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People Living In The United States Consume Too Much Sodium

January 24, 2011 by  

People living in the United States consume too much sodiumThe American Heart Association (AHA) says the country's love affair with processed foods has led to high instances of hypertension due to excessive salt intake.

They issued an advisory in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association calling for individuals, doctors and government entities to make efforts toward sodium intake reduction.

According to the advisory, healthcare costs stemming from heart disease could be reduced by $24 billion each year if Americans are willing to cut sodium intake by 1,200 milligrams per day.

The AHA recommends a daily 1,500 mg intake of sodium. Currently, the average citizen consumes more than 3,000 mg. Most of the excess salt we take in, according to the AHA, comes from packaged, processed and restaurant food.

Diets low in sodium may have the positive effects of lowering blood pressure — as well as reducing the risk of complications that stem from the condition — and facilitating healthy blood vessel, heart and kidney functions. The AHA says that 90 percent of Americans will develop hypertension over the course of their lifetime.

The association says even reducing intake slightly, by 400 mg per day, can have significant positive health benefits. 

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  • FlaJim

    Nonesense. My sodium intake is about twice the average (many time the amount recommended above), I have chronically low blood pressure, and I’m normally so low keyed that no one could ever describe me as hypertensive.

    • LEVI506

      Ditto! I know many friends that “abuse” salt like I do and NONE of them have high blood pressure. If you’re retaining fluids, salt might be a problem, but for most people empirical data suggests salt as a “cause” of hypertension is a non issue. Another manufactured cause by the AMA? Could be!

      • Richard Pawley

        Could it be that you flush it out by drinking the recommended 8 cups of water or tea per day. I have normal blood pressure and use as much salt as most, well maybe not as I try to avoid processed foods but I don’t us table salt. I use hundred million year old Real Salt from Redmond, Utah, and Himalayan Salt that is 240 million years old, both far superior to what we call salt. It doesn’t even look or taste like typical table salt and in large sizes isn’t to expensive. Individual genetics plays a part too.

  • http://com i41

    Just another b–l s–t study, if most people had to process their food to make a meal, they would violate several laws and mandates and also would have to purchase permits and licenses. Most don’t know how to feed them selves, or even grow food. Better divide all the useless parks that are senic eye ball candy for slibs, and costs billion in maintance. Give everyone a free permits for a elk, mooose, 2 deer, antelope, all the pheasants, grouse, rabbits and praire dogs they can harvest on public lands. Bet a dime to a million dollars, maybe 2% of the population would even try it, also open up all government leased idles farm ground we have pad for over the last 3 decades. Think all welfare receivers should go and get their own food supplies, help keep America active and fit. AMA was the same group that claimed egg consumption would kill you, as was eating pork and beef. Now chicken and mercury laden fish is good for you. Biggest cause of hyper tension is caused by government agency wonks and the brain dead jackazzes in the beltway handling down mandates.

  • Ted Schmitz

    People confuse sodium in our food with salt, even doctors. Table salt is highly processed sodium chloride, with up to 3 percent additives including sugar and anti-caking agents. Sea salt contains other balancing salts and has an arguably different effect in a person.

    For normal people there is a potassium – sodium balance. If you get too little potassium (found in fresh fruit and vegetables) you can get hypertension. The solution is to drink a glass of low sodium V8 or equivalent every day, or eat fresh vegetables, not to make more useless regulations.

    Mono-sodium-glutamate (MSG) contains sodium too. It would make more sense to restrict this known problem material than ordinary salt.


    • Carol

      I agree – it’s not the amount of salt that causes health problems, it’s the imbalance of excessive salt to inadequate amounts of magnesium and potassium. The sodium-magnesium balance is critical to proper cell function.

    • Marten

      Your’re so right Ted We are made of salt

    • Richard Pawley

      MSG like aspartame are believed to be a contributing factor in Alzheimer’s Disease, and I have read that MSG is a billion dollar business so I don’t expect any law against it but Americans are learning and I’m even seeing some soups in the supermarkets that say NO MSG and ‘with Sea Salt’ so someone is paying attention.

  • http://AlternativeMedicines AutumnGal

    I have low to normal blood pressure also however the fact that there is way to much sodium in everything that is not fresh or frozen would be a benefit to all. IF you want more sodium in your food you can add it however I can’t remove it once it’s there.
    So called flavor enhancers and MSG are both unhealthy and for some, like myself potentially life threatening. I had a near death experience from a toxic amount of sulfite from a salad bar where evidently the granules had not been disolved in the water but instead were “sprinkled” on the food. We need to “feed our bodies not cater to trained taste buds”.
    However, more government regulations is not the answer so I will continue to buy as healthy a food as I can find and afford while rejecting the others and hopefully help to educate people to the dangers hiding in our food.

