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Paul Lands Support Of Young Voters At CPAC

February 15, 2011 by  

Paul lands support of young voters at CPACLibertarian lawmaker Ron Paul (R-Texas) won the Presidential straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for the second straight year.

Paul, who is popular among young voters, gained considerable notoriety during his Presidential bid in 2008, which ultimately fell short. Although many pundits doubt that he can win a general election in 2012, Paul emerged as potential favorite at the recent CPAC in Washington, D.C. He won 30 percent of the vote, while former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney notched 23 percent.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, approximately 51 percent of the voters were 25 years old and under, while 72 percent were no older than 40. Furthermore, about 43 percent of voters said that they "wished the GOP had a better field of potential candidates."

During his address at CPAC on Feb. 10, real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who is considering a bid for President, said that while he likes Paul as a person, the 75-year-old has "zero chance of getting elected." In response, Paul admitted that it would be very difficult to win the Republican nomination, although he thinks a "new generation" of voters would support him over Obama, whom he called a "warmonger."

“If you look at the polls — there aren't that many — my appeal is to a lot of independents and a lot of progressive Democrats who are sick and tired of Obama for opting out of cutting back on some of his militarism,” Paul said, quoted by  

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  • s c

    Ron Paul’s comment about Obama’s blatant MILITARISM is quite true. Imagine that, folks. That dedicated progressive, a poster brat for community organizing and a puppet’s puppet is addicted to muscle flexing.
    Obama told us that GB’s strategy of conducting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan was SO WRONG and SO IMMORAL. Yet when Obama had his chance to get us out, he can’t bring himself to do it!
    Why, it’s almost like GB and Obama have something in common. That is, their political philosophies are diametric opposites (kinda), when it comes to flexing their military muscle, they’re brothers! Yee ha! Why, it’s enough to think that politicians stage their disgust for each other so they can manipulate the American people. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

    • Warrior

      Community Organizing? Seems to be in vogue in many areas these days. Could this be the new strategy to combat the opposition? One has to wonder.

      • JC

        I think “Community Organizing” has been in vogue sinse the Han Dynasty…Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Castro’s Cuba, Amin’s Uganda, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe…
        and now Obama’s America.
        Weren’t those part of HIS qualifications?
        Community Organizer and Messiah? ;)


      Our soliders could just raise the middle finger top Obama. Imagine that. Soldiers have all the guts in the world to dodge mortar fire, risk having their legs blown off by IED, etc., etc., but no balls to say no to tyranny? Technically, since all soldiers swear an oath to the constitution, all soldiers should refuse deployment orders until CON-gress actually declares war as is demanded by our constitution. Where are unions when you really need them? The military could band togther unit by unit in unions to resist Pentagon tyranny.

      • kate8

        DOG’S FIGHT – Since Obama has no love for our military, he is doing exactly what he was put there to do. The military is being demoralized, just like everything else that was ever part of America’s greatness. I suspect that they are catching on to how they are being used as pawns, and have been all along.

        Obama admitted to being willing to say anything to get in power. His only intention has always been to wield the final death-blow to America.

    • eddie47d

      SC; Why are we still in Iraq? The answer is actually quite simple. The folks on the Right who supported the war would be yelling ” he cut and ran” and “he’s not honoring the troops who died there”. Remember when Nixon said” anyone that couldn’t end the Vietnam War in the time given Johnson doesn’t deserve to be President”. Well 5 years later we were still in Vietnam. We entrap our Presidents and they sometimes trap themselves. If you truly want to end a war then stop doing the patriotic shuffle and making it so hard to do so.

      • kate8

        eddie – When did Obama start caring what anyone on the right says?

        Oh, yeah. Last November. I’m sure, however, that he views this only as a momentary set-back.

        Stop blaming the Right for what Obama does. That’s not from where he takes his marching orders.

        • eddie47d

          When has the right cared about anything that Obama says? I reckon we both can be trivial.

          • Kate8

            eddie – Well, now, I guess one would think EVERYONE would have to care about what Obama says, since he’s holding the cards.

