter, desperation, protest vote and end in much the same way.

        It’s sadden perhaps, but that’s just the way it is.

        A president must have some political equity to be effective. “O” is short equity himself and explains much of what we see happening over the last few years.

  • Flying Eagle

    KEEP AN EYE on Obumer and his henchmen (SEIOU, Acorn, AFL-CIO and the other unions, also de Black Panters, Louis Farrackan, etc.) re 2012 elections. Most likely they will start committing fraud, duplicating the ballots, waking up the dead and forcing them to register for voting in the 2012 election.

    Obumer knows we “The People” won’t give him a second chance to continue being the top “US commie” and therefore he will try all means to get reelected, but as I think President Lincoln said “you can fool people once but you cannot fool people all the time”. Please
    don’t let him fool you again and if so you’ll pay dearly for it.

    SEMPER FI!!!!!

    • Concerned Citizen

      Don’t be so sure about Minister Farrakhan. I thought he was a nut for a long time, but in a recently posted video he is exposing the Federal Reserve and saluting Ron Paul in his efforts in Congress.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    The conservative establishment summed it up quite well when explaining the candidacies of Rick Perry, Michelle Butthead, and Mitt
    Wrongly. First of all, Hick Perry is a reactionary dope, Michelle
    Butthead and partner in crime Sara Putzlin are pitiful jokes, then
    Mitt Wrongly is a hypocritical fraud. That leaves Ron Paul as the only
    competition. Thus, if these other clowns win, you might as well not even go through the motions and give the victory to Obama. Sorry for
    my cynicism but i have to call it the way i see it. Thanks!!

    • newspooner

      The girls aren’t totally bad, but Ron Paul is the only one of the Republicans who is totally good.

    • skippy

      Tony, Tony, TONY!!! You are SO darn right on!!! GREAT POST :)

    • Stunned at sunset

      Tony: I really, really love the way you express your opinion. You actually say what I’m thinking!

      RON PAUL IN 2012!

    • bob wire

      Well I certainly wouldn’t call them all those ugly names even if I thought them, ~ but yea!

      So what are you going to do about it?

      Have you sent off your check yet?

  • Flying Eagle

    Use your own head, think well before deciding for any candidate. I don’t know Perry therefore can’t make any judgement, not yet, same as Romney, Ron Paul, Bachman or Cain. I believe they all are patriots and love this country. Let’s watch them how they respond, what are their reactions to criticism and other issues from now to 2012 and forget the mainstream media, ignore it. CBS, NBC,CBS, MSNBC and CNN were acquired by the communist Trillionaire and uber rich George Soros (do you know who he is?)who is upset by the lack of viewers and the left leaning liberals employed by him. The Mainstream media listed above is not as fear and balanced as FOX CHANNEL.

    My own opinion is any of the above candidates will beat Obumer not matter how many millions he raise.

    Remember whoever what candidate is nominated to confront Obumer “We The People” (I’m including the Tea Party)ought to back him/her up, there should not be no division, no infights, for a Conservative, Moderate or Libertarian candidate is better than a communist candidate.

    Conservatives, Moderates and Libertarians are patriots, love this country and we can get together peacefully to resolve all kind of problems. Communists? forget it, they want to sink this country.

    SEMPER FI!!!!!

  • AJ

    We need to beware of Rick Perry he is definately a Bilderberger and is the ace up the sleve of the NWO boys and girls just in case Obama becomes unelectable and falls in popularity. He’ll slide in as the media’s choice and if elected will run the global agenda. These past presidents were all bought and paid for by the NWO. Look for a canidate that is not. You be the judge.


    Here’s some points to ponder you political folk.

    The state of TX lead by Guv. Perry is in a heap of drought trouble, water supplies damn near gone, a long march of 100 degree plus days, crops non existent, cattle in big trouble and now the coup de grace,the federal government, the EPA and Dept. Of Interior conspiring to enforce the closing of fossil fuel coal fired energy plants, the TX source of energy and 50% of the nations energy supply.

