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People Begin Living Without Electricity And Water In California

August 23, 2010 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Jerry

    True Talk! You would perish if you don’t have a higher being guiding your affairs. Keep it up(i don’t know your name), because He said “My grace is sufficient!”

    • CarlyW

      Lets give credit where credit is due. Democrats are the ones responsible for the current economic situation.
      In 1995, Bill Clinton’s HUD agreed to let Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac get affordable-housing credit for buying subprime securities that included loans to low-income borrowers. The idea was that subprime lending benefited many borrowers who did not qualify for conventional loans.

      As a result, the agency neglected to examine whether borrowers could make the payments on the loans that Freddie and Fannie classified as affordable. Those decisions contributed to the escalation of unqualified – subprime lending that is still wreaking havoc on the US economy.

      You also forgot to mention that Clinton and the Democrats played a much greater role in the Financial collapse that followed the housing bust.

      In 1999, Congress enacted and Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as the “Financial Services Modernization Act”. This law repealed the part of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that had prohibited a bank from offering a full range of investment, commercial banking, and insurance services.

      As a result, the repeal of the Glass – Steagall Act of 1933 effectively removed the separation that existed between Wall Street Investment banks and depository banks and is the blame for exacerbating the damage caused by the collapse of the subprime mortgage market – which led to the financial crisis that started in 2007.

      The potential to make enormous profits by trading mortgage backed securities with artificially high ratings encouraged banks to take on intolerable risks in the form of bad housing loans. The lax qualifications to obtain a loan led to ease in getting a home loan by those who did not qualify, and that led to an artificial housing boom that was destined to collapse.

      Yeah, thanks to Clinton and the Democrats! Thanks to Obama for continually blaming bush for everything. A real President would have taken ownership and responsibility. Do you see that happening?

      • mark

        Carly: It was not the Democrats it is the federal reserve giving us pretend money in a real world. Study Antal Fekete and understand what really destroyed our country. Then lets demand real gold money and stop our internecine fighting which distracts us from the real issue.

        • Susan

          I didn’t have a problem with the video. The video was great. To me Higher Power or even God can be the Universe since without the structure of how the Galaxy/Universe is at this present time we would not have life. The sun/ moon everything else is at that perfect temperature and distance that allows life to currently live on planet earth.

          Once I read comments where God/Jesus were mentioned I tuned out. Why? Because Jesus is someone who in our society at this present time in history is recognizable since he’s the latest one being spoken about.

          HOWEVER, I do know in other societies waaaayyy before Jesus came into the picture they were also other similar “Jesus like” idols for lack of a better word. But of course not Jesus Jesus. It was a different idol with the same beliefs as this Jesus.

          I do know that the book of Revelation has some uncanny on the spot predictions BUT I also do know the bible has been modified as we go along in history.So maybe this has something to do with the spot on predictions. The true Bible is in Hebrew and way heck of alot bigger and thicker than the current Bible we have now. Therefore I cannot trust this modern Bible in any way.

          Submitted from someone whose lived the Christian live for many years and now thinks outside the box,
          Susan M.

    • Susan

      BJ and Jerry my comment was for you. I guess.

  • Jackson

    I’ve been preparing for the worst for the past 3 years. My wife and I have more than 1 year supply of freeze-dried food in our basement and I have about 150 gallons of water stored as well. I bought 3 Berkey Water Filters; two portable toilets; a 5000 watt generator; a case of candles; a case of bar soap; 25 lbs. of sea salt; lots of ammunition and fishing gear; a variety of survival tools; flashlights and rechargeable batteries; a propane heater and 200 lbs. of propane; etc. The list goes on. I simply pray for the best but prepare for the worst. I don’t believe that America’s economic freefall is over with. I can’t help but believe that things will get worse.

    • Al Sieber

      Jackson, you forgot guns and ammo, to protect yourself, and your property.

      • JC

        Absolutely right Al.
        And while we’re at it, this link:
        Is a list of the first 100 things that disappeared during the seige at Sarajevo.
        When it gets bad enough, and it will, you had better be ready for survival mode and the will to back it up.