            The problem is, he’s a liar, so how CAN one listen to what he says?

            We watch what he does, not what he says. They tend to be very divergent.

          • eddie47d

            Heck Bush,Cheney,Rumsfield,Clinton all lied.

          • Kate8

            eddie – It would be easier to point out a politician who DOESN’T lie.

            I have a couple of ideas, but then, how would we know.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            there hasn’t been one in recent history at all! Reagan came close but even he told a few!! Had the rest of them at least tried as hard as him, we might be a little better off than now!!

          • Kate8

            Joe H. – I wasn’t thinking presidents. I was thinking more along the lines of Bachmann, or even Palin. They seem pretty straightforward to me. Of course, if they ran for president, who knows.

            I’m sure all presidents have lied. Just some more than others. I just think Obama is pathological. I think he grew up being trained to lie. After all, his whole existence is a lie.

  • linko

    Considering Ron Paul very well may be the last hope for this country.This artical is very encouraging.If we are again fooled by the main stream media to just vote party instead of investigating the canidates history.Or by the candidates campaign BS. We deserve what we get. Ron Paul is for real.He’s not perfect but he loves this country and since ive known of his politics he has not wavered from his positions no matter what political pressure was put on him. And this is a very rare trait in this day and age. God bless him and his courage

    • Al Sieber

      linko, I agree with you, thats why I said in the other post that political choice is a illusion, but not in Ron Paul’s case.


    According to Stansberry, this year is the year we expierence hyperinflation. We will have anarchy in the streets, people smashing each other’s brains out for dog and cat food, and lots of us in FEMA camps. Ron Paul will do us a whole lot of good in 2012, and he will likely be taken out in the chaos by the NWO.

    America was a nice experiment, but its time for the experiment to end and descend into madness, darkness, and tyranny. Its time for a second dark age that may last 1000 years. We like to think we are evolved chimps, but chimps attack and rape other chimps in other tribes. Are we really much more evolved?


    • kate8

      DOG’S FIGHT – That is exactly the scenario that is being fed to us day and night. If we believe it, it will be.

      It’s all part of the NWO, using control of our minds to create this vision. Because what we hold in our vision, as a collective, we project into being. They know this, and they are using us.

      The greatest thing we can all do to free ourselves of this future is to form a NEW VISION of how we WANT the world to be. The NWO is powerless against us if we take back control of our own thinking. Who we are today determines what we are tomorrow.

      We must snap out of our hypnosis!

      • eddie47d

        That is not what is being told by the NWO but by folks on Conservative blogs like this one.

        • kate8

          eddie – And just where do you think folks are getting this information? People aren’t just making it all up.

          Here is a video that shows how it’s being done. Everyone who still believes the government is trying to protect us should watch it.

          …all rights removed.
          “we have been completely detached from our sense of power and reality”.
          “My government has lied to me so often…they have NO credibility.”

          • eddie47d

            The government does lie and the false flag of the Gulf of Tonkin effects me the most. More than 9/11 and I’m sure that affects others even more so. The continued manufactured Cuban Crises is getting rather old too. If the War on Terrorism isn’t real then it is long over due to bring our troops home.

        • JC

          Well now that eddie (the authority on everything) has spoken you can all go back to sleep America, everything is fine.

          • Kate8

            JC – You ought to watch the video. It’s pretty revealing. And they even left out many of the pre-WWI & II incidents.

            The more we understand this stuff, the more power we take back.

          • JC

            Thanks Kate, I’ve done a ton of homework on the subject already…but it can’t hurt to take another look. Maybe get some new perspective. :)

    • Al Sieber

      DOGS, you need to do some research on Stansberry.

  • newspooner

    Ron Paul is 100% genuine. Since day one in 1976 when he first joined the battle, he has not violated the Constitution or American principles. He has worked with us on many national and local organizations, not only as a figurehead, but as a real contributor to the functional aspects of each movement. The fact that it has taken about 30 years for the average American to recognize his name in politics shows just how powerful the Establishment and the Conspiracy (I know, they are in many ways the same thing, but there are some differences) are in their ability to distort, underreport, and ignore the real national news that would contribute to the battle for preserving (or restoring?) liberty.

