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Paul Offers Obama Advice For Jobs Speech

September 8, 2011 by  

Paul Offers Obama Advice For Jobs Speech

Representative Ron Paul of Texas, speaking on Fox Business’ Freedom Watch on Monday, made some suggestions for President Barack Obama as he plans his speech set for tonight.

When asked by the show’s host, Judge Andrew Napolitano, how the 2012 GOP contender might approach the joint session of Congress if he were President, Paul said: “Economically speaking, we need to clean house. We need to change the whole system because we’ve been following the wrong ideas; we have been following Keynesian economics. We need to get rid of the mistakes made, that means we have to liquidate the debt.”

Paul laughed as he went through a list of the things that he believes the Federal government must change before it will be able to make real steps in the direction of economic recovery: regulation, taxation, monetary policy and foreign policy.

“We have to just quit spending, and allow the market to work,” Paul said.

The candidate also said the American people have become very disillusioned to the difference between a right and an entitlement: “Where do we get our rights, and what do rights mean? Whether it’s worker rights or minority rights or whatever; they’re talking about groups instead of the individual, and when they talk about this, they endorse the concept of entitlements. Entitlements are now rights, business people think they’re entitled to certain help, everybody’s entitled to a bailout, the poor have entitlements. So it’s this whole lost notion of what rights are and responsibility. We want our right to our life and our liberties and we ought to be able to keep the fruits of our labors, but we sort of have given up on that, and we have grown very soft.”

Paul said that Americans will either reject Obama’s plans for more government spending as a way to fix the economy, or face a future filled with governmental tyranny.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Rosco1776

    Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

    • Vic Bailey

      VOTE ” RON PAUL OR NOT AT ALL”!!! Ron has the right idea, when your own house is going under “YOU DON’T HIRE A MAID”. ONLY the government can spend money it doesn’t have, and the world’s greatest paper hanger is the Federal Reserve. If we were to do what they do, we would go to jail for counterfeiting, funny how that works, does that mean that the Feds are ABOVE THE LAW? I GUESS!! Semper Fi.

      • DaveH

        They have been since Dishonest Abe trashed our Constitution.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Do you want to shoot yourself in the foot?? Paul would be my choice also, but if he is not doing well in the polls I will not waste a vote. I do not want more years of Obama, or the Democrats.

        The other thing is if we do not have a conservative majority in the senate, and the congress we are still screwed. I guess at the very least a conservative in the white house would still be an improvement.

        • Randy Huffey

          Lost in Paradise,
          Please let your conscience be your guide, not the polls! The polls are like a snapshot. As soon as they are taken they begin to be history. This primary contest is far from over. The MSM has lost its attempt to make this a 2 person race between the globalists (Romney & Perry) with Herman Cain’s big win of the straw poll in Florida. This breaths new life into all the “2nd tier” candidates. It is almost better than a fresh start, as the Globalists Romney and Perry have been exposed and REJECTED! That is what this primary process is all about.

      • Verus Langham

        And they will be the first to prosecute the individual citizen or businessman and corporate leaders should they fail to pay their just debts…. whereas in our country there is “NO” debtor’s prison allowed there seems an inordinate amount of people serving time for non-payment of debts to the government.

  • nw

    Ron Paul makes sense to me, quit spending money that is not there and stop all the entitlements. Ford is planning to build cars in India by 2013, all those unemployed should apply there.

    • Ted Crawford

      while I’m deeply saddened by Fords intentions to increase their overseas production it’s easy to understand why. This administration has dramatically increased their regulatory policies, to the point that even Obamas beloved “Green” companies are being forced out of business! Add to that the fact that despite the fact that Ford was able to continue to function WITHOUT any help from the Government, the union has recently held a vote to strike!

      • eddie47d

        Toyota announced that 100% of Toyota Camry production will be in America.I see no reason for Ford to be sending jobs out of country if Americans are buying their product.They could end up losing loyalty.

