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Paul Accuses Gingrich Of ‘Serial Hypocrisy’

December 2, 2011 by  

Paul Accuses Gingrich Of ‘Serial Hypocrisy’

A new Ron Paul Presidential campaign advertisement distributed online uses former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s own statements throughout to paint him as a flip-flopping political opportunist.

Much of the ad is in Gingrich’s own voice. After a few of Gingrich’s statements, the ad shows an image of him sitting on a loveseat beside former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) while the two shared a laugh over their agreement concerning global warming.

The ad also features Gingrich’s assault on the budget proposal presented by Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and it mentions the former Speaker’s lobbying ties to government mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the entities that perpetuated the financial crisis and recession. Also included is commentary on the former Speaker’s lobbying ties to healthcare firms prior to his support of an individual mandate as part of healthcare reform.

“Our campaign is making a bold move to debunk the myth that the Newt we are seeing on the 2012 campaign trail is the conservative he has been touted to be all along. This step we are taking is necessary, as voters are seeking authenticity among conservatives who are able to show a decades-long career of consistently walking the walk of Constitutional principles, limited government, and promoting sound money and economic policy. Ron Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate with that record,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton in a press release.

The ad concludes by suggesting voters ask Gingrich: “What will you tell me next time?”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    I can understand how Paul would say that about Newter(ed). He does have his fair share of McCain moments. What bugs me most about Gingrich is his on-the-fence, off-the-fence behavior. He’s no dummy, but he acts as though he’s somehow bored or aloof and can’t be bothered with being intelligent or relevant all the time.
    Newter’s suck-up appearance with Queen Nancy was about enough to make me puke. Hasn’t he been around long enough to know that people who gladly put America in danger are not fit to be seen as friends?
    McCain perfected that foot-in-mouth approach, and it kept him OUT of the White House. We remember. Don’t you, Newter?
    For those who are reluctant to see Perry get the nod, Gingrich would be as bad if not worse.
    Newter, it’s America first. It’s NEVER an individual first. WHY don’t you get it?

    • bob wire

      yea~ pretty much the way it’s falling in place.

      Only The voter has the luxury of sitting on the fence, candidates do not.

      Newt is always nosing the air for the political winds that blow.

      My person favorite Newty statement was; ” Social engineering is bad where it be right or left” which got him in hot water with right wingers as he acknowledged such a thing even existed. too funny!

    • MRMO

      Tell me if I am wrong, but is this not the man who went after Bill Clinton for having to much fun in the oval office?
      Than a couple years down the road it came out he was playing the motel game behind the backs of everyone,getting a little extra on the side… Is this not part of the reason he steped down as speaker OF THE hOUSE. To much heat around him.. MORE HYPOCRISY!!!!
      He is no better than Perry or the rest of the say one thing do the other, people they are trying to push on us.
      RON PAUL IN 2012, ARE ONLY HOPE !!!!!!!

      • bob wire

        Yepper! one and the same man, you recall is sound.

      • r.p.

        He also got caught selling votes for healthcare reform to the Health Insurance Cabal.

    • http://Google Susan Jean

      I think Newt’s the best and would have made a better Presiden than any one that was running.

  • http://deleted Claire

    sc–you are correct. I saw this snippet written by Calvin Trillin:

    Lambasting pols who got too close to Freddie,
    New failed to say that he himself already
    Got Freddie payments that were large and steady.

    As is his custom, Newt was undeterred.
    Hypocrisy’s not really what occurred.
    For Newt we’d need to find a stronger word.

    I am having a hard time with the fact that people are actually supporting this shyster. Gingrich is the man of the hour, it is appalling and ridiculous. I can’t believe people have forgotten his past escapades when he was in office. I pray for America and all Americans.

    • libertytrain

      Claire – Ron Paul – I couldn’t vote for any of these guys/gals – I’m so tired of all these years having to vote for the lesser of the two evils that I am going to write in Ron Paul if need be….

      • http://deleted Claire

        libertytrain–I will vote for Ron Paul if I have to “write-in.” I sent you an email….

        • Millicent

          A vote for Ron Paul as a write in is a vote for the Kenyan. Thanks all you morons.

          • libertytrain

            Then so be it.

          • Brian

            I second that…

          • Jonathan

            I would rather have Obama for four more years than Newt for a single day. Better the enemy you know than the one in your midst. So yes, I will write in Ron Paul’s name knowing that at least I stood up and voted on the best man for the job rather than another neo-con mistake.

          • TML

            That is such flawed logic it’s funny you call others ‘moron’.

          • r.p.

            When I hear all these catchy , extremely thought provoking and intelligent phrases like; “He’s unelectable”, “Insane”, “Kook”, “Too old”, “Way out there”, “He’ll split the ticket”, “Isolationist”, “Paulbots”, “He’s for legalizing (you name it)”, “Naive”, “He just doesn‘t look Presidential“,. and especially “If you vote for him you’ll guarantee an Obama win“. It’s easy to see that the MSM’s subliminal suggestions and propaganda based pseudo journalism is working just fine. Yeppirs…. Pavlov’s dogs are doing just exactly what they were programmed to do. Drool whenever they hear Cain, Bachman, Perry, Romney, Gingrich. Or the next flavor of the month, become rabid when they hear Ron Paul.

            By the way Bob. Good article again.

          • r.p.

            Sorry Sam, I didn’t mean to discredit you!!!!

