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Paul: Republicans Need To Be Saved From Themselves

April 3, 2012 by  

Paul: Republicans Need To Be Saved From Themselves
Ron Paul said that Republican efforts to out-militarize Democrats are hurting the party.

Republicans and Democrats seemingly have very little ideological difference when it comes to the destruction of liberties in the United States, at least according to GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday, Paul made it clear that he believes that Republicans are destroying their own party by adopting the same big government ideals as Democrats when it comes to babysitting the world and stealing away individual liberty in the name of safety.

“The truth is, I’m trying to save the Republican Party from themselves because they want perpetual wars; they don’t care about Presidents who assassinate American citizens; they don’t care about searching our houses without search warrants,” Paul said.

A recent poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS makes it appear as though many voters agree with Paul when it comes to disdain for the continual war and world policing policies that have been adopted by Republicans and Democrats alike. The poll found that opposition to the war in Afghanistan has jumped from 53 percent four months ago to 69 percent today.

The opposition comes from both sides of the political spectrum. While Republicans are more inclined to support the war, 60 percent say it is going badly and just 30 percent say that American troops should remain in the country.

Paul said in a recent speech to the House of Representatives that if the United States fails to remove troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, he predicts they will remain for another decade.

In the candidate’s view, Americans who voted for President Barack Obama in hopes of seeing a change in the foreign policy practices of the George W. Bush Administration got fleeced by Obama and are likely to see no change after November even if Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich beat the incumbent.

Paul said that as long as Republicans run on trying to “out-militarize” Democrats, issues facing the Nation such as the soaring national debt are only going to compound.

“I think the Republicans have dug a hole for themselves because they’re trying to out-militarize [the Democrats]. If this is to be an issue, the other Republican candidates offer nothing more than a continuation of the status quo, or actually, increasing the militarism that we have around the world,” he said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Sirian

    There is very little difference, if any between Republicans and Democrats since both parties have been infiltrated and manipulated along the same basic line of thought – Progressivism. This plays off of the basic ideology of socialism but also leans in other directions also – communism, fascism etc. There is more going on behind the scenes than most people are aware of. Information to verify this is so widely available and easily accessed on the web yet so many don’t bother to look, let alone even think about it. When all you do is bitch instead of realizing how you’re being used, well. . . Yes, we have stayed in both Iraq & Afghanistan as long as we have for the unseen and relentless flow of profits that the MID – Military Industrial Complex – has garnered. This is not new. Vietnam was very profitable, was it not? From all of this comes the increased number of “Independents” over the past thirty years. We’re sick of being screwed by Washington yet still, we continue down the same road always looking down at our feet instead of holding our heads up and sounding off with “I WILL NOT COMPLY!!” Ron Paul is the only voice that exists on that level that continues to hold true to our Constitution. Obummer is without any doubt whatsoever a dedicated and extremely loyal Marxist/Socialist with but one goal to reach – destroy America. We’ve been led down a long hard road – the only exit left off this road is in November – remember that!!

    • cawmun cents

      Folks…..whether you know and understand this or not it is very simple.
      Your government has been made the world’s policeman.
      Nobody else likes the job or has the moral fiber to do it.
      They are too busy trying to work towards becoming more powerful to actually get anything else done.
      That is why the UN is ineffective.It is made up of people who have their own agenda.
      There are a few main bitches to be had,but most is just sweating the little stuff.
      The world is like a city with different cultural values.
      A city needs police because otherwise the criminals run rampant and are never held accountable.
      The question here is…..should we retire and leave the job to someone else?
      Is anyone else who is morally relativistic even capable of doing the job?
      Who made it our job?
      Why just ask yourself…..where is the UN located?
      Is it in France or Mongolia?
      Nope.NYC…baby.The hub of capitalism.Is it arrogant to be considered the world’s policeman?Possibly,but who else can do it?
      Name another qualified entity,I defy you to.
      The reason your gubment has been made the police is because nobody else has the wherewithal to complete the task.Like it or not,that is a true statement.
      Is it our business to be the police?
      Effectively….yes that is our chosen vocation.The world needs a policeman,we are it/them.
      Has it made us rich and powerful?
      Of course.
      Again this isnt rocket science.
      To the extreme of being a patient observer,even a lout could figure this out.
      Adding your take is one thing,but trying to substantiate through complication isnt really necessary.
      Having said these things,is there a push to seek different employment?
      But when the police force is no longer there,what will the world be like?
      Perhaps we will see…..very soon folks.

      • Vigilant

        When it comes to respect of and adherence to the Constitution, Dr. Paul is the only candidate who gets it.

        However, he has two Achilles heels, and it’s those two fatal flaws that will forever keep him out of mainstream thought: Iran and drugs. My position here is neither to assail the points nor justify them, but to merely point up the futility of expecting the electorate to buy into his positions. It’s unlikely that that is ever going to happen.

        It is not so much a matter of educating the public on Paul’s misrepresented positions, it’s a matter of the public being dissuaded from the very clear messages Dr. Paul has sent regarding the above. Thus, in the two areas mentioned, Dr. Pauls’s problem is not one of being misunderstood, it is a problem of being all too well understood.

        I believe the voters understand and support the need to restore the supremacy of the Constitution. I believe the public has seen the damage done to the US in human life, deficits and in our image abroad by meddlesome “nation building” fiascoes. The public supports Paul’s contention that Israel has every right to defend its sovereignty. The electorate could buy into reversing the folly of squandering dollars for military bases worldwide that serve no useful purpose. It wants us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and did/does not support military action in Libya or Syria.

