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Paul Ryan’s Clothes Become Focus Of Media

August 17, 2012 by  

Paul Ryan’s Clothes Become Focus Of Media
Paul Ryan’s clothing has become a topic of discussion.

Many people believe Paul Ryan is the perfect fit for Vice President. But some in the media believe he needs to add something to his repertoire before he can be considered seriously: better fitting clothes.

Cathy Horyn of The New York Times wrote: “He was swimming in his coat, like Tom Hanks in ‘Big’ when he becomes a kid again. …Mr. Ryan should get a skilled tailor, or challenge campaign aides to pay closer attention to tangible details rather than abstractions like whether or not the candidates appeal to nonrich, nonwhite voters.”

Katherine Boyle, writing for The Washington Post, observed: “Ryan (Wis.) appeared rumpled, slightly sloppy for a vice-presidential candidate. As if he’d flown in hours before and mistakenly picked up someone else’s suitcase. His pants sagged at his ankles. His starched, white shirt bunched at his stomach. His dark jacket drooped, better suited for a man of the cloth than a man on a presidential ticket.”

Some are even wondering if Ryan’s non-tailored suits are a political move. “In Ryan’s case, styling himself as a baggy-suited newcomer aligned with the party’s conservatives may be a wise strategy for the campaign,” Boyle wrote.

BuzzFeed staff writer Amy Odell pointed out: “Wherever he goes, there they are those shirts, folding over the waistbands of his baggy pants while he gestures at a sea of Romney posters.”

Alexandra Le Tellier also got in on the action, writing in the Los Angeles Times: “And, though we may not give as much thought about what a man wears, it’s not totally off our radar either. Just ask Rep. Paul Ryan, whose baggy suits not only make him look like a little kid drowning in his dad’s clothes but have also been the topic of recent national conversation.”

In 2008, Sarah Palin came under scrutiny for spending too much on clothing. It was reported that the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 to pretty up Palin. Ann Romney also came under fire for wearing a $1,000 shirt earlier this year.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Harold Olsen

    In the pictures I’ve seen of Ryan, I see nothing wrong with the way he dresses. He’s usually casually dressed in comfortable looking clothing. I noticed the media said nothing about the way Obama and his wife were dressed in a picture last year — I think it was around Christmas time. The way they were dressed they looked like a pimp and his whore!

    • H. HATCHER

      Looks like Harold Olsen is drunk!!!!!!

      • FritzXO

        Hatcher—Take your stupid self and liberal ways and stick it in your mouth so you will not make anymore dumb comments.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Grams

      Are they kidding me about the way Ryan is dressed??? The country is sinking fast, people are out of work, and we have many troubling issues to address , and they choose to pick on the way he is dressed?? I think he looks just fine! I’ll go for what is in his head before what he is wearing anyday!! This just might be a good sign that the Libs are worried over what the Romney, Ryan ticket have to say. Do you THINK ????

      • carmelita kost

        Excellent reasoning.!.We need Paul Ryan’s leadership to make this nation great again. We would rather have him lead and represent us regardless of how he looks. I feel confident that he will keep his oath of office. The liberals had nothing to talk about but frivolous stuff because Mr. Ryan’s character is untarnished.

    • Mike Horn

      NO!!!! The american people are Obummer’s whores.

    • NOBODY

      It shows that the Lame Stream media has nothing else to find fault with. If he was wearing 1000$ suits it would be the same old crap of trying to find something wrong .

      • will

        news media attack ann for $900 blouse — she is out of touch — praise for michelle tax payer paid $6500 blouse — make America proud — janna $38 dress — she must think this is a slumming event

    • old hillbilly

      Unlike our emperor, the one before him, and the ones before him, Ryan has clothes, and they’re obviously his! God made the middle finer to tell media meddlers where to go! USE IT!

    • wandamurline

      If he were to spend any money on clothes, the lame stream medias would attack him for overspending like they did Palin in 2008. Of course the first lady, Michelle, can purchase a jacket for $6,800 and nothing is said about that. Ryan is fine just the way he is …. he must really be stirring up the Democraps if this is all they can come up with.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So this how shallow the media is,not concerned about the integrity of a man but how he wears his clothes. If a man is comfortable in what he wears so be it.
      Oh wait a minute, the Leftists now want to dictate what anyone should wear and if they are stupid enough to listen to the Leftists and wear the clothing deemed acceptable by the Leftists the Leftists will take them apart seam by seam. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • Deb

    Are you flipping kidding me! That’s it? That’s all they got? What a bunch of bs. This very handsome, intelligent, personable man, and that’s what they have. What a bunch of shallow pathetic people. Lets talk about the “sock monkey” and his troll of a wife, who spend thousands of taxpayer dollars on her clothes and she just can’t ever be classy. Keep reporting about about his attire..the more he is endearing to the American people. Just keeping it real.

  • Patriot1776

    The way the man’s clothes fit is an important issue because?

