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Paul Predicts Unrest On Dobb’s Show, Gets Slammed By O’Reilly; Time Calls Him Prophetic

August 29, 2011 by  

Paul Predicts Unrest On Dobb’s Show, Gets Slammed By O’Reilly; Time Calls Him Prophetic

Early last week, Ron Paul’s base was energized in discussions about mainstream media’s utter disregard for the candidate; now, an appearance in Time Magazine, an attack by Bill O’Reilly and an interview with Lou Dobbs are among the candidate’s surfacing mentions in the mainstream media.

Time, in its article entitled “The Prophet,” gives Paul seemingly Yoda-esque status (which many people feel is appropriate given the candidate’s age, stature and visionary speeches predicting big problems directly related to big government) and paints him in a primarily favorable light. However, Prison Planet warns that the idealistic nature of the piece is yet another attempt by the mainstream media to discredit the candidate, citing a blog post from Time writer Alex Altman.

“His foreign policy of nonintervention is a nonstarter among neoconservatives. His view that social issues like abortion and gay marriage should be left up to the states causes social conservatives to blanch,” writes Altman.

An example of Paul’s demeanor toward government problems directly correlating to Time’s depiction of the man was witnessed last Wednesday in his interview with Dobbs.

“I would urge the people of this country to change what we see as the role of government,” Paul said when asked how government should reduce deficits. “We have to adjust the subject of runaway entitlements and runaway spending overseas, which is no easy chore.”

Paul said that he believes that government deficit is, in reality, worse than what has been reported to the public by officials because of debt incurred through rampant borrowing. He said the actual number is somewhere in the $5 trillion range. The candidate expressed opinions later in the interview that the cuts necessary to get the economy on a track for real recovery were likely to lead to unrest such as that seen throughout England weeks ago as the nanny state becomes far less nurturing.

O’Reilly discredited Paul on a recent broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor, saying that the candidate had been invited to appear on the show but did not show up. An analyst, Dick Morris, alleged that perhaps Paul was afraid that he could not back up his ideas regarding U.S. foreign and domestic policy in debate with the television anchor. Morris also questioned Paul’s ability to defeat Obama in the Presidential election.

“Those people who love him better love Obama, because if he ever gets the nomination they can have him for four more years,” Morris said.

Paul has not yet responded to Morris’ statements.





Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Richard Wicks

    This nation now brings in about 16% of what the national debt is, per year, in federal taxes.

    It’s too late, this discussion should have been had in 2000 or 2004 at the latest.

    • Greg

      You mean 1991 or 1995.

  • steven

    Ron Paul is right by giving neither, the two faced, lying, bully O’Reilly or the foot fetish creep loser, who couldn’t predict the time of day if clock was in front of his face DICK Morris – any of his precious time. They’re both super creeps.

    • Lil

      You said it man.

    • coal miner

      He is sex predator

      Bill O’Reilly has had an explicit sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by a slightly disgruntled employee. Among other things, Bill O’Reilly seems to be a fan of telephone sex, and the Caribbean. One of the more disturbing quotes in this document is:
      O’Reilly says.

      “If any women breathed a word I’d make her pay so dearly that she’ll wish she’d never been born. I’ll rake her through the mud, bring up things in her life and make her so miserable that she’ll be destroyed. And besides, she wouldn’t be able to afford the layers I can or endure it financially as long as I can. And nobody would believe her, it’d be her word against mine and who are they going to believe? Me or some unstable woman making outrageous accusations. They’d see her as some psycho, someone unstable. Besides, I’d never make the mistake of picking unstable crazy girls like that”.

      • http://none bob jones

        O’Reilly is as big a phony as there is, he is a complete dishonest sellout, didn’t use to be, but something [probably the harassment lawsuit or claim] sure changed him. Quit watching him years ago and wouldn’t believe a word he said.

        • ol goat

          he is just like OBAMA BIN LADEN…..if it isnt his way , talk bad about them in anger

    • D.D. Magee

      I don’t know witch is the bigest whiner you or Paul.

    • Bob from SoCal

      O’reilly is definitely a spin-meister for Murdoch. He is continually discrediting any movement that is anti-establishment. His proof against the Truther and Birther movements is shallow and in some occasions complete fabrications. He acts like he is all knowing and that all his ideas should be written in stone, as well made into laws. The spin definitely starts there.

      • alex

        o’reilly is caught in the disagreement between soros and murdock, soros made murdock fire glenn beck and since that bill has walked very gingerly

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Absolutely right. Paul is a scholar and a gentleman, and hasn’t changed his constitutionally-based arguments in years. O’Reilly is neither a scholar nor a gentleman, but rather an ignorant bully who’s already had his “interview” with Dr. Paul.

      I would lose a degree of respect for Paul if he demeaned himself by going on the show again. Unless he could be assured he’d be given the kill “switch” so he could finish answering whatever questions he was asked before O’Reilly interrupted and tried to shout him down.

      The fact that there are bullies like O’Reilly and Hannity in the world doesn’t trouble me nearly as much as the fact that they actually have an audience which believes they’re watching fair and balanced “news.” Even if you channel surf back and forth between all the MSM channels, the best you’ll get is “balanced half-truths, omissions, and blatant lies.”

      That crap is on par with “reality” shows and professional wrestling, which is why most informed people these days get their news sifting through the Internet with their bull meter set on High.

    • Vic Bailey

      Ron Paul has warned the people in Government since the 80s, they wouldn’t listen and see what has happened, what he warned has come true and it is getting worse. Just like the U.N.s Article 21, these foreign countries are taking over with the help of our Socialist Government, and they are running all our business to their countries. Just like Ron said, and what he said about foreign policy is so true, but we keep putting our noises in other countries business and helping the WRONG leader, Like the Shaw of Iran in the 70s, just ask Carter, givng Saddam Hussein gas to help kill his own people. We need to stay at home and rebuild our own country! Semper Fi.

  • Michael J.

    “O’Reilly discredited Paul on a recent broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor, saying that the candidate had been invited to appear on the show but did not show up.”