        But the deal breaker, that which overshadows all the other noninterventionist positions, is the prospect of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapons capability. The public considers a “hands off” position to be dangerous, and will never buy into a position that Iran has a right to obtain such. This directly counters Dr. Paul’s sentiments.

        “A majority of Americans would support military action against Iran if there were evidence that Tehran is building nuclear weapons, even if such action led to higher gasoline prices, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Tuesday.” (

      • Alex Frazier

        I don’t actually disagree with your logic. I do believe that genocidal dictators should be put down like the rabid dogs they are. I do believe that the Hitlers of the world should be stopped.

        However, we are running ourselves into massive debt. If we are going to police the world, perhaps it’s time the world started paying for the service. We are paying dues into the UN. If world policing is to be our vocation by the unanimous decision of the nations of the world, then our membership should be free, and the UN should be pitching resources our way to pay for the cost of amunition, guns, planes, tanks, veterans’ disability, death benefits, etc.

        As long as the American people are footing the whole bill, I’m content to keep the police here while the rest of the world destroys itself. Just keep them off our shores.

      • T i m

        1 st , BRAVO Mr. ROLLEY. I loved seeing Dr. Paul’s name in the press. He is my choice nomination or not . The other 3 guys are all part of the problem AMERICA is dealing with today . Our local radio talk host has endorsed Mitt Romney which means , most of his listeners will follow the leader over the cliff. BLIND FAITH . BUSH SR. endorsed Romney past CHRISTMAS WEEK . Now the whole Bush family is pushing it . Mr. Cawmun Cents , you failed to state the reason , AMERICA has assumed the roll , of being the world police . It is not because NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT . It is because AMERICA WAS BORN INTO THE NEW WORLD ORDER . Read all the information listed on the dollar bill , you have in your pocket . AMERICA is part of the G – 2 0 world government . Dr. Paul is not getting media coverage because CONGRESS HAS HIM BLACKLISTED . Congress and all congressional retirees , including past presidents do not want to miss a paycheck . Dr. Paul said when the campaign 1 st started last year , he wants to gut congress and start over , including cutting congressional pay in half . He will bring all troops home , AMERICA PROTECT OURSELVES FROM OUR OWN BOARDERS . We the people should have demanded CONGRESS do this decades ago . General Paneta has said , Mr. Obama does not need congressional approval for war. Paneta’s and Obama’s instructions come from N A T O . THAT IS WHY AMERICA IS CONSIDERED THE WORLD POLICE . IT IS WRITTEN ON THE DOLLAR BILL YOU HAVE IN YOUR POCKET . I WILL SUPPORT DR. PAUL TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME AND PUT AMERICA BACK TO WORK . I do agree , the other 3 guys will continue business as usual . U S A Today said yesterday , Obama will have no problem beating ROMNEY . BECAUSE OBAMA IS BUILDING THE WELFARE POPULATION , by 1 0 0 0 ‘s per month . Teachers union and welfare population is what got Obama elected last term . HE WILL DO IT AGAIN . WELFARE POPULATION IS BIGGER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN . …..REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT . I pray GOD will bind satan away from AMERICAN GOVERNMENT . I am voting for Dr. Paul . T i m

      • css

        Isn’t the U.N. controlled by the bankers, and the bankers controlled by the powerful elite who actually deceived the world and stole the world’s wealth? The top brass criminals give orders to our government to start wars because it’s very profitable for them. I think the only way we can save America is to get rid of the counterfeit currency circulating throughout the world and bring the wealthy elite back down to Earth, i.e., they stole their wealth so we should take it back and show them how it is to live in a middle-class world.

        Our government is not about Democrats or Republicans – it’s all a money game and money corrupts. We have thousands of laws on the books which are against the citizens, but the laws don’t apply to the ones who made them. Our government is a worthless entity that doesn’t know how to do anything except make another law if or when someone complains about a current law.

        My personal opinion about the gov is that they’re the most evil, nefarious, hypocritically corrupt ‘old white homos’ who have screwed their buddies up the butt and now they want to screw everyone else. They only added Obama to the picture to start a race war because they’re plans weren’t going so well or fast enough to take over the world. Every war has been started with a third party, and racist Obama is doing his job well is starting a war between the whites and blacks.

        There’s so much sin that’s spread throughout the world I doubt people will ever be able to get back to moral principles. But if you look at who spread such chaos, each person’s last name is a Zionist (Jewish) name. Their Talmud is not a Bible, but rather sickening rules they live by. People need to go back to the root of sanity and the first step in doing that is to take personal responsibility for their own actions and quit abidding by their laws and accepting abortions, homosexuality, false imprisonments, illegal taxes, or anything else that doesn’t hold true to their values and ethics.

        Ron Paul is the only candidate who could clean up the mess we’re in, but the Zionist don’t want to clean it up until they’ve eliminated millions or billions of people and taken over the world. If that happens, the world would be in serious trouble when it is controlled by
        evilness because there will only be two classes of people – the theiving rulers and the slaves. We create our own lives and destinies and since I’m not one of the 1% mange, I’m working not to become a slave for them because only I own my body – not them.

      • Vigilant

        T i m says, “General Paneta has said , Mr. Obama does not need congressional approval for war. Paneta’s and Obama’s instructions come from N A T O .”

