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Paul, Bernanke: The Final Showdown?

July 17, 2012 by  

Paul, Bernanke: The Final Showdown?
Ron Paul’s last official lecture to the Fed may be Wednesday.

Wednesday will mark an important moment for anyone who has come to question the shady operations and perceived benefit to American economic policy of the Federal Reserve in the past few years because of Representative Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) crusade against the central bank.

This will likely mark the last time that the soon-to-retire Congressman and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee will have an opportunity to lecture Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke during a committee meeting.

Paul said he wants to remind Bernanke of the same message he’s been pushing during his entire legislative career.

“It’ll be hard to think up anything brand new other than reiterating my concerns over the last 30 years,” he told The Hill in an interview.

When Paul took over as chairman of the Financial Services Committee he opted to take an approach that would make the Fed a central issue and a household name with many Americans rather than simply issuing subpoenas for information from the central bank. The lawmaker began to call in economists and scholars to point out the flaws in the Fed’s monetary policy, which served more to teach Congress about other options for American monetary policy.

Paul has managed to bring together both Republican and Democratic lawmakers in criticizing the central bank, and he has created an outpouring of public support for more scrutiny from members of his own liberty movement and the Occupy Wall Street crowd. His bill for a comprehensive audit of the Fed is also moving, thanks in part to its 271 co-sponsors; it will likely be passed by both Congressional chambers.

Below are some of Paul’s most educational exchanges with Bernanke (in no particular order):

Is gold money?



Why would some people not support a Fed audit?




How has the Fed impacted the value of money?



Maybe your theories are wrong.



The only question now: Who, if anyone, will continue to fight to hold the Federal Reserve accountable in Paul’s absence?

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Earth

    These Jews have long enough ruled and ruined the World with their criminal banking system.
    They MUST GO!
    Bernanke, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, J.P. Morgan, etc. are all Jews.
    Lock them up I say!
    And all the other assisting them.

    • mark

      Oh great, now we can add anti-Semitism to the frequent white racism of so many participants ot this site.

      • Ron Bedell

        Mark. Bernanke is Jewish. I don’t know about the others: Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. The point is our liberties have been sold out by the Rockeffers, Rosthchilds, Bilderbergs, and others. Oh, and yes, including Ben Bernanke!

    • Proud American Jewish Libertarian!!!

      Ew. Go crawl back under your rock.

    • wandamurline

      If we can get Romney in the White House, the first person on his cabinet should be Ron Paul as the Secretary of the Treasury and overseer of the federal reserve. Wouldn’t that be something? Bernake would be sh!**ing his pants.

      • Frank B.

        I couldn’t have said it better!!
        I LOVE It!!

      • ME

        You will never take the credit card away from the bring me, take me, buy me, congress, the simple fact is is that the congress and senate are encouraged to spend money we don’t have in order to enrich the bankers that collect interest on the borrowed money, then the politicians and family members are set for life by posh jobs guaranteed after they retire from political service . This money is largely spent on useless never ending wars that enrich the military industrial complex which by the way has there eyes set on dissenting Americans right now, you and I are the current and next terrorist threat. Countries all around the world fall victim to this mafia cabal that extorts oil, lithium, diamonds, copper, gold, silver, coal, and oh yeah did I mention oil, Libya had two things wrong that the Banksters and their military had to stop, a new gold backed currency for the African continent and a national oil company benefiting the people not private interests. Rarely does socialism work I am against it 95% of the time but in the instances of banking and energy I would say that Gaddafi was a threat to the new world orders monopoly. The war on terror is a farce designed to remove the last obstacle in the way of total fascistic domination our bill of rights and U.S. Constitution are those obstacles. The domestic enemy will attack again just as they did on 911 to justify the police state and end the said freedoms granted by these documents (bill of rights and constitution) called the ignored and subverted highest laws of the land.

      • George

        Romney Obama all the same when are all of you going to understand that both parties have been in power for way to long, I would vote for my dog than either one.

    • Cheerio

      Just because some may happen to be Jewish does not mean they represent Jews as a whole. They also are mostly Atheist so they have nothing to do with the Jews who believe in God. Either you are misinformed or on here to stir trouble as is Mark.
      Yes, the central bank needs to be completely investigated by the American people and dismantled, but trying to put blame on Jews as a whole is misguided.
      People are people no matter what their race, religion, political affiliation, gender, etc.
      Trolls exist to stir contention and to bring in racism, lies and deceit with hopes to shut down free speech in the name of bureaucracy and socialist laws.
      Same with Muslims vs. Christians, we are being pitted against each other, class and social warfare, a successful tactic of Socialism.
      If a racist remark is made it is usually an outsider here to cause trouble.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        Yes Jews is the wrong terminology….ZIONISTS is the point
        Of course all Jews are not in on this scam…but they all are Zionists aren’t they?