        • TIME

          DUH ~ Toy’s are made in “NON UNION” SHOPS, now really I can’t fathom why FORD being 100% UNION would want to make MONEY / a profit?

          Oh yea so they can stay in business!

        • mickey

          I suspect there is more to meet the eye. Cash for clunkers was a Chinese iniative. There is no love lost between the Japanese and Chinese. So what do we owe China to have large operations sent elsewhere?

          BTW, I think we required the Japanese to produce here or we would not accept their imports.

        • crystal

          Toyota won’t take any crap from Unions. Ford is sick of unions and is saying “Goodbye.”

          • eddie47d

            Is that your opinion Crystal or a proven fact? Ford has plants in a few countries already and long before NAFTA or any concern for being union.

          • DaveH

            Listen to Eddie, the man whose comments are almost entirely Opinion not fact. The Pot calling the Kettle black.

          • eddie47d

            Where was I wrong in my statement Dave? You old blowhard!

      • mickey

        That’s the problem, Ford refused the great NWO leader’s money and was successful. The others not so. And why didn’t I expect the unions to strike at Ford? Almost priceless. Any successful business and obama will outsource the jobs. Just look at Gibson who can get the government to “go away” if only they shift their operations to Madagascar.

    • Libertarian

      I agree with you that ONLY Mr. Ron Paul makes sense. I even signed hundreds of $1.00 bills and wrote on them that, but the rest of your comment is kind of silly, wouldn’t you say? If you lost a job, would you apply in India? and compete against millions of other applicants willing to do the job for 1-3 dollars per hour???

  • home boy

    ron paul doesn’t listen to obama. he wants to fundamentaly change our system . everything has to fail to do that, so paul can give all the ideas he wants but obama will never listen. what doesn’t he get about that? none of these people have been paying attention to obama’s words.he does know what he is doing you just don’t get it . wake up.

    • John Russell

      Homeboy is right, Obama does want our economy and everything else in our country to fail. Then he can put everybody on the public dole and we can all be as equal as the other 3rd world countries. The only problem is who is going to pay the bills? People have to make a living and have an incentive to succeed. His policies are meant to destroy our will. Oh by the way, this policy will also make us all slaves.

      • wandamurline

        I guess that is why the unions are soooooo mad at the tea parties across America…calling us SOB’s, and Maxine Waters saying to go to hell, and Carnes stating that we want to hang black Americans from trees all of which is absolutely lies and nonsense….could this all be because the tea parties stand for just the opposite of what Obama stands for? The government needs to be fundamentally dismantled and all departments that are not authorized by the Constitution, they are gone. This cut right there would probably balance our budget.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Got a call from Huckabee supporters tonight telling me that he wants to run the UN out of the US!! Looks like a lot of people are starting to listen to Ron Paul!!! Get rid of them and turn the building into affordable appartments! In New York City??? They’d be rented before they got finished!! Huckabee must be getting desperate!! Vote Ron Paul!!!

      • Lost in Paradise

        Here comes “Planet of The Apes” right here in America. Well what was once America.

    • http://None Robert Evans

      You Are 1000% Correct !! Please tell everybody you know including you Pastor or whatever.. To listen to the DVD “Agenda; Grinding Down America. You can get it on

  • Catzhouz

    Home boy,
    I think people do know what Obama is doing. The problem is he says many things and then does either nothing or the opposite. He promised a reduction in unemployment when elected. 3 years later we are even deeper. With his healthcare program, there are actually healthcare workers that are unemployed. All forms of business have had to tighten their belts and thus there is a loss of jobs. There is glut in the Government were there are more staff members than is needed to do their work. Lets cut this number down. How many Aides does it take for a congressman to complete a project?
    The people in general DO know what Obama is doing… he is distroying this country as we know it!

    • eddie47d

      “healthcare workers are unemployed”? I’m not buying that one. The highest demand in jobs is still in the health care business. Look at every survey on where the jobs are and health care is always at the top.There is a shortage of nurses and every other position within this industry.