          • Average Joe

            You vote your conscience (not that I believe you have one) and we’ll all vote ours….and you can come back crying to us the day after the election….because “your lesser evil” wasn’t elected. For now, if you have nothing positive or intelligent to say (which up until now, you haven’t)….pour yourself a nice big cup of STFU…..and down it with a bottle of thorazine….and go back to sleep…..

          • BSG

            I’m hoping for a Romney/Gingrich ticket, simply for the silliness of the names, can you imagine having the country run by a Mitt and a Newt—Its classic and would be a great follow-up to our current comedy of having a Hussain in the White House while we fight a war against Islamic terrorists.

          • moshcustom


          • Andrea B

            Hey, Millicent…

            If you’re worried that we’re all going to throw the election to Oblamer by writing in Dr. Pauls name, you’d better get on board with the rest of us and write him in, too.

            If the rest of Dr. Paul’s supporters understand what’s going on even a little bit, they won’t budge on it…it’s going to have to be the rest of the R party that does their due diligence. We’ve done ours.

            Ron Paul 2012

      • Michael P K RHU

        Dr. Ron Paul’s our best choice!
        Michele Bachmann is a great VP choice!

    • Mushin

      Claire, this is why Bush publicly called us “sheep” – and how could he or any of these elitists be blamed?! All one has to do is watch how easy the American People are to manipulated….it’s laughable!

      “What luck for rulers that men do not think” Adolph Hitler

      • http://deleted Claire

        Mushin–And they say the Liberals are sheeple–well, so are the Republicans. Sorry, but anyone with half a brain would never vote for Gingrich.

  • Larry Hearold

    Ron Paul is the only one I wil vote for and if he doesn’t make the nomination I just won’t enter a choice for president at the polls. Paul is the only one that has been consistant in what he says and believes. Do I agree with all of it? No, but he doesn’t change his tune to kiss ass either. He’s always the same. The media really doesn’t want to give him a fair shaake either. They totally ignore Paul in their push to brainwash the sheeple into voting for a two faced criminal, which is the majority of the other republican candidates.

    • Millicent

      You are right, he’s always been the same Porkulus Paul old fool. Sit home then and help destroy us with more of the Kenyan. People like you make me sick. I get what I want or I’m not going to play. I hope you like the Commie dictatorship you are helping to support. Unfortunately, I have to live with it too. You and all the rest of the Paul supporters ought to get out of America. You all stink to the high heavens

      • http://deleted Claire

        And you don’t stink? Look in the mirror. You are no better than anyone else. I could say the same things that you said regarding your choice of president. Gingrich?? Barf and gag. And you THINK your choice is the correct one?? Perhaps you should get out of America.

        • Jayme Allan

          It is interesting to me that those who oppose Ron Paul resort to name calling. There is no intelligent discussion. Ron Paul supporters are very intelligent and well read – you can see it from their comments.

        • libertytrain

          Good grief, I couldn’t in good conscience support him. Intelligent he may be but no less a shyster than the worst of the worst.

          • libertytrain

            Of course, I am talking about Gingrich.

    • Mary

      Let’s face it, Ron Paul is a huge threat for the banking mafia the FR and corrupt rest of government. He has been like a profet and we all can verify that. They are tons of videos proving that. The others candidates are politicians, flip flops and the worst the cheerleader bully from Texas. Paul is not going to be the candidate for the Republican. It’s going to be MR but Paul can be vice-president. Ron Paul people won’t vote for any of the other phonies unfortunately that will be a win for the Demos. Ron Paul has to do this for the country and make a deal with the pig. If Micky wants Ron Pauls votes and a little chance against OB Paul has to be his VP. If Paul going independent the republicans are doomed.

  • eddie47d

    Newt is a steady smooth talker and sharp on the terrorism issue but beyond that he plays coy on the rest of the issues.Not much different than Romney in the flip flopping department.

    • http://deleted Claire

      eddie47d–I agree with you.

      • Brian

        And I do too, Eddie47d!

    • Average Joe

      Even I agree with you eddie…I know…scary huh?

    • Alan

      Wow – Eddie, I finally found something I agree with you on! And believe it or not, I won’t ask you for your sources.

  • ELizabeth

    Please, please I am begging everyone. Whoever wins the nomination needs to be backed by all of us. Writing in Paul if he fails to win the nomination only makes it that much easier for Obummer

    We all need to stick together under one banner.

    • Brian

      Elizabeth, you may be right that a vote for Ron Paul insures that the Obummer continues as our president…But, wouldn’t you want to vote your conscience rather than vote for a Republican that ‘says’ he is a conservative and then proves to us he is not? A vote for someone that rather than destroy the economy tomorrow does it in 3 days?

      • STEVE

        I think Ron Paul would make the best President. However everyone talked about how great a person Jimmy Carter was when he was running for President. And look at what he did to our country. I will vote for the biggest snake,which will be Newt or another snake GOP.I don’t want Obama to have another term in office. He will destroy the country !

        • Don

          Exactly Steve, vote non-muslim

      • JUKEBOX

        I guess you would have someone posing as a moderate, intellectual who is a far left wing socialist destructor for another four years. You need to remember that the longest journey in the world started with one step. That is the way we have to change Washington, one step at a time. 180 degree flips are not going to happen overnite. Nearly anything is better than the “GREAT PRETENDER”.

    • Dan

      Are you serious, I will vote or write in Ron Paul. You can stick with your puppet party.