      • mark

        Right, if you call someone for making a racist remark, YOU are the racist not the person who made the racist remark. For instance if you say: Adolf Hitler was an anti-semite, YOU are the actual anti-semite, not Hitler. He never did or said anything harmful to the Jews This is the thinking of many on this site. Your use of the word “outsider is also very telling, Cheerio. The world is divided into 2 groups – people who think like us – and those dangerous “outsiders” who want to “stir up trouble.”

      • Bucky Roo

        Your right Mark, Hitler never did or said anything harmful to the Jews.. He just ordered his S.S. monsters to do it for him.. He didn’t bomb England, Russia, etc., he just ordered his Luftwaffe to destroy these countries. In short, Hitler was akin to Charles Manson, he was innocent as he had others kill off his enemies.

  • sesame

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul has been locked out of the Republican Convention. The Republicans have silenced him. Time for a Third Party

    • tmelton3

      No. Head to Ron Paul rally in Tampa.

      • KATHRINE


      • Cheerio

        Yes! Let the people decide! Ron Paul is our George Washington!!

    • Dwight Mann

      Ron Paul has more sway than any other Paul-itician that I know of. The GOP is the party of the dead, at this point in time. Think that Mutt Romney can get elected with out the support of the grassroots RP coalition. I dont, and I wont vote Mutt Romney. Romney commands 200 guests at a speech, including the guards. Paul commands audiences in the 4-10,000 range. I see a huge disparity there. . .
      Lets all get behind Dr. Ron Paul. He has been fighting the Fed for 30 years. Maybe he really does know something that most of us do no know. . .

      • Phillip Maine

        The US Military violated the Posse Comitatus act of 1878 last month and raided peoples houses last month in Saint Lewis, MO. One lady demanded why they were taking her food and guns. Their response is telling. Might as well do it now instead of waiting to October. Remember an October surprise! We are about to loose our freedom and our country.

    • Ray Kirkus

      not true. more media lies. look it up yourself as he already had a plurality of 5 states.

      • Cheerio

        Yes! As A Mom website shut down all discussion of Ron Paul because he is “out of the Race” and did not win the last state. I believe we are on the right side of history and no matter what happens in the very future, God is on our side.

  • Patriot says

    We blew any chance we had to correct the ills of our government by not championing Ron Paul and now we must pay the ultimate price. Our strength will be tested in ways completely foreign to us. May we endure the chains of adversity.

  • Silas Longshot

    After Paul does retire, I seriously doubt there will be another that will challenge the fed as loudly and effectively as he has. The fed will then double down on their activities and the resulting financial ruin will be inevitable.
    Get your silver and gold in hand now, while you can.

    Surviving urban crisis. Click the name, find the blog

    • Phillip Maine

      The financial meltdown is already is here! It has been in motion sense the Housing Bubble developed. The Housing Bubble developed because Jobs were not available. 50000 large business took their jobs to South East Asia so the 110000000 people needed jobs.This is the way they hid the theft or our Jobs. I know a man who worked to start a large business. He said they told him he could get a loan to start the business, but within three yeas he had to OUTSOURCE his production and jobs to South East Asia, this in spite of the fact he could get it made cheaper here. The American Economy had to crash because we are two powerful and independent as a people.

  • mark

    Survive the urban crisis? Please, another cuckoo-clock, survivalist, end-of-the world fantasy

    • Gary L

      Perhaps not the end of the world. Maybe some really hard times.
      Ask those who lived through the great depression.

    • Cheerio

      Why are you still here? If you are not worried about it then go on with your life as usual. You still have your freedom to choose and think for yourself. At least when the day comes you can’t say we didn’t warn you, at least give us that much credit = )

  • stevor

    I was all for Ron Paul but saw a video of Webster Tarpley explaining how Ron only did this so he’d have leverage to get his son, Rand, on the GOP ticket as VP. That makes a lot of sense.
    I think Ron has been BOUGHT by the same thugs that OWN BOTH parties.

    • Joe H

      I can tell you have no actual knowledge of Ron Paul!

    • Cheerio

      Ron Paul is THE Defender of Liberty and THE Champion of the Constitution. You are watching too many reality TV shows. Ron Paul is the real deal for over 30 years no flip-flopping! Liberty will prevail!
      Ron Paul 2012

      • mark

        But Ron Paul as zero chance of ever being elected president. Surely, you know this?

      • GALT

        If Ron Paul is a champion of the Constitution instead of wasting 4.23 babbling, why didn’t he ask why the Fed is not coining money, as the Constitution and Article One, Section 10, requires? He doesn’t know anymore about the Constitution than you do? Or Mr. Livingston
        or most of the other pretenders here…….staph writer’s included. ( NOT mis spelled )

        Is gold money? Physical money appears for the first time in 800 to 600 BC it’s chief function is to pay armies…….and this lasts until 600 A.D. and the resurfaces again
        1000 years later, where it’s chief function is to fund armies……”most people think’s its money”………yeah, and most people are as ignorant as Paul.