      • Emoke

        Yes Eddie, Healthcare unemployment is up. Healthcare is still a business. The businesses do not know how much their reimbursements will be under Obamacare so they are trimming their costs also. All business people are being extremely cautious in these times of uncertainty. It does not matter how much demand there is for something. If that demand does not go along with ability to pay or a good idea of how much a third party will pay for it, not many businesses will make the investment to supply the service.

        • Lost in Paradise

          Actually Business is being careful to not spend money in the U.S.,and instead invest in Asia where it is now happening. There is real money to be made there at present.

      • traderphil

        The problems with, and rediculous costs of, your “Health care system” is because USA has the sickest, most Pharmaceutically drugged population in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!! The rate of obesity is unbelievable, with new “diseases” showing up and MORE sick folks than ever before. This generation will be the 1st to live LESS than their parents generation as a direct result of chemicals ingested/breathed etc and genetic modifications initiated for profit by Corporations who think they can out do God/Nature!!!! WTF!!!!! He who CONTROLS THE FOOD SUPLIES CONTROLS EVERYTHING! you soon won’t be allowed any Nutritional Supplements because your ENTIRE HEALTH SYSTEM is based on PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS that address the SYMPTOMS and NOT the CAUSE !!!They sure don’t want anything in consumers hands that will actually help them heal!! What kind of an idiot would even consider that kind of a system???!!!! Soon with Bill 501 you won’t even be able to get fresh vegetables, let alone grow them. The masses will continue to be fed a diet of “Dead” and Genetically Modified(can we say FrankenFoods) “foods” which will ensure LOTS of sick folks for the Big Pharma Boys and their cohorts to continue to rake in the $$$!! Diabetes is an epidemic! Cancer rates are unbelievable now at , supposedly, 1 out of every 2 people is expected o get cancer in their life time! Almost 1/4 of the entire country is on “anti-depressants” is it that bad in the USA??? Apparently by the # of drugged folks on anti depressants(including lots of kids) GREAT sysytem you have!!! WAKE UP FOLKS!!!! You are being HAD!!!! In my humble opinion , that is. I hope you folks are wise enough to Vote for the only candidate(Ron Paul) you have with a realistic plan to address not only runaway Govt spending but also a seriously flawed health system, just for starters.

        • GingerB4

          BRILLIANTLY SAID!!! Every bit the truth. Thank you traderphil.

    • http://None Robert Evans

      You Are 1000% Correct !! Please tell everybody you know including you Pastor or whatever.. To listen to the DVD “Agenda; Grinding Down America. You can get it on

  • Robert A Hirschmann

    Ron Paul is everything Obama is not. Obama wants to destroy this country and Paul wants to restore it back to where it was. Obama thinks, “you have to send money to make money”. That may be true but you also have to HAVE the money to spend. Instead of giving amnesty to all the illegals and increasing regulations on businesses we need to obey the existing laws and return all illegals to where they came from. Remove the restrictions on the private factor and let them fend for themselves. If they fail, so be it. If they succeed, hurray for them as they will hire more to expand their businesses. Isn’t that the way this country grew to be what it is? Ron Paul has the right idea and I’ll vote for him anyday!

  • Ted Crawford

    Paul has many good ideas on domestic issues, he is, however completely clueless on foreign policy issues!

    • steve in AZ

      Wrong again, eraser breath.

      DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

      • eddie47d

        Ron Paul is very enlightened on foreign affairs although his speaking ability as shown in the debates make him look lackluster and slow. Americans are enthralled with pretty boys to lead this nation and Ron Paul is unfortunately stuck at 9%.

        • mickey

          while I think it is commendable that the candidates take care in their appearance, these pretty boys look like just that. This is not the academia awards and coifs and manicures are a little much. Too much like “girlie boys” to me. I do agree that Paul’s dress is a detractor, stopping the eyes and ears from hearing, I wouldn’t consider him a girlie boy.

