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Pay Off Mortgage Or Buy Gold?

April 9, 2012 by  

Dear Bob,

Should I pay off my mortgage or buy more gold? I am certain gold will be confiscated at some point and I don’t know how to keep it away from government.


Ken A.

Dear Ken A.,

Buy gold and especially silver, as we are getting ready for a new break out now! With new profits, you can pay off your mortgage.

At the rate Washington is devaluing the dollar, you will make money by waiting and paying your mortgage in less valuable dollars. Having to hide your metals is a great problem to have, the bigger the better!

Best wishes,


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letterâ„¢, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Cliffystones

    I have to wonder where “The Government” is going to get this “army” of people to do the confiscating.

    If I remember history correctly, gold was confiscated during the depression. But if they don’t know you have it ( or guns for that matter) they’re aren’t enough bodies to search every square inch of every place metals and guns could be hid.

    • greg

      Only 11% of the people turned in their gold………the rest made a fortune.

    • hoser

      No one was arrested either. Government scare tactic.

  • Jacques Cuse

    And that’s the right attitude to adopt! Buy and hide and don’t be afraid to face them when and if necessary. Be ready!

    Take care!

  • dan

    It’s always best to hide things in plain sight….side-scan radar and metal detectors are too good to hide from…but they’re no more intelligent than their operators (who voted for
    fearless Pretender )

  • Blah blah

    I still fail to understand this site’s obsession with gold. With social collapse on the way, I want:
    Thats gonna help my through the apocalypse. You keep all the shiny metal you want!

    • Art

      I agree but you are still going to need some form of money. The dollar will be no good so, if you have gold or silver you can barter for things you are going to need.

  • scared

    I think the gold and silver is after food and necessary items.

  • Dick

    Government can, theoretically, confiscate ANYTHING they want. However, first they must know who has it, and where it is; second, they have to have the means (personnel, time, interest) to get it, and third, they have to put up with resistance (people meeting them at the door with a shotgun, as one small example).
    As to gold or mortgage? If you “own” real property (especially in partnership with the banking system), then you have something the government can easily and quickly confiscate. Would it not make more sense to “rent,” and not have your residence known, or seized? Also, why tie up “equity” in a very illiquid asset (that is simultaneously someone else’s liability, btw).

    • JBCC

      If thy can easily take your home, thy can easily take the house from the owner you are renting from.

  • JW

    Goverment doesn’t have to confiscate gold.

    All gold within the US is the property of the US,

    YOU are merely allowed to posess it.

    Goverment can price gold at $100/oz., within the US, and forbid removeing it from the US.

    Government can require all gold sales to be made to the government.

    • Tim Pearcy

      JW This is interesting information. What is your source or the act that gives the government this right?

      • JW

        On Constitutional grounds the US government holds eminant domain. The 5th Amendment requires compensation at market value.

      • Alex Frazier

        JW, the eminent domain authority was limited to “public use,” which would rule out a Constitutional confiscation of gold. In a manner of speaking, the only “public use” to which the confiscation of gold can be put is in the coining of money. If a person has their gold confiscated for the purposes of coining money for public use and is to receive “just compensation,” then the owner of the private property (the gold) would receive a like amount of gold in coin form. So in the case of a gold confiscation under eminent domain, all that should really be happening is that the gold is taken, coined, and returned.

        As for the government pricing gold at $100 an ounce in order to cheat you on the value of your holdings, they cannot Constitutionally do such a thing. They have the authority to mint coins and to regulate their value. They do not have the authority to set the price of gold itself, however much Roosevelt might have disagreed with his executive order. Gold is the commodity representing value. The “price” they set for gold is merely an expression of that value in dollar denominations. That price, historically, is relative to fair market value, which the government must provide in the confiscation of private property.