    Maybe Ron Paul did not show-up because he figured that O’Reilly’s annoucement that the “Birth Certificate is real” brings into question O’Reilly’s credibility.

    • Holly Marcyoniak


      • Greg

        With the exception of his social agenda.

        • Bob C.

          lol, his “social agenda” is to let you do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t hurt another.
          another words, his “social agenda” is liberty.

          maybe you don’t think you are responsible enough to handle that.

        • ol goat

          yeah and i bet you voted and are going to vote for Obama Bin Laden again huh … socialist. this man is for us not out for his wife to take 10plus million dollar vacations at our expense. yeah go hide under your rock.

      • Ricardo36


        • CDR DAN

          I am a pretty conservative guy, and a fan of FoxNews, as they usually present two or more sides of any big issues.

          But I agree with those posters who have noted O’Reilly’s growing obnoxiousness. He now routinely interrupts his guests (except Dennis Miller), most of whom know much more about the topic at hand than he does. Sometimes he’s so bad I tune Fox out. Management over there needs to kick his butt. In particular he needs to let his guests finish their sentences and points.

          • Truthseeker

            I too had to stop watching O’Rielly. I had watched him for years and then in about the end of 2009 I decided he was just another plug for the NWO. He helps keep the conservatives asleep and in la la land. I believe he’s just drawing his paycheck. There’s really nobody in the mainstream media who is for the freedom of the average American. All of the mainstream media talking heads making huge amounts of money laughing and haveing fun on the nightly news shows. Telling us the truth of how it really is while they live their lives of luxury. All phonys and fakes! They are so far removed from the average American that I find it difficult to understand why anybody gives them credit for anything they even say. A total propaganda bs machine.

          • Marty S.

            Old Riley sold out to the dark side- accept it for what it is. Ron Paul isn’t giving him the time of day and I don’t blame him.

        • Richard Wood

          Ricardo, cuting off people like Bill and Shawn kills us, we hait it and always turn it off. I can not help wonder who thay want to impress but not us.

          • Marty S.

            Truthseeker hit the nail on the head except that I would add that the MSM has always skewed the truth depending on who owns them at the time.

    • Jyrine

      O’Reilly is a progressive hack and an obnoxious know-it-all, BUT I have a problem with Ron Paul not going on FOX. Until demonstrated otherwise, it looka as though he’s a fraid of something and a presidential canidate shouldn’t show fear of anything or anybody.

      Semper Fi

      • Victoria

        He’s on Fox all the time. He was on Fox on Sunday, the Chris Wallace show and he was on Neil Cavato earlier in the week. He is also on Judge Napalitano quite abit. Last time he was on O’Reilly, he didn’t even let him speak. I’m sure you can see the video on Youtube. I don’t blame him for not going on, but then I also think he should just to shut O’Reilly oversized mouth.

      • wayne allen

        I agree he should go on O’Reille as a person that wants to be President, the exposer would be far greater as O’Rielle has a hugh viewing audience that in most cases support Tea Party as well as independent voters. He should make his case there, but I;m not sure if his political views would enable him to win over Oboma, even though I believe he is a good congressman and wants what is best for America and smaller government and less spending. But as a Reagan man I support a strong military, because as Reagan said America was never attacked because we were strong, it was attacked when they thought we were weak as Oboma is now painting us.

  • CaptTurbo

    O’Reilly is a creep and a jerk. Dr. Paul is the right man at the most dire time. That is why the dirt bag media is blacking out any coverage of him.

    It’s very much a shame that the two best candidates, Bachmann and Paul are polling at the back of the pack. This is by the liberal media’s design.

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      CaptTurbo: I agree that Bill O’Reilly has a big ego and interrupts people on his show which I find extremely rude. His response to why he interrupts people is also questionable because he thinks a person should be interrupted if he thinks their remarks are incorrect.

      I, however, have a problem with Mr. Paul. I have watched him frequently over the years and have to say some of his comments are too far out in left field for him to be a candidate for president. I object to his views on Iran especially since I know the middle east very well. Iran wants to control the entire middle east and when you have a president there who could be classified as a radical nut, you don’t look the other way.

      I also have a problem with the Liberals liking him and the Socialist Party endorsing him. You can verify this on your own if you like. Did it ever occur to anyone that they are pushing Ron Paul because they know Obama could beat him in the election. The truth is, although Mr. Paul is well liked by many, he is not electable and the Republican Party is aware of what the opposition is doing.

      • Lil

        “is not electable” is a saying of the old school.
        You better face the reality. This country is in a position where we can’t afford more puppets as presidents. We need the real deal or we are dying as a nation.
        We don’t need more wars. We can’t afford to police the world any longer.
        Dr. Paul is THE ONLY ONE who knows what has to be done to save this country.

        There is no time for more mistakes America!

        • knights templer

          Sorry but Ron Paul is delusional and short of an idiot. He wants Iran to have nuclear weapons?? That in itself is a RED flag. Some of his ideas are reasonabe but he is definately not the solution. He’s weak militarily and foreign policy is out of his league. Next he’ll be doing an apology tour and putting Muslims in charge of NASA.

          • Bob C.

            “He wants Iran to have nuclear weapons??”

            wanting something, and willing to have Americans go into another war to take another countries liberties away are two completely different things.

            how is it up to YOU what Iran wants, or has?

            should 6 or 8 large countries come over here and take out nukes away?
            that would be wrong of course…….. but it’s perfectly fine to go after a country that not only hasn’t attacked another country is 100+ years, but doesn’t even have the ability to do so, having no navy, no air force, and little army, they can’t even make gasoline for.

            look, I don’t hear people like you talking about going after north Korea, that have attacked other countries, and have nukes, what about china, don’t you want to rule them too?

            sounds to me like the acts of a bully, going after easy targets, and leaving the ones you know would clean your clock alone.

            and something none of you right worshipers can answer; why would we need to fear a country half a world away, if we simply got out of the area, and left them at peace, not occupying all the countries in the world?

            Ron Paul has it right.
            trade with them, respect there little country to make it’s own choices, and stop pissing everyone off in the world by trying to rule it.

            the real “delusional” thinking here is thinking we can be like Rome, trying to force everyone to live by our standards and rules, and not have the same outcome… now thats delusional.