    • r.p.

      I address this to ELizabeth: If Ron Paul does not win the republican nomination, there is no one else in the race as it is now that will give any change to the “Status Quo”. You might just as well vote for Obama. If R.P. does not win the nomination I will have to re-evaluate the third party tickets and see who would be the best choice. I will not give any endorsement to neither the Dems or Gops just because there is no R.P. The only “winners” will be the two party cabal. The “People” will lose dearly. Your vote is your voice, use it to tell them you are fed up with corruption from both sides.

    • Andrea B

      It’s not that we want it ‘our way’ or we don’t want to play…it’s that we, as Ron Paul’s supporters, understand that he’s really the only candidate running that doesn’t just say he’ll follow the Constitution…he actually does it–and he has a 30 year voting record to prove it.

      None of the others can say that.

      Our active military troops have donated more to Ron Paul’s campaign than to Obama’s by 2 to 1, and more than all of the other Republican candidates (COMBINED) by 3 to 1. Are you suggesting that they don’t ‘get it?’

      If you’re truly worried that Ron Paul’s supporters carry enough weight to throw the election to Oblamer, then I suggest you get on board with those of us that know what’s going on.

      Ron Paul 2012

    • Justin

      the problem is that Republicans have not done what they said, so no one trust them. the “tea party” candidates didn’t pass a budget and decided to take a cup of water out of a swimming pool of over spending and think that is enough. I was a die hard Republican when I though they actually cared about our budget. No more BS political games for me, I’ll vote who I think is best and it certainly wont be Democrat or Republican. The ones I want wont get elected anyway. No one but Paul!

  • Joe

    I have been a big fan of Ron Paul’s economic and Constitutional stance for a long time however I always had a problem with his foreign relations beliefs even though thoroughly rooted in the Constitution. At this point, I too am jumping to his camp and will in all liklihood support him providing he surrounds himself with good solid people. Newt speaks well and will definitely have a place in government promoting a strong and vibrant America, just not as President. For What It’s Worth!

  • http://Boblivingston Lyle McDaniel

    Newt lost my interest by the immigration pandering. If he cant be strong against immigration, he would continue to let them overrun us.

    • bob wire

      LOL! If you would look at the Mexican illegal immigration issue, the time they have been in the US, their numbers, when they arrived, what they had done since they have been here and how their family have grow, you will see a “picture”, a picture that will give you insights and tell you many things.

      You will find the bulk of them arrived in the US between 2003 to 2009 during 43′s administration and integrated into America and laid down roots and had children.

      You will also realize Newt’s ideas are encompassing, humane, practical and doable, any other approach will be lacking in these features, as his views propose establishing a criteria to make any decision on who stays and who goes.

      I can’t fault you for “not liking” them, but hard decisions are never popular.

      • Naomi

        Yes all those poor illegal Mexican’s who have been In this country for a whole 2 yrs to 8 yrs. If your dates are correct. They have put down roots raised families, taken advantage of all of our welfare programs, or gotten a job and paid taxes. That’s great, but, how did they pay taxes or receive benefits with no SS #? They don’t have a worker ID # if they’re here illegally. Answer: Identity Theft! This is where a large portion of this crime occurs, and it is not a victimless paperwork error! So, no I don’t believe they should be given citizenship under any conditions for committing 2 serious crimes.

        • bob wire

          I understand, you make perfect sense Naomi, your feeling are not complicated or confusing.

          But what about punishing the enablers? ~ The dry cleaners, the lawn service, the restaurants, the roofer, the concrete contractors, the house cleaning services that use this labor force to keep their prices low and eek out a small margin of profit to sustain themselves and still offer you services and product at cheaper prices?

          Include yourself to this punishment if you are consumer.

          Just as you should include yourself to rising unemployment in America everytime you shop at WalMart.

          All of a sudden , it gets more complicated. These people do pay taxes on all consumer goods. Some of them even pay Federal taxes, money they will never get back.

          So ~it’s complicated. What it does is shift the economic burden to where those that enjoy some benefit are not paying for it as it’s placed on the backs of others.

          The state of Texas refusing to enforce their Licensing Laws while demanding that I comply with then for 15 stinking years almost put me in the poor house so don’t confuse me for some kind of indifferent,detached “bleeding heart”. It’s a problem in great need of a solution.

          It’s a complicated problem and made worse by people that seem to think otherwise and see it as ‘simple”.

      • Larry Castle

        I have a question Bob, Illegal Emigrants buy any definition that means law breakers to me, what does it mean to you

        • bob wire

          That is true Larry, and Laws make criminals and criminals made laws.

          The question is rhetorical, a chicken or egg thang.

          There is enough laws on the books to make every man, woman and child in the US a criminal, a law violator. It’s only a matter of selection and application

          So you point is?

          This issues has been all but ignored and place on the back burner by every past administration other then physical barricades for good reason, it’s unpopular and a hard swallow for every American.

          44 sent some legislation though to address certain aspects of anchor babies which failed to pass if you will recall.

          In the last 3 years Immigration has set an all time record in numbers for deportation and this effort continues today as American GI come home to high unemployment. We must make room for them, while many GI actually joined the service 5 years ago simply because they couldn’t find quality employment and health care coverage for their families.

          Now, many GI’s are coming home only to find that Bank of America has repo their home. It’s a sucky state of affairs and the Mexican community will find the heat only getting hotter and hotter while there is no improvement to be had in their own country. Mexico is much like living in Tehran, unstable and uncertain but for poverty.

