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Paul Campaign Has Organizational Muscle

March 29, 2012 by  

Paul Campaign Has Organizational Muscle
Ron Paul is the first candidate to get his name on the primary ballot in all States.

The political establishment has done everything in its power to negate Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, but he is still the first of the GOP candidates to have his name on the ballot in all 50 States.

Paul’s campaign filed to appear on the ballot in New Jersey on Tuesday after attaining double the 1,000 signatures required to appear on that State’s ballot. Paul is now the first candidate to have full ballot access throughout the Nation. Mitt Romney is expected to file in New Jersey in the coming days, making his 50-State ballot access likely.

The Paul campaign contends that the candidate’s success in being included in all States before any of the other candidates is a testament to organization and devotion among the supporters.

“Success in accessing ballots no matter a state’s requirements is a barometer for the strength of a campaign organization. Being first to appear on the ballot in all fifty states proves that Ron Paul is the only candidate with the organizational muscle, resources, and stamina to challenge Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Manager John Tate. “In concert with our delegate-attainment strategy, which is working well in states like Iowa, Nevada, Washington, and Missouri, we’re prepared and eager to continue on the long road to Tampa.”

Though Romney is not far behind Paul in having his name listed on every State ballot, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have both failed to meet filing requirements to be on some ballots throughout the primary. Gingrich and Santorum both failed to be listed on Virginia’s ballot for the March 6 vote, and Santorum is not on the ballot for Washington, D.C., where the primary will be held on April 3.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    Anyone that can look at all of the candidates voting history, integrity and honesty with complete objectivity and vote for anyone other than Ron Paul is in complete denial. When you go to the polls, check your partisanship at the door, delve deep into your consciousness, then make an honest choice.

    • Doug Rodrigues

      Since when does the average voter use common sense when voting? The average voter is easily manipulated by the very last ad or commercial about any particular candidate because they are too lazy or too stupid to do the research. This typical mindset is demonstrated by people who believe what dishonest used car salesmen tell them.

    • http://None Atachafalaya country

      The Honorable DR. RON PAUL has served his country in the U.S. Military, as U.S.Congressman, and delivered over 4 thousand babies, In my opinion he is the only candidate that is 100 percent honest and truthful. Check his voting record!

      My candidate must be prolife “not just in some cases”.
      Be an AMERICAN born citizen.
      Should have served in the US armed forces
      Not a career politician

  • revnowwhilewecan
    • Jazzabelle

      No, really??

  • http://none BAP362

    Go Paul !

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Arguing with idiots is futile and a complete waste of time, which is why I will say: Good Day.

    • Maryland Freestater


    • BigBadJohn

      Spoken like a true NeoCon.

      • Pathfinder

        Exactly !! Ron Paul, and anyone who truly stands for liberty, scares the neo-cons. Neo-cons are as dangerous to individual liberty as are the liberals. They both want power and control.

    • Sirian

      “Arguing with idiots is futile and a complete waste of time.” If so, then why did you even post anything? Didn’t you just accomplish wasting time by doing so? Idiot!

    • Liberty

      When you shine a light on cockroaches they always run too.

  • Breeze

    I hope people will see that Dr. Paul is what we need for America. No one else cares about OUR Country, just fame for themselves.

  • firefight

    The first barometer of what’s really going on IS the Liberal Media. If there’s something that would be good for our Nation and bad for the Progressive Liberals, they will intentionally ignor it or they will bypass it. In this case, that honor goes to Ron Paul. Ever since the debates, they have intentionally ignored and bypassed Ron at every opportunity denying the public his response to questions that were important to all of us. The denial of information is one way the Liberal Socailists work to confine and canalize us into looking at only the candidates they feel are most in line with their thinking. I see Romney as a weak, wishy washy man who was the father of Romney Care, the kissing cousin to Obama Care and who is the Republican candidate we see being spotlighted in the news? You got it, Mitt Romney from one of the blue states. In the race between him and Santorum, I’d go for Rick in a heartbeat but, truth be known, Ron Paul is not without his own political baggage and is not the founding father nor one of the original 97 individuals who started the Tea Party movement, but he is for traditional American values.

    • BigBadJohn

      check the links in revnowwhilewecan post.

      It is not just the MSM that has been ignoring Paul, FOX is just a guilty. While on youtube, check the way O’Rielly treats/responds to Paul.

      NO ONE right or left wants to financially hurt their puppet-masters! So they ignore Paul.

      • Al

        “NO ONE right or left wants to financially hurt their puppet-masters! So they ignore Paul.”