        Where are the ( common ) law and equity courts?

        For champions of the Constitution, THIS is the question you need to ASK and ACT on.

        You won’t, of course….and neither will anyone else…….and by failing to do so, you have given up your rights and are voluntarily paying all those “unconstitutional” fee’s, fines, duties, imposts, excises, direct and indirect taxes. ( and you waste time everyday COMPLAINING when you are COMPLICIT because of your ignorance.)

        If the end is indeed NIGH……..YOU HELPED!

  • Frank B.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Elect Ron Paul (write-in if necessary), END the Fed, and return to real money (GOLD)!! OR bend over and kiss your a$$ goodbye!!

    • AZ-Ike

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The popular vote of the People do NOT elect the President. Therefore, a write-in vote for Ron Paul will not elect him even if 80% of the voters write him in.

      The State Electoral College votes actually elect the President–AFTER they are elected by the voters in the Presidential election. The Electoral voters are listed individually with no party affiliation, but the nominees of the Electors are generally from the members of each of the major political parties. Good luck turning their votes away from either Obama or Romney!

      • Bucky Roo

        … And if neither one of those come through for the factions that are working behind the scenes, then look toward the supreme Court and THEN they’ll get their way. Two or three times the electoral college tried to over ride the popular vote but each time they were squalshed by angry voters, lucky for them they somehow found enough votes to confirm the electoral college’s assumption but something dreadful happened in 2004.. I think it was the first effects of the voter ‘dumb down’ malady because we actually allowed the powers that be dictate who our next president was going to be. If it worked once…..

  • Rocketman

    I wish that it would happen but if Romney wins there is now way that he would make Paul a member of his cabinet. Paul is too honest, outspoken and almost unique among the current congress he can’t be bought. The powers that be would never let Paul have any kind of power position.

  • purplewarrior71


    All of our interest, energy, will, fortitude,wind, stamina, should be focused on ELECTING CANDIDATES THAT FAVOR CONGRESSIONAL TERM LIMITS. Our CURRENCY SHOULD BE BASED ON THE VALUE OF GOLD NOT PAPER.REPLACE OUR CURRENT TAX WITH A CONSUMPTION TAX. This way every one pays the same. If we all work together as one this can take off.



    • Tony

      I agreed with your statement , limit terms from mayors , governors , congress , and senate. And back our currency , with gold , if there’s any left..and do away with lobbyist , and show all money going over seas , to support other countries .. And help the people in the US…and elimante the federal resevere and give the country back to the amercian people..What once was the greatest country in the world is now turning into the largest plantation …People better start looking who runs the federal reserve , the banks , and most of the the fortune 500 companies . You might not be picking cotton , but rest assure you are being in slaved , if you love your kids and grandchildren , you had better start to get involved , and spread the word that the federal reserve must be abolished ..

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    Zionists are the problem NOT Jews.
    I you knew the facts you would then know that many Christians and other faiths are Zionists, althought the majority are Jews. The Rothchilds are from Kazarian stock and are therefore Jews by conversion, forced conversion also ! In fact MOST Israelis are European Jews, not SEMITIC Jews and their ancesters came from ancient Kazaria. Palestinians, on the other hand ARE SEMITIC.
    As a note of interest and curiosity,at least 2 of the Rothschilds are also Freemasons.

    I am not defending Jews any more than others, they are no different than other people in this world, although Zionist would like you to believe Jews are “Chosen”. Since I am Atheist i find anyone claiming to be “chosen” a joke!!! Jews have all the good and bad characteristics of any human being, even CRIMINAL…… check this web site and video :

    To comment about who will take Ron Pauls place….NO ONE! Face it, Tyranny is a given because IGNORANCE is rampant. We are our own worst enemies.

    Westerners have no one to blame but themselves: the Price of FREEDOM is ETERNAL VIGILANCE and THAT has been forgotten, if it was ever learned.

  • http://N/ Deyci Pecoraro

    Let’s go for Romney and for Ron Paul as the Secretary of the Treasury!

  • wnettles

    Ron Paul 2012. Anything less is just a cheap, poorly contrived imitation.

  • John T

    As I read the comments that some of you leave at this site each week I am amazed and somewhat disappointed at the total lack of understanding that some of you show for the current crisis you face. Maybe that stalk you are correct and justified when they refer to the mass of humanity as “cattle”‘ If you really believe that any of this is about Obama, Romney, race, bad economic policy or incompetent leadership you are DEAD wrong. It is all part of a plan that is proceeding as designed. Unless the cattle begin to understand the ultimate intentions of the farmer, they are all destined for the slaughter house.