        Sorry, son, you need to get educated on a couple of facts.

        (1) Leon Panetta is a civilian.

        (2) The US is the major funding partner in NATO. NATO doesn’t tell us what to do, we tell them.

        • T i m

          I am sorry . You are correct . I did not realize it till you read it back to me . Obama’s military commander in cheif wrote it . It was advertised in the world news is why I repeated it . I do not give personal opinion , with out proof . Mr. Livingston educated me on that . I said something about him and Dr. Paul which was not correct . My information on this was quoted on the world televised news . T i m

      • Rhonda Reichel

        world policeman….no thanks

        The constitution says no to that my friend.

        Read George Washington’s farewell speech….NO ENTANGLING ALLIANCES

        • T i m

          All you need do to prove this yourself , is read the definition of the dollar bill which is in your pocket .It explains completely why AMRICAN government does what it does . Like it or not , there it is …

    • RD

      That is the smartist words I have read in a long time. I was beginning to think I was the only one smart enouch to know that this president was a commie. .And very true on America being the world cop. . enough is enough I lost an nepew in Iraq and for what. what we need it for Ron Paul to win.

  • DocVenture

    I agree with everything stated in both the article and the posts so far. The problem as I see it is the unmitigated greed, both by the wealthy, and common folks that feel they are entitled to some preferential treatment, just for having been lucky enough to be born in the USA. This entitlement mentality is played upon by every politician running for office, and leads to only one thing…BIG government. It takes an albatross of a government to mediate the people’s “needs” (but are really just wants, and wanting “someone else” to pay for it, I might add). Once you start growing government, corruption seeps in just as surely as the sun rises in the east, because for every bureaucrat in charge, their budgets are formulated by how many people do I have on my payroll. This then becomes a means to an end of itself, not public service, but rather how do I expand my power base.

    As I grew up, it became obvious that those of us born without the silver spoon in mouth would have to make our mark by working hard, working smart, being inventive and creative, perseverance, integrity, moral, and all the things lacking in today’s world. I agree with Dr. Paul, but the tide is against people restoring sanity to our world. It seems to become more twisted and selfish with each passing day, which in my mind makes it nearly impossible to get people back to being in charge of their own destiny. This country needs an enema, and it needs to start at the top and work it’s way down!

    • T i m

      Sir in my opinion , the only reason the ENTITLEMENTS continues , is because it has been sugar coated for decades ….SSOOO MANY people do not understand what entitlements means . Neither DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN voters , understands this . ..I would love to see the media stop sugar coating the term and call it what it is …..ENTITLEMENTS IS WELFARE . ..WELFARE IS PAID FROM SOCIAL SECURITY . ….SSOO many recorded wage earners , including those in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY , do not understand this . The more you earn , the more welfare you pay . It is call social security on the check receipt . My father died from cancer shortly after 4 0 year civil service career , did not get all his money . GONE to welfare system . Log in the Freedom Disability Insurance . It is advertised all day long on cable television . It is a lawyers office , which specializes in guaranteed disability insurance income , to all signed applications . Small print on web information and t v commercial says , all money paid to recipient is paid from social security . The Democratic party is growing the welfare population by 1 0 0 0′s per month . This is supposed to gurantee the re election . The teachers union and the welfare population endorsed Obama last election . This was advertised on FOX news week of the last election . When I heard that , I knew the election was over . The Democratic Party is depending on it again , this election . Obama care is pure welfare . USA Today news said Monday , Obama will beat Romney with NO PROBLEM . In my opinion , it is because the welfare population is bigger than it has ever been . THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS NOT DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT . Gues RNC chair figures they can steal votes after Obama legalizes them . ??????? Congress is also soaking social security . That is where part of congressional payroll comes from . Lots of people do not know this . I will vote for RON PAUL .

      • Eugene Sevene

        While it is true that we are a welfare state, and to say the least welfare is widely misused, It was meant to help people in need for a short period of time to help them get back on their own. It is my opinion that unless one is unable to work due to disability or military service there should be a time limit. At the end of the time limit those still needing help need to report to work at a government garage or other facility to continue getting help. this would clean up our water ways and cities, and would help reduce the cost of local government operations. I don’t think I want to say any more someone might try to take my life for making such a common sense suggestion. I will say there are people that do need the help and deserve to get it, like our veterans and service people such as firemen,and policemen and woman.I guess everyone knows where I am coming from so I will leave the rest to you to sort out. As for Dr. Paul I agree with most of what he says, but for him to think that we can talk peace to Iran is just plain stupid.We need to watch over Israel and make sure that the world knows we are watching and that we will not tolerate any hostile action against either them or us and bring our troops home. We cannot walk away from Israel and if Dr. Paul could understand this I would be all for him.