      • Pauline

        I found it refreshing to hear a re-dedicated Newt Gingrich take a leading role ‘for love of country!’ Who has not made mistakes? Needed God’s forgiveness? Came to repentance through faith in Jesus Christ and accepted that forgiveness.
        Then,’stepped into the waters’ of turning our country around. All the while knowing ‘that people would remember their failures, mistakes, and shortcomings.’
        I believe that Newt Gingrich is the prepared man for the hour. He will be a ‘take charge’ President and stop all the foolishness and danger of the ‘current WH occupant!
        Pray folks. Seek God’s guidance in your voting! Forgive and see the grace and mercy of God show up and show out! Vote Newt Gingrich 2012!

  • Buck

    Gingrich is more than just a hypocrit , he is untrustworthy . If you want a real president vote for RON PAUL for PRESIDENT .

    • Brian

      RON PAUL for president!

  • http://southwindhighschool,memphis,TN murf appling

    spkr Gingrich is fascinating, as is rep. Paul. the question the citizen must ask is “who can beat the incumbent?” spkr Gingrich & rep. Paul are legislators, identical to the current “Chief Magistrate”, & these members of the “political building” are not trained, taught, or educated as to the “executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States”. the primary reason we are in the “fix” we are currently experiencing. legislators do not HAVE to make “executive decisions”. reps/senators simply “determine the Rules of its Proceedings” in order to “bring home the bacon” & that results in what every 1st term member of Congress “covets” – a 2nd term!! we can see that in the adulteration to “preserve, protect, & defend the Constitution of the United States”. the mesg has gotten lost over time. it would be interesting to try & ascertain who teaches/expires/pontificates the idea the Constitution is no longer relevant to American society??

    to cut to the chase, governors make the best choice for the “high office” even though the last one was a bit of a disappointment. your thoughts are welcomed

    murf appling
    southwind h s
    american governement
    memphis TN

    • r.p.

      Hey Murf: I hope this doesn’t put a monkey wrench in your class thesis. Some very great presidents came out of congress. And some very great “bozos” came from Governorships. Such as George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, Ronald W. Reagan, Woodrow Wilson. The Steller ones were, Andrew Jackson,Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and Theodore Roosevelt. All in all, 20 presidents were former governors, but then that would leave out great statesmen like George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, John Q. Adams, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy. So you see, being a Governor doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a good choice. Look at what we have running for the GOP ticket now who are governors. Does this help?

      • Alan

        So, you are advocating that Theodore Roosevelt (a Progressive) was stellar and Ronald Wilson Reagan a “bozo?” We can agree that George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, and Gorge HW Bush were all “bozos.” But for you to put a Progressive Theodore Roosevelt above a kind, witty, christian, statesman like Ronald Wilson Reagan is unbelievable and unthinkable! I will agree that Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson were stellar and their legacies live on today. I will agree with this statement that George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, John Q. Adams, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy are Statesmen with the exception that you left out Ronald Wilson Reagan.

        Selective rememberance of history only goes to cloud future generations minds of the past. I will not – keep telling the lie until it becomes the truth. Karl Marx gave the Statist the only tool they need: “Keep telling the lie until it becomes the truth!”

        Then we wonder what is wrong with our country today!

  • tommyhsval

    As much as I’d like to see Ron Paul (or Gary Johnson) get the nod,
    Y’all are forgetting the most important thing: Getting the liberals out of the Senate. Even if Obummer, gets re-elected, we can reduce waste and balance the budget if we conseratives can get a 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      tommy… You have posted the most intelligent post here! We are concentrating way too much on who gets the presidential nomination. Congress needs to be ‘revamped’ as well. I am so unhappy with all our choices for the presidential nomination. Our country is in the worst mess it’s ever been in and we need strong leadership. I wish I could get behind Ron Paul, but I don’t agree with too many of his policies. Maybe if he were to pick a running mate, I could be swayed. I know that is getting the cart before the horse, but it would make it easier!

      • mike

        I have read all of your opinions and not one I repeat not one has figuard it out, let me explain, there is a small group of men I could count them on my two hands that controlles the white house the dems. the rep. everything. any man who becomes president WILL do what they say and if they dont they will be done away with.

  • Lawrence Ekdahl

    Ron Paul is right on most of the issues and I especially agree with him on foreign policy. We have to stop being imperial America.

    • Larry Castle

      I have a question for you Lawrence, now don’t get me wrong I do not believe the Republic of the United States should be the worlds police men nor do I believe that we should be the resolution for every problem in the world.
      My question is would you rather fight the enemy on their soil, in their cities and defeat them on their ground or would you rather have us fight them in our cities, on our land, and destroy our infrastructure while trying to defeat them.
      You can’t have it both ways.

      • Ted Crawford

        Well stated Larry. Ron Paul seems almost brilliant about most things fiscal, but his foreign policies, specifically those about the Middle East, remind me of Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy in the ’20s&’30′s! The recent events in Iran would seem to point out the naivte of his “let’s make friends with them” idea!
        For those who say we need to stay within the bounds of the Constitution, I say I completely agree! Given the fact that the founders, in Artical 1 Section 8 Paragraph 12, allowed for the granting of letters of Marque, seems to point out that they understood that we would need to be proactive in our National Defence!
        It would be completely irresponsible to allow a rogue nation such as Iran to posses a nuclear weapon!

