Paul Campaign: There Is No Paul/Romney Coordination


Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign has responded to media speculation that Paul has built an alliance with Mitt Romney and that his son, Senator Rand Paul, may be under consideration for a Romney Vice Presidential pick. The answers are no and no.

The campaign recently published a statement on its website explaining why Paul has focused attacks heavily on Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, but has had little to say about Romney:

If Republican voters are already supporting Romney then they’ve already made peace with his big government, anti-conservative record. Newt Gingrich wanted to be the anti-Romney, until conservatives could no longer ignore that Newt’s big government record wasn’t much different from Mitt’s. Santorum now wants to be the anti-Romney. The problem is Santorum is every bit the big government politician Romney is. Mr. “politics is a team sport” Santorum was literally a water carrier for the GOP establishment throughout the last decade and then some.

Speaking on MSNBC, Paul campaign advisor Doug Wead explained that Paul and Romney are polar opposites when it comes to voting records and proposals.

“There is no alliance. I mean, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are exact opposites—maybe that’s why they like each other so much,” he said.

In another statement, the campaign eliminated any speculation that Paul’s son was supporting or would consider any position in a Romney White House.

“I think the story kind of got misrepresented, because you know when I was asked, every time I’m asked these kind of questions, these are hypothetical questions, I always say you know what? I still have my first choice in the race and that’s Ron Paul. My first choice would be a Ron Paul presidency and my first choice for a position would be an unofficial adviser to a Ron Paul presidency,” said the Senator.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.