    • DaveH

      There’s a very good reason for that. If the Libertarians were to win the election, the Politicians would be facing losing much of their power, and the Crony Capitalists (that includes the Media Moguls) would be facing competition without the protection of Big Government. They would actually have to start working for their millions of dollars.

      • Al Sieber

        News and Dave, you got that right.

  • Dave Carr

    Unfortunately I think it’s too late, even if Ron Paul was elected to the White House. The hole is already too deep to climb out without suffering dire consequences. These days I’m doubting the power of the Presidency anyway. The Fed gang, seems to stay in place no matter who is elected. The Goldman-Sachs, Monsanto types have fully infiltrated the government agencies designed to oversee their companies. Trillions of our tax dollars, basically the entire US treasury has been stolen by the world banking establishment. While I’d love to see a voice of reason like Ron Paul as Presiden; I feel it’s just too late to make a difference. We’re in for a world of trouble in the coming years.

  • DaveH

    Interesting that Donald Trump would say he likes Ron Paul “as a man”, but that he has 0% chance of winning the election.
    Spoken like the true sycophantic Crony Capitalist that Trump is.

    • newspooner

      If anyone has any doubts about Donald Trump, just remember Atlantic City and emminent domain. His true colors showed there. Besides that, people with such huge egos are always dangerous, especially when they are given hazardous toys (such as the Presidency). It is too hard to resist commenting on the hair, so I will just say that if I was in a wrestling match with Donald Trump, I know what I would go for first.

      • kate8

        Newsooner – “…people with such uge egos are always dangerous.”

        All we have to see to prove this out is Obama.

        • eddie47d

          Some on previous days have said that Palin is a threat to Democrats and they fear her.I don’t buy that yet Ron Paul always seems to be a threat to Republicans and they fear him.

          • kate8

            The rats on both sides fear him.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Let me tell you about a friend of mine. He loved to sucker punch guys. He would come up to a guy in a tie, grab it and pull him right into a punch. I kept telling him he was gonna get his but he wouldn’t listen. Well, one night,in a bar, he walked up to a guy in a tie grabbed it and pulled it to punch him and the tie came off in his hand!! He was standing there looking at it stupidly when the guy knocked him out with one punch! The moral of this is…Make sure that hair won’t come off in your hand when you grab it!!!

      • Marten

        Yes, He is so full of himself ……

  • jopa

    Dave Carr;There is just so much that you say is true. I even agree with what Rand Paul said last week about why are we giving grants and foreign aid to Israel that has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.Let them pay their own way already.One more thing I would like to see is the troops brought home from Japan, Korea Germany,Iraq Saudi Arabia, Egypt and every other place in the world where the wars are supposedley over.We can play cop of the world from home with only a couple of strategic bases in the world with the power America has today, and at a much lower cost.

    • JC

      We give Egypt the same amount of money we give Israel.
      Time to stop “buying” our friends…we can’t afford them.

      • DaveH

        And they will be our friends only until the money runs out.

        • kate8

          DaveH – Heck, they’ve never really even pretended to be our friends. It was never friendship anyone was after, anyway. It was submission. Who can blame them.

          It never works to buy friends. They’ll always hate you for trying. Besides, it only shows that you have nothing better to offer.

          • 45caliber

            Actually, I think they hate themselves for taking the money but they take it out on you. Further, we can never give them enough. If we gave their our entire income, it still wouldn’t be enough to satisfy them. Cut them off. Who cares if they aren’t our friends any more … since they weren’t friends in the first place.

          • kate8

            There’s truth in that, too, 45. But when we try to buy someone’s friendship, they can not respect us.

            People can only love us for who we are, not what we do.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            They’re like “drinking buddies”. Long as you buy them drinks they like the hell out of you. Run out of money or quit buying and you won’t see them!!