          • mickey

            sorry, academy

        • Ted Crawford

          I’m sorry but anyone unconcerned with a Nuclear armed Iran and North Korea is the dictionary defination of Clueless!

          • DaveH

            Clueless are the hypocrites who advocate against the possession of nuclear weapons when the United States is the only country to have ever actually used the Nuclear Bomb against another country, and we have the most nuclear weapons in the world (behind only Russia). Couple that with the fact that we have our noses and our military in countries all over the world. Tell me honestly (after viewing the video), which is the most dangerous country in the world?

          • Julian Alien

            If Iran did have nukes(no evidence at all,Passed U.N. inspection)it could join the club.Russia,India,France,N.Korea,China,Pakistan,Belgium.Britian,ect.Why are we not attacking these countries senselessly?I’ll tell you why.The media does not want them out of the way.The media in America is owned by Jews.They support Israel.Israel does not like any of their neighbors.

    • Sam I am

      Clueless? What gives us the right to be the world’s police force? Government secretely funds the terrorists so they have an excuse to steal our rights. Al Quieda is a creation of the CIA. Just look up “Al Quieda’s number 2 man secretely dined at the Pentagon” to hear mainstream media report this (of course they don’t talk about it daily). Even if the threat of terrorism is genuine the way our lying government says it is, do you realize you are far more likely to die in your own car in a car accident than via terrorist attack in this nation? That’s even if you factor in the almost 3,000 dead after Sep 11. Our own cars are death machines, yet NATO isn’t bombing car dealerships and DMVs to prevent us little “terrorist” car drivers from driving.

      • Ted Crawford

        WOW! It seems that the clueless lable fits many!

    • mickey

      Sorry, we have spent billions trying to maintain foreign policy that didn’t work. I contributed to Africa when I was just a child. Where is all that money and what did it do? 60 yrs later and Africa is still starving.

      We were supposedly in Europe for ours and Europe’s interests after WWII so there would be no build up of another Hitler. Now we have used that to be the next Hitler.

      The ME. Why are we there? We only need to protect our allies when they ask, not bomb the crap out of everyone.

      If Japan, which depends on trade for almost everything, survives on trade without bombs, why do we bomb or not trade?

      domestically, why do we have so many people not working? Hasn’t every country that has huge populations in poverty not gone down? So why is the domestic policy mimicking a foreign policy to keep people not working?

      • Ted Crawford

        You will have to ask the driving force behind the domestic policy that is keeping so many unemployed Mickey. I think the site is!

        • Steve Coy

          I just read a lot of crap comming from Ron Paul supporters talking about the U.S. being the Hitler of the world and we were the only nation to use Nuclear weapons and I can’t believe any thing other than your all a bunch of Socialist Liberals or Muslims hidding behind a Libatarian or Republican in name only. If you knew your history you would know that only using this weapon on Japan did it save American and Alies lives but saved even more Japaneese lives. Our conventional bombing of the Japaneese cities were killing far more than both the Nuclear weapons caused and most people didn’t know the Russians were ready to invade Japan without our knowledge. We also found that the Japaneese had over 550 aircraft tucked away for suicide planes and every man woman and child was ready to defend their homeland with very few real weapons. As far as having more Nuclear weapons than anybody else that is what has kept us safe around the world and we now have even more reason to build even more and better weapons its called China, the largest agressive Communist Nation on earth and is building more Aircraft Carriers and Submarines with our money and will surpass us in those catagories in 5 more years and is agressivly pushing forward it Nuclear Weapons program also. So go ahead drop Nukes pull our troops out and stick your heads in the sand and remember to forget PEARL HARBOR and you will be speaking Chineese in 15 or 20 years maybe less. Viet Nam Veteran 1967-1968 P.S. Don’t forget about Iran, Syria, North Korea, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and a few others I didn’t mention.