      • Andrea B

        @ Larry-

        It isn’t a matter of being attacked or fighting a war on our soil or theirs.

        It’s a matter of declaring war according to the Constitution. If a foreign country attacks the US, Ron Paul has clearly stated on several occasions that he would consult with Congress, allow THEM to declare war, and they would take out whomever attacked us, wherever they may be, and then we’ll come back home. When we declare ‘pre-emptive’ strikes against tactics (such as Terror), or against some nameless/faceless concept (such as Drugs), rather than against an
        actual enemy, the wars never end, we lose our young men and women, and we go bankrupt.

        I’m sure you’re right, though…what we’re doing right now is the SAME road we should stay on because it’s obviously leading us down the road to jobs, peace and prosperity…eh?

        Ron Paul 2012

        FYI: Voting YOUR heart and YOUR consciense is NEVER a ‘wasted vote’…after all, it’s YOUR vote! Why would you use YOUR vote to elect someone you don’t want? If Dr. Paul’s name isn’t printed on my ballot, it will be when I’m done with it!

      • Lost in Paradise

        We will be fighting them on our soil very soon,have you not been paying attention to the department of justice forcing Shariah law on us just recently or food now being processed according to the law of islam?

        In addition, unless we turn inward, and rebuild we will not be able to win any battle anywhere. WE are broke, and need to build our wealth back up to what is once was, and build the strongest most advanced military anywhere on the planet. With Ron Paul, that will happen, as well as the Space Program. NOt with any of the other candidates.

  • Buddy

    “Gingrich endorses Dede Scozzafava in NY-23 race” Oct 16, 2009.

    Enough said

  • Larry Castle

    Sorry I can not stand with you on this one folks. Ron Paul flip flops all over the place just like all the other politicians. I just spent days going through his voting record and what I find really bothers me.
    In the majority of cases he has voted Nay or not voted at all on any bill:
    that has anything to help our military in it.
    He votes against or doesn’t vote on bills with anything having to do with gun rights in them except the one that effect the washington d.c. gun ban. – yet he says he is for the 2nd amendment (really)
    He Voted against the balanced budget amendment, and voted or didn’t vote for any of the budgets since 2001, yet he never offers a different solution. Yet he says he will reform washington as president it would be interesting how he would do that without offering any alternatives.
    No less that 14 bills have been not voted on or voted against by Ron Paul which would have reformed congress, limited the power of the government, brought the IRS under control, secured the boarder with Mexico. In addition to that he voted yes on Aid bills for Mexico, and didn’t bother to vote on Trade bills with Korea, Thailand, China, etc. it is pretty simple if you do not vote they in essence you are voting for that bill, but after all these years he still doesn’t understand that or does not care?
    he voted against funding for the Intelligence agencies / US Navy / Air Force assets which if they had not passed anyway we would still be looking for the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan.
    He vote against providing Nuclear technology to India but vote for the billions in aid to Pakistan. and does not care if Iran gets Nuclear weapons – that scares me.
    He voted to take our troops out of Pakistan, and if that had passed we would never have gotten over 100 members of Al Quida that are now in the ground.
    he voted for Removing Troops from Afghanistan, which was against the advise of the troops on the grounds recommendation, he sounds more like Obama the further I look into the record.
    He has vote for and against tax relief, depending it appears on who is getting the relief and he doesn’t vote on the ones that give tax breaks to the working class.
    He also votes against unemployment benefits, guess that has not effected him, seeing as he has sat on his hands in Washington d.c. since the middle 90’s. But for the people that find themselves out of a job, that small sum of money can mean the difference between being on the street or staying in a house with food and a roof over their head, and the companies that they worked for were the ones that paid in the money for it in the first place, so like all politicians he does not want to give up money once he has control over it.
    He votes for and against reining in Representatives that get out of line, guess it depends on what mood he is in when these come up for a vote.
    He votes against or does not vote on off shore drilling / for oil exploration within the US, and he votes against other energy sources in bills, that can be good or bad but it looks like he wants us to be at the mercy of the foreign shieks with oil being who knows how high, again sounds a lot like Obama.
    He votes for the restoration of the highway trust fund and then turns around and vote against bills that would stabilize the SS and Medicare system.
    I am sorry but in my opinion this is not the person we need running this country now or ever, not with this kind of record.

    • r.p.

      Which bills are you referring to? I don’t find anything that supports your claims. He is called Dr. NO for a reason, as he votes no on any bill that does not support a real ballanced budget, and any bills that have unconstitutional provisions in them. Please provide some information to validate your claims.

    • Average Joe

      Larry Castle,

      Just curious, was that an attempt at humor…or fiction? Either way, don’t quit your day job…..

    • Andrea B

      @ Larry–

      Where did you get your info? The ‘Onion News Network?’

      Ha. Nice try.

      The most important piece of legislation that Dr. Paul has written was Audit the Fed, which he ended up voting AGAINST because they added other bills to it that not only watered down the audit, but also attached unConstitutional legislation, which he WILL NOT vote FOR.

      He puts his money where his mouth is. You could learn a thing or two from that.

      Ron Paul 2012

  • James

    I see Newt Gingrich’s role as a distraction from Ron Paul’s simple truth. He’s by far the best speaker and is saying exactly what people want to hear, but he has done that before and didn’t follow through. When his last wife was nearly on her deathbed, he divorced her and married his present wife, who was a Roman Catholic, and changed his religion to Catholicism. That doesn’t speak well for Gingrich.