          • Rick

            Right on Knight’s Templar. Mr. Paul may have economic sense but, after watching the debate a few weeks ago and hearing his stance about Iran and nuclear weapons, he has shown just how naive and unfit he would be as President. We need someone like Cain or Bachman because at least they “get it”. I like Perry and have no doubt he could defeat Obama and his track record is a heck of a lot better than Romney. Still, I think Cain has a stellar resume’ and definitely understands what is needed for a robust economy and job creation. And Bachman has her background with the Intelligence Services Committee. I’d personally like to see a Cain/Bachman or Cain/Perry ticket. Plus, with Cain, the liberals and Obama’s camp wouldn’t be able to cry “racism” or play the “race card” with Cain. Rest assured, the race card is already part of their strategy once a nominee is finally picked. If they can’t find any actual, bonified cases of racism by their opponent they will twist and contort whatever they can to give the illusion of racism and if that doesn’t work they’ll manufacture/engineer some incidents by sending in their SEIU stooges and other union workers posing as Tea Partiers/Conservatives just to try and discredit whoever gets the Republican nod. Just wait and see. If Cain gets the nod, they won’t be able to do that. Is the left hoping for a Ron Paul victory in the Primaries? You bet they are. Because they know Paul could be defeated.

          • alex

            iran is my main beef aganist ron paul

          • Rick

            Bob C, you are as naive or ignorant as Ron Paul. Have you even listened to Ahmedinejad’s rhetoric the past several years? Do you know what he’s saying when he says “Israel must be wiped off the globe”? There is only one reason that Iran wants nukes and that is to annihilate Israel and turn the entire mideast into one big sheet of glass. He’s already made comments (publicly) that he thinks he’s the chosen one and that it is his (and Iran’s) duty to become martyrs. And yet you support someone who says it is okay for Iran to have nukes. I can kinda understand what you’re saying about no country telling another what they can and can’t do or have but seriously…you have to take into consideration what is said by maniacal rulers and sometimes step in to prevent them from carrying out threats such as mass genocide like Ahmedinejad.

          • Bruce

            Rick, Your comments are clearly displaying your the one thats utterly ignorant. But far be it for me to inform you of your inability to comprehend logic nor grasp even 1/10000000000000000000 of the bigger picture. Hey heres the plan you stay in your nice tight little box your so fond of, and let the NWO propganga machine think for you.
            Its people not unlike yourself that have created the very mess we now sit in. So hey Good for you, nothing like the rantings of a sheared sheep that makes one say, WOW just how special.
            Do you still think the Easter Bunny will bring you candy to?

          • Rick

            So Bruce, I fail to see what you’re trying to say. All I see is a bunch of incoherent ramblings about sheep or fractions or something. Try making a valid argument next time. Perhaps then you won’t be just brushed off as someone on some hallucinatory drug.

          • Jason

            Ron Paul does not want Iran to have nukes. Where did you hear that from… the mainstream media?

            Ron said that it is highly unlikely that they will get them, and even if they did, they are surrounded by countries with them who will not let Iran do whatever they want, they have trouble producing gasoline, let alone weapons grade uranium which is difficult to produce, Israel has many nukes and Iran is not nationally suicidal, they have no real navy or air force, they have no long range missiles… Don’t fall for the fear-mongering.

            Ron Paul NEVER said he WANTS Iran to have nukes. He said it wasn’t likely, and even if they did get them, they are not much of a threat to us… which is very true.

          • Jason

            Do you still think Ahmadinejad said “Israel must be wiped off the map”? Really?

            He actually said, “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”

            This does NOT translate into “wiped from the map”

            That passage will mean nothing to most people, but one word might ring a bell: rezhim-e. It is the word “Regime”, pronounced just like the English word with an extra “eh” sound at the end. Ahmadinejad did not refer to Israel the country or Israel the land mass, but the Israeli regime. This is a vastly significant distinction, as one cannot wipe a regime off the map. Ahmadinejad does not even refer to Israel by name, he instead uses the specific phrase “rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods” (regime occupying Jerusalem).

            So this raises the question.. what exactly did he want “wiped from the map”? The answer is: nothing. That’s because the word “map” was never used. The Persian word for map, “nagsheh”, is not contained anywhere in his original farsi quote, or, for that matter, anywhere in his entire speech.

            Nor was the western phrase “wipe out” ever said. Yet we are led to believe that Iran’s President threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”, despite never having uttered the words “map”, “wipe out” or even “Israel”.

            Word by word translation:

            Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

            Read all about it here:

          • Jason

            Since when is “regime change” the same thing as “wiping a country off the face of a planet?”

          • Bruce

            Rick, If you had a single cell brain it would still not add up to a full cell, so in total you would would still be brainless.
            Your incoherent rant’s clearly display that you can’t add 1+1 and come up with anything but 3. Yet you have the nerve to insult others all the while your the clueless one. WOW, you are class act POS.

          • Vic Bailey

            Sir you are an IDIOT where did you get your redneck views, from Rick Perry, or one of the other elitist. If Iran even acted like they were going to nuke us you can bet your dumbass that Ron would make that place into glass but he would do it the Constitutional way, you know, the way NOBODY has done in the last 60 years. That’s why we are in 3 wars right now. War makes our young people DEAD and I think we have lost too many now. Semper Fi.

        • Bob

          Dr. Paul is absolutely electable – no question about it!! A recent Texas poll showed him substantially ahead of the sitting governor Rick Perry!! It seems that providence has provided the person to lead this republic out of the mess it finds itself in. The time is for Ron Paul in 2012.

      • T. reeves

        Bud, it would seem you watch O,Riley so your probably Rep. party establishment. It’s obvious you know very little about paul, with exception to rumors & lies you get from the likes of Oreally & morris. And how can you compare him to socialist when he has a 30 year constitutional voting record. If you want the truth don’t look on the spin channel or any other MSM. People need to stop allowing the MSM to choose our public officials for us.

      • Bob C.