    This will test the mettle of any Gov and Perry already is expecting the worst from the dept. of dirty tricks located in the WH and administered by the First idiot. This race is going to go into high gear and hard words mosh skosh and th Tx temper is going to get to be well known to the rest of the country…Gov. whatever rolls of your tongue, let it be facts…

  • AJ

    “Rick Perry has shown himself to be the most duplicitous, deceptive politician that I have ever studied in the history of the United States,” Jones said in a recent broadcast. Ya how’s that working for you America? How’s electing one NWO canidate after another no matter which party Dem or Repub working for you? You want to be swayed by the media and elect another NWO canidate? How’s the Federal Reserve been working for ya? If you’re into self responsibility turn off your TV and media boxes and do the research. Look at voting records. It’s about time we pull ourselves up by the boot straps so to speak and decide what kind of person we want as president and choose. I’m not going to say vote Ron Paul. You decide for yourselves. I will vote Ron Paul. I’m sick of the NWO’s global agenda and what it’s been doing to this country regardless of Political party. And who ever the new’s media in this country is promoting or giving press time to is the same ole same ole. NWO. Rick Perry can talk a big game but he’s
    politics as usual and I hope you’re just as fed up with that game as I am. Be your own person and research the voting records. Then decide for yourself.

    • AlleninReality

      Yep, You shoulda voted for Kinky instead. I did…Perry still won and that is because the RNC is bought and paid for. The media has nominated Perry already!

  • BoboH

    OK, folks,ask yourself this: who and what is The Gallup Poll really? We just saw in the Iowa straw poll that the two top finishers were Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul. Perry and Romney had less than half the votes Bachman and Ron Paul. So here we have the “Gallup Poll” touting two highly dubious candidates. Rick Perry has been involved in a controversial and covered up mandate in Texas to enforce that school kids MUST receive the vaccine Gardasil. Perry is a Bilderberger attendee and likely member as enforcement of poison vaccine programs is a tool of the Bilderberg agenda towards the “control” of population. Mitt Romney is a tried and true member of The Council On Foreign Relations and his Massachusetts “Romneycare” is just another brick in the CFR wall. The media continues to champion Romney and Perry and ignores or slanders Bachman and Ron Paul. We are being led to choose from CFR candidate #1 or CFR candidate #2. It would now appear that The Gallup Poll is now a propaganda and mis-information tool of Bilberberg/CFR/NWO. It is now longer in the family of George gallup but was bought in 1969 by a guy named Simpson — a psychologist!
    It is gratifying to see AJ above and other bloggers here that have a real perception of the Bilderberg/CFR/NWO/Globalist psychosis! Continue to foster The Awakening!

  • Lizelot

    So far I’m unconvinced by any of the current candidates on the conservative side. I am convinced, however, that O is NOT the One as much beloved oracle Oprah declared. Most of the candidates are newcomers with either little or no political executive experience (except for old-hand Romney and newcomer-spoiler Perry)and extensive knowledge of foreign affairs, or have little to no name recognition (which seems to disqualify a candidate from the start, except for The One). Romney and Ron Paul are well-known, but Repr. Paul has no executive experience (he’s smart and wise enough to learn quickly &/or appoint a solid Cabinet), although he has an extensive political one, has been consistently Constitutional (a tremendous PLUS)and communicates well (also a PLUS, which Romney lacks). Considering the mess the Bushes left, NON-interventionism seems prudent. Where can we get Ron Paul’s actual views and philosophy in his OWN words rather than in sound bites? I know nothing abt his views on Muslim imperialism or illegal immigration (national threats that all the candidates seem to ignore),or the way in which teeny-tiny minorities akin to 1-3% of our population (s.a. the homosexual cabal) are bullying our society. Please post so we can make up our minds one way or the other. Hate being pushed the wrong way once again!

  • Rob

    Just a short note to all those who say to beat Obumer, we all (tea party included) should back whatever establishment candidate the Republicans throw our way. WHAT!!!!!!

    I for one, who went through this uneducated and ignorant way of thinking (for the majority of my adult life) until I started to get educated. Now,for one, I will not be a political party sheeple for anyone, period. I don’t work for the wealthy, one party of the Republocrats/Democans, they work for us.

    Plus, if your truly tired of the way America is going, then you will want a change, no matter what the news media is saying about anyone. Remember, we have had the same One Political party of the Democan/ Republocrats for most of the past 50+ years and look where it got us.