    • Ted Crawford

      Why? Are you considering marriage? The great cigar abuser proved that adultry isn’t a deal breaker, or is that just for Progressives?

      • James

        Marrige is supposed to be: “Till death do us part,” nice guys don’t divorce an ailing spouse for a healthier one.

  • Glen Xx

    I will tell you what is a greater threat to America than Iran with a

    Nuke. It is our open border, and it is the Fraudulent reserve Bank.

    The FRB is 65% of why I will vote RON Paul,and have sent him small $.

    When the FRB is stopped. All of America will proper. It takes a free

    ecomomy to keep a county free and safe. Newt is one more RINO.

    Newt can not win the general election the Polls are lies. America

    will not elect a man who has cheated on his wife.

    Ron Paul is always down in the Media polls because they LIE.

    RON Paul can win because he has $$$ and People on the ground and he

    tells the truth. I have seen him in person, he is the real deal.

    • Don

      Glen,, cheating on your wife, didn’t seem to hurt the clintons to bad, and Hillery is still with him !!!

  • Bill

    He also voted against the Patroit Act All the crap bills you menchoned had crap added to them that was wrong for the country.
    I wish obamacrats would keep their openions to them selves. Ron Paul is honest and that scears the S— out of control freaks.Support Ron Paul if you want to keep us free.Had he been elected last election we would not be in the shape we are in now.Ron Paul 2012

  • dan

    I am actually offended and insulted by who the GOP has presented us with for presidential hopefuls, except RP…
    the other dan

  • Norman F.

    I have read all your posts, and I agree with all of them. BUT I could never vote for a Libertarian for any office although I have probably done so in the past unwittingly. When you break the Libertarian policy down it results in complete anarchy – no laws against any social belief or policy. Some of us (maybe even me) need controls over our social relationships. It was in 1913 that open drug use was outlawed, and the multiple Opium dens were shut down. It was in the early thirties that localities began to control prostitution and gambling. The repeal of alcohol control helped to close speakeasies.
    Under a Ron Paul presidency none of these controls would have come to pass because each of them put controls on individual liberty and Libertarians don’t like such controls.

  • Matthew

    According to Larry, Ron Paul votes no too much without telling us very much about the bill’s involved. Except as Larry says, “that has anything to help our military in it”. Bringing our troops home from a fools errand is bad according to Larry. What do the troops say on this.? Ron Paul has received more campaign contributions from our troops overseas than all of the other candidates combined. As a former Marine Vietnam veteran I understand. Supporting the troops is translated as supporting the asinine strategies and policies of Nation building and no-win wars all for the benefit of the internationalist financiers and their minions like Obummer and Bush. Real support for the American military is to bring them home and quit using them as crutches for building the new world order.

    • mike


    • mike

      AMAN!! you got that right.

    • Larry Castle

      Hi Mathew, you miss interpreted what I said. I said he vote against or did not vote on any bills that would help and Enhance our military. Now granted none of these bills are clean bills they all have junk in them, however when you vote against the B2, the Veterans Bills, the intelligence capabilities, weapons system that we use to keep us (the military alive in combat)that in my opinion is a fools game.
      I am a Viet Nam vet, also panama, Columbia, Iran, gulf war, etc. but I have seen enough good men die because some politician thinks they know better, and to understand that just starting a war and not finishing it is a waste of men, time, money and the moral of our people.
      As for the bills you can do the same as I did, go to the list of the congressional bills and read them, there is no mystery there, do the home work and you will read the same thing I read.
      You can call it a fools errand, and in some ways it is, we should have just went in and leveled both Iraq and Afghanistan and depart with one message to them, start it again and we will turn your place into a glass parking lot. however the government never learns from their mistakes and our good men and women in the military are always the ones who pay the price.
      where Bush really blew it as have others have also they claim the war is over for political expedience when the enemy is still shooting at you. If he had let that stay in a war strategy for 2 to 3 more months instead of turning it into a rebuilding project, we would have likely Eliminated any threat to us and likely would have held the others that would go down that stupid road at bay for some time.
      The one thing you said I do agree with is Real support for the American military is to bring them home and quit using them as crutches for building the new world order. but I ask you as a Marine are you willing to fight these crazy SOB’s in your own front yard or would you rather it was done in their front yard.
      As for contributions, I would be interested in where that information came from because I don’t see any of these candidates disclosing where their contributions are coming from.

      • bob wire

        43 blew it ever step of the way and every turn in the road my friend and fellow vet.

        The US military has became an extension of foreign affairs and corporate greed plain pure and simple.

        The combat soldier knows best what in front of him but he is blind to what is coming or what will follow behind. You know this, I know this.

        Foreign policy works best when it’s not dictated by the muzzle of a infantryman rifle or some gd remote controlled toy plane armed to the teeth with hells fire and damnation.

        There are other ways to appeal to people with hopes and dreams. Armed conflict should be the last resort and the final solution and not a towel fight in the mens locked room.

        Not to suggest limited and surgical engagements don’t serve a vital purpose in bring about peaceful solutions and are part of foreign relation because we all know this is a hard fact of life.

        Who lives, who dies and who is found compromised and in harms way is decided everyday.

        But America need to allow these nations to work things out among them selves if they can do it without the genocide of non combatants.