        “Iran wants to control the entire middle east”

        “Liberals liking him and the Socialist Party endorsing him”

        both are faults

        Iran has not attacked anyone in over 100+ years, they have 0 power outside their little country (unlike our 800 military bases all over the world) they have no navy, no air force, and they keep to themselves, (something we should try doing.) we should not self elect ourselves to be rulers of the world, it’s not in keeping with the constitution, or the supposed morals of this country.
        the second would be completely faults, Ron Paul stands for liberty and the constitution, (the complete opposite that the socialists believe in) and that is a very fast growing trend among people disillusioned with the let right paradigm.
        YOU want to spit the vote, keep voting for the big government parties guys, L or R makes no difference… tell me I’m wrong, lol.
        as for the rest of us, the peoples choice is clear.

        Ron Paul 2012

        how is he “unelectable” when he is “liked by many”?
        that doesn’t even make sence

        • ol goat

          HERE HERE my brother… are completely correct…..RON PAUL 2012

  • Phil Gwinn

    How can O’Reilly discredit someone who didn’t make an appearance? As for Mr. Morris… well seriously dude?

    The sad fact is that Mr. Paul is right on the money. The sadder fact is that most Americans that can vote…won’t. Of those that do, most of them won’t be informed or even care. That’s how a junior senator with no real expertise or experience got elected.

    • Disgusted

      How True. Sad. But True. And those same voters will put him back in office again! I pray everyday that it doesn’t happen.

    • http://Yahoo Marilyn

      Voting is all rigged. I hope American wakes up to this fact.

      • eddie47d

        The political process is somewhat rigged but to say voting is rigged is mostly hype from sore losers from either party. The majority of voting precincts (stations) are run by ordinary people who live ordinary lives. The volunteer their time and their beliefs that our process is a good one. Voter fraud is a rarity and not a major problem. Just because a skunk may get elected shouldn’t demean our voting system. It’s a pretty darn good procedure considering some of the alternatives in other countries.

        • Michael J.

          They will do anything it takes to maintain control for themselves and the special interest campaign contributors.
          Don’t believe it? Listen to the words right from Obama’s mouth.

          • eddie47d

            This video is obviously tampered with. You can tell when the words break and are changed around. I believe Snippets is a humorous site so I will take it with a grain of salt.

          • Michael J.

            Duh, dipstick. Not recognizing an attempt at humor spotlights your cognitive inability to decipher and read between the lines in all relevant current issues. That’s why you seem to come down on the wrong side of every argument. You’re credibility is zilch. You’re nuthin man, navel-lint…

            Nuthin personel… Just havin a Freudian moment…

        • Rick

          eddie you try to make a sound argument but the fact is the voting process IS rigged. Sure, ordinary folk volunteer their time and try to do their patriotic duty at election time. I’m one of them and was an election judge in 2010. But that’s not always good enough. When you have states who refuse to adopt voter i.d. checks you are just asking for fraud. Minnesota in the last two elections had more than their fair share of fraud that could’ve been prevented had MN instituted voter i.d. checks. We had a large number of ex-felons who voted (but legally ineligible), we had folks showing up at the wrong voting precincts with the same name as someone on the rolls (that happened twice in one of our precincts – one was an honest mistake, the other was deliberate fraud because a person showed up first thing when the polls opened claiming to be someone they weren’t and were allowed to vote because MN doesn’t permit us to ask for photo i.d.’s unless the person is a same day registrant). In both cases we could’ve prevented the mistake/fraud if we had positive identification procedures in place. Now the rub…when it comes to close races (such as Franken and Coleman) the Secretary of State sets the rules for the most part and can essentially rig the process in favor of whichever candidate he wants. In 2008, ours did just that. After it was all said and done MN found out that our SoS was a long-time ACORN supporter and stooge so it only follows that he was following “marching orders” by ACORN. The Secretary of State, by the way has too much influence as to whether voter I.D. checks are implemented or not. In MN’s case, he has fought tooth and nail (and won!) everytime legislation in our state has come up to implement I.D. checks. So, is the voting process rigged? To a large extent, absolutely!!

        • Michael J.

          have you seen this video? How can you have any respect for a guy like this? Leader of the free world? I think not…

        • Elizabeth

          I think voter fraud happens a whole lot more than we think it does.
          Remember, we are kept in the dark about many things in this country.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Wrong eddie. Not only is the process rigged four ways from Sunday (we’ve all heard the stories of gerrymandering, red-lining, ballot stuffing, illegal exclusion of overseas military votes, etc.), the VOTING itself is rigged, and has been since before the 2004 presidential outcome. Spend some time on Maybe even study up on computers a little. Those lovely old locals who volunteer to work in the voting booths have utterly no control over what goes on inside the machines, and if they did, they would still have no control over what goes on at the district or county tallying level.

          Trust me, many at the state level are fully aware of this by now. However, having spent millions on these rigged electronic systems, there is little they can do about it. First they’d have to admit their mistake in allowing partisan private companies to sell them legally protected (unauditable) source code and jury-riggable machines. Then they’d have to explain why they haven’t fixed the problem after nearly a decade. Finally why their state is so broke it can’t do anything about it now.

          In other words, how our supposed democracy got hijacked on their watch.

      • Jyrine

        Voting is rigged when the DNC is involved!

  • http://Yahoo Marilyn

    Ron Paul has never waivered on his beliefs, no matter how controversial. O’Reilly and and Morris are idiots. You notice how the media is now spinning a new “terrorist” image of the red bombshell Russian spy. These idiots have to change their story line because people eventually see through their lies. They are attacking Ron Paul because he is a threat to them. Do not believe mainstream media as they are already bought and paid for. Their ploys to demonize Ron Paul will only backfire on them. They have been discredited.

    • http://Verizon Bud G.

      Marilyn: What they say doesn’t matter because it will be the people who decide who the nominee is. As I said earlier, be careful what you wish for because the liberals and Socialist are backing him also and this should worry you.

      I think by the time the nomination for the Republican Party is announced, Ron Paul will not be the nominee. For the record, I am an Independent voter but admit I have had a problem lately voting for a Democrat since the election of Obama and the actions by Reid and Pelosi.
      It is clear the Socialsts Democrats in Congress and this administration have harmed our country and they need to be voted out.

