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People Who Never Married May Die Earlier

People Who Never Married May Die Earlier

DURHAM, N.C. (UPI) — Not having a permanent partner or spouse during midlife is linked to a higher risk of premature death during that part of one’s life, U.S. researchers say.

Dr. Ilene Siegler and colleagues at Duke University Medical Center analyzed data for 4,802 people who took part in the University of North Carolina Alumni Heart Study — an ongoing study of individuals born in the 1940s.

The study authors were particularly interested in stability and change in patterns of marital and non-marital status during midlife, controlling for personality at college entry, socioeconomic status and health risk behaviors.

The study, published in the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine, found having a partner during middle age was protective against premature death. Those who never married were more than twice as likely to die early than those who had been in a stable marriage throughout their adult life.

Being single or losing a partner without replacement increased the risk of early death during middle age and reduced the likelihood that one would survive to be elderly.

Even when personality and risky behaviors were taken into account, marital status has a major impact on survival.

“Social ties during midlife are important to help us understand premature mortality,” the study authors wrote in the study.

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  • rendarsmith

    This is probably true, but unfortunately many men are afraid to marry because so many of them get screwed in corrupt and biased divorce courts.

    • Robert Smith

      Breast cancer was called “Nun’s Disease” because they had a higher rate because they didn’t get any…

      Whoopi is good for women’s health!


      • rendarsmith

        It’s good for everybody, it releases chemicals that are good for the body. What’s your point? What’s this have to do with marriage?

      • Robert Smith

        Sex is good.


      • WTS/JAY

        Robert: Breast cancer was called “Nun’s Disease” because they had a higher rate because they didn’t get any…

        Not so fast, oh slithering one…

        NEWS about Breast Cancer:

        If you have had an abortion while you were in a non-life threatening (yours) situation – and you later developed breast cancer – you may want to look into suing your abortion doctor.

        Breast cancer kills more women in the 40 – 59 year age group than just about anything else. Breast cancer in woman has dramatically increased right alongside abortion since 1972. In 1962 there were 63,000 cases. In 1972 that jumped to 90,000 cases of breast cancer detected. And in 2002 there were an estimated 203,500 cases.

        A link between much higher numbers of breast cancer in those women who have also had abortions has been well known and studied since the early 1990′s.

        The earliest abortion/breast cancer correlation we know of was reported in a 1957 study. Evidence for this abortion/breast cancer link began mounting in the 1970′s – 1980′s. Yet abortion doctors usually chose to either ignore this, or “hide it under the rug”.

        There have been at least 37 studies on this breast cancer / abortion link. More than 75% of these studies (28) show that abortion is a risk factor.

        This increase risk in breast cancer may have something to do with the body’s normal release of increased estrogen during pregnancy suddenly being interfered with in abortion.

        Using 1990-2003 data, a Pfizer/National Medical Association study has found. that the breast-cancer death rate for black women was 14 percent higher than for white women in 1990, yet 36 percent higher in 2002.

        Breast cancer kills more women in the 40 – 59 year age group than just about anything else. Breast cancer in woman has dramatically increased right alongside abortion since 1972. In 1962 there were 63,000 cases, in 1972 that jumped to 90,000 cases of breast cancer detected, and in 2002 there were an estimated 203,500 cases. A link between much higher numbers of breast cancer in those women who have also had abortions has been known and studied since the early 1990′s. Evidence for this abortion-breast cancer link began mounting in the 1970′s – 1980′s. Yet abortion doctors usually chose to discount this.

        There have been 37 studies on the breast cancer link (which may have something to do with the body’s normal release of estrogen in women being interfered with in abortion). More than 75% of these studies (28) show that abortion is a risk factor.
        Angela Lanfranchi, M.D. is a breast surgeon in New Jersey. Angela came across the abortion/breast-cancer link in the early 1990′s when she noticed that larger numbers of young women were coming into her office with breast cancer – who also had a history with abortion, often in their teens.