    We face the worst economy in our history, a choice between the America that could be or the communist society of government dependency that obama wants and the appearance of the Vice Presidential candidate is an issue?

  • Cheryl Lynn

    I think Ryan looks fine. It is not about his dress it’s the content of his mind that I care about. Seems like the left stream media is looking for any thing again to find fault. This time we need to ignore these slams. Including Romney’s tax returns and off shore accounts. Which all super rich have to protect there assets. Glad he is rich and hope he can help us all get rich.

    • wandamurline

      Of course, Obama still has to release his college records, draft card (if there is one) and his passports from the 1980′s. Mitt should tell him, you release your records before you ask me for any more of mine.

  • JimH

    If that is the worst criticism these people can come up with, he must be OK.
    The thing is what the MSM should say about him is stuff they agree with.(TARP, stimulus, etc.)
    Of course since they think that we are all so shallow that we would base our vote on a candidates wardrobe, that’s what we will hear about.

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    How pathetic, the so called journalist’s of the news seem to be in a conundrum trying to find something to report and now they focus on clothing! If clothes really define a person, I would ask why the executives of failed banks wear 10,000 dollar suits and their blatant disregard for the rule of law is seen by the collapse of a system they controlled, and the working people of this country will be taxed for two generations to bail them out. It is sickening to see the low that journalism has gone to, nothing more than a cheap soap opera run by circus clowns out of work. I personally judge a person by the content of their character and not the content of their wardrobe. I would vote for a bus driver, mechanic, truck driver, or anyone in their working clothes who has a reputation of good character rather than those like the rich financiers who are well dressed and can deliver awe inspiring, well orchestrated speeches.

    • Lisa Toomey


    • Mike Horn

      You talk about “candidates who have a reputation of good character” ? I haven’t seen any for the last fifty or sixty years.

      • HH

        I don’t think you understand what Raymond is talking about, he probably hasn’t seen one in fifty years either he’s just describing the model of the one he’d vote for…………… I would vote for that same type of person myself!

        Thanks for the comment Raymond, I loved it!!!

  • Bev

    I agree with some that Paul Ryan could use a tailor. Having said that I know that he probably has a hard time finding clothes to fit his tall lanky body, but what he wears is not really why I like or dislike him. I care about his policies and how he believes in the America I grew up in, not the one in Obama’s fantasies. Maybe he wears what he can afford and it that works for him, then so be it.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The Leftists want him to spend money on a tailor so they can turn around and say that he is a big spender and only preoccupied with clothes. Since he is a government employee he is said to be spending the poor people’s money.

  • teaparty13

    IT’s not the clothes that makes a man, it’s the man wearing them, look at the empty suit we’ve had the past few years.

    • HH

      Amen teaparty!!!

  • Bill

    Who cares what he wears. It is what comes out of his mouth that counts

  • HH

    You can’t judge a book by it’s cover! Look at the pathetic “book cover” we have in the White House now!

  • http://personallibertydigest Perfectlyaged

    Clothes??? Look at Michelle…she is misdressed and ill-dressed for most every occasion I have seen her attend. She wears a sun dress to church…that is the only time I have seen her attend church, she puts fushia, orange and a kelly green together (horrible)…she certainly is not any kind of “designer’s showcase”, she wears clothes that really emphasizes her caboose!!

    • Sirian

      Which “caboose”? She’s got two of them for sure!!

    • eddie47d

      You are proving your own point. You attack the Obama’s constantly about anything and everything yet if Ryan is criticized you go bonkers. I will judge Ryan for what he brings to the table and not what he is wearing. The same would go for any other candidate. Ron Paul wasn’t the snappiest looking gentleman but he had great ideas. Lets stick to the real issues not this sideshow nonsense.

  • Norm

    The clothes are fine and irrelevant.
    It’s the phony “professional politician” who hates government that’s the disaster.
    His love for atheist Ayn Rand, is a little hard to fathom. Ryan is a man who is a God loving Christian who even wants to ban birth control.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You covered all your Leftist talking points for the morning.

  • Rebecca

    Seriously? I don’t care if he shows up in his underoos as long as he loves the U.S.A. and stands by the Constitution. Hey…at least he won’t be spending our tax dollars on a sharp wardrobe!

  • Rebecca Staunton

    This petty rhetoric is getting so small and boring. It just goes to show how desperate the news media has become, however the powers to be recognize how easily diverted and the short term memories of the audience, making it a no brainier to control the mass with pettiness. What we are now seeing is a battle of wits: “substance vs sound bits”. Personally, I prefer “substance” and let’s get to work to come up with REAL solutions not the “keep spending mode”. If we don’t we will be going down the same rabbit hole that Greece is in. Then the media will be showing riots in the streets of angry crowds and no one will be worried about clothes.

    • HH

      “It just goes to show how desperate the news media has become”.