    • 45caliber

      jopa: Why even be a “world cop”? Let someone else. France seems to always find fault with what we do – let them do it and see if they can do it better.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        to those who yell about the countries not paying for our presence there, Japan pays over 100 million a year for us. while it doesn’t pay the whole bill, at least they aren’t asking for a freebie!!

  • barbm

    the msm has portrayed ron apul as some kind of kook. i don’t know that we can get beyond that. i’d love for him to be potus, but we NEED to win. we’ve got to pick somebody we can all get behind and who actually has a chance of winning. mccain never had a chance, and that’s why the msm chose him. i like gary johnson. i loved his cpac speech. he came in 3rd behind paul and romney. the job he did as governor of n.m. was astounding. a balanced budget, who’d have thunk it?

  • spepper

    Just a note from a guy who’s been around long enough to remember the early campaign season of 1979-80, when Ronald Wilson Reagan won the GOP nomination and ultimately, 2 terms as President– a certain other fellow named George Herbert Walker Bush, who eventually became Reagan’s pick for Vice Prez, actually ran against Reagan in the primaries back then, trying (and failing) to tag Reagan with that “voodoo economics” line– the difference back then was that there were enough registered voters to see through that BS and vote for Reagan instead of Bush at that point– judging by the most recent presidential election, I am not as confident that there are enough registered voters to see through the latest round of BS coming from those like Trump who are running around spouting the “Ron Paul is not viable as a presidential candidate” BS…….

  • kate8

    barbm – Just remember that anyone the media will get behind will not be good for us.

    • 45caliber

      sad but true.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      A good example f that is Duncan Hunter Sr. He ran against McCain for the republican nomination and got very little notice from the MSM!!! He would have been 100% better than McCain or Nobama!!

  • 45caliber

    As a member of Ron Paul’s district, I will say that he makes an excellent Congressman. He votes against all the wasteful spending.

    But also as a member of his district, I will have to say that he would make a poor President. His entire idea of foreign affairs is to abandon them. He doesn’t even want our CIA to spy on them to let us know when we might be attacked.

    He does have some good ideas such as eliminating most of the government departments but he’s lousy on defenses.

    Further, he’s old enough that I doubt that he would live the four years as President.

    Let’s keep him where he is really useful – in Congress.

    • eddie47d

      Maybe that is the reason we need Ron Paul. He will take us out of our Roman Empire mentality and bring our troops home. I agree he will be too old in 2012 but his ideas should live on in another candidate.

      • 45caliber


        I’m amazed. YOU are speaking up for Ron Paul? Instead of Oblama or Hillary? Are you coming down with something?

      • kate8

        eddie – OMG. I actually wholeheartedly agree with you on this!

        I think the US was set up as world-cop exactly for the purpose of making the world hate us. Remember, until the second world war, we tried to stay out of world affairs. We had to be provoked into them by false-flag events. Americans love freedom, not war.

        We are beginning to wake up to this en masse – even those on the Right. Once we realize that the reason we go to war to “fight for our freedom” is a lie, then there is no justification.

        It’s all part of that manipulation by high forces that you don’t believe in, eddie. The evidence is in plain sight, if you can remove the blinders long enough to look.

        If ever armies of peace loving men would lay down their weapons, there would be no one to fight for someone else’s fake causes. The malevolent forces who use their wealth to buy power would be forced to retreat from the shadows into the darkness from whence they came, like the scurrying cowards they are.

        No one wants to die on the battlefield, nor send their children to do so. We are incited by devised threats to our people and our lives. Our only hope is to see who the real enemies are.

      • JC

        WTF? eddie?, you ok?


    Cong. Paul is a man needed to be in charge of a committee to manage budgeting and spending, his deication to management of monies and the expetise is where his value lies. I agree with Trump, Dr. Paul would not be presidential material or even VP but his ability is greatly acknowledged and as a staff member I would value his thinking. I am especially impressed with his campaign to get control of the fed reserve, it wold be a real coup to get that one done.

    • 45caliber



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