    • DaveH

      How could things not get worse when we have a redistributionist president taking from the real producers and giving to the non-producers?

  • Chris

    As Obama takes away food stamps and all benefits to balance the budget we will have civil diso, prepare now

    • ea

      You may be right. But lets not forget how we got into this mess. It was Bush and is republican cronies. These attempts may be futile at tis point, but at least this president is working day and night with all his might to try to get the problems solved, not just sitting around with his buddies like Bush did.

      • vicki

        EA Plays the “bush did it” card. Boy doesn’t that card look well used. Just for amusement what, and be precise is the Obama admin and the Congress doing to fix this problem? Spending money they don’t have but plan to take from us at gunpoint? Stimulus II and III mandatory payments for health insurance…..

      • s c

        “ea,” do you drink that drug, or do you have a built-in dosimeter that gives you continuous “highs” 24/7? You’re doing a fine job of sounding like just another predictable, progressive parrot with a limited vocabulary.
        The topic at hand deals with Californians who are living without electricity and water. Either get with the program, or run for office so you will get paid for NOT reading (just like so many losers in Congress).

      • mimi

        yes I know Bush did this Wha wha When will O take ownership of this country

        • M Cox

          Sick to death of B.O. playing the Bush Blame Game!! Literally makes me want to puke when I hear him qualify everything with the “I inherited this mess.” Get over it already. Americans…hold him accountable. Some of you may not ever “see the light” of who the true Barack O’Bama is but one day, when Christ Jesus comes to take us home, everyone’s eyes will be opened to the truth.

          • Christin

            Wake up you guys… it is the FAULT of the ones pulling the strings of the faces of the leaders you see. The “Elite Ruling Class” (puppet masters) that is/are chosing leaders, pushing failing agendas, and staging the economics for each country…. Bildeburgs, Free Masons, illuminati, The Jewish Bankers…

            Quit the infighting about dems and repubs. Most are lousy and the dems are really the socialists… they have been taken over and it is spilling over into the republican camp.

            Only Constitutional Conservatives are reliable for now. That way we know they will stick to the Laws, Freedoms and Rights given to us by God and our Founding Documents.

            We need to unite as AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      • http://goggle jimradford

        he has to do something to look good infront of his fellowing muslims, its just to bad that all the laws that he wants to pass might come to light and hurt us, get him out of office while there is still time for us to get rid of his laws, and send him packing back to were his muslims live along with his family

      • fred

        Ea, please quit misleading yourself and others by blaming
        the other party. Can’t you see that you have fallen prey
        to misinformation and deceit in the major media where by
        design they have played the blame the other guy drama for
        decades. Wake up to reality. Both major parties are now
        contolled by the same individuals, always concentrating more
        power in Washington and both parties for the most part acting
        without Constitutional authority. We need to get back to the
        idea of a Constitutional Republic, cut off federal funds severely
        and strenthen our local people with the truth after which they will
        be knowledgable enough to elect local and state officials who will
        guard against illegal and immoral intrustions into our liberties.

        Only then will we place ourselves into a position of power and
        strength sufficient to overcome evil.



    • ea

      Are you forgetting that this administration did not create this problem? He inherited it. It was the Bush administrations blunders that created this. How come peoples memories are so short?

      • s c

        “ea,” your first progressive plant check is in the mail. So, what is it that YOU inherited? Your chums forgot to tell you that all robotic references to GB are childish and forbidden.
        Your “god” has made GB’s errors WORSE. Your White House “god” is a pretender. Day by day, he’s working hard at pleasing his puppet masters, and he won’t think twice about destroying your ‘party,’ your country, and your family and friends. Wake, up, “ea.” You can be de-programmed, but only if you wake up soon enough to escape from that progressive toilet you call a philosophy and a ‘way of life.’
        FYI, this topic deals with Californians who are living without electricity and water.

      • DaveH

        If he can’t stand the heat then Obama can get out of the kitchen. Please?
        Don’t forget Bush inherited his mess from Clinton who inherited his mess from Bush Sr. who inherited his mess from Reagan who inherited his mess from Jimmy Carter. What we have here, folks, is a whole lot of Mess Heirs.
        We should just get back to a Constitutionally Limited Federal Government and Limited State Governments. Vote Libertarian.