      • Jyrine

        Given that you voted for Obama and even admit to it, I gotta hand it to ya Bud. I was not aware Paul was backed by the socialists. That is most disturbing, indeed!

        Semper Fi

    • Elizabeth

      My only other question about Ron Paul is him wanting to get rid of the Federal Reserve. I know that the Fed is a mess, but if he gets it to the point of none existance does that not put us in a place for a one world currancy?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Elizabeth,

        No it does not.

        Best wishes,

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Correct, Bob. It puts Congress back in control of our monetary system. Now, there’s a reassuring thought.

          (Only half kidding.)

  • Robert

    they’re just mad because they don’t have all the control they want. at least someone is speaking up and they can’t put his record against ron because his record stands so they play their verbiage games and assassinate ron’s character while appearing oh-so-responsible-and-respectable. meanwhile they are the worst and should be shut down as a cancer on american soil.

  • AJ

    O’Reilly is nothing more than an NWO lackey trying to discredit their
    biggest fear, Ron Paul educating the masses to what’s really going on.

  • singer23

    If we could buy Bill O’Reilly for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth, we could pay off the national debt!

    • jyrine


    • Average Joe Patriot

      Now, THAT’S funny!

    • Marty S.

      You should change your name to zinger23. Still laughing.

  • home boy

    politicians don’t like to change the status quo so don’t look for an independent any time soon for a presidential nomination . the republican committee would have to fall apart before they would nominate an independent. maybe if ronald regan was an independent only then would they stand a chance. don’t believe me! just look how people in this country vote. it’s definitely not with their brain. and god forbid if they did some research on their own.

  • tom sherman

    O’Reilly give Obama to much of a pass!!! Almost as bad as Juan Williams. Obama must be removed before the next election!!

  • Bruce

    Billy O Ego pinhead is a tool of the NWO and always has been, why anyone thinks otherwise is beyond absurd to be nice about it.

  • http://yahoo Stephen

    I recieved an e-mail from the Tea Party last week that linked to another site called Vision to America that had an article about the Tea Party and how a poll they had taken showed that the majority of Tea Party Patriots were backing Governor Perry of Texas. It sounds like they have thrown Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul under the bus. If this is in fact true than I’m happy I didn’t send them any money. I will continue to back Ron Paul with my vote and my contributions. About O’Reilly; he has a following and it’s a large one. In the past O’Reilly has treated Ron Paul with respect. Ron Paul has never dodged anyone. So the hype involved will certainly increase viewers when Dr. Paul does appear. I think it is simply that. There’s going to be a planet of dialog in the ensuing months and I believe that Ron Paul will survive that dialog. The people that believe in Dr.Paul will not jump ship and his numbers will continue to grow. Join the RevolUTION! Ron Paul in 2012. woohoo.

    • Randy Huffey

      In 2008 I think a lot of people supported Ron Paul, but in the end voted for McCain because of the “electability” issue. This time around, I think that the support for Ron Paul is not only broader, but more solid than ever. We won’t be fooled again!

      • Greg

        …but this is the first time Ron Paul is running on the Republican Ticket.

        • Steve In KS

          Really? I thought he ran as a Republican in 2008. I guess I was just hallucinating when he was debating Rudy Giuliani in the primary season.

          • Bob C.


          • Greg

            I guess it’s my mistake. I thought he ran as an Independent in 2008. Sorry, my mistake.

      • Rick

        But this time Ron Paul has shot himself in the foot with his comments about Iran. I used to be all for Paul but after the debate a few weeks ago I’m getting as far away from him as possible. I’m wondering if maybe dimentia or something is setting in with him.

        • ol goat

          i guess you dont read any posts here do you. as said before ,Paul never said let them have them. go up and read and take your face out of perrys butt

  • NamNavyVet

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that knows non stop wars and the Federal Reserve are killing our economy. Neo Cons need wars to feed the military machine which donates money back to them. Progressives want the welfare dependent lower class keeping them elected. That’s why illegals are welcomed into the US. Our entire system is corrupt and based on lies. Ron Paul is our only chance.

  • eddie47d

    Ron Paul does have more common sense than the whole brigade of candidates out there when it comes to the deficits,Federal Reserves and foreign entanglements. Yet he does have faults like all the other candidates and they must also be debated. I can see where he is loved by Libertarians but he does not believe in farm aid or flood insurance when coastal areas are damaged or a farmers crops are wiped out by events not under their control. In other words if a city or state is affected by an earthquake ,flooding or hurricane,etc. no Federal aid would be coming. If you can’t rebuild you are out of luck. Since the majority of Americans live in coastal regions or in farming regions they may not like his “toughness” on catastrophes.Since his district in Texas covers much farmland and coastal flood plains I will give him credit in being firm in his belief and am surprised his constituents voted for him. Those voters must think he is doing something right so if there are any of you out there I’d like to hear from you.

    • AmericaisBleeding

      IT IS NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENTS place to make all your boo boos better when bad things happen. That is a huge part of the reason we are in the mess we are in. People like you looking to the nanny state feds to take care of you!!!!!!!!!They have no place in that role. Show me where in the Constitution the Federal Govt is mandated to help you rebuild after a catastrophe or natural disaster. That role is left to the individual states and your local communities and neighbors. Get a clue. The FED Govt is not the end all be all.

    • ol goat

      what he said is he does not back fema because they give money to contractors instead of to the people that need the help. they spend too much because there are MANY companies that take advantage of the dire straights that the people are in and advantage of the emergency at hand, contractors want to screw basically you and me with big profits over an emergency.