    They got rich off dead American soldiers by nation building, war mongering, sending jobs overseas, keeping our borders open (against 70-80% of the American people, right McCain, etc..) so political leaders such as Romney and Huckabee (earlier this year) can get caught with Illegal Alien Criminals working at their homes, while Vets and citizens remain unemployeed, homeless, on the streets, etc….

    Where was Romneys and Huckabees concern for America when they were hiring Illegal Alien Criminals to evade paying taxes, etc.. Or where was Sean Hannity’s concern for the military when he called (last election after his own debate on Fox), those who support Ron Paul, “ignorant and stupid”.

    Then coming to find out that the majority of the military, “overwhelmingly supported Ron Paul last election, more than any other candidate combined” (According to donations and the I.R.S.)

    The Republicans Establishment better chose right if they want to win and listen to the people, or we will have Pres. Obama again.

    You better be a so called Isolationist (as Sean Hannity put it a few years ago and now everyone uses) AKA AN AMERICAN FIRST CANDIDATE, OR YOU WON’T GET MY VOTE.



    YES, This Vet and from a family of vets back to the start of America is proud to say that (as our founding fathers were) I am an Isolationist, because even though the media wants you to think that Isolationist is a bad term, I say, if we don’t get back to being an Isolationist country, aka America First Believer, then we eventually won’t even be able to help ourselves.

    Oh wait, THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW. How silly of America to think otherwise. Remember (the self absorbed, socialistic, entitelment city of) Rome, etc.. where are those great countries now?????

    God Bless and God Bless all those or our brothers and sisters that paid the price for this country, so their loved ones can be disgarded by those that are profiting off dead military members and the downfall of America.

  • Rob

    P.S. Ron Paul 2012 either by vote or write in.

    Definition of stupidity: doing the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result.

    If Isolationist is such a bad term, as our founding fathers were, aka America First Believers, THEN WHY DO WE FIGHT SO MANY WARS, “TO PROTECT AMERICA, TO DEFEND AMERICA FROM HITLER, TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM JAPAN, etc..

    So for all of you who listen to all the loud mouths, such as Hannity, Chris Matthews, etc.. who claim that being an Isolationist is a bad thing, (because you dont put other countries first, YOU PUT AMERICA FIRST), …..
    …………then why are the wealthy who are using military to defend their wealth by ISOLATING THEIR INTERESTS AND USING PROFITS OFF DEAD SERVICE MEMBERS, why are we fighting “any wars” to “protect America Interest” if even those who are sending us to war, “AREN’T ISOLATIONIST AKA AMERICA FIRST BELIEVERS”????

  • Dee

    I just read on this website that Rick Perry was a former high level dumocrat, so Iwouldn’t want to vote for him. He was also involved with Al Gore

  • Bimbam

    DO NOT VOTE FOR PERRY. He has some SERIOUS problems in the way he governs.

    HE FORCED every girl in Texas to have a mandatory Gardisil injection. Then we find he has a cabinent member who was linked to the manufacturer of the drug.

    Second he is for the Ps3 plan, an offshoot of the UN Agenda 21 plan to remove private property and restrict travel.

    Third, he is for the Trans Texas Corridor a 4 football field wide road running through Texas by Eminent Domain power. In another words anything in the way is taken by the State.

    YOU HAVE been WARNED!!! This man is a globalist and does not believe in American Sovereignty. Another OBUMYA but a white one instead.

    • Rob


      you are right, but remember, wink, wink, the Trans Texas Corridor doesn’t exist, remember? It is another Conspiracy Theory that was made up, remember?

      Infact it is such a conspiracy theory that the Department of Transportation, in the state of Texas actually had to stop funding this Conspiracy because the people of Texas, the Open Border Haters, etc.. were complaingin to much about it and getting to close to finding out who was really behind it.

      The sad thing is that, the President Bushes, Clintons, Perry, McCain aka McAmnesty, etc.. and all those that supported the Anti-Isolationist, Anti-America First Agenda, Open Border Lobbyist, etc..are pretty angry that George Soros and his massive group, were held up by the actual taxpayers and America First Believers/ Isolationist.