        • T i m

          I fear you may possibly have not seen Paul Harvey’s rest of the story , about Dr. Paul’s stance with Israel . If I am not mistaken , Dr. Paul has declared through the debates , we will support Israel . We do not need to do it in their back yard . My personal opinion , ISRAEL DOES NOT NEED ANY ONES HELP , TO DEFEND ITSELF . As for welfare population , SOCIAL SECURITY was never intended for senior adults to retire on . Social Security was created for the welfare population . As for a time limit / term limit for welfare . Last I read , welfare population is bigger than it has ever been . There are not enough jobs for the un employed now , then give it to a welfare person . The Democratic Party is growing the welfare population by 1 0 0 0 ‘s per month . This is supposed to guarantee the re election . Obama Care is all about welfare . Every recorded wage earner in the nation , DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN pays welfare . It is called SOCIAL SECURITY . The more you earn the more you pay into welfare . Democrats are depending on this for re election . Obama has said so , in the news . It is sugar coated so as not be seen as welfare . Government calls it ENTITLEMENTS . T i m

  • Blazing Scriptures

    With big government comes great power with access to massive wealth. Great power and massive wealth will always attract the most corrupt with the greatest ability to take advantage of great power to steal massive wealth, such as George Soros. Such people are truly evil and heartless. They will kill anyone who gets in their way. And they will always strive for greater power and greater wealth. They know the biggest government possible would be a one world government, the New World Order. It would have the greatest power possible with access to the most massive wealth of all, the wealth of the entire world. The New World Order will have the most corrupt oppressive government in the history of the world. There’s not much time to stop it, if it’s not too late already. God, help us all.

    • http://yahoo Maynard

      Although I agree that Paul is the only major candidate who is standing with his finger in the dike trying to stop the onslaught of the Police State, I disagree with the analysis. It is not progressivism that gave us the false flag operations such as the Tonkin Gulf, the first WTC bombing in ’93, Oklahoma City, the false propaganda about incubator babies in Kuwait, 9/11, the anthrax attacks, the Northwoods Operation, and so on. President Eisenhower identified the real threat and warned us to beware of the military-industrial complex.
      Do you really believe the assassinations and attempted assassinations of progressives like JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcolm X and John Lennon, and the attempted assassinations of people who stood in the way, such as that of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan were caused by “progressives?” The man who shot Reagan was Papa Bush’s oil buddy’s son.
      And Mr. Blazing Scripture, it is great wealth, either personal or Koch brothers type wealth that gets one elected, not the other way around. After election, of course, the already wealthy frequently see their job as one of getting even wealthier. Until we get a Supreme Court that stands for one person one vote instead of corporations being able to spend whatever they wish to amass votes for candidates who support their quest for greater wealth and power, we will not have true democracy.
      And those who think Iran, a nation of 165,000,000 has no right to nuclear power, while Israel and it’s 6,000,000 does, have got some explaining to do. Many of us are aware of Israel’s vicious behavior and we are not going to accept the trillions we have bestowed upon them continuing forever.
      The greatest “entitlement,” Social Security was paid for by the workers. It is not a gift like the grossly inflated, no-bid war contracts given Cheney’s cronies.
      Nevertheless, Ron Paul is the only man standing willing to stop militarism and defend the Constitution. And he is going to phase out Social Security, not chop it off from those who have paid into it all their lives.

      • T i m

        Have you read the definition of requirements to become a state delegate . C N N says a delegate must sign a plege of allegience TO THE PARTY , to support the causes of the party to be allowed to be a state delegate …THE PEOPLES VOTE DOES NOT MATTER . The state delegates are chosen to continue business as usual . According to HuffPost , Virginia requires all voters to sign a plege of allegience to the party , to be allowed to vote , PERIOD. A voter can not change their mind at the last minute . THE STATE DELEGATES DETERMINE WHO THE PRESIDENT WILL BE . The peoples choice vote DOES NOT MATTER . Santorum won the peoples vote in Mississippi and Alabama . Both states delegates gave it to Romney , because the states Governors endorsed Romney . BUSH SR> said last Christmas Week , Romney will be the president . The peoples choice vote DOES NOT MATTER . ALL THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY state delegates will agree to allow Obama and the DEMOCRATIC Party to continue to destroy AMERICA AND CHRISTIANITY . USA TOday poll said Obama will have NO PROBLEM BEATING ROMNEY ……In my opinion , it is because , the welfare population is bigger than it has ever been , add to that the teachers union endorsed Obama last election . An endorsement means , any you know is expected to do what you say . I WILL VOTE FOR RON PAUL .

      • Hey You

        I guess that I find it difficult to differentiate progressives from fascist from collectivists. Seems that they are the same cloth, although perhaps different colors. Although I agree mostly with Maynard’s comments, including why are the USA and Israel upset because Iran may be a “johnny-come-lately” in putting together nuclear defenses, I do question trying to make a repair on the democracy system which is in place.

        Democracy is not a solution for the ills of (power-play) democracy. More reliance upon smaller political entities is. Also, the trend into more centralization invariably provides bases for police state policies. I hesitate to suggest secession, but there is no other avenue for liberty open at this point.

        When we look back over the years of having chief executives, it is easier to rate them as bad or worse than the previous. There seems that only one or two presidents who can be considered good. Yes, George Washington stands out, but most are either second rate or verge on being criminals. This can’t go on this way – - but maybe will until it is more evident that the majority of us are being “used” to benefit a few sociopaths. That realization just may come sooner than later.

  • sj

    As far as policeing the world goes, isn’t that the UN’s job ?

    • castaway

      Actually you are correct and they should be doing just that, but why? The service is free, so why jump in and spend you money. Hell, Americans are dumb and gullible. They will pay for it.

    • JackBSanD

      The UN is run by the Rockefeller family, an arm of the New World Order, they are in it to further their own corrupt ends! The United States pays most of the cost of running the UN, again, because we have a corrupt government. Ron Paul is the only man who will change this, another reason why he if ignored by the Media.