          • http://Libertyalert Michel Condon

            Maybe you can explain why we attacked Iraq and Afghanistan when all the 9 11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt ,, and the UAE. also when the FBI website was asked why Their Bin Ladin poster did not list 9 11 among his crimes they said there was no hard evidence that he was involved. He never claimed that he was.We have spent trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives for nothing.The banksters the war profiteers and the big oil interests have made a killing.

    • Lost in Paradise

      I tend to disagree with that. Anyway, it is the foreign policy that is costing taxe payers big. Look at the handout we give the Palestinians every year, not to mention all the other handouts. Why do we give to the palestinians of all people? Ron Paul will put a stop to all,or most of the over seas spending. WTF, they do not appreciate it, so why give it to them.

  • 4-just_us

    Ron Paul is the only presidential contender Ive seen in
    my life that will tell the people reality. The rest are talking
    fluff and meaningless mumbo-jumbo.

  • http://Facebook James G,Conley,Sr

    Home Boy: Obama Is Not going to listen to anyone,He Is A Narcisist!,And Is Driven on 1(one)Cylinder,Assisted by three(3)Modes.
    ME!,Myself !,And I !..HE Cares not about YOU!,Your Family!,Or anything Else!,HE has blinders on his eyes,and he has tunnel vision.
    And HE is Useing People Just like You!,To Further His Agenda!,The Financial Destruction of AMERICA…..
    Useing The Same Tactics as ADOLPH HITLER!,Did to overthrow GERMANY,In the 1930′s.
    But You Would Not Understand!, What! I Am Talking about!,You are probably one of those people “While you were in School”Hated HISTORY,and never heard your History teacher “Teaching about HITLER and Germany and the elimination of Millions (OF Not only) JEWS,But Germans As Well, I Am 73 years old!And I See many Hitler simularities,in obama,SO I Suggest “YOU”WAKE UP!…….I DO NOT Agree With Ron Paul,On everything!,But there are always differences in beliefs of people,But Ron Paul is the only candidate!,Who is saying anything!,Useing A “COMMON SENSE”Approach,to our problems!…..

    • eddie47d

      Nixon/Agnew and George Bush/Cheney were also compared to Hitler. These comparisons have been over used and over abused. Both sides love using paranoia to gain votes for their favorite candidate and you sir are doing the same.

      • mickey

        I think the NWO thing didn’t just start with Hitler. We have wanted it since at least the 1st of the 1900′s. I think we were jealous Hitler almost pulled it off.

        It isn’t paranoid if it is real. Hitler moved into countries and took them over by force, so are we. The only difference I can see is we allow puppet regimes to rule the countries we take instead of just ruling them by our population.

      • LES

        Nixon, Agnew, Bush, Chaney did love their country even if some of the things they did did not turn out right. Obama only loves himself and by his comments anything Muslim

        • eddie47d

          Nixon/Agnew loved power and did much to keep themselves in control. They were a danger to America.

      • MNIce

        In this case, the comparison is all too apt. Go to and read the English translations of Hitler’s pre-war speeches. Remove the references to Jews and Communists, or substitute “the previous administration”, and replace “bankers” with “oil companies” and you will have a speech that looks like something on Obama’s Teleprompter.

        The big difference is that Hitler was a better orator.

    • http://None Bob Evans

      You Are 1000% Correct !! Please tell everybody you know including you Pastor, Priest or whatever.. To watch the DVD “Agenda; Grinding Down America”. You can get it on

  • newspooner

    Appropriate foreign policy cannot be quickly explained to the public by “sound bytes”. Don’t rely on the prostitute press to explain Ron Paul’s positions on foregin policy issues; read them directly from his website. His positions are very pro-freedom and pro-American, and 100% constitutional.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Captainkirk