        BigBadJohn hits the nail on the head. The noted “puppet-masters” are the big Wall Street bankers. Without their blessing, you don’t get invited to the dance.

      • Jazzabelle

        Fox News IS part of the MSM. Didn’t you know it’s owned by a socialist?

  • Donald York

    For libertys sake,and the right solution for our country, Congressman Ron Paul is our man.

  • Bob Rice

    Im voting for RON PAUL,everyone that voted for obama (note small letters) to show you werent a racist,if you vote for him again,that will show you are STUPID.he doesnt care about ANYBODY or ANYTHING,he wants to destroy OUR AMERICA, I HAVE A VIDEO,THAT SHOWS HIM STATING,THAT HE WAS BORN IN KENYA,NOT HAWAII,AND THAT HES NOT AN AMERICAN CITIZEN.HOW CAN I POST IT HERE????

    • Sirian

      It’s a simple matter of blocking in the address, right click – copy, then tack it into the comment, right click – paste. It should then show up with your comment in blue so everyone can click on it to go to that address and watch the video.

    • DragonflyD

      Send video to the Ron Paul campaign in case they don’t have it. Post it here and on u-tube. Please give us the address. I am hoping Dr. Paul pulls out all the stops soon. Please consider donating funds to his campaign immediately. Help pay for his truthful ads – they are very expensive. He lives as he talks – he will not go into debit just to win the campaign. What a man…what a President he would be. What a role model. Get his name and beliefs out there. Some people have worked over 150 years for freedom and turned around and voted it out – voted for dependency on the government – not freedom from it’s foot on your neck. Hopefully, smart persons will not make that mistake again. First time – honest mistake; Second time – stupidity. The more this gentleman is ignored, abused and segregated – the more I like him. Think about why they are so afraid of him. I only hope since they have put their necks in the noose it has tightened and they can’t pull out and continue to fool the good citizens of this great country. THINK – AND VOTE! The water is over the roof people – Ron Paul is the lifeline.

    • Liberty

      Send it right away to sheriff Joe Arpeio too..He’s investigating the Obama documents & is a really upstanding honest guy.

    • Robert Carr

      I saw this video one time & haven’t seen it since, Obama was speaking to a women,s league in Kenya. He stated that he was born in Kenya. Please post this video. I would like to see it again.

    • RichE

      Geez! I hope you guys aren’t the cream of the conservative crop. These videos are fake.

      P.S.The drunk Obama is the funniest

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  • Nico

    Go dr Paul president

  • Steve E

    I Ron Paul can be this very well organized during his campaign, think about how organized he will be if he were in the White House. A lot better than the current WH, thats for sure.

    • castaway

      Yes, obama is like a “Popcorn Fart in a Tornado”. What joke he and his following are.

      • mark

        Yes but Barak Obama is the President, something Ron Paul will never be.

      • Steve E

        And that would be our loss.

      • TML

        “Popcorn Fart in a Tornado”


  • Patriot Says

    A vote for any other candidate but Ron Paul is a vote for Obama and the end of America.

    • TML

      A vote for Ron Paul is, a vote for Ron Paul, to restore America

  • Beverly

    Bob Rice,
    Put it on YouTube!

    • Liberty

      good plan!

  • Patriot higgins

    Follow the $ Who is backing who? Big banks backed by there handlers the FED.
    The FED owns ALL OF THE MEDIA WHORES. They don’t care much who wins as long as it is one of theirs . O bozo already makes a great puppet whom they back but rummie will do if need be. The FED owns him too. The whores prove that
    They all have a voting record, STUDY IT! It leaves only one choice, RON PAUL
    Study who is in the shadows, THE FED. Our military & patriots back RON PAUL.
    Educate yourselves, you do not vote for the prez. Anyway.So stop believeing that your vote is a vote for Barry Soetoro(obuma) Become a delegate if you want to make a difference for RON PAUL. Turn off the tv propaganda machine, turn on RON PAUL LOOK BEHIND THE CURTIN AT THE PUPPET MASTERS THE FED

    • bvoyscout

      Got that right! What most here are missing is shown in their resentment of the “Liberal”media. There is no friggin liberal media. Its the same media that pushes a “Conservative” agenda whenever the empowered interests find a lapdog on that side of the imaginary fence. But, oh how the Mike party despises the Ike party while the smoke clouds all the images in the mirrors.

  • roger gunderson

    Excellent comments. Ron Paul is my man.

  • mark

    Oh, yeah Ron Paul has great organizational muscle. That is why he has not won a single primary and has zero chance of winning the Republican nomination for president. What a waste of ink – or blog space – this article is. What’s your next headline – The Japanese Navy Was Highly Organized During World War II? True, but it lost.