        Now, we’ve seen first hand that the government will do whatever it darn well feels like doing. Short of taking up arms, there’s not much we can really do about it. BUT, it’s a plain fact that they have no authority to take something like gold. Despite what they believe, the gold does not belong to them. It belongs to the people. It always has, and it always will. The government is merely a governing body of citizens. The government itself is not a monarchy or a ruling authority. It is a collection of representatives speaking on behalf of the people to create laws that provide for the security of Constitutional liberties and to punish or prevent injustice. But they have ceased to function in their appropriate role, taking it upon themselves to be our master rather than our servant, and that’s where our system has gone afoul.

    • Art

      Where are they going to get all the people to enforce all this confiscation. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      • Alvin Paulsen

        Home land security

  • Jerry “G”

    I have heard it said that a pound of wheat will be worth more than a pound of gold. I believe this . Can’t eat gold ! Might make for a very rich compost however ! Food may be the currency of the future as we have to go on a barter system . Have a two years supply, and have lots of seeds to grow your own.

  • Old Sully

    Peggy Layton has great articles on this web site about food storage and survival.She also has her own website where where she markets her books and food packaged for long term storage..

  • Lance Brofman

    Now that the USA and almost all other countries are off the gold standard, theer would beabsolutely no point or reason for the government to require that all gold be sold to the government as was done in 1933.

  • p.

    hasn’t anyone thought about the fact that 20 dollar and 10 dollar u.s. gold coins are legal tender? and that the reason you have gold, and or silver, is to buy food and gasoline? in pasadena around 1970 or 71, the gasoline stations were taking anything they could get for gas…usually silver. p.

  • Alex Frazier

    Ken A. (original post):

    Gold is to be preferred over paying off your house.

    First and foremost, capital spent is capital gone. If you are intelligent enough to be in a financial position to pay off your house, then you are intelligent enough to invest. Depending on the remaining amount of your mortgage, the capital that you could put into paying off the house might, over time, compound itself, paying off the house in smaller payments while maintaining your current level of investing capital, or even more. If you instead choose to put it into your house, then the capital is gone. It will never make you another penny.

    As long as our government continues to deficit spend and run our national debt higher and higher, gold will continue to go up. The reason being is that gold’s value has minor real fluctuation. In a stable monetary climate, the price of gold may go up or down relative to the supply, demand, and the level of mining productivity. But this accounts for a very small amount of price fluctuation. All the recent major price activity in gold over the last decade, globally, has been in direct proportion to the devaluation of global paper fiat currencies.

    So if deficit spending continues, gold remains a viable investment. The day the US balances its budget and stops spending money it doesn’t have, I’d exit the gold market immediately, lest you get caught in a decline like the one seen in palladium back in the early 2000s.

    But even then … I’d hate to have my capital tied up in a house when you might rather short the metals market, or wait for a bottom after the stock market bloodbath and buy in at rock bottom prices. The decline will make you a fortune on your shorts, and the recovery will make you a fortune as the prices come back up.

    Unless your capital is tied up in your house and unuseable.

  • Jake

    How completely irresponsible is it to advocate this insanity????

    Buy gold? Don’t pay your mortgage? Has it occurred to you that maybe the reason why we had a mortgage bubble burst is because we gave loans to people who actually think it’s a better idea to BUY GOLD than to PAY YOUR DEBTS? How dare you by any means claim to be against a welfare state or handouts when you’re actually encouraging people to ignore their debts? This is INSANE!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Jake,

      Your skills in reading for comprehension are lacking. I did not suggest he not pay his mortgage or ignore his debts. He asked if he should pay off his mortgage or buy gold. Buying gold is a better use of his extra money. If you don’t understand this is you who are INSANE!

      Best wishes,

  • jopa

    Looks like gold has lost around $250.00 an ounce since its high in September and trending downward.When the economy starts to pick up gold prices drop and it is starting to look good for America now.I would pay the mortgage first and then if you have any money to throw away buy gold for there are a lot of scammers out there especially the coin dealers like Glenn Beck.


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