    In a world of give and take, so few are willing to give what it takes anymore and I can’t believe sometimes that Ron Paul is so willing to do just that. To leave the comfort of your home and family to seek a job that is one of the most strenuos and perhaps most dangerous too, in an effort to make lives better for all. His opponents know that he is a true American, fighting to keep the Constitution a legal document that will protect its citizens for generations to come. What is ashame is, all those in congress know that they are in it for themselves and their special interest buddies. They conciously past laws that will cripple our way of life, as if we have had it too good for to long and it is time we start living like the rest of the world.
    Good people don’t do mean things to bad people, as where, bad people love to do mean things to good people. Ron Paul is a good person and he is good for this counrty.
    I don’t like the idea of Iran getting war like nuclear weapons and niether does RP but, it is their right and who are we to tell them they can’t, just let them try and use them agaist one of our friends and they will have wasted a lot of money in doing so.
    I also don’t like the fact of gays in the military but, it is still America and a gay person can kill the enemy as well as striaght person can.
    The war on drugs is a dangerous one but, more die in the war on drugs than the ones using them and to many of our youth are being incarcerated because of it. Pot is not a dangerous drug and yet our jails are full of people that have had their lives ruined and countless fines put against them in the name of justice. Drug awareness needs to be the approach.
    I love his views for the Federal Reserve. Americas biggest problem. They are a private enity that has been in control too long and have helped only their special interest buddies destroy our way of life.
    I am proud to represent Dr. Paul and I inform everyone I come into contact with about him… Fight the Good Fight Ron, me and my family are behind you!!!

    • GingerB4

      EXACTLY!!! I’m voting for Ron Paul this election. I’ve made contributions and plan on making at least one more. I’m not voting for “Ken doll” Perry and that’s certain. I read that he has attended the Bilderberg meetings not too long ago. I think he’s just another front man being thrown up the ladder. I’m not falling for it. But, RON PAUL is right on!

  • nw

    Ron Paul might be strong on domestic issues but short on foreign policy, this country needs correction 1st before tending to foreign matters. Besides once elected, I’m sure he will have a sharp Cabinet. We need to clean our own house first before cleaning anyone else’s. Making those changes internally will have domino effect to correcting foreign.

  • don

    check out the website the ‘ obama deception’. it has the whole story on obummer. it can be watched online. i have the dvd of it and it tells moseverything about obummer. im’m sure if everyone saw it obummer would be almost totally dome. i watched it and it made me sick.

  • crystal

    The only thing Ron Paul can tell Obama is to resign.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      There’s a lot that Ron Paul could tell Nobummer! The question is, will nobummerLISTEN?? Of Course NOT!!!

      • eddie47d

        Yes Obama will listen. Maybe that is his problem and he should steer this ship full speed ahead and stop listening to all the naysayers who have stalled the economy.That could also be dangerous but if done right could accomplish much.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you old reprobate, the only person Nobummer listens to is Soreass!!!

  • TheRealBob

    It is strange how none of the cdandidates, including Paul, have the guts to address one of the major causes of the mess we are in: government employeee compensation coupled with low productivity. The fact is, governemnt employees (in general) are grossly overcompensated for the work they do when you take their benefits and low productivity into account. Anyone who has worked with governemnt employees knows that this is a fact. Why don’t these candidates address this issue? Is it because they are pandering to the government employees?. Don’t they realize that, unless we slash government employee compensation we will not get back in to the black? I am not going to get too excited by any candidate that doesn’t have the courage to address this issue.

    • Song

      Amen RealBob!!!!

    • DaveH

      Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to eliminate whole Unconstitutional Federal agencies. And the only candidate who wants to bring our soldiers home and shrink our military budget. And the only one who wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve. And the only one who wants to pass a National Right to Work Law.
      If you believe he wouldn’t downsize the costs of Government dramatically (given that Congress goes along), I’d like you to post some references to back up that contention.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Liquidate the debt? Really? That is the plan?

    Wow – you lost me there Ron Paul.

    • DaveH

      Why so, Gringo?
      There are many ways to liquidate the debt. The Government could cut back spending dramatically. They could sell some of their vast asset holdings. They could get out of the Marketplace so the American people can do what they do best — Produce things, thus increasing tax revenues.
      This country could get out of trouble in a few short years if we cut Government back to the size our Founders intended. Would that be good for the Leaders? NO. Would it be good for the Citizens? Hell YES.