    • Liberty

      Oops….your “Neo-Con” is showing!…..

      • Flynn

        It takes more than organization to win elections, and ron Paul just doesn’t have it. It helps to stand for what the majority of the people believe.

      • Mark in LA

        The majority of the people aren’t smart enough to stand for anything. They mostly respond like Pavlov’s dog to what they see and hear on TV or radio. All they have heard is lies about Paul’s positions and how “unelectable” or “out of the mainstream” he is.

    • Alex Frazier

      mark, it’s the organization that might win him the nomination. He is scooping up delegate seats across the country. The other candidates aren’t doing that. Additionally, Romney won’t likely get the majority support. Santorum and Gingrich are both in for the long haul. There aren’t that many states left to go. That being the case, I have two words for you …

      Brokered Convention.

      With a large number of delegate seats, if this nomination goes to a brokered convention, the Paul campaign organization is going to make some jaws drop when the dust settles. So don’t be so sure that Paul doesn’t have a chance. If Mitt Romney doesn’t get the requisite delegates from the popular vote to secure the nomination before the convention, this race will go from being an opinion based election decided by citizens who don’t do their homework, to being an educated election decided by informed delegates who know what’s really at stake, many of whom are Paul supporters when they are not obligated to the popular vote requirements.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        I think the next headline will read, “mark believes everything he reads, just like they tell him to”. Join a real cause and quit trying to be trendy.

  • Dave

    Ron Paul period!.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Mark unlock your lips from Obaminations Ass and realise that your hate America and belong in North Korea where all good Communists belong. Obamination, Romney, Santorum and Newt are basically the same Except Obamination is a Half Breed NOT BLACK for you Communist Muslim loving morons. Ron Paul no matter how badly you think he is doing he is comming into this RepubliRAT Convention with a lot of delegates that you don’t realize he has. Even if he dosen’t get the nomination he will have a considerable say in what is going to happen. Ron Paul would kill Obamination in a debate the three stooges on the other hand have backed a lot of Obamination Bills and Big Debt (Spending)having the same type of background that Obamination has. We gain very little with the Three Stooges.

  • T. Jefferson

    This is the man who gets my vote. I believe he is the most honorable man on the ticket.

  • Lawrence

    I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. I will vote only for Ron Paul no matter who gets the nomination. The republicrats are no better than the devil we have now.

  • MIKE


    • Marc

      Well put Mike. 100% disabled vet, service connected from 60′s…I agree 100% with you. Because of Sever PTSD I try not to and hate to comment because of the idiots that come back at your comments. Why else would a man of Ron Paul’s years what the headaches of the Presidency. Because he is not afraid to face down his own Republican party, and make for smaller government, and less evasiveness for the government in our lives… Obama is such a devout coward and liar that he can’t even keep up with his own lies anymore… And the thought that he will collect a great salary for the rest of his no good life hurts me to no end. The name Barrack Hussein Obama, should be stricken from every reord of every action he’s taken, because everyone has been illegal, with him not being a legal President. Therefore any life pensions should be null and void, and he should be expedited with his family to the country he so loves and revers, Afghanastan. As we all saw his bowing to the king there was very professional, and that’s where it belongs. And if the Muslims in Iran kill our Christian minister there, you best believe vengeance against the terrorist Muslim state in America will reach bloodshed quickly…

      • Sirian

        Out of sheer certainty there’s plenty of us 100%ers, me included – early 70’s – that are keeping a very close eye on this election cycle. RP has a wealth of knowledge that would benefit this nation more than most understand. The inability to understand is rooted in the Progressive movement that has “dumbed down” and “indoctrinated” the population with their cleverly placed lies and political movements. That is why most don’t realize what’s taking place.

  • KC Ted

    People should understand that Obama is not someone you can actually blame for all of the losses of liberty, bad economic policy and failed war mongering foreign policy. He was propelled into office with nearly no experience, which is a clear indicator he was chosen by a higher establishment realm (to be an empty suit that they could fill). When America voted him in, they voted for the entities he was obligated to and we see what that brought us.

    Mitt, Rick and even Newt are of the obligatory funding financiers, especially Mitt (almost identical to Obama). Since the majority of Ron Paul’s funding comes directly from the voters, his obligations are to that source, the American people. He has also maintained a closed door policy to lobbyists. This scenario allows Paul to be able to focus on the real issues that face America, without having to protect side entities and other agendas. It is the American voter who donates to Paul that has created his candidacy which is very unique in politics. Actually, almost unheard of. It’s his supporters that drive his run for office.