        She wasn’t the first to notice this correlation. Angela also noticed that studies showing this correlation were not getting into clinicians’ literature. She says it made her mad. She couldn’t stand seeing those 30-year olds in the office, with breast cancer with little toddlers. “These children weren’t going to have their mothers” she said.

        Angela said that in 1996 she read a meta-analysis of the relevant studies by a Joel Brind, Ph.D. who was a biology professor at Baruch College in New York, who helped put the pieces together. According to Joel’s article the first study that showed a link between breast cancer and abortion was published in 1957 in the prominent English-language Japanese Journal of Cancer Research. In those days, abortion was legal in Japan.

        At the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle, cancer researcher Janet Daling and a team of scholars found “[a]mong women who had been pregnant at least once, the breast cancer rate in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50 percent higher than among other women. Highest risks were observed when the abortion was done at ages younger than 18 years…or at least 30 years of age or older.”

        Abortions linked to breast cancer again ‘Women aren’t being given this information’…surprise surprise.

    • Randy G

      Actually, alot of men, like me, CAN’T get married because in the 70′s females were taught to go for money & presatige- which a male could not get unless he was married & had kids.I know, i was laid off some jobs because i ‘am single & I can afford it.’ here it is 40+ years later & I still can not get a good job because of no family to support.

      • Joe Hammond

        A strategy used by business is that if you are married you have responsibilities and bills that lock you into that job. You have to stay at work and fear being laid-off or fired. They control you that way. Single men do not have that protection nor can they sue in court over gender discrimination (they may try but they will find very unsympathetic ears on the bench). So controlling them is much harder and the fact is if they find another offer that is superior to that one they just go for it. They do not have to consult with others before deciding. No wife to prevent the move from fear. No worry about the quality (or lack of it) in the schools where they would have to relocate to. In many cases, no house to sell in a bad market.

        This is the cost of becoming second class citizens in your home nation-state……

  • peter

    No problem with that. Most folks I knew who never got hitched were too miserable to even share ice with one in winter, so I guess they were too miserable to exist anyway. BTW, they are all dead now, died young too, and miserable as well!
    R.I.P. Note: Having a pet to care for would help, except that it would cost MONEY! NO WAY that would work either.

  • Thomas

    This assumes all marriages are somehow happy and fulfilling. Given a 50% divorce rate, that assumption is DOA. What are the stats if you have a rotten marriage, but don’t divorce?

  • Deerinwater

    Marriage is great ! I did it twice ~ from this point on, I lease.

    Women want their independence and I insist that they have it.

    There are worst thing out there then dying.

    • Robert Smith

      “May divorce be with you,” Darth Vador

  • Been There

    Marriage won’t make you live longer – it just seems longer!

    • ibcamn

      Been there done that!ha ha ha ha ha…that’s my evil laugh to what they think they know what their talking about!yep it’s true!………………………really long,if you find out too late she/he was the wrong person to spend the rest of your life with!aagh..when will i die?not really,but i know what you mean.(mistake LUST for LOVE)[comment has been edited]


    Most here are jaded and posses a very negative view of marriage and family. Very sad indeed. Any of you clods know why? Well let me tune you in; Feminism!

    Gloria Steinem sounded the war cry, “We don’t just want to destroy capitalism,” she said, “we want to tear down the whole f____ patriarchy.”

    As the women’s movement turned fanatical and ugly in the 1960s and 70s the focus began to shift from reform and equal opportunity. The feminist leaders – humorless, militant, pugnacious, and angry with their particular lot in life, launched programs that were anti-God, anti-capitalism, anti-family, anti-birth, anti-heterosexual and fostered a virulent hatred of anything having to do with males. They no longer wanted to equalize the status of women, but instead wanted to irreversibly alienate women from men and vice versa.

    “The fiction of fatherhood is a giant religion called Christianity.”
    – Jill Johnston in Lesbian Nation

    Home and traditional family values are no longer accepted answers to the questions, “Who am I?” and, “What am I here for?” The preeminent purpose for some women have become their careers, and they decided against the value of home and family.