      • T i m

        Read the definition of AMERICAN currency , as printed on the face of the dollar bill you have in your pocket . It will explain everything this commenter just said . AMERICA WAS BORN INTO THE NEW WORLD ORDER , and ASSIGNED THE TASK OF FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS . AMERICA IS EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THE LEADER OVER THE CLIFF. It is no wonder the BIBLE calls us sheep . We follow in BLIND faith . American Military is beginning to wake up to this . Ron Paul is being blacklisted by the establishment . He has said he will bring the troops home , protect AMERICA from our own borders . MAIN STREAM Establishment does not want this . No one in congress wants to miss a paycheck . How many politicians you think own stock in military functions or medicine . The 2 go together . I will continue to support RON PAUL. Tim

    • cawmun cents

      How is the UN going to police the world?
      Where is their navy?
      What is the status of their Air Force?
      Ah… have run into the (expletive deleted you).
      Yes the f word you encounter when you get more than one entity trying to do something.
      Nobody can put forth the funds for the effort.

      Especially the UN.
      They are penisless wonders who yak with their mouths,but lack the wherewithal to get any real things done.
      That is why they depend on US.
      Conveniently the United States can be abbrieviated……US/us.
      We will do it.Why?Because nobody else has the testicular fortitude to get it done.
      The UN is a joke.
      The UK is well…..powerful but without the serious might of USus,where is their hope?
      They cannot hope to defeat or logistically man even the most rudimentary of military forces.
      They would necessarily have to ask our permission.
      Since we have the mightiest Naval and Air superiority,not to mention the 300 and some shuttle missions which did not just take scientific and communications satellites into orbit.
      Lets just say that I cannot imagine having that kind of payload power and not using it for military purposes.Some may deny what I imply,but they have their heads firmly planted somewhere besides logic.

      So why are we the police?
      Because nobody else will take the job,you idiot.
      Its as simple as you can get.
      Should we police the world?
      That is the subject of vigorous debate.
      But it seems like somebody should be calling in on some debts right about now…..
      The UN sure cant or wont pay US/us
      Neither will anyone else if we dont make it plain that there will be a cost for our policing of the world.
      It needs to get more expensive in a hurry.
      Its not extortion if you are providing a service.
      Make em’ pay or say what Dr. Paul said.
      We can no longer afford to be your policeman,if you havent figured out how to include us in your budget.
      You will be SOL.(expletive deleted out of luck)

      Can the world afford to be SOL?
      Perhaps we will soon see that in action?
      Maybe someone else will save their a$$es from the control freaks?
      I wouldnt hold my breath waiting.

      • T i m

        Before you call someone an idiot , you need to do more research . Read the definition of AMERICA which is printed on the dollar bill in your pocket . It explains why AMERICAN GOVERNMENT does what it does . Do not call some one an idiot till your information is perfect . My name is T i m . I will vote for RON PAUL.

  • sj

    Our government does need an enema. And there is no one in a better position to start that process than Ron Paul. And honestly do some research RP does not advocate legalizing drugs, he simply believes as many Americans do that the FEDERAL government should not dictate our personal freedoms. Period

    • skippy

      Thank you sj. GREAT post!!!

    • castaway

      You are correct, but those that fear him, try dilligently to alter his meaning of things to turn people against Ron Paul.

  • Lee A.

    Congress, pay attention to Ron Paul. He has the right idea.

    • Christin

      And American Citizens pay attention to Ron Paul… he has the only idea that is right.

  • Bill

    I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils as I had to in the past.Achilles heel or no achilles heel Ron paul will have my vote.We have more problems at home in our government than Iran can cause us and the propaganda fed us about the war on drugs.
    It’s time for the american people to wake up. You are being played.
    Ron Paul 2012 Live Free or Die.

    • T i m

      Congress does not want to loose a paycheck is why RON PAUL has been blacklisted . AMERICA CAN PROTECT OURSELVES FROM OUR OWN BOARDERS .

      • castaway

        Not really! The government nearly has total control over us now, and it does not want Ron Paul liberating us. The hate the U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Those two documents prevent them from doing as they please until the latest experiment of ignoring the Constitution to see what U.S. citizens would do. Not much!

  • steve in AZ

    I’m proud of you guys! :)

  • Ted Crawford

    I can whole heartedly support many of Dr. Pauls positions. We have resorted to the use of our military far too often, and even for the wrong reasons. We must change this! We have devastated our economy, and are even now continuing to devastate it with Tax and Spend Keynesian economics, among many, many other idiotic policies!
    What I can’t get behind is his solutions for many of our problems! My primary objection to Dr. Pauls policies is his stance on Foreign Affairs, in general and specifically his position on National Defence. His position of ” Nonintervention”, is reminiscent of the Mededieval defence posture of many Governments.This system was a proven failure as far back as Masada, and as recently as WWII France. If this system failed then, given modern tactics and weapons, it stands even less chance today! A proactive defensive posture is always superior to a reactive one!
    Dr. Paul, seems to me to be saying he lacks the judgement, as have many of our past Presidents, to desern when to talk and when to fight! His unwillingness to make the tough decissions smacks of irresponsibility, not so much a desire to uphold the Constitution! In essence he would hide behind it rather than support it for it’s own sake!