  • DavidL

    Ron Paul’s commercial hit the nail on the head.The only candidate in this republican circus that is not fact-challenged, not a flip flopper, and not a hypocrite is Ron Paul.

  • James Hay

    Ron Paul Is One Of The Obama Enablers If He Is Not An Obama Collaberator Who Allowed Obama And His Criminal Regime To Attack Our Country And It’s People Without So Much An Attempt To Try To Stop Them. Voting For Ron Paul Will Not Improve Our Situation But Worsen It. I Can’t In Good Conscience As An American Who Loves His Country Vote For Ron Paul.

    • bob wire

      ATTACK? which one?

  • sickofit

    What scares me about Paul is that he is unlikely to get the Republican nomination and he may choose to run as a third party candidate. That will pull votes from the Republican and surely get Obama reelected. Please discourage him from doing this!

  • Jeff

    Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race to vote for. He has integrity, honesty,and has the guts to take on Washington and the Obamacrats. A VOTE for Ron Paul is a vote for FREEDOM.

  • Ralph

    Ok for Ron Paul, i was kinda leaning for him, but all of a sudden he has fell in line with all the canidates, except NEWT, Ron has now gone to bad mouthing his opponents, just like a kid does. Newt is the only one that does-not bad mouth his opponents, he sticks to the OBAMA tricks to warn AMERICANS about him. Newt tells it like it is and will do his very best to full fill his promises— VOTE FOR NEWT GINGRICH, I AM!!

    • MRMO


  • bob wire

    Well, I would not be upset to call Ron Paul my President.

    I hope it works out. I just wish the GOP and their voters would get together and do something “smart” for a change that serves the power, strength and future security of our nation and her peoples.

  • Mark

    Fellow conservatives: Why are we beating each other up? I said I would never vote for McCain 3 years ago. But what was my choice? Thank goodness McCain didn’t win or this debacle of the economy would be laid squarely on “conservative” shoulders. McCain was picked by the media, Iowa and New Hampshire retirees and branded “conservative.” However, these same retirees are truly seeking a conservative this time. Look how the polls have gone from Bachman, Perry, Cain and now show Newt to be ahead. These guys and gal have been given rectal exams. Cain probably can’t hold gas in his bowels as he has been torn apart. Yet we still don’t know anything about our President’s past. And probably never will. And what do we know about the media darling Romney? He is good looking and appears Hollywood “Presidential.” He is the 2012 McCain. This candidate is our worry. I read constantly and I have no idea for what he truly stands. He is Obama lite in my current opinion. That can change. But rooting for individual candidates and tearing down the other Republicans makes us look silly. Any one of the current candidates would be better than Obama. Listen to and support each candidate vying for OUR nomination. We should not eat our own this far from the general election. Direct your conservative anger squarely where it belongs. Obama.

  • bob wire

    “Thank goodness McCain didn’t win or this debacle of the economy would be laid squarely on “conservative” shoulders. ”

    Too Late! it was and still is and why the GOP cannot run a platform on record and performance left only to “BLAST” the current administration for every decision and demonize.

  • SuffragetteNoMore

    Step away from the crazy uncle, call the men in white coats, and put him safely back in the attic..make sure, for the love of the USA he STAYS there. Good Lord, he’s got the lunatic fringe cult following from Hell who hold him above water, just so he can breathe. His son is so together, but how long til his genetic destiny takes him to Crazytown..

    Can’t listen to him, you might get infected. If he could teach an economics class from the attic, send this administration to it, and don’t let them out til they get this fiscal house in working order and this country’s future off the tailspin ride to doom. He needs to shut it with the ads bashing anyone who could possibly win. At least Newt is for the country and beating Obama. To him, if someone other than Obama wins, he’s a winner… That guy is trying to fix this country, not boost his ego with a position of power. He’s been there, done that, saw how it worked for others (him included) Maturity and spiritual growth brings sensibility and cooperative humility to some, and Newt is one of them. Shut up you crazy old bat Paul!

  • Aurelio

    Democrats and Republicans are two outdated, outmoded forms of political bickering. Nothing will get done, even though that the country is
    falling apart in front of them. I think it’s time for a third-pragmatic, patriotic and intelligent-party, where people like Ron Paul and others can help to steer this country away from this crap-pit.

  • jopa

    Ron Paul doesn’t have the Jewish vote in Washington, and without that you are a nobody there.He is against all the foreign aid to all the countries in the Middle East including the $3 billion a year to Israel a country the size of North Carolina.I myself I would rather see North Carlina get that money than some country with a bad act in a bad part of the world.Wednesday all the Republican candidates are invited to the Jewish Republican Council in Washington DC for some type of forum or debate.However Ron Paul wasn’t invited.Even Bush and Chaney tried to ignore the Jews in DC but soon realized their power and began to whimper like little puppies.

    • Realist

      Jewish Republican = Oxymoron
      sorta like saying
      Black Klu klux klan
      Republicans have gone progressive?

    • coal miner


      Dual citizenship.Should we be worried?

      It also carries with it the expectation that this loyalty will be exclusive and unrestrained. … That included Great Britain, one of our strongest allies. … In 1996, Dominicans from New York not only could vote in the Dominican Republic’s … Recently, in their much lauded paper, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Harvard …

  • jopa

    Realist;The name of the organization is the (RJC) Republican Jewish Coalition that is not inviting Ron Paul to there forum with the rest of the candidates next Wednesday.My mistake, I said council.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Vote for Ron Paul. All the other candidates are wolves in sheeps clothing, and want us all in chains. Personally I think if we are dumb enought to wait for a vote, it will then be too late.