    Taken over by radical leftists committed to adultery, lesbianism, and the perpetuation of “self” over motherhood and family, the women’s movement led by the National Organization of Women (NOW), became an adjunct of the Democratic party. The Democratic Party left millions of evangelicals and pro-family Christians when they lurched to the left under George McGovern and his successors. During the 1970s, the Democratic Party abandoned its centrist pro-family base and became captive to the special interest of the radical left, including the feminists, extreme environmentalists and gay rights activists.

    Radical feminists linked all the Marxist causes together by writing, “We want to destroy the three pillars of class and a caste society – the family, private property, and the state.” [Peter Collier and David horowith, Deconstructing the Left: From Vietnam to the Persian Gulf, 1991].

    The concerns at recent national conventions have been bashing the Christian men’s group Promise Keepers and pushing for the rights of “transgendered people,” which could be anything from hermaphrodites to people waiting for sex change operations.

    To accomplish their goals, terrorist organizations such as the National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, the National Education Association, and the People for the American Way, the Gay-Lesbian Caucus, and their ilk have arisen to champion unrestrained sex, homosexual rights, abortion on demand, while they attacked Christian beliefs, conservative organizations, and all the traditional family structures of America.

    Dissolving the Family

    Betty Friedan, founder of NOW, referred to traditional family life as a “comfortable concentration camp” from which women needed liberation. Sheila Cronan, one of the feminist movements most respected leaders and spokeswomen said, “Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking marriage.”

    Beginning in the 1960s and 1970s they launched an all-out assault on our nation’s time-honored laws protecting the marriage union. Divorce was presented as an easy way out for the frustrated, disappointed or adventuresome.

    Mel Krantzler, writing in Creative Divorce, stated: “To say goodbye is to say hello … hello to a new life – to a new, freer, more self-assured you. Hello to new ways of looking at the world and of relating to people. Your divorce can turn out to be the very best thing that ever happened to you.” That was a widely held professional opinion for almost a decade.

    Within a few years, they and their Radical Left allies succeeding in overturning all fifty of the nation’s “fault” divorce statutes and replacing them with what is called no-fault divorce. It was understood as an effort to secure for women the economic, political and social rights and protections that men have always enjoyed. A spate of pseudo-scientific studies assured parents that children were resilient and would revcover quickly from the effects of divorce.

    In their zeal they also stripped away from women, especially mothers with children, many of the economic and legal protections they had historically enjoyed in this nation, thus creating a whole new underclass in American society: the abandoned housewife.


    • deerinwater

      The argument can be made to defend your position Jay. ~

      I gave up worry about it myself. ~

      After I had a Judge explain to me the limits of my responsibilities , I’m a changed man.

      I have the greatest of respect for women ~ but a woman will do anything she sets her mind too do and there little you can do about it as she carries you places you don’t want to go. And she will change her mind about anything without much warning.

      A man is left to love them and “deal with it” or go alone and lease with options.

      I just don’t want to deal with it, ~ I did my tour. ~

      I have always enjoyed strong willed women and I’ve paid the price and wouldn’t change a thing.

      • WTS/JAY

        Fair enough, deerinwater, and well said, btw; and i sincerely respect your wise position.

        Here’s something a man of your intellect may find interesting and of some benefit.

        The Truth About Women That Feminists Don’t Want You to Know.
        Posted By Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin on April 9, 2010

  • rester rant tour

    Lots of negative sentiments re: women and what’s tantamount to their rejection of family values on this site tonight. Gentlemen, let me guide your way to dating success: find the real lippy broads, the real know it alls who’ve had nothing but bad experiences and want to blame everyone but themselves. Listen attentively to their complaints, nodding and agreeing heartily. Ask them out to dinner…..stroke their egos by making sure its the most expensive joynt in town. Make sure it is on the opposite side of town from where they live. Pick her up. Wine and dine….order the most expensive entrees, and wine, because she’s special. Listening, understanding, agreeing, and just as its winding down, LEAVING, BY YOURSELF, WITHOUT HER.


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