  • chuckb

    the republican candidate has not come on the scene yet. we will meet the next president in september.
    the bolsheviks know who that is and who will be their worse nightmare.
    even the republican hierarchy is trembling.
    barry has reason to be deeply worried, he knows his chance of losing his endorsement to hillary is almost inevitable.
    it will be the bolsheviks trail of tears.

    • Rob

      hey chuck,

      Just a bit confused about your statement. Is the bolsheviks, who?

      Who is the Republican candidate that is going to show up for the Repub’s? I hope in Gods Green Earth, it isn’t Jeb Bush. If so, we are all doomed, BUT this was the call of the Globalist/ Bildebergers, etc.. since the First President H. Bush (dad), took office.

      Would hate to see that, but it would also be a major proof of how the world is really run and maybe it would get these ignorant political party sheeple, to wake up.

      • chuckb

        the bolsheviks. (communist party) (democrats)not all of them,however, enough to earn the title.

        who do the bols fear the most, who have they harangued since the last election, who doesn’t bow to the republican hierarchy, karl rove doesn’t like her, why, because she won’t follow the party line. who draws the most and largest crowds to hear her speak, no other than sarah palin. some women are jealous of her because of her intelligence and appearance, some men are afraid of her, she’s got more guts than they do. she’s all american and all conservative. she is ronald reagan at heart.
        from one that would never vote for a woman as president, after watching her last election and listening to her speak, i am thoroughly convinced that she has been chosen to be our next president, someone up there is watching out for us.

        • SheilaM

          You are absolutely correct. She is the ONLY one that will fix this country. We have had the White MAN since the beginning, now the Black MAN, When will people wake up and realize THAT WOMEN CARE, ARE BETTER MULTITASKERS, ORGANIZERS, COMMUNICATORS, NEGOTIATORS, BIRTH EVERY AND RAISED ALMOST EVERY HUMAN ON THIS EARTH. She is smart, will put you in jail NO MATTER YOUR PARTY, proven she knows how to control BIG OIL and believes in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND IT’S EXCEPTIONALISM. I am not saying any gender is better than the other but it’s TIME. And the media might follow her but they only do it to make up lies. She is an extrordinary woman. If she does get in, read her books, look up her record, see the machines (including big oil) she took down. SHE IS A SMART, AVERAGE AMERICAN WHO IS MORE THAN QUALIFIED TO TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND. Jealousy and hatred is a sick disease. If all you on here mean what you say, you will seek the truth about her, but almost about to throw up to see so many people that would even consider allowiing OBAMA a second term. God please Bless my children if AMERICAN WOULD ALLOW TH

          • AlleninReality

            She’s an amnesty pig globalist and she is in the same club with perry.
            Romney, and Palin could not beat Obama last go around which makes them losers. I’ll take my chances with the only person that can save US and that would be Ron Paul!

  • Bill Wright

    Do your homework before votting, Everthing yellow is not a bannana,nor should a book be judged by its cover.The same applies to people running for office.

  • David

    You are right on Mr.bill.

  • Charley41

    AJ 12:53pm

    You are correct(with others) in Re: to perry..Can’t believe America
    are such suckers. How could we support A guy that is in bed with NWO
    and all his baggage of history. Ron Paul talks what we want but lets face it he is not Presidentual enough to win. If we replace O with Perry we would gain very little ground in freedoms. I don’t trust his
    religion act either.

  • John

    Perry – People can him slick rick! this is a real conservative liberal chameleon.Talks conservative,but once in office all liberal. a sleeper liberal.

  • Mike

    I have been having trouble finding these “polls” lately because I wanted to vote Ron Paul in them. If I can’t find them and you can’t find them, so we the people can participate, who’s to say they aren’t just “cooking up” these numbers?

    • CJM

      Mike: I hear that these polls are by phone and they are all conducted at the same sites using the same people–so guess your hunch that the numbers are cooked is correct.

      • SheilaM

        CJM, if your looking for POLLS and we might not like what we see at the moment but have done a lot of research on which polls are accurate. Rasmussen is going to be the best results you will find. Over the years they have been polling they have almost a perfect record on what actually happens. We might not like it, and have not checked it lately (too soon to know anyway) but when it gets closer to election it’s the only one to pay attention too. Have not checked to see if they have a poll up you can vote in right now but they will be the most accurate.