    • T i m

      Sir , my name is T i m . I think you mis understand what Dr. Paul’s stand is . Mr. Livingston , please correct me here . In my opinion , Dr. Paul wants to bring all our troops home , AMERICA can protect ourselves from our own boarders . Do we see any other nation , keeping troops on AMERICAN soil , to keep AMERICA in check . Mr. Ted , as you said , with todays modern technology , WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO DETECT any invasion of AMERICAN soil , long before it shows up . IF NOT , what is the purpose in the STAR WARS military defense act , RONALD REAGAN signed 2 0 years ago . BUSH SR. was shown walking around the oval office during the Kuwait war , watching the shock and awe , media presented of AMERICA ” LIBERATING ” the nation from Huesein . Billy Graham was standing behind Bush Sr. watching Bush watch the war . Showed AMERICAN fighter jets , targeting munitions buildings from 5 miles away . WAS ALL THAT JUST A SHOW . The ASIAN nations have been killing each other from the beginning of time . WHAT IS AMERICA GOING TO DO TO STOP THAT . Obama took out Lybia because Gudaffi refused to sign in to the world government . WHAT NEWS YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO . America is part of the G 2 0 world government . Says so on the dollar bill you have in your pocket . AMERICAN government follows what NATO tells AMERICAN leaders to do . General Paneta told world news couple weeks ago , Obama does not need congressional approval to go to war . NATO has already told AMERICAN government what to do . Rick Perry and Ron Paul both said , at the beginning of the campaign last year , AMERICA needs to get out of the world government . America does not need to be the world police . We should have done that decades ago . I will vote for RON PAUL . T i m

      • Ted Crawford

        Couple of things here Tim. Leon Panetta is not and never was a General, his highest rank was First Lieutenant. He is currently our Sec. of Defence.
        Secondly you state that ” We should be able to detect any invasion of American soil” , Currently that’s not the case clearly, given the flow of Illegals and Drugs that happen on a daily basis! One does assume that, that would change under Dr. Pauls term.
        I highly doubt that any would even consider an ” Invasion” as a first strike option! It would be far too costly and uncertain.
        Any attack would surly be by missiles, and as you state we would instantly be aware of that. The problems would arise from the fact that our missile Defence Schield is rated at about 40% efficient, that presuposses a long range launch.
        By Dr. Pauls stated policy of ” Nonintervention “, we would not be able to stop the spread of nuclear weapons to any nation, unless Congress was willing to declare war! Therefore the missiles would surly be at or near our borders. A short range missile launch even further degrades the effectiveness of our missile defence.

        • T i m

          Sir I have been corrected about Mr. Panneta. I was talking about Mr. Obama’s top military commanders comment , made on the world news . The illegals was not my thought about invasion . I lost couple good jobs to them years ago . I was talking about AMERICA’S supposedly early warning of air assualt . I remeber as a kid in the early 6 0 ‘s , AMERICA’S civil defense fog horn went off nation wide. Media printed a story , next day said some rats bedded into the computer in Richmond Virginia , set off the alarm . That was about the same time Kennedy was dealing with the ” Cubans ”. Reagan signed the ” Star Wars ”act , was supposed to protect AMERICA from incoming air assault …….??????. T i m

    • Butch

      Ted, what we’ve BEEN doing, ISN’T working! Foreign affairs is one of Dr. Paul’s strong suits. Instead of fear mongering what you THINK will happen, lets look at what HAS happened. We’ve bankrupted ourselves and given up multiple freedoms fighting an imaginary enemy. We’ve toppled legit govts to replace them w/ puppet regimes favorable to the US. We’ve turned the whole world against us. We can stop it, as Dr. Paul says, or we can wise up and find a better way. You may not understand or like it, but Dr. Paul’s way is BETTER.

    • ChristyK

      Ted, You state that Ron Paul’s non-interventionist policies are naive, but maybe you need to consider more details and history. We currently have bases in ~130 different countries with ~900 military bases. How could we possibly need this many foreign bases to defend ourselves when we spend as much on the military as all other nations combined?

      Our military history includes the following: We trained and gave aid to Osama Bin Ladin in Afganistan in order to proxy fight the Russians. Then we had to fight a decade plus war to fight the people we trained and armed. In Iran, we overthrew a democratically elected leader and set up the Shaw who was a tyrant. Iranians then overthrew the shaw with the current Islamic regime. We didn’t like the new regime, so we set up a dictator (Saddam Hussein) in Iraq to counter the Iranians. Then we had to fight a decade long war against Iraq & Saddam. We keep getting involved in wars, supporting one side over another, and then fighting the people we were supporting. In the end, everyone hates us and we have spent too much time, money, and blood. This is the foolish foreign policy.

  • castaway

    I will also vote for Ron Paul, because it is the correct thing to do, and I believe in our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, and I also care about the future for our sons,daughters, and grandchildren.

    In addition, if obama and his regime are allowed to continue, we will all be taxed to death on everything, until we can no longer afford to live.