  • Lost in Paradise

    Every able bodied citizen needs to take to the street now! If you do not, we will lose everything. We all must now realize that Obama is illegal, and both the dems and the Repubs know this. They will not act, because they all want the same outcome. That is why if you vote, it will be rigged in their favor “bigtime” We cannot afford to wait to vote, we need to get to the streets now! If peaseful means do not work, then we need to use deadly force. It is our country, and not theirs.

  • jopa

    Lost in Paradise;Are you crazy or do you want a billy club to the back of the head or pepper spray in your eyes.If you live in Beijing or New York the treatment is the same.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Jopa? Forgive my apparent bluntness, just guessing here. Perhaps if you stick with this mindset you seem to have, maybe you should just not be here. Clamber back under your Sheep-o-Matic and keep your head down. Stuff’s about to get real interesting hereabouts, somehow you don’t seem ready for it. Then again, maybe I’d appreciate you covering my back, but…

      Didn’t you hear? War has been declared on the U.S. By our elected Senate (S. 1867).

      Things could get a little rough in the hinterlands, friend. But the cities…fawgedabowdit. Hit the rails, take your chances.

      Water and a purifier, ammo for your weapon of choice, a good sharp knife, a Zippo, sufficient clothing, especially: good boots and rain gear. Organic trail mix and MREs. Remember that whatever they come after you with equipment-wise can become yours as well, if you’re careful and quick. They may send UN or NATO troops. You owe THEM nothing on US soil.

      Any troops are here for you, buddy. Not your fault, they called it. Anyone coming after you always called it, you need no excuses or justifications for doing what you have to do.

  • Texlina

    Having lived in Georgia for many years during my military and civil career. Don’t think the tide water coming up the Savannah changes as much as he does. Just think of a fish out water and remember how they flop around. That’s Newt. He only on the front of what he thinks will make him popular. Unfortunately, right now that is the Washington style.

  • rand

    Obama will shred Newt with his 90 million dollar war chest

  • Ben Franklin X

    Herman Cain supporters are FLOCKING over to Ron Paul by the bushel! The Founder of the Herman Cain Grassroots website endorsed Ron Paul and here is why in his own words with his approving 22,000 subscribers who are joining the Ron Paul Republican Revolution.,1977.0.html I could go on for days why Ron Paul is the BEST candidate. How about I let you see for yourself. Forbes Magazine just ENDORSED Ron Paul and here is why. Forbes Magazine Declares Newt Gingrich the WORST Republican in Name Only EVER. Also, I dare everyone here that are Republicans like I am to look at Gingrich’s record He is NOT a Conservative and despised Reagan. See for yourself click the link then fact check.

  • dustin

    I think he is 100% correct. Everytime candidates debate it seems they debate each others flip flops and bad decisions which are so numerous we forget they matter. Ron Paul has a flawless record. He is honest through and through, has voted against the whole congress more than anyone and voted alone so the congress having a terrible approval can’t even reflect him. He is the only candidate that is actually speaking on issues and trying to change this country the way this country ought to be changed. Newt has changed his mind alot ok so if your argument is that we all ride the fence shouldn’t something like working for and getting paid by and yes lobbying for regardless of how you classify it the same major financial giant that completely screwed us and then got paid by us for doing it. I don’t think its a matter of flip flopping i think “serial hypocricy” stands for a giant lapse in integrity. Ron Paul is the only candidate that would rally enough support nationwide to beat obama all the rest are establishment republicans who stand for really nothing different than what we have seen for the past 2 decades in both parties. RON PAUL 2012

  • James

    And of course US mainstream media doesn’t convey how ‘Neocon Newt’ pushed for Iraq invasion for AEI Neocons:

  • Tired of Idiots

    Newt Gingrich for President? I guess rich people and coporate america will profit. Newt is for Newt. Probably wants that free health care that the presidents get upon retirement.

  • Scott

    Newt, Perry, and Mitt are all the same person in the sense that they are not genuine. They will say and/or do anything to win the nomination, and then the Presidency. If any of these three are elected it will be Bush’s fourth term and Obama’s second term. There is very little difference there. However, Newt and Mitt are more devonaire than Perry. Perry is not as slick as Newt and Mitt, but he is just as crooked. No matter what Newt says, I just can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Mitt was elected Govenor of Massachusetts by the same idiot’s that kept on re-electing Barney Frank, and Ted Kennedy. What does that tell you about Mitt? It tells me that he is a worthless tree hugging Liberal who is for as much social welfair as he can get passed. And what’s up with that creepy clown face smile that Romney uses during the debates? He always looks like he is going to, at any moment, molest the other candidates. What a freak! I sure as hell hope people wake up in enough time to realize that Ron Paul is the only “REAL” candidate who does not sway from the truth Did I mention that he is the only “real” candidate? However, no one should ever underestimate stupid people in large numbers. After all, Obama was elected because “he can read real good”. Obama did everything he said he was going to do, and people voted for it. Make’s me sick!

  • jopa

    Average Joe ;I belong here alright buddy but from what I get out of your post, you need nurse Cratchet to watch over you.You just have too many fears and conspiracies rolling around in your head.

  • JJ Jones

    What I have to say, I have sung:
    “You’re the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich”


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