      • Lost in Paradise

        Yeah! ITs like a great dream!Could we be so lucky?

  • bernie

    any one not voting for ron paul will regret it and probably voted for obama ….what a shame.

  • Song

    I think one of the most important statements made by Ron Paul is the distinction between “rights” and “entitlements” which have been completely lost. As a child I was instructed on the difference between “needs” and “wants”. I think it would do well for people to remember what those difference are. As a nation, we seem to have forgotten, in large part. And Bernie, while I agree so much with most of what Ron Paul has to say, he is not going to win. We need to be looking for the candidate that can BEAT Obama or else we are all going to regret it.

    • DaveH

      No, Song, we don’t. Voting for the lesser of two evils has gotten us where we are now. Even if voting for Principle doesn’t result in a win, it will result in exposure of Principles to the many people who haven’t been previously exposed.
      A turtle can not move forward until he sticks his neck out and takes a risk.
      We have gotten to this point in time largely because the Liberals patiently propagandized the children. We need to exhibit the same kind of patience to rebuild Principle in this country. It is a guaranteed fact that we will never get our Freedom back if we don’t vote for people who stand for Freedom.

      • Song

        I agree DaveH, but the reality is that Ron Paul will not win…there are too many people disengaged in the political arena to make sure of that. So what are we going to do then?

        • GingerB4

          I, for one, will vote my conscience…RON PAUL.

          Not my purse at the cost of liberty and freedom.

          I’ve never been one to follow the herd off the cliff, and I won’t do it now.

  • Country First

    As I watched the debate, I couldn’t help noticing how Ron Paul stood out from all the rest. He was the only one portraying himself while all the others were being politicians. I respect and salute Ron Paul for all his efforts to truly affect a change that would benefit our nation. Unfortunately, those jeopardized by his potential nomination are working overtime to sabotage his campaign and possible win.

  • Palin12

    A little off-topic, but has anyone heard about the new video game called “Tea party zombies must die”? The game takes place in a decaying FOX News studio and you get to shoot Glenn Beck and stab Sarah Palin. Imagine the uproar if we conservatives made a game like that with all the liberal lunatics in government.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Good luck….with the game of killing progressive lberal zombies.
      They wont make one.
      Who needs a game?
      Just grab something and hit em’ until they stop moving.

      Just kidding….that kind of rhetoric shouldnt be tolerated.
      Ted Nugent for president!Every kid wins a machinegun!
      ….Nope that would be progressively hateful too.

      Lets all move to Detroit and make it a shiny/happy place!
      Nope….they dont like conservatives there.
      I wonder why?
      Could it be brainwashing?
      Studies show that to brainwash someone they have to actually possess a brain first.Guess that rules out the progressives in Detroit.
      Lets get Obama to fix it!
      Well…..after seeing his track record so far…..maybe not.

      We could get Moonbeam to shine his ideas on the nation!
      Nope…he has his hands full of California….hope he has hand sanitizer.

      Barney Frank could rescue us…..if he knew how to own up to Freddy and Fanny.Well he obviously knows how to own up to fanny,and possibly freddy too,depending on who freddy is to him relationally.

      Yeah well if a game wants to kill zombie folks from Fox News,I want one that kills zombie folks from reality tv shows.FIRST ON THE LIST IS HOWIE MANDEL.Then after that daytime television,the entire cast of the View.Behar has got to go first.But lets face it the real fun will be taking out that annoying Baba Wawa.And last but certainly not least….that unmentionable thing that used to spoon with Ted Danson…yeeeessh!
      Jerry Springer with a light cane so I can hit him a thousand times before his zonbie self stops thrashing about.
      The hard part is picking up the chubby woman who dont know who da baby daddy is amd thumping Povitch’s melon with her.
      Dont get me started on Ellen.