    We are not his, he is ours. Peace and prosperity is the end result. Who truly rejects that concept for war and poverty?

    If we keep voting for more of the same that we have always been getting, we will always keep getting more of the same.

  • Andy Zahoran

    You are all correct there is no other then Big Dr. R.P. so many ignorant ones say oh he is old, yes that he is, but he is a Doctor, and he knows how to treat his body and brain and that is why he is sharp as a nail. Don’t forget also that usually with age comes “WISDOM”, and that’s specially thru with him. That’s an other reason why he is the only one who can beat Mr. big “o” (small lettrs) By now I’m sure you thinking that I’m selling RON PAUL but U C he doesn’t need to be sold plus he doesn’t care about that crap what he cares about is the people, the country, and the CONSTITUTION ( not necessarily in that order )U C the sad thing is with the AMERICAN people that they have been jacked around by so many bad Politicians for such a long time that when an honest one comes along they don’t trust him. They see what happened with this Gay junkey. So; there is nothing wrong with not trusting a new comer (even though) he is not one but get with the program and learn all you can about him see what has been up to the last 20-30 years he’s never been a flip-flop, like the others and do the same to all the others and you’ll see that the others are a bunch of TRASH CAN. As for Mr. wannabe gracefully step down and simply tell the AMERICAN people that the ones who put you up to this screwed up. maybe the good HEARTED AMERICA will let you off a bit easy of fraud & treason because no one wants to hear that you didn’t know from day one that you were doing something WRONG. Then, just get out of the way of the most prosperous country in the wold and we’ll put our self’s back on the map of GOOD. This of course can only happen with RON PAUL because U C he is not working for the CORPORATION. This is just an opinion ANY REPUBLICAN, OR AMERICAN don’t vote for RON PAUL does not care about the country. Just like Gypsy SOROS says Rom., Ging., or Sant would not be that much better from O-bam-bam.

    • WickedPickle

      Just one quick commit Andy.. This ‘age’ crap.. In the past (even up to Ronnie Raygun) we’ve had “way over 50′s” in office and not one of them crumbled under the pressure.. These blithering idiots who’s pulling out the age card are nothing more than kiddy whores.. If the candidate is young and good looking then to hell with experience and blow off ability, they want him ! Why? because they relate reality to the boob tube and peer pressure.. Foolish kids with their idiotic mentality. I will concede (a bit) Ron Paul may not be able to get us out from under the ills that our Nation is experiencing over night, but at least HE has a plan.. Meanwhile, the three talking heads continue to bash at each other and parrot bashing Obama as if we had not realized his inabilities ourselves.. I say, out with the corporate slug, out with the religious fanatic and out with the fat boy Newt (as mars is calling) and go for the one who at least understands what we as citizens want for our Country..

  • Ben W.

    Thanks -I Think!!!!

  • 4me2777

    Just ran across this when I was researching the net, written in a humorous and honest fashion I think the posters here would enjoy it, I did~

    10 reasons why even democrats, liberals and progressives are choosing Ron Paul over Obama

    • TML

      I’d say there are more than 10 reasons, but thanks for the link!

  • ToeTagTunny

    It kinda brightens my day (even as I gel on this slab) that there are folks who stand beside Ron Paul, and in any other scenario the bums running against him would be bumped off the circuit, but this isn’t your normal election year strategy.. There are gators in the pool and they seem hungry (with eyes closed). Of course you know when the two (frontrunners?) call it quits (as they run out of blood money) they’ll pass their delegates to the ‘farce’ runner (as one looks for the v.p. opening and the other, well, the other one will just have to re-locate to mars) but the bottom line is, these GOP idiots won’t be easy to bring down.. We’re going to have to fight even harder, for Ron Paul’s and all our sake. So show these toads in the general election that when we said, “Ron Paul 2012″ WE DAMN WELL MEANT IT!! Piss on their delegates! Piss on the electoral college! Piss on their self-serving idiocy!! Show America that THEIR individual vote RULES!!! GO R.P.!!! (oops! now I gotta stifle as I hear that idiot coroner spreading ‘dead’ jokes about me, ta!)..

    • 4me2777

      : ) Stand or fall we will never crawl!

      Or to quote Braveheart
      “You can take my life but you will never take my FREEDOM!”

      thank you for the smiles

  • Dr. Sandy Kramer

    “So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many are called, but few chosen.”
    Matthew 19:30

  • PendragonRise

    The Constitution — the heartbeat of America — chooses Dr. Ron Paul for President of the United States in 2012!


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