  • Randy Huffey

    O’Reilly has been brutally unfair to Dr. Ron Paul. He discredits his candidacy at every opportunity. I have been a regular viewer of O’Reilly, but he lost a lot of credibility with me, as he seems more interested in fulfilling his own prophecies (“Paul can’t win”, “He’s a nut job”) than the facts. He sounds just like all the other “establishment” newscasters on the topic of Ron Paul.
    It is any wonder that Ron Paul wouldn’t go on O’Reilly’s show. What for? To face a lot of “GotchYa” questions? If Ron Paul thought he could get a fair interview on O’Reilly, I’m sure he would go, but O’Reilly would ask the “Gotchya” questions and not allow Ron Paul to explain his policy positions. Ron Paul would not benefit from being interviewed by O’Reilly as he would have Ron Paul on the defensive right from the start.
    O’Reilly, you have really disappointed a lot of patriots by your spewing the mainstream propaganda (basically mainstream talking points) against Ron Paul! If your invite to Ron Paul included a public apology for smearing him, he might come on your show.

  • Michael S.

    This last weekend over dinner with friends, Ron Paul became the subject of one of our conversations. My one friends wife said she did not know who he was and I began to explain then my other friend said he knew who he was, admired RP but said he could not win. I promptly asked why not and was told because Ron Paul is too honest to be elected. People, we need to change this kind of thinking and I am trying, I hope you are too.
    Post Script: I don’t care what O’really says, he is a narcissistic blow hard and Dick Morris is… hmm… named appropriately.

  • Randy Huffey

    Michael, This is the shallowness of most American voters. They have only time to listen to the “Talking Points” put forth by the mainstream media, including Bill O’Reilly. If anyone actually looks seriously at Ron Paul, his policy positions and WHY he holds those positions, he makes perfect sense. The mainstream has done an excellent “smear job” on Ron Paul by taking his policy statements out of context and without the constitutional reasons for those positions! If we no longer want our constitution as the blueprint for our government, then let’s have that discussion, but you can’t “pick and choose” which parts of the constitution you want to adhere to or the whole premise of constitutional government comes apart. If you want to ignore a part of the constitution there is a process for that; that process is called an AMENDMENT!

    • Michael S.

      Randy, I agree and have spoken those same words.

  • Rennie

    Ron Paul predicted the current financial mess and the probable unstoppable slide into second-world status, O’Reilly didn’t. Paul’s prediction of chaos is not unlike Beck’s, the question is, are we more civilized than Europe and the UK? I doubt it, at least not in the cities. Food riots are teh result of stupid government policies often put in place by progressive/socialist/communist leaders, it is nothing new and something that the Grange has spoken out against for nearly a century, yet bureaucrats are winning teh battle on independent farmers, they are now starting to strangle the local farmer’s markets, and even the Amish. O’Reilly is the pinhead on this one, but then I doubt he is in danger of going hungry.

  • http://None Richard A. Douglas

    If Bill O’Rielly is against Ron, that means that Ron Paul must be good. How that arrogant, loud mouth, conceited O’Rielly keeps his job as an anchor newsperson, I’ll never know. He must own 51% of Fox News.

  • Charles Everett

    As a member of Congress Ron Paul is sworn to uphold the Constitution, a very simple document but if you don’t understand it read the Federalists Papers. If you don’t like it, then work to amend it but as a Congressman, Ron Paul should not and does not violate it.

    He is one of few that realizes this is the answer to our problems. Our government has no right to meddle in the affairs of other nations. If individuals want to help other countries that is up to them and many do as medical missionaries, etc.

    Both Bushes and Obama are warmongers. Why would any sane person send our troops and resources to slaughter other people and to be slaughtered, when it is the government leaders that are evil not the people. How many totalitarian dictators have we put in power because our evil leaders felt a country’s “right-wing” leader needs to be replaced by their favorite “left-wing” leader. The USA always funds and supports both side of these no win wars and then expects us to believe the effort should be supported by patriotic Americans.

    Eddie47d wants Federal funds (my money) for farmers and flood victims. That is not authorized in the Constitution (no the General Welfare clause doesn’t cover that). Our Founding Fathers realized it is wrong to take money from one and give to another. It is called stealing no matter who does it.

    Farmers and flood victims, like anyone have to be responsible for themselves by buying the necessary insurance. If they don’t we will forgive their over-site and the Churches and charitable organizations will help them just like they do every time a disaster happens here or abroad. And they will do it right and do it cheaper.
    Our government still has 10,000 mildewed trailers in Louisiana and still paying the man that owns the land they are parked on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • AmericaisBleeding


  • Bob C.

    only people that think O’Reilly was right about George Bush being good for the country will believe him when he says Ron Paul will be bad.
    does anyone on the planet really think George Bush was good as president?
    …. O’Reilly has no credibility, every time he meets his intellectual equal (or superior,happens all the time) he simply shouts them down, or kicks them off, not having the ability to beat their argument with reason. he is never swayed, EVER, which shows a stiff mine, or an agenda, nether I would take advice from.

    Dick Morris is wrong way more then he is right.
    he always seems to have an agenda, and has little talent in hiding it.
    heard him on the Peter Schiff show a little while ago, it was a short interview…
    peter asked dick about how borrowing even MORE money would help where the 14 trillion failed.
    Morris only wanted to push his new book, even though he talks in his book about how he feels, we need to borrow more money.
    When peter pushed on the questions, Morris simply left the interview he promised to be on. Morris was clearly only on a show like Peters to push his book, and had no intention of debating Peter…. wonder why….

    that’s right folks, Dick Morris knows a thing or two about being “afraid that he could not back up his ideas” running from a radio show interview himself.

    both Morris and O’Reilly are hacks.

    Ron Paul is the best last hope for this country NOT to fall into full out fascism, losing all our rights in the police state that is now, just around the corner.
    but you all just keep voting R or D ideologies and see how far it gets you. lol

    time to realize, doing the same thing over and over, thinking you will have a different out come next time is the definition of insanity.
    It’s time to go back to the constitution we left so many years ago.

    time to turn the TV OFF, and vote for a man that has been voting what his mouth has been saying for 30+ years.
    (good luck finding that anywhere else in flip flop land)

    ***Ron Paul 2012***

  • Gary

    O`Rielly has been a tool for the NWO for years. If he doesn’t agree with Ron Paul that in and of itself is good reason to vote for RP. O`Rielly sold out for a few pieces of silver and became a lackey for the global elite. His day will come just as many of the sockpuppets like him.
    Ron Paul can stand on a flawless record of voting in line with our founding document. No other candidate can say that.