    • Christin

      castaway and others,

      There have been citizens to get to the bottom of O’s ineligibility back in 2008, but they have been SILENCED… go to:

      I am not for the bilderberg clintons either (whom 36-70 people died under), but from this video it appears they tried to take a stand and expose O, even if it was for selfish reasons that hillary win 2008.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    We have no need to fight Iran. Believe it or not, Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim religion all trace their roots back to Abraham. His wife, Sarah, encouraged him to have an heir by an Egyptian because she herself was barren. He did so and the son, Ismael, was set to be his heir. Then, Sarah, in her seventies, and Abraham, even older, got pregnant. They had a son, Isaac. Sarah, like most women would do, turned on the Egyptian woman and Ismael. According to the Muslims, when God tested Abraham’s faith by asking him to sacrifice his son, it was Ismael that he almost killed. Jews believe it was Isaac. The Muslims trace their people back to Ismael and the Jews to Isaac. The Muslims see Christ as a prophet but believe Mohammed an even greater one.
    Personally, I don’t believe any of it, although I do admire Jesus’ pacifistic philosophy. The only way to stop being enemies is to stop being a “hater” and to love them as thyself. Revenge is stupid, never-ending and self-defeating.
    What bewilders me is how people who call themselves Christians have the audacity to flaunt Christ’s admonitons and still claim to be “Christian.”
    The Muslims believe they should not attack unless attacked. Osama bin Laden was a faithful Muslim and immediately denounced the attacks on 9/11. The best proof he was not involved is the FAKE tape of him which shows an imposter. We supposedly found this tape after attacking Afghanistan. Look for youself on video images showing the fake bin Laden with the real bin Laden. The real bin Laden did not wear jewelry and did not have a wide face and bulbous nose.
    Jews, on the other hand, frequently believe they are “the chosen ones,” Therefore, their leadership claims the right to do whatever they wish. Look up how they tried to sink the USS Liberty, with LBJ’s approval, in 1967, so we could blame Egypt and enter the war on Israel’s side. Of course,God’s original message to the Jews was that they were chosen to set an example for the rest of us, not violate others’ rights, like the Palestinians, which they have been doing since just after WWII.

    • Jody L

      ‘The Muslims believe they should not attack unless attacked.’

      Really?? Then explain the cattle calls of Palestinians at the Israeli borders during Passover! You’re starting to sound like Obama when he tries to tell us that capitalism ‘has been tried and has never worked’. FYI: that’s a high-jacking of the argument against communism, yet ignorant people swallow it whole.

      Also, Jesus wasn’t a pacifist and often called out the Pharisees. BTW: He was arrested and crucified for clearing the temple during passover. Pacifists don’t those things.

      If you really believe the sentence at the top is true, SHOW ME and they can start by releasing the GAZA strip!

      • James

        Jody, you’re forgetting who started the attacking first. When Jews were allowed to ocuppy Israel in 1948, they drove over a million Palestineans out of their homes and businesses into the desert, where most of them died. Our military started dropping food and water to them but President Eisenhower stopped them from doing that. The people in Palestine have never forgotten that, and probably never will.

    • oh oh

      Israel is the chosen people, not the Jews. They’re not the same thing.

  • Jody L

    I actually think Ron Paul has a better chance against Obari! than Romney. Remember, the ENTIRE country votes for president not just the republicans. All the democrats I have surveyed said they didn’t like Obari!, but that Romney was cookie cutter republican. They ALL agreed they would vote for RP over Obama because of economics. And yes, RP is extremely accomplished when it comes to economics. Or you could live with Obama for 4 more years assuming, of course, that he doesn’t declare himself dictator. Good Luck!!

    • Christin


      If O wins (by stealing) the election, we won’t be living… we will be surviving… while he finishes off the collapse America.

    • T i m

      The peoples choice vote does not elect president . Look up the definition of state delegates ……..YOU ARE GOING TO BE SURPRISED WHAT YOU READ . Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi . State delegates gave it to Romney . Bush Sr. said past Christmas week , Romney will be prsident .

      • Christin

        T i m,

        Sounds like 2008 ALL OVER again… when ‘they’ forced RINO John McCain on us Conservatives for the presidential candidate.

        Only now it is 2012 and they are forcing RINO Romney care who is a bilderberg and financed by the Big Banking Cartels…

        The Ruling Elites, TPTB and their wh-re media lap-dogs pick our candidate for the Conservatives, Constitutional Party, Tea Party, and the Independants and disenfranchised Democrats of old.

    • BigBadJohn

      “I actually think Ron Paul has a better chance against Obari! than Romney. ”

      AGREE! As an independent – I WILL NOT vote for the republican candidate, unless it is Ron Paul – PERIOD!

      • T i m

        Contrar SIR , THE ENTIRE COUNTRY DOES NOT VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT . The president is selected by state delegate processs. The peoples choice does not matter . Romney said last year , he is not concerned with the peoples vote . He is depsperate for state delegates . Remember , the BUSH family endorsed Romney past Christmas . It was reported in the news is why I know about it. Daddy Bush told the world Romney will be president .

  • jopa

    The real power in DC doesn’t belong to either party.The power belongs to the lobbiests with their little envelopes that get passed under the table in the House and Senate.I remember when President Chaney and Bush came into power and proclaimed “screw Israel”.That didn’t last long and they were bending over backwards to please Israel and AIPAC out of fear for their own political survival.Then there are the banksters and oil companies that come in with envelopes containing thousands of dollars to have the tax laws rewritten and put in loopholes to save them billions,In November you will cast one vote and see what that will buy you.Good Luck

  • good time charlie

    Go Dr. Paul! You are so right in your beliefs. the main stream or elected republicans in Washington should all be fired, especially John McCain and John Boehner. We need a new party of the people and term limits for the goons elected to public office.