  • Meg

    And don’t forget to stock up on plenty of ammo for your weapons, you are going to need it when all hell breaks loose. If you wait too long to buy ammo, you are going to have trouble getting any. Don’t be a sitting duck with all the other great supplies you have stocked. Desperate people will turn into zombies and do anything to get their hands on what you have.

  • Mary

    We let Obama get in office because the american people are Lazy and a lot of them ignorants. They voted for the one that supposed to give “everything”. Next step population control because when people is hungry and have nothing to loose things are going to get ugly because that is the most dangerous people. It happens everywhere. That is the mistake that we make thinking that is not going to happen HERE.

  • s c

    So which world-class genius will stand up and take credit for people in California living without electricity and water? Behind door #1 we have Arnie S and his Shriver/Kennedy connections. Behind door #2 (an appropriate number) we have Herr Obummer and his socialistic, communistic, corporate fascist machine. Behind door #3 we have George Soros and his puppet master bunkies. And the winner is . . .

    • Christin

      Well, door #5 maybe the Environmentalist Kooks (EPA) rampant in CA & demos who turned the water off from running, because of the Delt Smelt, a little minnow, to the many farms that provide a wide range of agriculture products for Americans and the world to EAT. Jobs in southern CA ended, farms dried up and fruit trees died. Bye, bye income… no $$$ to pay bills. (PS they turned the water on 25% when the state agreeed to the BO strings attached state money and obama nocare tax)

      I talked to a lady from California and told her maybe the liitle fish was God’s way of fertilizing the farm lands just like the Native American Indians taught the pilgrims to do to plant 3 seeds in a hole with fish heads or a fish. She arrogantly told me, “Well God’s going to have to find another way.”
      I wouldn’t begin to tell God what to do. He’s omnipotent and omnicient. I enjoy my breath of life each day.

      And Door #6 might be the open border policy and lack of border security from the Federal Gov, the Demos, and the Hispanics. California is saturated with illegals which we all know this puts a drain on the economics of the state as they are not putting into the system like citizens HAVE to.

      And Door #7 maybe Bloated Big State Government and HIGH TAXES… yes, those silly rascals are getting BIG salaries all over the state to ruin, I mean run the business of the people. CUT A FEW HUNDRED STATE GOV JOBS, (and drama and yoga for the inmates),lower TAXES and free up some money to create jobs and bring back businesses.

      Ya know, I’m just saying … it’s common sense.

      • DaveH

        Here is just one example of California Government screwups:
        Oakland Police: No Money to Respond to Crime:

      • s c

        Thanks, Christin. You ‘get it.’ Eduardo, on the other hand, may never get it. Some people are allergic to common sense, and Eduardo seems to have a chronic case of anticommonsenseitis.
        Would it be tacky for me to hope that Eduardo lives in California? That way, he can be close to Arnie and The Gore, and he can tell us how many people are living the ‘good life’ by being without electricity and water.

        • Christin

          sc, eddie might live in CA or a crowded city that doesn’t give him enough space to relax and think clearly.

          I think he has some of his concerns and cares in the right place, though misguided as to the fault.

          *We do have greed in our nation and GOV (See the Wealthy Elite Ruling Class for which our laws don’t apply);
          (PS. Many Name Brand Goods/ Companies are owned by the corrupt elite that RUN the show.) So eddie, you are blaming the big businesses and many are in on the take over. Check it out: Heinz- Kerry, Beer (is it Budwieser or something)- McCain, Sunkist? Tuna – Pelosi’s husband & her wine…. please stop me.)

          *This GOV doesn’t seem to care for the welfare of the middle class, they are overtaxing and killing their livelihoods (they are called terrorists by THIS BO GOV… I will never forget that’s how they classify us);

          *Because of HIGH REGULATIONS and TAXES, businesses DID LEAVE USA, but it was not “allowed” it was “deliberate” by progressives/ communists Congress that makes laws to bring down our strong economy for the one world GOVernace.