  • http://none RPaul or same ol’

    Turn OFF mainstream media and vote for a man that has been voting what his mouth has been saying for 30+ years. Ron Paul can stand on a flawless record of voting in line with our founding document. NO other candidate can say that. Well said Bob C. and Gary. I can take no more of the status quo of any other puppets. ***Ron Paul 2012***

  • Victoria

    The only candidate that makes sense. He may not be perfect but he’s by far the best option and the only one not selling his soul to the bankers and corporations. Ron Paul 2012!!

  • Charles1123

    RON PAUL 2012 Don’t blow this opportunity to return our nation to honor. Honor is a rare commodity these days. It may be a long,long time before we have another Ron Paul to vote for. Ron’s campaign is the best opportunity we have to right a bunch of wrongs in our foreign policies and our monetary policies at home. Pull out all the stops and see what you can do to insure the election of Ron Paul. RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!

  • Wayne

    I am a Canadian, who fully hopes and prays that Ron Paul will be the next President. I believe he is your/our best hope. The sad thing is even if he does get elected, the NWO elitests will continue to try and destroy the American constitution, or U.S. with their Media manipulation. They will also manufacture more crisies and terror threats and even acts of terror. I think there will be more attacks, domestically. They will do all in their power to discredit RP’s platform of non intervention in foreign countries. That said I still believe he is the man for this time. I also pray that you as a people will show the strength you will need to resist their attempts to create rioting and anarchy in the streets.

  • ED

    I got disgusted with O’Reilly 4 years ago when he gave into the leftist media criticism and he quit picking apart the lefty lunatics when they came on his show. Ratings before country……bah.

  • Jason

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • duane

    Comments on voter fraud. To all who believe that there is no voter fraud, you are in denial. Has anyone stopped to think about the latest version of voter fraud?? It is called the mail in ballot. There is no verification in a lot of states, based on the motor voter registration being pushed by Acorn and most politicians (both liberal and conservative?) This leaves a wide open scenario for voter fraud. The State of Washington (where I am from) was nortorious for giving out driver’s license without proof of address or citizenship. This has recently been changed. But the damage has already been done with all of the fraudelent license to illegals who can turn that into a vote and use it as proof to otain other services in other states.

  • Jacqueline

    Does anyone belive all this, I feel all the wars we’ve been having have been due to political and religous ideas

  • B

    Honestly! I still do not understand who Ron Paul is.
    He is Libertarian, yet a registered Republican? Does that
    make him a RHINO? Explain to me. I am trying to understand who
    he is, but I seem to have an Identity crisis about him.

    I will return the next couple days here to see if anyone is
    willing to respond. Thanks.


    • Average Joe

      libertarian [ˌlɪbəˈtɛərɪən]
      1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a believer in freedom of thought, expression, etc.
      2. (Philosophy) Philosophy a believer in the doctrine of free will Compare determinism


      Progressive Liberalism stands for a combination of securing individual freedom and government intervention in the management of social institutions and law-making for the good of everyone, regardless of their social or economic position. It is usually considered to be in opposition to the more right-wing, laissez-faire political ideology that seeks to limit government intervention in people’s lives as much as possible, believing that market forces should be the determining factor in social development. As Jonathan Marshall wrote, progressive liberals are “not content to rely on the laws of God or the market place for social progress.”


      Ron Paul is a Republican with Libertarian veiws ( smaller less intrusive govmnt; Sound currency, personal freedom and adherence to the Constituion and the rule of law), he is not a Liberal/Progressive. Therefore, Ron Paul is not a RINO, since a RINO (Republican in name only) is basically someone who registers as a Republican with Democratic (Liberal/Progressive)veiws. In other words, RINO’s are disingenous since they claim to believe a certain way while acting in just the opposite manner.Examples…John McLame…registered as a Repub…always sides with the Dems….Rick Perry….once a campaign manager for Al ( I may not have invented the internet, but I “Made Up” global warming) Gore. Now, Mr.Perry is registered as a Repub….but still thinks and acts like a Dem. The best way to destroy the opposition….is to infiltrate and destroy from within…food for thought.
      To recap, Ron Paul is a true Republican…not a RINO….and the last best hope for America to regain her once enviable status in the world.

      Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!!!

      • B

        Average Joe, many thanks.
        I think Libertarian sounds similar to Constitution Party views. If not, your thoughts on that?
        Again, thanks.


        • newspooner

          The Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party were started by the same basic group of people. They have minor differences. Ideally, they would be the foundation of a sensible two party system tha would allow for productive, rational debate in the true American spirit. Anyone who thinks that the Republican and Democratic Parties fill that idealized role is totally fooled.

  • Jeff

    Personally, I know that Dr, Paul IS the right person to actually work to move this country back to the true center where the U.S. Constitution originally had us. Throughout the history of this country the Liberals and progressives have moved this country far to the left and taught our children and those who are ignorant of the beginning of our country where their center is. This is why constitutionalist as Dr. Paul are concidered by the establishment polititians as a far right kook. The population has been fed the drug of entitlements for decades, and there is always a fight when an addicts fix is threatened. It has taken many years to get the masses addicted, and it will take as long to wean the populous of this addiction. The ONLY way to do this in addition to electing Ron Paul is to put like minded liberty loving people in both houses of congress, and in the state government as well. Mr Paul or anybody will not be able to turn this mess around in two terms there would be mass rioting. But he can definitely turn the ship around with the help of the citizenry of this nation. Until, we the people actually educate ourselves and educate those around us people Like Ron Paul wont have a chance, even if he is elected. Congress wont act or even work with him or them. The answer is the congress and the state governments, for it is from here most of the politicians are raised.

  • Average Joe

    “An analyst, Dick Morris, alleged that perhaps Paul was afraid that he could not back up his ideas regarding U.S. foreign and domestic policy in debate with the television anchor.”

    Or perhaps Dr. Paul was smart enough not to get into a shouting match with an egocentric dipsh!t with an overinflated sense of self worth named O’Reilly ( Oh, Really?). O’Reilly has a penchant for asking stupid questions…and then proceeds to run his mouth rather than listen to the answer given……It’s like talking to someone one the phone….with a one side muted… is simply a one sided conversation and accomplishes nothing.