    • T i m

      I do not agree with term limits . WHEN WE GET A GOOD ONE , he can serve only 8 years . Term limits kicks him out . Term limits also does not let a good person continue on and finish what was started . Most people , when they know they are leaving , stop working and just show up . LET THE PEOPLE DO OUR JOB . Vote them out or fire them if they become a crook . Term limits is another form of dictation . Another cycle of bunch of people spending billions , which is tax deductible to the name on the tax form . It is a good thing to flood local economies with money , EVEN SO it only last about one month . We need to get rid of term limits . Let the people do our job .

  • roger gunderson

    There is a reason for everything. All to many people don’t know why America is going down hill. By reading these and other comments its easy to see that we the people can’t get focused enough or stay on track of the real problems. A plutocratic strategy. Staging fights of insignificant material always leads the people to a dead end trail. A plutocracy favorite is stoking the fires of fights over republicans against democrats, liberals against conservatives, right against left. All the while leaving the plutocrats alone to do their stealthy work.

  • Patriot Says

    It’s amazing how some people find Dr. Paul’s foreign policy a threat to national security when the opposite is true. Our military is overseas now. How’s that working for us? We are bankrupt and need to adopt his ideas to at least give us a nudge in the right direction. Let’s give Ron Paul a chance to make the difference we so desperately need.

    • BigBadJohn

      Dr. Paul studies history and understands what the meddling of the USA has done.

      The USA has a history of supporting dictators that offer resources in exchange for military support. The problem is we alienate the masses, which causes DIRECT military involvement and not just support.

      Pick your conflict, Shaw of Iran – Iranian revolution, South Korea, South Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador,Nicaragua,Guatemala,Honduras, Panama – ALL THE SAME!.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    We need to be saved from RINOs like Mitt-nitwit Obamney, and McGovern-like nincompoops like Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul!! Enough said.

    • Steve

      And who would you choose to be president Earl?

    • oh oh

      “McGovern-like”? Earl, Earl, Earl… never mind.

  • Maxine

    Ron Pauls is the only one that will save us and give us are country back he will not lie and cheat us like the others have done for years If we want to be free and get ovmit out we need Ron Paul the news try to make us belive Mitt is the one they have pushed him on us from day one thats because he is a Rino like them we need to clean out both partys from the top to the bottem keep some of the new ones that are trying to fix things but all Demacraps and republicans need to go they have been in office to long they think they are above the law and have power over us we need every state to stand with us and have voter ID so they cant cheat at the polls like they have for 60 years I will vote only for Ron Paul

  • Rocketman

    Democrats=Socialism. Republicans=Socialism lite. That’s no choice. Up until about the 1950′s the Republican party stood for limited government, low taxes and individual freedom. Today that is just lip service from the Neo-cons who control it. The fact that the neo-cons are trying to shove Romney down the throats of the voters is proof. Only Ron Paul can save this country. Ron Paul 2012.

    • BigBadJohn

      “Democrats=Socialism. Republicans= Fascism lite.

      fixed it for you.

    • oh oh

      The current Democrat administration has demonstrated more fascist tendencies that any predecessor administration. But they’re not entirely unique in this respect. Both parties have adopted progressive big government agendas with socialist and fascist tendencies and neither has the vision or will to change.

      • BigBadJohn

        Obama has promoted extreme nationalism???? When???

  • Vincent

    Here’s a little reality check:

    Ron Paul wants to end the FED, as in the Federal Reserve which is owned by the 13 families Elite of the world. That is a very good thing to end. Bye, Bye fractional reserve banking.

    Ending The Federal Reserve is like losing a HUGE PAY CHECK to the elite. It will immediately diminish some of their power.

    What this means is if the FED is ended is that the United States will get to create its own money meaning that we will have more of a say in what that money is spent on.

    The taxes that the public will pay will actually go toward the government expenses meaning that there will be true oversight of how those dollars are spent as then the Treasury will be audited and corrected if and when needed.

    Unfortunately, with the current system we have ’0′ control over how it is spent, ’0′ control of the taxing of those dollars, and not a breath of a chance of the Federal Reserve ever being audited, (so it can corrected).

    The taxes that are paid by the public are not going to the expenses of government, they are going to the elite.

    The elite control, own, and hold over 90% of the world’s wealth! (There’s only a few thousand of them).

    They are currently scrapping to get a hold of the last 10%! (There’s only 6-7 billion of us working with the last 10% trying to get a decent share).

    So think hard about that before you decide on any other candidate besides Ron Paul!

    The others are just more of the same kind of “Change You Can Believe In” = Change for the worse.

  • BigBadJohn

    “In the candidate’s view, Americans who voted for President Barack Obama in hopes of seeing a change in the foreign policy practices of the George W. Bush Administration got fleeced by Obama and are likely to see no change after November even if Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich beat the incumbent.”

    FACT – Not just his view point. Obama has continued those Bush policies he said he would change. Romney has said he wants to reverse financial regulations that Obama started and take us back to the Bush years. Gingrich was part of the problem, and Santorum is just a wack job plain and simple.

    The ONLY candidate that makes any sense is PAUL.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    I can’t help but wonder why Paul is not leading the nomination

    Obviously the GOP has rigged it with help from the media

    I feel hopeless

    • T i m

      Mr. Paul is not leading , because the establishment elite , does not want to miss a paycheck . He has been blacklisted , because congress knows los of things will change the party does not want. AMERICAN monetary system expires end of next year .


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