          *Yes, America buys imports “by the boatload” more than it exported to those same countries (ie. China). It doesn’t seem fair, but then our GOV could just STOP the imports, BUT NO WE CAN’T, because OUR GOV owes them BILLIONS of dollars. UNIONS supported by the DEMO GOV helped to make our products produced in America TOO expensive and NON-competitive (price-wise) to us and other nations.

          So eddie, you see it is really BIG CORRUPT GOV that has caused most of this fall/ take down of our country from its greatness. GOV is in bed with many BIG companies (YES, EVEN DEMOS) who have not acted in the best interest of America or its people.

          Facts are Facts , my friends.

  • eddie47d

    Behind door # 4 we have capitalistic greed and little concern for the true welfare of the American people or the nation. They were too busy begging for their next bonus to even notice that the economy was imploding.That bigger penthouse took precedence over rising costs that these companies were shoving down our throats. They allowed jobs to be shipped overseas by the boatload and even bigger boatloads of foreign goods to overwhelm us. What an imbalance that was bound to come crashing down.If folks can’t work they can’t buy those goods, so these corporates shot themselves in the foot. They are still rich and will survive but what a tangled web they left in the aftermath. I’m surprised the families in the video are still hanging on but not by much.

    • DaveH

      Get together with your Liberal buddies and start a business. Then you can give away your product as you expect others to. First, of course, you will have to wade through the myriad regulations and other obstacles that your Big Government sets up to deter competition for their favored crony Business people and contributors. But you are up to it. Go for it, Eddie.

    • JC

      Horsesh** eddie. You know damned well we have NEVER had capitalism in this country. What we HAVE had is corrupt government in bed with Corporatists and a Phoney Federal Reserve isuing funny money that can be inflated and deflated at the drop of a hat….what does ANY of that have to do with capitalism? Keep in mind that the Polish couple that opened a butcher shop down the street are capitalists, not criminals like the people who have orchestrated this theft on a massive scale.

      You need to raise your head up a little and see the BIG picture instead of running in circles on the propogandist hamster wheel.

  • Brian zorro

    Our country is being waged war on from the traitors within the United states, the communist the globalist,one worlder’s the Muslims. God said it’s okay to fight in a time of war and we are in a war. The bomb haven’t started falling yet and Christians and patriots are not being sent yet to Fema Camps but unless we get rid of all of these traitors that and more is all next along with the Mexicanization and Islamazization of America, and then an invasion that makes this half a million invasion look like a sneeze.

  • pjkinann

    >>>>> but at least this president is working day and night with all his might to try to get the problems solved, not just sitting around with his buddies like Bush did.>>>

    Oh REEEEEEEALLY!!!! That’s why he’s always on vacation while there is a crisis going on in America?
    I’m sick to death of the Obama slobberers saying he inherited this. We had a deficit running with Bush, sure, as with most presidents, but if B.O. promised YOU (not me, because his lies didn’t suck me in) a better economy, then why is the unemployment 9.5% and why did he quadruple the deficit??? That fixes it???? And he’s supposed to blame Bush because he has made the economy 10 times worse! When are all you Obama lovers going to EXPECT Obama to take responsibility for HIS MESS! that he made worse! He didn’t fix it. He destroyed it! And he doesn’t give a HOOT about it! He’s out golfing! Whoooohoooo party time for the pres while the rest of us lose it all!

  • http://n/a chrisf

    i’m sorry but we should draw the line on elderly peoples power,are we trying to kill the poor? so some old lady ha sno one to care for her gets behind on her bills ,next thing she knows shes sitting in the dark in 120 degrees.
    the days of ask not what your country can do for you are long gone. i hate the illegal invaders and muslim slime in our midst.
    i’m not wanting to contribute much to a govt that shits on me whilst watching out for a bunch of scum.mebbe if the govt gave a damn there would be change.
    i find it ridiculous the things our govt lets corporations get away with while giving our healthcare to f-in illegal scum,we allow our own people to die of heatstrokes over a couple hundred dollars.
    string up the traitors!