      Ah….the dreams of the average conservative….aint good enough!
      We need radical thinkers making vidoe games!
      Just think….we could reeducate the entire nations yuong people if it were in us to be a little more radical in our own way of thinking.
      Cheers to entrepeneurship!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        how could you do it?!?!?!? you forgot Rosie Odonnel!!! Better take a DOZEN light sabres for her!! It would definately take ALL of them!!!

  • Montie R

    Damned unions have RUINED every industry we had. They HAVE to be stopped before there is no industry left.
    Between the unions and the EPA. We have no FUNCTIONING industry left.
    EVERY time the unions get involved WE as Americans LOOSE.

  • Janice Fortin

    A”future” of governmental tyranny? CURRENT ACTIVITIES WITHOUT AS MUCH AS A SNIFF TO CONGRESS IS CALLED??????? Amnesty with 20 MILLION AMERICANS UNEMPLOYED? Allowing flags from the most corrupt country ON THE PLANET TO FLY OVER CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS? and that is??? Public schools hell bell of confusion….oh well, there are 91 TRANSLATORS IN ONE SCHOOL! If you stay in America long enough you change miraculously from illegitimate to legitimate? If you are a criminal illegal invader and have a child here, the child is called LEGAL CITIZEN? WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS That? Try doing that so of the border OR any other country in the world…. “ILLEGALLY IN THIS COUNTRY MEANS CHILD NOT LEGAL” Or is that a policy from the dumbed downs?
    DEPORT THE UNASSIMILATORS. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO BRING SENSE BACK TO AMERICA! Our gov is in a precarious position with the president allowing the U.S. FLAG ABUSED IN AZ, and with muslims with the idea in mind that our gov is a POT LUCK SUPPER they can throw their garbage at! JOBS MEAN NOTHING IF ONE IS SURROUNDED WITH CRACKPOT THINKERS.

  • chuckb

    janice fortin,
    be careful what you say, you are talking about barrys voting bloc and how do you think the liberals stay in power in california. these are jerry browns troops. i look to see the mexican flag flying over our capital in sacramento at any moment, they have free reign to do so.

  • http://messenger bobthomte


  • http://none BAP362

    Union workers always get slammed for what they’re making. It even gets reported in newspapers and magazine articles. How would you like the world to know what your paycheck is. Anyway it was not union pay that was killing the auto makers. The operating ratios for auto companies in relation to wages is nearly identical to most other businesses. It was health care costs, and now the auto companies have gotten rid of that responsiblity. Health care costs have risen 6 to 10 percent on an anual basis since the mid 60′s.

  • Citizen

    Representative Ron Paul of Texas is a Tea party nut case who came out of nowhere (no, people that was not his mothers, who gave him birth, name). I have been around since the 50′s and I never heard of him at all. So why should anyone else listen to him?

    • Citizen Patriot

      @Citizen, I’ve been around since the early 60′s and have heard of Ron Paul since the 70′s, even before I really paid attention. You’ve must have had your head in the sand for fifty years or more. Ron Paul 2012

  • Lost in Paradise

    Well I have read every post here,and it is clear you are all tired of everything that has been occuring in America, not to mention the direction we are be taken.

    Now what I would like to know is how many of you are willing to fight for your freedom, and liberty? No not in a government concocted war, a real guns and bullets revolution to take this country back. You can dream about voting them out all you want, but it will take a lot more than that to accomplish what you want. Ah, What the Hell, maybe you do not really care that much and just want to vent.

    …We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…
    –Declaration of Independence

  • Myke McCormick

    I disagree for I think sound reasons. Money quite frankly is worthless. We can still by useful things with it & as long as we can I will. So should the Government. Just have an alternate currency ready to roll. Silver would be better than gold. Gold is to easy to control & most of it is owned by the very rich already.
    When people around the world realize dollars are worthless say, “yeah we know that’s we aren’t using them anymore” All debt should still be paid in dollars which cost nothing since they are worthless.
    Oh yeah…Congress should still be paid in dollars. I know, dollars are worthless but…so is Congress.


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