      You’re right Rebecca, the reason they are becoming desperate is because the news happening now does NOT fit in with their left wing agenda, ie gun control, race etc…. The last false flag attempt was averted by a brave security guard, no news there for the MSM. They don’t want to report on the numerous crimes that have been averted by legal gun owners either, that’s against their agenda! They can’t report the REAL news either, such as the numerous city’s that have had small black gangs beating up on unsuspecting white folks, they’ve pushed that aside because they don’t think it has anything to do with race,….. you know, if it were whites beating up on unsuspecting blacks it would be different! They can’t find any dirt on Ryan so all they got left now is to rag on his “rags”!

  • El Love

    so let’s not talk about how that big ugly overfed Michelle Antoinette looks and the pathetic wardrobe she has — the worst dressed first unlady ever…. gawd.

  • Markovich

    All he needs is a complete set of shirt stays and that will take care of the pulled shirt look. Maybe the guy is actually frugal and gets the same feeling in a $200 suit versus a $1000 suit. Now he can spend the $800 bucks on his kids school needs instead of worrying about his vanity. I find it interesting that liberals who are usually unbathed and wear stolen hobo clothes would get their feathers ruffled.

    • Rebecca

      You’re comment is right on. Of course the Guru of the Liberals, Michael Moore is the great example of well kept and classy! GIVE ME A BREAK! So tired and bored with all this rhetoric, time to get to work and save our country.

  • FreedomFighter

    Another Non-Issue broght to you by the communist block of America…Ryan has awrinkle in his shirt… and other important issues like sweaty collar and dirty socks…

    Demonrats talk this trash, as the EU economy fails, war in the Middle East looms ever closer, the American economy titters on the brink of collapse…

    Please somebody stuff a sock in there mouths, pull them away from camera and computers and get them a rubber room.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • alexa

      don’t argue with an idiot. they’ll just wear you down to their level and beat you wiht experience.

  • r.p.

    Like I really care what a bunch of old hens have to say about a non credible candidate’s wardrobe. This story has no substance.

    • HH

      Great comment r.p. I’m still laughing! But about a “non” credible candidate? He’s the ONLY “credible” candidate on either ticket!!!

      • Rebecca Staunton

        Definitely, we are in a battle of wits: “substance vs sound bits”! I, personally like substance no matter how it’s dressed. Go Ryan, be substance! The war is on. Marxism fell, look at the state that Russia was/is in…. Then came GREECE.

        Any one remember seeing on the news, as a child, Russians lined up for food, toilet paper,etc. keep it up, dreamers and sheep, and there will be a repeat saga for our children and grandchildren. I PREFER SUBSTANCE!

  • bruceb64

    Ann Romney also came under fire for wearing a $1,000 shirt earlier this year. And Yet, Michelle Obama wears Expensive Clothes and the Media “RAVES” about her fashion sense….LOL, Gotta Love Liberalism!!!!

  • TIME

    And saddly people thats the state of mind of 50% of Americans what your cloths look like, and or if they fit you well.

    Let me say this: “Cloths DON’T make the man!”
    Nor will cloths help fix this nations sickness.

    Can anyone say; thats bloody sad?

    Peace and Love

    • JimH

      That’s BLOODY SAD.

      • Rebecca Staunton


  • Silas Longshot

    Oh, dear! Look at those clothes! He looks so ‘ordinary’. Give me a freakin’ break. But, on the other hand, what should we expect from the empty heads of the left? After all, they ravenously watch ‘reality show’ drivel about tattoo shops, fingernail salons and cake baking. Most wouldn’t know substance if they stepped in it up to their ankles.

  • Chris

    Give me a break………..his “clothes”? I don’t care if he works naked……….it’s NOT his “attire” I’m worried about.



  • JimH

    He should wear his 2nd Ammendment shirt. A sleevless tee shirt.
    The right to “bare” arms.

    • Rebecca Staunton

      I, like the Jimmy Dean look! Be yourself, Paul Ryan.

      P.S. from Paul Ryan’s look he definitely follows a healthy caloric intake and exercise regime. The hits must be coming from Michelle Obama. Jealously gets you now where, Ms Obama.

  • Ms. PAZ

    Long ago & far away I was employed in an office where one woman criticized everything about me. When there was nothing to criticize about my work she moved on to criticizing my clothing & other personal matters.

    I’m interested in the words coming from Paul Ryan about what he & Mitt Romney propose to do for this nation if they win the election, how they will lead us in the right direction.

    As long as his clothing is clean I would not even care if they were patched! This is about national priorities, not clothing!

  • The Christian American

    In the bible, Matthew 23, Jesus characterizes the Pharisees, They are people that have a beautiful cover on the outside but on the inside they’re filthy rags and dead bones. More and more we are becoming like that. In DC it’s a must if you want get anywhere and the media? You see them and listen to them. Which is more important? What comes out of their heads or what’s on their heads?

  • swampfox

    who cares about a man’s clothes!
    what pea brained utter non.sense,
    this is a issue,Jesus THE people who are this shallow,need your help!


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