  • Elaine Seavey

    I prep’d for Y2K that didn’t happen. Had job then, could buy, with sacrifice, the items necessary for year’s survival. Even then, all websites devoted to survival knew that was nearly impossible to achieve, and if one had and another did not, in the anarchy the attack upon the prepared would be relentless and they could not survive, despite preps. Had the physical (barely…now near 75) then to cart all those supplies upstairs into condo that was barely defensible. When retired/moved, either had used up or then gave away remaining foods, propane, etc. NOW….forget it. It happens, I have NO money for anything beyond barest daily needs, health issues, no one to help me, and an indefensible little house. So when the whole thing blows up in our faces….a lot of us seniors will just die. It is hard now to just survive. So just pray and watch, and try to alert others to what is happening, so some may make it. Ever read “Unintended Consequences?” I did for Y2K. Shows even the most hidden-away, most finely prepared GROUP that contributes its skills (medical, technical, weapons, food growing/hunting, etc.) to the efort, will not survive a true societal meltdown.

  • greg speller

    i would love to live in a motor-home it’s my dream come true
    tried of all the high rent can’t save 1 dollar

  • BJ

    Watch the BBC British news and DW-TV (Deutsch World) German news on PBS every night and you will see the exact same thing happening under the Socialist-controlled European countries; the member Nations of the European Union’s/United Nation’s One World Government. The only thing I disagree with regarding what Carly W. wrote above is it’s not the “Democrats” who are responsible for this nightmare, it is instead the Socialists, Communists, and Marxists who have been controlling our so-called “Democratic Party” ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt (“FDR”) was President. They have been slowly dismantling our former Democratic Republic that our Christian Founders established when they initially created our US Government.

    Those who know European and American history know the Europeans have always believed America belonged to them; not to us. FDR’s family was extremely wealthy and he spent most of his childhood growing up in Europe, under the influence of his European nannies who reared him and the European schools where he studied.

    FDR witnessed the success of the terrorist dictator, Adolph Hitler, in Europe, overtaking one Nation after another. FDR did nothing to stop Hitler until after he had already slaughtered 6 million innocent Jews and millions of innocent Christians and people of other faiths, whom his troops either gunned down on slaughtered in Hitler’s death factories. I have a history book on Presidents that I got with my Encyclopedia Britannica, which was written before all the Socialist/ Communist/Marxist University professors rewrote our American history books to hide what FDR did. For those who have bothered to read the Communist Manifesto, I suggest you do so. It outlines exactly how to overtake another Country the way these Socialists/Communists/Marxists have been doing around our World!