    It would be wise for those of you who do not understand to at least do some research in order to become acquainted with your would-be executioners. These people, though some may be Jews or have Jewish surnames; you are fools to think that it is a simple as blaming the Jews, the Islamics, the Christians or anyone else that you can think of. They are not your enemy; only by design. Your true enemies have been hidden in the shadows for years. Indeed, they are all around you on a daily basis and yet you still do not perceive their presence in your daily lives. They use these petty conflicts between various groups and create all manner of crises to keep you busy while they contemplate your ultimate demise as species in favor of their planned Utopia.

    Many good American patriots have lost their lives in order to understand the truth and uncover the lies. They have died one by one for their efforts and continue to die in order to warn an American public that does not listen. I suspect it is already too late for action on your part to avert the catastrophic disaster that is just over the horizon of history. At least you should have enough self-respect to want to know why you died and why your way of life ended the way it did.

    In case anyone is interested in knowing the truth I have left a link below to one of those patriots who died to get out information that the public is generally too brainwashed to understand.

    Do some research on Mr. Cooper and you will find that he is not a “nut” or a “conspiracy theorist”. You will find that he was in Naval Security and Intelligence. He is telling the truth. It will be left up to you to follow up on his information and confirm this for yourself. For a full accounting of Mr. Cooper’s experiences while in the Navy, read his book entitled: “Behold A Pale Horse”.

    By the way the Bilerberg Groupd has already chosen Romney to be the next President. This happened in early June.

    Wake Up Before It Is Too Late!

  • Jay

    From Marx to Lenin, Gramsci & Alinsky.

    Obama’s Ideological Father: “Gramsci… organized the Italian Communist party in 1921….

    Since this was four years after the Russian Revolution, Gramsci assumed Italians would welcome a Bolshevik convulsion of their own. But it didn’t happen….

    He found three explanations: Christianity, nationalism and charity. …the way to set the stage for a Marxist revolution was in coming to grips with these three conditions….

    The first stratagem was the assault on Christianity by arguing religion should not inform or be employed in public discourse. Gramsci realized that if religion were confined to private worship, its hold on Italians would dissipate….

    Second… Gramsci contended Italians were part of a grand global mission….

    Last… Gramsci engaged in efforts to persuade Italians that the way, the only way, to express humanitarian concern for the poor or those left behind as the detritus of capitalism is through a government that can be benevolent….

    “Obama… has suggested overtly and tacitly that religion should be a matter relegated to private worship outside the confines of public life…. [Through] his proposal to deny tax deductions for charitable gifts, government is being converted into the only public charity.

    Moreover, the transfer of wealth in the stimulus package and the increased tax burden on the most productive element of society will inevitably decrease incentives and expand the size and influence of government…..

    Our leaders may not identify themselves as Gramscians and may even mock the designation, but make no mistake: Gramsci’s DNA is in their bloodstream.”

    Totalitarianism means total government control: No earthly freedom to deviate from politically correct ideology! No personal property that’s not subject to government regulations. No public communication without surveillance. No escape from the ever-tightening boundaries of government regulations and global standards. No personal rights to follow God and share His Truth.

    The pathway to socialist oppression is no longer bloody revolutions. The omnipresent dialectic process is far more subtle and effective. Enhanced by the steady drumbeat of the media’s pervasive, suggestive and anti-Christian stimuli, minds are dulled and the masses indoctrinated everywhere.

    While people in the Soviet Union knew they were trapped in a cruel system, many could still think factually and logically. Today’s managers of mind-control have nearly perfected the social “science” of collective brainwashing. How did we get here?

    A time-line of the last 100 years takes us back to Georg Hegel, a German occultist who conceived the mind-changing dialectic process. His diabolical philosophy fueled Karl Marx’s anti-Christian fervor — and gave Lenin and Stalin their key weapon in their war against Christianity. After all, Communist solidarity meant the pursuit of a collective vision. And the hope of the masses must be set on an earthly Utopia, not the unchanging promises of the Biblical God.

    Hindsight proves the failure of the Lenin-Stalin bloodbaths. While the masses were forced to comply, the envisioned Utopia became a deadly nightmare.

    Antonio Gramsci was the first Communist leader to see through the illusion.

    While firmly committed to global Communism, he knew that that violence would fail to win the West.

    American workers (proletariat) would never declare war on their middle class neighbors as long as they shared common Christian values. So the Italian communist — a contemporary of Lenin — wrote an alternative plan for a silent revolution.

    The main weapons would be deception, manipulation and infiltration.

    Hiding their Marxist ideology, the new Communist warriors would seek positions of influence in seminaries, government, communities, and the media.

    Continued here:

  • http://Yahoo George

    He is one of the few who actually understand how the USA has been “screwed over”.
    Very few understand what GOLD is compared to “currency”!
    Very few understand what SILVER is compared to “currency!

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