        As to others on here, I’m also a believer Ron Paul cannot win. A lot of people like most of his views and he is smart but know the same thing. We do not need EXTREME RIGHT OR LEFT as no President gets anything good done without a good House and Senate. You just can’t put everyone in a box, because my views are mostly the same but not exactly. But we don’t need Obama who last I checked has created 11 new taxes, 16,000 new IRS agents, 500 BILLION in Medicare cuts, 159 New Government Agencies, APPROVED 14,000 exemptions of his choice to opt out of Obamacare, 5 TRILLION in new federal debt, 41 cents of every dollar borrowed, 47% of Federal debt borrowed from foreign countries, 41% increase in food stamp recipients, 2 BILLION to Brazil to produce new off shore drilling, 35+ Czars (shadow government) not confirmed by Senate that only answer to him with overarching regulatory powers (a clear violation of the separation of powers concept and I’m tired of typing as the list goes on and on all done in 2 1/2 years.. Wait!!!! I am aware this country is not in the shape it’s in just because of OBAMA as it’s been changing for the last 60 years, but he is by far the most RADICAL LEFT allowed to govern or should I say collapse our economy so fast and the most left movement has been done by a democrat

        However, I am a Palin supporter until I know she is absolutely out. But WILL NOT sacrifice my children’s lives with A VOTE FOR BARRY SORRENTO AKA BARACK OBAMA BY VOTING AGAINST THE REPUBLICAN NOMINEE A write in or a third party will assure his re-election (he’s counting on splitting us up as he thinks we are fools.) I will support the Republican nominee and keep going until we get enough True FREEDOM CONSTITUTIONAL LOVING AMERICANS IN OFFICE so my Children (32, 28, 18) can have the AMERICA I have known (not to mention I’m only 49.). It will be the end and over if Obama is re-elected. God is angry with us for many reasons but if I don’t show him I BELIEVE and STAND for him by never turning against HIIM, HIS CHOSEN LAND, ISRAEL, OR HIS PEOPLE (yes I know that many Jews are not with him) then I couldn’t say nor would he believe I AM A CHRISTIAN.
        (especially the youngest, HS Senior.) may have the chance we had

  • CJM

    No vote for Perry from me—who’s running these polls anyway and why aren’t the pollsters asking others who they’d vote for? I haven’t heard a single person say they liked Perry and none would vote for him. He’s just another obama with an obama penchant for the prestiege the Oval Office gives to the incumbent. Perry should just go back to Texas and finish his term as gunnooor out.

  • DaveH

    This is something that should alarm everybody. Note the phrase “American Exceptionalism”, kind of like “manifest destiny”, an excuse for Power-Tripping leaders to stick their noses into every other country’s business:

    The alarming thing to me is that Perry’s issue page isn’t the first place I’ve seen that phrase. Some of the other candidates have also uttered those words. NWO? Who knows. I’ll see if I can find the others.

    • DaveH
    • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Can I take that link back? After reading more thoroughly I gather that the author is a redistributionist. Not my cup of tea.

    • DaveH

      The leaders want you to approach politics like attending a football game. They want you to mindlessly pick a side and chant in unison. Rah! Rah! Rah! Meanwhile they work their magic and grow Government ever larger. Our task is to ignore their diversionary tactics and focus on electing people who truly want to shrink our Leviathan Freedom-Stifling Government.

      • bob wire

        Well ? somebody does Davey, ~ I only question the “leader” title.

        The Wizard behind the curtain with all the levers, pulleys and switches.

        It’s a tag team sport and maybe this accounts for Ron Paul getting so much benched time.

  • Chris

    Obamba is nothing more than a controlled puppet,a mouthpiece,If peoplereally loved this County ,stop selling your votefor a lot of stupid proimses ,and hand outs-that hurts our country.Remember What someone once said:”Ask not what your country can do for you,but what you can do for your country.”People who really love this country will strave,fight and even die for it.Stop votting for the those ,that proimes a lot of things that in the long run hurt the country.There are many things that are lacking in the average American today,The willingness to work hard is one,A concer for his fellow american is another ,and just being honest and truthful is something that seemed to have been forgtton,vote for the man,NOT THE PARTY.

  • Chris

    P.S. I also left out “Common sense”


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