    Most Americans have also not heard of the Battle of Attu which took place of the Island of Attu in Aleutian Islands off Alaska. You need to read or watch the documentary I saw on PBS about how 5,000 of America’s finest were slaughtered by the Japanese in a killing field on that island! The Japanese came that close to overtaking Alaska, Canada, and their ultimate goal of overtaking America, but FDR kept it quiet, deliberately! It’s one of a number of reasons why many of our Japanese American populace were rounded up–because our Country had no idea which of them might be spies; however, FDR never bothered to explain that fact to his fellow Americans. FDR did nothing to stop the takover of our World until after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, our US Navy base in Hawaii, which at that time wasn’t even an American State! Roosevelt considered the Russian terrorist dictator Stalin (who slaughtered millions of his own people), as our “ally”! Thanks to FDR, millions of our American boys (GOOGLE search to get an exact total) were slaughtered all over our World simultaneously, all thanks to FDR, whom the so-called “Democrats” (Socialists in sheeps’ clothing) call their HERO! God says, “It is mine to avenge, and He avenged FDR for the unnecessary loss of blood and lives of millions of courageous Americans around the World, plus the millions of others all over the World who did not have to die, had FDR had the courage to carry out his duty as Commander-In-Chief of our US Military before things got so bad in Europe: God allowed FDR to die from polio while he was President, leaving a gigantic mess for President Harry Truman to clean up (if you can call it that). Things were so bad with the Japanese he decided the only way to finally put an end to the world war was to drop two atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima and the other on Nagasaki. Millions of innocent Japanese people were slaughtered and millions died afterwards from radiation poisoning, a horrendously painful way to die! If you notice, these “Democrats” never mention this fact, yet they had the audacity to hound President George W. Bush on a daily basis over the death of several thousand US military troops in Iraq, but made no mention of the fact 3,000 innocent US citizens died when the Islamic Terrorists attacked our homeland on 9-11-01! Pay close attention to the hypocrisies of these Socialists who have control of our Executive Branch and have garnered a majority control over our Legislatative Branch (many of them were illegally elected to office), and they are rapidly planning to gain control of our Judicial Branch as well, including our State, County, and City Governments all across America. One they do, nothing can stop our Socialist President–who most likely is not even an American citizen–from signing a treaty with the European Union and their One World Government, which will immediately invalidate our US Constitution and By-Laws. Before he became President, Obama and his fellow Socialists regularly trashed our US Military (how soon people forget!). Since then, Obama has turned down funding for NASA space exploration, has indebted all of America’s citizens in taxes to the third generation, has been making decisions that he and his fellow Socialists wouldn’t have ever allowed President George W. Bush to make! If only George W. was at the helm today! God would be blessing America instead of cursing America because he was a genuine Christian, who prayed with God before making all important decisions! Every American, including illegal aliens and prisoners who illegally voted for Obama’s election–knowing he was a Socialist–is now personally responsible for how they and their fellow Americans have been suffering! God warns that those who bless Israel will be blessed, but those who curse Israel will be cursed. One major reason the Islamics want Israel is because the Israelis have recently discovered ther are billions of gallons of oil underneath their land. God gave Israel to His Chosen People, the Jews, through a covenant that God made with their ancestors–Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob–from whom King David and the Virgin Mary (Jesus’ Earthly Mother), descended. That’s why God states in the Holy Bible that the Jews are His Chosen People!

    Trying to steal from God’s Chosen People, the Jews, is equivalent to trying to steal from God! Watch and see if Obama forces Israel and the Islamics to sign a “7 yr. peace plan”. If that happens, this so-called “peace plan” will fall apart within only 3-1/2 yrs., when both Russia and China decide to attack Israel, and Obama will be revealled as the AntiChrist OR the AntiChrist’s Prophet! When those remaining on Earth discover millions of people all over the Earth have suddenly disappeared, including millions of graves around the World have also suddenly opened (with their corpses missing), those who are remaining on Earth will realize the Rapture has occurred. Jesus says He will return to Earth in the same way He resurrected into Heaven: in the air. The Bible says Jesus will first call those Believers who have already died, from their graves, and then call those of us who are still alive. We will all meet Jesus in the air, and He will escort us back to Heaven, with Him. When the Battle of Armageddon occurs in Israel 7 yrs. later, we Believers, along with God’s angels, will all accompany Jesus back to Earth to destroy Israel’s enemies and the AntiChrist and his Prophet. Jesus will personally cast Satan into the Lake of Fire (Hell) before Jesus’ millenial reign on Earth. I would suggest to those who don’t know anything about Eschatology (Bible Prophecy), they study it and listen to some of the excellent Bible Prophecy Scholars who often appear on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network); a/k/a “Christian TV”. Also listen to the Christian news–the “700 Club” on CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). Also read the prophecy books of the Old Testament of the Bible and the Jewish Torah, as well as the New Testament of the Bible, particularly those words of Christ (Jesus) Himself, that are written in red. Read also the Book of Revelation, the last Book of the Bible.

    All these disasters we have been witnessing all around our World are prophesied in the Bible and the Torah. When people all of a sudden disappear simultaneously from Earth, do not believe the lies from the Government that “aliens” from another planet supposedly “picked us up”. God Himself, in human form (Jesus Christ) will be the one who comes to take us away with Him, for a period of 7 yrs. Although the Bible says we are not to try to guess the day, it does say we are to pay attention to the sign of the times. The Bible warns that there will be multitudes of disasters which suddenly occur all around our World, faster and faster, like a woman in travail (a pregnant woman in labor before the birth of her child).