  • http://peronalliberty Kevin

    B: I can see your point! but I would like to hear more about the man, if the things people are saying here half true, well there a whole lot better than any alturnitive, I myself am a Independant in MASS. that lets me vote in either primary, lot of good it does, but we did get the Honarable Sen. Scott Brown into (Kennedys’seat, next we need to replace that p.o.s. kerry, he is the biggest hypocrate (rymes with democrate) there is. I haven’t in all my yrs. in this state have had anyone admit to voting for that gigilo, (voter fraud)? Nobody in charge of our Great Country has ever had a job other than lawyer? never ran any buisness of any kind, (comunity activist), what a joke, and they said (maint st. media)that a Govenor of one of the most beautyfull and natural resorce rich states had no experiance, what a joke, but it no laughing matter. May the Lord have pitty on U.S. and give us the God givin Graces that He bestowed upon our For-Fathers in our time of need. They must all be rolling in there graves when they see what the fools in power have done to our Great Country. One simple ? how can the leader, and commander in chief NOT be a veteran!!

    • B

      hypocrate (rymes with democrate), LOL
      My thoughts exactly.


  • TML

    “O’Reilly discredited Paul on a recent broadcast of The O’Reilly Factor, saying that the candidate had been invited to appear on the show but did not show up.”

    I’d be interested in why he didn’t show up, but…

    “An analyst, Dick Morris, alleged that perhaps Paul was afraid that he could not back up his ideas regarding U.S. foreign and domestic policy in debate with the television anchor.”

    I seriously, seriously doubt Ron Paul is even close to being afraid, given that he is the only one to have to balls to stand up with the truth on those issues in the first place. Seems like really ego centric comments to make for Dick and O’Reilly… it must have hurt their feelings, lol

    “Morris also questioned Paul’s ability to defeat Obama in the Presidential election. “Those people who love him better love Obama, because if he ever gets the nomination they can have him for four more years,” Morris said.”

    That really, REALLY, doesn’t make any sense, now does it?

  • Rosco1776

    In his own words, O’Reilly is a pinhead!!

    Ron Paul 2012 or bust!!

  • Bob from SoCal

    I think Ron Pauls ideas may just turn this country in the right direction. He may be a little weak on foreign policy but his ideas toward liberty are right on. If we don’t take control of this country out of the hands of the globalists soon, the USA will never be a bastion of freedom in the future. Even if his foreign policy is a little weak, we still have the strongest military in the world.

    • B

      Bob from SoCal,

      I don’t think “weak” on foreign policy is the right word to use.
      “Less focus” would be more appropriate. Constitution Party believes this. We need to focus on America Policy, much more so than foreign policy, as in “World Police”. :D


  • Dingo

    Iam not into politics but it sounds like o’Reilly is running off at the mouth again. Just because someone will not attend his show, they are condemed.

  • Pete in AZ

    Ron Paul, when asked some questions,has a tendency to bite off more of the subject than he can chew in the allotted time he is given. Consequently, his ideas can sound radical or nonsensical.

    For those of you who agree with this, do both Dr Paul and yourself a favor and examine his beliefs on the topic-in-question more completely and with a truly inquiring mind. You may be surprised how often it begins to make sense.

    His fault is not in his thinking, but his ability to articulate a complex subject in a minimum of words. If you want someone who can do that, look to Newt.

  • ol goat

    Look ….i am from Texas and Perry is NOT the way to go. Ron Paul is a true American with America at heart and he will turn it around. So what he has some intelligent years on him, how old was Regan when he was elected. Oh Really and DICK are in it for the $ and not the American people. They know nothing of what they think they are talking about. And YES they are for the new world order. One thing is you will NEVER see Ron Paul stoop to bowing to anyone like Obama Bin Laden did to his king.And i bet you will hardly ever see him take a vacation or vacations like Obummer does.We need to spread the word to as many as we can to elect Ron Paul 2012,Bachmann bless her sole does know much but is trying real hard.When she sees how it is supposed to be done (as in Ron Paul 2012) she might get the idea. So Paul for president.Thank you for you time

  • CJM

    Who even gives a rat’s behind what Dick Morris has to say…he doesn’t like women in politics and if he had his way about it, all women would stay at home–barefoot and pregnant. I like Ron Paul, but not sure I’ll vote for him because I just don’t think he is up to the job as President. Bachman is losing ground to that rugrat, Perry, and it looks as though Romney is way out in left field. Bill O’Reilly has some interesting views; however, he doesn’t know everything and sometimes he is an irritant. Given the opposing views between O’Reilley and Paul, I’ll take Paul’s word as truth over O’Reilly, especially when it comes to understanding the economy. Sure wish Palin would run–or at least Christie; these two have it down pat. Will wait and see what the Republicans come up with and go from there. It is worrisome, though, because it seems as if the Republican Party is backing the wrong candidates; they should dump Perry and Romney for sure!!!

    • Marty S.

      I think Palin is still holding on to her cards; to see who is going to wash out early. I would bet that if Ron Paul strikes out she will put her hat in. She has to know Ron Paul is our only hope at this point. The real issue here is not to let the MSM pick our candidate like they did in 2007 for the 08 election. Use your brains America.

  • chuckb

    palin has plenty of time yet. you know as soon as she announces her intention the liberal media and the dnc are going to explode. they have been throwing everything at her for the last three years, they knew when the last election ended she would be their nemesis, they have been more concerned over her than any other candidate the republicans have run. at this time hillary is prowling in the wings, bill and carville are working in the shadows, the clintons want back in the white house by hook or crook. barry iss and has been from the beginning a loser, but, it’s not really barrys fault, he is only a shadow president, his every move is choreographed, the ones in the shadow speak thru him via the teleprompter.

  • newspooner

    Isn’t Dick Morris a former Clinton sleazebag?

  • newspooner

    Believe me, Ron Paul is up to it as President. He is far more capable, physically and mentally, than any of the last 10 Presidents.


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