  • Harry Rotz

    I disagree. It just drives me crazy every time we go to a fast food restaurant and order fries. I watch them put enough of salt on them for five batches. A lot of times the food is so salty you can not eat it. Then you order a large drink to try to wash it all down. I have complained many times and have heard other people complain and we get no where. I think they all do this so that you have to pay for the large drink ( More money in their pocket’s) We have gotten to the point that we order them with no salt and you have to stand there and watch them because sure enough they will try and dump salt on them. The only problem is then they give you a smaller portion,but you still pay the price for the large. Half the time we have had to throw the food away because of too much salt.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Go to some of the ritzier bars and clubs. They serve pretzels and salted nuts to get you to drink more!!

  • blv54

    I had low blood pressure all my life to but now that I’m older it’s running slightly high, however it’s not the governments job to take salt away from us, if I want to eat an entire box of salt that’s my business and I’m not going to stop because of scare tactics put out by this illegal government.

  • http://com i41

    When I go to any fast food I always put on more salt. The idea of beltway slubs telling me what to eat and what they don’t think is good for anyone, is crap. When these book trained idoits health care preachers, start running their mouths, everyone knows their talking out their rears. Did you every see what the porky bastards in Congress eat, and how much taxpayers get hosed on paying the tab. With the amount of pay and benefits, as well as the loss the governemnt cafateria’s need to given to cover the costs, is a crime. All this bildge comes from Dept of Health, FDA, and second by the envior nature morons with help from Dept of Ag. The all natural food crap is just that, I’ll eat GMO hybred food any day over food produced and raised with out pesticides and fungisided, because molds, fungises, and different types of erget on grains will cause more severe problems. The Salem witch trials were started because, the barley and ceral grains the people consumed, had smut or erget on the heads of grain, and caused mental problems and hallucations. I have feed praire grasses to cows affected with a certain strain of erget that caused cows to abort their calves, just as some molds on domestic hay and grains will do the same. If the pavement pounding idoits only knew how, poor food grain crops would be, if produced as the idoits think it should be. Every damn foot of ground in wilderness area and parks wuld have to produce something. For vegaterians, we don’t have enough productive ground in the world, and at least 75% of the population world wide would die.

    • Richard Pawley

      Funny because the Amish who grow their own food on farms (not all do) don’t use any genetically modified laboratory inventions for seeds and they don’t use chemicals on their crops. They also don’t have but a tiny fraction of the autism that the rest of the population have, about what was common when everyone ate natural foods. Of course it’s difficult to avoid genetically engineered crops when over 80% of corn (in many products and corn syrup, high fructose or not) and over 91% of soybeans that I make a effort to avoid because they are not good for you unless fermented, are in so many processed foods because they are cheap! You can’t eat what average Americans eat and not get the diseases that average Americans get. But if we have the government run health care then the government has the right to tell us what we can’t eat. You can’t have one without the other. I choose freedom myself but I know that’s old fashioned.

  • Lee Abel

    Ok as for salt or sodium chloride intake, remember if you drink not “cups” of water but AT LEAST 64 oz, thats 8 8 oz glasses of water a day or at least 2 liters of water/fluids a day.
    Here is a quick test, watch the color of your urine, clear, hydrated, darker, not hydrated.
    I drink instant tea as teas are natural diuretics and I like the taste over processed water. I mix it up in liter pop bottles, more age, less chemicals released by bottles. The white/milky plastics used in gallon jugs is the least erosive of the plastics, meaning milk, oj, distilled water is sold/stored in best containers made from plastic.
    But as it ages plastics like in pop bottles quit losing chemicals in-solvent.
    I generally use a bottle any where from 1 to 4 weeks.
    Oh and I had my old time family doctor clear things up for me long time ago. I had bladder infection, too much soda AND sun, I dehydrated. When I got over the infection I tried what he said, I didnt get out in sun as much and not drink yet drank all soda, no issues. If I didnt keep my self hydrated my urine got darker and would/could let me get another infection, drank more while working and urine stayed clear.
    Doc told me he didnt care what I drank,as long as I drank.
    alos i have been fighting sinusitis since had my tonsils out at age 9.
    No more penicillin so I got infections, guess what, if I drink at least 3 to 6 liters of fluid a day, clear urine, no sinus issues and no infections.
    Heck best thing to drink other than water, try tea.

  • Ridge Runner

    Best thing i found for sinus infections is zylitol sugar in place of other sweetners,You can even mix it with saline water and spray it in your nose it will stop just about all mouth and sinus infections. The sugar called d-manose along with cranberryjuce will clear most bladder infections.

  • Ridge Runner

    A low salt diet will do your body more harm than a high salt diet.You can’t live with out salt.If you have high blood pressure it is probably caused by some other condition maybe harmone imbalance.

  • http://n/a SAM

    ANd what is your SUGGESTION for the $ 235 Billion in death and destruction of ALCOHOL in the USA per year ? Yep I say BAN IT,Or TAX IT LIKE THEY DO SMOKING,At leaset Smokers dont kill other people…BOOZE DOES and it gets away with murder as a SUBSTANCE


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