  • Jill

    Hi Bob,
    Like your video. How can I send it to friends on FB? I also live in SoCal and what you say is true!We have been in a big depression for a good 3 years now,at least my husband and I have been.If you write me I will tell you what I call my “testimony” of my life from 2007 to present….and the sad part is,there does not seem to be a end/solution in site.Im 56 yrs old,we did not plan $ wise for our life:( and our entire world has fallen apart.I have been out of work for over 2 yrs!I must tell you I never voted and I will explain that later too should you write me back at my email.BUT I PLAN TO from now on!I believe I have been turning more and more into a ultra conservativeas I feel that things are so wrong with our gov and the way “unpermisable” things are now accepted and permissible things are considered wrong…ex:OUR CONSTITUTION!!!!! That MUST be left alone!! Why does this world and the UN think they can ramrod this world into a one world goverment and one world society? Im sorry but I have to go along with what Jefferson said on many many issues.I think aot of people are starting to feel this way too.As for a higher power…your right again! And it IS NOT found in some “new age” gimmick or emergent church either!! I agree that God is the “ONLY WAY,TRUTH and LIFE” and God himself will deal directly with this world one day and our USA if we don’t repent and seek his face! It is hard to live everyday and not be co-dependent on people too,thats where Im at at this time and it has been sad and upsetting journey too and Im sure this also is a everyday occurrance.

  • Jimmy

    what do you expect, for years now, people have been buying made in china and india parts, clothes, cars, etc… until now China india, and Japan have all their money, and now they have to live in the dark with all their forein cars and evan Saudi oil in their foreign BMW’s and Mercades.
    They brought it on themselves, now they need to turn back to Jesus to get them out of their problems, that they created.
    and wasted weeks and days watching worthless hours of woods golf, or some Egyptain play play basketball and OJ the murderer play football.

  • FreedomFighter

    6 month minimum food stocks

    2-3 years per person in household of foodstocks reccommended. Weapons and water purification. Same for household supplies esp TP.

    Off grid survival planning a must.

  • http://windowsinternetexplorer Charles Franz

    This country has been going down hill for many years now, and it will contenue to do so as long as we leave God out of our lives. The God Of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. And get this islamic dicators out of the U.S.A. and get reid of the forigener we have as a president. The Bible says you will be taken from within when you get a ruler over you that is not of Israel. Most people don’t know that most of the people in free countries are of the 10 northern tribes. There are no Israelites in Israel, they are Jews and people that say they are jews and are not but are of the senagog of saten,Arabs. We should be getting them out of this country and helping Israel get them out of Israel. We [ all the so called Christian] need to get back with God.

  • http://none Jesse

    I hear all the whining and blaming of this one and that. You all want to know the truth? The first (god) bush sold out our countries by his Napa OUT-SOURCEING job to everywhere but in our countries. When you buy anything check the made in tag. If it says Made in U.S. its true, the tag was made in U.S. or /Canada. We AR SUCH A BUNCH OF SUCKERS WE LET OUR GOVERNMENTS, (JERKS) take everything away from us and do nothing. I am on Canada pension. I WAS getting 900.00 a month. I asked for an increase and they cut me down to 518.00 a month. I am only 66 and have incurable cancer so I have to decide what is my priorities food or rent or meds. Because my X son stole everything from us, including any savings and stocks. Real nice kid eh? I waas on morphine at the time Ya know a nice Islam terrorist never hits the right places. Dam this world and the cronies ruling it.

  • http://goggle jimradford

    i have read what all of the people have said on these comments, alot of them would not know a snake in the grass if it bit them on there to to, as for getting rid of the imposter of a human being called obummer that is unfortnataly our pres, take him and all of his kind and send them back to the sands were they come from and make more glass, this would be blessing indisgoused to all of the americans who belive one nation under god, i belive there is a saying called america love it or live, i would be glad to help him move if he needs help,but with all of his muslims he dont need any. thank you……

  • Laura

    Please watch this everyone.. thanks!


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